Taos County, New Mexico
Arroyo Hondo Cemetery
aka Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Cemetery

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Albares, Isidro David died 6-23-1855 age 1 month son of Juan Albares and Juliana Sisneros

Analla, Eufrasia died 2/27/1925 age 66y, child of Gregorio Analla and Peregrina Martinez

Analla, Nieves died 12/10/1914 age 87y, child of Gregorio Analla and Refugio Muniz

Aragon, Juan Ramon died 10-6-1855 age 7 months son of Juan Aragon and Maria Isabel García

Aragon, Maria de Jesus died 24 Jan 1864 4 months old daughter of Joaquín Aragon and Maria Guadalupe Blea

Aragon, Pascual died 6-22-1850 born Los Dolores, age 3y, child of Pedro Aragon and Maria Antonia Abila

Archuleta, Ignacio Librado died 9-14-1855 age 1 year son of  Manuel Archuleta and Maria Isadora Gonzales

Archuleta, Juan Pomucenio, died 6-20-1855 age 5 months son of Julian Archuleta and Maria Josefa Rodriguez

Archuleta, Maria Benigna died 7-14-1855 age 1 year daughter of Julian Archuleta and Maria Josefa de la Crus Rodriguez

Archuleta, Maria Francisca died 2-28-1862 infant daughter of Juan Archuleta and ?  Lopez

Archuleta, Tranquilina died 5-22-1862 daughter of Jose Antonio Archuleta and Juana Real

Arellano, Fabianita A. born 1/09/1898 died 5/22/1948 born Arroyo Hondo

Arellano, Juan Bautista David died 2-24-1862 infant son of Domingo Arellano y Maria Concepción Gonzales

Arellano, Maria Eugenia died 5-2-1862 infant daughter of Jesus Maria Arellano and Maria Juliana Medina

Avila, Francisca died 19 Apr 1968 wife of Jose Maria Martin, daughter of Vicente Ferrer Avila and Maria Dolores Quintana

Cerda, Buena Ventura died Nov. 3 1867 husband of Maria Ignacia Buena, son of Domingo Cerda and Maria Manuela Martínez

Chacon, Anastacio died 22 May 1909

Chacon, Ascencion M. de died 5 April 1909

Chacon, Corrina born 12/29/1910 died 2/1/1947Taos

Chacon, Jose Evaresto died 08 Nov 1938 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Jose Onofre Chacon and Rosa Ermelinda Vigil

Chacon, Juan Domingo born 5/1893 died 11/6/1947

Chacon, Manuel Antonio died 3/6/1922 age 77y, child of Juan Gabriel Chacon and Maria de la Luz Velasquez

Chacon, Ramon died 4-14-1855 husband of Juana Gonzales

Chacon, Soledad Lucero died 11/23/1934 age 82y, widow of Manuel Chacon

Chaves, Maria Micaela Cordova died 6-19-1850 born at Arroyo Honda, wife of Jose Gabriel Chaves

Chavez, Maria Lorenza Duran buried 10-17-1863 wife of Loreto Chavez

Cordova, Jose Guadalupe died 3/18/1915 age 83y, child of Jose Venancio Cordova and Maria Guadalupe Maes

Cordova, Juan Jose died 1-18-1855, son of Miguel Cordova and Maria Catarina Gallegos

Cordova, Juana Olimpia died 08 May 1941 at Arroyo Hondo infant daughter of Aniceto Cordova and Gracinia Martinez

Cortes, Ramon age 2 months, died 1-2-1862 son of Alejo Cortes and Maria Segunda Abila, residents of Plasa de Los Dolores de Arroyo Hondo.

Crespin, Maria Abelina died 12-12-1865 2 months old natural daughter of Maria de la Luz Crespin.

Crus, Barbara Vigil died 10-17-1855 wife of Jose Luciano Crus

Crus, Maria Clara, died 4-10-1855 age 10 days, daughter of Maria Nestora Crus

Crus, Maria Heronia died 9-13-1855 adult daughter of Jose Luciano Crus and Maria Barbara Vigil

Crus, Maria Paula died 10-10-1855 age 15 years daughter of Jose Lino Crus and  Maria Barbara Vigil

Cruz, Jose Manuel died 1-4-1863, husband of Maria Agueda Valdez of Arroyo Hondo.

