Taos County, New Mexico
Kit Carson Cemetery
AKA El Cemeterio Militar
AKA Military Cemetery
AKA American Cemetery

Contributed by Patricia Chambers and Karen Mitchell. Photos by Jennifer Sanders.
NOTE: Some of the females here are listed under their maiden names.

The original cemetery was established in 1847 when Dona Teodora Martinez Romero donated land for the burial of American soldiers and civilians killed during the Taos Rebellion of 1847. The cemetery was first called "El Cemeterio Militar.' In 1852, additional land was purchased to enlarge the cemetery which was then the only burial ground for non-Catholics, and was known as the 'American Cemetery.' In May, 1869, when the bodies of Kit Carson and Mrs. Carson were buried here, the cemetery was called the 'Kit Carson Cemetery.' There are soldiers buried in this small cemetery who served during the Mexican War of 1846, the Taos Rebellion of 1847, the Indian Campaigns of the 1850's, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. Many of the early Taos traders, merchants, and members of old Spanish, French and American families are buried here. This tree-shaded cemetery within the Kit Carson Park in Taos, NM, is a park in itself - with a well kept lawn and curving paths. It is found by taking the lane that turns north at the Indian Trading Post on Kit Carson Road. Kit Carson Cemetery - Taos. Head southeast on Kit Carson Road toward Dragoon Lane, turn left at Morada Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Adamson, Anna Kennedy born 1878 died 7/5/1948 wife of Augustin

Adamson, Augustin born 25 Jun 1870 at Trinidad, Colorado died 05 Apr 1925 at Taos age 54y, husband of Anna Maria Kennedy son of William Adamson and Mary C. Sandoval buried 06 Apr 1925

Adamson, Mary Cecelia born 1898 at Trinidad, Co died 1-1-1936 age 37y, daughter of Agustin & Ana Kennedy Adamson

Albright, Corinne G. born 1881 died 1963

Albright, Mary Loyd died 06 Dec 1936 at Taos age 19y, daughter of Paul Brown Albright and Elizabeth L Custer

Alfaro, Manuel died 4/13/1915 age 40y, born Mexico City, son of Agustin Alfaro & Margarita Sanchez

Anaya, Nicolas born 1875 died 1922 Father of Marcia Anaya Wheaton

Andeniken, ? died no date in Wengert plot

Anderson, Alexander J. born 1852 died 1928

Anderson, Jennie born 1876 died 1957

Anderson, Lizzie born 1883 died 1972

Anderson, Wm. A. born 1844 died 1912

Archuleta, Daniel died 10/17/1903 age 35y, son of Jose F. Archuleta

Archuleta, Isabel died 12/29/1915 age 57y daughter of Juan Archuleta & Carmel Gallegos

Atkins, ?

Austen, James, Pvt.

Austin, William

Awart, Thomas

Baca, Bonifacio died 1/2/1918 age 43y son of Rita Martinez

Ballard, Chapman born 1855 died 1939

Barton, David R. born 3-9-1890 died 5/15/1915 s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Barton of Jonesboro, Ark.

Beaubien, Narciso

Beebe, Nelson, Pvt.

Bent, Maria I. Jaramillo died 4-13-1883 68y, wife of Charles Bent, sister of Josefa Jaramillo Carson

Best, Andrew R. born 1841 died 1917 Co F 7th CA 1864-1865

Biggins, Thomas R.

Bostick, Ross born 4-12-1842 died 10-2-1897

Bowdish, Mentin L.

Boyer, Emily Prudence born 1839 died 1909 in Dolan - Liebert plot

Bradley, John, Pvt.

Breewood, George B.

Brenker, Augustus, Pvt.

Brick, Bodicia died 5/21/1904 age 38y child of John Brick

Brito, Jose Serafin died 10/26/1932 age 34y, child of Jose Antonio Brito & Petra Ortiz

Brooks, Eldridge H. Pvt.

Brooks, Florence born 1912 died 1982

Brooks, Rafaelita S. born 1879 died 1899 Mother

Brooks, Ralph Simpson born 7-15-1899 died 2/21/1986

Bryan, Virginia Eliza born 1882 died 22 Dec 1927 age 64y, wife of Thomas Bryan daughter of Jacob Mowder and Martha Mowder

Buchanan, Mildred Bruder born 1905 died 2003

Buchanan, Samuel Van Emen born 1907 died 1985

Bumpus, Blanchard A. born 8-3-1868 died 2/17/1934 buried in Randall plot

Burch, Juneth born 03 Oct 1915 at Taos died 17 Feb 1926 at Santa Fe age 10y, daughter of Alvin Burch and Sarah Barnam father born Lucero, NM mother born San Miguel Co., NM buried 17 Feb 1926

Burch, Lizzie - Ruby - Ida died no date Our babies

Burch, Sarah B. born 1874 died 1927

Burt, Henry Baldwin died 30 Sep 1930 age 29y, husband of Gladys Bourguet Burt son of Henry A. Burt and Elizabeth Baldwin

Caldwell, Alfred L. 1st Sgt.

