Taos County, New Mexico
Los Dolores Cemetery

Contributed and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell. Los Dolores Cemetery - Taos. Head southeast of Kit Carson Road toward Dragoon Lane, turn left at Piedmont Road, turn right at Sendero Penitente Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abeyta, Maria Serefina Mestas died 9 Jul 1859 wife of Juan Rafael Abeyta.

Aragon, Moises Alfredo died 7 Dec 2006 age 90y, widow of Manuelita Aragon, child of Rafael and Crestina Aragon

Archuleta, Daniel died 24 Aug 2009

Archuleta, Francisco Estevan died 30 Oct 1955 age 29y born Taos died of bullet wound buried 1 Nov 1955

Archuleta, Josefita died 18 Nov 1851 age 1y, child of Maria Ignacia Archuleta

Archuleta, Juan Bautista died 27 Oct 1870 small son of Mario Archuleta and Encarnacion Garcia.

Archuleta, Juan Jose died 22 Jun 1851 age 6d, child of Jose Antonio Archuleta and Maria Miguela Cordova

Archuleta, Manuel died 12 Dec 1851 widow of Viviana Romero

Archuleta, Teresa born 29 Dec 1921 died 19 Feb 1950 born Taos, age 29

Atencio, Jose Romulo died 28 Jul 1850 born Arroyo Hondo, age 1y 2m, child of Juan Loreso Atencio and Maria Juana Arellano

Atencio, Maria del Refugio died 8 Feb 1851 age 12y, child of Ramon Atencio and Maria de la Luz Archuleta

Benavides, Marina Velasquez born 01 May 1874 died 31 Aug 1950 born Taos, age 76y, wife of Juan Benavides

Borrego, Maria Teodora Valdes died 21 Jan 1852 wife of Juan Jose Borrego

Carabajal, Frances Costillo died 17 Jan 2006

Carbajal, Jose Juan died 26 Mar 1851 at birth, child of Isidro Carbajal and Maria Dolores Arellano, twin, baptised by Hermenegildo Martines

Carbajal, Maria Juana died 26 Mar 1851 at birth, child of Isidro Carbajal and Maria Dolores Arellano, twin, baptised by Guadalupe Lucero

Cardenas, Felix died 1 Sep 1955 age 74y born El Prado died of kidney disease buried 3 Sep 1955

Cena, Maria Anastacia died 24 Jun 1863 3 months old natural daughter of Maria Juana Cena.

Cerda, Buenaventura died 8 Nov 1850 age 3d, child of Antonio Cerda and Maria del Carmen Gomes.

Chacon, Amada Cachero born 27 Sep 1892 died 29 Dec 1972

Chacon, Epimenio born Mar. 10, 1886 died 6 Dec 1982

Chaves, Carlos Guillermo died 9 Dec 1850 age 1y, child of Antonio Domingo Chaves and Maria Nestora Alires.

Chaves, Jesus Dolores died 15 May 1859 small son of Jose Ylario Chavez and Maria Rita Rena.

Chaves, Jose de los Reyes died 11 Jun 1863 6 months old adopted son of Miguel Chaves and Maria Estefana Gutierrez.

Chaves, Juan Agustin died 29 Aug 1863 husband of Maria Juana Gertrudis Martines He lived in Abiquiu but died of an accident in Dolores. Leaves 9 sons.

Chaves, Maria Genobeba died 9 Jul 1864 14 days old daughter of Antonio Jose Chaves and Maria Josefa Archuleta.

Chavez, Benito born 10 Jan 1874 died 17 Jul 1946

Cisneros, Lloyd Albert born 29 Dec 1950 died 18 Jul 1951 born El Prado

Coca, Jose Nicanor died 24 Nov 1863 2 years old son of Jose Ignacio Coca and Maria de la Encarnacion Sisneros.

Coca, Maria Antonia died 16 May 1862 3 years old daughter of Jose Ignacio Coca and Maria de la Encarnacion Sisneros.

Cordova, Casilda died 1 Jan 2008

Cordova, Juan de Jesus died 24 Jun 1851 age 3m, child of Veronico Cordova and Maria Guadalupe Mestas

Cordova, Maria Beneranda died 16 Mar 1851 age 8m, child of Jose Rafael Cordova and Maria Polonia Samorra

Cortes, Jose Maria died 17 Mar 1862 21 days old son of Juan Cortes and Maria Ignacia Garcia.