Cruz, Salvador Antonio died 21 Sep 1864, resident of Desmontes

Dominguez, Maria Dolores died 9/17/1916 age 40y, chuld of Lucio Dominguez and Feliciana Arellano

Dominquez, Feliciana Arellano born Arroyo Hondo died 26 Feb 1920 at Arroyo Hondo age 65y, wife of Lucio Dominguez daughter of R? Arellano and Casimira Valdez

Duran, Manuelita Vigil Montoya died 6/2/1938 age 85y, born 1853, wife of Hermenelindo Duran, child of Manuel Martinez, daughter Fedelina de Valdez

Esquibel, Jose Rafael died 5-25-1850 age 20d, child of Jose Rafael Esquibel and Maria Ines Sanches

Fernandez, Maria Gregoria died 4/12/1910 age 74y, child of Juan Lorenzo Fernandez and Dolores Sanchez

Flores, son died 31 Mar 1944 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Octaviano Flores and Frances Lacome

Frank, Lawrence Jr. died August 07, 2006 age 80y, husband of Alyce Frank

Gallegos, Juan Antonio Acensiodied 6-14-1850 born San Cristobal, age 1y, child of Maria Gracia Gallegos

Gallegos, Maria Eulogia died 9-24-1865 3 months old daughter of Jose Antonio Gallegos and Maria Rafaela Perea.

Gallegos, Maria Rafaela died 3/16/1907 age 60y, child of Antonio Gallegos

Garcia, Carmelita born 10/25/1882 died 11/14/1947 born Penasco

Garcia, Cirilia died 4/10/1928 age 37y, child of Benigno Garcia and Clara Peralta

Garcia, Fernando born 8/10/1902 died 9/1/1948 born Arroyo Hondo

Garcia, Juan Benigno died 2-11-1863 young son of Juan Rosario Garcia.

Garcia, Maria Catarina died 6-11-1855 age 3 years daughter of Miguel García and Juana Micaela Lucero

Garcia, Maria Trinidad Quintana died 6-17-1862 wife of Manuel García

Gomes, Maria Paula Valdes died 10-12-1855 wife of Diego Gomes

Gonzales, Alexander died 27 Dec 1930 at Arroyo Hondo age 48y, husband of Ramoncita Gonzalez son of Manuel Gonzalez

Gonzales, Catalina Martin died 6-16-1862 wife of Pedro Gonzales

Gonzales, Eloy died 2/15/1907 age 24y, child of Tobias Gonzales and Petrita L. de Gonzales

Gonzales, Emiliana Valdez died 09 Aug 1935 at Arroyo Hondo age 39y, wife of Delfino Gonzales daughter of Marcos Valdez and Jesusita Maldonado

Gonzales, Fermin died 02 Nov 1936 at Arroyo Hondo age 17y, son of Delfino Gonzales and Emiliana Valdez

Gonzales, Jose Antonio died 3-30-1855 infant son of Crus Gonzales and Maria de la Lus Salazar

Gonzales, Jose Eugenio died 5-3-1862 son of Jacinto Gonzales and Maria Cayetana Medina

Gonzales, Joseph born 6/10/1947 died 6/12/1947 born Taos

Gonzales, Maria Josefa died 7-2-1865 daughter of Lorenso Gonsales and Maria Guadalupe Medina.

Herrera Juan Nepumuceno de died 5-6-1855 age 6 months son of Jose Antonio de Herrera and Maria Josefa Sandoval

Herrera, Antonio de born Arroyo Hondo died 12 Sep 1925 at Pino age 63y, husband of Cleofas Gallegos son of Jose P. Herrera and Rafaela Martinez buried 13 Sep 1925

Herrera, Elidia died 16 Mar 1943 at Arroyo Hondo infant daughter of Ruben Herrera and Erlinda Gonzales

Herrera, Felipe died 6-9-1862 son of Pedro de Herrera and Soledad Lucero

Herrera, Jose Rudolfo died April 9, 1968 husband of Prescilla Herrera

Herrera, Juan Cristobal de died 4-21-1855 husband of Maria Ignacia Lucero

Herrera, Manuel died 5-12-1862 infant son of Antonio de Herrera and Dolores Lucero

Jaramillo, Darrell Scott died 6-17-2001

Jaramillo, Don died 10-14-2007

Jaramillo, Finnina died 2-3-2001

Jaramillo, Jesus Maria died 23 Feb 1935 at Arroyo Hondo age 101y, husband of Augustina Jaramillo son of Antonio Rumaldo Jaramillo and Maria G. Chavez

