Taos County, New Mexico

San Francisco de Asis Cemetery

Contributed by Donna D'Angelis. Copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.

San Francisco de Asis Cemetery – Ranchos de Taos. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn left at La Morado.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

?, Juan Francisco died 7-14-1852 husband of Paula Montoya, 2 children of 1st marriage, 3 children of 2nd marriage

?, Maria Juana died 9-16-1851 age 2d, Indian, child of Maria de los Dolores ?

?, Maria Leonor died 10-21-1855 child of Juan Rosario ? & Maria Polonia Valdes

?, Maria Petra died 11-4-18541 child

Abeyta, Jose Ignacio died 2-11-1851 age 3m, child of Juan Nepomuceno Abeyta & Maria Paula Martin

Abeyta, Maria Agapita died 6-2-1854 age 2m, child of Jose Rafael Abeyta & Maria Antonia Vigil

Alarid, Margarita V. born 9/21/1924 died 8/29/1949

Aleora, Maria Juliana died 2-17-1853 widow of Francisco Gonsales

Apodaca, Guillermo born 1886 died 1/2/1951

Apodaca, Maria Antonia died 10-25-1854 age 3y, child of Guillermo Apodaca & Maria del Refugio Leal

Aragon, Jose de Jesus died 4-22-1855 age 2m, child of Jose Aragon & Maria de Jesus Vigil

Aragon, Jose de Jesus died 9-7-1854 husband of Maria de Jesus Vigil, 5 children & expecting one

Aragon, Lorenso died 6-1-1852 husband of his second wife Maria Josefa Vigil, 3 children

Aragon, Maria Dolores died 4-25-1851 age 1y, child of Jose Aragon & Maria de Jesus Vigil

Aragon, Maria Josefa Vigil died 9-29-1854 second wife & widow of Lorenso Aragon

Aragon, Mariano died 8-1-1853 husband of Candelaria Romero

Archuleta, Ana Maria died 3-12-1852 widow of Juan Bautista Baldes, 5 children

Archuleta, Jose de la Concepcion died 5-1-1855 age 9m, child of Isidro Antonio Archuleta & Maria Estefana Martines

Archuleta, Jose Pantalion died 7-30-1855 age 4m, child of Maria Juana Archuleta

Archuleta, Maria Leonor died 11-21-1850 age 11m, child of Juan Miguel Archuleta & Maria Andrea Tafoya

Arguello, Felipe died 6-24-1852 husband of Isidora Montoya, 3 children

Arguello, Juan Isidro died 11-15-1855 age 6m, child of Jose Santiago Arguello & Maria Tomasa Martines

Baca, Jose Andres died 2-27-1853 age 1m, child of Juan Estevan Baca & Maria Dolores Casillas

Baca, Jose de la Natividad died 2-1-1855 age 3m, child of Juan Estevan Baca & Maria Dolores Casillas

Ballejos, Maria Calletana died 4-21-1852 age 12y, child of Juan Ballejos & Maria Ramona Valdes

Balverde, Maria Isidora Martin died 1-23-1853 second wife of Vicente Balverde, 2 children

Barela, Jose Rafael died 11-8-1850 age 4m, child of Cipriano Barela & Maria Ignacia Aragon

Barela, Juan Felipe died 5-9-1851 age 9d, child of Jose Vicente Barela & Maria Claudia Quintana

Barela, Maria del Carmel died 1-19-1854 age 16y, child of Miguel Barela & Maria Monsarrete Romero

Barela, Maria Geronima died 4-18-1852 age 20y, child of Juan Rafael Barela & Maria Juliana Trujillo

Barela, Maria Paula Crus died 2 July 1852 wife of Manuel Antonio Barela, 4 children

Barela, Tomas Miguel died 4-29-1850 age 24d, child of Vicente Barela & Maria Ascedista Quintana

Bargas, Jose Antonio David died 2-26-1851 age 9m, child of Jose Romualdo Bargas & Juan Maria Lobato

Benavides, Angelo Victor died 11-29-2008 age 3, grandson of Robert Victor Benevides.

Benavides, Robert Victor died 11-29-2008 age 58

Brashal, Antonio died 7-31-1852 widow of Maria Gertrudis Arguello his first wife & Maria Rosalia Silva his 2nd wife, 4 children

Brito, Jose Macedonio died 7-1-1852 age 1y, child of Felipe Brito & Maria Antonia Vigil

Brito, Juana Maria died 11-3-1852 age 25d, child of Felipe Brito & Maria Antonia Vigil

Bueno, Juan Rafael died 4-2-1855 age 2y, child of Rafael Bueno & Maria Gabriela Romero

Cardenas, Jose Benigno died 3-12-1852 child of Juan Mata Cardenas & Maria Nicolasa Sandoval

Cardenas, Jose Dolores died 11-16-1855 age 6y, child of Gervaldo Cardenas & Maria Eusebia Montoya

Cardenas, Maria Duvigen died 11-11-1854 age 1y, child of Jose Manuel Cardenas & Maria Pelegrina Bargas

Carvajal, Maria del Carmel died 7-26-1855 age 3y, child of Jose Carvajal & Maria de los Reyes Leal

Casillas, Bartolome died 5-15-1852 widow of Maria Elena ?

