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Located one mile southwest of the Nicholson School, on the property of Cesar farms, at 23000 St Charles Road. There are approximately 100 graves unmarked.

South of St. Charles Mesa

The following information was prepared by George R. Williams in August 2006. It relates to the “Wiggins-Saint Charles Cemetery” which is south of the St. Charles Mesa-Lombard Village-Nicholson School areas and surrounded by the Cesar Dairy and Farm whose address is 23000 St. Charles Road. Some old records refer to this site as “The Saint Charles River Cemetery.” The Wiggins-Saint Charles Cemetery is located on a rocky bluff that overlooks the Saint Charles River and one of the Cesar houses to the east. Persons living on the lower St. Charles river drainage, the Blake ranch, the Lime community and some who lived adjacent to the Bessemer and Bryson Irrigation ditches began using this one-acre site as a burial ground around 1870. Many of them came from North Carolina and Georgia after the Civil War. The last known burial was in 1947.

Jesse M. Bryson and Columbus C. Bryson were the first owners of what now constitutes the Cesar dairy and farm, and the Wiggins-St. Charles cemetery. Jesse Bryson sold the property to William Alexander Wiggins on August 8, 1883 (Book 34-Page 651) but the cemetery is not identified in the documents. When Wiggins sold the property to David Holton on October 1,1891, he reserved one acre for cemetery purposes (Filing #53713-Book 116-Page 86). The cemetery reservation continues during various changes of recorded ownerships until January 17, 1951 when Mary Nougas Cesar and Anton Cesar purchased the property from her father's estate.

It appears that 90-110 persons have been buried in the Wiggins-Saint Charles Cemetery over the years. Mounds of surplus rocks and dirt from the grave excavation originally identified most of the burial locations. Over the years as the wooden caskets rotted away these materials settled into the graves but still identified grave locations. Stone borders, cedar posts and metal fences outline several family plots. Very few of the graves have Head or Footstones. Only a few of the metal markers used to temporarily identify the deceased's grave still remain. All of the cardboard identification cards that were part of these metal markers and the information on them have been lost to the years and elements.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify or find evidence of many of the graves because the cemetery has been used as a hay storage area for many years. The use of motorized farm equipment to load and unload this hay has further disturbed the surface and contributed to the loss of grave identification. Any grove locations or markers that existed in the western portion of the cemetery have been lost because cattle pens now occupy that space.

Researchers should be aware of the following.

1) There is a Native American burial site approximately 1/2 of a mile directly east of the Wiggins-St. Charles cemetery. It is located in the grasslands that abut the eastern edge of the cultivated field.

2) There may be several other graves in this grassland area. It is highly unlikely but the 1855 Lopeman burial noted in the DAR records may relate to this location.

3) There is a burial ground-cemetery approximately three miles north of the Wiggins-St. Charles Cemetery. Some records and individuals refer to this site as the St. Charles Cemetery. Others refer to it as the Archuletta cemetery or Archuletta Family cemetery because the majority of those interred there are Hispanic. The age of this cemetery is unknown but the lands near it have been cultivated since 1836. The possibility exists that early residents of this small valley could have been buried on this bluff long before those whose graves can be identified. The burials are on a bluff north of the old U.S. Highway 50 and approximately one mile east of the bridge that spans the Saint Charles River. The location of the burial ground is easy to identify because the area around it has been excavated for gravel.

4) There have been three efforts to record and publish information about the burials in the Wiggins-Saint Charles Cemetery. The first two were by local D.A.R. Chapters. In 1987, George R. Williams added considerable information from his personal knowledge and research of the Wiggins family, the genealogy and family records of descendents and relatives of persons buried in this cemetery, and a series of personal interviews. Eugene Cesar was very helpful with this process. This information assembled was combined with the DAR records into a 32 page record that contains narrative descriptions of where the graves of some persons can be located, genealogy-census records and the relationships of those buried In this cemetery.

5) The records of the Wiggins-Saint Charles Cemetery will never be complete. They are a “work in progress and any additions or corrections are welcomed. The information assembled to date can be found in both the Pueblo County Historical Society Library, and the Special Collections Department of the Pueblo City-County Library aka known as the Robert Hoag Rawlings Library.

