Pueblo County, Colorado
Out Of Town Burials
These records were extracted from the T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home Records.
Contributed by Karen Mitchell

Allen, Lillie E. born 30-Aug in PA. died 12/5/1910 shipped to Erie, Pa. Notes: daughter of George Ellison and Magarette Sheeren both born England, paid by daughter Mrs. R.T. Stuart

Andrew, Mary Louise died 3/29/1902 shipped to New York Notes: age 40y 3m 21d, married

Andrews, Martha Ann died 9/20/1900 shipped to Ok. Terr. Notes: age 32y 2m 8d, wife of T.L. Andrews, shipped to Mulhall, Ok. Terr.

Bailey, Anna L. died 11/9/1902 shipped to Dows, Wright Co., Iowa Notes: age 23y 4m 19d, wife of Edward Bailey

Bailey, Ellen O. died 7/15/1902 shipped to Great Bend, Ks. Notes: age 47y, resident of Great Bend, Ks.

Bailey, James W. born 1861 in Ohio died 11/27/1911 shipped to Knobnoseter, Mo. Notes: married

Bailey, William died 2/28/1911 shipped to Audubon, Iowa Notes: age abt 32y, paid by E.E. Bailey, Audubon, Iowa

Baldwin, Elizabeth age 79y, died 10/8/1908, shipped 10-9-1908 to Seligman, Mo. relatives Mrs. G.M. Trent, Mrs. J. Daniels, Mrs. James Birir. Dr. O.F. Taylor

Banowetz, John Sr. died 7/7/1902 shipped to Coffeyville, Ks. Notes: age 56y 22d, died at Fairmont, informant John Banowetz Jr. of Covveyville, Ks.

Barhydt, Aaron Gardner born 10-23-1839 in NY died 12/10/1910 shipped to Burlington, Iowa Notes: married, son of Nicholas Barhydt born NY and Phoebe Gardner born New Jersey, body accompanied by son, paid by Theo W. Barhydt

Barker, William died 6/5/1902 shipped to Brandon, Vt. Notes: age 38y, informant F.E. Barhus or Barker, Brandon. Vt.

Barnard, Rebecca J. born 3-23-1827 in Massachusetts died 1/9/1910 shipped to Andover, Ma. Notes: widow, father ? Mannning, m ? Hart, sold to estate

Barnes, Maude born 6-7-1892 in S. Dak. died 3/15/1910 shipped to S. Dak.? Notes: married, accompanied by parents, daughter of Philip LaBatte and Sarah Renvile both born Minn.

Barnhauser, Walter died 8-16-1899 shipped to Ft. Scott, Ks. Notes: age 26y, son of John F. Barnhauser

Bartholomew, Mary E. died 4/11/1901 shipped to Riverview cemetery LaJunta, Co. Notes: age 43y 20d, wife of Edward A. Bartholomew born LaJunta, Co.

Barton, Josiah S. born 4-2-1836 in NY, son of Josiah Bartin born Mass. and Martha Slytes born NY, age 78y, widowed, died 10/13/1914 at 1012 Catalpa St., shipped 10-13-1914 to Delta, Co.

Barton, T. Floyd, Dr. age 56y,died 11/9/1901, shipped 11-15-1901 to Hubbardville, NY informant Walter Dunning, conservator of estate of Denver. Dr. John A. Lambert

Battey, Hannah age 33y, wife of F.R. Battey died 1-8-1899 shipped 1-9-1899 via AT&SF railroad to LaJunta, Co. Dr. unknown, accompained by husband

Baughman, Henry born 1-22-1831 in Pa. son of Samuel Baughman and ? Burkholder both born Pa., widowed, died 4/11/1912 shipped 4-12-1912 to South Bend, Ind., accompanied to Indiana by daughter Mrs. E.B. Jackson, Dr. W.S. Johnston.

Beardsley, C.F., Mrs. died 9-25-1898 shipped to North Adams, Mi. Notes: age 31y, wife of C.F. Beardsley, body accompanied by husband, mother and sisters

Beatty, Anna M. died shipped to Manzanola, Co. Notes: Exhume body paid by Beatty Bros Merc., Manzanola, Co.