Casillas, Juan de Jesus died 2-14-1851 age 4m, child of Maria Luteria Casillas

Casillas, Maria Josefa Garduno died 4-19-1852 wife of Jose Mateo Casillas, 2 children

Cerna, Jose Francisco died 9-22-1855 widow of Maria Estefana Salasar, 2 children

Chabes, Jose Francisco died 4-3-1855 age 6d, child of Maria Clara Chabes

Chacon, Sophia F. died July 28, 2005

Chaves, Ana Maria died 1-7-1855 elder

Chaves, Francisco died 9-10-1851 child of Maria Isidora Chaves

Chaves, Maria de la Lus died 2-7-1851 age 1m, child of Francisco Chaves & Maria Juana Romero

Coca, Jose Cristoval died 6-3-1854 age 4y, child of Andres Coca & Maria Ines Maes

Coca, Jose Eugenio died 6-25-1855 child of Maria R. Coca, adopted by Buenaventura Trujillo & Maria Josefa Armenta

Coca, Juana Maria Leal died 4-21-1853 wife of Jesus Coca, 4 children

Coca, Maria Aniseta died 10-13-1851 age 2y, child of Andres Coca & Maria Ines Maes

Coca, Maria Rita died 4-17-1854 age 6y, child of Juan de Jesus Coca & Juana Manuela Leal

Cordoba, Nasario died 6-1-1855 age 1y, child of Juan de Jesus Cordoba & Maria Antonia Lovato

Cordova, Jesus Maria died 9-15-1855 age 1y, child of Donaciano Cordova & Maria Deluvina Martines

Cordova, Jose Tomas died 8-27-1854 age 2y, child of Juan de Jesus Cordova & Maria Antonia Lovato

Cordova, Juan Nepomuceno died 5-21-1853 age 2m, child of Maria Petra Cordova

Cordova, Maria de los Reyes Vigil died 4-7-1854 wife of Andres Cordova

Cordova, Maria Del Carmel died 7-15-1854 at birth, child of Felis Cordova & Maria Ramona Lopes, baptised by Maria Manuela Vigil

Cordova, Maria Dolores died 10-17-1854 wife of Juan Bautista Cordova, 3 children

Cordova, Maria Guadalupe died 12-1-1854 wife of Francisco Cordova, 4 children

Cordova, Maria Guadalupe died 3-7-1851 age 10y, servant of Reymundo Cordova

Cordova, Maria Manuela died 2-5-1855 age 11m, child of Jose Maria Cordova & Maria de la Lus Garcia

Cordova, Maria Rosa died 2-14-1851 age 13y, family of Reymundo Cordova

Cordova, Pedro Alcantar died 11-21-1853 age 3y, child of Jose del Espiritu Santo Cordova & Maria Josefa Aragon

Cortes, Jose Ramon died 7-18-1855 age 6m, child of Jose Cortes & Maria Antonia Lucero

Cortes, Maria Dolores Cruz died 8-24-1850 age 2y, child of Jose de la Cruz Cortes & Maria Andrea Romero

Cortes, Maria Librada died 10-29-1851 age 2y, child of Antonio Cortes & Juana Maria Trujillo

Cortes, Maria Manuela died 5-25-1851 age 9m, child of Antonio Maria Cortes & Maria Guadalupe Vigil

Crus, Maria de la Pas died 9-8-1854 age 1y, child of Maria de la Altagracia Crus

Cruz, Maria Soledad died 3-29-1851 child of Estevan Cruz & Maria Antonia Martines

Csurbak, Stephen Wayne III died May 05, 2006

Denis, Jose Gregorio died 10-8-1855 age 6 m, child of Crestino Denis & Maria Soledad Gomes

DesGeorges, Dina died May 22, 2006

Donnovan, Miguel died 11-19-1850 age 2m, child of Santiago Donnovan & Maria Ruival

Duran, Bernardo died 4-1-1854 husband of Juana Jaramillo, 2 children

Duran, Buenaventura died 4-7-1855 husband of Maria de Jesus Martines, 8 children

Duran, Jose de la Lus died 2-24-1852 age 2m, child of Maria Duran

Duran, Jose Victorio died 9-3-1851 age 2m, child of Rafael Duran & Maria Mares

Duran, Manuel died 8-15-1854 age 6m, child of Bernardo Duran & Maria Juana Jaramillo

Duran, Maria Josefa Samora died 2-20-1853 wife of Pablo Duran

Duran, Maria Paula died 3-6-1851 age 1y, child of Jose Francisco Duran & Juana Sandoval

Duran, Pablo died 9-17-1855 age 7m, child of Antonio Nerio Duran & Maria Dolores Archuleta

Espinosa, Ana Maria died 2-21-1851 age 7y, child of Antonia Espinosa

Espinosa, Basilio died 2-19-1851 child of Maria Rosa Sisneros

Espinosa, Jose Teodoro died 10-7-1854 husband of Maria Rosa Sisneros

Espinosa, Juan de Jesus died 7-23-1854 husband of Maria de Jesus Olaya, 5 children

Espinosa, Juan Ignacio died 4-18-1855 widow of Maria Ignacia Gonsales, 2 children

Espinosa, Juan Rosalia died 4-5-1852 age 5y, child of Juan de Jesus Espinosa & Maria de Jesus Olan