Cortes, Juan Bautista died 28 Apr 1859 son of Juan Bartolo Cortes and Maria Nicolasa Martin. He was baptised in Socorro.

Cortes, Maria Carlota died 29 Nov 1863 3 years old daughter of Jose Francisco Cortes and Maria Josefa Gallegos.

Cortez, Eduardo died 20 Jul 2006

Cortez, Jose David born 1883 died 6 Jan 1950 born Taos

Crus, Faustino died 5 May 1851 age 2y, child of Maria de la Crus

Cruz, Antonia R. born 1871 died 16 Nov 1951 born Taos

Cruz, Jose Gabriel born 14 Mar 1871 died 6 Sep 1950 born Taos, age 79y, born 1871

Dallas, Wayne M. born 15 Sep 1959 died 12 Aug 2001

Dominguez, Esequiel S born 1987 died 2007

Duran, Juan Gabriel died 17 Jul 1851 husband of Maria Dolores Gonsales, 3 married children

Duran, Juan Ramon died 27 May 1851 age 3y, child of Jose Rafael Duran and Maria Estefana Madrid

Duran, Manuel Antonio Duran died 20 Jul 1860 small son of Francisco Duran and Isadora Belasquez.

Fernandez, Bonifacio D. died 10 Apr 2007

Fernandez, Onesimo died 1986 child of Casimiro Fernandez and Francis Martinez

Flores, Jose Hilario born 25 Oct 1888 died 20 Jun 1951 born Taos

Freyta, Tobias died 27 May 1954 Abeyta? age 77y born El Prado died of rheumatism buried 29 MAy 1954

Gallegos, Adelecia G. born Mar. 5, 1917 died Mar. 12, 2005

Gallegos, Jose died 2 Jul 1856 4 months old son of Jose Rafael Gallegos and Guadalupe Medina.

Gallegos, Juan died 21 Jul 1862 small son of Jose Antonio Gallegos and Maria Rafaela Perea.

Gallegos, Maria Dolores Martines died 19 Jan 1853 wife of Jose Pablo Gallegos, 4 children

Garcia, Benigna born 13 Feb 1867 died 29 Oct 1948 born Taos

Garcia, Jose Margarito died 13 Jul 1856 son of Francisco Antonio Garcia and Maria Ignacia Cortes.

Garcia, Maria Diluvina Lucero died 31 Mar 1863 wife of Vicente Garcia, 1 daughter survives.

Garcia, Maria Guadalupe Chaves died 28 Jun 1851 wife of Antonio Jose Garcia, 6 children

Garcia, Maria Josefa died 29 Oct 1851 age 1y 1m, child of Juan Jose Garcia and Juana Abeita, grave blessed 6 Nov 1851

Garcia, Maria Rosalia died 15 Jun 1862 3 or 4 years old Navajo Indian of the family of Estevan Garcia and Maria Manuela Sanches.

Garcia, Matilda died 22 Apr 2000

Garcia, Preciliano born 18 Apr 1915 died 12 May 2005

Garcia, Simon died 26 Sep 1864 7 years old son of Mateo García and Maria Balentina Apodaca.

Gavaldon, Maria Francisca Luna died 26 May 1851 wife of Santiago Gavaldon, no children

Gonzales, Anna Marie Martinez born 5 May 1964 died 8 Feb 2005

Gonzales, Carmen C. died 13 Sep 2001

Gonzales, Joan Rebecca born 10 Jul 1951 died 28 Dec 1951 born El Prado

Gonzales, Julia Medina died 29 Sep 2005

Gonzales, Simon Gilbert died 2 Jun 2007

Gonzales, Telesfor died 1948 born Taos

Gutierrez, Francisco died 29 Oct 1863 son of Manuel Antonio Gutierrez and Rufina Gonzales

Gutierrez, Ignacio died 4 Aug 2001

Guttmann, Felipe W. born 24 Sep 1868 died 5 Jun 1949

Herrera, Jose Dolores died 22 Jul 1851 age 10y, child of Antonio Maria de Herrera and Maria de la Lus Sierra

Herrera, Juana Cristina de died 25 Jul 1851 age 1y, child of Antonio de Herrera and Maria de la Lus Sierra