Overview (Dennis Reed)

Overview (Dennis Reed)

Overview (Dennis Reed)

Overview (Dennis Reed)

Overview (Dennis Reed)

Ballou, Ada-Adda-Addie died sometime between 1932 and 1935 First wife of James H. BalIou. Maiden name unknown

Ballou, Child of James H. and Ada. Name may have been William W. Died at same time as Ada.

Ballou, ____Child of James H. and Ada. Name may have been Martha Died at same time as Ada. James H's older sister Mae (May) married Lawrence Tucker and several Tuckers' are burled here.

Barnett, John W. born 1790 died 1871 Notes: died near Boone in 1872. Father of Mary A. Wiggins. Barnett's remains and those of his grandson John B. Wiggins were moved from the Chico Cemetery in 1882 when his great grand daughter Georgia Chastain died and was buried in the Wiggins-St. Charles. (Dennis Reed)

Bryson, Annie E. Unknown Possibly buriled in this cemetery Wife of Columbus Bryson

Bryson, Della Unknown Possibly buried in this cemetery Child of John and Sarah

Bryson, Edward Unknown Possibly buried in this cemetery Child of John and Sarah

Bryson, John After the 1870 Census Father of Jesse M. and Columbus C.

Bryson, Nellie Unknown Possibly buried in this cemetery Wife of John

Bryson, Sarah Harriss Between 1880 and 1885 First wife of Columbus C.

Chastain, Georgia E. born 1870 died 1882 dau of S.B. and Annaliza C. Chastain Notes: died November 11, 1882 at age 12 daughter of Simpson Berry and Ann Eliza Jane Wiggins Chastain—the second daughter of W. A. & M. A.(Dennis Reed) G. E. C. footstone (Dennis Reed)

Cripe, Walter H. died 9/21/1900 Notes:age 24y, died at Michael Grady's Ranch, St. Charles Mesa, T.G.McCarthy Funeral Home

DuVall, Josephine died November 9, 1894 Age 1 year, 9 months

Edson, Eastly D. died 1908 or 1909. Second Husband of Lydia McCausland. Raised a child who was left on his doorstep and named him William W. Edson and the five children of George and Mary Shives after one or both were killed in a fire.

Ellingboe, Iver Unknown Married Nellie July 20,1905

Edson, "Doc"

Ellingboe, Ivor

Ellingboe, Nellie Meldings Unknown Their son Oscar lver died November 5,1908 and is buried at Roselawn. Their son lver II married “Dolly” Mary Lou Souther. They raised her brother's children. Two took the Ellingboe name. The others went by Souther.

Galusha, Ausher Died at 9 months 1880 or 1881 Probably buried in this cemetery. Child of David and Clara.

Galusha, Charles-Charley Stone inscribed Died 1887 Age 2 years. Child of David and Clara

Galusha, (unknown)

Galusha, Clara B. Shepherd born 1851 died 1924 Notes: Wife of David A. Mother of 12, five lived to adulthood their names were Mark, Bonny, Herb, Frank and John. (Dennis Reed) MIddle initial may be H.

Galusha, David A. born 1839 died 1896 Husband of Clara B.Father of 12 Served GAR 11w” Battalion Ohio Light Artillery (Dennis Reed)

Galusha, David A. born 1839 died 1896 11 Bn Ohio Lt Arty, born MA (Dennis Reed)

Galusha, Edith died 1890 Died when one year old. Child of David and Clara. Probably buried In this cemetery

Galusha, Harry Died 1897 at age 3 Probably buried in this cemetery Child of David and Clara

Galusha, Herbert A. born 1873 died 1942 Child of David and Clara Never married (Dennis Reed)

Galusha, Mort Died 1885 Age five months. Child of David and Clara Probably buried in this cemetery.

