Pueblo County, Colorado
Brookside Cemetery

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This cemetery was filmed in the summer of 2001. Photos updated 11-5-2010. Listing and photos contributed by Karen Mitchell. If anyone can identify the Unknown Graves please contact Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: The designation at the end of each entry, such as A 108 D, translates to Ward A, lot 108, grave D.



Aaron, Dorothy S. born 7/23/1914 died 5/27/1980 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary A119d Also

Acrea, Mabel E. born 1900 died 1939 A36d

Adams, Eileen M. born 8/17/1923 died 8/25/1923 Twin, buried with Wesley A108d

Adams, Wesley H. born 8/17/1923 died 8/22/1923 Twin, buried with Eileen A108d

Adkison, James Henry born 1-31-1894 died 8/31/1966 Colorado PFC US Marine Corps Res WWI and WWII B81aa

Adkison, Lula Ella born 7-30-1893 died 11/25/1967 B81ab

Agee, Clarence Dean born 1930 died 1993 D56d

Agee, Frances J. born 1930 died no date D56c

Akin, Lyman C. born no date died 11-11-2008

Albin, James M. born 1881 died 1965 B48a

Alcorn, Regenia M. born 9/13/1936 died 2/7/1983 A6A

Alcorn, Sam L. born 1934 died no date A6b

Allee, Bettie E. born 1844 died 1931 B71a

Allee, Laura A. born 8-2-1884 died 2/9/1975 B71d

Allee, Thomas M. born 1-5-1877 died 1/22/1948 B71c

Amerine, Howard R. born 12/5/1927 died no date A76ad Also

Amerine, Norma P. born 7/5/1928 died 10/11/1991 A76ac Also

Anderson, Leeta born 1912 died 1951 A46a

Andis, Cleo born 1899 died 1969 A77b

Andis, Ina E. born 1904 died 1984 A52b

Andis, Lila Jean born 1933 died 1935 A65d

Andis, Meda born 1877 died 1977 A77c Also

Andis, Raymond G. born died 8/2/1993 no stone found A65b

Andis, Rex F. born 1912 died 1986 book says Rex T., stone shows F. A65c

Andis, Wilbur L. born 1904 died 1977 A52c

Andis, William A. born 1872 died 1950 A77dAlso

Anna, maleborn no date died 6/22/1910 McCarthy Funeral home record, son of Thomas Anna

Annis, George born no date died 1890 book shows died 1936, no stone found A66d

Ashley, Cynthia Ann born 1932 died 1938 A37c

Ashley, Ivan Martin born 4-5-1897 died 10/20/1957 Colorado S2 USNRF WWI A37b

Ashley, James Porter born 1838 died 1910, son of John Spencer Ashley and Comfort Roten D29c

Ashley, Joseph Orin born 1870 died 1940 A37d

Ashley, Nancy A. born 1870 died 1947 A38a

Ashley, Nellie S. born 1899 died 1987 A37a

Ashley, Susan M. born 1842 died 1902 D29d

Austin, Annie E. born 1847 died 1921 A85b Also

Austin, Bushnell Price born 1-15-1863 died 5/30/1937 E28c

Austin, Delpha Jesse born 6/24/1922 died 9/20/1997 75 years B184a

Austin, Ella born 1889 died 1890 no stone found E29b

Austin, Hiram Terry born 12-7-1810 died 6/8/1902 E29a

Austin, Jane G. born 2-11-1830 died 4/3/1904 C33c

Austin, John G. born 1839 died 1930 A85c Also

Austin, Mary Ann Anna born 9-7-1827 died 6/30/1910 McCarthy Funeral home record: born 9-7-1828 in Ohio, died at home 6-22-1910, wife of Hiram T. Austin, residence Rye, daughter of Thomas Anna, paid by Marion Meredith, informant Bushnell P. Austin. Shipped to Brookside Cemetery, Rye, Co., 6-23-1910, Dr. C.S. Snyder of Rye, cost $50.00 E28d

Austin, Rosalie Hope born 1866 died 1893 E29c

Austin, Thomas Jefferson born 1-17-1851 died 1923 E29d

Babcock, Mr. born died no stone found E75a

Babcock, Mrs. born died no stone found E75b

Babitz, Jean Helen born 1948 died 1992 book shows 8-29-1948 - 1-24-1992 B19d

Baca Savala, Celso born 1926 died 1998 Also Pioneer Family

Baca Savala, Inez Maria born 1911 died 2007 Also

Bailey, Belva O. born 9/27/1918 died 1-13-2011

Bailey, J. George born 11/14/1912 died 10/27/1994S Sgt US Army WWII book shows 1913, stone shows 1912 A16ac

Bailey, J. George born 11/14/1912 died 10/27/1994 married 12-5-1936

Baker, Anna Marie born no date- died 1946 B154d

Baker, Charles E. "Coy" born 1868 died 1955 B154c

Baker, Dorance W. born 1905 died 1976 A55a

Baker, Ernestine born 1906 died 11-19-1999book shows 12-31-1906 - 11-19-1999, first name Anna A55b

Baker, Jack D. "Jackson" born 7/31/1950 died 8/2/1988 A43c

Baker, John D. "Jack" born 1931 died 1965 A43b Also

Baker, John D. "Jack" born 1931 died 1965 close-up New photo Also

Baker, Linda Sue born 12/3/1949 died 12/18/1986 A43a

Baker, Linda Sue born 12/3/1949 died 12/18/1986 close-up Also

Baker, Richard Dean "Rickie" born 1952 died 1955 close-up

Baker, Richard Dean "Rickie" born 1952 died 1955 A43d Also

Baker, Ronald E. born 1902 died 1921 removed from Pueblo A94c

Ball, Frank E. born no date died 3/30/1910 McCarthy Mortuary record: age 34y, resident of Fairview, Custer County, died at the Marion Mine 15 miles north of Rye.

Barber, Alberta Speer born 6/23/1930 died no date

Barney, Mabel V. born 1915 died 1999 cremation D56b

Barney, Rev. Glenn H. born 1918 died 1994 United Methodist Clergy, cremation book shows 8-8-1994 book shows birth as 1921 D56a

Bartlett, Baby born 1920 died 1920 D33b

Bartlett, Harry Dell born 5/10/1927 died 5/11/1927 D25a

Basquez, Sally Louise French born 1/1/1956 died 4/24/1994 E105d

Bassett, Misty Eve born 2/4/1984 died 8/5/2000 Daughter of Cabot & Anita Bassett B193a

Bates, Frank born 1923 died 1991 Sgt US Army WWII, cremated B83d

Baxter, Clarence born 3/25/1912 died 10/30/2000 B39b

Baxter, Eva P. born 8/9/1916 died 8-14-2007 B39

Baxter, William J. born 8/11/1914 died 1/13/1981 US Army WWII book shows 1980, stone shows 1981 A48d

Becher, Augusta M. born 6-20-1873 died 11/15/1904 C56a

Becher, Earl Henry born 6-18-1891 died 4/1/1967 Colorado PFC 4 Brigade USMC WWI Purple Heart, Book shows 1897, photo shows 1891 C56d

Becher, Elmer born 1870 died 1944 C56b

Becher, Marvin E. born 9/21/1900 died 8/19/1983 married 10-21-1926 B46a

Becher, Myrtle S. (Jones) born 10/2/1905 died 2/14/1986 B46b

Becher, Olive M. born 1866 died 1932 Book shows Olive H. C56c

Beckwith, Dr. Edward M. born 1813 died 1893 E11d

Bell, Charles Raymond born no date died 11/28/1924 D13a

Bell, Ida B. born 7-11-1859 died 6/1/1946 D12d

Bell, James D. born 8-4-1854 died 11/28/1936 D12c

Bell, Julia M. born 1903 died 1989 book shows 2-28-1903 - 11-29-1989 B58c

Bell, Marie Manners born 7-2-1894 died 11/29/1984 D13c

Bell, May LaVerne born 2/28/1927 died 8/3/1928 D13b

Bell, Raymond D. born 10-31-1892 died 1/14/1983 Sgt 49th Inf WWI D13d

Bell, Theodore born 1901 died 1961 B58d

Benningfield, Louella born 1921 died 1921Holt Mortuary A113a Also

Berg, James born 1866 died 1945 B65b

Berry, Mercy T. born 1836 died 11/13/1900 Wife of Rev. I.N. Berry, age 64y 6m 8d D59a

Best, Sarah L. born 1873 died 1944 A36b

Best, Thomas E. born 1868 died 1940 A36a

Bigelow, Herbert H. born 1890 died 1963 B56a

Bigelow, Julia H. born 1892 died 1981 B56b

Bigelow, Mary E. nee Wilcox born 2/28/1919 died 7/10/1993 A84d

Bigelow, Richard W. born 8/2/1919 died no date

Bishop, Margaret born 1918 died 1987book shows 1-13-1918 - 10-31-1987 C42ab

Blair, Dona born no date died no date no stone found E135a

Blair, Robert Marks born 9/5/1925 died 8/26/1990 US Navy WWII E135b

Bollinger, Anna K. born 10-28-1899 died 11/25/1992 book shows 10-1898, stone shows 1899 A108b

Bollinger, Howard H. born 2/3/1905 died 4/21/1981 A108c Also Cpl US Marine Corps WWII

Bondurant, Alberta J. born 5-3-1939 died 11-15-1996 book shows 5-3-1939 - 11-1996 E162c

Bondurant, Bertha J. Hutchinson born 5-28-1907 died 8-28-1998 E162a

Bondurant, Edna (Snider) born 1884 died 1952 D23c

Bondurant, Henry born 1891 died 1942 D23d

Bondurant, Kenneth B. born 1904 died 1960 married 4-20-1927 E162b

Bonham, C.A. born 9/30/1937 died 11/21/1937 B147c

Bonham, Mary Lucy born 7/12/1910 died 11/6/1991 B147d

Bonham, Mary Lucy born 7/12/1910 died 11/6/1991 mortuary marker

Bowman, Ellen Rae born 1920 died no date B161d

Bowman, Robert G. born 1915 died 1977 B161c

Box, Infant born no date died no date no stone found

Box, Infant born no date died no date no stone found E20a

Boyd, Virginia L. born 1929 died 1994 book shows 4-15-1928 - 9-16-1994 cremation A35d

Boyd, Zelda Mae born 1905 died 1966 A35d

Britton, Barney M. born 1869 died 1932 Memorial A78d Also

Britton, Elva L. born 1895 died 1987 A78b Also

Britton, Ernest N. born 1894 died 1982 A78c Also

Britton, Narcissus F. born 1873 died 1931 Memorial A78d Also

Britton, Robert M. born 1919 died 1965 A78a Also

Bullington, Joseph A. born 9-25-1886 died 8/10/1968 B50c

Bullington, Lena Frances born 8-21-1891 died 12/20/1982 book shows 1983, stone shows 1982 B50b

Burgess, Edith M. born 1866 died 1967 book shows 1957 A39b

Burkett, Alice born 1866 died 1927 D30a

Burkett, Wilburn B. born 1862 died 1934 book shows Wilbur, stone shows Wilburn D30b