Jaramillo, Jude Michael born 3-29-1992 died 6-27-2007

Johnson, Santiago Jose died 9-2-2001

Lacome, Agustin died 3/3/1929 age 67y, child of Agustin Lacome and Rosa Arellano

Lacome, Jose Ologia died 5/23/1918 age 62y, child of Agustin Lacome and Maria Rosa Arellano

Leon, Juana Maria Librada died 7-26-1855 age 3 months daughter of Tomas de Aquino Leon and Maria Dolores Sisneros

Lovato, David Lee born 7/25/1952 died 12/18/1952 born Leadville, CO

Lucero, Estaneslada Bonifacia died 5-2-1862 infant daughter of Jesus Lucero and Maria Cleofas Analla.

Lucero, Felipe died 9-10-1855 age 2 years son of Jose de la Trinidad Lucero and Maria Rita Pino

Lucero, Jose Tiburcio Balencia died 4-14-1855 age 1 year,  son of Jose Antonio Lucero and Antonia Maria Montoya

Lucero, Maria Dolores Mestas died 6-20-1855 wife of Felipe Lucero

Lucero, Maria Simona died 9-10-1855 age 8 months daughter of Juan de Jesus Lucero and Maria Ignacia Valdez

Lucero, Silviano born 9-7-1867 died 6/13/1907 age 89y 9m 6d, husband of Ciria Jaramillo son of Jesus M. Lucero and Cleofas Anaya. Note: dates do not compute.

Madrid, Antonio died 2-15-1863 son of Juan Madrid, deceased, and Juana Ulivarri.

Maes, Jose Francisco died 10-9-1855 age 3 months son of Maria Simona Maes

Maes, Juan Andres Meliton died 5-28-1862 son of Candelario Maes and Maria Refugio Madrid

Maes, Maria del Refugio died 4-23-1862 infant daughter of Gabriel Maes and Ana Maria Maes

Mares, Maria Garcia died 9-23-1855 wife of Manuel Antonio Mares

Marquez, Michael born 6/7/1948 died 10/5/1948 born Taos

Martin, Jesús Néstor died 3 Jan 1864 10 months old, son of Luisiano Martin and Maria Antonia Arellano

Martin, Jose Antonio died 3-14-1870 husband of Manuela Mestas.

Martin, Jose David died 4-22-1855 age 1 year son of Jose Hermenegildo Martín and Juana Maria Archuleta

Martin, Jose Francisco died 1-16-1870, Indian.

Martin, Juan Andres died 11-23-1861 adult son of Juaquin Martin and Encarnasion Pacheco, deceased, residents of Arroyo Hondo.

Martin, Juan Lorenso died 10-3-1855 age 4 months son of Jose Hermenegildo Martin and Juana Maria Archuleta

Martin, Leonarda Martinez died 10-4-1862 wife of Cruz Martin

Martín, Maria Dolores Mestas died 8-5-1855 wife of Santiago Martín

Martin, Maria Ramona died 3-27-1862 wife of de Pedro G?

Martin, Maria Trinidad died 5-14-1850 age 13y, child of Juan de los Reyes Martin and Maria Margarita of los Dolores Fernandez

Martin, Miguel died 16 May 1868 husband of Maria de Jesus Romero

Martines, Jose Candelario died 2-28-1855 husband of Maria Guadalupe García

Martines, Jose Miguel, died 1-8-1955 age 3 months, son of Nestor Martines and Maria Albina Trujillo

Martines, Juan Antonio died 10-3-1855 husband of Juana Maria Martines

Martines, Maria Micaela Romero died 5-10-1855 wife of Felipe Santiago Martines

Martinez, Felipe Benisio died 5-30-1862 son of Vicente Martínez and Maria Salome Lucero

Martinez, Flor died 7/11/1913 age 60y, chil of Diego Martinez and Paula Cruz

Martinez, Jose Vicente died 4 Sept 1867 husband of Maria Salome Lucero, son of Manuel Martínez and Maria Manuela Quintana

Martinez, Juan Maria died 1/12/1923 age 80y, child of Antonio Martinez and Manuela Maestas

Martinez, Marcelino died 12-18-1864 husband of the deceased Maria Manuela Lovato.