Espinosa, Maria Antonia Vigil died 5-10-1852 wife of Antonio Jose Espinosa

Espinosa, Maria de la Lus died 10-23-1855 age 4y, child of Santiago Espinosa & Maria Manuela Martines

Espinosa, Maria Rita died 3-4-1852 age 6y, family of Juan Antonio Espinosa

Espinoza, Frances died January 14, 2007

Esquibel, Jose M. died 12-2-1852 husband of Maria del Carmel Valerio, 7 children

Esquibel, Jose Ramon died 4-11-1851 age 3m, child of Francisco Antonio Esquibel & Maria Marcelina de Bargas

Esquibel, Manuelita F. De La Luz born Oct. 7, 1939 died Oct. 7, 2010

Estrenos, Juan Bautista died 1-3-1852 age 1d, child of Jose Bernardo Estrenos & Maria Eugenia Vigil

Fernandes, Juan Manuel died 6-30-1851 age 20d, child of Juan Fernandes & Maria del Carmen Rael

Fernandes, Maria Dolores died 6-13-1854 widow of Antonio Aragon, 3 children

Fernandez, Elvira Maria born Aug. 24, 1907 died Apr. 4, 2005

Fernandez, Maria Dolores Trujillo died 4-7-1854 wife of Pedro Antonio Fernandez, 1 child

Fernandez, Rosalind Emily died Jul. 28, 2008

Fresques, Francisco Antonio died 12-4-1850 age 2m, child of Tomas Fresques & Maria Montoya

Fresques, Maria Francisca died 8-24-1851 age 1y 4m, chilf od Alejo Fresques & Maria Eugenia Guillen

Gallegos, Manuel Silvestre died 2-18-1851 age 1 1/2m, child of Tranquilino Gallegos & Maria Josefa Chaves

Garcia, Jose Angel died 10-6-1855 age 1y, child of Pedro Garcia

Garcia, Juan Antonio died 3-16-1851 age 3d, child of Lino Garcia & Teresa Aragon

Garcia, Juan Francisco died 5-16-1851 age 14y, born Nuestra Senora de San Juan, child of Antonio Garcia & Maria Quintana of Talpa

Garcia, Juan Francisco died 9-25-1851 at birth, child of Juan Nepomuceno Garcia & Maria Salome Ortis, baptised by Maria Candelaria Martines

Garcia, Juanita Isabel died Sep. 20, 2008

Garcia, Maria de la Crus died 7-18-1854 age 1y, child of Maria Teresa Garcia

Garcia, Maria Francisca died 11-11-1854 widow of Juan Domingo Fernandes

Garcia, Maria Teresa Aragon died 5-11-1852 wife of Lino Garcia

Gardunio, Juan Estevan died 10-20-1851 age 6m, child of Juan de Jose Gardunio & Maria Paula Romero

Garduno, Maria Margarita died 6-24-1855 age 7 or 8y, child of Jose de la Encarnacion Garduno & Maria Josefa Madrid

Gold, Margarita died 10-17-1855 age 4m, child of Victoria Gold

Gomes, Gabriel died 10-1-1855 age 16y, adopted child of Jorge Gomes

Gomes, Jose Ignacio died 10-27-1853 age 15y, child of Diego Gomes & Maria Lopes

Gonsales, Jose Ignacio died 3-16-1851 husband of Maria Josefa Salanda

Gonsales, Jose Miguel died 8-24-1852 husband of Maria Isabel ?, 6 children

Gonsales, Juan Jose died 11-21-1855 age 3d, child of Juan de los Reyes Gonsales & Maria Tomasa Romero, baptised by the midwife

Gonsales, Juan Jose died 3-24-1851 age 3d, child of Francisco Gonsales & Maria Natividad Garcia

Gonsales, Juana Maria Cortes died 9-30-1854 wife of Juan Manuel Gonsales, 6 children

Gonsales, Maria Benigna died 12-8-1850 child of Antonio Jose Gonsales & Maria Paula Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria de la Lus died 10-15-1855 age 1m, child of Maria Dolores Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria de la Natividad died 7-24-1855 wife of Jose Francisco Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria Hasnia died 6-10-1852 age 9m, child of Maria Lorensa Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria Josefa died 9-16-1855 elder, 1 son, 3 daughters

Gonsales, Maria Juana died 6-26-1855 at birth, child of Miguel Gonsales & Maria Antonia Romero, baptised by the midwife

Gonsales, Maria Luisa died 8-6-1851 age 3m, child of Juaquin Gonsales & Maria de Estipula Fresques

Gonsales, Maria Paula died 2-16-1851 age 2y, born Santuario de San Juan, child of Severino Gonsales & Maria Altagracia Lopes

Gonsales, Maria Paula died 3-27-1851 wife of Antonio Jose Gonsales, 3 children

Gonsales, Maria Rita died 9-23-1855 age 7m, child of Juana Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria Rumalda died 9-20-1854 age 2m, child of Dolores Gonsales

Gonsales, Maria Teodora died 5-10-1851 age 2y, child of Jose Dionisio Gonsales & Maria Gertrudes Aragon

Gonzales, Juan died 6/13/1951

Gurule, Jose Lucas died 1-20-1854 age 1m, child of Casimiro Gurule & Maria Encarnacion ?