Burleson, Helena L. born 1917 died 1992 book shows 12-2-1917 - 10-22-1992 D45a

Burleson, Lonzo E. born 1910 died 1991 book shows 3-26-1910 - 5-27-1991 D44d

Bushby, Tolliver H. born 1/1/1905 died 3/24/1919 C15d

Butts, Edgar Gordon born 1880 died 1918 C17d

Byars, Richard Scott born no date died no date Colorado CPL CO F 1 Marines

Byars, Richard Scott born 9/20/1947 died 1/22/1968 Corporal USMC Vietnam B50d

Caison, Jewell Grace born 1921 died 1957 A81a

Caldwell, George born 12-5-1882 died 10-12-1884 E89b

Carcellero, Connie born 9/2/1918 died 10/3/1995 book shows 9-12-1918, no stone found E96a

Carlson, Doris Irene born no date died 6/17/1944 book shows birth as 1944 B98d

Carlson, Elsie Duckworth born 3-29-1915 died 3-19-2010 (5-30-1996 written in margin, probably date of purchase) D7d

Carlson, Gloria A. born 9/22/1931 died 9/24/2000

Cepero, Ellen Lopez born died 1999 no stone found C48aa

Cepero, Victor Lopez born 1910 died 1993 US Army WWII, book shows 2-24-1993 cremation C48aa

Christenson, Albert V. born 1890 died 1966 C4a

Christenson, Anton Emil "Tony" born 6/22/1900 died 5/30/1991 Father A94a

Christenson, Beula Rebana (Baker) born 5/9/1908 died 10/19/1987 Mother A94b

Christenson, Connor born 1887 died 1975 no stone found A111a

Christenson, Helen Thea born 5/18/1903 died 1/10/1991 Aunt A93d

Christenson, John O. born 1886 died 1943 Veteran WWI C4b

Christenson, Magnus born 1856 died 1915 C4d

Christenson, Mary Ann Savage born 12-2-1897 died 1932 B131b

Christenson, Myra born 12/19/1920 died 12/19/1920 B131c

Christenson, Nels Barnard born 11-22-1887 died 1955 B131a

Christenson, Thea M. born 1859 died 1933 C4c

Christianson, Benedicta born 1849 died 1919 A111b

Christianson, Nicklas born 1854 died 1939 A111c

Clason, Jerry Lee born 5/28/1936 died 8/16/1999PFC US Marine Corps cremation A105a

Clason, Nancy Ann born 6-24-1941 died 6-29-2005

Clennin, Richard Jr. "Dick" born 1926 died 1997 cremation A117b Also HA2 US Navy WWII Also

Clennin, Mary Dorcas born 4-18-1897 died 8/20/1985 A118b Also

Clennin, Richard Gottlieb born 1891 died 1966A118c Also

Clennin, Velma A. (Riddle) born 1927 died 1965 A117a Also

Clermont, Adele M. born 1/14/1942 died no date

Clermont, Robert G. born 4/13/1942 died no date

Cobb, Jean Wood born 12-9-1927 died 6-14-2001 buried in Lynchburg, Va.

Colwell, George W. born 1855 died 9-6-1882 age 26y 10m 16 dE89a

Cooper, Baby born no date died 5-??-1936 A

Cooper, Baby born died no stone found E125c

Cooper, Marshall S. born 5-22-1850 died 9/25/1904 E125b

M.S.C. footstone

Coppedge, Dessie M. born 1912 died no date On stone with William B56d

Coppedge, William A. born 1891 died 1976 B56c

Coppedge, William A. born 1891 died 1976 PVT US Army WWI

Course, Patricia Ann (Gardner) born 12/2/1941 died 2/28/1989 age 47y cremation A20b

Craver, Peggy R. born 10/2/1926 died 1-19-2006 reserved A40d

Craver, Pleasant born 12/21/1923 died 7/18/1976 Married 4-4-1946 A40c

Cress, Lillie E. born 12/29/1912 died 12/31/1995 Book shows 11-29-1912 A116c Also

Cress, Mabel Marie born 1904 died 1922 A115b

Cress, Obra W. "Bill" born 2/2/1906 died 10/28/1995 Daughters: Helen Russell, Emma Bastian, and Betty Stewart, cremation A116c Also

Crites, Ada I. born 7-14-1857 died 1/1/1935 E123d

Crites, Freddie G. born 6-23-1887 died 3-1-1888 E123b

Crites, Freddie G. born died footstone

Crites, Harry H. born 9-31-1881 died 3-18-1888 Birth date is as on stone E123c

Crites, John F. born 8-5-1855 died 2/17/1910 McCarthy Funeral home record: born at Nebraska City, Neb., married, son of H.S. Crites, sold to George O. Gray, successor to Sears Merc. Co. Rye. E123e

Croasmun, Charles M. born 1863 died 1952 A98d

Croasmun, Julia M. born 1887 died 1959 A98c

Croasmun, Stephen Ernest born 11/16/1972 died 11/24/1972 A100b

Croasmun, Thomas Duane Jr. born no date died 10/17/1968 Baby 98

Cromar, Charles born 1864 died 1922 C43c

Cromar, Mattie born 1864 died 1928 C43d

Crone, Julia A. born 1915 died 1991book shows 3-17-1915 - 5-19-1991 E143a

Crouch, Dee B. born 8/12/1906 died 10/12/1995 A76d Also Also

Crouch, Edith F. born 1/16/1915 died 8/25/2001 A76c Also Also

Crozier, Beryl O. born 1930 died no date C26d

Crozier, Dr. Rufus B. born 1879 died 1961 C26c

Crozier, Dr. Wallace A. born 1929 died no date C26d

Crozier, Helen L. born 1893 died 1981 C26b

Crozier, Morris born 1/6/1917 died 1/13/1917 C26a

Crum, George A. born 1855 died 1943 A30d

Crum, Lucie G. born 1862 died 1947 A30c

Cusick, Lucille M. born 1918 died 1980 B36c

Cusick, Robert H. born 1907 died 1998 married 43 years book shows 12-5-1907 - 6-12-1998 B36d

Dana, Clinton C. born 9-9-1891 died 3/9/1969 California PFC US Army WWI book shows 1961 stone shows 1969 B58b

Dana, Myrtle B. born 07/19/1885 died 12/24/1971 California Nurse Army Nurse Corps WWI B58a

Danielson, 2 children born died no stone found E125a

Darlington, Robert J. born 1861 died 1927 B82a

Davenport Family Stone B72

Davenport, Dollie L. born 1873 died 1936 book shows Dolly stone shows Dollie L. B72c

Davenport, Harriett E. born 1854 died 1926 B72d

Davenport, William H. born 1874 died 1942 B72a

Davidson, Clarance born 6-24-1894 died 11-13-1896 Son of W.R. & M.J. Davidson E9c

Davidson, Clarance born died footstone

Davis, Eva E. born 1883 died 1961 C28c

Davis, Lee J. born 1875 died 1916 C28b

Davis, Wesley M. born 1921 died 1980 S Sgt US Army WWII D42a

Dean, John R. born 1853 died 1-1-1885 Son of A. & B. Dean, age 31y 10m 1d E33a

Decker, Anne M. born 1915 died no date On stone with Donald A2d

Decker, Baby born died Child of Robert, no stone found B49d

Decker, Donald J. born 1916 died 1976 A2C

Decker, Irene born died Daughter of Richard Decker, Baby, no stone found B81ac

Defoyd, Helen F. born 5-12-1926 died 5-13-2004

Defoyd, Paul born 1921 died 2007

Delp, Jane S. born 1927 died 1959 A91d

Dennis, Ethel M. born 1902 died 1993 Daughter, between Peter and Minnie Welborn A107

Depp, Joseph H. born 1-2-1827 died 4-4-1911 C36b

Depp, Marie A. born 2-25-1837 died 1/20/1912 C36c

Derix, Joseph B. born 1898 died 1976 B28d

Dewey, Florence born 1904 died 1997 book shows 3-18-1997 B78c

Dial, Billy Baxter, Rev. born 8-26-1923 died 2-24-2009 married 3-18-1945

Dial, Pearle E. Snowberger born 4-22-1920 died 11-28-2002

Dillon, Jack Clark born 7/11/1932 died 3/29/2000 married 11-27-1969 D51b

Dillon, Janet Louise Gregg born 8/23/1928 died no date D51a

Dixon, Charity L. (Jonnoy) born 4-17-1850 died 3/10/1920 C45b

Dixon, Minnie born 11-7-1882 died 1/17/1919 C45d

Dixon, Noah Calvin born 8-20-1843 died 12/28/1928 C45a

Dodge, Barbara born 1934 died no date

Dodge, Charlie born 1933 died no date

Dodge, Clifton Dan II born 1963 died 4/25/1963 B52c

Dodge, Clifton R. born 9/17/1904 died 4/2/1996 no stone found B52a

Dodge, Heidi Lynn born 6/20/1959 died 2/27/1981 E45a

Dodge, Margaret A. born 12/22/1937 died 10/29/1964 B52b

Dodge, Zola I. born 1/8/1911 died 10/3/2000 no stone found B51d

Dodson, Mildred B.(Bell) born 2-28-1886 died 6/22/1922 D12b

Doze, Ida May born 3-10-1865 died 6-5-1883 E112b

Doze, Joseph B. born 3-17-1832 died 5-7-1885 E112c

Doze, Joseph E. born 5-3-1873 died 12-23-1893 E112a

Drewery, Michael R. born 10/18/1953 died 6/6/1973 B29d

Driver, Louisa Jeanette born 8-6-1857 died 3/8/1922 B91d

Duckworth stone D---

Duckworth, Alan M. born 5/9/1926 died 12/16/1943 D7c

Duckworth, Alida Viola Lansing born 8-29-1884 died 6/23/1976 D7a

Duckworth, James M. born 1868 died 1945 D19c

Duckworth, Jonathan Marion born 5-9-1831 died 7/12/1917 D16c

Duckworth, Lucile E. born 1878 died 1961 D19b

Duckworth, Mary Ellen Hunter born 10-12-1842 died 9/8/1908 or 1907 D16b

Duckworth, William M. "Mack" born 1871 died 1930 D7b

Dudley, Arthur born 1878 died 1952 B91a

Dudley, Bert E. born 1911 died 1930 book shows Berte stone shows Bert E. B90d

Dudley, George Arthur born 1904 died 1979 B90a

Dudley, George Arthur born 1904 died 1979

Dudley, Mary M. born 2-21-1911 died 10-11-2003 90

Dudley, Sophie born 1881 died 1929 B91c

Dudley, Walter L. born 1908 died 1940 B90c

Dufty, Bernard I. born 12/12/1914 died 9/4/1999 A11A

Dufty, Marguerite born 7/13/1916 died no date

Dunkin, Irma Jean born 5/13/1933 died 3/13/2001 no stone found E150b

Dunkin, Robert born no date died no date no stone found E150a

DuPrez, Esther Mae born 1885 died 1978 A39c

DuPrez, William J. born 1879 died 1958 A39d

Durkota, John born no date died 10/31/1951 no stone found E132a

Dusenbery, Albert A. born 3/28/1940 died 11/16/1901 E114b

Dusenbery, Amelia Ann born 2-20-1841 died 12-15-1898 E114a

Dusenbery, Charles Albert born 6-20-1872 died 1-28-1957 C54b

Dusenbery, Lillie Lee Nichols born 6-15-1877 died 8-22-1963 C54c

Dusenbery, Mabel Clare born 1901 died 12-27-1911 Daughter of C.A. & L.L. Dusenbery; McCarthy Funeral Home record: born 12-20-1901 at Rye, died 3-24-1911, age 10y, buried by relatives, daughter of Charles Dusenbery born Ogle Co, Ind., and Lellia Nicholl Dusenbery born Rye, Co. C54d

