Taos County, New Mexico
Los Cordovas Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Cardenas, daughter born 15 Aug 1921 at Los Cordovas died 15 Aug 1921 at Los Cordovas infant daughter of Deciderio Cardenas and Adelaida

Cardenas father born at Costilla mother born at Taos buried 15 Aug 1921

Chavez, Antonio Francisco died 6-25-1860 small son of Antonio Jose Chavez and Maria Josefa Valencia.

Chavez, Eugenio died Jan. 6, 2008

Cordova, Jose Celso died 4-30-1862 small son of Antonio Cordova and Maria Reyes Montoya.

Cordova, Jose Ramón died 3-9-1867 husband of Maria Guadalupe Varela, son of Ignacio Cordova and Maria Antonia Marquez.

Cordova, Maria Paz born May 1889 at Los Cordovas died 25 Dec 1922 at Los Cordovasage 33y, daughter of Gregorita Cordova buried 27 Dec 1922

Cordova, Refujio died 5-13-1867 daughter of Reymundo Cordoba and Estefana Gonzales.

Cordova, Tobias died 1905, age 19y,son of Juan N. Cordova and Agustina R. de Cordova

Cortes, Julian died 6-19-1862 small son of Juan de la Crus Cortes and Maria Soledad Duran.

Esquivel, Maria de los Angeles died 12-30-1863 small daughter of Francisco Esquivel and Maria Felicitas Armijo.

Garcia, Catarina died 8-8-1867 small daughter of Jose Garcia and Maria Viviana Trujillo.

Gomez, Ben died Jul. 22, 2007

Gomez, Mary M. died 12/29/2006 age 90y, child of Benito & Auberelia Mondraogn, wife of Ben Gomez

Gonzales, Asencion died 1/14/1932 age 78y, child of Dionisio Gonzales & Gertrudes Aragon

Gonzales, Maria Ramona died 6-21-1862 small daughter of Valentin Gonzales, deceased, and Estefana Duran.

Gutierrez, Alex born Aug. 11, 1934 died Jul. 18, 2008

Gutierrez, Refugio died 9 Nov 1907 age 52y, child of Marcelo Gutierrez & Juana Trujillo

Herrera, Maria Luisa Cerda de born 9-13-1814 at Chamita, Rio Arriba, died 3-27-1864. Her first husband was Bernardo Vigil, deceased, and second husband is Pedro de Herrera. She leaves 2 sons.

Jaramillo, Soledad Duran died 25 Feb 1906 age 96, buried 27 Feb 1906

Lobato, Jose Dolores died 1 Dec 1906 age 66y, husband of Juanita Martinez de Lobato

Martin, Maria Benita died September 1861 small natural daughter of Encarnacion Martin.

Martinez, Domitila G. died 11/6/2003 age 92y, widow of Frank S. Martinez, child of Demetrio & Carlota Gomez

Martinez, Maximiliano died 3/27/1910 age 42y, child of Leandro Martinez & Maria Soledad Martinez

Mestas, Maria Rosa died 6-27-1865 daughter of Antonio Mestas and Maria de los Dolores Jaramillo.

Mondragon, Cipriano Edward died 1/29/2006 age 101y, widow of Soledad Mondragon

Mondragón, Manuelita died May 22, 2007

Montoya, Crisanto died 2-20-1861 small natural son of Maria de los Reyes Montoya.

Montoya, Jose del Espiritu Santo died 3-21-1862 small natural son of Juana Montoya.

Montoya, Juan Nicolas died 4-6-1857 2 years old son of Juan Nicolas Montoya and Maria Guadalupe Valdes.

Montoya, Juanita D. died 3/25/2006 age 94y, widow of Tito Montoya

Romero, Maria de Esquipula died 5-11-1865 small Indian of the family of Felis Romero and Maria Casilda Chavez.

Salazar, Cleotilde died 3/23/1907 age 26y, child of Meliton Trujillo

Salazar, Jennifer C. died Mar. 3, 2009

Sanchez, Maria Guadalupe Garcia died 4-28-1862 wife of Cristoval Sanchez.

Solomon, Rumalda Montoya died 10/9/2006 age 83y, child of Hipolito & Ciria Montoya, grandchild of Delfino & Sara Martinez and Hipolito & Rumalda Montoya

Tafoya, Art died Oct. 10, 2009

Tafoya, Gertrudis died 10-2-1862 small daughter of Jose Tafoya and Josefa Espinosa.

Tafoya, Jose Tobias died 5-29-1862 small son of Jose Tafoya and Josefa Espinosa.

Tafoya, Rita died 5-24-1862 small adopted Navajo indian of Jose Tafoya and Josefa Espinosa.

Trujillo, Juana died 5/26/1929 age 73y, child of Reyes Trujillo & Maria Duran

Trujillo, Maria Juana died 2-24-1858 newborn daughter of Reyes Trujillo and Maria Duran.

Vigil, Eloisa died Mar. 31, 2007

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