Pueblo County, Colorado
Pioneer Cemetery

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This cemetery listing was derived from a combination of sources, which included Shirley Azvedo, Colorado Veterans Grave Registration, McCarthy Funeral Home Records, Jim Davenport, and family members of the interred. In March 2007, I was contacted by Mr. Kelling who offered to send photos he had taken of the cemetery. I was absolutely amazed when I received a CD in the mail that had 754 photos on it, not including the bios. Our utmost thanks to all of the contributors for this listing and special thanks to Mr. Kelling for the wonderful photos.

If anyone can add to this listing, or identify the unknown stones, please contact me, Karen Mitchell, at kmitchweb@gmail.com

Located on the northern edge of Pueblo.  From the 29th Avenue exit, turn south on Elizabeth Street.  Follow Elizabeth Street to 22nd Avenue.  The cemetery is on the right, covering the entire block.  This cemetery is actually four separate sections.  The I.O.O.F. Cemetery is across the street, and was established in 1871.  The Jewish Cemetery was established in 1885, The Pioneer in 1885, and the Masonic in 1870.  The grounds are well maintained by the city, and are very attractive.  Cemetery records are kept at the office of the Mountain View Cemetery.  

All photos by Floyd Kelling unless otherwise noted in parenthesis.

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?, Agnesno dates

?, Annie

?, Baby died: 3-6-1897 Notes: next to Stewart stone

?, Charles H. Notes: husband

?, Cora born: 4-2-1872 died: 6-2-1876 Notes:

?, Eva S. Notes: wife of ?

?, George Notes: son of W. & Lavinia

?, James ?

?, Julia Ada born: 9-3-1874

?, Lewis born: 12-15-1876

?, Mary M. died: ?-13-1882 Notes: 23y

?, Mattie born: 11-1-1880 died: 6-7-1881 Notes: on stone with Cora ?

?, Nellie born: 6-14-1876 died: 6-1-1881 Notes: on stone with Cora ?

?, Robert A. born: 1867 died: 1942

?, Sarah A.H.

?, Thomas Jeremy died: 4-25-1882 Notes: age 26y

?, William

Abbott, George H.no dates

Adair, Francis M. born: 1859 died: 1932

Adair, Mary J. born: 1859 died: 1937

Albert, Charles born: 7-20-1883 died: 5-21-1885

Albert, Theodoreno dates Notes: Our Baby

Allen, Benjamin B. Jr. born: 1868 died: 1937

Allen, Louise R. born: 1870 died: 1937

Altman, Harry W. born: 12-1-1858 died: 4/9/1912

Altman, Nora E. died: 6-23-18?? Notes: stone is illegible, daughter of H.W. & P.M. Altman

Altman, Phoebe M. born: 1861 died: 1936 Notes: Mother

Anderson, Joseph Warner born: 2-14-1841 died: 6/28/1903

Anderson, Oliviano dates Notes: wife of J.C. Anderson

Armstrong, Sarah E. born: 1848 died: 1924

Armstrong, William born: 6-27-1838 died: 12/19/1908 Notes: Capt Co A 53 Ill Inf, born in Ill

Armstrong, William

Austin, ? Notes: wife of Charles Austin

Austin, Charles died 8-4-1880

Bair, Michael born: 3-5-1831 died: 12/3/1914 Notes: born in Pa

Baker, Chas.no dates Notes: CO. E., 7 Iowa Cav Union Army Civil War

Baker, J.A. born: 10-22-1855 died: 10/30/1910

Baker, J.A.

Baker, Rebecca Elizabeth born: 1838 died: 1886

Baker, W.T.no dates

Barnum, Daniel Boone born: 1910 died: 6/28/1911 Notes: age 11m 5d born Equador, son of Charles S. Barnum born Pueblo and Ida Trudgion born Galena, Ill. McCarthy Funeral Home

Barnum, Mary Boone born: 1867 died: 1894

Bartholomew, Cordelia born: 1829 died: 1908

Bartholomew, Edward F. born: 1828 died: 1891 Notes: born in Ill

Bartholomew, Miltonno dates

Bartlett, Stephen W. born: November died: 12/7/1911 Notes: age 68y, born in Vt, married, son of Abner and Deborah Wheeler Bartlett, F born Mass. M born Vermont, Masonic Cemetery, McCarthy Funeral Home

Bassett, William J. died: 5/8/1934

Baxter, George died: 1/20/1908 Notes: age 31y, single. McCarthy Funeral Home

Baxter, Oliver Hazard Perry born: 10-31-1835 died: 4/15/1910 Notes: age 74y born Indiana, son of William Baxter born Dayton, Ohio and Jane Kerr Baxter born Dupont, Indiana. McCarthy Funeral Home. He was moved to Roselawn 6-27-1953.

Beauchamp, William Newell born: 5-28-1830 died: 2-16-1882 Notes: born in Marion County, Kentucky, partner in Meeker & Beauchaml Wholesale Produce, Contributed by Ann VanDyke.

Beck, J. L. born: 1838 died: 12-23-1896 Notes: age 55y, Co K 13th Iowa Inf

Belville, Charles F. born: 1-21-1874 died: 5/10/1917 Notes: IOOF section (Jim Davenport)

Belville, Guy N. died: 9/6/1901 Notes: age 25y

Belville, Guy N.

Belville, Robert J. born: 1844 died: 1911

Bendell, R M died: 5-15-1884 Notes: Co A 5 US Cav

Benjamin, E.W. Notes: Co G 9 Mo S.M. Cav

Benjamin, Edgar W born: 1833 died: 1907 Notes: Pvt Co F 1st Ill Lt Arty, born in NY

Berkowitz, Matis died: 9/27/1926

Berry, Eva S. born: 3-?-1855 died: 7/17/1934 Notes: wife of Harrison Berry. Evaline Cornelia Searl 1st married ? Barker, then Harrison Berry on 9-23-1899, contributed by Dorrie Simon.

Berry, Harrison died: 1/29/1934 Notes: age 70y, contributed by Dorrie Simon.

Biggs, James H. born: 1834 died: 1903

Biggs, Sarah C. born: 1841 died: 1918

Bishop, Herman died: 3-28-1888 Notes: age 35y

Bishop, Herman

Boatright, Mary C. died: 1/7/1902 Notes: Mrs., age 80y 7m 11d, informant A.V. Bradford son-in-law. McCarthy Funeral Home

Boone, Van Daniel born: 1814 died: 3-4-1871

Boone, Mary Randal born: 1823 died: 1909

Boone, Van Daniel born: 1814 died: 3-4-1871

Boudi, Victoria

Bowman, Cyrus B. born: 2-7-1842 died: 5/20/1922 Notes: Pvt Co B 1 Kans Inf, born in Mo

Bowman, Loretta died: 4/2/1912 Notes: age 35y born 7-7 Savannah, Georgia wife of Lee J. Bowman, daughter of James Mehrtens and Katherine Carroll both born Savannah, Ga. McCarthy Funeral Home

Bowman, Nelson H. born: 12-22-1850 died: 11/28/1903

Bradford plot

Bradford, Allen A. born: 1815 died: 1888

Bradford, Allen A.

Bradford, Allen A.

Bradford, Berniceno dates

Bradford, EmelineCowles born: 1827 died: 1915

Bradford, Mark D. born: 8-9-1825 died: 8-16-1891

Bradford, Tom born: 1852 died: 1915

Bradway, Amos J born: 1839 died: 9-4-1898 Notes: age 63y, Pvt Co F 1st Ill Lt Arty, resident of Monte Vista Old Soldiers Home, GAR plot, McCarthy Funeral Home

Bradway, Amos J. born: 1839 died: 9-4-1898 Notes: age 63y, Pvt Co F 1st Ill Lt Arty, resident of Monte Vista Old Soldiers Home, GAR plot, McCarthy Funeral Home

Brandock, Mary died: 10/31/1901 Notes: age 1y 6m, daughter of Andy Brandock, McCarthy Funeral Home

Braun, Charles H. died: 10-2-1887 Notes: born in Hungary, age 57y

Breed, Anna died: 11/9/1902 Notes: age 77y, Mrs., informant Mrs. Mamie Breed, Pueblo, Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

Breed, George T died: 8-8-1889 Notes: QM Sgt 11 Mass Light Artillary

Breed, George T

Breed, William Green died: 4-10-1887 Notes: age 30y 6m, Veteran?

Brew plot

Brew, Charles H. died: 6-24-1887 Notes: age 20y 2m

Briggs, Spencer H died: 2-27-1899 Notes: Sgt Co G 4th Wis Cav, age 60y, informant Pueblo County, McCarthy Funeral Home

Brindel, R.M. died: 1884 Notes: Co A

Bromfield, Ezra

Broomfield, James died: 10-9-1868 Notes: age 60y

Brown, Nellie

Brownlee, Margaret Armstrong died: 9-20-1883 Notes: age 41, of tuberculosis, buried in Lot 11 Block 16

Bump, Millie E., wife of M.G., died Nov 5, 1900, aged 40 yr 6 mo 24 d (Jim Davenport)

Burnett, William M born: 4-29-1842 died: 9-25-1872 Notes: GAR

Burress, Burrell G. born: 1829 died: 2-15-1883 Notes: age 54y

Bushnell, A C born: 1846 died: no date Notes: born in Ohio

Cable, Daisy died: 10-4-1899 Notes: age 21y, daughter of John Cable, residence Cripple Creek, Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

Campbell, Mary A. died: 3-8-1880 Notes: age 38y 2m 14d, wife of Wm. C. Campbell

Canning, Jefferson S. born: 1892 died: 7/24/1901 Notes: son of James & Mary J. Canning, age 3?y 5m 21d

Card, Eugene born: 1852 died: 1902

Carlile, Frances S. born: 1878 died: 1932

Carlile, James Scott died: 6-27-1881 Notes: age 8y 9m 21d, son of JN & MB Carlile

Carpenter, Beaufort P. born: 12-7-1813 died: 2-27-1892

Carpenter, Mabel Rose born: 1880 died: 1938

Carroll, Owen died 10-1-1883

Carter, ?