Eakins, Carrie B. born 1872 died 1948 E18e

Eakins, Clemens born 8/10/1903 died 9/25/1998 E64

Eakins, Clemens B. born 1831 died 1897 E64f

Eakins, Clemens Beniah born 1872 died 1959 E64e

Eakins, Mary A. born 1830 died 1899 E64d

Eakins, Sabina born 2/8/1932 died 12/14/1996

Ealey, Chester Arthur born 1883 died 1966book shows 1961stone shows 1966 B37d

Ealey, Cora Rose Lappin born 1888 died 1975 B37c

Ealey, Howard T. born 4/27/1910 died 2/21/1982 B37b

Ealey, Merle C. born 7/4/1915 died 5/2/1997 B37a

Edmonds, Coy T. born 8-13-1897 died 9/29/1963 Colorado PVT US Army WWII E137b

Edmundson, Alice M. born 1853 died 10/30/1939 age 86y 10m 29d E21a

Edmundson, E.S. (Clair) born 9-24-1875 died 11/22/1948 A97a Also

Edmundson, Lewis born 1831 died 7-19-1899 age 68y 9d E21b

Edmundson, Lewis E. born 5/24/1912 died 1/17/1997 B76a

Edmundson, Lewis J. born 1967 died 1967 B75c

Edmundson, Lulu May Goss (Lou) born 5-24-1877 died 2/25/1962 married Eugene Sinclair Edmundson on November 27, 1900 A97b Also

Edmundson, Nancy M. born 1879 died 1/13/1937age 58y 9m 7d, no stone found E21d

Edmundson, Virginia H. born 4/28/1920 died no date E76b

Edmundson, William Clinton born 1884 died 2-15-1888 Son of Alice and Lewis Edmundson, age 3y 2m 29d E21c

Ekern, Clarence Adolph born 1906 died 1915 C5a

Elwell, Edith A. born 1936 died 4/22/1936 Twin to Enid C11d

Elwell, Enid A. born 1936 died 4/22/1936 Twin to Edith C11d

Elwell, Joseph C. born 1911 died 1957 C11b

Elwell, Marian L. born 1914 died 3-25-2002 C11c

Epler, Elizabeth Kimbrough born 1871 died 1921 C53c

Epler, Dr. Jacob Crum born 1871 died 1949 C53b

Erickson, Garnett A. born 12/31/1928 died no date B89

Erickson, Kenneth Craig born 1/19/1948 died 9/21/1982 B89d

Erickson, Marvin F. born 11/28/1927 died 4/8/1989 Cremation B89

Erickson, Scampy Marv's best friend

Ettleman, John D. born 11-28-1960 died 1-26-2003

Ferrell Stone born died C18

Ferrell, Amos H. born 1868 died 1919 C18c

Ferrell, Asa Arley born 1902 died 1919 C18d

Fesenmeyer, Rose M. born 11-13-1893 died 9/1/1998

Field, Florence J. born 1888 died 1964 book says Fields stone says Field A19d Also

Field, Sarah Ellen born 1861 died 1951 A19c

Fink, William Dutch born 11-29-1960 died 10-15-2006

Finley, William Andrew died 1-28-1936

Fisher, Ann Delp born NC died about 1890's, grave not found, wife of John Wesley Fisher

Fisher, Baby born died next to Jennie Fisher, no stone found E38b

Fisher, Charles T. born 2-16-1852 died 8-4-1886 E122b

Fisher, Charles T. footstone

Fisher, Cynthia Cox born 1847 died 1937 wife of George Rush Fisher E40b

Fisher, George Rush born 1839 died 1908 son of John Wesley Fisher E40a

Fisher, George R. born 1-29-1839 died 5/26/1908 E40a

Fisher, Jennie born 1860 died 1894 E39a

Fisher, John Wesley born Virginia born died 1888, grave not found

Fisher, William H. born 1849 died 1928 E39b

Fleener, Anita E. born 1887 died 1981 C54ac

Fleener, Roy born 1881 died 1963 C54ad

Flint, Betty J. born 1924 died no date Also

Flint, Clarence E. born 1912 died 2001 Also

Flint, Kathleen Florence born 1955 died 1960 A83b Also

Folrath, Eliza J. born 1866 died 12-19-1888 Wife of H.G. Folrath, age 22 years E118a

Folrath, Eliza J. footstone

Freeland, Edward S. born 6/2/1910 died no date Baptist Pastor. no stone found B25b

Freeland, Vera R. born 4-4-1896 died 3/17/1979 no stone found B25a

Freeman, Daniel Thomas born 4-4-1955 died 7-30-2007

Freeman, John Michael born 9/4/1950 died 3/4/1996 Also

Freeman, William Albert born 11/21/1918 died 9/14/1997 Cremation A105aaa Also

French, Harriett Rae born 1887 died 1969 E139c

Freshwater, Milton C. born 1891 died 1958 A35b

Friend, Gladys B. (Warren) born 1911 died 2001 E141b

Frink, Alonzo born 1819 died 10-14-1872 C34a

Frink, Harry C. born 1869 died 1924 C42b

Frink, John W. born 1853 died 1892 C34c

Gable, Melvin C. born 1915 died 1995 cremation B33aa

Gagliano, Gregory Vito born 1961 died 1973 A72c Also

Gagliano, Shirley Wood born 1926 died no date

Gagliano, Tony born 1928 died 2007

Gallemore, John M. born 1844 died 4-29-1882 Murdered, age 38y 2m E86c

Galusha, Alice F. born 1893 died 1976 A46d

Galusha, John W. born 1889 died 1966 A46c

Gambill, Abbigail born 1884 died 1964 A106d

Gambill, William H. born 1876 died 1964 A106c

Gardner, Donald I. born 2/27/1912 died 7/6/1988 Married 8-15-1938 Cremation A20a Also

Gardner, O. Florene born 3/17/1915 died 3/11/1998 cremation A20a Also

Gerard, Beatrice Louise (Gable) born 12/20/1913 died 5/27/1999 B32c

Gilbert, Andrew born 1885 died 1951 book shows Anderson Gilbert stone shows Andrew B60d

Gilbert, Anna E. born 1888 died 1969 book shows 1972 B60c

Gilmore, Fred born 1903 died 1981 D46c

Gingras, Charlene Lynette born 1948 died 1977 A104a

Gingras. Charles Ferson born 7-9-1926 died 5-17-2007

Gleason, Bernard born 1888 died 1971 Book shows Dernard B112c

Gleason, Vera Ann born 1891 died 1960 B112b

Goss, Calvin William born 8-14-1828 died 11-27-1912, Son of Zachariah Henry Goss and Anna Williams Gambill. C3c

Goss, Carl L. born 4/1/1913 died 11-27-2006 C2d

Goss, Gertrude A. born 12/28/1921 died 1/25/1990 C2c

Goss, John William born 2-24-1869 died 12-28-1954 son of Calvin William Goss. A97c Also

Goss, Nellie born 1872 died 1954 A97d Also

Goss, Sarah Parsons Fulton born 11-24-1836 died 10-4-1920 daughter of John Parsons and Margaret Gambill, married 1st Robert Fulton (died in Civil War), 2nd Calvin William Goss. C3b

Graham Family Stone B64---

Graham, Frank B. born 1893 died 1987 book shows 5-9-1893 - 4-10-1987 B64a

Graham, John born 1854 died 1933 B64c

Graham, Mary E. born 1856 died 1932 B64d

Graham, Mollie L. born 1899 died 1992 book shows 2-10-1899 - 2-8-1992 cremation B64b

Graves, James H. born 3-17-1848 died 8/29/1907 E36a

Gray, Maggie born 1863 died 1955 E23b

Gray, William I. born 1860 died 1929 E23a

Graybeal, Eula May Shown born 4-7-1879 died 8/13/1910 WOW E66a

Graybeal, Eva C. Young born 1838 or 1939 died 1928 no stone found E67a

Graybeal, Gladys born 11-5-1897 died 8-12-1898 Daughter of G.R. & E.M. Graybeal E66b

Graybeal, John G. born 4-19-1826 died 5/5/1907 E67b

Graybeal, Rebecca Jane Perkins born 1836 or 1832 died 11-1-1873 E67c

Greenhood, Ricky W. born 6-11-1956 died 9-17-2009 PFC US Army

Gresh, Andrew G. born 10-12-1893 died 8/1/1966 Colorado PVT Co A 16 Inf WWI E137c

Gresh, John born 1860 died 1922 E121b

Gresh, Mary born 1860 died 1941 E121c

Gresh, Mildred R. born 1910 died 19??5

Gresh, no name born died no stone found E121d

Gresh, Paul born 1899 died 19??5

Gribble, Donald Lee born 8-3-1932 died 4-5-2003, son of Henry and Sarah Jane Gribble

Gribble, Henry C. born 1896 died 7-16-1964 B43d

Gribble, Sarah Jane born 1890 died 12-22-1978 B43c

Griest, Elwood R. born 1883 died 1941 A64d

Griest, Pearl E. born 1885 died 1965 A64c

Guest, James Arthur born 9-23-1893 died 1/5/1961 Colorado PVT Co I 143 Inf WWI B73aa

Hadwiger, Hazel E. born 5-?-1895 died 1989 A101b Also

Hadwiger, Oscar E. born 6-?-1891 died 1980 A101a Also

Hall, Frederick K. born 3/28/1924 died 3/19/1998 US Navy WWII cremation D35a

Hall, Frederick K. born 1924 died 1998

Hall, Lorraine born 1926 died no date D35b

Hamler, Calvin A. born 1915 died 1915 Baby C51b

Hamler, Calvin A. born 1874 died 1938 D8a

Hamler, Clyde S. born 4-17-1876 died 5/11/1904 C51d

Hamler, Ella born 3-8-1883 died 4/30/1906 Wife of A.M. Hamler C51a

Hamler, Martha L. born 1892 died 1981 D8b

Hankla, Ivan born 1918 died 1918 no stone found C25c

Hanson, George L. born 1899 died 1982CPL US Army WWI B155a

Hanson, May L. born 1899 died 1999 book shows 1902, no stone found B155b

Hanson, Myron L. born 1857 died 1909 C39d

Hardin, Baby born 1939 died 1/12/1939 A98a

Hardin, Clara L. born 1884 died 1969 B61c

Hardin, Floy O. born 1911 died 1995 book shows 6-13-1911 - 9-4-1995 C14a

Hardin, Frances M. born 1852 died 1925 A114b Also

Hardin, Fred W. born 1877 died 1946 B61d

Hardin, James A. born 1973 died 1976 A95d

Hardin, James M. born 3-12-1848 died 5-3-1919 C14d

Hardin, James W. born 1852 died 1935 A114c Also

Hardin, John C. born 1939 died 1976 A95c

Hardin, John T. born 1879 or 1880 died 1940 C14c

Hardin, Mabel E. born 5-13-1889 died 9-?-1977 book shows 1899 photo shows 1889 C14b

