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Pueblo County located in Southern Colorado, 110 Miles south of Denver. 2003 Population is 141,472

Abbey 1895 1891-1914 Post Office about 10 miles northwest of Cedarwood

Agate 1880-1881 Post Office about 18 miles southwest of Pueblo

Albia 1906 Railroad Stop about 6 miles south of Lime

Andersonville 1868-1869 Post Office about 7 miles southeast of Pueblo

Appleton 1920 Railroad Stop about 7 miles northwest of Pueblo

Avondale 1905 Called Forest City before 1890, Post office in 1892 and was platted in 1893.

Baxter 1885 Railroad Stop about 7 miles east of Pueblo

Beaver 1922-1923 Railroad Stop about 5 miles northwest of Carlisle

Bent's Stockade (Old Bent's Fort) (1828/33 - 1849), near La Junta. This was an adobe-walled trading post built by the Bent and St. Vrain Fur Co. Originally called (William) Bent's Fort or Fort Bent. This fort replaced Fort William in Pueblo. The U.S. Army used the fort as a supply base during the Mexican War. It was abandoned by Bent after a failed attempt to sell it to the U.S. Army and a cholera epidemic that nearly wiped out the Indians. It was reconstructed in the 1930's, and again in 1975. This was the first settlement in the state.

Bessemer 1885 formed in 1886.Became part of city of Pueblo in 1889

Beulah 1885 Originally known as Devil's Hole then later as Mace's Hole in 1885. Still later known as Silver Glen then in 1887 changed to Beulah

Blende 1920 ?

Booneville 1885 1860 Santa Fe Stage Station. Post Office established in 1863, the name was shortened to Boone in 1891. Railroad station here and called it Fosdick for a while.

Bragdon 1909-1968 Railroad Stop about 4 miles south of Pinon.See Also Eden

Brooks 1916-1924 Railroad Stop was located southeast of Marnel.

Burnt Mill 1920 Kinkel post office from 1907-1911, then it became Burnt Mill from 1911-1921. about 10 miles southeast of Goodpasture

Buzzard's Roost (1842 - 1843), near Las Animas. A fur trade post on the Arkansas River at Adobe Creek.

Cactus 1885 Shown at the same location as Overton and Cuba on 1885-1887 maps.   See also "Overton" and "Cuba

Camp Fillmore (1864 - 1867), at Boone. A Colorado Militia encampment two miles west of town.

Capers 1909-1964 Railroad Stop about 3 miles southwest of Cedarwood.

Capitol Hill Platted in 1889, about a mile north of Pueblo, this tiny town never did get it's own post office.

Carlisle 1895 This 1909-1923 Railroad Stop about 3 miles northwest of Swallows.   (Earlier 1880's maps show this as Carlisle Springs).

Carlile Springs 1885

Carpenter 1882-1909 settlement was located about 13 miles east of Pinon.

Carters 1895 1909-1923 Railroad Stop about a mile northwest of Livesly.

Cedarwood 1920 1912-1943 post office was on the Colorado & Southern Railroad route located about 23 miles south of Pueblo.

Central Pueblo Businessmen established. 1886 incorporated into City of Pueblo

Chico 1885 1882-1909 stop on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad route was located about 9 miles northwest of Boone.

Chilcott (2 sites) The first 1887-1897 site, the Chilcott Ranch, about 14 miles northeast of Pueblo. The second site was actually called Chilcott S.M. located south of Beulah on some maps as early as 1884. Both probably named for the early settler, George M. Chilcott who later bacame a U.S. Senator.

Clay This Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad route was located about a mile south of Marnel

Colorado City Post Office was established here in 1964. Located between Greenhorn and Rye

Concord Although platted in 1891 in the approximate location of Blende and the Blende Smelter, this settlement never did get it's own post office.

Creek 1885

Crow 1905 1885-1891 Post Office resurged in 1896 and operated until 1907. town was named for Matt Crow the former Pueblo postmaster, and in 1963 it became the site for Colorado City. located about 5 miles northeast of Greenhorn.

Cuba Located in about the same location as Overton and Cactus, this 1916-1920 Railroad Stop about a mile north of Bragdon

Dawkins 1885-1907 Post Office was located about 2 miles south of Pinon. Later it was relocated to Pinon. It's 1887 population was 30.

Dempsey Railroad Stop about 2 miles north of Pueblo

Devil's Hole See "Beulah"

Dundee 1895 1892-1902 Railroad Stop about a mile north of Pueblo

Eden Post Office operated from 1890-19114 about 5 miles north of Pueblo See Also Bragdon

Edge Plain Platted in 1889 about a mile north of Pueblo, this town was an attempt to suburbanize Pueblo, but it never made it.