Carter, Bettie S. born: 1882 died: 1907

Carter, Eva Mae born: 1889 died: 1890

Carter, Joseph M born: 1847 died: 1913 Notes: born in Va

Carter, Mollie E. born: 1854 died: 1887

Carter, Oscar F. born: 1887 died: 1888

Cash, M. Clay born: 12-10-1815 died: 9/18/1912 Notes: Born in Kentucky. Both parents born in Africa. McCarthy Funeral Home

Chambers, infant born: 5/3/1912 died: 5/3/1912 Notes: child of W.E. Chambers, resident of Nyberg, Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

Charles, Lottie born: 1889 died: 1890

Charles, Robbie born: 1891 died: 1899

Chilcott plot

Chilcott, ?

Chilcott, ?

Chilcott, Angie M. born: 1867 died: 19??

Chilcott, C.no dates

Chilcott, Elsie K. born: 1891 died: 1953

Chilcott, G.C.no dates

Chilcott, George M. born: 1-2-1828 died: 3-6-1891

Chilcott, Grant born: 1863 died: 11-16-1878 Notes: age 13y 7m 10d

Chilcott, Grant

Chilcott, Jennie C. died: 12-24-1887 Notes: age 57y, wife of G.M. Chilcott

Chilcott, Melvin S. born: 1854 died: 1935

Chilcott, Zoe C. born: 2-14-1855 died: 7-1-1899

Christie, Frank born: 1872 died: 1903

Christy, Sarah Frary born: 1872 died: 1903 Notes: wife of Samuel H. Christy

Clark, Harry C. born: 5-26-1868 died: 4-25-1894 Notes: born Mancola, Minn.

Clark, Henry C Notes: Corpl Co F 83 Pa Inf

Clark, John T.

Clark, O.W.

Claugh, George died: 11/11/1906 Notes: age 51y, died at Grand Junction, husband of Alice Claugh, McCarthy Funeral Home

Clements, Thomas F. born 12-10-1850 birthplace Ky. died 3/28/1911 Notes:buried Roselawn or North side, son of John W. and Jane Thompson Clement, both born Ky.

Clough, Worsnop born: 1846 died: Oct. 10, 1902

Cohen, Sol born: 5/19/1911 died: 8/18/1911 Notes: born in Denver, son of Sam and Dora Inger Cohen, both born Europe, McCarthy Funeral Home

Cole, Josephine died: 1881

Collier, C.A. Mrs. born: 12-31-1835 died: 6-6-1890

Collier, C.A. Mrs.

Collier, John T., Dr. born: 1826 died: 1-3-1895

Collins, Edna born: 2-12-1885 died: 9/22/1904 Notes: born at Pueblo, Colorado

Collins, Lizzie Gilmore born 3-?-1872 died: 12-26-1881 Notes: age 9y 9m 26d, daughter of Dr. J.W. & Lizzie E. Collins

Conley, Lewis born: 1-7-1824 died: 10/5/1905

Cook, John born: 8-16-1849 Notes: born in Ma, Co H 7 VT Cav

Cooper, Harry born: 10-18-1872 died: 2-9-1873 Notes: son of Rollin C. & Emma C. Cooper

Corbett, Elizabeth born: 1811 died: 9-?-1904

Corrigan, Annie A. born: 8-19-1889 died: 3-28-1890

Corrigan, Annie L. born: 1-14-1858 died: 1/17/1920

Corrigan, Annie L.

Corrigan, Nellie died: 2-23-1886 Notes: age 3y 3m 14d, dau of Tom & Annie Corrigan

Corrigan, Thomas J born: 5-2-1843 died: 8/27/1918 Notes: Co B 6 Maine Inf 6 Corps Army of the Potomac

Corrigan, Thomas J

Corrigan, Tommy born: 4-6-1887 died: 4-23-1893

Cox, L.A. born: 1822 died: 1905 Notes: Mother

Cox, Thomas F. born: 6-25-1856 died: 9-10-1886

Cratzer, John M. born: 1851 died: 1938

Cratzer, Mary A. born: 1860 died: 1930

Crawford, Minnie E. born: 11-2-1871 died: 4/2/1912

Crawford, V. died: 4-1-1899 Notes: age 4y 8m 5d, child of E.P. Crawford

Cronin, William died: ?-14-1881 Notes: Age ? 14d, son of J.B. & Annie Cronin

Crooks, Joseph M. born: 1848 died: 1935

Crooks, Kathleen T. born: 1847 died: 1909

Cross, Frank O. born: 1871 died: 1942

Cummins, infant born: 7/15/1902 died: 7/15/1902 Notes: few hours old, son of John Cummins, McCarthy Funeral Home

Cummins, John Samuel born: 7-3-1870 died: 12/2/1902 Notes: age 32y, paid by wife, buried on Mother's lot, McCarthy Funeral Home

Curran, Daniel Notes: Major 10 W Va Inf

Darby, Carrie born: 1851 died: 1935

Darraugh, Louis born: 1843 Notes: Co I 11 Ind Inf, born in Ky

Daugherty, Alma died: 5/27/1902 Notes: age 1y 27d, daughte rof Charles Daugherty, buried Episcopal Section, McCarthy Funeral Home

Davidson, William J. Notes: Corpl Co D 100 Pa Inf

Davis, Maggie

Davis, Nancy born: 12-28-1811 died: 4-24-1889 Notes: wife of Enoch Davis

Davis, William born: 8-9-1841 died: 4-17-1869 Notes: son of E & N Davis

Decker, Anna E. born: 1862 died: 1943

Deitlaf, John born: 1-30-1887 died: 2-20-1887 Notes: son of August & Liseta

Deming, Amanda E. born: 12-4-1850 died: 3/1/1920

Deming, Effy Lulu died: ?-21-???? Notes: age 2y 11m 12d daughter of LW & AE Deming

Deming, Lester W. born: 10-20-1845 died: 8/20/1902 Notes: age 57y 10m, died at residence, paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deming, Roy born: 1883 died: 1884

Deming, William L. born: 1-21-1872 died: 11-2-1898 Notes: paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home

DeRemer monument

DeRemer, Father born: 1818 died: 1886

DeRemer, Isaac died: 8-18-1885 Notes: age 67y 2m

DeRemer, Mother born: 1825 died: 1889

DeRemer, Sabina

Desmond, son died: 4-?-1882 Notes: Son of Patrick Desmond

Desmond, Patrick died: 3-1-1890

Desmond, daughter died: 4-?-1882 Notes: Daughter of Patrick Desmond

Dewey, Baby died: 3/3/1908 Notes: age 2 days 5 hours, born in Eden, Co., re-buried from Eden, Co to North side 8-13-1912, child of Edward Dewey born Chicago, Ill., and Prudence E. Hamilton Dewey born Coma, Ill., McCarthy Funeral Home

Dexter, Charles died: 5-?-1902 Notes: age 40y, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dickman, William died: 11-28-1880 Notes: age 37y 11m 8d, Engineer killed by accident on the D & RG R.R.

Dietlaf, August born: 183? died: 8/1/1915 Notes: husband of Lisetta Dietlaf

Dietlaf, Martinno dates Notes: infant of August & Lisetta Dietlaf

Dillman, Nettie

Dodds, Josiah W. born: 1-27-1849 died: 12/5/1903

Dotson, Sallie E., Miss born: 9-29-1855 died: 12-21-1875 Notes: daughter of Rev. W.A. & M.Y. Dotson of the Colorado Conference of the M.E. Church, age 20y 2m 22d

Douglas, D born: 1825 Notes: born in NY

Dowe, Lydia4/20/1900age 62y 8m 26d, Odd Fellows Cemeetery, buried in the Robert E. Lee Wilcoxen lot, McCarthy Funerl Home

Dowell, Frances A. Colburn Hobson born: 6-16-1804 died: 1-13-1891 Notes: born Indiana or Ohio, wodow of William Polk Hobson Sr. who died 8-2-1834 Indiana, Mother of William P. Hobson, widow of Brad Dowell who died in Missouri, contributed by Carol Lombard.

Drake, Bella died: 10-9-1885 Notes: age 32y wife of Edwin L. Drake

Drake, Eddie died: 10-7-1880 Notes: age 6y

Drake, Edwin Lee born: 8-1-1842 died: 1/13/1906 Notes: Pvt Co C 1 Ohio Hvy Arty, born in Ohio

Drusenne, Alec died: 3/29/1909 Notes: age 1y 6m 17d, son of Chris Drusenne, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dunbar, Benjamin born: 4-15-1850 died: 1864?

Duncan, Hattie died: 1/16/1908 Notes: age 26y, married, buried in Dr. Collins lot, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dunlap, Harriet M. died: ?-3-18??

Dykes plot

Dykes plot

Dykes, ? died: 7-28-18?? Notes: age 10y 8m 17d

Dykes, William died: 7-8-1882 Notes: age 23y, son of James & Jessie Dykes, born at Laderhead hesrua, Kayors, Scotland

Eberling, Rosemary died: 1895 Notes: infant

Engle plot

Engle, Amos B. born: 1853 died: 1922

Engle, Ella May born: 1857 died: 1916

Engle, Raymond Quimby born: 1896 died: 1897

Englehart, Fred died 8-16-1886

Erdman, Charles died: 11-3-1898 Notes: age 65 years, married white male, Northside Cem, Masonic Plot, paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home, Hosp Steward US Army

Erdman, Christine died: 7/17/1908 Notes: age 70 y 2m 2d, married, McCarthy Funeral Home

Erdman, Mary Frances Gilbert born: 1868 died: 1895 Notes: wife of Henry W. Erdman

Evans, J J born: 7-2-1837 Notes: born in Ind

Evans, Nancy died: 9/5/1900 Notes: age 60y 4m 1d, GAR plot, married, informant Nathan J. Evans, McCarthy Funeral Home

Eve, Lilbourne H. born: 1837 Notes: Corpl Co A 6 Mo Inf

F Notes: footstone SEF

Fair, J.E. died: 8-9-1898 Notes: age 53y, Co K 44 Ind Inf

Ferguson, Robert A. born: 1867 died: 1942

Ferguson, Sarah J. born: 1826 died: 1908

Fields, M.E. Mrs. died: 6/11/1901 Notes: age 53y 24d, informants C.F. and E.A. Fields, sons, McCarthy Funeral Home

Fields, Mary J. born: 1862 died: 1922

Fink, Thomas G. born: 8-27-1870 died: 12-13-1877

Fisher, J.F. Notes: Sgt Co G 8th Iowa Inf

Fleming, Thomas E. died: 12-15-1883 Notes: age 6m 11d, son of MD & LC Fleming

Foote, Arthur A. born: 1858 died: 1922

Foote, Arthur C. born: 1889 died: 1950

Foote, Arthur C. born: 1889 died: 1950

Foote, Beatrice May born: 10-25-1885 died: 7-2-1888

Foote, Emma B. born: 1862 died: 1926

Footman, William died 3-20-1886

Foster, A.B. born: 1849 Notes: Co K 47 Ind Inf

Fox, Sarah E. born: 11-2-1839 died: 12-25-1878 Notes: born in Colchester Canada West.

