Taos County, New Mexico
Chamisal Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abeyta, Jose Hormenio died 12 Aug 2006 of Chamisal, age 66y

Abeyta, Laura died 8 May 2005

Aguilar, Jose A born 23 Jun 1918 died 15 Mar 1993

Aguilar, Pat born 24 Dec 1919 died 4 Jan 1992

Apodaca, Delfinia born 23 Dec 1925 died 25 Dec 1993

Arellano, Liana died 10 Apr 2006

Arguello, Concepcion Dominguez born 08 Dec 1850 at Chamisal died 05 Jan 1922 at Chamisal age 71y, husband of Antonina Arguello daughter of Juan Dominguez and Juana Cordova buried 06 Jan 1922

Arguello, Maria Juana died 19 Oct 1829 infant daughter of Jose Amador Arguello

Arguello, Rosita Lopez died 5 May 1922 age 70y wife of Juan de Los Reyes Arguello

Arguello, Tiburcio died 29 Jul 1949 age 53y son of Pedro Arguello and Juanita Dominguez husband of Teodora Cordova died in Holy Cross Hospital Taos

Barela, Angelina Romero died 31 Jun 1948 age 44y daughter of Abel Romero and Alcaria Lopez wife of Rubel Barela who is also dead

Casados, Patrocinia died 3 Apr 2010

Casaus, Clotilde Duran died 16 Jan 1932 age 23y daughter of Monico Duran and Ramoncita Quintana wife of Eliseo Casaus

Cordova, Adriana born 22 Nov 1892 died 6 Jan 1948

Cordova, Brigido born 18 Aug 1895 at Chamisal died 17 Jul 1945 at Salt Lake City, Utah age 49y, husband of Clorinda Lucero son of Epemenio Cordova and Maria Rita Dominguez both parents born at Chamisal occupation: Miner

Cordova, Celestina C. died 1 Jul 2009

Cordova, Eloisa born 8 Jun 1908 died 10 Apr 2005

Cordova, Felix died 31 Mar 2010

Cordova, Joe Felis died 23 Oct 1941 at Chamisal age 1y, son of Manuel A. Cordova and Elvira Cordova

Cordova, Jose Gracia born 12 Jun 1915 at Chamisal died 01 Mar 1920 at Chamisal age 4y, son of Able Cordova buried 01 Mar 1920

Cordova, Juanita born 06 Oct 1926 at Chamisal died 06 Oct 1926 at Chamisal infant daughter of Jose Victor Cordova and Eloisa Lopez both parents born at Chamisal buried 07 Oct 1926

Cordova, Juanita Read born Apr 1854 at Rio Arriba Co., NM died 12 Apr 1920 at Chamisal age 66y, wife of Jose V. Cordova daughter of ? Read and Juanita Ribalid buried 13 Apr 1920

Cordova, Maria Veatriz died 06 Jul 1941 at Chamisal age 18y, daughter of Julio Cordova and Gomisinda Romero

Cordova, Matilde died 02 Mar 1934 at Chamisal age 39y, wife of Telesfor Cordova daughter of Matilde Velasquez

Cordova, Nieves Roybal died 20 Oct 1922 age 70y daughter of Juan Roybal and Maria Antonia Garcia wife of Jose de Gracia Cordoba

Dominguez, Adita died 03 Jan 1940 at Chamisal age 15y, daughter of Romolo Dominguez and Eloisa Dominguez

Dominguez, Eloisa Martinez died 15 Jan 1823 age 35y daughter of Esquipula Martinez and Jesusita Lobato wife of Esequiel Dominguez

Dominguez, Ernestina Lovato born 1923 died 20 Nov 2009

Dominguez, Esmeralda born 02 May 1919 at Chamisal died 09 May 1922 at Chamisal age 3y, daughter of Jose Ines Dominguez and Virginia Rodriguez buried 09 May 1922

Dominguez, George Lucas born at Chamisal died 07 May 1922 at Chamisal age 1y, son of Jose Ines Dominguez and Virginia Rodriguez     buried 08 May 1922

Dominguez, J. Martinez died 11 Sept 1923 age 21y 11m daughter of Jacobo Martinez and M. Romero wife of Pedro Dominguez