Martinez, Maria Concepcion Bonifacia died 5-8-1862 daughter of Vicente Martinez

Martinez, Maria Ferminia died 8/9/1915 age 50y, child of Diego Martinez and Pabla Cruz

Martinez, Maria Leonor Vigil died 2-10-1870, wife of Donaciano Martinez, daughter of Juan Antonio Vigil and Maria de la Luz Fernandez.

Martinez, Maximiano died 1/12/1923 age 3y, child of Estanislado Martinez and Porfiria Martinez

Martinez, Reyes E. born 8/09/1885 died 5/1/1947 Arroyo Hondo

Martinez, Silveria died 4/22/1930 age 62y, child of Juan Martinez and Benita Trujillo

Medina, Felix born 9/20/1892 died 4/29/1946Arroyo Hondo

Medina, Jose Francisco died 5-23-1850 age 15d, child of Concepcion Medina and Maria Francisca Montes

Medina, Jose Reynaldo died 1/14/1948 born Arroyo Hondo

Medina, Juan Venancio died 3-31-1862 infant son of Jose Hilario Medina and Maria Venceslas Marcos

Medina, Maria de la Luz Vigil died 1-24-1863 wife of Jesus Medina.

Medina, Maria Ignacia Montoya died 9-27-1855 wife of Jose Rafael Medina

Medina, Maria Virginia died 10-18-1855 age 7 months daughter of Jose Rafael Medina and Maria Ignacia Montoya, deceased

Mestas, Torivio died 5-28-1850husband of Maria de Jesus Baca

Moran, Juan de Jesus died 7-14-1871 husband of Maria de Jesus Madrid, son of Jose Francisco Moran and Maria Dolores Sandoval.

Morrison, Alejandro died 6/19/1907child of George Morrison

Muniz, son died 06 Jan 1936 infant son of Rogerio Munoz and Encarnasion Garcia    

Ortega, Maria Henrietta died 4-24-1850 age 16d, child of Jose Maria Ortega and Maria Isabel Cordova

Ortega, Mercedes Belinda died 17 Aug 1933 at Arroyo Hondo infant daughter of Samuel Ortega and Gregorita Rael

Ortiz, Enrique Eligio died 16 Nov 1935 at Arroyo Hondo age 2y, son of Marcus Ortez and Matilda Vigil

Ortiz, Manuel died Jan 2,1968 age 2m, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ortiz.

Pacheco, Belarmino died June 19,1968 age 67y. husband of Hilaria Pacheco

Pacheco, Enrique Baltazar died 06 Oct 1931 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Marcos Pacheco and Nicolasa Duran

Pacheco, Jose Crecencio died 5-4-1850 age 8d, child of Buenaventura Pacheco and Maria Teresa Romero

Pacheco, Jose R. born 3/13/1893 died 10/6/1947

Pacheco, Jose Ramon died 5-22-1850 husband of Maria Francisca Chavez

Pacheco, Juan de la Cruz died 7-20-1850 born San Cristobal, age 1y 6m, child of Jose Ramon Pacheco and Maria Francisca Chaves

Pacheco, Maria Rafaela died 4-3-1857, age 5 years, daughter of Jose Ramón Pacheco and Maria Asencion Marquez, residents of Arroyo Hondo.

Pacheco, Rafaela Sara died 5-19-1862 daughter of Buenaventura Pacheco and Ana Teresa Romero

Padia, Jose Candelario died 10-24-1855 age 2 months son of Esquipula Padia and Maria Dolores Romero

Padia, Jose Santiago died 9-8-1855 age 9 months son of Esquipula Padia and Dolores Romero

Padia, Maria Manuela died 3-23-1855 infant daughter of Maria Albina Padia

Padilla, Jose Rafael died 10-30-1862 age 14 years son of Tomas Padilla and Maria de la Lus Trujillo, residents of Bosque Grande de Rio Arriba. The deceased was murdered at Arroyo Hondo.