Fox, Sarah E. Notes: footstone SEF

Franke, August J. born: 1869 died: 1925

Frazier, David A. Notes: Sgt Co K 9 Kans Cav, born in Ohio

Frazier, David A. born: 10-29-1840 died: 4/16/1919 Notes: Sgt CO K 9 Kans Cav

Frigez, Edward born: 1876 died: 1906

Fullington, Helen Faye Notes: Baby

Gardner, Levi born: 1840 Notes: Co H 2 NH Inf

Geary, Rebecca A. born: 4-28-1883 died: 6/1/1923

Geist, Daniel H born: 1824 Notes: Co B 11 Ill Inf, born in Pa

Geist, Nancy J. born: 1832 died: 1907

Genest, Frank born: 1856 died: 1913

Genest, Harry Leslie born: 7-23-1891 died: 1/28/1915

Genest, Myra born: 1890 died: 1894

Gerrish, Harry H. born: 1862 died: 1945 Notes: GAR

Gilbert monument

Gilbert, George born: 7-10-1836 died: 7/5/1911 Notes: GAR; married, born New York, son of Mathew Gilbert and Elizabeth ?, Masonic Cem, McCarthy Funeral Home

Gilbert, George M. died: 8-19-1880 Notes: age 9y 4m 21d, eldest son of George & Georgia Gilbert

Gilbert, Jessie B. born: 11-22-1888 died: 11-2-1889 Notes: daughter of Ardella S. Gilbert

Gillette, William Weslie born: 2-3-1838 Notes: Co A 1st Colo US Vol Spanish American War

Gilligan, Bridget died: 6/12/1904 Notes: age 95y, wife of Barney Gillispie

Gilligan, John E. Notes: Co I 16th Iowa Inf

Gillispie, David H. born: 1846 died: 1916

Gillispie, Estella R. born: 1855 died: 1896

Goodwyn, Gerard E. born: 12-31-1862 died: 2/27/1908

Gordon, George E. born: 7-26-1850 died: 8-7-1885 Notes: age 35y, born in Maine

Graham, John born: 1860 died: 1918

Graves, L.R. Notes: QM Sgt 23 Wis Inf

Green, C.E.

Green, Ella born: 1869 died: 1942

Green, Gato W born: 1842 Notes: born in Ill

Green, George W. died: 2-19-1881 Notes: age 35y 3m 6d

Green, George W. Notes: Co L 15th Ill Cav

Griffin plot

Griffin, Charles R. born: 5-1-1850 died: 8/14/1908

Griffin, Lulu H. born: 2-8-1860 died: 11/5/1930

Griffin, Nancy J. born: 1822 died: 1904

Griffin, Thomas E. born: 1854 died: 1912 Notes: born 10-14-1859 in Missouri, died 12-31-1911 at home, son of John H. Griffin born Maryland and Nancy Cravens born Missouri, farmer, McCarthy Funeral Home

Griffith, son died: 1927? Notes: infant son of Wm Griffith

Grisard, Will D. born 3-6-1868 died 6-12-1941

Gross, infant died: 10/25/1902age 14d, child of George Gross, Odd Fellows Cem., McCarthy Funeral Home

Grund, Mary E. died: 11-26-1888 Notes: wife of J.A. Grund

Gunther, Armentha E. born: 1855

Gunther, Emil born: 1861 died: 1929

Gurley, H. Melville born: 7-7-1846 died: 10-7-1875 Notes: born Indianapolis, Ind

H Notes: footstone SAH

Hagerty, Lulu Grace born: 1873 died: 1891

Hall, Alice M. born: 1-1-1867 died: 1/21/1906 Notes: wife of H.H. Hall

Hall, George F. died: 2-5-1882

Hall, Hendley Jones born: 3-8-1853 died: 10/22/1914 Notes: born Meriweather, Co., Ga, died Ilse, Colorado

Hall, Hendley Jones Notes: footstone

Hall, Hendley Phillipborn 7-21-1874, died 5-27-1880

Hall, John Alexander born: 8-28-1877 died: 4-29-1878

Hall, John Thomas born 7-29-1822 or 1823 died 3-13-1889

Hall, Martha I. (Sammons) born 8-12-1822 died 8-20-1879

Hamlin, Annie E. died: 1-11-1889 Notes: age 21y 8m 8d, wife of VE Hamlin

Hamlin, baby born: 1902 died: 1902 Notes: infant son, died 4-13-1902, buried in William Hamlin lot, son of Robert G. Hamlin, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hamlin, Cassie E. born: 1858 died: 1945

Hamlin, L. Marie born: 1901 died: 1915

Hamlin, Nannie W. died: 10-26-1887 Notes: age 6y 15d, daughter of WR & C Hamlin

Hamlin, Robert G. born: 1876 died: 1926

Hamlin, Robert W. born: 1866 died: 1928

Hamlin, Vincent E. born: 1862 died: 1922

Hamlin, William born: 1847 died: 1886

Hamlin, William R born: 8-5-1849 Notes: born in Ar

Hamon, Gertrude Lucile born: 7/1/1909 died: 3/11/1910 Notes: daughter of L & BL Hamon

Hanhoffoher, Z.E.

Hanna, Mary E. died: 9-1-1886 Notes: age 21y 3m 3d, wife of John C. Hanna

Hardin, Bela Goldiron born: 1855 died: 1887 Notes: wife of James M. Hardin

Hardin, infant Notes: daughter of James & Bela Hardin

Harfeldt, Infant son died: 8-22-1899 Notes: age 5 days, child of Henry Harfeldt, McCarthy Funeral Home

Harper, Samuel died: 3-25-1891

Harrison, Anna E. born: 1855 died: 1913

Harrison, Charles V. born: 1889 died: 1901

Harrison, Winifred M. born: 1886 died: 1906

Hazlet, George W. born: 3-8-1841 Notes: Co F 113 Ill Inf

Henry, Will J. born: 1883 died: 1885 Notes: Baby

Hepburn, Peter Gray born: 4-21-1875 died: 1-31-1878

Hepburn, Mark B. born: 12-3-1875 died: 6-10-1877

Hicks, Bradley Morrow born: 1904 died: 1909

Highberger, Charles Arthur died: 3-1-1887 Notes: age 5m 12 d, second son of WA & Kate R Highberger

Highberger, Kity Marie Notes: infant daughter of WA & Kate R Highberger

Hildreth, Angeline Simms born: 1837 died: 1893

Hildreth, Elva S. died: 1-12-1878 Notes: age 2y 1m

Hildreth, Harry R. died: 3-28-1888 Notes: age 4y 11m

Hildreth, John L. born: 1824 died: 2-18-1894 Notes: GAR

Hildreth, Mary L. died: 7-15-1885 Notes: age 16y 10m

Hildreth, Thomas R. died: 5-20-1875 Notes: age 2y 8m

Hilliard, Ralph S. died: 8-1-1898 Notes: age 7y 4m 19d, son of BW & Lizzie L. Hilliard, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hobson plot

Hobson, Eddy Adolphus born: 1871 died: 1927

Hobson, Eddy Adolphus born: 1871 died: 1927

Hobson, Sherman M. born: 9-5-1864 died: 3/14/1908 Notes: born in Andrew Co, Missouri, wife Philomena Clee, father William P. Hobson born Indiana, mother Sarah Serena Hale born Ky, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hobson, William Polk born: 9-16-1834 died: 5-23-1895 Notes: born in Henry County, Indiana, Capt Co G 27 Reg Missouri Volunteers, contributed by Carol Lombard

Hobson, William P. Mrs.

Hobson, ? Mrs. Notes: Mother of William P. Hobson

Holcomb, W.H. died: 6-26-1884 Notes: Co E 32 Iowa Inf

Holcomb, W.H. Notes: Co E 37 Iowa Inf

Holland, George W. born: 1/1/1905 died: 2/25/1905 Notes: born in Pueblo, son of John Holland, sold to J.S. Windle, McCarthy Funeral Home

Holly, Hiram S. born: 7-13-1843 died: 5-27-1895

Hood, Lena M. born: 1862 died: 1935 Notes: Sister

House, H W born: 1-4-1838 Notes: born in Mo

Howard, Henry E.G. born: 5-18-1890 died: 10-5-1890 Notes: son of W.M. & Lucy Howard

Humble, Alfred I. died: 1/20/1908 Notes: age 31y 2m 10d, sold to O.M. Robinson, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hyde plot

Hyde, Charles E. died: 3-20-1875 Notes: age 1m 15d, son of Wm H. & Laura S. Hyde

Hyde, Laura S. Loy died: 1-21-1883 Notes: age 69y 6m, wife of W.H. Hyde

Hyde, William W. born: 12-19-1839 died: 2/17/1918 Notes: Corpl Co E 1st Calif Inf

Ink, Frankie died: 4-13-1880 Notes: son of W. & Sarah E. Ink

Ink, Hettie born: 12-19-1877 died: 5-11-1880 Notes: daughter of W. & Sarah E. Ink

Ink, Sarah E. born: 1-16-1852 Notes: wife of George W. Ink


Irvine, John died: 7-3-1887 Notes: age 78y 4m 10d

Jaeger, Charles born: 1856 died: 1921

James, George W. born: 11-28-1857 died: 12/30/1905 Notes: brother of Susan Traeder

James, Morgan born: 8-6-1883 died: 8/2/1915

James. Frances Mrs.