Dominguez, Jose Leon died 30 Jan 1923 age 70y 1m son of Juan Dominguez and Juana Cordova husband of Lucia Martinez

Dominguez, Juanita Martinez died 16 Sep 1923 at Chamisal age 31y, wife of Pedro Dominguez daughter of Jack Martines, Malindra Romero

Dominguez, Ofresinia L. born 8 Dec 1910 died 28 Dec 2008

Dominguez, Pilar died 7 Feb 2006

Dominguez, son died 16 Sep 1923 at Chamisal infant son of Pedro Dominguez and Juanita Martinez

Duran, Benito Jr. born 21 Feb 1949 died 4 Aug 1949

Duran, Erminio died 20 Apr 2010

Esquibel, Manuela Vasquez died 7 May 1926 age 70y son of Jose Francisco Vasquez and Ramona Abeita wife of Pablo Esquibel

Garcia, Jose Ignacio died 15 Jun 1952 age 88y 7m husband of Alcarita Dominguez

Gonzales, Donne Audelia died 10 Sep 2009

Gonzales, Emma died 22 Jan 2004 age 89y, widow of Facundo Gonzales

Gonzales, Maria Beatrice died 13 Oct 1968 age 79y, daughter of Pedro and Virginia Trujillo

Gurule, Maria Lugarda Lucero died 10 Jun 1839 wife of Juan Nepomuceno Gurule

Herrera, Manuela Martinez born 2 Mar 1765 died 4 Nov 1841 wife of Jose de Gracia de Herrera daughter of Simon Martinez and Maria Antonia Margarita (Vigil) Gonzales

Lobato, Juan de Jesus died 12 Feb 1922 age 75y husband of Luisa Chacon

Lopez, Andres born Chamisal died 1921 at Llano age 40y, husband of Louisa R. Lopez son of Simon Lopez occupation: Laborer

Lopez, Dulciana L. died 30 Oct 1941 at Chamisal age 25y, wife of Abdenajo Lopez daughter of Agustin Lopez and Patricia Vasquez

Lopez, Fidel born Mar 1871 died 1 May 1949 age 77y son of Juan Lopez and Rosa Maestas husband of Cleofas Pacheco

Lopez, Fidelia died 29 Jun 1948 age 29 daughter of Juan B. Lopez and Aurora Cordova wife of Alberto Lopez died in Dixon hospital

Lopez, Gabriel died 27 Apr 1941 at Chamisal age 61y, husband of Pablita G. Lopez son of Francisco Lopez and Maria De La Luz Arguello

Lopez, Gilberto born 11 Sep 1917 at Chamisal died 21 Apr 1921 at Chamisal age 3y, son of Maclovio Lopez and Matilde L. Lopez

Lopez, Jose I. born Chamisal died 25 Apr 1920 at Chamisal age 48y, husband of Beatris Cordova son of Juan Lopez and Rosita Mastas buried 26 Apr 1920

Lopez, Jose L. died 26 Feb 1928 age 70y

Lopez, Lucinda Vasquez died 8 Apr 1949 age 30y daughter of Clemente Vasquez and Adelaida Lopez wife of George Lopez

Lopez, Nicanor born Feb 1873 died 17 Apr 1946

Lopez, Procopio born 16 Jun 1919 at Chamisal died Mar 1921 at Chamisal age 1y, son of Lino Lopez and Juanita Lopez

Lopez, Roberto Jose died 17 Sep 1968 age 27y, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Lopez

Lopez, Rosabel Deluvina born 23 Nov 1921 died 25 Feb 1922 at Chamisal infant daughter of Juan B. Lopez and Aurora Cordova buried 26 Feb 1922

Lopez, son died 22 Aug 1930 at Chamisal infant son of Fidel Lopez and Clofes Pacheco

Lopez, Tiburcio born 14 Dec 1891 at Chamisal died 21 Feb 1922 at Chamisal age 30y 2m, son of Ricardo Lopez and Rosarita Pacheco occupation: Farmer buried 22 Feb 1922

Lovato, Elias Joseph died 04 Feb 1940 age 56y, son of Nestor Lobato and Bernardina Arguella

