Taos County, New Mexico
Los Dolores Cemetery

Contributed and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell. Los Dolores Cemetery - Taos. Head southeast of Kit Carson Road toward Dragoon Lane, turn left at Piedmont Road, turn right at Sendero Penitente Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abeyta, Maria Serefina Mestas died 7-9-1859 wife of Juan Rafael Abeyta.

Aragon, Moises Alfredo died 12/7/2006 age 90y, widow of Manuelita Aragon, child of Rafael & Crestina Aragon

Archuleta, Francisco Estevan died 10/30/1955 age 29y

Archuleta, Josefita died 11-18-1851 age 1y, child of Maria Ignacia Archuleta

Archuleta, Juan Bautista died 10-27-1870 small son of Mario Archuleta and Encarnacion Garcia.

Archuleta, Juan Jose died 6-22-1851 age 6d, child of Jose Antonio Archuleta & Maria Miguela Cordova

Archuleta, Manuel died 12-12-1851 widow of Viviana Romero

Archuleta, Teresa born 12/29/1921 died 2/19/1950 born Taos, age 29

Atencio, Jose Romulo died 7-28-1850 born Arroyo Hondo, age 1y 2m, child of Juan Loreso Atencio & Maria Juana Arellano

Atencio, Maria del Refugio died 2-8-1851 age 12y, child of Ramon Atencio & Maria de la Luz Archuleta

Benavides, Marina Velasquez born 5/01/1874 died 8031/1950 born Taos, age 76y, wife of Juan Benavides

Borrego, Maria Teodora Valdes died 1-21-1852 wife of Juan Jose Borrego

Carabajal, Frances Costillo died Jan. 17, 2006

Carbajal, Jose Juan died 3-26-1851 at birth, child of Isidro Carbajal & Maria Dolores Arellano, twin, baptised by Hermenegildo Martines

Carbajal, Maria Juana died 3-26-1851 at birth, child of Isidro Carbajal & Maria Dolores Arellano, twin, baptised by Guadalupe Lucero

Cena, Maria Anastacia died 6-24-1863 3 months old natural daughter of Maria Juana Cena.

Cerda, Buenaventura died 11-8-1850 age 3d, child of Antonio Cerda & Maria del Carmen Gomes.

Chacon, Amada Cachero born Sep. 27, 1892 died Dec. 29, 1972

Chacon, Epimenio born Mar. 10, 1886 died Dec. 6, 1982

Chaves, Carlos Guillermo died 12-9-1850 age 1y, child of Antonio Domingo Chaves & Maria Nestora Alires.

Chaves, Jesus Dolores died 5-15-1859 small son of Jose Ylario Chavez and Maria Rita Rena.

Chaves, Jose de los Reyes died 6-11-1863 6 months old adopted son of Miguel Chaves and Maria Estefana Gutierrez.

Chaves, Juan Agustin died 8-29-1863 husband of Maria Juana Gertrudis Martines He lived in Abiquiu but died of an accident in Dolores. Leaves 9 sons.

Chaves, Maria Genobeba died 7-9-1864 14 days old daughter of Antonio Jose Chaves and Maria Josefa Archuleta.

Chavez, Benito born Jan. 10, 1874 died Jul. 17, 1946

Cisneros, Lloyd Albert born 12/29/1950 died 7/18/1951 born El Prado

Coca, Jose Nicanor died 11-24-1863 2 years old son of Jose Ignacio Coca and Maria de la Encarnacion Sisneros.

Coca, Maria Antonia died 5-16-1862 3 years old daughter of Jose Ignacio Coca and Maria de la Encarnacion Sisneros.

Cordova, Casilda died Jan. 1, 2008

Cordova, Juan de Jesus died 6-24-1851 age 3m, child of Veronico Cordova & Maria Guadalupe Mestas

Cordova, Maria Beneranda died 3-16-1851 age 8m, child of Jose Rafael Cordova & Maria Polonia Samorra

Cortes, Jose Maria died 3-17-1862 21 days old son of Juan Cortes and Maria Ignacia Garcia.