Johnson, Della E. born: 1861 died: 1919

Johnson, Eva E. born: 12-22-1887 died: 5-27-1888 Notes: daughter of LE & H Johnson

Johnson, George W. born: 1857 died: 1920

Johnson, Harriet A. born: 7-27-1850 died: 2/28/1923

Johnson, Janet A. born: 8-11-1895 died: 9-11-1897

Johnson, Jasper William buried 6-17-1918

Johnson, Louis R. born: 9-16-1880 died: 2/19/1908

Johnson, Luther E. born: 9-28-1854 died: 4/4/1937

Jones, Helen Brackenridge born: 4-7-1889 died: 1-13-1891

Jones, William died: 4-20-1888 Notes: age 48y. A native of Wales

Kane, Mary E.

Kearney plot

Kearney, Mary born: 1836 died: 1917

Kearney, Nathaniel born: 12-18-1833 died: 1903 Notes: Pvt & Sgt Co G 25th Regt Mo Vol Inf and Co E 1st Regt Mo Vol Eng GAR, born in Ireland

Keeler, Caroline Jukes born: 1832 died: 1904 Notes: wife of Clinton Keeler

Keeler, Clinton born: 1828 died: 12-6-1896 Notes: age 68y, 1st Lt 19th Ind Battry, born in Ohio

Keeler, Guy J. died: 5/13/1924 Notes: age 48y

Keller, Clara born: 2-13-1847 died: 2/7/1923

Keller, J.H. Notes: Musn Co F 29 Mo Inf

Keller, John H. born: 6-1-1836 died: 2/6/1914 Notes: GAR, born in Switzerland

Kelly, Henry B. born: 4-28-1879 died: 5/24/1902 Notes: son of FW & L Kelly, age 23y 26d, resident of Denver, husband of Harriet E. Kelly, McCarthy Funeral Home

Kelly, Lousana L. born: 1-29-1850

Kent, Carrie Mrs. died: 6-6-1887 Notes: age 21y 6m Carrie Lee married Charles J. Kent 3-27-1883 in Denver, CO.

Keough, Elizabeth born: 1839 died: 1926 (wife of Joshua Keough)

Keough, Ettie born: 1870 died: 1898

Keough, Joshua born: 1831 died: 1910, (son of James Keough, native of Cheshire, England and Jane Stott Telford Redfern native of Manchester, England, both buried at Methodist Cemetery, St. Jean de Brebeuf, Quebec also known as Lower Ireland Methodist Cemetery)

Keough, Mary Emma born: 1864 died: 1927

Killin, ?

Killin, ? W. born: 8-31-1853 died: 5-8-1881 Notes: son of Daniel & Elizabeth Killin

Kincaid, child Notes: child of Mary Emma Kincaid, died abt 1878

Kincaid, Mary Emma died: 2-12-1882

Kiniry, Edward born: 8-29-1840 died: 1928 Notes: Bat D 1st Ill Inf, born in NY

Kiniry, Elizabeth H. born: 1856 died: 1932

Kiniry, Lilly Bell died: 10-24-1889 Notes: age 7y 14d, daughter of E & EH Kiniry

Kirgen, Elizabeth born: 1839 died: 1914

Kirgen, John M. born: 1870 died: 1942

Kirgen, Margaret E. died: 11-7-1880 Notes: age 4y 1m 8d

Kirgen, William born: 1836 died: 1917

Kirk, Esther died: 5/25/1900 Notes: age 10m 12d, McCarthy Funeral Home

Klein, Morris K. died: 6/21/1900 Notes: age 26y, informant John Klein, McCarthy Funeral Home

Koerner, Edward born: 1850 died: 1914

Koerner, Mary I. born: 1858 died: 1912

Kuhn, Maria Anna born: 6-6-1833 died: 6/22/1901 Notes: age 68y 16d, born in Pueblo, wife of John Kuhn, McCarthy Funeral Home

Kuhn, Peter H. born: 5-3-1865 died: 11-29-1895

Kummerle, Julius born: 1839 died: 8-29-1889 Notes: Late 1st Sgt Co C 20th Regt NY Vol Inf, born in Austria

Lamb, H.F. born: 1850 died: 1909

Lamb, Jessie I born: 1887 died: 11-11-1899 Notes: age 12y 9m 20d, son of H.F. Lamb, McCarthy Funeral Home

Lamb, Jessie I. born: 18871899

Lamkin, ? Notes: this says Infant of, these are 2 separate stones

Lamkin, C.H., Mrs. died: 1-30-1879 Notes: age 29y

Lane, Frank V. died: 8-4-1898 Notes: age 52y, son George Lane, McCarthy Funeral Home

Lane, John born: 6-7-1852 died: 8-14-1886

Lansing, John J. born: 3-15-1840 died: 1/16/1916

Lansing, John J.

Lansing, John J. born: 3-13-1840 died: 1/16/1916

Lansing, Olive B. born: 1-30-1853 died: 12-9-1886 Notes: wife of J.J. Lansing

Lansing, Olive B.

Lansing, Olive B. born: 1-30-1853 died: 12-9-1886 Notes: wife of J.J. Lansing

Leischke, Edmund born: 1863 died: 1928

Lemon, Elitha P. died: 10-26-1886 Notes: age 29y, wife of R. Lemon

Lemon, Elitha P.

Lemon, Elitha P. died: 10-26-1886 Notes: age 29y 3m 27d, wife of R. Lemon

Leonard, Bolliver G. died: 5-1-1889 Notes: age 55y

Leonard, Dalliver G. died: 5-1-1895

LeRoux, Francis born: 1830 died: 1901

LeRoux, Leon V. born: 1870 died: 1933

LeRoux, Thais A. born: 1840 died: 1914

Lewis, Cassius M. born: 12-10-1816 died: 9/19/1912 Notes: Co H 102 US C Inf, born in Ky, both parents born in Africa

Lieberman, Harry H. born: 1882 died: 1917

Lockhart, Maria died: 1881

Logan, Caroline C. born: 1853 died: 1915

Lovern, James born: 12-23-1822 died: 1/7/1908Major, born in Va

Lucas, Ewing born: 3/10/1909 died: 4/12/1909 Notes: born at St. Charles Mesa, Colo., residence, Griffin Ranch, St Charles Mesa, child of Fleming Lucas and Sallie Griffin, McCarthy Funeral Home

Lucas, Irene Louise born: 8/16/1900 died: 9/4/1900 Notes: age 19d, born Pueblo, daughter of Fleming A. Lucas 811 E 10th, McCarthy Funeral Home

Lyons, Jane F. died: 6/11/1900 Notes: age 74y 3m 28d, informant Mrs. Albert Self, McCarthy Funeral Home

Mahoney, Patrick M. born: 1840 died: 1919

Mahoney, Rebecca S. born: 1841 died: 1910 Notes: born 2-20-1840 in Ireland, age 69y, died 2-11-1910 at Goodnight Ranch, sold to Patrick Mahoney & sons, daughter of Harper Sproule and Elizabeth Holmes or Hohne both born Ireland, McCarthy Funeral Home

Mallaby, Theodore Jr. died: 3-28-1884 Notes: Serg NY Signal Corps

Mally, Lidie

Martin, William P. born: 3-2-1827 died: 11-11-1881

Marton, Bert L. born: 7-25-1884 died: 6/28/1913 Notes: age 28y, married, residence 537 W 3rd, son of James W. Marton born Mo. and Lucinda Rock born Kansas, died at St. Mary Hosp, McCarthy Funeral Home

Marts, Elva Wilson born: 1891 died: 1931

Mason, Olive Preston born: 1829 died: 1882 photo

Mattice, Benjamin born: 4-8-1830 died: 5/14/1910 Notes: born in NY, residence 625 E 8th, husband of Sarah Leouora Mattice, son of Petter Mattice and Catherine Zeh both born NY, McCarthy Funeral Home

Mattice, Earle died: 5-3-1887 Notes: age 7m 23d, son of Benj J & SL

Mattice, Hugh died: 4-19-1887 Notes: age 2y 8m 1d, son of Benjamin & SL Mattice

Mattice, Sarah Leonora born: 2-12-1849 died: 2/24/1911 Notes: born in Illinois, residence 625 E 8th, widow, daughter of Charles Rayhill and Charity Fike both born Illinois, McCarthy Funeral Home

Maughan, Ralph born: 4-23-1828 died: 5-5-1880 Notes: son of ?no & Martha Maughan

May, Frank died: 1886 Notes: age 26y 1m 21d, My husband

May, Franklin J. died: 8-28-1888 Notes: age 51y GAR

Mayer, Ida May born: 1890 died: 1948

McCafferty, Hugh born: 10-13-1832 died: 3-28-1895

McCafferty, Susan W. born: 12-2-1844 died: 6/22/1914

McCarty, Jefferson N. died: 1/5/1902 Notes: age 65y, residence 311 W 8th, married, McCarthy Funeral Home Lieut Co G 107 US Colored Infantry

McCauley, Michael died 3-25-1888

McClaren, Cornelius born: 1842 died: 1902 Notes: Pvt Co K 38 Ohio Inf

McClellan, Charles H. born: 1862 died: 1918

McClelland, Francis W. born: 7/15/1906 died: 5/17/1969 Notes: Colorado Cpl 55 Ftr Sq AAF WWII

McClelland, infant son born: 1/23/1908 died: 2/10/1908 Notes: residence 608 E 10th, son of William McClelland owner of City Laundry Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

McClelland, Kenneth born: 5/29/1909 died: 8/20/1977

McClelland, Mary Lee born: 1/14/1911 died: 1/26/1911 Notes: residence 605 E 10th, daughter of William McClelland born Missouri and Mattie Lebey born Illinois, McCarthy Funeral Home

McClelland, Nannie Harrison born: 1840 died: 5/10/1910 Notes: born in Millersburg, KY., age 70y, born Dec 18th, residence 608 E 10th, widow, daughter of William Holliday and Patsy McKim both born Virginia, McCarthy Funeral Home

McClelland, Naomi E. born: 7/12/1918 died: 8/14/1985

McClelland, Thomas A. born: 1866 died: 1914

McClelland, William born: 1835 died: 6-5-1899 Notes: age 64y, husband of Nannie H. Holliday, residence 608 E 10th, McCarthy Funeral Home

McCloud, William born: 1835 died: 1899 Notes: Co D ? Ind Inf

McCloud, William H born: 1847 Notes: born in Ind

McCloud, William Jr. died: 1-14-1899 Notes: age 52y 11d 11m, died at Mallaby Ranch, w of Pueblo, McCarthy Funeral Home

McCool, Charles died 5-23-1968 age 23

McCormick, John B born: 10-3-1823 Notes: born in Md

McCormick, Lucinda Tuggle born: 10-11-1828 died: 4/7/1903

McCrumb, Frank W. born: 1854 died: 1928

McCrumb, Minnie born: 1864 died: 1934

McFarland, infant born: 9/5/1912 died: 9/7/1912 Notes: child of Joseph McFarland born Virginia and Myrtle Windle born Pueblo, residence 607 W 12th, buried North Side Masonic Cem., McCarthy Funeral Home

McFarlane, Alexander died: 12-16-1883 Notes: age 63y, Our Uncle

McGee, Catherine born: 1800 died: 9-14-1873 Notes: burial Church of the Ascension, Burial: Sept 14, 1873. Death: Sept 14, age 73, Pueblo, Colo.

