Pueblo County, Colorado
Swallows Cemetery
From Highway 50 West, turn left on Swallows Road. Go 4.9 miles (pavement ends after 1.3 miles) Go into State Wildlife Area and the cemetery is across the railroad tracks and at the end of the road. The Turkey Creek Cemetery was relocated here on January 26, 1971. There are possibly other graves in this cemetery but no identifiable markers.
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Barbara J. Sabo
624 East Autumn Drive
Pueblo West, Colorado 81007
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Dedicated to the pioneer spirit of Swallows and surrounding communities - Swallows Cemetery Association 1983. (Dennis Reed)

Grave sites from Turkey Creek Cemetery - 21 graves and one memorial relocated here 1-26-1971. Nearby former site inundated by waters of the Pueblo reservoir. (Dennis Reed)

Listing and photos contributed by Doug Conley and Dennis Reed. These photos are current to the Fall of 2007. Scroll down for more overall photos.

Ackerman, Curt D. born 1935 died 1999

Ackerman, Olive B. born 1935 died no date

Aiken, Baby Louise born no date died no date

Aiken, Bernice Graetz born 1906 died 1986

Aiken, Catherine Gleason born Nov. 30, 1914 died no date

Aiken, Elton Richie born 1902 died 1980

Aiken, Mary born 1880 died 1910

Aiken, Winton James born Aug. 18, 1904 died July 25, 1978 notes: 2nd LT USN

Bartels, Louis born 1894 died 1944

Bartels, Mary L. born 1875 died 1951

Beck, Glenna M. born July 4, 1930 died no date

Beck, Joseph V. born Feb. 9, 1926 died Oct. 2, 1999

Brooks, Julia A. born no date died 2/3/1902 age 62y 10m 2d, single, informant Mrs. Anna B. Hamlin, McCarthy Funeral Home

Brooks, Lucy P. born no date died 3/23/1900 age 59y 2m 2d, wife of John W. Brooks, McCarthy Funeral Home

Burton, Arthur M. Sr. born Aug. 3, 1927 died Dec. 31, 1986

Childre, Baby Boy born no date died March 7, 1976

Church, LeRoy born 1911 died 1992

Church, Pearl born 1919 died 1993

Church, Ruth Nadine born Oct. 1940 died Jan. 1941

Clifford, Michael born 1860 died 1937

Eaks, Matthew Ray born no date died May 6, 1972

Fear, Flora born 1858 died 1939 notes: Mother

Fear, George W. born 1860 died 1932

Gallagher, Baby born no date died no date

Grant, Rachel Leanne born April 8, 1977 died September 18, 2001

Harney, Baby born no date died Mar. 15, 1898

Hill, Laura born no date died no date

Hodges, Alvin R. born no date died 1981

Hopkins, Delbert L. born 1912 died 1981

Hopkins, Esther A. born 1915 died 1986

Hughes, Baby born no date died no date

Kindig, Richard B. born 1943 died 1996 notes: PFC US Marine Corps

Martin, Bobby G. born Jan. 10, 1937 died Jan. 2, 2003

Martin, Lois I. born June 17, 1940 died no date notes: married June 23, 1957

McBride, Kate J. born 1858 died 1942

McBride, Samuel born 1845 died 1933

McBride, Samuel Jr. born May 5, 1878 died July 12, 1907

McBride, Willie E. born Aug. 19, 1883 died Mar. 26, 1893

McElroy, Edwin F. born Sept. 26, 1887 died July 15, 1891

McElroy, James J. born Oct. 23, 1885 died July 31, 1891

McElroy, Walter M. born July 14, 1882 died July 21, 1891

McHogan, Eva born 1880 died 1965

McHogan, Frank H. born 1885 died 1967

Mutz, Edward born 1913 died 1983

Mutz, Irma born 1917 died 1973

Nitchen, Catherine born no date died July 30, 1891 notes: 7 yrs. 1 mo. 4 days

Nitchen, Maggie A. born no date died Aug. 11, 1891 notes: 8 yrs. 10 mos. 10 days

Reeves, Thomas A. born 1869 died 1957

Richie, Arthur Bryan Jr. born Sept. 28, 1921 died July 19, 2000

Richie, Baby born no date died no date

Richie, Bridget Theresa Kilcoyne born Mar. 29, 1925 died June 26, 2000

Richie, Clona Margaret born no date died Dec. 8, 1934

Richie, Elmer Thomas born no date died Feb. 23, 1960

Richie, Elmer Thomas Jr. born June 6, 1918 died Dec. 15, 1945 notes: EM3 US Navy

Richie, Evelyn M. born Jan. 31, 1928 died Feb. 18, 2003

Richie, Harriett E. born 1855 died 1914

Richie, J. D. born 1858 died 1905

Richie, Jake Gordon born Oct. 23, 1928 died June 2, 1967

Richie, James P. born 1847 died 1922

Richie, John born 1821 died 1901

Richie, Leonard L. born Dec. 11 ,1921 died no date

Richie, Louise V. born 1860 died 1944

Richie, Marguerite born no date died no date

Richie, Nellie born 1889 died 1889

Richie, Verlinda Margaret born 1884 died 1890

Richie, William R. born 1854 died 1927

Rider, William born July 5, 1836 died Dec. 25, 1891

Rogers, Frederick born 1910 died 1960

Rogers, Jasper born no date died no date notes: Co. H 51 Tenn INF CSA

Rogers, Laura born no date died no date

Rogers, Mary A.B. born 1833 died 1913 age 79y 2m 4d, widow, died 3-12-1912, maiden name Shaffer, shipped from Pueblo to Swallows 3-18-1912 via Santa Fe railroad. Dr. M.S. Middlekamp, cost $103.00

Schmidt, Benno Kurt born no date died Apr. 16, 1932 notes: born in Trojatschek, Poland

Schmidt, Elsie Lillian Falkenstein born Feb. 11, 1928 died Jan. 28, 1996

Taylor, Ed born no date died no date

Thomas, Baby born no date died no date

Thomas, Sadie born no date died no date

Trainer, Baby born no date died no date

unknown, born no date died no date notes: wood cross

unknown, born no date died no date notes: now unknown 1975

unknown, born no date died no date notes: now unknown 1975

unknown, born no date died no date notes: now unknown 1975

VanCamp, Dorice Orr born 1916 died 2000 notes: MA, MS, PhD

VanCamp, Wesley M.D. born 1909 died 2000

Vining, Carl M. born June 17, 1927 died no date

Vining, M. Joy Robinson born July 12, 1927 died no date

Wallace, Janet K. Conover born Apr. 1, 1954 died Oct. 7, 1995

Wallace, Mary born May 29, 1931 died no date

Wallace, Nellie C. born 1894 died 1978

Wallace, Robert J. Jr. born Dec. 5, 1924 died Feb. 14, 1999 notes: RM3 US Navy

Wallace, Robert J. Sr. born 1901 died 1986

Williams, Charles Edward born no date died Sept. 20, 1907

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