Herrera, Maria Leonor de died 21 Feb 1851 age 3m, child of Simon de Herrera and Maria Josefa Martines

Hutt, John Francis died 22 Jan 2004 age 70y, Korean Vet, child of George and Rose Hutt, husband of Ambrosia Hutt

Jaramillo, Maria Hipolita died 22 May 1851 age 2y, child of Jose Guadalupe Jaramillo and Maria Francisca Gonsales

Ledoux, Margarita Gomez born 22 Feb 1898 died 12 Nov 1953 born Wagon Mound, age 55y died in hospital of flu buried 14 Nov 1953

Lopez, Damacio born 11 Dec 1873 died 7 Feb 1952 born El Prado

Lopez, Mary Martinez died 1948 born Taos

Lovato, Jose de la Luz died 30 Jun 1863 son of Juan Jose Lovato and Teodora Sanchez

Lucero, Abran F. Jr died 25 Dec 2005

Lucero, Carmen DeAguero died 13 May 2009

Lucero, Jose Nabor died 2 Mar 1863 3 months old son of Marcelina Lucero deceased, of la plasa de Dolores.

Lucero, Juan died 30 Sep 1856 30 years old husband of Feliciana Archuleta, residents of Plasa de los Dolores.

Lucero, Maria Dolores Valdes died 7 Feb 1851 wife of Antonio Jose Lucero

Lucero, Maria Marcelina died 16 Dec 1862, 1 son survives.

Lujan, Eliseo died 24 Oct 1955 age 59y born Taos died of heart attack buried 27 Oct 1955

Luna, Maria Dolores died 12 Mar 1852 widow of Antonio Francisco Barela, 2 children

Maes, Monica died 28 May 1862 small daughter of Matias Maes and Maria Victoria Lucero.

Mares, Beatrice died 23 May 2007

Mares, Felipe died 9 Jun 1955 age 17y born Taos buried 12 Jun 1955

Mares, Frank J. born 15 Jun 1918 died 21 Jan 2006 Reverend

Mares, Polinario died 12 Feb 2004 age 84y, husband of Beatrice Mares

Mares, Siria Cintas died 25 Mar 1953 age 66y born Taos died of goiter buried 28 Mar 1953

Mares, Socorro D. born 21 Apr 1890 died 16 Mar 1951 born Arroyo Seco

Martin, Maria Eginia died 13 Aug 1851 age 6m, child of Maria Venita Martin

Martines, Jose Francisco died 13 May 1851 age 3m, child of Jose Mateo Martines and Maria Dolores Cortes

Martines, Jose Miguel died 10 Oct 1851 husband of Maria Manuela Valdes, 5 children

Martines, Juan Julian died 2 Feb 1851 age 2m, child of Rafael Martines and Maria Leonor Sisneros

Martines, Maria de la Crus Garcia died 23 Apr 1863 wife of Jesus Maria Martines. 2 sons survive.

Martines, Maria Estefana died 22 Mar 1862 15 years old natural daughter of Maria Antonia Martines.

Martines, Maria Gertrudis died 16 Apr 1851 widow of Juan Bautista Ballejos

Martines, Maria Ignacia died 12 May 1851 age 7y, child of Santiago Martines and Maria Maestas

Martines, Maria Romaulda died 29 Apr 1863 2 months old daughter of Jesus Martines and Maria de la Crus Garcia.

Martines, Maria Soledad died 31 Aug 1850 age 2 1/2m, child of Alcario Martines and Maria Rosa Romero

Martinez Alicia born 18 Aug 1910 died 17 Mar 1985 daughter of Esteban Olivas and Santos Garcia. wife of Maurilio Martinez.