McHogan, Thomas born: 5-16-1847 died: 11-28-1892

McIntosh plot

McIntosh, Carrie born: 1-7-1886 died: 8-17-1890

McIntosh, Carrie

McIntosh, Ethel born: 3-19-1834 died: 5-25-1898

McKinnis, J.P. Mrs. died: 7/23/1900 Notes: age 42y 3m 1d, died at St Joseph Hospital in Denver, wife of J.P. McKinnis,buried Masonic plots, McCarthy Funeral Home

McMurray, Alice died: 8-23-1889 Notes: age 27y, wife of WT McMurray

McNeil, Harry W. born: 1865 died: 1934 Notes: Brother

McNeil, Martha E. born: 1836 died: 1924 Notes: Mother

Merrill, Doyle Dayton Notes: age 20y 6m 1d

Merrill, Ellen M. born: 3-9-1836 died: 1/31/1906

Merrill, Phineas W. born: 10-8-1834 died: 10-20-1893

Meserole, Minnie M. died: 4-19-1890 Notes: age 30y 1m 15d, wife of George V. Meserole

Meyers, Ada born: 1856 died: 1935

Meyers, Caroline born: 1892 died: 1987

Meyers, Celia died: 6/21/1914

Meyers, Clara Catherine died: 2/10/1923

Meyers, George died: 12-20-1891

Meyers, J. William born: 1864 died: 1929

Meyers, Julius Lester born: 1893 died: 1980

Meyers, Mae died: 7/13/1906

Meyers, Mary Edna died: 1/4/1913

Meyers, Sarah E. born: 1868 died: 1949

Miller, Hattie L. died: 2-4-1875 Notes: age 31y

Mills, Adah E. born: 10-12-1882 died: 7/31/1911 Notes: born in Kansas, age 28y, married, residence 1114 Blake, daughter of Henry Smith, born NY, McCarthy Funeral Home

Mills, Edward E. born: 1867 died: 1917 Notes: Spanish American War 1898 - 1902

Mills, Elnora A. born: 1858 died: 1906 Notes: Mother

Mills, John born: 1830 died: 8/1/1908 Notes: Co K 13 Regt Wa Vols GAR

Mills, Mattie died: 11-13-1881 Notes: age 2y 5m 3d, daughter of R.A. & M. Mills

Mills, Mattie died: 3-29-1890 Notes: age 32y 4m 11d, wife of R.A. Mills

Mills, Sarah born: 10-31-1832 died: 12-26-1892

Mills, Thomas James born: 1860 died: 1907

Mitchell, Fannie E. born: 1850 died: 1919

Monroe, Charles Notes: Sgt Co F 1st N Mex Cav

Mooneyd, Hugh died 8-24-1880 resident of Canon City

Moore, Anna Belle born: 1866 died: 1947

Moore, children Notes: children of William & Josephine K. Moore

Moore, John O. born: 1856 died: 1928

Morgan, James born: 8-6-1883 died: 8/2/1915

Morris, R.W. born: 6-?-1842 Notes: Sgt Co C 2 Mo Cav, born in Mo

Morriss, Benjamin Henry born: 4-23-1878 died: 2/9/1970

Morrow, Alva Kate born: 1865 died: 1914

Morrow, D.F. died: 1-3-1890 Notes: Asst Surg 13 Ind Cav

Morrow, Leulah Weppler born: 1-28-1853 died: 12/10/1906 Notes: (Jim Davenport)

Morton, B.L. died: 6/28/1913 Notes: age 28y

Morton, Esther born: 1894 died: 1990

Morton, J.W. born: 1858 died: 1926

Morton, Jennie born: 1881 died: 1931

Morton, Joe born: 11-4-1894 died: 3/1/1919

Morton, Joseph A. born: 4/26/1917 died: 5/23/1952 Notes: Colorado PFC 168 Field Artillery

Morton, Leo V. born: 1892 died: 1967

Morton, Lou born: 1862 died: 1933

Morton, Winfred E. born: 1888 died: 1973

Mosher, Julia born: 1827 died: 1911 Notes: born in Swanton, Vt., wife of William E. Mosher

Mosher, Julia Notes: wife of William E. Mosher

Murphy, Charles A. born: 1859 died: 1913

Murphy, Margaret died: 2-1-1873age 39y, wife of James Murphy

Murphy, Ostie C. born: 1870 died: 1945

Myers, William born: 12-13-1842 died: 7/18/1910 Notes: born in New Jersey, son of Ambrose and Christine Hoffman Myer, both born Germany, paid by Mrs. Myers, McCarthy Funeral Home

Nelson, Elsie I. born: 1881 died: 1914

Nelson, Violet born: 1903 died: 1911

Newton, Agnes born: 1852 died: 1939

Nicholson, T J E L died: 5-23-1880 Notes: age 5y 11m, child of Hank & Maggie Nicholson

Nidey, Albert born: 1908 died: 1918

Nidey, Guy born: 12-6-1896 died: 1/9/1916

Nidey, Sam born: 1874 died: 1925

Nidey, Sanford born: 1911 died: 1918

Norris, child

Odd, Helen Irene died: 8/28/1901 Notes: age 22y 7m 4d, died at Goldfield, Co., buried in B.B. Dean's lot, wife of Alfred Odd born Goldfield, Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

Offutt, James born: 1841 Notes: Co C 6 Mo Cav, born in Va

Olson, Mary J. died: ?-2-19??

Olson, William H. died: 4-7-1889 Notes: unsure of dates

O'Rourke, children Notes: age 5y 4m & 3y 8m

O'Rourke, Margaret died: 10/18/1901 Notes: resident of Walsenburg, Co., age 48y 9m 8d, wife of Michael O'Rourke of Walsenburg, McCarthy Funeral Home

O'Rourke, Mary Mrs. died: 7-20-1883 Notes: age 62y

Otero, Carlos born: 1854 died: 1913

Otero, Mattie Hall

Oyer, Etta Marie died: 1/18/1901 Notes: age 1y4m28d, daughter of Fred Coleman Oyer, buried Masonic Cemetery, McCarthy Funeral Home

Palmer monument

Palmer, Harry E. born: 1883 died: 1938

Palmer, Hazel born: 1887 died: 1888

Palmer, Jacob born: 5-17-1830 Notes: Lieut Co F 36 Ind Inf, born in Pa

Palmer, John born: 5-22-1838 Notes: Corpl Co F 148 Ind Inf

Palmer, Lydia died: 4-17-1898 Notes: age 58y 3m 27d, buried Lot 200F Northside Cem., wife of Jacob Palmer, McCarthy Funeral Home

Palmer, Mary died: 7/15/1907 Notes: age 46y 11m 14d, married, buried on Sam Palmer's lots, wife of Solomon Palmer, McCarthy Funeral Home

Palmer, Mary E. born: 1842 died: 1917

Palmer, Mary J. born: 1850 died: 1926

Palmer, Samuel born: 9-7-1848 Notes: Co F 148 Ind Inf, born at Ohio

Parker, Berenice Juliet born: 1893 died: 1926

Parker, Mary E. born: 1858 died: 1928

Patterson, M.A. died 9-11-1897wife of Samuel

Patterson, Samuel

Peabody, A.M. Mrs. died: 9-11-1897 Notes: wife of Calvin Peabody

Peabody, Calvin born: 5-26-1798 died: 4-22-1879 Notes: born in ? Vt., erected by son David G. Peabody, his bio says he died 11-23-1894

Pearce, John W. died: 10-25-1885 Notes: age 40y

Peck, Sidney born: 3-15-1843 died: 8-30-1880 Notes: wife of Charles D. Peck

Pennyweight, J. died: 2/3/1911 Notes: Pvt Co H 44 Ohio Cav

Petty, Arnold A. born: 11-7-1825 Notes: Co G 33 Wis Inf, born in Ohio

Phipps, Dad born: 1852 died: 1927

Phipps, Mother born: 1866 died: 1938

Pierpoint, Catherine Mrs. died: 4-25-1897 Notes: age 79y 6m 4d

Pierpoint, Henry born: 1-14-1812 Notes: Co B 2 Mo SM Cav, born in MD

Pollard, Elijah R. born: 7-19-1836 died: 9/21/1908 Notes: Pvt Co K 2 Neb Cav, born in Tn

Prather, Frank Henry born: 5-26-1891 died: 1926 Notes: born in Colorado

Prather, Frank Henry born: 5-26-1891 died: 10/28/1926 Notes: Sgt US Army WWI

Pratt, Nora Notes: age 8y 20d, daughter of WL & CS Pratt

Price, Albert L. born: 1853 died: 1919

Price, Amey Arabella born: 11-7-1886 died: 5-24-1890

Price, John H. died: 10-10-1868 Notes: died at Huerfano River

Pritchard, Elizabeth born: 1844 died: 1926

Pritchard, Vandalia K. born: 1868 died: 1886

Pueblo GAR Post No 8 7-4-1916

R Notes: footstone WGR

Rand, Charles H. born: 1835 died: 1895

Rand, Maude born: 1874 died: 1953

Rand, Paul born: 1876 died: 1880

Rand, Rebecca E. born: 1840 died: 1921

Rankin, Maurice G. died: 5-26-1880 Notes: age 8y 5m 25d, son of George J & MG Rankin

Rassbach, Beatrice Annette died: 6/7/1900 Notes: age 24d, daughter of Henry S. Rassbach, McCarthy Funeral Home

Reed, James born: 6-12-1844 died: 2-16-1889 Notes: age 44y 8m 4d

Reed, Maggie died: ?-1-1898

Rees, Mary died: 7-7-1898

Rees, Mary J. Williams Notes: wife of JR Rees

Rees, Mary J. Williams died: 6/10/1907 Notes: age 46y

Reily, ? W died: 7-29-18?? Notes: age 28y

Reily, ? W

Reynolds, Hardin?