Gurule, Maria Francisca died 7-30-1854 age 1y, child of Ylario Gurule & Maria Ignacia Tafoya

Gutierres, Jose de Jesus died 4-8-1853 age 1y, child of Marselo Gutierres & Juana Trujillo

Gutierres, Jose de la Trinidad died 3-30-1853 husband of second wife Maria Duran Garcia

Gutierres, Maria Benigna died 12-17-1851 age 1m, child of Refugio Gutierres

Gutierres, Maria Ramona died 2-13-1855 age 6d, child of Maria del Refugio Gutierres

Gutierres, Maria Ursula Lobato died 10-31-1853 wife of Jose Rafael Gutierres

Hammer, Maria Teodora Romero died 3-8-1851 wife of James Hammer

Hernandes, Tomas died 8-8-1854 adult, child of Domingo Hernandes & Maria Francisca Garcia

Herrera, Dolores Claudia died November 4, 2003 age 66y, wife of Eli Herrera

Herrera, Felipe de Jesus de died 4-29-1852 age 10m, child of Juan Pablo de Herrera & Maria Encarnacion Trujillo

Herrera, Maria de la Encarnacion Trujillo died 12-22-1855 wife of Juan Pablo de Herrera, 2 children

Herrera, Maria de la Piedad died 3-18-1854 child of Tomas de Herrera & Josefa Sanches

Herrera, Maria Dolores Martines died 2-20-1853 wife of Antonio de Herrera, 2 children

Herrera, Maria Juana died 12-13-1855 age 1d, child of Felipe de Herrera & Maria de la Crus Tafolla

Jaramillo, Maria Saxina died 3-25-1854 age 20y, daughter of Maria Mariana Jaramillo

Jaramillo, Maria Teodora Sandoval died 9-12-1852 wife of Sebastian Jaramillo, 4 children

Jurado, Juana Maria died 4-18-1853 age 2d, child of Luis de Jesus Jurado & Maria Rita Trujillo

Labe, Maria Rosa died 4-5-1854 age 2m, child of Manuel Labe & Maria Refugio Apodaca

Leal, Juan de Jesus died 2-16-1854 age 2m child of Pedro Leal & Maria Dolores Candelaria

Leal, Maria Teresa Vigil died 5-1-1852 widow of Rafael Leal or Luna, 10 children

Leiva, Maria Antonia died 9-1-1854 age 11m, child of Benito Leiva & Juana Gertrudis Abeyta

Lopes, Antonia died 2-27-1851 widow of Andres Trujillo, 1 child

Lopes, Maria Santana died 12-11-1854 child of Maria Petra Lopes

Lovato, Lupita "Pita" died Jun. 1, 2005

Lovato, Maria del Carmel died 10-4-1851 age 14y, child of Buenaventura Lovato & Maria Dolores Cordova

Lucero, Maria de la Lus Duran died 4-5-1853 wife of Juan Lucero, 1 child

Lucero, Maria Guadalupe died 10-30-1855 age 1y 2m, child of Maria de la Lus Lucero

Luien, Maria Jacinta died 3-29-1851 age 8m, child of Francisco Antonio Luien & Amelia Mascarena

Luna, Maria Teresa Vigil died 5-1-1852 widow of Rafael Luna or Leal, 10 children

Macias, Claudina A. died October 19, 2006

Macias, Felix no dates husband of Claudina

Maes, Manuel Antonio died 12-19-1853 age 15d, child of Maria Josefa Maes

Maestas, Guillermo died January 2, 2007 age 43y, son of José Elias and Faby Maestas

Maestas, Jose Jr. died September 17, 2005

Martin, Jose Dolores died 4-10-1852 age 3d, child of Ana Maria Martin

Martin, Jose Maria died 3-13-1853 age 15y, child of Jose Mariano Martin & Maria Barvara Vigil

Martin, Juana Maria died 12-18-1853 age 2d, child of Juan del Carmel Martin & Maria Salome Vigil

Martin, Maria de Jesus died 3-28-1852 age 29y, family of Don Jose Martin

Martin, Maria Leonor died 3-7-1854 child of Jose de la Encarnacion Martin & Maria del Carmel Vigil

Martin, Maria Manuela died 2-4-1853 age 1y, child of Antonio Esquipulas Martin & Maris de los Dolores Duran

Martines, Antonio Jose died 2-11-1854 age 20y, Indian of the Ute tribe baptised by Don Buenaventura Martines

Martines, Antonio Roman died 4-16-1853 age 7y, child of Manuel Martines & Maria barvara Vigil

Martines, Francisco died 10-2-1855 husband of Maria Ignacia Ruibal

Martines, Francisco Jose Inocencio died 8-30-1855 husband of Maria Dolores Cordova

Martines, Jose de Jesus died 4-24-1855 age 11d, child of Jose de Jesus Martines & Maria Juliana Salasar

Martines, Jose died 5-12-1853 age 2y, child of Juan de Jesus Martines & Maria Benita Trujillo. PG Francsico Martin & Maria Tomasa Sanches. MG Romualdo Trujillo & Maria Juana Gomes

Martines, Jose Manuel died 1-20-1852 age 21d, child of Jesus Maria Martines & Maria Luisa Montoya

