Taos County, New Mexico
La Loma Cemetery

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La Loma Cemetery - Taos. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane, continue on Don Fernando Streeet, turn right at Camino de la Placitas, turn left at Valverde Street.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Rafael died 7/8/1910 age 13y, child of Epifanio Aguilar & Margarita Garcia

Analla, Maria Isabel died 9/2/1932 age 1y 3m, child of Lidio Analla & Rosana Sisneros

Archuleta, Juanita died 8/6/1903 child of Jose Francisco Archuleta

Arguello, Marcelina died 7/19/1922 age 85y, born Santa Barbara, child of Pablo Arguello & Rafaela Maestas

Auyieb, Amada de Youma died 1/7/1932 age 50y, born in Syria, child of Abran Auyieb & Juana ?

Avila, Epimenia died 9/25/1903 age 11m, child of Pedro Avila

Baca, Lily Eloisa died 1/30/1903 age 6m, child of Antonio Baca

Barela, Rosa died 12/10/1908 age 65y, born Embudo, child of Juana Barela

Bernal, Fidel Oracio died 10/5/1923 age 7m, child of Elihu Bernal & ? Valdez

Carabajal, Prudencio died 11/28/1923 age 75y, child of Isidro Carabajal & Dolores Arellano

Chavez, Maria Emerenciana died 1/22/1908 age 40y, born Conejos, child of Juan Maria Chavez & Desideria Fresquez

Chavez, Ursula died 11/23/1918 age 26y, child of Jose Chavez & Rafaela Martinez

Cintas, Asencion died 6/29/1923 age 72y, child of Antonio Cintas & Maria C. Espinoza

Cisneros, Jesus M. died 11/11/1905 age 45y, child of Agustine Cisneros

Duran, Maria Gabina died 6/15/1927 age 70y, child of Juan Antonio Duran & Maria Rafaela Sanchez

Esquibel, Adelina died 9/12/1929 age 54y, child of Miguel Esquibel &Cecelia Trujillo

Esquibel, Desiderio died 2/14/1906 age 77y, child of Jose M. Esquibel

Esquibel, Miguel Antonio died 6/10/1913 age 73y, child of Jose Maria Esquibel & Carmel Montoya

Fresquez, Presciliana died 6/11/1908 age 73y, child of Salvador Fresquez & Nestora Trujillo

Garcia, Juana Deluvina died 11/2/1913 age 86y, child of Pablo Garcia & Maria Gertrudes Abeyta

Garcia, Manuela died 3/6/1916 age 54y, child of Benito Garcia & Maria Rita Rival

Garcia, Margarita died 2/22/1916 age 52y, child of Ramon Garcia & Asencion Cintas

Gomez, Josefa S. born Taos, died 28 Oct 1905 age 40y, wife of Nestor Gomez daughter of Diego Santistevan

Gomez, Josefita died 10 June 1907 age 61y,

Gomez, Rudolfo died 5/23/1903 age 17y, child of Nestor Gomez

Gomez. Emiliana died 3/6/1926 age 56y, child of Juan Gomez & Josefa Archuleta

Guara, David died 12/24/1909 age 3y, child of Feliz Guara & Magdalena Trujillo

Herrera, Francisco died 4/1/1912 age 33y, child of Rosa Herrera

Hidalgo, Ignacia died 3/22/1914 age 18y, child of Cleofas Hidalgo

Hidalgo, Macedonio born at Santa Fe died 16 Dec 1926 at Taos age 75y, husband of Sofia Serrano son of Eutimio Hidalgo and Maria Antonia Pacheco buried 16 Dec 1926

Jaramillo, Cruz Santistevan born at Santa Cruz died 14 Aug 1922 at Taos age 86y, widowed wife of Luciano Jaramillo daughter of Manuel Santistevan and Rosalia Medina buried 15 Aug 1922

Jeantette, Jose Gabriel died 8-18-1854at birth, child of Jose Gabriel Jeantette & Maria de la Crus Valdes, the child was baptised

Lopez, Maria died 3/18/1905 age 67y, born Agua Fria, child of Ignacio Lopez

Mares, Cristoval died 7/6/1906 age 73y, husband of Trinidad Pacheco child of Juan Mares and Juanita Gonzales

Mares, Sofia Ernestina died 13 Jan 1905

Mares, Trinidad Pacheco died 31 March 1899 wife of Cristobal Mares daughter of Antonio Maria Pacheco