Garrish, Ella S. born 5/16/1889 died 2/6/1899age 10y, resident of Vineland, daughter of J.B. Garrish, McCarthy Funeral Home Per George Williams: Garrish, Ella S. Born February 6,1899. Died May, 16, 1899. Daughter of John B. Garrish & Mattie E. Davis. Parents are in the Beulah Cemetery. Served CSA (Dennis Reed)

Garrish, Rhoda E. born 9-23-1884 died 2-16-1899 Per George Williams: Garrish, Rhonda E. Born September 23,1884. Died February 10, 1899. (Dennis Reed)

Good(e?), Sammy Lee- (Samantha?) Born September 26, 1927. Died October 25, 1927 Daughter of S. B. Goode and Emma Dell

Goss, infant - Unnamed twin of Lewis Goss, son Bill. Died December 26, 1895. Sons of J. William Goss & Nellie V. Edmundson. Carl Goss & Mary Toreson are siblings.

Haines, Eligah D. born no date died 7/6/1877 son of A & E Haines, age 21 y 9m 11d Per George Williams: died July 28, 1877(Dennis Reed)

Haney, Avoline Wiggins died October 12,1898 Wife of Solomon H. Sister of W. A. Wiggins

Haney, James-Jimmy Unknown Born Feb. 1894 Step-son of Fitch Lee Haney. James married Viola Snodgrass July 22. 1918 In Pueblo

Haney, Maria M. Mays died before 1910 Wife of Samuel T.

Haney, Samuel T. born no date died 6/28/1910 Per George Williams: died June 28, 1910 Largest stone in the cemetery Woodman of the World Served with his uncle W. A. Wiggins in Thomas” Legion N. C Troops CSA (Dennis Reed)

Haney, Solomon H. died after the 1885 census & before October 12,1898 Served CSA

Haney, Stella died before 1910 Daughter of Samuel T. and Maria M.

Hein, Helena born no date died 3/19/1900

Hicks, Gene Wesley Stone inscribed Born April 5, 1927, Died April 7,1927. Son of George W. and Mary Ausborn Hicks. Death certificate says born April 6, died April 7 1927.

Hinkle, Screpta H. born no date died 2/22/1895 age 26y Sister Per George Williams: Stone says Died February 22, 1895, age 26 She was the daughter of Gilbert and May Tucker- Never found her marriage license. Death certificate shows 33 years of age, died February 23, 1896. She was 15 in the 1885 Census. Her daughter Myrtle was born March 1894 but nothing more is known at this time.(Dennis Reed)

Joseph, infant born 8/29/1912 died 8/29/1912 Notes: Joseph, infant born 8-29-1912 Pueblo, died at St. Mary Hospital, Pueblo 8/29/1912 buried 8-30-1912 St. Charles son of Michael Joseph born Turkey and Mary Sandoval born New Mexico, buried St. Charles Cemetery by relatives, Dr. R.A. Henderson, McCarthy Funeral Home

Klaus, Herman born no date died 1/3/1901died 1/3/1901 buried St. Charles, age 10y, son of Emil Klaus

Lopeman. The DAR records state “Lopeman, 8 years old, died 1855 shortly after Christmas (pair of little shoes still on the grave).” The date may be incorrect. The DAR surveys were conducted in 1939 and 1946 and if the “little shoes” had been placed on the grave in 1855 they would not have survived the elements and animals for 84 years. The record of an 1855 death and burial would have to have come from a family or DAR record because there are no Pueblo County records for that time frame. The residents of Fort Pueblo were massacred Christmas Day 1854 and habitation did not occur again until around 1858. However there is the possibility that a family by the name of Lopeman camped near the St. Charles in 1855. Eugene Cesar stated that there were several graves east of the River. One of those was the Native American burial described earlier. Hobart S. Lopeman & Cleo Peteman took out a Pueblo County marriage license on March 3,1920, which may be a clue.

Mattarocci, Ester May Galusha died October 24, 1944 Age 23 years, 6 months, 19 days Wife of Angelo (Rocky) Matarocci. Mother of four. Daughter of John W. and Alice Edmundson. She died at the Livesey ranch-the former Charles Goodnight ranch-west of Pueblo

McCausland, Orellio-Orillio Terrell Rowe Died sometime between 1885 and 1890 She was the widow of John Rowe but how she got the name McCausland was not found The DAR listed Orellio as the grandmother of Mrs. Everett Cash, who was Mabel-Maybelle McCausland and married to Everett C. Cash. He was principal of Pinon School for many years. The Cash's didn't have children but raised Mabel Ruspini and six children of George and Mary Shives who lost one or both parents in a fire.

