Pueblo County, Colorado
Unknown Cemetery

We do not know what cemetery these burials are in. These records were extracted from the T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home Records, then added to from other sources found.
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Abele, Christian died 11-14-1898 Notes:age 34y, residence Mahaffey, Pa., informant Miles Davis

Allen, William H. died 5/6/1902 Notes:age 72y, husband of Harriet Allen

Baca, Jose Lewis died 1-16-1899 Notes:age 65y, Veteran

Burns, Dallia Edna born 5/15/1910 birthplace Pueblo died 7/7/1910 Notes:single, daughter of Evete? G. Burns born Iowa and Mary Coubory born Neb.

Eames, A. Henry died Pueblo, Colo., Sept. 26, 1910 (internet)

Heil, J.H. died 1/2/1961

Humbles, Harold Clarence born May 8, 1908 in Danville, IL died Pueblo, CO, May 24, 1949 (internet)

Kahs, John died 11/28/1900 Notes:shipped, age 48y

Louffler, Sarah birthplace New York died 1/13/1910 Notes:age 30y, wife of H.H. Louffler, residence Grand Junction, Co.

Manik Michael, birthplace Austria died 6/30/1910 Notes:born June 15, age 22y, single, injured at Oike View Mine, rsident of Colo. Springs, son of Andrew Manik and Mary Straka both born Austria, paid by Andy and George Manik, Calhan, Co., says buried in Greek Slg, Section

Maury, Orra LeRoy 'Roy' born abt 1895 died Pueblo CO 1968 Married Clara Barton Riley in Mead Co KS. (internet)

McGregor, Alexander Williamdied4-19-1899Notes: age 25y, son of Alexander McGregor

Mestas, Antonia birthplace Pueblo died 6/17/1900 Notes:age 10m 10d, daughter of Felix C. Mestas, residence Salt Creek

Stark, Felix K. died 8/29/1902 Notes:age 32y, died at Florence, Co., married

Truitt, George Beasley born 9 Nov 1882, Christian County, Illinois, died Pueblo husband of Mary Jane Taylor (internet)

Turner, Ila McAfee born Gunnison, Colorado 1897 died Pueblo, Colorado 1995 (internet)

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