Reynolds, Hardin?

Reynolds, Lizzie born: 1875 died: 1891

Reynolds, Rebecca M. born: 1853 died: 1889

Rhodes monument

Rhodes plot

Rhodes, Amanda Wheeler born: 1812 died: 1882

Rhodes, John Adam born: 1806 died: 1880

Richardson, Frank Lovrien born: 1-7-1868 died: 9/16/1903 Notes: wife of Charles C. Richardson

Ritchey, James W. born: 1844 died: 1906

Ritchey, Rebecca C. died: 7-6-1891 Notes: age 46y 6m 20d

Ritchey, Virginia E. born: 1879 died: 1894

Robb, Flora A. died: 2-2-1888 Notes: age 61y

Robe, Mi?


Robinson plot

Robinson, Charles G. died: 1-30-1880 Notes: age 17y

Rodgers, J.A. born: 1842 died: 1887 Notes: Pvt Co K 55 Ind Inf

Rogers, Charles B. born: 1852 died: 1885

Rogers, Isabel born: 1857 died: 1926

Rooney, C.M. born: 1866 died: 1934

Rooney, Johanna M. Coughlin born: 1843 died: 1926

Rooney, Katie born: 1-18-1869 died: 2-4-1882 Notes: born Columbia, PA, daughter of MM & SJ Rooney

Rooney, Maurice W. born: 8-22-1867 died: 10/11/1906

Rooney, Samuel J. born: 6-25-1841 died: 8/25/1927

Rooney, William H. born: 2-13-1871 died: 8-11-1889 Notes: born Marietta, Pa, sonn of MM & SJ Rooney

Roop, Pearl Louise died: 8/5/1908 Notes: age 2y 4m 6d, daughter of C.M. Roop of Lawrenceville, Illinois, buried Masonic Cem., McCarthy Funeral Home

Root, Ancel died: 10-7-1891 Notes: age 6y 4m 11d, son of JH & Josie Root

Rose, Jane born: 1835 died: 1900

Rouse, Mabel F. born: 1885 died: 1899 Notes: died 2-19-1899, age 13y, daughter of D.C. Rouse, buried Pollock plot, McCarthy Funeral Home

Runnbir stone

Runnbir, Mildred

Runnbir, Myrtle

Runnbir, Noma

Runyan, Libbie Damon died: 3-3-1888

Rups, Margartha born: 1847 died: 1882

Russell, Florence Ecenia born: 10/13/1910 died: 11/7/1911 Notes: child of Guy G. Russell born Aspen, Co., and Myrtle L. Hyde born Pueblo, McCarthy Funeral Home

Saint, E.R. Notes: Capt Co E 4th Iowa Cav, born in Ind

Salter, C.T. died: 8-1-1882 Notes: age 22y 8m 15d

Sanford monument

Sanford, Olive

Scherer, Henry born: 1880 died: 1954

Scherer, Mattie born: 1868 died: 1955

Schmetzer, Fredrick died: 12-6-1885 Notes: born in Germany, age 61y 1m

Schmitt, Anita G. died: 1926 Notes: unsure, half of stone missing

Schnei monument

Schnei, Harry born: 8-14-1884 died: 2-18-1887

Schnei, Rudolph born: 3-10-1869 died: 3-19-1886

Schulz, A.M. born: 7-24-1847 died: 6-21-1884 Notes: wife of J. H. Schulz

Schulz, Eliza born: 1859 died: 1938

Schulz, Harry G. born: 1891 died: 1944

Schulz, J. Henry born: 1847 died: 1923

Schulz, Lily born: 7-15-1883 died: 6-29-1864

Schurts base

Schurts, Florence B. died: 7-23-1892 Notes: age 20y 3m ?d, wife of AB Schurtz

Schurtz, Almyra A. Hutchinson born: 1845 died: 1929

Schurtz, Evelyn I. born: 1880 died: 19??

Schurtz, John M. born: 1876 died: 1954

Schurtz, Myrtle B. died: 8-7-1892 Notes: age 2yd, daughter of AB & FB Schurtz

Schurtz, Nellie born: 1878 died: 1947

Schurtz, Samuel R. born: 1872 died: 1941

Schurtz, Samuel R. born: 1843 died: 1885

Seaton, Jennie born: 1816 died: 1906

Seaton, Louisa A. born: 1840 died: 1919

Secord, Effie Lenore born: 8-31-1898 died: 8-31-1898 Notes: daughter of W.N. Secord, residence 417 W 5th, buried Dunlap lot, Dr. Duggans, cost $12.00, McCarthy Funeral Home

Sengbeil, Henrietta died: 4-3-1891 Notes: age 1y 7m 13d, daughter of H & SJ Sengbeil

Sengbeil, Henry died: 2-14-1889 Notes: age 25y 1m 5d, son of H & SJ Sengbeil

Sengbeil, John M. died: 3-14-1889 Notes: age 1y 2m 16d, son of H & SJ Sengbeil

Setz monument Notes: vandalized by gun shot

Setz, Joseph died: 11-3-1888 Notes: age 49y

Shade, Enos A. born: 12-2-1853 died: 6/9/1930

Shade, Harriet E. born: 12-17-1851 died: 2/27/1912 Notes: born Galenberg, Illinois, married, daughter of E.H. Chaplin born Illinois and Helen C. Stillman born NY, McCarthy Funeral Home

Shade, J. Ross born: 12-4-1886 died: 3-7-1887

Shade, Matilda born: 2-4-1869 died: 1/29/1934

Shelburne, J. died: 4-1-1879 Notes: age 48y 5m 12d, buried in Masonic, McCarthy record shows E. Shelburne

Shepherd, David A. born: 6-13-1841 died: 11/10/1905 Notes: Co C 3rd Mo Cav Vol GAR, born in England

Shepherd, F.A. Notes: Co C 3 Mo Cav

Shepherd, Rebecca A. born: 6-23-1842 died: 12/15/1909

Shields, Josiah died: 7-19-1881 Notes: age 22y 1m

Shire, John born: 1840

Shop, Herman B. died: 3-28-1888 Notes: age 35y

Simpson, J.H. died: 2/27/1909 Notes: age 64y, ex-County Commissioner, paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home

Sitton, John A. born: 5-11-1863 died: 12/3/1911

Sleade, C.L. born: 9-26-1843 Notes: Co F 65 Ind Inf

Sleade, Louis F. born: 7-1-1875 died: 2/22/1915

Sleade, Sophronia born: 1855 died: 1924

Sloane, Theodore Albert born: 8-30-1877 died: 8-17-1878 Notes: son of Theodore & Ellen H. Stone

Smith plot

Smith, Calvin E. born: 1878 died: 1905

Smith, Ella A. Clark died: 4-9-1875 Notes: age 29y 3m 11d, wife of JC Smith, M.D.

Smith, Emma J. born: 6-11-1841 died: 5/11/1920

Smith, H.C. born: 6-25-1837 died: 5/28/1905

Smith, H.J. born: 1883 died: 1885 Notes: Baby

Smith, Helen M. born: 1904 died: 1969

Smith, Jesse A. born: 2-24-1861 died: 5-2-1892

Smith, John W. born: 9-28-1848 died: 1936 Notes: born in NY

Smith, Josiah born: 9-2-1829 died: 10/22/1904 Notes: "Si", born at Dayton, Ohio; age 75y 1m 1d, died 10-21-1904 at home, paid by Frank Smith and City Hall Fire Station #1, McCarthy Funeral Home

Smith, Lucy

Smith, Mary E. born: 1848 died: 1925 Notes: Wife of JW Smith

Snow, Ulysses G. died: 4-29-1897 Notes: age 28y 5m

Sogwell, Herman A. born: 3-24-1850 died: 3-19-1890 Notes: age 39y 11m 25d, born Shiloh, NJ

Sommers, Cornelius S died: 4-9-1897 Notes: age 86y 2m 4d, enlisted in 5th Mo Vol 9-5-1861, discharged 11-26-1864

Sommers, Ar???? S. Notes: Co B 6th Mo Inf

Sorenson, Mattie Timmis died: 5/24/1920

Spears Notes: P.H.S.

Spears monument Notes: GAR

Spears, Pleasant H. born: 3-15-1836 died: 11/18/1912 Notes: Capt Co D 2 Ark Cav, born in Tn

Stark, Felix J. died: 8/29/1902 Notes: age 32y, died Florence, Co, paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home

Stephenson, Jas. born: 1835 Notes: born in Canada, Co H 15 NY Engrs

Stetson, Anderson born: 1861 died: 1943

Stetson, Cena D. born: 9-17-1860 died: 6/23/1948

Stetson, Clarence J. born: 1852 died: 1909

Stetson, Elizabeth born: 5-29-1825 died: 1-22-1890

Stetson, Esther born: 5-19-1894 died: 3/4/1976

Stetson, Henry Adelbert born: 1895 died: 1988 Notes: GAR

Stetson, Henry Anderson Sr. born: 4-10-1820 died: 6-29-1880 Notes: 1st Lt 4th Regt Mich Cav GAR

Stetson, Jennie born: 1868 died: 1926

Stetson, Robert Edward born: 5/3/1904 died: 5/20/1904

Stetson, Robert M. born: 7-26-1864 died: 2/3/1914

Stetson, Sadie born: 1865 died: 1944

Stevens, Mamie died: 4-5-1884 Notes: age 3m 10d, daughter of AB & LN Stevens

Stevenson, R.M. born: 1840 died: 1895 Notes: headstone placed by the Pueblo Chieftain

Stewart, baby died: 3-6-1897

Stewart, Duncan born: 1848 died: 12-3-1896 Notes: moved to Canada in 1881, to Colorado in 1886 (1) front of receipt (2) back of receipt

Stewart, Edward H. born: 5-25-1882 died: 8/22/1915 Notes: Skull & Cross bones on stone

Stewart, Howard H.