Hardin, Martha M. born 1879 died 1916 A114a

Hardin, Richard Aubrey born 1911 died 1984 C14aa

Hardin, Toni Marie born 1939 died 1976 Mother of Laura and Carol Sanchez and James Hardin, Wife of John C. Hardin A96a

Hardin, Weaver born 1892 died 1958 A114d

Harmon, George E. born 1900 died 1982 VFW, Married 2-26-1972 A51a

Harmon, Mayme born 1925 died no date On stone with George A51b

Hanson, Myron L. born 1857 died 1909 no stone found C39d

Harrison, Elsa Ruth born 7/31/1928 died 7-9-2007 grave B or D? A89 Also Also

Harrison, George A. born 1-25-1891 died 10/24/1964 Colorado Cpl Btry C 341st Field Arty WWI A45d

Harrison, Mary W. born 1862 died 1938 book shows 1852 A45b

Harrison, Robert F. born 3/3/1922 died 10/27/1995 cremation A89c Also Also

Harrison, Russell J. born 1851 died 1922 A45c

Harwood, Eddie Lee born 8/2/1919 died 10/31/1993F1 US Navy WWII A8A

Haskit, David Albert born 7-24-1869 died 11-15-1928 B83ac

Haskit, Estella Amanda Green born 7-17-1875 died 12-10-1957 B83ab

Hasty, Vertie Lee born 10-8-1894 died 7/24/1986 B35c

Hasty, William M. born 1-18-1882 died 11/9/1973 B35d

Hauser, George born 1922 died 1998 Spelled Houser in book A90ba Also

Haynes, Alma born 1890 died 1976 C32c

Haynes, Clyde born 1892 died 1951 C32b

Haynes, George V. born 8/24/1912 died 10/7/1912 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Haynes, McCarthy Funeral home record: born Rye, died 10-7-1912 age 1m, 15d, died 5 miles from Rye, son of Clyde W. Haynes and Alma McDaniel, both born Rye. C32d

Haynes, George W. born 5-1-1839 died 7/19/1906 C32a

Heaton Children's Stone born died E62---

Heaton, Clydie E. born 4-5-1887 died 7-21-1890 Son of N.C. & L.S. Heaton E62b

Heaton, Edna M. born 6-26-1883 died 7-16-1890 Daughter of N.C. & L.S. Heaton E62a

Henderson, Kenneth James born 8/7/1982 died 7/2/1983 A54a

Henderson.C.H. born died no stone found E125d

Hendricks, Martha A. born 1855 died 5-9-1884 Wife of J.M. Hendricks, age 29y 18d, daughter of Burton Moore. E56c

Hendricks, Martha A. born 1855 died 5-9-1884 footstone

Herlacher stone C49a

Herlacher, Alva A. Jr. born 10/21/1909 died 3/3/1987 US Navy WWII C49ac

Herlacher, Barbara born 4/20/1905 died no date no stone found C49

Herlacher, Fredrick C. born 1/5/1933 died 12/30/1987 SM Sgt US Air Force Vietnam C49d

Herlacher, Grace born 4/20/1905 died 1-27-2003 no stone found C49a

Herron, Gertrude Bible born 1895 died 1979 B99d

Herron, Henry P. born 1858 died 1938 B99b

Herron, Lee O. "Dock" born 1889 died 1938 B99c

Herron, Thomas M. born 1936 died 1936 Baby B99a

Hickle, Morris Bob born 1912 died no date

Hickle, Thelma G. born 1921 died no date

Hill, Clearisa A. born 7-2-1834 died 2-22-1887 E72a

Hill, Clearisa A. born 7-2-1834 died 2-22-1887 footstone

Hill, Edith Clayton born 1893 died 1987 book says 10-26-1893 - 7-8-1987, cremated, no stone found B54b

Hill, James Wilcott born 1920 died 1954 B54b

Hill, John Clayton born 1918 died 1945 Epinal, France Memorial B54a

Hill, L.A. born 1864 died 1921 E72b

Hill, Rowland born 8-25-1885 died 6/26/1974 no stone found B54a

Hoart, Lillian born 3/3/1909 died 8/14/1993 cremation, no stone found A31c

Hoart, Wilson A. born 1900 died 1965 A31d

Holcomb, David E. born 1952 died 4/23/1977 A29b

Holderman, Claude born 1912 died 1999 D6b

Holderman, Lillian born 1914 died 1988 D6a

Holgerson, Larry Lee born 10-10-1947 died 12-22-2005 Sp 4 US Army Vietnam

Holmes, Kathleen born 1912 died 1989 book says 1-15-1912 - 2-19-1989 B24d

Holmes, Oscar H. born 1896 died 1979 B79c

Holmes, Ruth born 1899 died 1981 book shows 1915 photo shows 1899 B79d

Holt, Margaret Peggy born 11/3/1912 died 3/21/1996

Holt, Paul Leroy born 1916 died 1979 CPL US Army WWII book shows Leroy Paul B77ad

Hopewell, Sabrina Marie born 1973 died 6/1/1973 Daughter of Kristine Noll B32b

Horner, Ina Lorene "Hap" born 11/13/1912 died 5/21/1999 book shows Ida E10c

Horner, William R. "Ralph" born 9/13/1908 died 4/19/1997 married 8-20-1930 E10d

Hosea, Ethel C. born 1887 died 1971 A30a

Hosea, Raphael G. born 1883 died 1949 A30b

Houghton stone A34---

Houghton, Bessie born 1885 died 1970 A34d

Houghton, Genevieve born 1913 died 1970 A34a

Houghton, Harold born 1883 died 1972 A34c

Houghton, John H. born 9/13/1911 died 12/6/1997 cremation note says not here?? A34b

Houghton, Mary Susan born 10/14/1962 died 10/17/1962 Baby E138a

Houghton, William H. born 10-19-1940 died 6-23-2004

Hudson, Robert L. born 1959 died 1970 A66a

Huggins, Jesse Thomas born 1862 died 4-18-1880 age 17y 6m E104c

Huggins, Jesse Thomas footstone

Huggins, John B. born 1-12-1817 died 1-24-1898 E104d

Huggins, Sarah P. born 11-13-1817 died 11-7-1896 E104b

Hughes, Charles B. born 1866 died 1925 E17f

Hughes, Clay J. born 8/8/1922 died no date reserved B76d

Hughes, Donis May born 5/18/1933 died 9/8/1985 B76c

Hughes, Pearl O. born 1873 died 1947 E17e

Huiatt, Dora Jean born 1923 died no date C43a

Huiatt, Ted A. born 1923 died 1997 book shows 12-11-1923 - 6-23-1997 Cremation C43a

Hunt, Albert born no date died no date next to south fence area, no stone found E165a,b

Hunter, Ada born 1873 died 1885 no stone found C58d

Hunter, Charles F. born 1868 died 1885 C58d

Hunter, David F. born 1829 died 1908 C58b

Hunter, Louis R. born 1859 died 1945 map & book has Louise stone has Louis C57d

Hunter, Nancy I. born 1838 died 1907 C58c

Incitti, Angelo born 1-13-1928 died 12-12-2001 Also Also (Additional photos by Kay Medved)

Incitti, Patricia born 6-22-1924 died 4-12-2010 Also Also (Additional photos by Kay Medved)

J.V. born died one stone at each end of grave

J.V. born died one stone at each end of grave

Jacketta, Edward born 1919 died no date grave B or D? A26

Jacketta, Zita born 1923 died 1994 lived at 701 Brown Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004 A26c

Jackson, Edna D. born 1905 died 1963 B80c

Jackson, Harold D. born 1910 died 2000 book shows 11-2000 cremation B80b

Jackson, Honora born 1891 died 1977 no stone found A62ac

Jackson, Howard born 8/14/1932 died 8/21/1932 A45a

Jackson, Jacqueline Ann born 6-?-1935 died 7-15-1935 B80d

Jackson, William N. born 1937 died 1987 book shows 11-11-1937 - 8-24-1987 B80ad

Jacobson, Clara born 5-12-1877 died 4/8/1910 McCarthy Mortuary record: married, housewife, daughter of Ole Erickson born Norway, sold to H.T. Ashley, Greenhorn, Co., Dr. O.S. Snyder

James, Clyde I. born 9/27/1912 died 9/11/1983 Married 12-28-1933 A17ac

James, Martha E. born 5/14/1912 died 8/18/1996 cremation A17ab

Jamison, Clara born no date died 2/23/1911 McCarthy Mortuary record: age 36y, residence 1802 N. Union, rooming house owner, married, maiden name LeFevre, father born Canada, paid by Ira D. Rombo, admin. of estate, died 2-23-1911 at St. Mary Hospital, shipped 2-28-1911 to Rye, Co., Dr. Crum Epler Note: probably buried at the Meade - LeFebre cemetery.