Carson, Allen L. born 3-3-1898 died 11/25/1976 Cpl USA WWI & WWII

Carson, Carlos Adolfo died 5-6-1851 age 1m 9d, child of Christoval Carson & Maria Josefa Jaramillo

Carson, Christopher "Kit" II born 1858 died 2/16/1929 age 70y, child of Kit & Josefa Jaramillo Carson

Carson, Christopher Charles "Kit" born 1911 died no date 713 Santa Fe BN 157 Inf CCC's, grandson of Kit Carson

Carson, Josephine born 3-19-1828 died 4-23-1868 wife of Kit Carson

Carson, Kit died 5-23-1868 59y, Indian Scout also also

Carson, Lupie R. born 1870 died 1957 Mother

Carson, Nettte born 1905 died 1948 Sister

Chavez, Eduarda died 9/27/1911 age 77y daughter of Jose & Maria de Jesus Martinez Chavez

Clouthier, Josefa Luisa died 3/11/1912 age 4y 6m daughter of Jose B. Clouthier & Anita Simpson

Clouthier, Juanita born 1839 died 1892

Clouthier, Lud. born 1837 died 1892

Craig, Elizabeth W. died 05 Oct 1929 at Taos age 81y, daughter of Harrison Craig and Lucinda Worth

Craig, Harrison died no date Co. B. 4 PA Cav

Craig, Margaret Lucy died 29 Jan 1938 age 83y, daughter of Harrison Craig and Lucinda Worth

Cruz, Gacidor Ortega died 9/26/1935 age 75y, widower

Cummings, Albert A. died 22 Feb 1934 age 71y, husband of Lizzie M. Witt son of Isaac Cummings and Elsie A. Featherby

Cummings, Dorothy died about 1936 (Dorothy Cummings was married on Nov. 30 1926 to John Greve. They had one daughter, Charlotte born Sept.1927)

Cummings, Gertrude died no date

Cummings, Goldie died no date (she was married to a Abbott)

Curtis, Cornelia I. died 1-21-1887 41y 9m

Curtis, Cornell I. died no date 1y 9m 26d

Davidson, John W. 1st Lt.

Dempsey, Darby died 12/18/1909 born Corry PA, child of Darby Dempsey

DesGeorges, Alice Kittredge born 10-7-1884 died 2/17/1918 age 33y, child of William A. & Perfecta Santistevan Kittredge

DesGeorges, Elienne died 5/28/1921 age 74y, born Clermont, France, child of Bartolome & Jeanne Besauier DesGeorges

DesGeorges, Esteban born 23 May 1847 at Cleremo Farre, France died 27 May 1921 at Taos age 74y, husband of Solidad DesGeorges buried 28 May 1921

DesGeorges, Joe D. died 14 Nov 1941 at Taos age33y, husband of Piedad Santistevan son of Jose DesGeorges and Alice Kittredge

DesGeorges, Mary Beatrice born 23 Mar 1921 at Taos died 28 Aug 1921 at Taos infant daughter of Joseph DesGeorges and Louisa Trujillo buried 29 Aug 1921

DesGeorges, Soledad Luna born 1856 died 1928 wife of Esteban Des Georges, died 12-5-1928 child of Jose R. & Isadora Trujillo Luna

DesGeorges, William Albert died 9/27/1907 age 16m son of Jose DesGeorges & Alice Kittridge

DeTevis, Peter Joseph born 1814 died 1-21-1862 born in St Michael Azores Islands died Don Fernando de Taos age 48y

Dolan, Edith Ellen born 1904 died 8-26-1905, age 1y, daughter of Peter M. & Mary Dolan

Dolan, M. Margarite born 10/21/1908 died 6/30/1995 Sister Michelle, daughter of P.M. & Mary Liebert Dolan

Dolan, Mary Liebert born 1873 died 1963 Mother, wife of Peter M. Dolan

Dolan, Peter Joseph born 1906 died 1963 Brother

Dolan, Peter Mathew died 19 Apr 1929 at Taos age 66y, husband of Mary Dolan son of Miguel Dolan and Anna Duran

Dolan, Peter Michael born 1863 died 1929 Father, died 4-24-1929 child of Michael & Anna Lavin Dolan

Doll, John, Pvt.

Dooley, Elsie died 2/3/1929 age 4y, child of William Boyd Dooley & Elsie Witt

Dooley, Elsie Witt died 6/16/1955 age 57y

Dooley, Gertrude Bessie died 02 Feb 1929 age 3y, daughter of William Boyd Dooley and Elsie Witt

Dow, Luther born 1846 died 1900

Driscoll, William, Pvt.

