Taos County, New Mexico

I did not find any information on JAMES M.CAMPBELL but following is the information found on RICARDO CAMPBELL.

The book "Origins of New Mexico Families."By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 409.States that Richard Campbell was a Native of St.Louis.

From the book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo Sept 1994.Published By The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America Southern Calif. Branch.

Book of Taos Marriages M-39 (Box 36) 1827-1833.Frame 685.Sept 25,1828 RICARDO CAMBEL Soltero,Con MARIA ROSA GRIFALBA Soltera,no se velaron porque_ _ Caso prudente de necesidad en la novia i fue preciro a este consescender.Pads:Don Blas Trugillo y Maria Manuela Sanches.Testigos:Manuel Martin y Don Rafael de Luna,todos Vecinos de San Fernando.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1852,"By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 82.

1-CAMPBELL,Maria Peregrina Bapt 11-22-1828,8 days old.Father Richard Capmbell,Mother Maria Rosa Grijalva,Vecinos de San Fernando.Paternal Grandparents:John Campbell y Nazarena Pircuy.Maternal Grandparents:Marcelino Grijalva y Maria Petra del Valle.Padrinos:Pedro Vigil y Maria Josefa Lucero.

2-CAMPBELL,Jose Julian Ricardo Bapt 8-11-1831,3 days old.Pads:Jean Baptiste Lia y Maria Petra Del Valle.

3-CAMPBELL,Maria Petra Bapt 3-10-1833,4 days old.Pads:Julian Lucero y Maria Paula Larranaga.

4-CAMPBELL,Jose Bapt 1-1-1835,2 days old.Pads:Fredo Laesperaza y Maria Petra Del Valle.

From the book "Leading Facts Of New Mexico History." Volume II.By:Ralph Emerson Twitchell,Esq.Published By Horn and Wallace 1963.Page 142.Notes 96.Simpson,Gen.J.H.,Reconnoisances in New Mexico and Texas,P.64.....Mr.Richard Campbell,of Santa Fe,since my return,has informed me that in 1827,with a party of 35 men,and a number of pack animals he traveled from New Mexico to San Diego by the way of Zuni and the valley of the Rio de Zuni,and found no difficulty throughout the whole distance..

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