Jamison, Eliza J. born 1867 died 10-30-1876 Daughter of J.N. & H.J. Jamison, 9y 2m 3d E77c

Jamison, James W. born 1837 died 9-10-1875 Son of J. & M. Jamison, age 37y 11m 1d E77d

Jamison, John born 1802 died 3-25-1869 age 62y 9m 10d E77f

Jaramillo, Donald Lee born 3/16/1961 died 4/7/1997 died in Raton, no stone found A65a

Jennings, Florence Ann (Pool) born 4/5/1958 died 4/5/1987 E143d

Jensen, Dorothy H. no dates Small Scale Ranch, Penrose, Colorado A43ad

Jersin, John H. "Jack" born 10/13/1941 died 8/9/1993 Sp 4 US Army Vietnam A90d Also

Johnson, Arthur N. born 10/23/1918 died 2/7/1985 no stone found A7A

Johnson, Dorothy Clifton born 12/19/1906 died 2/5/1995 A19b

Johnson, Henry J. born 1886 died 1954 RUHE SANFT A19a

Jones, Iris (Flint) born 1941 died 1965 A83a

Karst, Arthur P. born 5-19-1893 died 12-22-1897age 4y 7m 3d, On stone with Henry E18h

Karst, Arthur P. footstone E18

Karst, Betty Bascom born 1916 died no date D34d

Karst, Christian born 1859 died 1904 E18b

Karst, Clementine T. born 1856 died 1925 E18c

Karst, Frank born 1863 died 1920 C19c

Karst, Henry E. born 7-20-1890 died 11-4-1890 age 3m 14d, Children of O. & C. Karst E18j

Karst, Henry E. footstone

Karst, Joseph F. born 1884 died 1950 D34b

Karst, Kermit George born 1914 died 1999 D34d

Karst, Lena A. born 1887 died 1978 D34c

Karst, Mary Bessie born 3/16/1910 died 2/14/1926 C19d

Karst, Velma H. born 5-6-1895 died 10-31-1895 age 4m 25d, On stone with Henry, map & book has death 1896 E18I

Karst, Velma H. footstone

Keele, Amanda E. born 1866 died 1930 D17b

Keele, Jane E. born 4-22-1837 died 3/25/1908 D17c

Keele, Thomas C. born 1866 died 1903 D17a

Kelley, Elmer Willis born 1907 died 2001 book shows 5-12-1907 - 2-28-2001 B110d

Kelley, Florence May "Peggy" born 1911 died 1992 book shows 5-2-1911 - 12-29-1992 B110c

Kelley, Gerald "Jerry" Willis born 1935 died no date

Kelley, Larry Tappan born 1941 died no date

Kindle, Henry F. born 1/29/1913 died 9/23/1996 D20a

Kindle, Mary M. born 10/31/1914 died 5-3-2004 D20b

King, Mary Jane born 5-19-1844 died 2-14-1885, daughter of Burton Moore

King, Mary Jane footstone

Kinnamon, Edith Irene Galusha Phye born 9-13-1916 died 5-28-1983 Mother of Clara Alys, Nancy Beth, Faontly Ann

Kline, Howard born no date died 10/25/2000 cremation, no stone found B45b

Kline, Paula J. born 1950 died 1968 B45a

Kline, Ruth born 1918 died 2/10/2000 cremation, no stone found B45b

Knox, Marion C. born 1876 died 1948 A44d

Knox, May H. born 1883 died 1967 A44c

Kouba, David Reuben born 12/29/1904 died 8/6/1982 A1B

Kouba, Jennie Leona born 3/4/1918 died 9/19/1995 A1C

Kouba, Reuben C. born 1874 died 1964 A1A

Koukol, Harold B. born 3/6/1921 died 8/13/1997 M Sgt US Air Force WWII, cremation A10AA

Kramer, James T. born 1906 died 1919 A113d

Krieg, Edna Creta born 12/10/1907 died 3/15/1978 B44b

Krieg, John born 10/27/1905 died 1/30/1979 B44a

Krieg, John Robert born 7/29/1929 died 2/7/1964 Louisiana ATAN US Navy B44d

Kunsman, Alvan born 1895 died 1980 no stone found A46b

Lair, George L. born 1840 died 1882 E47c

Lambright, Louella Figley born 1876 died 1905 D22b

Lamons, Robert E. born 6/3/1933 died 2/14/1997 Col US Army Vietnam

Lamons, Robert F. born 9-1-1894 died 8/14/1964 Colorado Sgt Co F 109th Engineers WWI C46b

Landacre, Madge born 1889 died 1966 no stone found D38c

Landacre, Wilbur born 1884 died 1958 no stone found D38d

Lara, Donna Bell (Acrea) born 1922 died 1992 book shows 1929, photo shows 1922 book shows 3-18-1992 cremation A36c

Larson, Charles A. born 4-30-1890 died 2/4/1919 C21b

Larson, Freddie born 11/27/1903 died 3/17/1904 book shows birth 1902 photo shows 1903 C31d

Larson, Laura Belle Ballou born 11-9-1871 died 4/3/1919 C31b

Larson, Olaf born 9-29-1869 died 3/15/1936 C31a

Larson, Unknown born no date died no dateno stone foundC31c

Leamon, Ethel born 1/15/1917 died 9/3/1920 C10a

Leamon, Irene born 9/9/1918 died 11/16/1920 C10b

Leckbee, Evelyn Nigh born 1911 died 1984 A42a

Lee, Darlyne V. born 5/24/1936 died 7/10/1988 A5C

Lepley, Joan Elaine born 12-28-1954 died 9-4-2001

Little, Almira E. born 1828 died 1915 D4b

Little, Joseph M. born 1883 died 1952 D4c

Little, Joseph M. born 1919 died 1976 book shows Joseph A. stone shows M. D5b

Little, Joseph W. born 1823 died 1905 map has Joseph A. D4a

Little, Margaret M. born 1885 died 1967 D4d

Little, Winona J. born 1920 died 1997 book has 12-3-1997 cremation D5a

Littrell, Dr. R.S. born 11-8-1848 died 3/16/1908 C1c

Littrell, Father (R.S.) born died

Lord, Grace G. born 1895 died 1973 E128c

Lord, Mark G. born 1878 died 1953 E128d

Lowery, Betty Lou born 10-13-1922 died 9-29-2002

Lowry, Robert Francis born 1923 died 1986 Sgt US Army, map has 1912-1986 book has 5-15-1912 photo shows 1923 A22ba Also

Luttrell, Garland H. "Slim" born 1/20/1906 died 3/8/1984 B47a

Luttrell, Jessie F. born 9/17/1904 died 1/3/2001 B47b

Lyons, Oria born died death maybe 2-16-1954, no stone found E137a

MacCormack, Mathew Scott born 11/5/1970 died 2/9/1971 Born in Bangkok, Thailand B53c

MacLean, Mary Frances born 1941 died 1951 D61a,b

Maddox, Hazel born 1895 died 1983 E50d

Maddox, Lee R. born 6-16-1874 died 7-8-1891 E50a

Maddox, Owen R. born 1850 died 1934 E50c

Maddox, Willie J. born 1851 died 1932 E50b

Maglietto, Dona Mae born 4-7-1942 died 10-7-2001 Also

Maglietto, Thomas Allen born 8-23-1939 died no date Also Married 10-29-1960 Parents of Kimberlea, Daphne, Sheryl

Maixner, Julia Issabelle born 8/9/1903 died 6/19/1915 C7a

Malcolm, Josephine born 1919 died no date On stone with Stanley E139a

Malcolm, Stanley born 1919 died 1969 cremation E139b

Marks Stone C30---

Marks, ? born died Next to Marie Marks, no stone found C30

Marks, Bill born died Next to Marie Marks, no stone found C30c

Marks, Marie Z. born 1889 died 1909 Daughter of James T. & Ada Zone Marks, McCarthy Funeral Home, age 20y 2m 7d, born 10-24-1889 Carthage, Ohio, died 12-31-1909, sold to George O. Gray, Mercantile Company, mortuary record gives parents as James Zone Marks and A. Armentrout. Dr. O.H. Snyder of Rye, cost $62.00 C30d

Marostica, Lawrence A. born 2-21-1928 died 3-12-2008

Marshall, Charles born no date died 2-20-1899 McCarthy Funeral home record: age 11y, son of R.L. Marshall 2800 N. Santa Fe, Pueblo, moved to Rye cemetery 2-22-1899, Dr. Corbin, cost $50.00

Marshall, Grant H. born 6-23-1879 died 11/2/1901 McCarthy Mortuary record: age 22y 5m 9d, resident of Rye, son of Jesse Marshall of Rye, Mr. Hughes paid part of expense, sent to Brookside cemetery 11-2-1901, Dr. unknown, cost $55.00 E17j

Marshall, Jesse H. born 3-28-1838 died 11/24/1911 McCarthy Mortuary record: male, farmer, resident of Rye, married, died at Rye ranch, paid by Mrs. J.N. Marshall, George Ray and C.B. Hughes, Dr. Snyder, cost $100.00 E17l

Marshall, Olive P. born 6-1-1844 died 12-25-1899 E17k

Marshall, Seneca born died no stone found E104a

Martin, Clifford Leroy born 3-2-1893 died 12-5-1971 B122d

Martin, Marian Eloise born 9-?-1916 died 1-?-1922 B122a

Martin, Russell John born 11-?-1928 died 8-?-1929 B122b

Martin, Sophia Collins Savage born 3-16-1894 died 5-5-1961 B122c

Martinez, Agapito born 11/4/1906 died 1/28/1985 no stone found B34c

Mason, Patricia Beverly born 2/23/1931 died 11/12/1999 A32ac Also

Mason, Virgil "Lee" born 1/5/1923 died 2/6/1991 cremation A32ad Also

Maxwell, M.E. (Mortimore) born 5/18/1923 died 11/16/1987 WWII B29c

May, Everett J. born 1906 died 1965 B41c

May, Viola C. born 1914 died 1979 B41d

Mayes, Ben L. born 1/22/1902 died 9/13/1953 B96a

McClellan, Anna E. Meredith born 1886 died 1957book shows Anna Meredith A41c

McConnell, Ora E. (Cress) born 3-8-1887 died 5/6/1949 map & book has 1948 stone has 1949 A116d Also

McDaniel, David C. born 11/21/1935 died 1/28/1999 Between Clyde I James and David E Holcomb

McDaniel, Frances P. born 1/27/1941 died no date On stone with David C.

McDaniel, James M. born 2/14/1927 died 10/29/1997 C20d

McDaniel, Mildred E. Myers born 6/5/1928 died no date On stone with James M. C20

McDaniel, R.L. "Bob" born 12/31/1932 died 4/10/1989 A16aa

McDaniel, Robert L. born 12/31/1932 died 4/10/1989 Cpl US Army Korea

McDermott, Helen M. born 3/30/1906 died 4/17/1951 E120d

McDermott, Walter J. born 3-7-1898 died 1/7/1969 E120c

McDonald, Jessie, child of Lester and Sarah

McDonald, Lester husband of Sarah

McDonald, Sarah born 5-?-1917 died 7/14/1999 Mother of Emma Schrivner, no stone found C53aa

McKinsey, Glen C. born 8-4-1919 died 2-17-2004

McMillan, James E. born 6-28-1869 died 10/28/1902 D31b

McMurry, Ida Brimm born 1867 died 1950 B70d

Mead, Ramah William born 4-12-1918 died 9-28-2007

Medde, Charles K. born 1854 died 1925 C37d

Medde, Florence E. born 1868 died 1943 C37c

Medill, Armitta Ruth born 1923 died no date On stone with Earl L. B69c

Medill, Earl R. born 1918 died 1998 cremation B69b

Medill, Evangeline L. born 1854 died 1921 E76b

Medill, Harold Elmer born 12-21-1932 died 2-10-2007

Medill, John born 1848 died 1899 E76a

Medill, Katherine born 1921 died 5/21/1921 B68d

Medill, Katie M. born 1899 died 1987 book shows 1-18-1899 - 6-20-1987 B68c

Medill, Kenneth Wesley born 5-21-1921 died 2-9-2005, husband of Mary Medill

Medill, Melvin Jack born 4/10/1947 died 9/23/1951 B69a

Medill, Ralph C. born 1897 died 1975 B68b

Meredith Stone

Meredith, Agnes born 1878 died 1965 A67b

Meredith, Baby born 1901 died 1901 With Louise Meredith A67a

Meredith, Bernice L. born 1921 died no date On stone with Shannon R.