Cortes, Juan Bautista died 4-28-1859 son of Juan Bartolo Cortes and Maria Nicolasa Martin. He was baptised in Socorro.

Cortes, Maria Carlota died 11-29-1863 3 years old daughter of Jose Francisco Cortes and Maria Josefa Gallegos.

Cortez, Eduardo died Jul. 20, 2006

Cortez, Jose David born 1883 died 1/6/1950 born Taos

Crus, Faustino died 5-5-1851 age 2y, child of Maria de la Crus

Cruz, Antonia R. born 1871 died 11/16/1951 born Taos

Cruz, Jose Gabriel born 3/14/1871 died 9/6/1950 born Taos, age 79y, born 1871

Dallas, Wayne M. born 9-15-1959 died 8-12-2001

Dominguez, Esequiel S born 1987 died 2007

Duran, Juan Gabriel died 7-17-1851 husband of Maria Dolores Gonsales, 3 married children

Duran, Juan Ramon died 5-27-1851 age 3y, child of Jose Rafael Duran & Maria Estefana Madrid

Duran, Manuel Antonio Duran died 7-20-1860 small son of Francisco Duran and Isadora Belasquez.

Fernandez, Bonifacio D. died Apr. 10, 2007

Fernandez, Onesimo died 1986 child of Casimiro Fernandez & Francis Martinez

Flores, Jose Hilario born 10/25/1888 died 6/20/1951 born Taos

Freyta, Tobias died 5/27/1954Abeyta? age 77y

Gallegos, Adelecia G. born Mar. 5, 1917 died Mar. 12, 2005

Gallegos, Jose died 7-2-1856 4 months old son of Jose Rafael Gallegos and Guadalupe Medina.

Gallegos, Juan died 7-21-1862 small son of Jose Antonio Gallegos and Maria Rafaela Perea.

Gallegos, Maria Dolores Martines died 1-19-1853 wife of Jose Pablo Gallegos, 4 children

Garcia, Benigna born 2/13/1867 died 10/29/1948 born Taos

Garcia, Jose Margarito died 7-13-1856 son of Francisco Antonio Garcia and Maria Ignacia Cortes.

Garcia, Maria Diluvina Lucero died 3-31-1863 wife of Vicente Garcia, 1 daughter survives.

Garcia, Maria Guadalupe Chaves died 6-28-1851 wife of Antonio Jose Garcia, 6 children

Garcia, Maria Josefa died 10-29-1851 age 1y 1m, child of Juan Jose Garcia & Juana Abeita, grave blessed 11-6-1851

Garcia, Maria Rosalia died 6-15-1862 3 or 4 years old Navajo Indian of the family of Estevan Garcia and Maria Manuela Sanches.

Garcia, Matilda died 4-22-2000

Garcia, Preciliano born Apr. 18, 1915 died May 12, 2005

Garcia, Simon died 9-26-1864 7 years old son of Mateo García and Maria Balentina Apodaca.

Gavaldon, Maria Francisca Luna died 5-26-1851 wife of Santiago Gavaldon, no children

Gonzales, Anna Marie Martinez born May 5, 1964 died Feb. 8, 2005

Gonzales, Carmen C. died 9-13-2001

Gonzales, Joan Rebecca born 7/10/1951 died 12/28/1951 born El Prado

Gonzales, Julia Medina died Sep. 29, 2005

Gonzales, Simon Gilbert died Jun. 2, 2007

Gonzales, Telesfor died 1948 born Taos

Gutierrez, Francisco died 10-29-1863 son of Manuel Antonio Gutierrez and Rufina Gonzales

Gutierrez, Ignacio died 8-4-2001

Herrera, Jose Dolores de died 7-22-1851 age 10y, child of Antonio Maria de Herrera & Maria de la Lus Sierra

