Taos County, New Mexico
El Valle Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Jose Amabil born Sep. 26, 1929 died Aug. 27, 2005 PFC

Aguilar, Maria Gracia Leyva 26 Feb 1934 wife of Eulogio de Jesus Medina Aguilar daughter of Jose Ramon Leyba and Maria Vicenta Cruz

Cruz, Frances V. died Jun. 5, 2005

Cruz, Maria Emilia Romero died 27 Feb 1928 wife of Jose Filomeno Cruz daughter of Jose Narciso Romero and Demetria Velasquez

Lucero, George born Aug. 21, 1913 died Jul. 17, 2009

Martinez, Norberto died 7 Sep 1926 husband of Ramonsita Martinez son of Santiago Martinez and Candelaria Gonzales

Montoya, Tomas born 1931 died Dec. 24, 2009

Romero, Demetria Valasquez born 25 Mar 1869 at El Valle died 03 Nov 1926 at El Valle age 57y, wife of Narciso Romero daughter of Victor Valasquez and Maria J. Lujan both parents born at El Valle buried 04 Nov 1926

Romero, Madalena born 12 Jul 1899 at Valle de San Miguel died 25 Sep 1926 at Valle daughter of Narciso Romero and Maria Demetria Velasquez buried 26 Sep 1926

Romero, Maria Francisca Velasquez died 20 Nov 1930 wife of Jose Gabriel Romero

Romero, Olivario born 27 Nov 1921 died 16 Dec 2002 son of Jose Jacobo Romero and Eliosa Leyba

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