Dunn, John H. Jr. born 1925 died 1937

Dunn, John H. Sr. born 1857 died 1954

Dunn, Susan Jane born 1828 died 1913

Duran, Rita died 7/18/1932 age 78y, born Santa Cruz, child of Juan Julian Duran & Maria Eugenia Barela

Dwire, Alice G. born 10-23-1859 died 2/3/1917

Dwire, Frances Louise born 1913 died 16 Jun 1932 age 18y, daughter of Carroll R Dwire and Elsie M Esmay

Dwire, Francis died 1923

Dwire, Helen Martin died Jun. 29, 1957

Dwire, Isaac Wesley born 9-15-1849 died 18 Jun 1923 age 73y, husband of Eda L. Holly son of Isaac Dwire and Elisabeth Wittington

Ellis, Mercedes Josefina Scheurich born 1879 died 1926 died 1-21-1926, age 46y, child of Aloys Scheurich & Teresina Bent

Espinosa, Abelina died 3/15/1916 age 60y daughter of Jose Julian Espinosa & Rufina Montoya

Espinosa, Josefa died 10/25/1914 age 31y daughter of Jose S. & Abelina Espinosa

Espinosa, Viola Adela born 8/10/1912 died 2/21/1928 age 16 1/2y, child of Jose Eduardo & Maria Juana Martinez Espinosa

Espinoza, Helena Rosana died 10/22/1926 age 32y, daughter of Jose Sabino & Maria Abelina Espinoza

Espinoza, Jose Sabino died 10/22/1926 age 80y, son of Juan Antonio & Maria Manuela Gomes Espinoza

Espinoza, Maria Magdalena died 7/29/1934 age 35y, child of Jose L. Espinoza & Celedonia Espinoza

Esquibel, Jose Eduardo died 2/22/1916 age 13y son of Jose Maria & Rosabel Mares Esquibel

Esquibel, Jose Maria born 1873 died 30 Sep 1923 age 49y, husband of Rosa Mares son of Jesus Esquivel and Madalina Trujillo

Esquibel, Manuelita born 7/17/1918 died 3/15/2000

Esquibel, Rosabel Mares born 1877 died 1949 born 11-16-1874 died 9-13-1949 wife of Jose Maria Esquibel

Ferguson, Clarence Cleo died 24 Feb 1940 at Taos infant son of Joe H. Ferguson and Fannie Kennedy

Ferguson, Columbus born 1848 died 1927 died 13 Jan 1927 at Taos age 80y, husband of Juanita Medina son of Mary Ann Ferguson

Frayne, William M. born 1861 died 24 Nov 1928 Capt. died 11-27-1928

Galway, Ney O. died 11/28/1938 Kansas Pvt 2 Inf 19 Div

Garcia, Ernesto died 8/26/1935 age 6m, child of Alberto Garcia & Matilde Lopez

Garcia, Rumualda died 12 Apr 1927 age 14y, born Trinchera, Co., child of Enrique Garcia & Margarita Sanchez

Gibbon, Thomas, Pvt.

Gomez, Felipe Nerio born 8-29-1849 died 12/3/1918 age 69y child of Celedon Gomes & Juana Quintana

Gomez, Maria Rita Duran born 4-28-1854 died 7/17/1932

Gomez, Rebeca Martinez died 1/7/1903 child of Antonio J. Martinez

Gonzales, Alice died 1/1/1934 age 29y, child of Isidro Gonzales & Simona Ribera

Graham, ?, Pvt.

Grubb, Solomon born 1900 died 1939

Guara, Porfiria died 12/31/1909 age 35y child of Ventura & Donaciana Santistevan Guara

Guara, Roberto died 6/28/1916 age 19y child of Ventura & Donaciana Santistevan Guara

Guara, Ventura died 3/10/1933 age 81y, child of Juan Guara & Manuela Martinez

Gusdorf, Albert died 23 Nov 1944 age 69y, husband of Margaret Simpson son of Moses Gusdorf and Regina Frankenstein

Gusdorf, Alexander born 12-3-1848 died 10/19/1923

Gusdorf, Bertha born 1-31-1858 died 8/28/1946

Gusdorf, Melvin H. born 1-12-1888 died 12/21/1903

Guttman, Agostina Rivera died 5/16/1937 leaves husband, children, gr-children & mother

Guttman, Felipe Blaz died 02 Jan 1928 age 8y, son of Filipe Gutman and Augustina Gutman

Guttman, Joseph Friedman died 12/28/1924 age 20d child of Felipe & Agustina Sanchez Guttman

Guttman, Julia B. died 27 Jun 1934 age 22y, daughter of Felipe W. Guttman and Augustina Sanches

Guttman, son born 07 Dec 1924 at Taos died 27 Dec 1924 at Taos infant son of Felipe Gutman and Augustina Trujillo buried 28 Dec 1924

Guttman, Teddy died 26 Jan 1932 age 4y, son of F W Guttman and Augustina Sanches

Guttman, Teodoro died 1/27/1932 age 4y, child of Felipe Guttman & Agustina Trujillo

Guttmann, Felipe W. born 9/24/1868 died 6/5/1949 born Taos

Hart, ?, Sgt.

Harwood, William

Hatfield, William

Hauseker, Jacob, Pvt.

Head, Mark

Helphenstine, A. died no date  Co. I 83 Ind Inf.

Helphenstine, Willard born 3-1-1831 died 6/19/1932 a different listing gives dates as 3-1-1881 - 6-19-1892

Herrera, Juana Creselda died 2/12/1928 age 8d child of Emilio and Leocadia Pando Herrera

Holbrook, William C, 1st Sgt.

Holder, Frederico Pedro died 11/1/1917 age 13y child of Thomas & Josefa Espinosa Holder

Holdren, Geo. W. died died 25 March 1907 Co. K. 84 IND Inf

Hudson, Leo died 1/17/1903 child of M. Hudson

Humert, Louis, Pvt.