McCausland, Seth Died January 9, 1876 age 36- Buried January 10, 1876 His wife was Lydia McCauseland who later married E. E. Edson

Nevenno, Mark and Wife DAR records state the graves are unmarked Date of deaths unknown Did not find any type of record.

Santisteven, Eusebio Died April 11, 1882 from injures incurred on April 9th when a train forced him to jump from a trestle over the Fountain Creek with his wife and daughter in each arm. Some one or agency commended him for bravery.

Shives, Mary born no date died 11/16/1896 Mother Per George Williams: Shives, Mary M. Hays Died November 16, 1896 at age 43 Known as Mother Mary (Dennis Reed)

Shives, George Unknown Probably the same date as his wife who died in a fire. The deaths of Mary and George Shives orphaned five children who were taken in and raised by Eastiey D. Edson and his wife Lydia Simons McCausland Edson. Edson also raised Lydia's children from a previous marriage and a boy who was left at this door.

Souther, James Died 1903 Son of James Souther and Nancy Jackson

Souther, James Holman Died January 29,1934

Souther James L. born 1850 died 1914 Husband of Ruth Caroline (Dennis Reed)

Souther, Nancy Jackson Died 1890 Wife of John Souther and mother of James

Souther, Ruth Caroline born 1861 died 1928 Wife of James Logan Souther (Dennis Reed)

Souther, Sarah Wilson Died April 1885 Wife of James and mother of eight

Souther, William born no date died 1/29/1908 age 29y, died at St. Mary Hospital, resident of Blende, smelter man, record shows buried 1-22-1908, Dr. J.H. Black, cost $71.00

Tucker, Gilbert Louis Born 1833 Date of death unknown Probably buried next to Mary E. Tucker and his daughter Serepta Tucker Hinkle.

Tucker, Herbert Stone inscribed “about 1917” Death certificate states Herbert Allen Tucker, born January 20, 1906. Age 10 years, 11 months, 6 days, Died December 25,1916 at 835 West 4 Street. Parents Lawrence Tucker and Mary Ballou.

Tucker, Laura Allen, Died July 29, 1928 Probably born July 28, 1928 Daughter of Robert 0. and Cleta Highfill who married In November 1922 Lived at 102 East 4 St. when Laura died

Tucker, Lou Stone inscribed “about 1927 Child of Gilbert and Mary —12 years old and listed as Lawrence in the 1885 census.

Tucker, Mary E. born no date died 2/10/1913 Mother Per George WIlliams: Wife of Gilbert Tucker Born March 6, (probably 1842) Age 70 years 11 months. 4 days Died 2/10/1912 Parents Father ___ Battles Mother ___Fisher. (Dennis Reed)

unknown (Dennis Reed)

unknown (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, Charles S.F. born 1890 died 1892 (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, Elisha B. born 4/3/1864 died 3/6/1906 (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, Emma L. born 1855 died 1890 Per George Williams: Wiggins, Emma F. Johnson (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, John B. born 1/09/1847 died 11/30/1880 footstoneJ. B. W. footstone (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, John B. born 1/09/1847 died 11/30/1880 son of WA & M Wiggins Per George WIlliams: Age 32 yrs, 10 mo, 21 days.” Died near Boone. Moved from Chico Cemetery In 1882. First son of W. A. and M. A. Grandson of John Bamett. Uncle of Georgia A. Chastain (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, Mary Ann Barnett born 2/9/1826 died 1/19/1887 Per George Williams: Died January 19, 1887 Daughter of John W. Barnett Wife of W. A. Mother of five daughter and four sons all born in NC (Dennis Reed)

Wiggins, William Alexander born 4/19/1823 died 8/31/1909 Per George Williams: Died August 3,1908 Lt. in Thomas' Legion NC Troops CSA (Dennis Reed)

PLEASE NOTE—Information previously printed states that another of Robert and Emma's sons named Charles S. F. Wiggins was burled in this grave. The stone placed on this grave was marked as such in 1980 when George Williams had stones placed on all the Wiggins family graves in this cemetery. Robert and Emma's son Alva died at age 94. During his final days, Alva told his son William that he had a brother Charles who had lived in Phoenix and was deceased.

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