Martinez, David A. born 20 Nov 1876 died 28 Nov 1952 born Taos, age 74y died of heart disease buried 1 Dec 1952

Martinez, Eloisa died 6 May 2008

Martinez, Emilia Garcia born 19 Oct 1884 died 30 Aug 1952 age 66y, born El Prado died of heart attack in St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe buried 2 Sep 1952

Martinez, Felipita Maxwell born 15 Nov 1922 died 10 Dec 2007

Martinez, Katherine Elaine born 18 May 1947 died 20 Mar 1949 born Taos

Martinez, Katie G. died Mar. 16, 2006

Martinez, Maria Refugio born 15 Feb 1892 died 18 Oct 1951 Arroyo Hondo

Martinez, Stillborn born 9 May 1952 died 9 May 1952 born El Prado, child of Maurilio Martinez and Alicia Olivas

Martinez, Trinidad born 4 Oct 1917 died 22 Nov 2007

Medina, Felix born 20 Sep 1892 died 29 Apr 1946

Medina, Jose Reynaldo died 14 Jan 1948

Medina, Maria Manuela Martines died 26 Jan 1852 wife of Juan Bautista Medina, 3 children

Medina, Maria Timotea died 11 Jan 1862 1 month old daughter of Jose Manuel Medina and Maria Serefina Segura.

Medina, Maria Victoria died 17 Jan 1851 age 3m, child of Manuel Medina and Maria Serefina Segura

Medina, Randy Gary died 5 Dec 2005 age 13y, child of Gary Medina and Yevette Maul

Medina, Roberto died 29 Feb 2008

Mestas, Jose Geronimo died 16 Jul 1862 10 months old son of Jose Alejandro Mestas and Maria del Carmel Medina.

Mestas, Maria Rufina died 7 Jun 1862 10 months old daughter of Antonio Domingo Mestas and Maria Francisca Perea.

Mondragon, Gloria died Jul 1968, daughter of Porfirio Mondragon and Evangelina Martinez

Mondragon, Jose Antonio died 28 Apr 1851 age 20d, child of Juan Mondragon and Maria Ramona Bargas

Mondragon, Rose T. born 30 Aug 1911 died 22 May 2006 age 94, child of Tobias Tafoya and Pacifica Barela, widow of Eloy J. Mondragon

Montano, Sixto died 24 Nov 1851 age 12y, child of Vicente Montano and Maria del Refugio Valdes

Montes, Maria Polonia died 16 Feb 1851 age 2y, born Des Montes, child of Jesus Maria Montes and Juana Maria Maes

Montoya, Angela Maria Suazo died 19 Feb 2006 age 85y, widow of Atilano Montoya

Montoya, Jose Epifanio born 21 May 1868 died 1 Mar 1948 born Taos

Montoya, Joseph Raymond born 25 Sep 1947 died 23 Oct 1951 born El Prado

Montoya, Juan Isidro Jr. born 31 Jul 1930 died 8 Jan 1950 born Taos

Montoya, Maria Dolores died 15 Apr 1864 adult daughter of Eusebio Montoya and Deluvina Cortes.

Ortega, Jose Miguel died 27 Mar 1853 age 18d, child of Jose Maria Ortega and Maria Isabel Cordova

Ortega, Maria Rita died 9 Apr 1865 5 years old natural daughter of Maria Dolores Ortega.

Pacheco, Maria Alcaria died 16 Jan 1851 age 2y 6m, child of Juan Nepomuseno Pacheco and Maria Juana de Jesus Abila

Padilla, Dorothy C. died 14 Jun 2006 age 55y, child of Alberto Padilla

Padilla-Hutt, Anthony Joseph died 19 Jun 2005

Perea, Jose de la Crus died 10 Jun 1864 6 months old daughter of Jose Loverto Perea and Maria Perfilia Lucero.

Quintana, Eloy V. born 14 Feb 1933 died 27 Feb 2005

Quintana, Magdalena died 19 Dec 1955 age 94y born El Prado buried 21 Dec 1955

Rivali, Felicita V. born 1877 died 24 May 1949 born Taos

Rivali, Victoriana died 23 Oct 1952 age 76y born Taos buried 25 Oct 1952

Rodriguez, Lesvia died 12 May 2007

Romero, Jose Eulogio died 21 Mar 1853 age 10d, child of Juan Romero y Madrid and Maria Paula Garcia

Romero, Maria Dolores Apodaca died 11 Jul 1851 wife of Antonio Jose Romero, 3 children, 2 married

Romero, Raymundo died 2 Jul 2007

Romero, Santiago died 27 Oct 2003 age 90y

Sanchez, Julia Sobeida died 12 Oct 2007

Sanchez, Paul A. died 20 Mar 2006 age 49y, mother Juanita M. Sanchez

Sandoval, Maria Juana Francisca Montoya died 6 Nov 1851 wife of Baltasar Sandoval

