Pueblo County, Colorado
School News

11-19-1868 The district school in this place was opened on Tuesday last, under the direction of Miss Jamison, late of the Cuerno Verde, whom we are glad to welcome as a valuable addition to the literati of our town. There are prospects of a large school this winter, and we cordially wish our fair instructress all success in moulding the minds of the future rulers of our town, and in "teaching the young idea ____" to shoot - without danger to herself or others.

12-17-1868 Pueblo School - The following is a list of those scholars who have been constant and punctual in attendance during the week ending Friday, December 11, 1868: Charles Shaw, James Rice, Frank Davis, Barbara Williams.

Public Schools - The following are the names of the five best scholars in each of the school rooms for the month ending October 16, 1874:
Room No. 1. Mrs. Nellie F. Waltz, teacher. Pupils - Mamie Risey, Sarah Kearney, Laverne Gano, Dayton Merrill and Abe Arkush.
Room No. 2. Ida Laughlin, teacher. Pupils - Annie Jenner, Jennie Jenner, Bennet Nusbaum, Mary Howe and Katie Stout.
Room No. 3. Mrs. Nellie Rice, teacher. Pupils - Arthur Powell, Minnie Cramer, Flora Gano, Charles Cochrane and Charles Selleck.

12-20-1877 The East Pueblo school has closed until after the Christmas holidays.

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