Meredith, Blanche born 1891 died 1978 D26b

Meredith, Cora A. born 1882 died 1915 Wife of Marion M. Meredith D32b

Meredith, Elizabeth born 5-10-1833 died 2-7-1899 Wife of William Meredith E78b

Meredith, Father born died

Meredith, Father born died

Meredith, Frank born 1870 died 1947 book shows death 1945 photo shows 1947 A67c

Meredith, Harold (Cotton) born 9/12/1911 died no date Married 2-14-1935

Meredith, Harry G. born 1878 died 1947 A41d

Meredith, L. Roe born 1922 died no date on stone with Shannon R.

Meredith, Louise born 1917 died 1920 A67a

Meredith, Marion Monroe born 1-11-1855 died 4/21/1919 D32c

Meredith, Mother born died

Meredith, Paul born 1895 died 1982 D26a

Meredith, Pearl born 8-27-1912 died 8-8-1992 wife of Harold "Cotton" Meredith

Meredith, Shannon R. born 1954 died 1996 Between Paul Meredith and Walter E. Miller

Meredith, Viola Pearl born 8/27/1912 died 8/8/1992 A41b

Meredith, William born 8-15-1831 died 5-11-1893 Capt. of Co H Mo State Militia, Civil War E78c

Meredith, William L. "Willie" born 3-24-1866 died 3-29-1895 On stone with William & Elizabeth E78a

Meredith, William M. born 1892 died 1925 Son of Marion M. Meredith D32d

Miller, Fern M. born 1893 died 1983 Next to Walter E. Miller D27b

Miller, Frank D. born 1862 died 1937 E34a

Miller, Ida J. born 1867 died 1970 not in book on stone with Frank D. Miller

Miller, Walter E. born 1890 died 1981 D27a

Mitchell, Addie Merle born 11-19-1893 died 1894 Daughter of John and Alice Mitchell E78f

Mitchell, Alice born 2-12-1858 died 1-12-1894 Wife of John Mitchell book says 1874, stone says 1894 E78d

Mitchell, Allie born no date died no date E78e

Mohney, Ellen Marie (Hunt) born 6/20/1950 died 9/24/2000 D52a

Monnie, Baby born 9-26-1891 died 9-26-1891 Daughter of J.F. & C.B. Monnie E18g

Monnie, Edwin born 1890 died 1890 E.M. footstone E18l

Monnie, I.M. born died I.M. footstone, name? Dates? E18m

Monnie, Joseph Francis born 1867 died 1917 E18f

Monnie, Josie born died J.M. footstone

Monnie, Josie born 5-13-1895 died 12-31-1895 Son of J.F. & C.B. Monnie E18n

Monnie, William Winfred born 4/28/1901 died 5/1/1995 cremation E18d

Moody, Annetta Robinson born 4-24-1873 died 6/10/1947 C44c

Moody, Watson G. born 4-1-1866 died 12/21/1906 C44d

Moore, Burton born 2-28-1818 died 2-15-1885 E46e

Moore, J.P. died 2-18-1941

Moore, Joseph Maning born 12-4-1854 died 7/15/1901 McCarthy Mortuary record: age 46y 7m, informant Thomas Brothers. Dr. R.S. Little, Cost $25.50. Son of Burton Moore. E35c

Moore, Mary Jane born 3-20-1866 died 7/17/1951, daughter of Burton Moore. E35d

Moore, William Lysle born 1894 died 4-25-1896age 2y 5m 16d E56a

Morey stone C35a

Morey, Dale Albert "Buck" born 2/12/1915 died 6/24/1985 C35ad

Morey, Thelma Lucinda born 11/26/1915 died 1/13/1995 C35ac

Morgan, Allene McMurry "Pokie" born 1904 died 1987 book shows 1-6-1904 B70c

Morgan, Daniel born died Baby E19a

Morgan, James Paul "Paul" born 1903 died 1993 book shows Reverend Paul Morgan 8-31-1903 - 5-28-1993 B70b

Moses, Clifford H. born 4-21-1872 died 6/7/1947 A33c Also

Moses, Tena E. born 8-5-1884 died 3/31/1971 A33d Also

Murphy, Dorothy born 1903 died 1979 A5A

Myers, Guy B. born 3-8-1889 died 8/14/1968 Colorado PFC US Army WWI C20a

Myers, Guy Bertus born 3-8-1889 died 8/14/1968

Myers, Julia Williams born 2-3-1896 died 9/19/1991 C20b

Myers, Mrs. John born died east of Louisa Driver no stone found B91

Naylor, Denman D. "Denny" born 4/29/1945 died 1/1/1984 B93a

Newkirk, Rollie born 6/4/1915 died 12/1/1915 book says Hollie, stone says Rollie E123a

Nicholas, Izola Marie born 7/2/1920 died 12/25/1920 daughter of D. Nicholas?? B92b

Nichols, Margaret Jane Duckworth born 3-6-1860 died 2-9-1931 D11c

Nichols, Sadie born no date died 1972 no stone found A66c

Nichols, Thomas A. born 11-12-1848 died 2-18-1922 D11b

Nigh, Emma M. born 1889 died 1917 C28d

Nigh, John L. born 1890 died 1923 A42d

Nigh, Rosetta born 2-1-1862 died 4/22/1910 Wife of S.H. Nigh C28a

Nigh, S. Hubert born 1/2/1915 died 6/29/1986 married 46 years B82b

Nigh, Winnie K. born 2/27/1912 died 11/30/1993 B82c

Nolin, Hardy E. born 1922 died 1923 book shows Nolan A79d Also

Oakley, Daniel Elmer Sr. born 6-2-1897 died 3/22/1966 Colorado F1 USNR WWI C12b

Oakley, Dollie E. born 1896 died 1984 C12c

Oakley, Emma Elizabeth Dollie Havelka

Oakley, Helen Corrine born 1921 died 1925 C12a

Oakley, Jacob H. born died American Legion

Oakley, Jacob H. born 1855 died 1921 C13c

Oakley, Mary E. born 1872 died 1947 C13b

Oakley, Mary E. born died American War Mothers

Ogden, Ralph Thomas "Rusty" born 2/4/1964 died 1/23/1966 E137d

Ogle, born died no stone found D31c

Ogle, born died no stone found D31d

Okes, J.M. born 1873 died 1906 E52a

Olsen Stone A16---

Olsen, Dorothy born no date died 5-24-2005

Olsen, Jillayne Annette born 4/14/1954 died 4/25/1980 reburial, from where? A16B

Olshaw, Joseph A. born 1889 died 1984 B21a

Olshaw, Marie M. born 1906 died 1994 B21a

Oxford, Nettie S. born 1899 died 1968 B43a

Oxford, Norton L. born 1885 died 1971 B43b

Pack, Thomas A. born 1899 died 1999 book shows 3-12-1999 A51d

Pack, Viola M. born 1915 died 1996 book shows7-1-1996 A51c

Palmer, C.Raymond born 1907 died 1978 C14ac

Palmer, M. Louise born 1912 died 5-26-2004 On stone with Raymond C14a

Pando, Arelina Sanchez born died 2/18/1902 resident of Nepesta, Co., age 20y, shipped to Rye 2-18-1902, informant Joe Pando, McCarthy Funeral Home

Pattison, Clifford E. born 11-4-1928 died no date married 5-1-1955

Pattison, Dorothy Lee born 3/30/1926 died 9/1/2001 no stone found A119b

Payne, Carroll born 9/28/1917 died 8/13/1993 A17B

Payne, Lillian born 8/3/1910 died 7/24/2001 Married 11-15-1942 A17A

Pearce, Emilia J. born 1861 died 1935 A86c Also

Pearce, James W. J. born 1856 died 1922 A86b

Pence, Albert S. J. born 9-21-1867 died 4-2-1889 E119a

Perkins, Frances "Frankie" born 1920 died 1982 no stone found B65a

Perkins, James H. born 1943 died 2005

Petersen, Agnes S. born 1892 died 1984 B59d

Petersen, Baby born 1941 died 10/15/1941 B62d

Petersen, Charles born 1879 died 1957 B59c

Petersen, F. Wayne born 5/10/1944 died 9/10/1967 Colorado CPL Btry B 1 Bn 94 Arty B62c

Petersen, Harold C. "Pete" born 1916 died 1989 married 8-9-1939, book shows 5-18-1916 - 3-15-1989 B62b

Petersen, Ione born 1914 died 1988 book shows Agnes Ione B59b

Petersen, Mavis M. born 1915 died no date On stone with Harold B62a

Phye, John Wesley born 7-3-1871 died 9/10/1942 Father A110c

Phye, Lydia born 10/5/1917 died 6/16/1920 Daughter A110d

Pierce, Frances E. born 10/28/1922 died 1/9/1984 C42aa

Pierson, Peter born 5-19-1852 died 8/23/1925 E18a

Poe, Francis Rollin born 1909 died 1955 A21c Also

Poe, Sara Lee born 1940 died 1951 A21d Also

Pool, James Earl born 3/9/1930 died 1/17/1983 E143b

Pool, Jimmie Ray born 1/11/1956 died 5/27/1997 E155d

Pool, Jimmie Ray born 1/11/1956 died 5/27/1997 closeup

Pool, Suzy born no date died no date no stone found E155c

Popejoy, Mary A. William "Mollie" born 1869 died 1893

Potter, Mary Lou
born no date died --no stone found E113d

Pounds, Kenneth A. born 5/1/1913 died 2/12/2002 Married 11-7-1937 A59b

Pounds, Maggie Belle born 1914 died 1969 A59a

Pritchard, Elma A. born 1908 died 1973 A18b

Pritchard, John born died no stone found E3d

Pritchard, Stephen H. born 1888 died 1958 A18a

Proctor, Helen C. (Lytle) born 7-10-1920 died 6-2-2008

Randol, James B. born 4-22-1857 died 8-29-1915 son of James H. and Elizabeth Randol, no stone found

Rash, Arminta Alice Mooney born 1905 died 1986 book shows 9-19-1905 - 9-14-1986, cremated A57a

Rash, Elbert Gordon born 1902 died 1991 Married 64 years, book shows 12-9-1902 - 2-7-1991 A57b

Rash, George Elton born 11/28/1925 died 1/24/1926 Son of Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Rash memorial stone only A57c

Ray, Beatrice F. born 1/16/1902 died 7/3/1993 cremation E17c

Ray, Lucille H. born 7-24-1870 died 12/31/1926 E17d

Ray, Paul M. Sr. born 4-25-1895 died 10/19/1981 E17c

Ray, Susan M. born 11-16-1843 died 7/13/1915 C27a

Redd, Katherine E. born 1903 died 3/12/1996 B42c

Redd, Kenneth B. born 1900 died 1983 B42d

Reed, Chester E. born 3/16/1915 died 12/16/1974 Sgt US Army B79a

Reed, Emma L. born 3-22-1883 died 10/13/1914 age 31y, resident of 522 W. 2nd St., Pueblo, died at residence, shipped to Brookside cemetery 10-15-1914. daughter of William Reed born Ar., and Harriett Collins born Missouri. Dr. S.P. Douglas.

