Taos County, New Mexico
Canon Brethern Cemetery
aka Canon Cemetery

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Canon Brethren Cemetery - Taos. Head southeast on Kit Carson Road toward Dragoon Lane, turn left at Piedmont Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.
Lies Less than 2 miles to the East (E) of Taos

Archuleta, Alberto born 16 Sep 1874 died 19 Apr 1946 born Taos

Archuleta, Matilde A. died 22 Dec 1935 age 60y

Archuleta, Pablo died 8 Jun 1927 age 35y, child of Juan Archuleta and Josefa ?

Armijo, Bonifacio died 7 Dec 1931 age 70y, child of Francisco Armijo and Juana Archuleta

Armijo, Francisco died 28 May 1908 age 60y

Barela, Amado died 27 Jul 1938 age 38y, spent 8 years in asylum

Barela, Nicolas died 26 Feb 1932 at Taos age 63y, husband of Abelina Fernandez son of Cipriano Barela and Petrolina Sandoval

Barela, Tomas died 30 Apr 1936 age 81y, widow of Guadalupe Martinez

Benystine, Euposima Romero died 17 Mar 1939 age 39y, mother of Jose, Fermin, Luisita, Nicolas, Emma

Casias, Tomas died 15 May 1907

Chacon, Carmalita Lucero died 26 Dec 1932 at Canon age 104y, wife of Manuel Chacon

Chacon, Joseph born 5 Dec 1961 died 9 Mar 1984

Chacon, Joshua Manuel born 5 Feb 1990 died 5 Feb 1990

Chacon, Juana Urana died 07 Oct 1932 age 67y, child of Manuel Chacon and Carmen Lucero

Cintas, Ana died 21 Apr 1921 age 9y, child of Manuel Cintas and Adelaida Tenorio

Cintas, Manuel born 1890 died 25 Jan 1920 age 30y, husband of Adelaida Tenorio son of Apolonario Cintas and Decideria Gallegos

Cisneros, Marcelino died 10 Dec 1932 age 60y, husband of Sofia L Cisneros son of Marcelino Cisneros and Sofia Lucero

Cortez, Ferminia died 17 May 1938 age 80y, born 1858, leaves 1 son

Cortez, Ramon born 01 Sep 1871 died 4 Feb 1948 born Ranchitos

Fernandez, Celina died 27 Aug 1913 age 3m, child of Samuel Fernandez and Maria Antonia Lucero

Fernandez, Teresa died 9 Nov 1920 age 9y, child of Samuel Fernandez and Celina Lucero

Gonzales, Carmen died 8 Nov 1952 born Taos, age 73y born Taos died in her sleep buried 10 Nov 1952

Gonzales, Feliz died 3 Aug 1932 age 69y, born at Mora, child of Juan Domingo Gonzales and Lugarda Espinoza

Gonzales, Victoriana Anita born 17 May 1892 died 16 Jun 1950 born Taos, age 58y

Grant, Adela Virginia born 1 Aug 1919 died 9 Jul 1947 born Ocate

Jaramillo, Santiago died 1 Jul 1904 age 76y, child of Juan Jaramillo

Lopez, Jose died ? Aug 1937 age 19m, child of Jose Lopez and Juliana Santistevan

Lopez, Juan B. died 14 Feb 1935 at Canon age 76y, son of Antonio Lopez and Petra Vargas married

Lovato, Sabiniano died 12 Sep 2010

Lucero, Carmel died 28 Dec 1932 age 104y

Lucero, Celina died 25 Jun 1913 age 23y, child of Domacio Lucero and Barbara Martinez

Lucero, Isabel died 21 Feb 1925 age 79y, born Ojo Caliente, child of Jose Rafael Lucero and Maria Antonia Silva

Lucero, Jose Hilario died 1 Nov 1930 age 79y, child of Jose Rafael Lucero and Antonia ?

Lucero, Jose O. died 9 Jun 1904 age 18y, child of Jose Ylario Lucero

Lujan, Amelia died 17 Oct 1931 age 23y, child of Tobias Lujan and Cirila Martinez

Maestas, Ana died 16 Feb 1930 age 16y, child of Luis Maestas and Rebeca Martinez

Maestas, Celina Bernal born 17 Feb 1894 died 11 Oct 1982 daughter of Gabino Bernal and Leonarda Casados. Wife of Jacobo Maeatas married 22 Nov 1913, Arroyo Seco,Taos

Maestas, Paul R. born 1922 at Taos died 22 Aug 1938 at Canon age 16y, son of Luis Maestas and Rebecca Martinez buried 24 Aug 1938

Mares, Belisandro 6 Jun 1890 died 16 Jan 1973

Mares, Carlota Lucero born 4 Mar 1902 died 22 Nov 1996

Martinez, Adela died 19 May 1904 age 22y, child of Meliton Martinez

Martinez, Antonio Maria born 1871 died 4 Jun 1946 born Taos

Martinez, Aurora died 10 Feb 1907 age 22y, child of Meleton Martinez

Martinez, Eliza Cordova born 14 Feb 1876 died 3 Oct 1962

Martinez, Emilia Madril died 12 Aug 1934 age 70y, wife of Meleton Martinez

Martinez, Ernesto died 11 Sep 1937 age 6m

Martinez, Paula died 17 Apr 1907 age 65y, child of Juan A. Martinez

Martinez, Perfecta died 2 Jun 1905 age 22y, child of George Martinez

Mascarenas, Moises died 09 Oct 1933 at Canon, Taos, NM age 16y, son of Amador Mascarenas and Reyes Trujillo