Santistevan, Elena died 19 Sep 1954 age 85y, born Wagon Mound buried 21 Sep 1954

Santistevan, Jose Anastacio died 25 Jul 1954 age 86y born Taos died of heart disease buried 28 Jul 1954

Santistevan, Juana Nepomusena died 17 Nov 1851 age 2y, child of Juan Jose Santistevan and Maria Juana Gallegos

Santistevan, Pedro Ygnacio born 22 Feb 1860 died 8 Jun 1951 born Taos, age 91y buried 10 Jun 1951

Sisneros, Clarence died 7 Jun 2006 age 14, child of Fred and Paula Sisneros

Sisneros, Maria Viviana died 29 Sep 1851 age 1y, born at El Rito, child of Maria Gertrudis Sisneros

Sisneros, Rafaela Valdes died 9 Jan 1852 wife of Jose Sisneros, 2 children

Sisneros, Stephen died 15 Aug 1951 born Taos

Suazo, Nazario C. died 6 Apr 2006 age 83y, husband of Emma Suazo

Suazo, Nazario Celso born 28 Jul 1876 died 17 Sep 1948 born Taos

Tafoya, Annabella died 4 Jun 2006 age 73y, child of Benjamin Juan Tafoya and Theodroa Tafoya

Tafoya, Juan died 25 Aug 2007

Tafoya, Theodora Esther died 4 Jun 2008

Torres, Maria Marcelina died 8 May 1862 small daughter of Juan Jose Torres and Juana Ortega.

Torres, Roman died 18 Oct 1865 1 month 5 days old son of Jose Torres and Maria Juana Catarina Ortega.

Trujillo, Adela M. died 20 May 2007

Trujillo, Jose Cension died 12 May 1854 age 1m, child of Jose Fransisco Trujillo and Maria Ines Leon

Valdes, Emiterio Celedonio died 17 Feb 1859 small son of Juan Isidro Valdes and Maria Magdalena Gallegos.

Valdes, Jose Gregorio died 24 Mar 1853 child of Jose Francisco Valdes and Maria Carmel Valdes

Valdes, Juliana Davis died 1 Nov 1864 wife of Desiderio Valdes.

Valdez, Augustine Serapio born 28 May 1936 died 12 Aug 1951 born Taos age 15y died of an accident buried 14 Aug 1951

Valdez, Maria Victoria died 2 Sep 1851 age 2m, child of Juan de Jesus Valdez and Maria Dolores Medina

Vallejos, Ana Maria died 10 Jul 1851 age 3y, child of Jose Maria Vallejos and Maria Luisa Archuleta

Varela, Francisco died 3 Jun 1851 husband of Maria Dolores Arguello, 2 children

Vargas, Nerio born 08 Aug 1873 died 9 Jun 1952 born Taos, age 72y died of gangrene buried 12 Jun 1952

Velasques, Concepcion died 13 May 1857 50 years old

Velasques, Guadalupe Trujillo died 30 Mar 1862 wife of Pedro Velasques, daughter of Jesus Trujillo and Concepcion Trujillo.

Velasquez, Perfecto born 8 Dec 1916 died 31 Dec 1952 born Taos, age 35y died in the mountains of stomach disease buried 2 Jan 1953

Velasquez, Victoriana born 18 Mar 1876 died 23 Oct 1952 born Taos

Vialpando, Maria Natividad died 21 Sep 1955 age 68y born Los Fiebres buried 23 Sep 1955

Vigil, Crescencio born 29 Dec 1863 died 16 Oct 1939

Vigil, DeeAnna born 2 Dec 1979 died 14 Jun 2005

Vigil, Julian died 16 May 1851 born at Des Montes, husband of Maria Antonia Sisneros, 2 children

Vigil, Luis died 22 Nov 1858 small natural son of Maria Tomasa Vigil.

Vigil, Luis died 5 May 2010

Vigil, Maria Altagracia died 16 Jun 1862 1 year old daughter of Juan Nepomecenio Vigil and Maria Josefa Garcia.

Vigil, Urdanita C. born 8 Aug 1874 died 07 Oct 1932 at Canon age 58y, wife of Cresencio Vigil daughter of Manuel Chacon and Carmelita Lucero

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