Hurst, Mary Adelle born 5-13-1869 died 12-19-1869 9m 6d, only child of Joseph & Adelle Hurst

Irwin, Sinbad C. born 1861 died 1925

Jaramillo, Arthur E. born 1891 died 1892 son of Telesfor & Celina Jaramillo

Jaramillo, Pablo

Jeantet, Filiberto born Taos died 06 Apr 1926 at Taos age 71y, husband of Francisquita Trujillo son of Gabriel Jeantet and Cruz Valdez buried 07 Apr 1926

Jeantet, Francisca Trujillo died 4/26/1936 age 71y, wife of Filiberto Jeantet

Jeantet, Gabriel died 12/26/1905 age 72y, born Taos

Jeantet, Maria Rosaura died 8/4/1922 age 19y, child of Placido Jeantet & Carolina Hidalgo

Jeantet, Pedro A. died 6/9/1904 born La Loma child of Gabriel Jeantet

Jeantete, Agapita died Jan. 9, 2007 age 80y, child of Luis & Petrita Fernandez, wife of Gabriel Jeantete

Jeantete, Carolina Hidalgo born 4/03/1878 died 4/11/1952 age 77y, born Taos

Jeantete, Filiberto died 1948

Jenkins, John Jay born 1924 died 1928 died 1-21-1928 age 4y, child of William & June Browning Jenkins

Jenkins, William Henry born 1922 died 1928 died 1-19-1928 age 5y 6m, born Albuquerque, child of William & June Browning Jenkins

Joseph, Antonio M. died 2/3/1905 age 26y son of Juan C. Joseph

Joseph, Jose Roberto died 4/5/1921 age 17d son of Juan & Edith Oakley Joseph

Joseph, Juan died 9/17/1926 age 80y son of Pedro & Mariana Nissen Joseph

Kaiser, Lester Louis died 1/25/1916 age 5y child of Herman & Elisa Froelich Kaiser

Kent, William, Sgt.

Kerr, F. Scott born 6-?-1911 died 8-?-1912

Kimble, Henry

Kittredge, W. A. died 21 Sep 1889

Leal, James W., Circuit Attorney

Lee, Stephen, Sheriff

Leonard, Almira P. born 1846 died 1928 death may be 1921

Leviey, Michael Pvt.

Liebert, Aloys born 6-11-1848 died 5/27/1905 born in Baden, Germany, age 59y, child of Andres Liebert

Liebert, Aloys A. III born 1-25-1895 died 7/27/1976 81y, Garcia Funeral Home

Liebert, Maggie Mares born 1897 died 1930 wife of Rudolph Liebert

Liebert, Maria Piedad Ledoux died 2/7/1906 age 49y wife of Aloys Liebert, child of Julian & Nicolasa Gomes Ledoux

Liebert, Rudolph J. born 1896 died 1962

Lowe, Read Ernest born 05 May 1921 at Santa Fe died 12 Apr 1922 at Taos infant son of Corydon C. Lowe and Domitilla Read buried 13 Apr 1922

Lucero, Ana Maria died 5/16/1910 age 79y child of Nicolas & Maria M. Archuleta Lucero

Lucero, Francisca died 12/17/1932 child of Ramon Lucero & Guadalupe Santistevan

Luell, Reuben L., Farrier

Luhan, Mabel Dodge born 2-26-1879 died 8/12/1962

Luna, Antonio J. born 5-1-1863 died 3-29-1899 35y 10m 28d

Luna, Benita died 9/19/1908 age 55y child of Rafael & Isadora Trujillo Luna

Luna, Emiliana born 2-20-1842 died 8/20/1908

Luna, Hilaria died 26 Mar 1933 age 80y, daughter of Jose Rafael Luna and Isidora Trujillo

Luna, Soledad died 12/5/1928 age 72y, child of Jose R. & Isidora Trujillo Luna

Luna, Tony A. died no date

Lund, Eva Susan born 1870 died 1953

Lund, Fletcher Marsh born 1865 died 07 Nov 1943 age 78y, husband of Eva Susan Leonard son of Robert E. Lund and Sophrona Renus

Lyons, Lucy born 1862 died 1891

Lyons, Margaret born 1891 died no date

Lyons, Patrick born 1835 died 2 Feb 1907 age 74y

MacCabe, Frederic died 9/1/1931 age 54y, born Santa Fe, child of Michael MacCabe & Alvina Howard

Machcinski, Barbara Cornwell born 1919 died 1995

Machcinski, Stephen Anthony Jr. born 1918 died 1982

Maestas, Amanda died 8/26/1933 age 34y, child of Manuel Maestas & Maria Luz Bernal

Maestas, Eduardo died 06 Nov 1932 age 21y, child of Jose C. Maestas & Pabla Trujillo

Manby, Arthur born 1860 died 1929 born England, murdered

Mares, Benigna Lee died 2-24-1883 age 53y wife of Vincente Mares also

Mares, Corina died 9/20/1933 age 13y 9m, born Wagon Mound, child of Francisco Mares & Margarita Ledoux

Mares, Jose Julian born 12-28-1836 died 10/8/1925 Father, died 10-11-1925 age 89y, child of Juan & Juana Gonzales Mares

