Taos County, New Mexico
Burials outside of Taos

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Abbott, Bingham born 7/21/1875 died 12/22/1948 buried MI

Baca, Arturo died 4/9/1939 buried Santa Fe, leaves wife & children

Blue, Frank O. born 10 Aug 1886 at Blandensbury, Ohio died 11 Jul 1938 at Taos, age 51y, husband of Lena Walford son of Alonzo L. Blue and Laura Taylor both parents born Ohio occupation: Ass't. Chief Comptroller burial place: Clayton, N.M. burial date: 11 Jul 1938

Bonsell, Cisilio born 22 Nov 1900 at Seinegilla died 24 Apr 1922 at Tres Piedras age 22y, son of Felipe Bonsell and Crusita Suazo father born El Rito mother born Cerro occupation: Farmer buried at No Agua buried 25 Apr 1922

Chavez, Carlota born 11/01/1877 died 1/1/1953 born CO, buried Ocate

Cordova, Anita born 1901 died 2/14/1947 born Costilla buried Colfax County, NM

Cruz, Juan Alberto born 1-25-1895 died 8/3/1948 buried Chico, NM

Eggers, Mason A. born 1875 at Illinois died 07 Jan 1938 at Red River son of James K. Eggers and Christiana Houser buried at Cameron, Mo burial date: 09 Jan 1938

Fausett, Flora born 14 Jun 1910 at Price, Carbon, Utah, died 17 Dec 1998 at Taos, buried 21 December 1998 Price City Cemetery, daughter of George A Fausett and Josephine Bryner Fausett

Garcia, Robert Leon born 9/3/1937 died 8/2/1946 buried Des Moines, Union County, NM

Grant, Blanche C. born 9/23/1874 died 6/19/1948 buried KS

Hague, James Wilson born 22 Aug 1849 at Washington, Ohio died 23 Dec 1937 at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos age 88y, widowed husband of Rachel McFarland son of William Hague and Sarah Doane occupation: Retired buried 23 Dec 1937 at Albuquerque

Harwood, Elihu Burett born 26 Nov 1859 at Charles City, Iowa died 12 Sep 1922 age 62, at Taos, husband of Elizabeth Chase Harwood son of Sanford Harwood, father born at Iowa, mother born at New York. occupation: Artist burial place: Denver, Col.

Hernandez, Manuelita born 9/17/1917 died 2/18/1946 born Wagon Mound, buried Ojo Falez, Mora County

Herrera, Viviano J. Herrera born 27 Jun 1952 Tooele, UT, died 19 Jul 1990 Taos Ranchos, NM, buried 23 July 1990 Tooele City Cemetery, Utah son of Clodoveo Herrera and VivianMondragon

Jones, Dora Elsie born 05 Sep 1893 at Boonville, Miss died 14 Nov 1921 at Taos age 28y, wife of John H Jones daughter of George Hughes and Molly Hughes father born Rienza mother born Couthra, Miss. buried 17 Nov 1921 at Henrietta, Oklahoma

Joseph, Antonio born 8/25/1946 died 4/19/1910 born Taos, lived Ojo Caliente, County judge 1878-1880, NM territorial House of Representatives 1882, delegate to US Congress 1885-1895, NM Senate 1896-1898, buried Fairview Cemetery, Santa Fe, NM

Kitts, Cora Easton born 9/11/1870 died 5/7/1949 buried Iowa

Mayer, Simon born 15 Jun 1844 at Hohenzollern, Germany died 14 Aug 1924 at Taos, age 80y, residence: 2717 Live Oak, Taos, New Mexico son of Wolfgang Mayer and Ottilia Haucke or Haueke marital status: Widowed father's birthplace: Hohenzollern, Germany mother's birthplace: Baden, Germany occupation: Retired burial place: Dallas, Texas

Miranda, Felix J. died 10/30/1951 buried National Cem. Santa Fe

Mondrogon, Beatrice R. S. born 1888 at Las Vegas, NM died 24 Jan 1926 at Taos, age 37y, wife of Refujio Mondrogon daughter of Philadelphio Baca and Guadalupe Hernandez father born at Las Vegas, NM mother born at California burial place: Santa Fe, NM burial date: 25 Jan 1926

Mudd, Horace born 1/18/1911 died 12/26/2006 buried in Chelsea, OK, child of Atha N Mudd & Martha Crockett

Murphy, Joe V. died 9/28/2006 age 88y, child of Jose Virgil Murphy & Lora Murphy, buried at Holland, Texas