Lovato, Erne born 10 Nov 1915 at Chamisal died 02 Mar 1920 at Chamisal age 4y daughter of J. A. Lovato and Tonita Casados buried 03 Mar 1920

Lovato, Juan De Jesus born Jan 1842 at Dixon died 12 Feb 1922 at Chamisal age 80y, widowed, son of Francisco Lovato and Candelaria Sandoval occupation: Farmer buried 13 Feb 1922

Lovato, Juanita born 07 May 1887 died 24 Apr 1950

Lovato, Luis born 15 Jun 1919 at Chamisal died 25 Mar 1920 at Chamisal infant son of J. A. Lovato and Tonita Casados buried 25 Mar 1920

Lovato, Matilde born 6 Sep 1916 died 7 May 2006

Lucero, Juan died 25 May 1837 son of Jose Manuel Lusero and Maria Dolores Vegil

Lucero, Juana Maria De Los Relles Cordova died 28 May 1936 at Chamisal age 74y, wife of Juan Luiz Lucero daughter of Jose Antonio Cordova and Ramonsita Martinez

Lucero, Ruperta died 31 Jan 1929

Maes, Albina died 13 Aug 1928 age 107y

Martin, Jose Excelso born 5 May 1876 died 2 Jan 1944 husband of Lucinda Lopez son of Jose Maria Esquipula Martinez and Maria de Jesus Lobato

Martinez, Acorcino born 25 Feb 1920 died 15 Oct 1949

Martinez, Andres Esquipula died 4 Jun 1968 age 3y, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alferino Martinez

Martinez, Armando born 30 Jun 1937 died 11 Jan 2010

Martinez, Esquipula died 9 Jan 1968 age 64y, husband of Veronica Martinez

Martinez, Maria Elaisa died 15 Mar 1927

Martinez, Oncominio died 15 Oct 1949 age 49y son of Onesimo Martinez and Zenaida Lopez husband of Isabel Garcia died enroute to hospital

Martinez, Ramon died 2 Nov 1929 age 71y son of Juan Isidro Martinez and Albina Maes husband of Maria Racimos Romero

Ortega, Corina died 20 Dec 1929 at Amalia age 8y, daughter of Alex Ortega and Reyes Lopes

Ortega, Miguel died 2 Jun 1928 age 60y

Pacheco, Cleofas Lopez died 18 Sep 1929 age 74y daughter of Francisco Lopez and Tomasita Sandoval wife of Kuan Jose Pacheco

Pacheco, Eligio died 21 Aug 1968 age 76y, husband of Patricia Pacheco

Pacheco, Joe B. died 31 Jul 2008

Pacheco, Maclovio born 7 Aug 1912 died 14 May 1947

Pacheco, Nicolas died 14 Feb 1931 age 74y son of Juan Pacheco and Juliana Roybal husband of Margarita Lopez

Paez, Manuel Antonio de Jesus born 13 Jul 1820 died 2 Jul 1822 son of Nicolas Cular Paez and Maria Tomasa de Jesus Lopez

Romero, Felicita died 28 Sep 2009

Roybal, Maria Juanita died 27 Jan 1909

Sandoval, Joe Alex died 15 Oct 2007

Tafoya, Dulcinia Garcia born 7 Jan 1927 died 8 Nov 2010 widow of Alfonso Tafoya daughter of Leopoldo and Sofiria Garcia

Vasquez, Alfonso Orlando died 01 Sep 1943 at Chamisal age 23y, son of Orlando E. Vasquez and Polly Ortega

Vasquez, Jesusita born at Chamisal died 02 Apr 1922 at Chamisalage 1y, daughter of Cruz Vasquez and Ermelinda L. Vasquez buried 03 Apr 1922

Vasquez, Manuel De Atocha Reynal died 30 Aug 1943 at Chamisal infant son of Rosendo Vasquez and Doloritas Cordova

Vasquez, Manuelita Romero died 19 Dec 1908 age 71y, wife of Antonio D. Vasquez

Velasquez, Maria Lobato died 18 Dec 1924 age 51y daughter of Juan de Jesus Lobato and Luisita Chacon wife of Pablo Velasquez

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