Stewart, infant

Stewart, Joseph A. born: 1820 died: 1900 Notes: age 80y, buried Odd Fellows Ce., died 5-23-1900, informant J.P. Holloman, son, McCarthy Funeral Home

Stewart, Mary A. born: 1843 died: 1918

Stewart, Willie

Stillwell, William H., Dr

Stokes, Caroline & baby born: 2-18-1840 died: 2/21/1902 Notes: born Phillips Mills, NY, 1st buried at Eden, Co., then reburied at North Side on 8-13-1912, paid by D.S. McNutt, daughter of John and Hannah Stokes, McCarthy Funeral Home

Stokes, Harriet A. born: 1854 died: 1926

Stokes, John A. born: 1827 died: 1911 Notes: born 9-1-1827 in England, died 2-27-1911 at home, married, son of John L. Stokes and Hannah Welch both born England, McCarthy Funeral Home

Sudsberry, Peter R. died: 6-19-1886 Notes: age 3y 6m 2d, son of George & Mary A. Sudsberry

Sufficool, Viola died: 8-27-1890

Sullivan, Eugene W. born: 1847 died: 1883

Sumner, Mary K. born: 1847 died: 1918

Sump, M. G. Notes: Wife

Sump, Millie E. died: 11/5/1900 Notes: age 40y 6m 24d, wife of MC Sump, erected to the memory of ?

Sutherland, Elias Bliss born: 1813 died: 1877 Notes: born in Ill

Sutherland, M.S. born: 12-19-1842 Notes: born in Ill, Co K 28 Wis Inf

Suttles, Thomas born: 3-24-1800 died: 1-20-1881 Notes: husband of C. Suttles

Sutton, E.S. died: 8-26-1881 Notes: age 26y 26d, husband of Alta Sutton

Swanson, Gustaf born: 3-?-1845 died: 5/21/1913 Notes: born Boda, Vermland, Sweden

Sweeney, ? Jr. born: 18?? died: 1925

Sweeney, Julia Ada born: 9-3-1874 died: 4-19-1875

Sweeney, Walter died: 12-28-1889 Notes: age 2y

Sweeney, William H. born: 1832 died: 1909

Tate, Bert died: 8-14-1888 Notes: age 36y

Taylor, Emma B. died: 3-18-1889 Notes: daughter of LS & LB Taylor

Tennal, Charles J. born: 4-20-1876 died: 7/10/1902

Thatcher, Annie D. born: 1874 died: 1911

Thomas children Notes: children of George

Thomas, George

Thomas, infants Notes: children of John J & AD Thomas

Thomas, John Jay born: 2-27-1837 died: 3/8/1911 Notes: Pvt Co L 1 Colorado Cav, born in Ohio

Thomas, Rena E. born: 1884 died: 1967

Thomas, Samuel born: 1821 died: 1899 Notes: Pvt Co K 76 Ill Inf, born in Ind

Thorp, Emily A. born: 1821 died: 1889

Thorp, Stokes born: 1818 died: 1908

Timbers plot

Timbers, Harry E. born: 7-17-1896 died: 12/2/1901 Notes: son of G& EJ Timbers

Timbers, Harry E.

Timmis plot

Timmis, Ernest H. born: 6-26-1849 died: 6/7/1907

Traeder, Susan A. born: 3-28-1851 died: 8/19/1910

Traeder, William born: 1-16-1855 died: 1/22/1941

Twombley, Walter born: 1887 died: 1923

unknown Notes: age 11m 27d

unknown Notes: Natural ?

unknown died: 1-30-1879 Notes: age 29y, these are 2 separate stones

unknown Notes: VVI W. 1882

unknown Notes: In God We Trust

unknown died: 3/2/1905


unknown Notes: broken stones

unknown Notes: stone in wrought iron fence

unknown Notes: 3 bases

unknown Notes: broken stone

unknown Notes: bases piled up

unknown Notes: Mother

unknown Notes: Mother


unknown Notes: Baby

unknown died: 5-16-188? Notes: age 4m 13d
















unknown died: 4/15/1902 Notes: age 58y, 5th NY HA





unknown Notes: damaged stones







unknown born: 5-12-1873

unknown Notes: ? J. Aug. ??

unknown died: 6-13-????

unknown died: 2-12-???? Notes: age 25y 9m 20d

unknown Notes: Bowe?, William or Lillian

unknown born: 6-?-???? died: 3-20-1884 Notes: RMW?








unknown died: 11-28-1880 Notes: age 37y 11m 8d, Engineer killed by accident on the D & RG R.R.

unknown Notes: same as 187

unknown Notes: stone face down

unknown Notes: stone face down




unknown plot

Valencia, William Julian Sr. born: 8/28/1910 died: 9/1/2000

Vaughan, Tom

Vidal, Mary died: 9-4-1878 Notes: age 31y

Vidal, Numa died: 4-20-1892 Notes: age 49y

Vivion, Jennie born: 5-4-1837 died: 9-19-1883 Notes: wife of J.M. Vivion

Wagar, Clarence died: 11-?-1879

Wagar, Cora Bell died: 6-?-1878

Wagar, Susan Ida born: 9-19-1855 died: 12-23-1880

Walborn, C.F. born: 11-23-1854 died: 10/12/1929

Walch, Daisy Rand born: 1881 died: 1928

Walch, Oscar N. born: 1875 died: 1921

Walsh, Patrick K. died: 4/11/1902 Notes: Corp 5 NY Hv Arty, born in Ireland

Ward, Inda Keeler born: 1857 died: 1913 Notes: wife of Ralph E. Ward

Ward, Ralph E. born: 1859 died: 1915 Notes: husband of Flora E. Ward

Warrant, Robert T. died: 10-11-1876 Notes: age 40y, native of Canada

Warren, ? died: 10-6-1876

Warren, Bertley H. born: 11-7-1840 died: 9/20/1901

Warren, Elizabeth J. born: 12-20-1845 died: 5/9/1908

Warren, Jesse F. born: 11-15-1880 died: 7-27-1881

Wasson, Edward M. born: 1844 died: 1/29/1902 Notes: age 58y, Co H 15th W Va Inf

Watkins, Albert Edsell born: 1914 died: 1916

Watkins, Gloria M. died: 4/20/1913

Watkins, Hazel Lucia born: 1903 died: 1904

Watkins, Hiram born: 1843 died: 1898

Watkins, John Ulysses born: 1870 died: 1938

Watkins, Mary E. born: 1843 died: 1898

Watkins, Minnie Pearl born: 1880 died: 1882

Watkins, Oda Erba born: 1883 died: 1888

Watson, Edward died: 9-3-1887 Notes: age 23y

Watson, Edward

Waugh, Emily C. died: 7-25-1886 Notes: age 60y 6m 24d

Webb, Nathan E. born: 10-17-1848 died: 1/3/1917 Notes: Pvt Co F 6 US Cav, born in Ind

Webster, Ida E. born: 1852 died: 1917

Webster, John M. born: 5-1-1886 died: 7-23-1886

Weidman, F M died: 3-6-1890

Weiford, Jacob F. born: 1-21-1844 died: 7/14/1934 Notes: Pvt Co L 6 Mo Cav, born in Ind

Wells, Eldon Russell born: 3-11-1891 died: 1/4/1910 Notes: son of Frank A. Wells born NY and Elizabeth Baratt? born London, England, McCarthy Funeral Home

Weppler, Albert born: 1-30-1849 died: 12/13/1904

White, infant born: 12-2-1899 died: 12-2-1899 Notes: child of L.J. White, McCarthy Funeral Home

White, Lourinfa died: 3/6/1914 Notes: age 94y

Whittaker, Alice A. born: 4-10-1867 died: 8-10-1887

Whittaker, Ebenezer D. born: 10-27-1812 died: 11-28-1891

Whittaker, Joanna H. born: 12-25-1838 died: 5-8-1881

Whittaker, Sarah A. born: 6-27-1814 died: 1-3-1884

Wickersham, Effie E. died: 12-26-1880

Wickersham, John E. died: 1-18-1880

Wieland, Lafon D. died: 11-1-1898 Notes: age 7m 17d, son of E.K. Wieland, Odd Fellows Cem., McCarthy Funeral Home

Wilcoxson, Allia born: 1858 died: 1943

Wilcoxson, Robert E. born: 1862 died: 1947

Wiley, Eugene J. born: 1846 died: 1898 Notes: Pvt Co B 12 Wis Inf, born in NY; Eugene Bert Wiley, age 53y, died Pueblo Hospital 11-22-1898, married, paid by wife, McCarthy Funeral Home

Wilkinson, Bessie Salter born: 4/24/1911 died: 5/13/1911 Notes: daughter of George Wilkinson born Illinois and Frances Salter born Pueblo, McCarthy Funeral Home

Williams plot

Williams, Lotta A. born: 8-19-1851 died: 11-28-1883 Notes: wife of M. Williams

Williams, Montreville born: 2-9-1832 died: 11/1/1905

Williams, Montreville Notes: Mus Co B 3 NY Inf, born in Ma

Williams, Thomas P. died: 6-27-1888 Notes: age 47y

Williams, Thomas P. died: 9-1-1888 Notes: age 1y 4m, son of TP & M Williams

Wilson, Audrey E. born: 1913 died: 1934

Wilson, baby died: 1912

Wilson, David M. born: 1887 died: 1921

Wilson, David W. born: 1909 died: 1929

Wilson, Emma E. born: 1885 died: 1966

Wilson, Florence H. born: 1910 died: 1911

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Frank Christopher born: 5-14-1882 died: 1-18-1888 Notes: son of Christopher & Emma Wilson

Wilson, George died: 8/1/1901 Notes: age 56y, Co K 43rd US C T, born in Co

Wilson, James

Wilson, James Carlile born: 11-12-1883 died: 1-19-1888 Notes: son of Christopher & Emma Wilson

Wilson, James Carlile

Wilson, Noah N. born: 5-15-1851 died: 12-26-1888

Wilson, Slater H. born: 1892 died: 1969 Notes: GAR

Windle, Frank F. died: 7-30-1883 Notes: age 2m 27d, son of JS & VI Windle

Wing, Hattie E. Mrs. died: 6-22-1879 Notes: wife of F.S. Wing, age 23y, At rest with Mother dear

Wright, Willie Orman born 10-27-1886 died 4-26-1888, son of George Washington Wright and Zoe Coques Parks.