Reed, William M. born 1/4/1905 died 5/5/1912 age 81y, black, married, husband of Hattie Reed, died at residence, taken to Rye, Co. 5-8-1912 by relatives. Dr. S.L. Douglas, cost $40.00

Rice, Agnes L. born 1868 died 1957 Buried in Cortez C35d

Rice, George E. born 1868 died 1936 C35d

Richardson, Albert E. born 1900 died 1979 E161d

Richardson, Thelma I. born 1910 died 1984 E161c

Riddle stone B73---

Riddle, Harold L. born 1899 died 1997 B73a

Riddle, James Lee born 1932 died 1951 B73c

Riddle, Nellie M. (Guest) born 1901 died 1971 B73b

Riddle, Robert Dale born 1927 died 1927 B73d

Ridenour, Anna born 1871 died 5/27/1904 age 33y E17g

Ridenour, Mr. died 1935

Ridenour, Rosa Elizabeth born 8/11/1920 died 4/17/1921 B111b

Roberts, 2 children born died fenced but not marked E14b,c

Robinson, Earlene L. born 1911 died 1995 book shows 1-23-1911 - 6-20-1995 B83aab

Robinson, James Derryl born 1943 died 1968 B83aac

Robinson, Lynda Kay born 1956 died 1978 B83aad

Robinson, Ulric Rimer "Bob" born 1901 died 1958 B83aaa

Rochester, Danny James Sr. born 1948 died 1994 book shows 1949 - 2-2-1994 D59d

Rochester, Deborah J. born 1950 died no date D59c

Roper, Mary L. born 1883 died 1924 C17a

Routen, Garland born died no stone found E144d

Routen, Jeanette born no date died no date no stone found E144c

Rudder, George H. born 6-?-1926 died 4/27/1972 Colorado Tech 5 Co B 51 Sig Opr BN WWII E144b

Rudder, Velma C. born 1891 died 1989 cremation E144b

Ruddock, Charles W. born 10-22-1859 died 3/8/1947 B97b

Ruddock, Frank born 12-10-1888 died 5/25/1947 California PFC 18 Inf 1 Div WWI Purple Heart B97a

Ruddock, Hattie born 6-13-1865 died 3/22/1946 B97c

Russell, Agnes born 1898 died 2/12/1900 Daughter of Joseph and Frances Russell, age 1y 9m 6d E71d

Russell, Florannis born 1875 died 1967 E74b

Russell, Frances C. born 1857 died 1913 E71b

Russell, Jesse Clark born 12-11-1886 died 4/1/1924 E73a

Russell, Joseph born 1849 died 1914 E71a

Russell, Thomas E. born 1878 died 1961 E74a

Rutherford, George E. born 6-9-1873 died 2/26/1902 E51b

Ryan, Leroy born 1-25-1883 died 5/18/1906 C48d

Ryan, Leroy full stone

Salazar, Kathleen Kay (Frederiksen) born 2/6/1945 died 4/21/2000 Born Meadville, Pennsylvania, died Pueblo, Colorado B33a

Samworth, Charles J. born 1868 died 1960 B102c

Samworth, Dora B. born 1889 died 1988 D14b

Samworth, Fannie E. born 1870 died 1920 B102b

Samworth, Joseph E. born 1898 died 1971 D14c

Samworth, Paul J. born 1/10/1911 died 12/15/1955 Colorado PFC Medical Department WWII B102d

Sanchez, Carol A. born 1963 died 1976 book shows 1964 A96c

Sanchez, Laura E. born 1961 died 1976 book shows 1960 A96b

Savage, Adelia Matilda Austin born 7-12-1868 died 6-13-1940 B132a

Savage, Edith Bertha born 12/16/1911 died 1/3/1912 E28b

Savage, George Washington born 9-4-1839 died 9-29-1917 B132b

Sayler, Catherine born 1847 died 1919 E35b

Sayler, Elizabeth born 1870 died 1916 E7c

Sayler, Howard J. born 1889 died 1945 E7d

Sayler, Jacob born 1822 died 1900 E35a

Sayler, John A. born 1854 died 1933 E7b

Scheulen, Clem J. Jr. born 10/22/1919 died 1/22/1987 US Navy WWII, book shows Clemence B6d

Scheulen, Margaret M. born 9/30/1924 died 7/18/1990 B6c

Scott, Cleda J. (Allee) born 5/23/1913 died 7/30/1993 Daughter of T.M. and L.A. Allee, no stone found B71b

Scroggs, Eupheme Irene born 1887 died 1950 D18c

Scroggs, Mary E. born 1857 died 1916 D18a

Scroggs, William C. born 1850 died 1943 D18b

Sears, Little Claudie born 1873 died 1-23-1875 Son of George & Bertha Sears, age 1y 2m 21d E78h

Sears, Little Claudie footstone

Sears, Little Earle born no date died 1878 Son of George & Bertha Sears E78g

Sears, Little Earle footstone

Sears, Marion Monroe born 8-22-1898 died 1899 Son of George & Bertha Sears, McCarthy Funeral home record: age 10m, died 7-5-1899, child of George Sears, residence 1118 Lake, Pueblo. Dr. George E. Gray, cost $21.00 E78I

Seybold, Clyde W. born 1924 died no date On stone with Dorothy A74 Also

Seybold, Dorothy A. born 1927 died 1978 A74b Also

Sheets, Freddie born no date died 8-1-1876 E70c

Shown, James W. born 1847 died 1918 book says 1899 stone says 1918 E55c

Shown, Lela born no date died no date next to James Shown, no stone found E55d

Shown, Maud born 1883 died 1900 E55a

Shown, Sally V. born 1860 died 1899 book says 1889, stone says 1899 E55b

Shreve, Don Harrison born 10-1-1918 died 9-11-2010 married 8-2-1944 US Army Air Corp WWII 1941-1945

Shreve, Eleanor Anne born 8-16-1921 died 7-13-2010

Shurtz, Jimmie born 1874 died 1-11-1878 Son of S.R. & A.A. Shurtz, age 3y 9m 19d E60d

Sikes, Nellie Viola born 11-29-1893 died 5/6/1988 D9b

Sikes, S.C. "Cal" born 11-20-1895 died 1/9/1978 D9a

Simpson, Mary Monette born 10/23/1933 died 9/21/1999 no stone found A76ba

Sims, Cathryn M. born 9/19/1917 died 8/4/1976 book says Simms, stone says Sims D8c

Sims, Herbert M. born 1887 died 1979 Married 10-1-1912 A22b

Sims, Sadie S. born 1895 died 1982 A22a

Singer, Ada Ena born no date died 1938 no stone found B52d

Slape, Carl born 1913 died 2008

Slape, Naomi born 1920 died no date

Slipher, Rev. David I. born 12-6-1874 died 6/21/1939 A68a Also

Slipher, Walksie A. born 12-13-1876 died 11/18/1968 A68b Also

Smith, Adele M. born 1/14/1942 died no date On stone with Ronald C43b

Smith, Albert B. born 1872 died 1948 E2a

Smith, Carrie E. born 8-15-1856 died 2/21/1930 E2b

Smith, Charles T. born 6-5-1886 died 4-2-1894 Son of W.T & C.E. Smith E8c

Smith, Ellis B. born 4/23/1914 died 1-5-2002 On stone with Margaret A88b Also

Smith, George W. born 7-14-1899 died 3-29-1894Son of W.T & C.E. Smith E8b

Smith, Harry Higby born 9/14/1900 died 10/26/1968Colorado PVT US Army WWII A112d Also

Smith, Hattie A. born 2-26-1890 died 6-3-1894 Daughter of W.T. & C.E. Smith book shows 1830 photo unclear E8e

Smith, Lillian E. born 1876 died 1960 D29b

Smith, Lizzie J. born 4-7-1870 died 3/2/1907 E8a

Smith, Margaret Jean born 2/4/1916 died 5/26/1999 cremation A88a Also

Smith, Martha Lee "Sam" born 2/4/1935 died 5/31/1998 cremation B26c

Smith, Nettie B. born 2-22-1885 died 4-2-1894 Daughter of W.T. & C.E. Smith E8d

Smith, Paul born 1905 died 1919 Holt Mortuary A113b Also

Smith, Robert W. born 10-12-1892 died 6/23/1923 E2d

Smith, Robert W. footstone

Smith, Ronald J. born 8/11/1934 died 4/14/1990 cremation C43bd

Smith, Walter born 1863 died 1930 Holt Mortuary A113c Also

Smith, Wayne Russell "Red" born 7/12/1941 died no date On stone with Martha not in book grave B or D? B26

Smith, Wiliam T. born 3-24-1840 died 5/28/1919 E2c

Snider, Harry O. born 1873 died 1910 D22d

Snider, Clyde D. born 1905 died 1910 D23a

Speer, Gladys R. born 1896 died 1955 B55c

Speer, Robert L. born 6/7/1935 died 4/15/1994 book shows Bobby 7-22-1994 cremated B55c

Speer, Rueben L. born 1895 died 1972 B55b

Speer, Ruth Joan born no date died 2/11/1926 B55d

Spitzer, Myrtle Issabelle born 1890 died 8-16-1914 Wife of Curtis Spitzer C6d

Spradlin, U. Mae born 1935 died 2009 ( photos by Kay Medved)

Spradlin, Wayne W. born 1925 died 2013 (photos by Kay Medved)

Stanbro, Norma Jean (Becher) born 6/21/1933 died 12/29/1970 B46c

Starkey, Lukus Edmond born 6-?-1978 died 7-?-1979 B160c

Staten, Eleanor A. born 1921 died 1987Veteran of Foreign Wars D42b

Stephens, Alfred born 1846 died 4-5-1886Native of Falmouth, England age 40y 4m E90b

Stephens, Alfred footstone

Stephens, Alfred Lockie born 1877 died 5-15-1890 Son of Alfred and Jeannie Stephens, aged 13y 7m 15d E90d

Stephens, Alfred Lockie footstone

Stevenson, Harry Lawson born 8-7-1889 died 5/29/1970 B78d

Stewart, Anna M. born 1861 died 10-15-1880age 19y C34d

Stewart, Bill Henry born 6-9-1962 died 12-8-2004

Stewart, Ella born 1878 died 1955 A92b

Stewart, Glen born 3-2-1897 died 12/4/1991removed to Shawnee, OK 8-1993, husband of Opal, daughter is AnaJean Bishop C53aa

Stewart, Glen Thomas born 10/26/1902 died 10/18/1979 A92c

Stewart, Janet (Kline) born died 11/2/2000 no stone found B45b

Stewart, John W. born 1876 died 1934 A92a

Stewart, Richard born 3/23/1954 died 4/13/1991 between Kenneth Erickson B89D and George Dudley B90A (bench)

Stickler, Don born 1908 died 1980 no stone found A99c

Stickler, Grant born 1868 died 1957 A99b

Stickler, Nancy Ellen born 1884 died 1955 A99a

Stromberg, Richard born 1919 died 1925 A94d Also

Stults, Corda M. born 1880 died 1968 A82b Also

Stults, Wilbur E. born 1881 died 1963 A82a Also Stults Marker

Summers, Dorothy R. born died 1970 On stone with Jack E130b

Summers, Jack R. born died E130a

Summers, Shiela born died no stone found E131a

Svarc, Francis C. born 1909 died 12-?-1994 Veteran of Foreign Wars cremation book shows 8-4-1909 - 11-3-1994 D41c