Martines, Juan Bautista died 8-17-1854 age 2m, child of Ramon Martines & Juana Romero

Martines, Juan Ignacio died 8-15-1855 husband of Maria Casilda Martines, 7 children

Martines, Juan Luis died 11-27-1852 husband of Maria Candelaria Padilla, 2 children

Martines, Juana died 11-4-1853 at birth, child of Jose de Jesus Martines & Maria Isabel Madrid, baptised by Maria Antonia Cordova

Martines, Juana Maria died 12-17-1850 at birth, child of Ana Maria Martines, baptised by Maria Teresa Vigil, the midwife

Martines, Lorenzo died 11-19-1850 age 10y, family of Ignacio Martines

Martines, Maria Agapita Rael died 1-24-1853 wife of Jose Guadalupe Martines buried 12-20-1852

Martines, Maria Alcaria died 12-24-1853 age 3y, child of Maria de la Crus Martines

Martines, Maria Antonia Cordova died 10-31-1850 wife of Felipe de Jesus Martines, 4 children

Martines, Maria Benigna died 10-15-1852 age 5y, child of Juan Agoton Martines& Maria de la Lus Vigil

Martines, Maria Cristina died 5-20-1852 age 1 1/2y, child of Maria Clara Martines

Martines, Maria de la Concepcion died 2-8-1851 age 20y, family of Juan Ignacio Martines

Martines, Maria de la Luz died 1-14-1851 age 3d, child of Juan de Carmel Martines & Maria Salome Vigil

Martines, Maria de los Reyes died 12-1-1850 age 9m, Indian, child of Maria de Jesus Martines

Martines, Maria Filomena died 11-2-1852 age 7m, child of Antonio Jose Guadalupe Martines & Maria Isabel Cordova

Martines, Maria Florencia died 5-3-1852 age 6m, child of Jose Dolores Martines & Maria del Rosario Fernandes

Martines, Maria Josefa died 7-7-1851 age 50y, 2 children

Martines, Maria Manuela died 1-7-1855 age 20d, child of Jose Rafael Martines & Maria Anastacia Archuleta

Martines, Maria Manuela died 6-7-1854 age 1m, child of Antonio Jose Martines & Maria Juana Rodrigues

Martines, Maria Manuela Gonsales died 6-14-1851 wife of Pablo Martines

Martines, Maria Paula died 4-10-1854 age 5m, child of Jose Guadalupe Martines & Maria Isabel Cordova

Martines, Maria Ramona died 10-19-1854 age 10y, child of Ramon Martines & Maria de la Lus Cortes

Martines, Maria Rosalia Mascarenas died 11-12-1851 wife of Jose B. Martines

Martinez, Ecelia born 10/31/1882 died 9/18/1950

Martinez, Loren died Mar. 19, 2008

Martinez, Manuel A. born 8/20/1904 died 5/30/1951

Martinez, Rafael Jose born 9/14/1916 died 4/3/1950

Mascarenas, Juan died 4-23-1854 at birth, child of Francisco Antonio Mascarenas & Maria Dolores Trujillo, baptised by Lus Casillas

Medina, Antonio died 2-20-18521 child

Medina, Gregorio died 10-20-1852 husband of Maria Isabel Romero, 4 children

Medina, Jose de la Lus died 1-22-1854 age 5m, child of Martina Medina

Mesano, Maria Antonia died 12-30-1851 age 12y, child of Vicente Mesano & Maria Ramona Vigil

Mestas, Juan Jose died 6-10-1851 age 6d, child of Felipe Mestas & Maria Soledad Tafoya

Mestas, Maria Marcelina died 12-6-1853 age 3y, child of Jose Francisco Mestas & Maria Dimas Romero

Mondragon, Jose de la Encarnacion died 9-19-1854 age 2y, child of Jose Ramon Mondragon & Maria Perfecta Trujillo

Mondragon, Juana Maria Vigil died 2-25-1854 wife of Antonio Jose Mondragon, 2 children

Mondragon, Manuel died 8-14-1855 husband of Margarita Cordova, 6 children

Mondragon, Maria Caterina Peralta died 8-18-1851 wife of Vicente Mondragon

Mondragon, Maria del la Ascencion died 3-12-1851 age 3y, child of Julian Mondragon & Maria Gregoria Vigil

Mondragon, Maria Guadalupe died 5-27-1851 age 5m, child of Pedro Mondragon & Maria Simona Romero

Mondragon, Maria Juana died 4-20-1853 at birth, child of Juan de Jesus Mondragon, baptised by the midwife

Mondragon, Maria Rosa died 6-19-1855 age 5m, child of Jose Mondragon & Maria Gertrudis Duran

Mondragon, Maria Simona died 7-13-1851 at birth, child of Julian Mondragon & Maria Altagracia Vigil

Mondragon, Miguel buried 8/26/1951

Mondragon, Rose Marie died 10/6/2005 child of Antonio & Flor Mondragon

Montolla, Maria de Jesus died 8-10-1851, 1 child living

Montoya, Antonio died 4-8-1851 husband of Maria de la Cruz Garcia

Montoya, Gregorio died 10-15-1855 husband of Maria Guadalupe Martines, 3 children

