Taos County, New Mexico

From the Book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860"
By: David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Published by Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Chapter.
Frame 822.
4 Feb 1833 SALVADOR MANUEL ARELLANO Con MARIA JOSEFA PACHECO,vecinos del Arroyo Ondo. Padrinos: Antonio Romero Y Josefa Crus,vecinos del Arroyo Ondo. Testigos: Ylario Sandoval Y Juan Domingo Romero.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867"
By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.
Frame 1100.
30 Nov 1846 JUAN ANDRES 3 days old,son of Manuel Arellano and Maria Josefa Pacheco, residents of Arroyo Hondo. Paternal Grandparents:Jose Julian Arellano and Maria Dela Luz Tapia. Maternal Grandparents:Felipe Pacheco and Maria Gertrudis Cordova. Sponsors:Jose Altagracia Gonzales and Ana Maria Romero, residents of the same place.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848"
By:Thomas D.Martinez.Pages 46 and 47.
I'll list the first entry verbatim and the others with the date and name of child baptised.

1-Maria Rosa Bapt.12-1-1833,6 days old, Father Manuel Arellano, Mother Maria Josefa Pacheco, Vecinos de San Fernandez. PGP:Jose Julian Arellano and Maria Dela Luz Tapia. MGP:Felipe Pacheco and Maria Gertrudis Cordova. Padrinos: Manuel Mondragon and Maria Rosa Arellano.

2-Maria Antonia Bapt 1-21-1836.

3-Jose Vicente Bapt 4-8-1838.

4-Maria Dela Luz Bapt 4-18-1841.

5-Juan Julian Bapt 1-25-1844.

6-JUAN ANDRES Bapt 11-30-1846.

From the book "San Juan Delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870"
By:Thomas D.Martinez.Pages 41 and 42.

1-Juan Nepomuceno Arellano Bapt 3-15-1787,born 3-12,Father Julian Arellano.Mother Maria Dela Luz Tapia,Vecinos.Padrinos:Severiano Martin Y Maria Gertrudis Velasquez.

2-Maria Gertrudis bapt 3-9-1789.

3-Jose Maria Bapt.9-9-1790.

4-Maria Rosa Bapt 9-30-1791.

5-Juan Ricardi delos Dolores Bapt 2-9-1791.

6-Juan Antonio Bapt 4-30-1797.

7-Salvador Bapt 4-5-1801.

8-Maria Dorotea Bapt.9-7-1803.

9-Jose Antonio Bapt.6-16-1805.NM Roots Ltd,By Fray Angelico Chavez.117 Jan 5,1832 (NO.54).Age 25 and Maria Andrea Martin.

10-Maria Dorotea Bapt.1-5-1812.

From the same book (San Juan) listed above, page 442 and 443.

1-Jose Ygnacio Pacheco Bapt.3-22-1801,2 days old,Father Felipe de Jesus Pacheco,Mother Maria Gertrudis Cordova,Vecinos del Bosque Granda.Padrinos:Jose Cordova and Maria Manuela Villalpando.

2-Maria Gabriela Bapt 3-21-1802.

3-Jose Ysidro Bapt.5-18-1804.

4-Maria Manuela Bapt. 9-3-1806.

5-Maria Soledad Bapt.1-22-1809.

6-Juan Nepomuceno Bapt.1-18-1811.

7-Maria Antonia bapt.2-10-1814.

8-MARIA JOSEFA PACHECO Bapt.3-4-1814,Born 2-28.Father Felipe de Jesus Pacheco,Mother Maria Gertrudis Cordova,Vecinos del Bosque Grande,Padrinos;Juan Antonio Pacheco and Maria Josefa Vigil.

9-Jose Maria Bapt.12-10-1816.


LDS Microfilm Reel # D38114 0017017
27 Nov 1771 Juan Andres Arellano
S.H.L.de Manuel [Arellano] Y De Josefa Pacheco ,ya finada, Con Marcelina Quintana S.H.L. de Santiago Quintana Y De Maria Del Carmen Romero.
Testigos: Nicanor Mondragon Y Juana Maria Sanchez, Arroyo Hondo.


From the book "Francisco Arellano and His Descendants.By:Fay Louise Smith Arellano.Starting at page 85,Chapter 4,"Mas Primos,More Cousins."

Julian Arellano and first wife Maria Rosa Martin (No marriage record found yet) had the following.

1-Juan Ignacio Born 15 July 1781,bapt 20 July 1781 at Soledad.Pads:Joseph Francisco Arellano and Maria dela Luz Cordova.