Mares, Maclovia died 2/26/1931 age 58y, child of Julian Mares & Manuela Romero

Mares, Manuelita R. born 1 Jan 1850 died 16 Feb 1930 Mother, buried 2-18-1930 age 80y, wife of Julian Mares daughter of Felix Romero and Nievas Lujan

Mares, Margarita died 10/5/1930 age 32y child of Julian and Manuela Romero Mares

Mares, Maria Soledad died 9/25/1904 age 6m, child of Luciano Mares & Carlota Sanchez

Mares, Vicente Farrer died 8/31/1933 age 88y, child of Juan Jesus Mares & Maria Juana Gonzales

Mares, Willie died 07 Mar 1931 at Taos age 41y, husband of Lorensita C. Mares son of Julian Mares and Manuelita Romero

Marquez, Marta died 10/18/1918 age 26y child of Pedro & Felicitas Garcia Marquez

Marshall, Joseph

Martinez, Adela died 5/24/1932 age 48y, child of Toribio Martinez & Ursula Montoya

Martinez, Antonio Jose born 1-17-1793 died 7-27-1867 Padre Martinez

Martinez, Catalina Matilde died 3/28/1928 age 1m child of Jose B. & Matilde DesGeorges Martinez

Martinez, Demosthenes died 1/12/1935 Co G 1 Ter US Vol Inf Span Am War, age 61y, husband of Ester Espinosa

Martinez, Filomena born 1845 died 1927 died 8-13-1927 age 82y, child of Jose Dolores & Pelegrina Martinez

Martinez, Guadalupe died 9/26/1932 age 103y

Martinez, Guadalupe M. died 8/29/1920 61y

Martinez, Jose de Jesus died 11/6/1934 age 71y, husband of Cleofas Tenorio

Martinez, Jose died 9/4/1934 age 48y

Martinez, Jose Manuel died 9/7/1909 age 83y, born Abiquiu, son of Jose Maria & Marina Antonia Martinez

Martinez, Jose Porfelio died 2/25/1907 age 5d child of Jacobo & Porfiria Guara Martinez

Martinez, Juan Jose died 8/15/1908 age 11d son of Jacobo & Porfiria Guara Martinez

Martinez, Libradita R. born 1845 died 1924 Mother

Martinez, Luis Gonzaga born 1899 died 2/14/1927 age 27y child of Agapito & Virginia Gonzales Martinez

Martinez, Severino L. Jr. born 12/8/1912 died 12/25/1925

Martinez, Severino S. born 7-2-1853 died 05 Jan 1929 age 75ym son of Pasqual Martinez and Teodoro Gallegos

Martinez, Vicente died 1/10/1942

Matthews, Henrietta Young born 28 Jan 1893 at Cerro died 30 Apr 1920 at Taos widow of J. Rhode Matthews daughter of Henry Young and Mary Sivier

McCabe, Frederick H. born 1878 died 29 Aug 1931 at Taos 1st US Vol Cav husband of Jessie Ross McCabe son of Michael McCabe and Vina Mary Howard

McCoy, Eva G. died 26 Sep 1927 age 59y, wife of George W. McCoy

McCoy, George W. born 4-4-1866 died 10/31/1947

McCoy, Zoe Ann died 03 Aug 1934 at Taos infant daughter of George Victor McCoy and Emma Seis

McCurdy, John J. born 1875 died 1958 Lt. Col. USA Ret, I am at rest near my idol Kit Carson

McDonald, Alex

McKean, William born 07 Apr 1854 at Ohio died 08 Feb 1926 at Taos age 71y, widowed occupation: Lawyer - Retired buried 11 Feb 1927

Medina, Francisco died 16 May 1931 at Taos age 65y, husband of Eloise Martinez Medina son of Pedro Medina and Guadalupe Salazar

Messersmith, G.

Meyers, Ralph Emerson born 5-15-1885 died 7/24/1948

Mitchell, Andrew J.

Montano, Loretta R. born 1868 died 1918

Montano, Melquiades born 1857 died 1941

Montez, Maria Trinidad Gomez born 9-5-1859 died 5/2/1922 age 64y wife of J. D. Montes daughter of J. M. Gomez and Maria E. Martinez buried 02 May 1922

Montoya, Hipolito born Albuquerque died 27 Mar 1925 at Taos age 44y, husband of Syria Martinez of Hipolito Montoya & Romualda Gallegos occupation: Sheep Raiser buried 28 Mar 1925

Montoya, Jose Ignacio died 28 Jan 1934 at Taos age 38y, son of Tomas A. Montoya and Elisa Duran

Montoya, Mary Liebert born 02 Sep 1909 at New Mex. died 01 Sep 1922 at Taos age 12y, daughter of Miguel Antonio Montoya and Winnie Liebert father born Colorado mother born Taos buried 02 Sep 1922

Muller, Frederick P. died 11-29-1896 Capt., 29y, died at Tres Piedras, NM

Newby, Henry born 5-18-1845 died 1/17/1917

Newby, Sarah E. born 9-13-1842 died 1/30/1915

Niles, O. J. born 1869 died 1915

Null, William, Pvt.