Herrera, Juana Cristina de died 7-25-1851 age 1y, child of Antonio de Herrera & Maria de la Lus Sierra

Herrera, Maria Leonor de died 2-21-1851 age 3m, child of Simon de Herrera & Maria Josefa Martines

Hutt, John Francis died 1/22/2004 age 70y, Korean Vet, child of George & Rose Hutt, husband of Ambrosia Hutt

Jaramillo, Maria Hipolita died 5-22-1851 age 2y, child of Jose Guadalupe Jaramillo & Maria Francisca Gonsales

Ledoux, Maggie born 2/22/1898 died 11/12/1953 Margarita Gomez Ledoux, born Wagon Mound, age 55y

Lopez, Damacio born 12/11/1873 died 2/7/1952born El Prado

Lopez, Mary Martinez died 1948 born Taos

Lovato, Jose de la Luz died 6-30-1863 son of Juan Jose Lovato and Teodora Sanchez

Lucero, Abran F. Jr died Dec. 25, 2005

Lucero, Carmen DeAguero died May 13, 2009

Lucero, Jose Nabor died 3-2-1863 3 months old son of Marcelina Lucero deceased, of la plasa de Dolores.

Lucero, Juan died 9-30-1856 30 years old husband of Feliciana Archuleta, residents of Plasa de los Dolores.

Lucero, Maria Dolores Valdes died 2-7-1851 wife of Antonio Jose Lucero

Lucero, Maria Marcelina died 12-16-1862, 1 son survives.

Lujan, Eliseo died 10/24/1955 age 59y

Luna, Maria Dolores died 3-12-1852 widow of Antonio Francisco Barela, 2 children

Maes, Monica died 5-28-1862 small daughter of Matias Maes and Maria Victoria Lucero.

Mares, Beatrice died May 23, 2007

Mares, Felipe died 6/9/1955 age 17y

Mares, Frank J. born Jun. 15, 1918 died Jan. 21, 2006 Reverend

Mares, Polinario died 2/12/2004 age 84y, husband of Beatrice Mares

Mares, Siria Cintas died 3/25/1953 age 66y

Mares, Socorro D. born 4/21/1890 died 3/16/1951 born Arroyo Seco

Martin, Maria Eginia died 8-13-1851 age 6m, child of Maria Venita Martin

Martines, Jose Francisco died 5-13-1851 age 3m, child of Jose Mateo Martines & Maria Dolores Cortes

Martines, Jose Miguel died 10-10-1851 husband of Maria Manuela Valdes, 5 children

Martines, Juan Julian died 2-2-1851 age 2m, child of Rafael Martines & Maria Leonor Sisneros

Martines, Maria de la Crus Garcia died 4-23-1863 wife of Jesus Maria Martines. 2 sons survive.

Martines, Maria Estefana died 3-22-1862 15 years old natural daughter of Maria Antonia Martines.

Martines, Maria Gertrudis died 4-16-1851 widow of Juan Bautista Ballejos

Martines, Maria Ignacia died 5-12-1851 age 7y, child of Santiago Martines & Maria Maestas

Martines, Maria Romaulda died 4-29-1863 2 months old daughter of Jesus Martines and Maria de la Crus Garcia.

Martines, Maria Soledad died 8-31-1850 age 2 1/2m, child of Alcario Martines & Maria Rosa Romero

Martinez Alicia born. 8-18-1910 died 3-17-1985 daughter of Esteban Olivas and Santos Garcia. wife of Maurilio Martinez.