Erickson Spur 1916 Railroad Stop about a mile northwest of Swallows.

Excelsior 1866-1871 Post Office about 17 miles southeast of Pueblo.

Fairview 1885-1922 village was located northwest of Rye

Fisher 1905 1895-1907 Post Office about 12 miles southwest of Pueblo.

Fontaine City See also Fort Pueblo Town settled 1858 near the junction of the Fountain & Arkansas Rivers, on the E side of the Fountain River.

Forest Park See "Avondale"

Fort El Puebla (1839 ?), now in Bent County. Also called Milk Fort. A short-lived settlement of American trappers, Mexicans, and Indians originally called Pueblo de Leche (Milk Town). Exact location undetermined.

Fort Cass 1832 - 1841), near Pueblo. John Gantt's Fort - A fur trade post located about five miles east of the mouth of Fountain Creek on the Arkansas River. It was also called Gantt's Post. It was renamed Fort Cass before it was abandoned.

Fort Flagler (1879), at Las Animas. A civilian stockade, also used by the Army.

Fort Huerfano (1845 - 1847 ?), near Avondale. A Mexican adobe fort with two circular towers was located about six miles east of town at the mouth of the Huerfano River.

Fort Independence (1846 - 1847), at Pueblo. A Mormon Battalion log fort that served as a winter camp for the sick and infirmed and family dependents. Also provided refuge for the first group of Mormons that travelled west in advance of the "Pioneer Band", known as the Mormon Colony Winter Camp.

Fort Lyon (1852 - 1889), at Fort Lyon. This was originally the trading post known as Bent's New Fort, at a site on the north bank of the Arkansas River eight miles west of Lamar, near Wiley. It was leased to the Federal government in 1859. The Army named it Fort Fauntleroy, but changed it to Fort Wise in 1860. It was renamed again in 1862. The Sand Creek Massacre occurred near here in Chivington in 1864. The post moved west to its present site in 1867 because of flooding. Became the U.S. Naval Hospital, Fort Lyon from 1906 to 1922. Became a VA Hospital in 1934, which still uses most of the original post buildings.

Fort Nepesta (1840's - 1854), at Pueblo - A trading post and adobe fort built by former American Fur Company employees. Destroyed by Indians. Site located on Union Avenue near the railroad depot.

Fort Pueblo 1842 - 1854 A trading post established by "free" trappers. It is perhaps best known for the Christmas of 1854 when a large batch of Taos Lighting was brewed with 17 Mexicans and a band of Ute Indians in the fort.The Utes ended up murdering all but some children, whom they abducted...The fort quickly died and only ruins greeted the founders of Fontaine City in 1858. A reconstruction is located at El Pueblo Museum on South Prairie Avenue and a commemorative marker is located near City Hall.

Fort Reynolds 1867-1872 Military Fort located near Avondale, was named for General J.F. Reynolds who died at Gettysburg

Fort William (1824 - 1828), at Pueblo. The Bent and St. Vrain Fur Co. built their original stockade in this vicinity, and abandoned it when they built their new fort near La Junta.

Fosdick 1920 See "Boone"

Fowler 1895

Furman 1920 1916-1924 Railroad Stop about 5 miles northwest of Marnel

Goodnight 1885 1882-1923 Railroad Stop about 4 miles west of Pueblo and may have been named for the Goodnight Cattle Trail

Goodpasture 1905

Graneros 1885 1885 Settlement had a post office 1889-1925 and was named for the nearby creek. about 3 miles north of Capers

Granton This town, located about 3 miles east of Pueblo, was platted in 1920

Gravel Spur 1916 Railroad Stop about 4 miles southeast of Nepesta.

Greenhorn 1868

Greenhorn Station 1885 1882-1897 Railroad Stop about 2 miles northwest of Marnel.

Grimaldi 1913-1920 Post Office about 18 miles south of Boone.

Gulf Junction 1920 1923 Settlement about 4 miles north of Pueblo.

Harlem Town was platted by the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company in 1889.

Hayden 1916 Railroad Stop about 3 miles east of Devine

Hermosillo 1867-1872 Post Office about 3 miles southwest of Undercliffe and 15 miles northeast of Cedarwood.

Huerfano 1862-1879 Post Office 2 miles southeast of Undercliffe and should not be confused with the Huerfano County site.This Huerfano moved it's post office to Undercliffe in 1879.

Herrick 1895

Jackson 1885 1887-1897 Settlement 2 miles south of Boone on the wagon road to Undercliffe.   It's 1887 population was 50.

Juniata 1885 Juanita 1869-1873 Post Office was located 10 miles southwest of Boone.   It's 1887 population was 50.