Oakeley, Maggie A. born 1902 died 1912 daughter of Richard F. & Dionicia Oakeley

Ortega, Dora Santistevan died 8/31/1935 age 33y, wife of Melaquias Ortega

Pacheco, Jose Manuel died 24 Jan 1931 at Ranchito age 81y, husband of Rafaelita S. Pacheco son of Juan Rafael Pacheco and Maria Pabla Lovato

Pacheco, Rafelita S. born 7-8-1851 died 3/9/1932 birth also listed as 7-9-1881

Padilla, Maria de Jesus died 3/20/1933 age 82y, child of Mose Tomas Padilla & Maria Luz Trujillo

Pearce, Ruben P., Pvt.

Pettine, Eloisa T. born 1891 died 1985

Pettine, Raffaele born 1879 died 1928 died 12-9-1928 age 49y 10m, born Iserna, Italy, son of Giovanni & Filomena Valerio Pettine

Pooler, Maclovia Mares born 6-15-1870 died 1/26/1931

Pooler, Robert C. born 5-9-1872 died 3/26/1909

Quesnel, Donaciano C. born 4-8-1867 died 6/11/1921 age 54y, child of Jose Dolores Quesnel & Guadalupe Martinez

Quesnel, Teresita S. born 5-19-1867 died 8/20/1918

Quigg, Walter A. born 1/1/1919 died 3/17/1928

Quintana, Adriana Ribera died 10/30/1934 age 25y, wife of Eloy A. Quintana

Quintana, Fabiola L. died 29 Mar 1935 at Taos age 20y, daughter of Pablo Quintana and Eloisa Trujillo

Quintana, Trinidad died 7/3/1932 age 87y, child of Lucas Quintana & Soledad Ulibarri

Randall, Benjamin Simpson born 1906 died 6/13/1906 4m 1d, child of Benjamin Randall

Randall, Charles H. born 11-21-1867 died 23 Oct 1943 age 75y, husband of Minnie Bumpas son of ? Randall and Mary Record

Randall, Masie R. born 2-21-1894 died 8/11/1953

Randall, Minnie M. born 1872 died 1928

Rayan, John, Pvt.

Reunie, Gordon R., Pvt.

Ribera, Antonio Avan died 2/16/1933 age 53y, child of Tomas Ribera & Salome Romero

Ribera, Celia died 1/8/1929 age 43y, born Moro, Co., child of Jesus Maria & Antonia Sanchez Ribera

Rivera, Antonio A. born 1879 died 1933

Rivera, Armando born 8/24/1904 died 2/28/1913

Rivera, Gilbert C. born 2/18/1902 died 6/19/1963 NM HA 1st US Navy WWI

Rivera, Lillian born 7/30/1906 died 3/11/1913

Rivera, Maria luisa G. born 26 Apr 1906 died 25 Oct 1963

Robert, Peter

Rodrigues, Refugio Dolores died 3/26/1919 age 3y, child of Demetrio Rodriguez & Margarita Padilla

Rodrigues, Tomas Fernando died 6/3/1923 age 1m child of Demetrio & Margarita Padilla Rodrigues

Romero, Anastacia L. born 4-11-1850 died 2/22/1915 born in Rio Arriba, NM

Romero, Anita Smith born 1891 died 1915

Romero, J.E. born 1915 died 1915 Baby with Anita

Romero, Librada died 12/7/1924 age 80y child of Felipe Nerio & Maria Nieves Lujan Romero

Romero, Luz died 5/29/1907 age 72y child of Teodora Romero

Romero, Manuela died 2/18/1930 age 80y child of Juan Felipe & Maria Nieves Lujan Romero

Romero, Maria Guillermina died 1/9/1931 age 27y, born Trinidad, CO., child of Ricardo Romero & Ramona Romero

Romero, Ramona died 7/20/1933 age 48y, born Trinidad, CO., wife of Ricardo M. Romero daughter of Maclovio Romero and Juanita Maestas

Romo, Manuel died 1/17/1913 age 45y child of Matias & Feliciana Santistevan Romo

Ross, George B., 1st Sgt. died 7/29/1905 age 75y, born in Kentucky, child of Samuel Ross

Rottger, Charles F., Pvt.

Rudolph, Emilia Juana died 4/20/1908 age 28y child of Milner & Maria C. Trujillo Rudolph

Russell, Elenore died 8/12/1913 age 33y child of Jackson E. & Agusta Buck Russell

Salazar, Fernando died 6/7/1907 age 55y, child of Francisco Salazar

Salistevan, Ernie born 1/9/1971 died 1/10/1971 age 1d Garcia Funeral Home

Sanches, Pedro A. died 5/19/1905 Lt.  Co. C NM Mtd Inf, age 73y, child of Cristoval Sanches

Sanchez, Rosario died 5/26/1932 age 28y, born Alamosa, child of Macedonio Sanchez & Maria Trujillo

Sandoval, Juan Luis born 1-13-1857 died 1/17/1938 age 81y, husband of Odisia Smith son of Agustin Sandoval and Dominga Sandoval buried 18 Jan 1938

Sandoval, Maria Justa born 8-15-1835 died 4-15-1894 58y 8m

Santistevan, Alejandro died 10/30/1932 age 17y, child of William Santistevan & Victoriana Baca

