Pueblo County, Colorado

Page contributed by Karen Mitchell. Data contributed by Jean Griesan. Jean extracted these deaths from the 1930 Pueblo City Directory.
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Covi, Angeline (wid Max), 1104 Carteret ave

Cox, Mary A. (wid Jackson), 1826 Spruce

Fick, Mary R. (wid Clinton), 2127 Greenwood

Field, Mona (wid Harry T; Pueblo News Co), 1425 E. Orman ave

Fields, Mattie (wid Frank), maid, 1138 Pine

Filler, Philomena (wid Frank), 814 E. Abriendo ave

Fimple, Gertrude (wid Byron E), supt. McClelland Childrens Home, 106 Lake ave

Flannery Anna (wid Patk), 617 E. Routt ave

Fleming, Eliz. O. (wid John N), 1306 Stone ave

Fleming, Marie L. (wid Graham A), 41 Block N.

Flemons, Veanie (wid John),  111 1/2 E. Abriendo ave

Fluke, Mary F. (wid John), 219 E. 8th

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