Ortiz, Guadalupe born Ortiz, Col. died 30 Jul 1922 at Tres Piedras age 33y, husband of Ruby Ortiz son of Nestor Ortiz and Elena Ortiz buried Conejos, Col. 31 Jul 1922

Ortiz, Ruby born Ortiz, Colorado died 30 Jul 1922 at Tres Piedras age 24y, wife of Guadalupe Ortiz daughter of Jaspar Ortiz buried Conejos, Col. 01 Aug 1922

Padilla, Celina Aguilar born at Wagon Mound died 11 Nov 1926 at Taos age 32y, wife of Conrad Padilla buried 12 Nov 1926 at Wagon Mound

Quinn, Francis Dominic Jr.died 7/4/2006 age 78y, husband of Ann Quinn, buried Fort Worth, Texas

Radovanovic, Biljana died 10/20/2006 age 44, child of Tom & Dana Radovanovic, burial in Nevada

Rayburn, Isadora Reynolds born 3/11/1891 died 7/3/1949 buried PA

Rivera, Fernando born 10/2/1942 died 9/17/2006 age 63y, child of Gilbert & Maria Luisa Rivera, husband of Barbara Y. Rivera, buried Santa Fe National Cemetery

Romero, Anselmo died 5/11/2006 child of Jose Eulalio & Clorinda V. Romero, buried Santa Fe National Cemetery

Romero, Juanita Cleotilde died 8/5/1948 buried Black Lake, Colfax County, NM

Romero, Nicholas Angelo Roberts born 9/10/1996 died 7/25/2006 child of Francisco F. Romero & Deanna S. Salas, grandchild of Jose de la Luz Romero & Guillerma Romero and Hector Rubio Salas, buried Vandium Cemetery, Silver City, NM

Sanchez, Crystal born 12 Jan 1976 Tooele, UT, died 2 Jul 1995 Taos, NM, buried 7 July 1995 Tooele City Cemetery, Mother Carmen Martinez, Father John R. Sanchez

Simeona, Mary Sister born 2-15-1894 died 6/12/1946 buried Clayton, NM

Sisneros, Orlando born 1/22/1946 died 9/18/1946 buried Dixon, NM

Smallcanyon, Brandon E. died 8/6/2006 age 23y, of Llano Quemado, child of Tim & Valinda Smallcanyon, burial in Chinle, Arizona

Smedley, Ruth A born 01 Nov 1881 at Berea, Ohio died 15 Dec 1920 at Taos age 39y, daughter of Fred S. Smedley and Alice Minton occupation: Artist buried 16 Dec 1920 Berea, Ohio

Snyder, Carl Earl born 1865 died Dec-48 buried KY

Stockton, Irene Sophia died 1/19/2006 age 86y, widow of Mathias B. Stockton, service at Cimarron Baptist Church

Stone, Richard H. born 5-5-1868 died 4/17/1948 buried Chicago, Illinois

Struck, Jose Salomon died 8/16/2005 age 83y, husband of Theodora Struck, WWII, Purple Heart, burial Santa Fe National Cemetery

Tafoya, Florida R. died 2/10/2006 age 81y, wife of Jose Cornelio Tafoya, child of Climaco & Rosabel Medina, burial at Santa Fe National Cemetery

Trujillo, Eloy Eduardo died 10/16/2006 age 83y, widow of Bettye Trujillo, buried Santa Fe National Cemetery

Trujillo, Hilaria died 9/24/2006 age 87y, wife of Victoriano Trujillo, buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Denver

Valentine, Fred Clare born 1/06/1870 died 9/20/1947Ohio, buried National Cem. Santa Fe

Valerio, Ana Maria Chavez born 4/25/1916 died 5/10/2006 age 90y, wife of Candido Valerio, child of Gabriel & Tomasita Chavez, burial Santa Fe National Cemetery

Vargas, Carolina born 6/02/1868 died 1/1/1947 born Cimarron buried Raton, NM

Velasquez, Elisaida born 8/7/1945 died 5/30/1947 Dixon

Vigil, Apolinario Paul O.died 7/14/2005 age 86y, husband of Rose Vigil, child of Jose Antonio & Maria Higina Vigil, buriel Santa Fe National Cemetery

Wilson, John Henry born 12 Sep 1869 at Seattle, Wash. died 14 Sep 1922 at Taos, age 53y, husband of Cordelia Wilkinson son of John Wilson father's birthplace: Vermont occupation: Clerk burial place: Denver, CO burial date: 16 Sep 1922

Wood, Albert Roy born 9/18/1948 died 11/24/1948 born Springer buried Cimmaron, NM

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