Wrought, Kate

Wyman, W.S. born: 1841 died: 1897 Notes: Pvt Co D 1st NH Inf, born in Mass

Yackey, Frances G. born: 7-9-1849 died: 5/1/1931

Yackey, N. Benton born: 1-7-1843 died: 2/4/1938 Notes: GAR, born in Ill

Zelders, Mayme born: 1876 died: 1953

Zimerli, C. born: 1858 died: 1915

Zweifel, C. died: 7-23-1884 Caspar Zweifel, Marshal of Central Pueblo who was killed in the discharge of duty on 7/23/1884. He arrested a counterfeiter (silver dollars) and was stabbed in the groin severing his femoral artery. (contributed by Ronald A. Gravatt, Deputy Police Chief, Retired.)

Also believed buried here:

?, Jesusita died 4-12-1873

Adams, Thomas died 12-12-1874 aged 10 years, son of George S. Adams

Archibald, Jessie died 7-28-1878 aged 9 months 2 days, daughter of C.P. & K.M. Archibald

Bain, Mrs. died 2-13-1880

Barnes, ? died 3-10-1876 little daughter of Al. Barnes

Barnum, Lewis born 7-18-1830 at Middlefield, New York, died 2-13-1876 buried Masonic, see Tri-County Obituaries

Bartels, Adolph died 10-1-1872 aged 2 years, son of Julius F. and Henrietta Bartels

Barth, Minnie died 7-2-1873 daughter of P.J. Barth

Bassett, C.R. died 4-18-1877

Baxter, ? died 11-2-1874 infant son of Alderman Baxter

Bear, ? died 5-20-1873 ages 3 years, twin daughter of S.W. & Frances M. Bear

Biggs, A.W. died about 11-1-1872

Biggs, Emma M. died 8-8-1878 aged 11 years, daughter of Charles Biggs

Bigney, Margaret born 3-2-1806 in Nova Scotia died 11-30-1879, wife of Peter Bigney

Bliss, Tim died 2-27-1877 aged 30 years

Boyd, G.W. died about 12-3-1873

Brady, James T. died 1-1-1873 aged 43 years

Bulger, WIlliam died 5-20-1870 aged 22 years

Carrea, Slvador died 7-14-1875 aged 70 years AKA Salvador Lobato

Chambers, baby died about May 1876 aged 2 months child of Rev. Adam and Eleanor Chambers

Chambers, Eleanor Phillips born 6-14-1845 died 8-15-1876 wife of Rev. Adam Chambers

Chappel, William died 6-10-1874 aged 23 years

Clark, Agnes Bessie died 3-15-1878 daughter of Mr. J.T. Clark

Clay, George H. died 4-25-1875 aged 60 years

Cochrane, Ernest Wells died 1-7-1878 aged 4 months 2 days, son of William Cochrane

Cochrane, Maud died 12-15-1877 aged 6 years 7 months 9 days, daughter of William & Mary Cochrane

Conley, George died 11-22-1873 aged 16 years son of Lewis Conley

Corkish, Margaret, died 9-25-1873 aged 4 years, daughter of Robert & Ellen Corkish

Cowles, Albert died 2-11-1880

Cozzens, Edmund B. died about 3-3-1874

Crawford, G.G. died 1-28-1875

Darst, Abraham Britton died 7-15-1874 aged 44 years

Davis, Mrs. died 4-30-1879

Delaney, Jack died 11-26-1873

Donahue, John Lander died 6-14-1874

Edmundson, Margaret died 10-11-1879 aged 74 years

Ellis, Abraham Reese died 1-30-1878 aged 1 year 5 months, son of Abe R & Mary A. Ellis

Fisher, J.A. died 4-10-1875 Captain, may be the Fisher named above

Franks, Bertha Acenarman died 9-24-1874 aged 25 years, wife of William Franks

Freund, ? died 4-24-1874 little child of Mr. Isaac Freund

Gulden, Elias G. died about 6-22-1904

Gunther, H.J. died about 2-15-1874

Hall, Robert died 1-20-1873 aged 37 years

Hamilton, ?, died 4-9-1874 aged 18 months, child of Rev. Mr. Hamilton

Hart, Henry died 2-19-1874

Hart, MInnie F. died 10-4-1879 aged 2 years 7 months daughter of John M. & Susan E. Hart

Hayes, Carl Wilson, Jr. born 11/17/1901 Pueblo died 11/17/1901McCarthy Funeral Home records, age 7 hours, son of Carl Wilson Hayes, Sr.

Hayslip, Mrs. George died 7-29-1872

Hayward, Eber L. died 10-2-1876 aged 34 years

Hedges, C.R. born 5-19-1858 died 2-4-1903 WOW, see article on Pioneer Cemetery articles page.

Heimbaugh, Jacob died 11-6-1875

Heitler, Charles died 6-1875, died at Del Norte

Hickey, D.W. died 1-6-1877 aged 24 years, native of Canada

Higgins, Patrick died 3-30-1875 aged 55 years

Hinkins, Hamilton died 11-21-1873 aged 24 years, native of Missouri

Hisey, Harry F. died 9-8-1875

Hoeken, R.B. died 9-24-1875

Howard, Emily died 11-5-1871, aged 21 years 6 months 5 days, wife of George H. Howard

Howard, George H died 10-25-1874 died at Del Norte, Colorado

Hurd, Mrs. died 5-8-1875

Ivy, Mrs. died 8-14-1875 wife of Rev. Ivy

Kamerer, Mrs. Henry died 11-26-1879 on her 41st birthday

Kidder, Mrs. William died about 2-15-1873

Kirkpatrick, E.M. died 1-30-1878

Kohn, ? died 9-21-1873 aged 4 years, son of P.P. Kohn

Kretechmer, ? died 1-16-1878 aged 2 years 6 months child of Charles Kretechmer

Leheror, Joseph died 9-25-1874 aged 81 years

Lehman, Otto died 6-25-1878 aged 9 years, son of Mrs. M. Lehman

Lines, Allen M. died 12-27-1873 aged 15 years, son of D.M. Lines

Loeb, Isadoe died 1-11-1875 aged 10 months 4 days, son of B. Loeb

Long, Mrs. L. died 7-21-1874

Lowther, Mrs. John R. died about 12-29-1874

Lynch, John died 4-5-1876 aged 30 years

Madigan, Annie died 9-30-1875 aged 2 years daughter of Dennis & Annie Madigan

Mason, George died 1-8-1879

McAllister, William A. died 2-22-1874

McClung, Frank died 2-26-1873 aged 35 years

McCool, Charles died 5-23-1868 aged 23 years

Merritt, Ella died about 10-5-1872 aged 9 years, adopted daughter of Rev. J.H. and F.H. Merritt

Moore, Mrs. John died 3-11-1874

Morley, R.W died about 4-19-1879, buried in Masonic

Neal, Dr. died 1874, buried in Masonic, brother of J.W.

Neal, J.W. died 10-1874 buried in Masonic, brother of Dr. Neal

Northrop, Samuel O. died 1-28-1878 aged 50 years

Nosler, Flora M. died 2-17-1877 aged 9 years daughter of James M. & Sarah A. Nosler

Olsen, Henry died 6-17-1879

Osmosse, Galecchia died 3-4-1899 infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Osmosse

Palmer, Charles B. died 11-1873, 8th Cavalry, of Ohio

Phillips, D.J. died 3-1877 aged 35 years

Pickard, Maria D. born 1795 died 4-24-1873 wife if A.B. Pickard

Pochon, Joseph J. born 3-5-1834 died 3-1-1899

Powell, George died 5-29-1879

Ragsdale, ? died about 8-1-1873

Randall, Albert A. died 3-24-1881 age 6 years, son of A.C. & E.A. Randall, see article on Pioneer Cemetery articles page.

Randall, Baby died 1-20-1881 age 7 days, child of A.C. & E.A. Randall, see article on Pioneer Cemetery articles page.

Randall, James died 4-3-1881 age 8 years, son of A.C. & E.A. Randall, see article on Pioneer Cemetery articles page.

Rascone, Luis died: 1-?-1879

Redfield, Lily died 9-3-1874 infant daughter of Alex & Annie Redfield

Rice, ? died 3-13-1874 child of John B. Rice

Rines, William B. died 5-25-1870 aged 23 years

Ritchey, Enola Clara died 4-10-1878 aged 10 years, daughter of James W. & Virginia E. Ritchey

Ritchey, Virginia E. died 9-30-1879

Seward, Ellen died: 6-4-1876 Notes: age 21y, daughter of H.S. and M. Seward

Shook, Frank died 11-8-1872 aged 19 years

Shriver, ? died 1-16-1878 little daughter of Henry Shriver

Smith, Asa died 7-14-1874 aged 83 years

Smith, Sarah born 1855 Missouri died 9-1909

Somers, Frank died 2-20-1876 buried in Masonic

Stearns, ?, son of A.L. Stearns died July 1872

Stiler, Mrs. O.H. died about 4-15-1879

Stone, Homer Bishop died 7-1-1877 aged 3 months, son of Wilbur F. Stone

Sweeney, ? died 12-15-1875 infant child of W.H. Sweeney

Taff, Christina Scott died 10-21-1871, aged 33 years, wife of Abram Taff

Thatcher, baby died 2-20-1873

Tidemann, August Gayheart died 6-21-1875 aged 14 months 12 days, son of Dr. Tidemann

Tobie, Ariel Pearl died 10-13-1874 aged 8 months 13 days daughter of P.D. & Isabella F. Tobie

Tucker, John died 4-27-1874

Vidal, Mrs died 9-4-1878 wife of Numa Vidal

Vincuto, Armyra died 1-3-1910 aged 3 years daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vincuto

Voorhees, Florence L. died 1-28-1874 aged 1 year 5 months, daughter of James L & Flora Voorhees

Whitelock, Charles died about 4-15-1873

Williams, Thomas died 3-27-1879

Wilson, ? died 8-15-1874 little daughter of J.A. Wilson

Work, George H.F. died 12-25-1878 aged 44 years

Zacharias, Granville died 1-11-1877

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