Pueblo County, Colorado
Three R Cemetery

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It was, at one time, reported that Peter Dotson Jr. was buried here but this new information was submitted by Sally A. Kennedy, a descendant of the Dotson family:

Peter K. Dotson, the original owner and builder of the Dotson Ranch (now known as the 3-R) had a son named Peter T. Dotson who died November 22, 1926 and is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo along with his mother Emily Dotson and father Peter K. Dotson. In fact, it was Peter T. who had his parents moved from the Pioneer Cemetery to Roselawn on December 23, 1905.

From letters written by descendants of Peter K. Dotson, the person buried on the ranch was named Henry Kibble and he was born in May 1852. He was the third child of Charles and Emily Kibble. His father Charles died of cholera a few months before he was born. His mother Emily met Peter K. Dotson while crossing the plains in a wagon train traveling from Missouri to Utah. Emily married Peter K. in Salt Lake City September 18, 1852.

According to family records, Henry Kibble lived with the Henry Silvers family in Montana while he was growing up. The Silvers had been in the wagon train from Missouri to Utah with Emily and her children. Henry then left Montana with his wife in about 1876 for Colorado. Peter K. and his family had left Utah for Colorado about 1861 and had already established the Dotson Ranch when Henry and his wife arrived. Peter K. gave them a house to live in, but within a year Henry died unexpectedly from pneumonia and was buried on the Dotson (3-R) Ranch.

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