Martinez Labadie, Francisco died 8/4/1919 age 82y, child of Jose Antonio Martinez & Maria Manuela Labadie

Martinez, Agapita died 9/7/1908 age 64y, child of Juan G. Martinez & Casilda Martinez

Martinez, Alejandro A. died Dec 24, 1967

Martinez, Alicia died Jun. 13, 2007

Martinez, Fedelina born 06 Dec 1893 died 12 Nov 1920 age 27y, daughter of Martin Martinez and Josefa Espinosa both parents born Ranchos

Martinez, Guillermo died 25 Dec 1908 age 52y,

Martinez, Maria Atocha died 5/21/1917 age 1m, child of David A. Martinez & Ana Vialpando

Martinez, Maria Lazara died 10/12/1918 age 2m, child of David A. Martinez & Ana Vialpando

Martinez, Pablo died 9/5/1909 age 77y, child of Santiago Martinez & Maria de la Luz Lucero

Martinez, Refugio died 3/14/1909 age 48y, child of Florencio Martinez & Eulogia Quintana

Martinez, Teofilo died 1/15/1905 age 65y born Taos

Martinez, Tiburcia Trujillo died March 1909 widow of Reyes Martinez

Martinez. Celestina died 10/23/1918 age 28y, child of Jose Gabino Martinez & Trinidad Marujo

Medina, Placida Valdez died 7 March 1906 age 66y

Mondragon, Jose Manuel died 7/19/1918 age 2m, child of Josefina Mondragon

Montoya, Cristoval died 4/23/1906 age 29y, child of Juan Montoya

Montoya, Donaciano died 6/24/1906 age 64y, child of Marcos Montoya

Montoya, Epimenia died 3/17/1904 age 41y, child of Juan Francisco Montoya

Montoya, Juan Francisco died 3/13/1921 age 89y, child of Jose Isidro Montoya & Ana Maria Ruival

Moreno, Refugio died 5/4/1918 age 72y, born in Sierra Hermosa, Mex., child of Modesto Moreno & Severiana ?

Ortega, Elvira A. died May 14, 2007

Pacheco, Alejandro died 5/25/1904 age 21y, child of Ireneo Pacheco

Pacheco, Jose Maria died 8/15/1907 age 15y, child of Ireneo Pacheco

Peralta, Jose Arturo died July 3, 1968

Quintero, Luis Fernando died 11/1/1918 age 2y, child of Fernando Quintero & Maria Castro

Ramires, Jose Eloi died 5/14/1908 age 2m, child of Adolfo Ramires

Ribera, Delfina died 6/28/1909 age 50y, child of Anastacio Ribera & Basilia Mares

Ribera, Evaristo died 11/28/1908 age 35y, child of Anastacio Ribera & Basilia Mares

Ribera, Policarpio died age 3m

Romero, Dolores died 11/26/1910 age 24y, child of Camilo Romero & Carlota Trujillo

Romero, Eulalia died 9/1/1922 age 67y, child of Juan Andres Romero & Dolores Romero

Romero, Gregorio died 4/28/1907 age 65y, child of Jose M. Romero

Salazar, Carlota died 8/24/1908 age 40y, child of Miguel Salazar & Cesaria Martinez

Santistevan, Alberto died 8/17/1910 age 3m, child of William Santistevan & Victoriana Baca

Santistevan, Antonio died 1/13/1904 age 75y, child of Manuel Santistevan

Santistevan, Eloisa died 3/17/1922 age 52y, child of Diego Santistevan & Juliana Sanchez - Santistevan, Eliza born 1870 at Taos died 15 Mar 1922 at Taos age 52y, daughter of Diego Santistevan and Jacinta Sanchez buried 17 Mar 1922

Santistevan, Jose Ignacio died 1/5/1928 age 11m, child of Julian Santistevan & Josefa Yuma

Santistevan, Maria Antonia died 10/11/1912 age 80y

Santistevan, Octaviano died 7/20/1903 age 3m, child of Emilia Santistevan

Santistevan, Pascuala died 3/30/1905 age 92y, born Las Truchas, child of Manuel Santistevan

Santistevan, son died Feb 1909 age 10y, son of Isidoro Santisevan

Santistevan, Ubaldo died 4/4/1904 age 14y, child of Ignacio Santistevan

Suazo, A.D. died 7 Oct 1921 son of of A. D. Suazo and Maximiana S. Suazo

Suazo, Alberto Carmel died 10/8/1921 age 2m, child of Alberto D. Suazo & Maximiana Sisneros