Padilla, son died 13 Sep 1938 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Luciano Padilla, Corina Avila

Padilla, son died 24 Oct 1935 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Luciano Padilla and Corina Avila    

Padilla, Maria Concepcion died 8 Mar 1868 wife of Eusebio Avila

Quintana, Juan Pomucenio died 8-27-1855 age 2 months son of Francisco Quintana and Maria del Carmel Salazar

Quintana, Juan, died 1-23-1855 infant son of Jose Miguel Quintana and Maria Ignacia Duran

Quintana, Maria Francisca died 6-29-1855 infant daughter of Maria Bibiana Quintana

Quintana, Maria Paula Archuleta died 6-8-1855 wife of Salbador Quintana

Rael, Felicita Ernestina died 11-5-2007

Rael, Francisca died 10/18/1915 age 60y, child of Manuel Rael and Maria Martinez

Rael, Jose Ignacio died 9/25/1932 age 72y, child of Jose Manuel Rael and Maria Martinez

Rael, Jose Melecio born 6/15/1947 died 9/26/1947 born Embudo

Rael, Juan Cecilio died 6/15/1932 age 82y, child of Manuel Rael and Maria Martinez

Rael, Sofio born 05 May 1883 at Arroyo Hondo died 20 May 1938 at Taos age 55y, husband of Soledad A. Montano son of Jose Ignacio Rael and Soledad

Santistevan occupation: Merchant buried 22 May 1938

Romero, Jose De La Cruz born 1897 at Arroyo Hondo died 01 Feb 1921 at Arroyo Hondo age 23y, son of Cruz Romero occupation: Sheepherder

Romero, Jose Preciliano died 3-29-1855, infant son of Maria Dolores Romero

Romero, Maria Juana died 30 May 1862 daughter Jose Romero and Rufina García

Romero, Maria Tomasa died 11-3-1855 age 1 year daughter of Manuel Romero and Juan Gertrudis Gonsales

Romero, Tomas died 10-26-1855 age 2 years son of Maria Bonifacia Romero

Ruibal, Juan Pomucenio died 10-10-1855 age 1 year  son of Ramona Ruibal

Ruibal, Juana Maria died 10-1-1850 age 2d, child of Jose Ignacio Ruibal and Maria Dolores Pacheco

Ruibal, Maria Dolores Pacheco died 10-11-1850 wife of Jose Ignacio Ruibal

Salas, Jose Francisco died 9-21-1850 age 5m, child of Maria Quintana

Salazar Maria Natividad died 4-9-1862 infant daughter of Pedro Antonio Salazar and Maria Antonia Martin

Samora, Maria Rosalía Mestas died 1855 wife of Juan de Jesus Samora

Sanches, Jose Tranquilino died 7-18-1855 age 3 months son of Natividad Sanches

Sanches, Juan de Dios died 5-2-1850 husband of Maria Antonia Barranca

Sanches, Maria Buenaventura died 4-22-1855 infant daughter of Juan Cristobal Sanches and Maria Marta Segura

Sanchez, Andres Raymundo born 6/22/1946 died 11/8/1946 born Taos

Sanchez, Jose Doroteo died 4-13-1862 infant son of Guadalupe Sanches and Maria del Carmen Ulibarri

Sanchez, Jose Vicente died 9-2-1855 age 1 year son of Ramon Sanchez and Maria Josefa Romero

Sanchez, Magdalena died 19 Feb 1868 wife of Jose Gregorio Martin, daughter of Jose Antonio Sanchez

Sandoval, Maria de la Ascension died 4-28-1855 age 15 days daughter of Maria Antonia Sandoval

Santistevan, Soledad died 8/20/1923 age 58y, child of Cruz Santistevan and Gregoria Fernandez

Segura, Maria Rosa died 22 Feb 1862 daughter of Miguel Segura and Maria Antonia Vialpando

Serda, Maria Rosa died 20 Feb 1862 daughter of Diego Serda and Josefa Segura

Sevedo, Antonio born 02 Mar 1920 at Arroyo Hondo died 22 Apr 1920 at Arroyo Hondo infant son of Antonio Sevedo and Celia Vigil both parents born at Arroyo Hondo buried 22 Apr 1920

Sierra, Juan Pomucenio died 4-16-1855 age 1 year, son of Agustin Sierra and Maria Encarnacion Pena

Sierra, Maria Rosa died 3-30-1853 age 10d, child of Agustin Sierra and Maria Encarnacion Pena

Sisneros, Maria Guadalupe Martinez died 5/1/1938 age 81y, born 12-12-1850

Tafoya, José Demetrio died 6 May 1866 6 months old, son of Juan Bautista Tafoya and Maria Paula Martínez.

