Pueblo County, Colorado
St. Charles Cemetery #1
aka Los Angeles Cemetery

There are no markers left at all, just piles of rocks that indicate where some are buried. The location is 1.13 miles west of the junction of Highways 50 Business, and 231 in Vineland, and 1/4 mile north of highway 50. 38.246625, -104.478869
All photos taken by Dennis Reed, May 2006.
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A story from Albert Pisciotta is that when the county was removing so much of the gravel around the cemetery his Aunt, Martha Pisciotta Schimento, stood in the middle of the road and stopped the trucks from taking more gravel from the cemetery because her brother was buried there, and she was afraid they would disturb his grave.

Believed to be buried here:

Chavez, Jose Lucas died 9-23-1898 age 11m 5d, son of Jose L. Chavez Sr. Dr. Smith. McCarthy Funeral Home

Chavez, Josefa O. died 1/25/1907 buried St. Charles Cemetery, single, daughter of J.C. Chavez, burial by relatives, Dr. J.E. Plains. McCarthy Funeral Home

Cruz, Mary T. born Pueblo, died 1/17/1910 at home Salt Creek, buried 1-19-1910 St. Charles cemetery, age 35y, married, daughter of Antonio Torres and Margarita Martinez, both born NM, sold to C. and J.B. Chavez, Salt Creek, Dr. Lugr. Cardini. McCarthy Funeral Home

Cruz, Monica died 10/2/1902 buried 10-3-1902 St. Charles cemetery daughter of Juan Cruz, father worked CF&I yards, Dr. Luke McLean, McCarthy Funeral Home

Gallegos, Prudentia ages 1m 26d, daughter of Joan Inham Gallegos, died 5-31-1902, buried by relatives, Dr. A.L. Fugard, McCarthy Funeral Home

Garcia, Clorinda age 3y, residence Salt Creek neat Nuckolls Packing plant, daughter of Joe Garcia, died 1-9-1899 in Pueblo, buried by relatives on St. Charles, Dr. Baker McCarthy Funeral Home

Garcia, Elberto age 7m, residence 600 Block W 15th street, grandfather S. Garcia, died 8-18-1902 buried 8-18-1902 at St. Charles Cemetery by relatives, Dr. Standing, McCarthy Funeral Home

Garduno, Maria Eduvigan age 66y 7m 24d, residence St. Charles, died 2-17-1900, buried at St. Charles Mesa Cemetery 2-18-1900, wife of Antonio Garduno, Dr. William H. McDonald, McCarthy Funeral Home

Jaramillo, Teles born 11-15-1909 at Canfield, Co., single, female, residence Chamberlain & Wiley Addition, daughter of Joseph Jaramillo and Teresa Bascka both born Colorado, died 3-10-1911 at home, buried 3-11-1911at St. Charles Mesa by relatives, Dr. W.O. Patterson, McCarthy Funeral Home

Pacheco, Feliberto born 6/4/1910 at Salt Creek, Co. died 6/24/1910 buried St. Charles, son of Felix Pacheco born San Luis Valley and Dora Gonzales mother born Pueblo, Co., buried 6-25-1910, Dr. McConigle, cost $30.00 McCarthy Funeral Home

Pisciotta, Guiseppe (Joseph Pissetto) died 4-28-1917 age 2 days, buried 4-29-1917 son of Guiseppe and Carmela Pisciotta, T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home

Sanchez, Francisco age 2m 27d, son of Salome Sanchez, died 12-27-1900, taken to St. Charles Mesa by relatives 12-29-1900, Dr. Josephine ?, cost $5.00, McCarthy Funeral Home

Sandoval, Encarnacion age 72y, died 2-25-1900 buried St. Charles Cemetery 2-25-1900 by relatives, relatives Tonio Enriques and Cisneros DeHerrera, Dr. A.L. Fugard, cost $15.00 McCarthy Funeral Home

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