Taos County, New Mexico
El Prado Cemetery
AKA Los Dolores Cemetery

Contributed in part by Jennifer Flores and others and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell. * Contributed by Lisa Mace.

Archuleta, Eva died 8/15/1927 age 12y, child of Francisco Archuleta & Josefa Martinez

Archuleta, Ezequias died 10/22/1929 age 14y, child of Francisco Archuleta & Josefa Martinez

Archuleta, Polina Bernadita died 8/1/1936 age 18m, child of Flavio Avila & Dilia Santistevan

Avila, Arturo Cornelio died 5/13/1927 age 18m, child of Flavio Avila & Dilia Santistevan

Barela, Natividad Montoya died 1/17/1936 age 81y, widow of Pedro Montoya

Cantu, Eva Sisneros died 30 May 1943 age 57, wife of Juan Candido Cantu daughter of Bidal Sisneros and Guadalupe Martinez

Cantu, Jose Candido died 27 Aug 1935 at Taos age 70y, husband of Eva Cisneros son of Felipe Cantu and Refugia Salazar

Cardenas, Andres died 8/6/1929 age 74y, child of Francisco Cardenas & Emiliana Zamora

Cardenas, Erminio Leroy died 12/31/1930 age 1y 6m, child of Macedonio Cardenas & Irila Esquibel

Cardenas, Federico died 22 Feb 1943 at El Prado age 59y, husband of Adela Trujillo son of Presiliano Cardenas and Maria Padilla

Cardenas, Luciano died 06 Mar 1943 at El Prado age 74y, husband of Gregorita Vargas son of Presiliano Cardenas and Maria De Jesus Padilla

Cardenas, Maria De Jesus Padilla died 19 Mar 1933 at El Prado age 82y, wife of Preciliano Cardenas son of Jose Tomas Padilla and Maria La Luz Trujillo

Cardenas, Pricilliano died 15 Dec 1928 at El Padro age 6y, son of Felix Cardenas and Petrita Vigil

Cardenas, Simona died 15 October 1906 wife of Luis Cardenas

Carillo, Leandro born 1/16/1888 died 1/29/1946 born Wagon Mound

Chacon, Amarante born Sep. 25, 1917 died Nov. 10, 1942

Chacon, Maria Soledad Martinez born Sep. 10, 1917 died Nov. 23, 1948

Chavez, Adelmo Tomas Feb 24, 1923 - Aug 31, 1971 Taos, Taos NM, parent's Benito & Senaida Chavez, wife Mercedes Arellano Chavez*

Chavez, Jesus Maria born 1847 at Alcalde died 21 Jan 1922 at El Prado age 75y, son of Francisco Esteban Chavez and Jesusita Montano occupation: Farmer buried 22 Jan 1922

Chavez, Jose Benito born Feb 12, 1874 died July 17, 1946 Placitas, Taos NM, parent's Jesus Maria & Sabina Chavez, wife Senaida L. Chavez*

Chavez, Jose Gavino born Jul 8, 1916 died Apr 10, 1991 El Prado, Taos NM, parent's Benito & Senaida L. Chavez, wife Lupe S. Chavez (Chavez, Jose G. PFC US Army World War II)*

Chavez, Juan Antonio died 27 Jul 1930 age 78y, husband of Beatrice Sisneros son of Francisco E. Chavez and Jesusita Montano

Chavez, Lupe S born: Dec 12, 1917 died Dec 24, 1981 El Prado, NM husband Gavino Chavez*

Chavez, Senaida L. born May 9, 1894 died May 5, 1971 Taos, Taos NM, parent's Anastasio & Maria Placida M. Lujan, husband Benito Chavez*

Cisneros, Maria Margarita died 26 Mar 1920 at El Prado infant daughter of Lino V. Cisneros and M. Marie Cisneros buried 27 Mar 1920

Cortez, Eufemia Montoya died 04 Oct 1943 at El Prado age 67y, wife of Malaquias Cortez daughter of Pedro Montoya and Natividad Barela

Cortez, Florencio born 8/11/1860 died 11/1/1946 born Taos

Cortez, Jesusita died 7/9/1934 age 37y, wife of Abran Cortez

Cortez, Juana Carolina died 7/27/1934 age 43d, child of Eduardo C. Cortez & Maria Luisa Quintana

Cortez, Margarito died 29 Jul 1927 at Prado infant son of Eduardo Cortez and Maria Inez Quintana

Cortez, son died 13 Mar 1930 at Prado infant son of Edward Cortez and Mary Quintana

Esquibel, Demetrio born 18 Apr 1880 at Ranchito died 21 Jan 1921 at El Prado age 40y, husband of Eva Cisneros son of Jesus Esquibel and Magdalena Trujillo, buried 23 Jan 1921