Montoya, Jose David died 7-6-1854 age 2m, child of Filato Martines & Maria Santa Archuleta

Montoya, Jose Eduardo died 2-26-1851 age 2m, child of Francisco Montoya & Maria de la Natividad Bueno

Montoya, Juana Maria died 7-6-1854 age 9y, child of Geronimo Montoya & Maria Monica Salasar, adopted from Maria Juliana Montoya

Montoya, Maria Antonia died 9-27-1851 age 6y, child of Rafael Montoya & Maria Josefa Torres

, Maria Desideria died 6-16-1854 child of Maria de los Reyes Montoya

Montoya, Maria Guadalupe Valdes died 4-3-1853 wife of Nicolas Montoya, 4 children

Montoya, Maria Josefa died 1-2-1854 age 1m, child of Francisco Montoya & Maria de la Natividad Bueno

Montoya, Maria Perfecta died 2-18-1851 age 1y, child of Rafael Montoya & Maria Josefa Gomes

Montoya, Miguel Antonio died 5-4-1854 husband of Maria Francisca Aragon, 1 child

Ortega, Juan de Jesus died 3-25-1853 age 2m, child of Juan de Jesus Ortega & Maria Margarita Trujillo

Ortis, Jose died 10-3-1851 husband of Maria Dolores Trujillo, 5 children

Ortis, Juan Antonio died 10-31-1855 elder Indian

Pacheco, Francisco died 1-16-1852 widow of Maria Dolores Barela

Pacheco, Hipodomio died 12-11-1851 husband of Reyes Gardunio

Pacheco, Maria Francisca died 3-5-1851 age 25y, child of Francisco Pacheco & Maria Dolores Barela

Pacheco, Maria Nicolasa died 6-13-1855 age 1y, child of Manuel Pacheco & Maria de la Natividad Mondragon

Pacheco, Santiago died 4-16-1852 age 1y, child of Juan del Rosario Pacheco & Maria Polonia Garcia

Padilla, Jose Ramon died 3-20-1852 age 1y, child of Juan Manuel Padilla & Maria Ramona Cordova

Padilla, Santiago died 1-30-1854 2nd husband of Juana Gonsales, 4 children

Pando, Jose Francisco died 7-29-1855 age 1y, child of Miguel Pando & Maria de la Encarnacion Martines

Peralta, Maria Ildefonsa Melendes died 1-12-1855 wife of Santiago Peralta, 1 child

Quintana, Ana Maria died 10-4-1855 age 1y, child of Maria de la Crus Quintana

Quintana, Jose Benito died 2-24-1851 age 2d, child of Maria Martina Quintana

Quintana, Maria Manuela died 6-4-1851 age 17y, child of Jose M. Quintana & Maria Manuela Trujillo

Rael, Juan died 7-4-1855 husband of Maria Alverta Aragon, 2 children

Rippetoe, Maclovia Agnes died October 7, 2005

Rival, Juana died 3-5-1854 age 3y, child of Francisco Rival & Maria Eugenia Tafoya

Rivera, Josephina Q. died May 20, 2009

Rodrigues, Manuel died 7-19-1853 at birth, child of Hilario Rodrigues & Maria Juana Aragon, baptised by Maria de la Crus

Romero, Elisa L. born 4/13/1881 died 5/11/1952

Romero, Jose Bernardo died 8-21-1851 child of Juana Romero

Romero, Jose Crisanto died 5-9-1853 age 1 1/2m, child of Maria Miguela Romero

Romero, Jose Felipe died 1-16-1852 age 10d, child of Juna Benito Romero & Maria Francisca Salasar

Romero, Jose Manuel died 6-13-1852 age 20y, child of Jose Romero & Maria Bibiana Fernandes

Romero, Josefa Gonsales died 6-20-1851 wife of Jose Manuel Romero

Romero, Juan de la Crus died 11-17-1855 age 6m, child of Francisco Romero & Maria Juana Padia

Romero, Juan Felipe died 8-21-1852 husband of Maria de las Nieves Lujan, buried 7-22, 8 children

Romero, Juan Nepomuceno died 6-30-1852 age 8d, child of Pedro Romero & Maria Dolores Candelaria

Romero, Juan Pedro died 7-4-1852 son of ? Romero & Maria Juana Medina

Romero, Judy died Dec. 30, 2006 age 68y daughter of Lawrence and Edna Celia Hoyer

Romero, Manuel died 12-1-1855 age 3y, child of Francisco Romero & Maria Juana Padilla

Romero, Maria Alvina died 5-15-1851 age 3d, child of Benigno Romero & Feliciana Martines

Romero, Maria Benita died 2-26-1851 age 15d, child of Antonio Domingo Romero & Maria Guadalupe Aragon

Romero, Maria del Carmel died 10-1-1855 age 1m, child of Pedro Romero & Maria Dolores Crus

Romero, Maria Isabel Reina died 9-23-1855 age 10m, child of Juan de la Crus Romero & Maria de la Crus Leal

Romero, Maria Josefa died 4-16-1851 age 1m, child of Juan Andres Romero & Maria Isabel Martines

Romero, Maria Josefa died 5-3-1851 widow of Benito Sanches, 4 children

Romero, Maria Manuela died 7-15-1855 age 3y, child of Jesus Maria Romero & Maria del Rosario Aveita

