Taos County, New Mexico
Graham Cemetery

Contributed and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
Graham Cemetery - Taos. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn right at Canino de la Placitas, turn left at Ranchitos Road, turn left at La Posta Road, slight right at Camino Del Medio.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell. Photos by Jennifer Sanders.

Gonzales, baby

Graham, Donaciano died 12/17/1924 age 75y, child of Jose Manuel Graham & Soledad Lovato born 1/3/1848 in Ranchos de Taos died 12/17/1924 in Talpa, NM He was baptized Jose Teodoro and married as Teodoro Donaciano.

Graham, Jose Tobias died 1856 at age 72 yrs son of Donaciano Graham and Viviana Trujillo

Graham, Josefita Vigil de died 25 Aug 1906 wife of Antonia Maria Graham

Graham, Maria Manuela died 9/16/1908 age 60y, child of Jose Manuel Graham & Maria Soledad Lovato

Graham, Mary Ellen Grant born 8/6/1913 died 1/7/1952 born Wagon Mound, age 60y wife of Trevinio Graham, son of Victor Graham

Graham, Tobias born 1884 died 19??

Graham, Viviana Trujillo born 2/4/1858 in Abiquiu, NM died 10/1/1930 in Taos or Ranchitos wife of Donaciano Graham

Graham, Vivianita Trujillo died 30 Sep 1930 age 72y, daughter of Doniciano Graham and Vivianita Trujillo

Lopez, Louis A. born 1830 died 1960

Olonia, Margarita Graham de born 1894 died 11 Jan 1930 wife of Carlos Olonia, daughter of Donaciano Graham and Viviana Trujillo

Romero, Elizardo born 4-12-1920 died 5-10-1993 US Army WWII son of Rubel Romero and Juanita Graham. Juanita was a daughter of Donaciano Graham and Viviana Trujillo

Unnamed Baby

4 unknown white crosses

Vargas, Isabel born 1922 died 1932

Vigil, Clorinda L. born 1885 died 1931 Mother

***Notes contributed by Libby Naranjo whose husband's grandmother was Celina Graham Romero, daughter of Donaciano Graham and Viviana Trujillo.

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