Svarc, Jerome Francis born 11/25/1906 died 3/26/1983 Tec 5 US Army WWII D41d

Svarc, Marie T. born 1908 died 1984 D41c

Taton, Howard K. born 1917 died 1983 B140b

Taton, Ollie Mae born 1918 died no date on stone with Howard grave A or C? B140

Thacker, Arthur G. born 1884 died 1961 B81b

Thacker, Madelyne L. born 8-31-1925 died 6-2-2009 wife of Irvin Thacker

Thacker, Minnie M. born 1892 died 1939 B81c

Thacker, Pearl W. born 1882 died 1970 B81a

Thessen, Mary Lou born 1927 died 1969 B53d

Thomas, Charles E. born 1880 died 5-12-1881 Son of E.R. & M.K. Thomas, age 1y 29d E48b

Thomas, Charles E. born 1880 died 5-12-1881 footstone

Thomas, Florence Mae born 1887 died 1932 E43d

Thomas, J.G. born no date died no date no stone found, 1 n of Charles Thomas E49b

Thomas, J.S. born no date died no date no stone found, 1 n of Charles Thomas E49c

Thomas, James G. born 2-12-1854 died 4/3/1902 E43I

Thomas, John F. born no date died 9-24-1877 footstone

Thomas, John F. born no date died 9-24-1877 age 29y "FLT" at top in links E68a

Thomas, John W. born 1857 died 8/9/1908 age 52y, map & book shows 1909 photo unclear C41d

Thomas, Katie born 7-12-1861 died 12/31/1934 E43h

Thomas, Lalla born 1881 died 1890 E43b

Thomas, Laurence born 1883 died 1887 E43a

Thomas, Muriel born 1895 died 1991 book shows 12-8-1895 - 3-10-1991, no stone found E43f

Thomas, Ralph Warren born 4-3-1885 died 12/28/1959 E43e

Thomas, Ruth born 1887 died 1890 E43c

Thurston, John E. "Jack" born 5-5-1894 died 4/14/1980 book shows 1979 stone shows 1980 B81ad

Thurston, John E. born 5-5-1894 died 4/14/1980 US Army WWI T.G. McCarthy Mortuary B81ad

Thurston, Vivian L. born 2/13/1914 died 1/12/2000 B82aa

Tolbert, Francis "Shorty" born no date died 5/28/1975no stone found B156c

Totten, Anson G. born 7-8-1876 died 11/25/1906 C47c

Totten, Beth L.M. born 1879 died 1956 C47b

Totten, Robert A. born 1873 died 1956 C47d

Tribble, Infant born died moved from B 81a no stone found B75aa

Trice, Adam Anthony close-up

Trice, Adam Anthony plaque

Trice, Adam Anthony "Ox" born 10/28/1981 died 11/2/1999 book shows 10-30-1981 B5d

Turner, Ray Duane born 1961 died 10/20/1961 buried with C.A. Bonham B147c

Turner, Thomas R. born died Baby E131b

unknown Ansing C. Moore lot, unreadable B80aa

unknown sec 1 unreadable B53b

unknown E124b

unknown between C.H. Henderson and Aaron Vedder E126d

unknown n of Eula Graybeal, section 2 E65a

unknown unmarked rocks, section 2 E85a

unknown unmarked rocks, section 2 E85c

unknown no stone found E83b

unknown no stone found E83c

unknown unmarked rock s of John Jamison E77e

unknown unmarked rock, s of John Jamison E77h

unknown n of Eliza Jamison, section 2 E77a

unknown n of Eliza Jamison, section 2 E77b

unknown between John & James Jamison, section 2 E77e

unknown In Knox lot A44a


unknown no stone found E100c

unknown no stone found E103b

unknown no stone found E107d,e

unknown concrete with round top, wood inset

unknown fenced but no marker E91a

unknown concrete with round top

unknown rock headstone B101d

unknown section 2, no stone found E98b

unknown section 2, no stone found E98d

unknown section 2, no stone found E97a,b

unknown no stone found E124d



unknown in Larson lot, no stone found C31c


unknown A109d

unknown A100d Also


unknown In Andis plot

unknown In Andis plot

unknown between George Caldwell and Alfred Stephens E90a

unknown between Connie Carcellero and Alfred Stephens E95b

unknown E58b

unknown next to Frank Veney E31a

unknown next to Frank Veney E30a

unknown next to Calvin Goss C3d

unknown rock, in D. Utt lot C23a

unknown 1 grave n of Mabel Cress A115d

unknown next to Condor Christianson 110

unknown n of Richard Baker 43

Utt, Elizabeth born 1830 died 1906 C22a

Utt, Fred S. born 1876 died 1906 C22b

VanOrnum, Alta K. born 1894 died 1918 E129b

VanOrnum, George L. born 1893 died 1975 E129a

Vaughan, Charles Wells "Chick" born 2/4/1941 died 9/1/1986 B87c

Vaughn, Darlene Rita "Dar" born 5/6/1956 died 10/19/1978 A2B

Vaught, David Ryan born 6/17/2001 died 9/15/2001 no stone found B5c

Vedder, Aaron M. born 1822 died 1906 E127a

Veney, Frank born 1836 died 11/14/1901age 65 y E32a

Wachob stone A56---

Wachob, John Alvin "Jack" born 1919 died 1983 A56c

Wachob, Laverne D. born 7-10-1922 died 5-16-2004

Walter, Cornelius W. born 1852 died 1928 C42d

Walter, Daniel born 1822 died 1894 E87b

Walter, Jennie A. born 1862 died 19?? C42c

Walter, John born died 1937 iron marker E87

Walter, Mary A. born 1827 died 1897 E87a

Warren, Marlin L. born 1909 died 1971 E141c

Warren, Marlin L. born 1/19/1909 died 7/15/1971 Colorado PFC US Army WWII

Warren, Vernon Lecil born 8/26/1936 died 9/27/1969 Colorado ADR2 US Navy E141a

Weed, Alice Lucile born 1909 died 1992 cremation E136e

Weed, Blanche S. born 1880 died 1909 Wife of J.F. Weed E136d

Weed, Charles N. born 1844 died 1918 E136a

Weed, Katie R. born 1881 died 1961 E136c

Weed, Susan D. born 1845 died 1903 E136b

Weeks, Irene M. born 5-9-1931 died no date Also (Additional photos by Kay Medved)

Weeks, James L. born 6-5-1932 died 9-6-2012 Also (Additional photos by Kay Medved)

Welborn stone A107---

Welborn, Glen M. born 1897 died 1926 Son A107a

Welborn, Mark E. born 1895 died 1939 Son A107d Also

Welborn, Minnie C. born 1877 died 1962 Mother A107b

Welborn, Peter E. born 1870 died 1928 Father A107c

Wheldon, Mayme Medill born 8-6-1879 died 1/7/1965 E76c

White, Charlotte born 1922 died 1968 A47c Also

White, Zelma born 1896 died no date A49d Also

Whitehead, Edward Beecher born 1837 died 1919 Co B 113th O,V.I. 14th Army Corps 1861-1865 D24d

Whitehead, Sarah Ann Handley born 1833 died 1922 Wife of Edward Beecher Whitehead book shows 1861, stone shows 1833 D24c

Whiteman, Baby Boy Jr. born 1926 died 1926 A100a

Whitlow, Iona Marie born 5/10/1916 died 1/18/1999 On stone with James A118a Also

Whitlow, James Wade born 11/13/1916 died no date married 12-25-1939 A118 married 12-25-1939 Also

Whitmire, William R. born 1928 died 1956 A95b

Whitmire, William R. born 12/23/1928 died 2/22/1956 Colorado PFC US Army Korea Purple Heart

Wikberg, Jessica Marie born 11/14/1979 died 1/13/1980 Daughter of Jay Wikberg? B173a

Wilcox, Howard Edwin born 12/5/1916 died 8/1/1977 E142b

Wilcox, Warren Earl "Buddy" born 7/13/1956 died 6/1/1995 E142c

Wilkinson, James L. born 2/28/1911 died 6/30/1981 book shows 1917 photo shows 1911 B77c

Wilkinson, Ruth M. born 1/17/1912 died 7/4/1974 B77d

Williams, Alberta N. born 4/22/1908 died 8-4-2005 On stone with Billy D. Williams B31

Williams, Billy D. born 5/31/1901 died 5/7/1984 B31c

Williams, Billy Ray born 1933 died 1934 B63d

Williams, Lois born 1925 died 1993 book shows 10-11-1925 - 12-18-1993 wife of Walter Cremation B63c

Williams, Mattie born 1872 died 1887 E116b

Williams, Walter born 1918 died no date On stone with Lois B63

Williamson, Tom Leslie M.D. born 5/15/1917 died 10/21/1981 Father of Marilyn Roger, & Timothy D15b

Wilson, Hurb H. born 1867 died 1953 D30c

Wilson, Lou E. born 1872 died 1958 D30d

Winslow, Michael Ray born 7/29/1957 died 2/21/1998 E25a

Withers, Arnie born died 6/18/1905cremated, no stone found A105ae

Witt, Henry Jesse born 1-23-1931 died 7-6-2005

Wixson, Saul born 9-16-1837 died 3/29/1918 C16b

Wood, Bertha Clyde (Edmundson) born 10/22/1904 died 5/28/1986 A71a

Wood, Joseph Madison born 5/1/1920 died 6/27/1990 1st LT US Army Air Corps WWII, book shows 5-3-1920 - 7-27-1990 B23c

Wood, Oval born 4/17/1900 died 12/17/1972 A71b

Wood, Theron Mark born no date died 2-9-1896 Son of J.B. & Laura Wood, age 7y 8m 24d, book has 1896 birth E22a

Wood, Virginia Foster born 2/18/1917 died 9/18/1975 B23d

Woodyard, Florence M. born 7/12/1902 died 12/8/1992 A80c

Woodyard, Lee born no date died 1923 no stone found A80d

Woodyard, Staley O. born 6-24-1892 died 4/18/1965 PVT US Army WWI A80b

Worthington, Bessie A. born 1885 died 1970 next to Elwood Worthington A35b

Worthington, Elwood born 9-1-1861 died 3/15/1950 A35a

Worthington, Harold H. born 1883 died 1972 A35c

Wright, Della B. born 1866 died 1915 E128b

Wright, Della B. footstone E129b

Wright, George G. born 1858 died 1919 E128a

Yandles, Dorothy born 4/18/1912 died 7-1-2002 not in book A106aa Also

Yandles, Kermit Orville born 8/22/1913 died 9/29/1997 Veteran, book says 8-22-1922 photo shows 1913 A106ab Also PFC US Amry WWII Also

Yocum, Phyllis A. born 8-5-1926 died 12-31-1978

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