Mondragon, Odelia Martinez born 14 Oct 1901 died 11 May 1995

Montoya, Elfego died 11 Jun 1938 age 65y, wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter, 16 grandchildren

Montoya, Marie Lenore born 1 Apr 1947 died 8 Apr 1947 born Taos

Ortega, Esmeraldo Satistevan died 13 Feb 1936 age 38y, widow of Juan B. Ortega, 9 children

Ortega, Felipe Abenisio died 17 Jan 1918 age 4y, child of Francisco Ortega and Delia Santistevan

Ortega, Francisco P. born about 1893 at Taos died 18 Feb 1921 at Taos age 28y, husband of Delia Santistevan son of Abenicio Ortega and Estefina Duran buried 19 Feb 1921

Ortega, Jose Anastacio died 21 Jun 1924 age 8y, child of Francisco P. Ortega and Dilia Santistevan

Padilla, Maria died 15 Jan 1907 age 76y

Ribera, Juan died 27 Jul 1913 age 2m, child of Juan Ribera and Emilia Trujillo

Romero, Elias died 7 Apr 1926 age 72y, child of Jose Romero and Francisca Archuleta

Romero, Juan Venceslado died 20 Nov 1950 age 68y, died at tuberculosis sanitarium

Romero, Luisa died 1 May 1920 age 29y, child of Nicolas Romero and Bonifacia Armijo

Romero, Maria de la Luz born 27 Jan 1907 died 1 May 1946 born Taos

Romero, Pedro born 1893 at Trinidad, CO, died 9 Mar 1951 age 58y died of pneumonia

Romero, Sarita C. died 2 Sep 1948 born Ranchos

Sanchez, Bonifacio died 9 Mar 1936 age 11y, child of Jacobo Sanchez and Bonifacia Martinez

Sanchez, Josefa Peralta died 26 Dec 1934 age 67y, wife of Epifanio Sanchez

Sanchez, Lorenzo born 10 Aug 1895 died 25 Oct 1948 born Cimarron

Sanchez, Presciliano died 25 Oct 1918 age 22y, child of Eugenio Sanchez and Maria Josefa Peralta

Sandoval, Jose de la Luz died 29 Jan 1906 age20y, child of Luis D. Sandoval

Sandoval, Pablo died 6 Apr 1911 child of Esquipula Sandoval and Encarnacion?

Santistevan, Emilia Matilde born 15 Mar 1872 at Taos died 26 Jul 1951 age 82y buried 28 Jul 1951

Santistevan, Juan born 30 Jun 1905 at Taos died 11 May 1953 age 48y died of stomach disease buried 19 May 1953

Santistevan, Teresina died 19 Feb 1916 age 19y, child of Anastacio Santistevan and Emilia Barela

Segura, Maria Cornelia died 5 Jun 1913 age 56y, child of Manuel Segura and Maria Antonia Gonzales

Sena, Maria de la Luz died 11 Jun 1931 age 78y, child of Antonia Maria Sena and Seferina Cruz

Sisneros, Sofia died 28 Oct 1954 age 78y born Taos buried 1 Nov 1954

Stein, Fermin born 15 Sep 1920 died 10 Jun 1946 born Taos

Suazo, Arturo T. died 20 Nov 1932 age 26y, husband of Odilia R. Suazo son of Maclovio Suazo and Francisquita Vigil

Suazo, Maclovio died 22 Jan 1953 age 78y died of tuberculosis born Taos buried 24 Jan 1953

Tafoya, Cecilia R. born 04 Jul 1888 died 11 Sep 1950 born Taos, age 62y

Tafoya, Emelina died 31 Jan 1955 age 67y born Taos died of kidney failure buried 2 Feb 1955

Tafoya, Pasifica born 22 Feb 1882 died 9 Aug 1946 born Taos

Tafoya, Robert Eloy born 6 Jun 1929 died 27 Apr 1947 born Taos

Tafoya, Tobias born 03 Mar 1876 died 14 Dec 1950 born Taos, age 65y

Tenorio, Buena Bentura died 13 Dec 2003 age 85y, husband of Loyola Tenorio

Trujillo, Antonio Primitivo died 18 Mar 1922 age 73y, child of Antonio Jose Trujillo and Dolores Lamori

Trujillo, Clotilde born about 1881 at Taos died 22 Mar 1921 at Canon age 40y, married, daughter of Juan Tafoya and Virginia Esquibel buried 23 Mar 1921

Trujillo, Juan born Taos died 03 Dec 1926 at Canyon age 76y, widowed, son of Antonio Jose Trujillo and Silveria Maestas occupation: Laborer buried 04 Dec 1926

Trujillo, Juana died 6 May 1916 age 86y, child of Jose A. Trujillo

Trujillo, Romulo born Taos died 21 Feb 1938 at Canonage 76y, husband of Santana Cortez son of Antonio Jose Trujillo and Silveria Maestas occupation: Farmer buried 22 Feb 1938

Trujillo, Victoriana born 07 May 1918 at Taos died 06 Mar 1921 at Canon age 2y, daughter of Tobias Trujillo and Maria Aragon buried 07 Mar 1921

Vargas, Aniceto died 5 Apr 1918 age 82y, child of Agustin Vargas and Feliciana Tafoya

Varos, Emilia Ortiz died 16 Jul 1968

Vigil, Daniel died 29 Mar 1953 age 70y born at Canon died of dropsy buried 31 Mar 1953

Vigil, Lucia Beatrice born 15 Dec 1925 died 19 May 1946 born Taos

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