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No Marriage or Baptism Records found for DAMIAN ARCHULETA and JUANA MICAELA SALAZAR.Following is the Baptism/Marriage information found on their children.

From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 13.

1-Archuleta,Jose Honorato Bapt 7-22-1793,3 days old.Father Damian Archuleta,Mother Juana Micaela Salazar,Padrinos:Nerio Gomez and Estela Montoya...Taos Baptisms show he married Maria Dolores Mestas.
vFrom the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 35.

2-Archuleta,Juan de Jesus Bapt 11-19-1809,6 days old,Father Damian Archuleta,Mother Juana Micaela Salazar.Padrinos:Marcos Archuleta and Dolores Sanchez.

3-Archuleta,Maria Paula Bapt 2-20-1815,4 days old.Father Damian Archuleta,Mother Juana Micaela Salazar.Padrinos:Manuel Archuleta and Maria Pascuala Romero.

The Abiquiu Marriages show 2 of their children's marriage.

5 May 1794 Jose Candelaria Garcia and Antonia Rita Archuleta.

12 Oct 1799 Julian Archuleta and Maria Ygnacia de Luna.

The Santa Clara Marriages show 1 marriage.
v13 June 1789 Antonio Jose Fernandez (Antonio Jose Martin in Margin) and Maria de Los Reyes Archuleta.

Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 874 & 875,Page 32.

12 Oct 1799 JULIAN ARCHULETA,single son of Damian Archuleta and Juana Micaela Salasar,Marrying MARIA MANUELA VARELA,single daughter of Mathias Varela and Juana Paula Romero,Both Deceased;Wit:Francisco Alexo Martin,Mariano Trujillo and Jose Varela.

1920 Penasco Census
Archuleta,Adela Head F W Age 34 Widowed
Escolastica Daughter F W Age 16 Single
Senaida Daughter F W Age 12
Abel Son M W Age 10
Beatriz Daughter F W Age 6
Diegito Son M W Age 5
Juanita Daughter M W Age 2

Following is the information located on your ARCHULETAS.From the book "San Juan Delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D. Martinez.Page 20.I'll include the first entry vebatim and the others with only the names of the child baptised padrinos and date.
1-Maria Ynes Archuleta Bapt 1-21-1807,Born 1-19.Father Antonio Valentin Archuleta,Mother Maria Clara Sandoval,Vecinos de Chamita.Padrinos:Gregorio Maestas and Juana Antonia Montano.
2-Maria Soledad Archuleta (Twin) Bapt 6-1-1811,Born 5-29.Pads:Hermenegildo Espinosa and Maria Juana Garcia.
3-Maria Dela Cruz Archuleta (Twin) Bapt 6-1-1811,Born 5-29.Pads:Hermenegildo Espinosa and Maria Juana Garcia.
4-Jose Rafael Archuleta Bapt 7-30-1812,Born 7-21.Pads:Antonio Romero,de Chama and Josefa Anaya deom Santa Cruz.
5-Miguel Antonio Archuleta Bapt 9-5-1815,Born 9-1.Pads:Miguel Antonio Garcia and Juana Quintana.
6-Jose Dela Cruz Archuleta Bapt 5-6-1818,Born 5-3.Pads:Rafael De Jesus Montoya and Maria Dolores Montoya.
7-Juan Antonio Archuleta Bapt 10-23-1825,Born 10-15.Pads:Jose Antonio Padilla and Josefa Maestas.

San Juan Marriages Microfilm Reel # 29 AASF,Frame 496.24 Oct 1855 MANUEL OLIVAS,widow of Maria Dolores Alire Marrying MARIA PETRA ARCHULETA,single daughter of Antonio Rafael Archuleta and Maria Clara Sandoval,both of Ranchitos de Ojo Caliente.Wits:Jose Guadalupe Sanchez and Antonio Herrera.

New Mexico Roots LTD:By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 108.1837 Sept 3 (Nos.61,63)San Ildefonso.JOSE CRUZ ARCHULETA (26) of Santa Clara,son of Antonio Archuleta and Clara Sandoval,deceased,and MAXIMA ORTIZ (22),daughter of Alejandro Ortiz and Dolores Gonzales.Wits:Felipe Gonzales (41),Mariano Salas (30),Santiago Lucero (38),all married.

From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 14.
1-Jose Rafael Archuleta Bapt 5-12-1844,8 days old.Father Jose Dela Cruz Archuleta,Mother Maria Maxima Ortiz,Vecinos de Ojo Caliente.Paternal Grand parents:Jose Antonio Archuleta and Maria Clara Sandoval.Maternal Grandparents: Alexandro Ortiz and Maria Dolores Gonzales.Pads:Jose Antonio Maestas and Maria De Jesus Valdez.

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