Taos County, New Mexico
Llano Largo Cemetery
aka San Acacio Cemetery

Contributed and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Archuleta, Juan Julian died 25 Nov 1947 age 70y

Cordova, Laura died 3 Nov 2006

Duran, Benito died 29 Apr 1928 age 70y

Fernandez, Jose Tomas died Aug 1833

Gallegos, Margarita Mondragon died 22 Jul 1929 age 58y daughter of Pascual Mondragon and Maria de la Cruz Martinez wife of Juan Gallegos

Gallegos, Veneranda Romero died 18 Aug 1948 age 76y daughter of Juan Antonio Romero and Ignacia Miera wife of Alejandro Gallegos

Gonzales, David Ricky Sr. born 30 Jul 1973 died 10 May 2017

Lopez, Domitilla Madrid died 11 Jun 1929 age 35y daughter of Jesus Madrid and Rumalda D. Madrid wife of Herman Lopez

Lucero, Johnny Anthony died 17 Jun 2006

Madrid, child died 26 Dec 1930 age 20y child of Manuel Madrid and Rumalda Dominguez

Madrid, Jose Crescencio died 3 Jan 1933 age 4d son of Jose Madrid and Armelinda Romero

Madrid, Manuel de Atocha died 3 Jan 1933 age 4d son of Jose Madrid and Armelinda Romero

Madrid, Onesimo died Jan 1945 buried 2 Feb 1945 age 44y son of Jesus Madrid and Rumalda Dominguez husband of Andreita Medina

Martinez, Juan Edumenio died 10 Jun 1936 age 5d son of Ruben Martinez and Beatrice Madrid

Martinez, Margarito died 17 Dec 1952 age 23y 5m son of Epimenio Martinez and Emilia Lovato husband of Clorinda Esquibel killed in Colorado

Martinez, Melaquias died 10 Jan 1933 age 57y son of Jesus M. Martinez and Claudia Valdez husband of Maria Isadora Muniz

Martinez, Porfiria died 25 Jan 1929 age 8y daughter of Trinidad Martinez and Eloisa Tafoya

Mascarenas, Maria Guadalupe Sanchez died 30 Dec 1932 age 54y daughter of Blas Sanchez and Juanita Fernandez wife of Candelario Mascarenas

Muniz, Michael Anthony died 4 Apr 2010

Rodarte, Maria Cleofas Leyba wife of Jose Rosendo Rodarte

Romero, Juan Manuel Ricardo died 13 Apr 1930 age 7d son of Ricardo Romero and Solidea D. Romero

Romero, Macario died 16 May 2008

Romero, Margarita Cordova died 20 Jun 1936 age 35y wife of Pablo Romero

Sanchez, Louis died 5 May 1923 age 18y son of Macedonio Sanchez and Epifania Madrid

Valerio, Salomon died 17 Jun 2006

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