Tafoya, Maria Irenia Valdes died 11-21-1855 wife of Martin Tafoya

Trujillo, Eloisa died 9/17/1920 age 23y, child of Jose Leon Trujillo

Trujillo, Jose Dolores died 1-27-1855 infant son of Juan Julian Trujillo and Maria Encarnacion Garcia

Trujillo, Maria Manuela Sisneros died 9-2-1855 wife of Manuel Trujillo

Valdes, Maria Sebastiana died 11-25-1850 age 23y, child of Jose Ignacio Valdes and Maria Manuela Sanches

Valdez, Adelaida died 4/1/1930 age 45y, child of Antonio Valdez and Santa Ana Ortiz

Valdez, Maria Dolores died 20 Feb 1862 infant daughter of Rumaldo Valdez and Maria Encarnacion Mondragon

Valdez, Maria Teresa died 8-13-1850 born Arroyo Hondo, age 1 1/2m, child of Ramon Valdez and Maria de Gracia Garcia

Valdez, Servil Albino died 5-11-1862 son of Rumaldo Valdez and Maria Encarnacion Mondragon

Varela, Tomas died 5-12-1871 husband of Francisca Romero, son of Antonio Jose Varela and Isadora Ruival.

Vargas, Francisco died 1/16/1936 age 69y, husband of Luisa Valdez, 5 children

Velasquez, Jose died 6-9-1855 age 7 months son of Maria Juliana Velasquez

Velasquez, Maria Francisca died 24 Jan 1864 age 2y, daughter of Agustín Velasquez and Maria de la Luz Arellano

Vigil, Fernando born 3/14/1946 died 3 mos, 9 days born CO

Vigil, Francisco Antonio died 25 Dec 1943 at Arroyo Hondo age 82y, son of Jose Ramon Vigil and Juana Maria Vigil

Vigil, Jose de la Luz died 5-14-1855 son of Jose Ignacio Vigil and Maria Guadalupe Gonzales

Vigil, Jose Francisco died 20 Aug 1934 at Arroyo Hondo age 55y, husband of Asencion Mondragon Vigil son of Juan Antonio Vigil, Manuela Archuleta

Vigil, José Francisco died 29 May 1869 husband of María Guadalupe Gonzales, son of José Victorio Vigil and Josefa Espinosa

Vigil, Jose Maria Sr. born 12/12/1874 died 9/10/1948 born Arroyo Hondo

Vigil, Jose Pacomio died 24 Aug 1936 at Arroyo Hondo age 15y son of Julian C. Vigil and Juana Agueda Garcia

Vigil, Juan Angel died 2-10-1855 husband of Guadalupe Ballejos

Vigil, Juan Cristobal died 7 Jan 1864 4 years old son of Jesus Maria Vigil and Maria Ramona de Errera

Vigil, Juan Manuel died 01 Nov 1940 at Arroyo Hondo age 28y, husband of Luisa Medina son of Esequias Vigil and Cirila Garcia

Vigil, Juan Maria died 6-27-1855 age 2 months son of Juan Jose Vigil and Maria de la Luz Santistevan

Vigil, Juana Maria died 19 Jan 1864 11 day old daughter of Miguel Trujillo y Maria Dolores Duran

Vigil, Julian Candido born 7/19/1883 died 10/28/1947 born Arroyo Hondo

Vigil, Lorena O. died 2-5- 2008

Vigil, Maria Candelaria died 19 Jan 1864 11 month old daughter of Jose Ramon Vigil and Genoveva Maria Vigil

Vigil, Maria Guadalupe died 1-6-1851 child of Jose Manuel Vigil and Maria Juana Rosalia Romero

Vigil, Maria Guadalupe died 5-14-1855 infant daughter of Guadalupe Vigil and Maria Peregrina Romero

Vigil, Maria Tomasa died 1-6-1863, young daughter of Manuel Vigil and Maria Juana Valdez of Arroyo Hondo.

Vigil, Maria Ursula died 6-25-1855 age 20 years daughter of Simon Vigil and  Maria Teodora Quintana

Vigil, Norbert died 4/13/2006 age 64y, husband of Mary Vigil, child of Jose Dolores and Macedonia Vigil

Vigil, Phylis died June 21,1968 age 11m. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vigil

Vigil, Sencionita M. born 5/18/1872 died 4/16/1948 born Arroyo Hondo

Vigil, Victor died 5-2-1850 husband of Maria Josefa Espinosa

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