Pueblo County, Colorado

Contributed by Joy Fisher.

Postoffice in Pueblo county, 32 miles from Pueblo. Graneros the nearest railway point.

Population 250.

Altitude 6,500 feet.

Allison F K, livery and stage to Pueblo.

Allison Mrs F K, millinery and dressmaker.

Allison W H, barber, bakery.

Ashley H T, sawmill.

Benham F H, sawmill.

Carnahan H S, carpenter.

Congregational Church, Miss M A Brokaw pastor.

Consaul & Son J C. carpenter.

Crawford J J, blacksmith.

Ekern John, meat market.

Freeman D W W, physician.

Gleason M J, sawmill.

Gray Geo O, notary public and genl mdse.

Leavitt, livery.

Harris Mrs Lew, music teacher.

Idylwild, health resort.

McKinley Bert, livery.

Medill A T, justice peace.

Meredith M M, genl mdse.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Hicklin pastor.

Moody Mrs W G, summer resort.

Mountain View Hotel, Thomas S Denbo prop.

New Love Mrs Esther, dressmkr.

Randolph J W, carpenter.

Rusk O A, postmaster.

Rye Stage Line to Graneros. Sarah Gray mgr.

Sears Mercantile Co. genl mdse.

Sibley Mrs, school teacher.

Snyder O H, physn.

Stilson H C, prin school.

Totten R A, poultry and eggs.

Weed J F, creamery, dairy and postmaster.

Wilson House, H H Wilson prop.

Woodmen Hall, Elmer Beecher mgr.

Young Hunt, livery.

Source: 37th Annual Volume The Colorado State Business Directory with A Complete Classified Directory of the Entire State, Including Mines, Reduction Works, Etc. 1911 Denver, Colorado The Gazetteer Publishing Co. Established 1871 James Jr. Ives, Manager 1911

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