2-Ramon Arellano Born 12 Feb 1783,bapt.15 Feb.Pads:Sebastian Arellano and Maria Lugarda Gomez.Married Ana Maria Armenta 2 June 1808 In Taos.Ana Maria Armenta daughter of Simon Armenta and his (2nd) wife Marta Maria Martin.

Maria Rosa Martin died and was buried by January 24,1786 (San Juan).

2nd Marriage to Maria Dela Luz Tapia,no marriage record found either.

I had sent you the names and birth/bautismo information on their children previously.From the book "San Juan delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez.I will list them again including what ever marriage information was found.

1-Juan Nepomuceno Arellano Born 3-12-1787.Married Maria Luisa Sisneros.

2-Maria Gertudis Born 3-7-1789.

3-Jose Maria Born 9-8-1790.

4-Maria Rosa Born 9-29-1791.Married Manuel Antonio Mondragon son of Mariano Mondragon and Maria Encarnacion Espinosa.

5-Juan Ricardo delos Dolores Born 2-3-1794.20 Sept.1815 wed Maria Juliana Valerio,daughter of Julian Valerio and Maria Martin.

6-Juan Antonio Born 4-30-1797 (Listed as Juan Domingo by Fay Louise Smith Arellano) 12 Dec 1820 Wed Maria Rosa Medina,daughter of Christobal Medina and Maria Juana Cordova.JUAN DOMINGO ARELLANO'S 2nd wife,Marrying 16 April 1850 Maria Francisca Chavez,Widow of Jose Ramon Pacheco.

7-Salvador Born 3-31-1801.4 Feb 1833 Married Maria Josefa Pacheco in Taos,daughter of Felipe Pacheco and Maria Gertrudis Cordova.

8-Maria Dorotea Born 9-4-1803.16 April 1828 Wed Juan Andres Madrid in Taos Son of Jose Antonio Madrid and Maria Barbara Lucero of Albuquerque.2nd Marraige to Manuel Antonio Gallegos 26 Nov 1832

9-Jose Antonio Born 6-14-1805.16 Jan 1832 Wed Maria Andrea Martin,daughter of Santiago Martin and Maria Dolores Arguello,in Taos.

10-Maria Dorotea Born 1-2-1812.

Anastacio Arellano Married Maria Seferina Duran 26 April 1855.Padrinos:Pedro Duran and Estefana Segura,Arroyo Hondo.(Information from Maria C.Martinez' Book "Extracts from LDS Microfilm Reel 0016622."Page 181.)

Ida R.Foraci in 2 of her books "The Quintana's."Volumes 5,6 page 594-i and Volumes 11,12 pages 919 to 919-c2.Lists the same offsprings and also says that Julian Arellano was the Natural son of Josefa Arellano;also listed are three others.

2-Joaquin Arellano Married Maria Rosa Cordova in 1779,Daughter of Geronimo Cordova and Geronima Medina;

3-Juan de Los Santos Arellano Bapt 4-16-1811.

4-(Juan)Jose Francisco Arellano in 1775 Married Maria dela Luz Cordova,widow of Pablo Francisco Villalpando.

Thomas D.Martinez in his book lists 3 children to Josefa Arellano.

1-Francisco born 5-20 Bapt 5-24-1806,Father unknown,Mother Josefa Arellano,Vecinos de La Joya.Pad:Jose Antonio Munoz and Guadalupe Romero.

2-Geronimo born 9-30,bapt 10-1-1814.

3-Maria Claudia born 2-16,bapt 2-18-1824.Unknown if Josefa Arellano listed as the mother of this 3 children is the same.

I was only able to find 2 marriage entries in the Taos Marriage Records,both listed above.

6-20-1808 Ramon Arellano,hijo de Julian Arellano Y De Maria Rosa Martin con Ana Maria,hija de Simon Armenta Y De Marta martin.Testigo:Jose Martin.Padrinos:Jose Gonzales Y Dorotea Baca.

4-16-1828 Juan Andres Madril,soltero hijo de Jose Antonio Midril Y De Maria Varvara Lucero,vecinos dela jurisdicion de Abiquiu con Maria Dorotea Arellano,soltera hija de Julian Arellano Y De Maria Dela Luz tapia,vecina de Arroyo Ondo.Padrinos:Juan Miguel Tafoya Y Maria Patricia Martin,Vecinos de Arroyo Ondo.Testigos:Francisco Sandoval Y manuel Martin,Vecinos de San Fernando.

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