Santistevan, Donaciana died 12/31/1933 age 78y, child of Diego Santistevan & Juliana Sanchez

Santistevan, Eliseo died 01 Oct 1935 age 74y, widow of Soledad Gonzales son of Jose La Cruz Santistevan and Gregorita Fernandez

Santistevan, Fred G. died 11/12/1931 NM Sgt. 143 MG BN 10 Div

Santistevan, Frederico died 11/15/1931 age 34y, child of Santiago Santistevan & Santa Ana Sena

Santistevan, Jose Manuel died 11/30/1933 age 22y, child of Jose Manuel Santistevan & Simona Naranjo

Santistevan, Juan de los Reyes, Don born 1-6-1833 died 8/21/1908 age 75y 7m 16d son of Manuel & Rosalia Medina Santistevan

Santistevan, Manuelita born 1/1/1900 died 29 Sep 1931 at Taos age 31y, wife of Fred Santistevan daughter of Eliseo Santistevan and Solidea Gonzales

Santistevan, Santiago died 3/6/1922 age 62y widow of Juana Santistevan

Santistevan, Teresa died 8/22/1918 age 51y child of Diego & Feliciana Sanchez Santistevan

Santistevan, Teresina Ester died 10/25/1928 age 11y daughter of Jose Samuel Santistevan and Pablita Valdez

Santistevan, William A. died 06 Oct 1934 age 51y, husband of Josefina Young Santistevan son of Jose Ignacio Santistevan and Susan Moore

Scaneider, Frederick, Pvt.

Scheurich, Albert B. born 2-23-1871 died 5/27/1910 age 39y, child of Aloys & Teresina Bent Scheurich

Scheurich, Aloys died 9/3/1908 age 72y born Aschaffenberg, Germany, son of Adam & Clara Leitz Scheurich

Scheurich, Dora Celestina died 8/23/1933 age 56y, child of Aloys Scheurich & Teresina Bent

Scheurich, Lena A. born 1869 died 1932 Adelina Ignacia Sheurich died 2-25-1932 age 62y child of Aloys & Teresina Bent Scheurich

Scheurich, Louis died no date Cpl. Co. D. 3 US Inf.

Scheurich, Maria Teresina Bent born 15 Nov 1841 at Taos died 27 Feb 1920 age 78y, widowed wife of Aloys Scheurich daughter of Charles Bent & Maria Ignacia Jaramillo Bent buried 28 Feb 1920

Schmutz, Anton

Simpson, Josefa V. born 1842 died 1907 Mother, wife of Smith Simpson

Simpson, Smith H. born 1832 died 1916 Capt., Father born 5-8-1836 died 4-3-1916

Sisneros, Juan C. born 25 Jan 1892 at Taos died 21 Mar 1926 at Taos age 32y, husband of Eloisa S. Trujillo son of Pablo A. Sisneros and Guadalupe Martinez both parents born Rio Arriba Co. occupation: Clerk General Store buried 22 Mar 1926

Sisneros, Tomas born 10-?-1891 died 12/7/1918 Pvt. MG CO 81 INF age 23y, son of Pablo & Maria Guadalupe Martinez Sisneros

Smith, Anita died 12/25/1915 age 25y child of Abe & Petra Martinez Smith

Smith, Efren G. died 4/4/1979 92y, Garcia Funeral Home

Smith, George died no date  Co. H. 1 US Mtd. Rifles

Smith, Laura died 1891 age 2y child of Juan Smith

Souther, Gracie R. born 7-25-1891 died 1/17/1928 Mother, VanDiver added under surname

Squires, Josie Carson born 1868 died 1892

Tarleton, Verda born 8/16/1905 died 7/23/1923

Templeton, Amanda Luisa born 6-10-1869 died 3/21/1948

Thomas, Carl M. died 11/22/1935 age 33y, child of Vincent Thomas & Adela Santistevan

Thomas, Forest Franklin, Reverand, born 04 Mar 1855 at Abbingdon, Illinois died 04 Jul 1921 at Taos age 66y, husband of Ella Gilmore son of Abel Thomas and Harriet Blaire father born Pennsylvania mother born Ohio occupation: Minister  buried 05 Jul 1921

Tolque, Louis

Truax, Isaac, Pvt.

Trujillo, Aurora died 5/8/1931 age 10y 6m, child of Jose Guadalupe Trujillo & Maria A. Tenorio

Trujillo, Eduardo died 11/3/1931 age 16y, child of Guillermo Trujillo & Amanda Pacheco

Trujillo, Francisca died 4/7/1906 age 72y child of Jose Francisco Trujillo, married name could be Masurde

Trujillo, Guillermo born 2-10-1837 died 7-6-1899

Trujillo, Manuel de Jesus died 4/22/1933 age 90y, child of Jose Trujillo & Maria Encarnacion Rodriguez

Trujillo, Nestora Gomes died 5/4/1906 age 72y wife of Guillermo Trujillo daughter of Celedon & Juana Quintana Gomes

Trujillo, Pedro A. died 12/3/1904 age 44y child of Meliton Trujillo

Trujillo, Ruth Higinia died 3/8/1913 child of Samuel & Jennie Froelich Trujillo

Tukbukh, Albert

Turlby, Simeon

Valdes, Ambrosio born 3-29-1865 died 3/16/1902 birth also listed as 3-29-1869, husband of Sofia

Valdes, Ambrosito R. born 11-20-1894 died 8-14-1895

Valdes, Lucia A. born 5-20-1896 died 5/14/1900

Valdez, Cora Fidelina died 11/17/1931 age 27y, child of Fidel Valdez & Rafaela Guttman

Valdez, Emma Saavedra born 1-29-1893 died 8/14/1986

Valdez, Josefa died 9/6/1907 age 65y, child of Juan Valdez

Valdez, Sofia J. born 4-21-1865 died 4/12/1949 Mother, wife of Ambrosio

Van Volkenberg, Lieut.