Flores, Hilario died 7/1/1935 age 56y

Fresques, Alta Gracia born 1856 at Arroyo Seco died 01 May 1921 at El Prado age 64y, wife of Antonio D. Fresques daughter of Antonio Martinez and Encarnacion Maldonado father born Santa Cruz buried 02 May 1921

Fresquez, Juan Nepomuceno died 10/5/1930 age 4m, child of Carlos Fresquez & Rosa Sanchez

Garcia, Andrea died 6/19/1936 age 25y, child of Felipe Garcia & Benina Archuleta

Garcia, Infant born 10/16/1947 died 10/16/1947

Garcia, Jose Antonio died 12/14/1928 age 36y, child of Catalina Archuleta, adopted by Felipe Garcia & Benigna Archuleta

Garcia, Juan died 1/25/1936 age 41y, widow of Ana Cisneros, 8 children

Garcia, Juan Jose died 8/3/1937 age 73y, pauper

Garcia, Lucia died 8/6/1936 age 8m

Garcia, son died 01 Sep 1923 infant son of Demecio Garcia and Eulogia Medina

Gonzales, Anita born 11 Dec 1921 at Taos died 13 May 1921 at El Prado age 20y, daughter of Isidro Gonzales and Simonita Ribera buried 14 May 1921

Lopez, Jose Trinidad died 14 Sep 1934 at El Prado age 69y, husband of Rosenda Naranjo Lopez son of Bentura Lopez and Rosita Sandoval

Lujan, Carmel died 1/11/1929 age 82y, child of Felipe Lujan & Carmel Maestas

Lujan, Jose Herman born May 26, 1894 died Apr 12, 1972 Ocate, Mora NM, parent's Rosario & Mary W. Lujan, Wife Rafaelita C. Lujan*

Lujan, Mary Wheaton born 17 Mar 1863 at Ocate died 25 Mar 1920 at El Prado age 57y, widowed, daughter of Theodore Wheaton and Catarina Vigil father born England mother born Taos buried 25 Mar 1920

Lujan, Rafaelita born 12/29/1910 died 2/7/1947 born Taos (Lujan Rafaelita C. Lujan born Dec 10, 1910 died Feb 7, 1947 Taos, Taos NM, parent's Benito & Senaida L. Chavez, husband Jose (Herman) Lujan*

Maestas, Corina Loyola died 4/16/1930 age 17y, child of Jose Maestas & Eliza Velasquez

Mares, Francisca Mondragon died 1/16/1931 age 30y, child of Macedonia Mondragon

Mares, Josefita Trujillo de died 7/16/1937 age 73y, born 1864, wife of Luis Mares, 2 gr-children

Mares, Theodora born 5/14/1892 died 10/23/1947 born Monte Vista, CO

Martinez, Alicia O. b. 08/1910 d. 03/17/1985, hita de Jose Esteban Olivas and Maria Santos Garcia.

Martinez, Cornelia R. died 7 Oct 1905 widow of Jose Dolores Martinez

Martinez, David died 1/5/1936 age 84y

Martinez, Emilio Garcia born 10/19/1884 died 8/30/1952 born Taos, age 66y, died at Santa Fe

Martinez, Eufelia Maria died 3/16/1928 age 20d, child of Corina Martinez

Martinez, Jose David died 7-4-1929 age 84y son of Jesus Maria Martinez and Luisa Montoya

Martinez, Jose Inocencio born 3-11-1860 died 1/7/1937 age 77y, widow of Anastasia Medina

Martinez, Manuela died 3/2/1928 age 102y, child of Jose Francisco Martinez & Pabla Martinez

Martinez, Maurilio born 8-19-1907 died 7-?-1968, son of Emilio Garcia and Fidelia Vargas

Martinez, Rosa Cruz died 1/11/1923 age 29y, child of Lorenzo Martinez & Mariquita Romero

Martinez, Rosita Leal died 8/28/1934 age 46y, wife of Malaquias Martinez

Martinez, Susana died 10/5/1936 age 11m, child of David Martinez & Facunda ?

Maxwell, Minard died 12/30/1930 age 83y, born Chester Illinois, child of Fernando Maxwell & Carolina Allen

Medina, Benito died 5/7/1937 age 75y, single pauper

Medina, Juan died 11/13/1928 age 21y, child of Benito Medina & Piedad Garcia

Medina, Louis died 14 Dec 1928 age 19y son of Benito Medina and Piedad Garcia

Medina, Placida died 8/11/1926 child of Desiderio Medina & Isabel Marquez

Miera, Celia C. died Nov 9, 1968

Montoya, Alice Lorraine born 1/30/1941 died 7/30/1946 born El Prado

Montoya, Cristoval Ernesto died 31 Dec 1936 at Taos age 4y, son of J. I. Montoya and Cerila Montoya

Montoya, Jose Leandro died 7/16/1938 age 38y, born 4-29-1900, husband of Lillian Selph, children Virginia, Presides, Eleuterio