Martinez, David A. born 11/20/1876 died 11/28/1952 born Taos, age 74y

Martinez, Eloisa died May 6, 2008

Martinez, Felipita Maxwell born Nov. 15, 1922 died Dec. 10, 2007

Martinez, Katherine Elaine born 5/18/1947 died 3/20/1949 born Taos

Martinez, Katie G. died Mar. 16, 2006

Martinez, Maria Refugio born 2/15/1892 died 1018/1951 Arroyo Hondo

Martinez, Stillborn born 5/9/1952 died 5/9/1952 born El Prado, child of Maurilio Martinez and Alicia Olivas

Martinez, Trinidad born Oct. 4, 1917 died Nov. 22, 2007

Medina, Maria Manuela Martines died 1-26-1852 wife of Juan Bautista Medina, 3 children

Medina, Maria Timotea died 1-11-1862 1 month old daughter of Jose Manuel Medina and Maria Serefina Segura.

Medina, Maria Victoria died 1-17-1851 age 3m, child of Manuel Medina & Maria Serefina Segura

Medina, Randy Gary died 12/5/2005 age 13y, child of Gary Medina & Yevette Maul

Medina, Roberto died Feb. 29, 2008

Mestas, Jose Geronimo died 7-16-1862 10 months old son of Jose Alejandro Mestas and Maria del Carmel Medina.

Mestas, Maria Rufina died 6-7-1862 10 months old daughter of Antonio Domingo Mestas and Maria Francisca Perea.

Mondragon, Gloria died July 1968, daughter of Porfirio Mondragon and Evangelina Martinez

Mondragon, Jose Antonio died 4-28-1851 age 20d, child of Juan Mondragon & Maria Ramona Bargas

Mondragon, Rose T. born 8/30/1911 died 5/22/2006 age 94, child of Tobias Tafoya & Pacifica Barela, widow of Eloy J. Mondragon

Montano, Sixto died 11-24-1851 age 12y, child of Vicente Montano & Maria del Refugio Valdes

Montes, Maria Polonia died 2-16-1851 age 2y, born Des Montes, child of Jesus Maria Montes & Juana Maria Maes

Montoya, Angela Maria Suazo died 2/19/2006 age 85y, widow of Atilano Montoya

Montoya, Jose Epifanio born 5/21/1868 died 3/1/1948born Taos

Montoya, Joseph Raymond born 9/25/1947 died 10/23/1951 born El Prado

Montoya, Juan Isidro Jr. born 7/31/1930 died 1/8/1950 born Taos

Montoya, Maria Dolores died 4-15-1864 adult daughter of Eusebio Montoya and Deluvina Cortes.

Ortega, Jose Miguel died 3-27-1853 age 18d, child of Jose Maria Ortega & Maria Isabel Cordova

Ortega, Maria Rita died 4-9-1865 5 years old natural daughter of Maria Dolores Ortega.

Pacheco, Maria Alcaria died 1-16-1851 age 2y 6m, child of Juan Nepomuseno Pacheco & Maria Juana de Jesus Abila

Padilla, Dorothy C. died 6/14/2006 age 55y, child of Alberto Padilla

Padilla-Hutt, Anthony Joseph died Jun. 19, 2005

Perea, Jose de la Crus died 6-10-1864 6 months old daughter of Jose Loverto Perea and Maria Perfilia Lucero.

Quintana, Eloy V. born Feb. 14, 1933 died Feb. 27, 2005

Quintana, Magdalena died 12/19/1955 age 94y

Rivali, Felicita V. born 1877 died 5/24/1949 born Taos

Rivali, Victoriana died 10/23/1952 age 76y

Rodriguez, Lesvia died May 12, 2007

Romero, Jose Eulogio died 3-21-1853 age 10d, child of Juan Romero y Madrid & Maria Paula Garcia

Romero, Maria Dolores Apodaca died 7-11-1851 wife of Antonio Jose Romero, 3 children, 2 married