Kinkel See "Burnt Mill

Lake Minnequa See "Bessemer

Liberty Hill Platted in 1891, this town was located about 6 miles west of Pueblo.   It never got it's own post office

Lime 1905

Mace's Hole See "Beulah

Marnell 1920

Meadows 1885 1882-1892 Railroad Stop about 10 miles west of Pueblo

Mercier 1906-1913 Post Office was located close to the Otero County line.

Merrick 1902-1909 Railroad Stop 4 miles north of Pueblo

Mesa 1895 Same site as "Albia

Minnequa 1920 See "Bessemer

Muddy Creek 1885 1870-1886 Post Office was named for the nearby creek.   It's 1887 population was 25

Myrtle 1920 1906-1913 Post Office was located 3 miles southeast of Stone City.

Nada 1885-1897 Railroad Stop 4 miles north of Pueblo.

Nemo 1902 Railroad Stop about 6 miles northwest of Cedarwood.

Nepesta 1895

Nepesta Station 1895 Railroad stop was located north of Nepesta.

Newport Town, located close to Pueblo was platted in 1890, but never made it much further

Nolan Grant 1885-1922 land grant surrounded the city of Pueblo.

Nyburg 1895 1889-1918 Post Office about 8 miles northwest of Boone Station

Ormandale Although platted by J.B Orman in 1891, he failed to include the land description, so it never made it to the maps.

Osage 1885-1887 settlement was located a short distance northeast of Chilcott S.M.

Overton 1895 Located in about the same area as Cactus and Cuba, this town was platted in 1891. Located on the Denver & New Orleans Railroad route. It's post office closed in 1900.

Pinon 1885 Different from the present day site... this 1923 stop on the railroad was located east

Pueblo 1885 Current Population 102,121

Post of Pueblo (1867), at Pueblo. A Federal garrison post. Evacuated when Fort Reynolds was built.

Pultney 1895

Riverton 1920 1902 Railroad Stop about 10 miles west of Pueblo, at the same location as Meadows and Livesly

Rock Creek

Rye 1895

Saint Charles (2 sites) The first 1885 site was located a few miles north of the Agate-Burnt Mill.   The second site was a post office that operated from 1866-1881 and was located abaout 15 miles southwest of Pueblo.The town was named for the Saint Charles River

Salt Creek 1885 1880-1908 Post Office was also a Railroad Stop about 4 miles northeast of Graneros.   It's 1887 population was was 50

San Carlos 1885 1882-1922 Railroad Stop south of Lime, and was major stopping point and road junction

Saunders 1882-1887 Settlement was located 12 miles northeast of Pinon.

Senora 1920 Sonora 1916 Railroad Stop 1/4 mile north of San Carlos

Siloam 1895

Silver Glen See "Beulah"

Sitton 1906-1917 Post Office 5 miles southeast of Goodpasture. It appears on a 1956 map as Sitton Corner.

South Pueblo 1885 Home of the Steelworks and Smelter. Located across the Arkansas River from Pueblo, this town was platted in 1872. Started as a Railroad station, then consolidated with the Pueblo and Central Pueblo Railroad in 1886, but maintained separate identities after the merger. It's 1887 population was 5,000

Southern Junction 1920 1916 Railroad Stop 4 miles south of Pueblo

Sparrow 1885 Village was located at the junction of the Huerfano River and the Arkansas River

Stone City 1920

Sulphur Spring 1885 place was located close to the headwaters of Mustang Creek in the southern part of the county

Swallows 1905

Table Mountain small settlement north of Rye

Tabor Town never got a post office and never made it on any maps, it was platted in 1888 and was located 8 miles north of Pueblo

Tacony 1915-1942 Post Office 18 miles northeast of Boone, although it appears on maps as early as 1885

Taylors 1895 1923 Railroad Stop north of Taylorsville

Taylorville 1885 Town preceded Swallows in the area and had an 1887 population of 50.   It's post office operated from 1875-1892.

Turkey Creek 1920 1916 Railroad Stop 7 miles south of Stone City

Undercliffe 1885

Vegas 1895 1909-1923 Railroad Stop 2 miles east of Livesly

Verde 1895 1903-1912 Post Office and Railroad Stop 7 miles northeast of Salt Creek

Waremont Waremart 1916-1920 Post Office was located about 17 miles south of Nepesta

White Rock 1909-1927 Post Office was located about 22 miles southeast of Nepesta

Wiggins Creek Located south of Pinon

Williams 1916-1923 Railroad Station about a mile north of Cedarwood.

Williamsburg 1905

Wilson Platted in 1891, this town was located 11 miles southwest of Avondale. It's post office closed in 1913

Wood Valley 1862-1869 Post Office 14 miles north of Pueblo on the stage route to Colorado City (El Paso County).

Zinc Junction 1916-1923 Railroad Stop about a mile south of Southern Junction.

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