Vigil, Cornelio, Prefect

Vigil, Ester Soledad died 12/14/1924 age 3 weeks child of Diego & Evelina DesGeorges Vigil

VunCannon, Aaron died no date Lieut. Co. H. 3 N.C. Mtd. Inf.

Wailes, Julia Mae born 5/4/1949 died 5/11/1949 born Taos

Warbury, Clair Dubor died 5/8/1904 age 22y child of James E. Dubor

Warlum, Raymond died 3/26/1919 age 17y, child of Torrie Warlum & Clare Dubor

Wenden, Jose Manuel died 7-14-1855 age 2m, child of Ricardo Wenden & Maria Dolores Lefebre

Wengert, Carl born 10-28-1830 died 1/19/1904 born Westenhausen, Wurtenburg, Germany

Wengert, Carl born 10-28-1891 died no date

Wengert, Carolina born 10-24-1863 died 31 Oct 1932 at Taos age 73y, daughter of Charles Wengert & Viviana Gomez

Wengert, Charles born 10-28-1880 died 1/19/1914 age 75y, child of Jose Victor Wengert

Wengert, Juan born 2-6-1867 died 1/10/1901

Wengert, Louis born 1885 died 1974

Wengert, Mary Ross born 1887 died 1976

Wengert, Viviana Gomez born 20 Oct 1844 at Abiquii died 25 Apr 1925 at Taos widowed wife of Carl Wengert age 80y, child of Celedon & Juana Quintana Gomes buried 26 Apr 1925

Williams, May died 10/26/1918 age 26y child of Jack & Emilia Williams

Witt, Ray born 11/2/1915 died 5/15/1996

Witt, Rose B. born 1878 died 1928

Witt, Walter Scott born 4-6-1885 died 7/16/1949

Witt, Wilfred B. born 1907 died 03 May 1929 age 22y, son of Lee Witt and Rose B. Bames

Witt, William Sim born 2-7-1842 died 10/2/1917 birth may be 2-7-1843

Wiutt, Sadie died 3/1/1931 age 29y child of Lee & Rose Witt

Woodman, Harley L. no dates Our baby

Woodman, Lottie B. born 1903 died 1926 birth may be 1906

The Memorial Monument in the cemetery reads: "In memory of the officers and soldiers who were killed or died of wounds received in the campaign of the 1st US Dragoons against the Mexicans and Indians near Taos, NM in 1847 and 1854 whose remains are interred in this cemetery." Erected by the War Dept. in 1910.
Against Mexican and Indians at Taos and vicintiy in January and February 1847 under Col. Sterling Price
1st US Dragoons, Co. G:
Ross, George B., 1st Sgt.
Beebe, Nelson, Pvt.
Brooks Eldridge H., Pvt.
Hauseker, Jacob, Pvt.
Leviey, Michael Pvt.
Scaneider, Frederick, Pvt.
Truax, Isaac, Pvt.

Captain Angney's Infantry Battalion, Co B.
Van Volkenberg, Lieut.
Hart, ?, Sgt.
Graham, ?, Pvt.

2nd Missouri Volunteers, Co K
Caldwell, Alfred L., 1st Sgt.
Austen, James, Pvt.

Teamsters, Q.M. Dept.
Atkins, ?
Messersmith, G.

Civilians (killed)
Lee, Stephen, Sheriff
Leal, James W., Circuit Attorney
Vigil, Cornelio, Prefect
Austin, William
Beaubien, Narciso
Harwood, William
Hatfield, William
Head, Mark
Jaramillo, Pablo
Marshall, Joseph
Robert, Peter
Tolque, Louis
Tukbukh, Albert
Turlby, Simeon

Against the Apaches, Embudo Mountains March 30, 1854
Davidson, John W. 1st Lt.
1st US Dragoons Co F. Privates:
Awart, Thomas
Bowdish, Mentin L.
Breewood, George B.
Biggins, Thomas R.
Kimble, Henry
McDonald, Alex
Mitchell, Andrew J.
Schmutz, Anton

Co I
Holbrook, William C, 1st Sgt.
Kent, William, Sgt.
Luell, Reuben L., Farrier
Bradley, John, Pvt.
Brenker, Augustus, Pvt.
Doll, John, Pvt.
Driscoll, William, Pvt.
Gibbon, Thomas, Pvt.
Humert, Louis, Pvt.
Null, William, Pvt.
Pearce, Ruben P., Pvt.
Rayan, John, Pvt.
Reunie, Gordon R., Pvt.
Rottger, Charles F., Pvt.

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