Taos County, New Mexico
Taos Baptisms

This data transcribed by the Taos County volunteeers, and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.

Please Note! If a fathers' surname was not given, but the mothers' was, the child will be indexed under the mother's name. Be sure to check under the maiden name of the mother. If neither surname was given the child will be indexed under the Unknown category.



Jachilpa, Juan 25 Jun 1719 Juan, son of Antonio Jachilpa and Ysabel, Apache residents of this pueblo of Taos. Sponsor Francisco Chalmo.
Jaepaba, Lucia 1 May 1706 Lucia, daughter of Antonio Jaepaba and Francisca Oja. Sponsor Juana Paileacoi.
Jaetungua, Jose 19 Mar 1702 Jose, son of Juan Jaetungua and Maria Pachole. Sponsor Pedro Abila.
Jaramillo, Amado Amado Jaramillo born Dec 5, 1892 at Taos child of Marcelino Jaramillo and Maria Doloritas Vigil
Jaramillo, Augustina Augustina Jaramillo born May 30, 1891 at Las Cruses child of Donasio Jaramillo and Dolores Maestas
Jaramillo, Jose Perfecto 4.22.1827 Jose Perfecto del Rancho 5 days old, son of Juan Felipe Jaramio and Maria Ygnacia Cortes, residents of San Francisco del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Psyricio Jaramio and Maria Josefa Crus, both dead. Maternal Grandparents Pablo Cortes and Maria Nasarena Blea, dead. Sponsors Pablo Blea and Maria Dolores Lopes, residents of San Fernando.
Jaramillo, Juan Felipe 2.8.1797 Juan Felipe 4 days old son of Patricio Jaramillo and Josefa de la Cruz residents Sponsors Jose Miguel Lopes and Clara Bernal? residents of this Jurisdicion
Jaramillo, Juana Maria 11.16.1829 Juana Maria del Rancho 4 days old, daughter of Jose Sebastian Jaramillo and Maria Tiodora Sandoval. Paternal Grandparents Maria Culara Jaramillo. Maternal Grandparents Manual Sandobal and Maria Antonia Lobato, residents all of San Francisco del Rancho. Sponsors Gregorio Duran and Maria Clara Fernandes, residents of the same place.
Jaramillo, Maria Candelaria 2.3.1832 Maria Candelaria 3 days old, daughter of Sebastian Jaramillo and Maria Teodora Sandoval. Paternal Grandparents Maria Nicolosa Jaramillo, deceased. Maternal Grandparents Manuel Sandoval and Maria Antonia Lovato, both deceased. Sponsors Juan Pablo Duran and Maria Soledad Jaramillo, all residents of San Francisco del Rancho.
Jaramillo, Maria Concepcion 4.13.1830 Maria Concepcion del Rancho 3 days old, daughter of Mariano Jaramillo and Maria Josefa Lovato. Residents of San Francisco Del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Maria Jaramillo. Paternal Grandparents Juan Antonio Lovato and Maria Ygnacia Sanches. Sponsors Pedro Beita? and Maria Ygnacia Cordova, residents del Rancho.
Jaramillo, Maria de la Lus 11.10.1839 Jaramillo, Maria de la Lus child of Jose Bernardo Jaramillo and Maria Micaela Jiron
Jaramillo, Maria de la Lus 3.3.1833 Maria de la Lus 1 day old, daughter of Mariano Jaramio and Maria Josefa Lobato. Paternal Grandparents Maria Niculosa Garamillo. Maternal Grandparents Juan Antonio Lobato and Maria Ygnacia Sanches, residents del Rancho. Sponsors Jose Miguel Beyta and Maria Barbara Sanches, residents of Abiquiu.
Jaramillo, Maria del Carmel 5.31.1830 Maria del Carmel del Rancho 4 days old, daughter of Juan Felipe Jaramillo and Ygnacia Cortes, residents del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Patricio Jaramillo and Maria Josefa Crus. Maternal Grandparents Pablo Cortes and Maria Nasarena Blea. Sponsors Antonio Medina and Maria Josefa Trugillo, residents del Rancho.
Jaramillo, Miguel Antonio 9.29.1827 Miguel Antonio del Rancho 3 days old, son of Mariano Jaramillo and Maria Josefa Lovato, residents of San Francisco del Rancho. Paternal Grandparents Nicolasa Jaramillo and father unknown. Maternal Grandparents Juan Lovato and Maria Ygnacia Sanches. Sponsors Jose Romaldo Vargas and Maria de Jesus Fernandes, residents of the Rancho.
Jatuje, Rosa 14 Oct 1782 Rosa, born 10 Oct 1782, daughter of Domingo Jatuje and Maria Romero, indians of this mission. Sponsor Manuela de Rio.
Jaugata, Ramon Date unreadable 1710, between 1.9.1710 and 5.3.1710 Ramon, son of Juan Jaugata and Lucia Uchal. Sponsor Ramon Garcia.
Juanaio, Antonio 24 Jul 1702 Antonio, son of Juan Juanaio and Maria Huapapa. Sponsor Juana Narache.
Juel, ? 2 May 1791 unreadable, born 30 Apr 1791, daughter of Jose Juel and Maria Rosa Margues, rest of entry unreadable.
Juilguillo, Josefa 10.6.1805 Josefa 7 days old daughter of Vicente Juilguillo, dead, and Maria Encarnacion Luxan widow. Sponsor Josefa Romero of the Pueblo.
Juilo, Maria Josefa 12.19.1821 Maria Josefa Indian 9 days old, daughter of Tomas Juilo and Marigarita Jislet? Sponsor Maria Antonia Archuleta all are Indians of this mission.
Julbajemo, Juan Thomas 30 Nov 1782 Juan Thomas, 8 days old, son of Juan Antonio Julbajemo and Maria Pagmajeta. Sponsor Rosalia Pilnas, wife of Juan Thomas Suie, all indians of the pueblo.
Julguato, Maria Ysabel 20 Nov 1782 Maria Ysabel, 5 days old, daughter of Jose Antonio Julguato and Ana Maria Chulte. Sponsor Maria Martin Paychule, widow, all indians of this pueblo.
Julguio, Maria Dolores 9 Aug 1789 Maria Dolores, born 8 Aug 1789 in this pueblo, daughter of Vicente Julguio and Miguela Suazo. Sponsor Magarita Romero?, all of the pueblo.
Juse, Paula 7.6.1793 Paula born 6.28.1793 daughter of Jose Antonio Juse? and Dominga Fecoa Sponsor Juana Matadormido all of the Pueblo
Jutacuela, Maria 11 Apr 1708 Maria, daughter of Lorenso Jutacuela and Angelina. Sponsor Maria Quaton

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