Pueblo County, Colorado
Walter's Brewery Burial site

Walter's Brewery Site - Graves of Juan Chiquito, Elana Autobees Baca, a Sioux Indian Chief and his horses, Isabella Blackwell (1914) and others. - Reported to be southeast of Sugarloaf Hill, east of Joplin Avenue on the north end of the old Walter's Brewery Park.

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Photos taken July 2008.

by Priscilla Gutierrez

by Dennis Reed

Arkansas valley chapter NSDAR. Pueblo Parks Dept. and friends of the parks Nov. 13, 1976

In 1853 Marcelino Baca established a ranch north of the Arkansas river east end of the Fountain creek. As a trapper and trade Baca had amassed a fortune in cattle and horses. He built a log home for his livestock After Utes massacred residents of Fort Pueblo on December 25, 1854. Baca moved his family to New Mexico During the Civil War. he enlisted in the New Mexico volunteers and was killed February 21, 1862. Fighting for the Union in a battle with invading Texans at Valverde. While ranching in the Greenhorn Valley before settling on the site of Pueblo. Baca guided Capt. John Gunnison's Party through the Sargre de Cristo Mountain to the San Luis Valley while they were surveying a railroad route to the Pacific Ocean.

Baca Settlement area

Mariano Autobees and wife, Elena Baca, daughter of Marcelino Baca.

Mariano looks a lot like his dad, Charles Autobees. Elena must have inherited her looks from her mom - we have no photos of either of them, but we do know that Marcelino was over 6 feet tall and Elena is on the petite side and definitely looks Native American.

The wooden marker that was put up by CHS is quickly deteriorating - you can hardly read it. To get there Exit I-25 at 4th (CO 96) and make a right on 4th. At Joplin (the 4th street after you cross Fountain Creek), make a right.

Continue south on Joplin another 5 blocks just past Fir St.. As you round the bend, on the right hand side there is a turn-out where the Baca marker stands in an old grove of trees. It is just before the left turn for Portland Avenue and is near the 1100 S. LaCrosse St. area. At one time, Walter's Brewery and the Pueblo Stockyards were located there - both are now gone. There are no remains visible of the burial site.

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