Suazo, Dolores Ernestina died 10/9/1909 age 2y, child of Maclovio Suazo & Francisca Vigil

Suazo, Jose Albino died 2/9/1918 age 78y, child of Jose Ignacio Suazo & Francisca Martinez

Tafoya, Josefina died 9/27/1903 age 2y, child of Maximilliano Tafoya

Tafoya, Maria Elena died 2/11/1915 age 2m, child of Emilio M. Tafoya & Gertrudes Santistevan

Tafoya, Ramona died 10/23/1919 age 1y, child of Enrique Tafoya & Ursula Chavez

Tafoya, Reginia Y. died 2/23/1908 age 43y, child of Juan Gomez & Josefa Archuleta

Tafoya, Sabino died 9/17/1909 age 76y

Tafoya, Timoteo Alejandro died 6/4/1913 age 15d, child of Emilio Tafoya & Gertrudes Santistevan

Trujillo, Amalia died 12/28/1927 age 40y, child of Ruperto Trujillo & Hipolita Trujillo

Trujillo, Balbina died 11/14/1920 age 80y, child of Luz Trujillo

Trujillo, Benjamin died 8/28/1903 age 27y 6m, child of Guillermo Trujillo

Trujillo, Cecilia died 3/3/1928 age 78y, child of Andres Trujillo & Juana Deluvina Garcia

Trujillo, Filadefio B. died 2/11/1906 age 7m, child of Guillermo Trujillo

Trujillo, Frederico Eloi died 7/25/1910 age 7m, child of Frederico Trujillo & Josefina Quesnel

Trujillo, Lorenzo died 2/17/1929 age 48y, child of Francisco Trujillo & Margarita Espinoza

Trujillo, Maria Dolores died 3/29/1922 age 79y, child of Jose Ignacio Trujillo & Juana Maria Trujillo

Trujillo, Maria Luz died 3/25/1903 age 85y, born Taos

Trujillo, Nicolasa Soledad died 03 Dec 1923 age 63y, daughter of Juan Ignacio Trujillo and Juana Maria Trujillo

Trujillo, Norberto died 11 Nov 1905 age 20y, born Pichuga, child of Nestor Trujillo

Trujillo, Teresa died 6/21/1907 age 3m, child of Federico Trujillo

Trujillo, Tiburcia died March 1909 age 41y, child of Sostenes Trujillo & Aniceta Esquibel

Valdez, Alfredo died 4/19/1907 age 1y, child of Levi Valdez

Valdez, Eufrasia died 9/17/1918 age 19y, child of Inocencio Valdez & Octaviano Martinez

Valdez, Fidel A. died 4/24/1918 age 57y, child Juan Isidro Valdez & Magdalena Gallegos

Valdez, Inocencio born 28 Dec 1858 died 12/3/1906 age 48y, husband of Octaviana Martinez child of Manuel Valdez

Valdez, Jose Gregorio died 1/5/1910 age 88y, born Santa Cruz, child of Buenaventura Valdez & Maria C. Lovato

Valdez, Josefina Emma died 8/15/1906 age 6m, child of Fidel Valdez

Valdez, Maria de la Cruz died 7/26/1911 age 77y, child of Ventura Valdez & Catalina Lovato

Valdez, Marina died 9/6/1904 age 37y, born Taos, child of Manuel Valdez

Valdez, Placida died 3/8/1906 age 66y, child of Ventura Valdez

Valdez, Rebecca died 10/29/1918 age 48y, child of Jose Gregorio Valdez & Juana Duran

Vargas, Alfredo died 9/22/1920 age 13y, child of Gabino Vargas & Adelina Esquibel

Vasquez, Francisca died 9/18/1919 age 58y, child of Juan Agustin Vasquez & Tomasa ?

Velasquez, Dora died 23 Sep 1942 at La Loma age 1y, daughter of Trinidad Velasquez and Monica Vigil

Velasquez, Elizardo Luis died 08 Dec 1945 at La Loma infant son of Trinidad Velasquez and Monica Vigil

Vigil, Luis died 6/23/1928 age 17y, child of Rafaela Vigil

Vigil, Ricarda died 11/18/1909 age 22y, child of Jose R. Vigil & Gabina Vigil

Wilson, Edna Ruth died 3/25/1921 age 5m, child of Jesus H. Wilson & Mercedes Santistevan

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