Romero, Premicio died 2-1-1853 age 8m, child of Juan Felipe Romero, deceased & Maria de las Nieves Lujan

Romero, Raymond M. died May 25, 2010

Romo, Juan Bautista died 12-7-1850 age 8m, child of ? Romo & Maria de la Luz Espinosa

Ruibali, Manuel Antonio died 7-15-1854 age 1m, child of Antonio Rubali & Maria Simona Fernandes

Salas, Dulcinea died January 15, 2007 age 76y, widow of Otoniel Salas

Salas, Otoniel no dates

Salasar, Jose Santos died 5-10-1851 age 2y, child of Maria Teodora Salasar

Salasar, Juan Miguel died 12-9-1853 age 7m, child of Jose Benito Salasar & Maria Soledad Trujillo

Salasar, Maria Clara died 9-29-1855 age 2y, child of Maria Pelegrina Salasar

Salasar, Maria Teodora died 3-17-1855 elder, 1 child

Salazar, Jose Eusebio died Nov. 24, 2009

Salazar, Levi J. died July, 14, 2005

Salazar, Luz born 5/16/1867 died 3/31/1951

Salazar, Maria Amelia died 9/19/2003 age 98y, widow of Feliberto Salazar

Sanches, Juan de Jesus died 10-8-1855 age 8d, child of Diego Sanches & Maria del Refugio Garcia

Sanches, Maria Ignacia died 3-5-1852 widow of Juan Antonio Lovato

Sanches, Maria Isidora Valdes died 3-27-1854 widow of Antonio Sanches, his 2nd wife, 5 children

Sanches, Maria Nicolasa Sandoval died 3-17-1854 wife of Manuel Sanches

Sandoval, Antonio Mateo died 9-5-1851 age 4m, child of Antonio Sandoval & Maria Soledad Trujillo

Sandoval, Benita M. born 8/28/1884 died 3/3/1952

Sandoval, Francisco died 4-28-1853 husband of his second wife Maria Dolores Valdes. 2 children

Sandoval, Jose Eliseo died 8-13-1855 age 15d, child of Domingo Sandoval & Maria de Jesus Morales

Sandoval, Juana Antonia died 4-27-1851 age 10m, child of Juan Antonio Sandoval & Maria Josefa Fornier

Sandoval, Maria Catarina died 11-24-1851 widowed of second husband Pedro Trujillo

Sandoval, Maria Juana Candelaria died 5-2-1851 born San Miguel del Vado, wife of Luis Sandoval, 1 child

Sandoval, Rafaelita Maria died 1/2/2006 age 93y, widow of Roman Sandoval, child of Genero & Benita Madrid

Santistevan, Carmelita born 7/16/1893 died 3/17/1951

Santistevan, Juan Agapito died 3-27-1854 age 2d, child of Jose Antonio Santistevan & Juana Maria Chaves

Santistevan, Maria Agapita died 10-18-1855 age 1m, child of Jose Antonio Santistevan & Juana Maria Chaves

Santitevan, Guillermo died 2/24/2006 age 87y, widow of Eutilia Santistevan

Serna, Jose de la Crus died 7-15-1852 age 2m, child of Maria de la Encanacion Serna

Serna, Jose Julio died 5-19-1852 age 1m, child of Maria Teodora Serna

Sisneros, Jose Francisco died 8-3-1853 age 5d, child of Antonio Matias Sisneros & Maria Altagracia Tafoya

Sisneros, Juan de la Crus died 1-29-1853 age 1m, child of Matias Sisneros & Maria Alta Gracia Tafoya

Sisneros, Maria Juana died 11-18-1854 age 2m, child of Matias Sisneros & Maria Altagracia Tafoya

Sisneros, Ramon died 3-24-1855 widow of Maria Francisca Gomes, 7 children

Suaso, Juan de Jesus died 7-14-1854 age 6m, child of Pedro Nolasco Suaso & Miaria de la Lus Crus

Suaso, Maria Rosa died 10-31-1855 age 1y 4m, child of Luis Suaso & Maria Rita Trujillo

Suaso, Maria Rosa died 4-13-1853 at birth, child of Jose Rafael Suaso & Maria Rufina Duran, baptised by Maria Antonia Cordova

Tafoya, Cerilia born 2/22/1884 buried 3/24/1952

Tafoya, Denison Walton died March 09, 2006

Tafoya, Emelina died 1/3/2007 age 73y, child of Luis & Asencion Tafoya, grandchild of Francisquita Cortez

Tafoya, Jose Plajedes born 3/14/1874 died 3/30/1950

Tafoya, Juan Pedro died 7-9-1851 husband of Andrea Dolores Mondragon

Tafoya, Juan Siriaco died 10-14-1855 age 1y, child of Miguel Antonio Tafoya & Maria Estefana Trujillo

Tafoya, Juana Maria Medina died 4-4-1854 wife of Salvador Antonio Tafoya, 6 children

Tafoya, Manuel Antonio died 2-27-1854 husband of Antonia Gertrudis Lucero, 2 children

Tafoya, Pedro died 5-22-1854 widow of Juana Teresa Trujillo, 7 children

Torres, Jose Luis died 9-2-1853 age 8d, child of Jose Torres Gomes & Maria del Carmel Cordova