Montoya, Miguel Antonio died 6/25/1932 age 72y, child of Eusebio Montoya & Deluvina Cortez

Montoya, Natividad Barela died 17 Jan 1936 age 81, wife of Pedro Montoya daughter of Juan Jose Barela, Soledad Sandoval

Montoya, Pedro Serafin died March 29, 1968

Montoya, Tomas Aquino born 3/01/1869 died 8/16/1946 born El Prado

Montoya, Viola Julia died 7/29/1929 age 45d, child of Isidro Montoya & Cirila Montoya

Ortiz, Ida Florence born Jan 25, 1947 died Apr 1947 Taos, Taos NM, parent's Luis E. & Dora Ortiz (baby)*

Ortiz, Luis Reymundo born Apr 7, 1949 died Oct 1949 Taos, Taos NM, parent's Luis E. & Dora Ortiz (baby)*

Quintana, Pedro died 10/4/1911 age 20y, child of Juan M. Quintana & Magdalena Herrera

Quintana, Reimundo Antonio died 9/1/1932 age 4m, child of Manuel Quintana & Servilia Ribera

Reyna, Isabell born Sep 1919 died 22 Apr 1921 at El Prado age 1y, daughter of Alberto Reyna and Raquel Martinez buried 23 Apr 1921

Ribera, Anita died 8/13/1927 age 12y, child of Alberto Ribera & Raquel Martinez

Ribera, Antonio died 5/5/1927 age 49y, child of Francisco Ribera & Placida Vargas

Ribera, Francisco died 4/26/1929 age 86y

Rivali, Elias died 29 Dec 1929 age 57y, husband of Felisita Rivai son of Jose Lus Rivali and Heginia Gallegos

Rivera, Tom Ernesto born 9/20/1908 died 9/24/1947

Romero, Elisa died 5/15/1928 age 62y, child of Alejandro Romero & Teofila Suazo

Romero, Loretta L. died 6/13/2006 age 53y, wife of Julian N. Romero, child of Lolo & Polly Montoya

Romo, Alfredo died 8/17/1936 age 22y, child of Lucas Romo & Antonia Romo

Romo, Andrea born 9-13-1933 died 11-26-2008 Closeup**

Romo, Julian Jr. born 4-17-1962 died no date

Romo, Julian Sr. born 8-5-1934 died no date

Romo, Veronica born July 30, 1956 died May 13, 2002 Embudo, Taos NM, parent's Julian & Andrea Romo Closeup*

Sanches, Maria Justa died 09 Mar 1938 at Desmontes infant daughter of Samuel Sanches and Elena Rendon

Sisneros, Donaciano died 8/27/1932 age 8y 6m, child of Nerio Sisneros & Melisia Garcia

Sisneros, Melecia Garcia died 09 Feb 1930 age 44y, wife of Nerio Sisneros daughter of Preciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan

Sisneros, Ofelia died 8/15/1934 age 15y, child of Nerio Sisneros & Melisia Garcia

Sisneros, Vidal died 27 March 1906 age 56y 2m 10d, wife is listed as Juanita G. de Sisneros in one entry and as Guadalupe M. de Sisneros in another.

Thorne, Juanita Faye died October 02, 2006

Trujillo, Adela died 3/21/1927 age 30y, child of Samuel Trujillo & Cayetana Cordova

Trujillo, Alfonso died 6/21/1936 age 3m, child of Alfonso Trujillo & Paula Lujan

Trujillo, Celia Elba born 11/19/1942 died 1/1/1947 born Taos

Trujillo, Clara Consuela died 7/4/1929 age 2m, child of Luis Trujillo & Cresencia Gonzales

Trujillo, Ezequiel died 2/14/1929 age 28y, child of Feliz Trujillo & Rafaela Vigil

Utter, son died 12 Jun 1937 at El Prado infant son of William J. Utter and Frances Guthner

Valdes, Fidel A. died 01 May 1944 at El Prado age 75y, husband of Fidelina Martinez son of Mariano Valdes and Isadora Padilla

Valdez, Cleofas Cardenas died 05 Mar 1936 at Taos age 56y, wife of Pablo Valdez daughter of Andres Cardenas and Juanita Maestas

Valdez, Felicita R. died 23 Sept 1905 wife of Guadalupe Valdez

Valdez, Malaquias Martinez died 8/17/1926 age 66y, child of Santiago Valdez & Agustina Valdez

Valdez, Pablo died 7/17/1928 age 68y, child of Serafin Valdez & Rafaela Pacheco

Vargas, Eulogia Maestas born 7-1880 died 16 Oct 1937 at Taos age 58y, daughter of Diego Maestas and Rufina Padilla

Velasquez, Monica died 2/1/1937 age 81y, single

Velasquez, Perfecto died 23 Jan 1932 at Taos age 72y husband of Victoriana R Velasquez son of Cruz Velasquez and Seferina Casados

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