Romero, Raymundo died Jul. 2, 2007

Romero, Santiago died 10/27/2003 age 90y

Sanchez, Julia Sobeida died Oct. 12, 2007

Sanchez, Paul A. died 3/20/2006 age 49y, mother Juanita M. Sanchez

Sandoval, Maria Juana Francisca Montoya died 11-6-1851 wife of Baltasar Sandoval

Santistevan, Ellen died 9/19/1954 age 85y, born Wagon Mound

Santistevan, Jose Anastacio died 7/25/1954 age 86y

Santistevan, Juana Nepomusena died 11-17-1851 age 2y, child of Juan Jose Santistevan & Maria Juana Gallegos

Santistevan, Pedro Ygnacio born 2/22/1860 died 6/8/1951 born Taos, age 91y

Sisneros, Clarence died 6/7/2006 age 14, child of Fred & Paula Sisneros

Sisneros, Maria Viviana died 9-29-1851 age 1y, born at El Rito, child of Maria Gertrudis Sisneros

Sisneros, Rafaela Valdes died 1-9-1852 wife of Jose Sisneros, 2 children

Sisneros, Stephen died 8/15/1951 born Taos

Suazo, Nazario C. died 4/6/2006 age 83y, husband of Emma Suazo

Suazo, Nazario Celso born 7/28/1876 died 9/17/1948 born Taos

Tafoya, Annabella died 6/4/2006 age 73y, child of Benjamin Juan Tafoya & Theodroa Tafoya

Tafoya, Juan died Aug. 25, 2007

Tafoya, Theodora Esther died Jun. 4, 2008

Torres, Maria Marcelina died 5-8-1862 small daughter of Juan Jose Torres and Juana Ortega.

Torres, Roman died 10-18-1865 1 month 5 days old son of Jose Torres and Maria Juana Catarina Ortega.

Trujillo, Adela M. died May 20, 2007

Trujillo, Jose Cension died 5-12-1854 age 1m, child of Jose Fransisco Trujillo & Maria Ines Leon

Valdes, Emiterio Celedonio died 2-17-1859 small son of Juan Isidro Valdes and Maria Magdalena Gallegos.

Valdes, Jose Gregorio died 3-24-1853 child of Jose Francisco Valdes & Maria Carmel Valdes

Valdes, Juliana Davis died 11-1-1864 wife of Desiderio Valdes.

Valdez, Augustine Serapio born 5/28/1936 died 8/12/1951 born Taos, age 15y

Valdez, Maria Victoria died 9-2-1851 age 2m, child of Juan de Jesus Valdez & Maria Dolores Medina

Vallejos, Ana Maria died 7-10-1851 age 3y, child of Jose Maria Vallejos & Maria Luisa Archuleta

Varela, Francisco died 6-3-1851 husband of Maria Dolores Arguello, 2 children

Vargas, Nerio born 8/08/1873 died 6/9/1952 born Taos, age 72y

Velasques, Concepcion died 5-13-1857 50 years old.

Velasques, Guadalupe Trujillo died 3-30-1862 wife of Pedro Velasques, daughter of Jesus Trujillo and Concepcion Trujillo.

Velasquez, Perfecto born 12/8/1916 died 12/31/1952 born Taos, age 35y

Velasquez, Victoriana born 3/18/1876 died 10/23/1952 born Taos

Vialpando, Maria Natividad died 9/21/1955 age 68y

Vigil, Crescencio born December 29, 1863 died October 16, 1939

Vigil, DeeAnna born Dec. 2, 1979 died Jun. 14, 2005

Vigil, Julian died 5-16-1851 born at Des Montes, husband of Maria Antonia Sisneros, 2 children

Vigil, Luis died 11-22-1858 small natural son of Maria Tomasa Vigil.

Vigil, Luis died May 5, 2010

Vigil, Maria Altagracia died 6-16-1862 1 year old daughter of Juan Nepomecenio Vigil and Maria Josefa Garcia.

Vigil, Urdanita C. born 8 Aug 1874 died 07 Oct 1932 at Canon age 58y, wife of Cresencio Vigil daughter of Manuel Chacon and Carmelita Lucero

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