Torres, Juan de la Crus died 11-24-1855 age 1y, child of Francisco Torres & Maria de Jesus Cordova

Torres, Talpita born Aug. 1, 1851 died May 13, 1914

Trujeque, Juana Lobato died 10-23-1852 wife of Andres Trujeque, 5 children

Trujillo, Alberto died 2-8-1955 68y

Trujillo, Domingo died 9-29-1852 husband of Benita Trujillo, 1 child

Trujillo, Jose Domingo died 9-13-1855 husband of Maria Encarnacion Martines, 4 children

Trujillo, Juan Bautista died 7-21-1855 husband of Maria Casilda Quintana, 2 children

Trujillo, Juan de Jesus died 8-18-1854 age 5m, child of Florencia Trujillo

Trujillo, Juana Maria died 4-16-1851 at birth, child of Juan de Jesus Trujillo & Maria de Jesus Vigil, baptised by the midwife Casilda Gardunio

Trujillo, Maria Antonia died 2-17-1853 age 1m, child of Pedro Regaldo Trujillo & Maria Cecilia Gallegos

Trujillo, Maria Catalina Crus died 9-15-1855 age 1y 9m, child of Jose del Carmel Trujillo & Maria Ignacia Lobato

Trujillo, Maria de las Reyes Padia died 9-27-1854 wife of Jose Altagracia Trujillo, 2 children

Trujillo, Maria Dolores died 10-13-1855 age 20y, child of Buenaventura Trujillo & Maria Josefa Armenta

Trujillo, Maria Higenia died 6-23-1854 child of Maria Gertrudes Trujillo

Trujillo, Maria Isidora died 12-31-1851 age 22y, child of Juan Bautista Trujillo & Maria de la Crus Alire

Trujillo, Maria Juana died 8-4-1854 age 4y, child of Jose Miguel Trujillo & Maria Ignacia Romero

Trujillo, Maria Peregrina died 8-9-1854 age 3m, child of Pedro Trujillo & Maria Paula Mestas

Trujillo, Paula Mestas died 1-29-1855 wife of Pedro Trujillo

Trujillo, Pedro Renaldo died 9-7-1855 husband of Maria Cecilia Gallegos, 1 child

Trujillo, Tonita V. born 11/26/1886 died 6/30/1949

Valdes, Maria Isabel died 10-8-1855 age 1m, child of Juan Santos Valdes & Maria Rita Vigil

Valerio, Eliza died 9/13/2006 age 77y, widow of Feliberto Valerio

Valerio, Feliberto died 6/10/1905 husband of Eliza Valerio

Varela, Felis died 8-24-1851 husband of Maria Manuela Pacheco

Varela, Maria Juliana died 10-7-1855 child of Maria de la Lus Varela

Vialpando, Jose Leandro died 3-9-1852 age 1 1/2m, child of Miguel Vialpando & Maria de la Encarnacion ?

Vialpando, Manuel Antonio died 4-8-1852 age 5y, child of Diego Vialpando & Francisca Lovato

Vigil, Faustin died 2-25-1851 born San Juan, husband of Maria de la Lus Martines, 3 children

Vigil, Jose Aniceto died 1-16-1851 age 3y, child of Jose Ramon Vigil & Maria Antonia Lino

Vigil, Jose de la Lus died 10-17-1852 age 1 1/2y, child of Jose Manuel Vigil & Maria de la Concepcion Medina

Vigil, Jose Manuel died 5-1-1853 age 1y 1m, child of Jose Julio Vigil & Maria Salome Sanches

Vigil, Jose Miguel died 10-6-1851 age 18y, child of Juan Bautista Vigil & Maria Juana Casillas

Vigil, Jose Seledon died 3-30-1851 age 15d, child of Felipe Nerio Vigil & Maria Dolores Romero

Vigil, Jose Sesario died 5-30-1851 age 2m, child of Jose Vigil & Maria Andrea Arguello

Vigil, Juan de Jesus died 12-16-1853 age 18y, child of Dolores Vigil

Vigil, Juan died 3-20-1854 at birth, child of Juan Vigil & Maria Dolores Quintana, baptised by the midwife

Vigil, Juan Matias died 8-26-1851 husband of Maria del Refugio Martines

Vigil, Juana Maria died 10-9-1855 child of Juan de la Crus Vigil & Maria Luisa de Herrera

Vigil, Lorenzo died 12-12-1850 age 6m, child of Juan Vigil & Maria Luisa Padilla

Vigil, Manuel Antonio died 7-5-1852 husband of Maria Abila, his second wife

Vigil, Marcelo died 8-23-1854 age 2y, child of Felipe Ylario Vigil & Maria Daria de los Angeles Romero

Vigil, Maria Daria de los Dolores Romero died 7-22-1852 wife of Nerio Vigil, 1 child

Vigil, Maria Francisca died 8-8-1855 age 1y, child of Jesus Vigil & Maria Luisa Padia

Vigil, Maria Rosalia died 12-31-1851 widow of Toribio Vigil

Vigil, Maria Ruperta died 4-27-1851 age 4y, child of Felipe de Jesus Vigil & Maria Antonia Romero

Vigil, Orlando died Apr. 27, 2009

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