Beatty, Euzeke died 3/23/1900 shipped to Lawrenceburg, Ind. Notes: age 39y, found dead in bed 319 S. Union, married, Dr. A.L. Fugard

Becker, Sister Mary Magdeline died 2/2/1901 shipped 2-4-1901 via Pacific Express to Chicago, Ill. Notes: age 35y 11m 11d, Order of the Benedictine Sisters

Begard, Margaret died shipped to Germantown, Ohio Notes: shipped 10-26-1900, body accompanied by Uncle John E. Begard

Benjamin, infant daughter died 12/7/1902 shipped 12-9-1902 to Barttville, Indian Terr. Notes: age 23d, daughter of B.W. Benjamin 805 W. 4th St., Dr. Crawhall

Berman, Bert J. born in Nebraska died 9/24/1901 shipped to Nebraska Notes: baby, died from injuries from falling from third story of New Prudential Bldg 6th St., residence Superior, Nichols Co., Nebraska, accompanied in shipment by Mr. Gates, informant, of Superior, Nebraska. Dr. A.L. Fugard

Berry, Beulah G. born 5/8/1907 in Morgan Co., Mo. daughter of John W. Berry born Cole Co., Mo. and Nora J. Freeman born Morgan Co., Mo. age 5y, died 1/21/1912 shipped 1-22-1912 to Barnett, Mo. Dr. W.F. Rich

Berry, Helen born 8/19/1909 in Pueblo died 4/17/1911 shipped 4-18-1911 to Barnett, Morgan Co. Mo. Notes: daughter of John W. Berry and Nora Freeman both born Mo., Dr. Crum Epler

Billings, James F. age 65y, husband of Jennie L. Billings, residence 1315 Evans St, Denver, died 9-5-1898 shipped to Denver, Co. by order of wife. Dr. Thombs

Bloodnick, Charles Frederick born 11/12/1909 in Anaconda, Mt. died 12/1/1910 110 Bradford St., shipped to Anaconda, Mt. Notes: single, son of Charles Bloodnick born Austria and ? Callahan born Michigan, Dr. W.H. Campbell

Bloxon, Rose S. born 9-27-1878 in NJ died 10/9/1911 at residence 262 Block J, shipped 10-11-1911 to Newark, NJ Notes: married, daughter of Thomas Cusick and Rose Smith both born Scotland, bodies accompanied by husband, Bloxon, infant born 10/9/1911 in Pueblo died 10/9/1911 shipped to Newark, NJ Notes: son of A.B. Bloxon born Vermont and Rose Casick born New Jersey, buried in casket with Mother. Dr. J.H. Woodbridge

Bogan, Lawrence born 6/2/1878 in Ohio died 12/20/1910 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 12-21-1910 to Midland City, Ohio Notes: single, carpenter, age 32y, son of Nathaniel Bogan and Emily Hubbard both born Ohio, paid by Jesse E. Brogan brother. Dr. Ben O. Adams

Boggess, Dora age about 35y, divorced, residence 1206 E. Evans, died 4/6/1910 shipped to Jerseyville, Ill. sold to relatives & Jacoby Bros. Undertaking, Jerseyville. Dr. J.J. McDonnell

Bonn, John H. born 11-6-1855 in Wisc. married, fruit grower, son of John Bonn both parents born Germany, died 11/2/1911 shipped 11-3-1911 to Lakeside Cem. Canon City, Co. Dr. Hubert Work.

Boswell, Leo Sidney born October in Colorado, age 24y 3m 11d, son of Louis S. Boswell born Colorado and Mary Swenson born Sweden, residence Turkish Bata & Silver Grill Hotel, died 1/29/1911 at home shipped 1-30-1911 to Victor, Co.

Bowden, Hannah age 75y died 10-6-1899, shipped 10-7-1899 to Boulder, Co. Dr. Work, informant John Trezise undertaker

Bowers, J. Morris age 23y 11m 26d, died 9/15/1902 at Fairmount, shipped 9-16-1902 to Youngstown, Ohio, arrangements made by B.P.O. Elks #90, Dr. C.O. Rice.

Boyer, Julia age about 47y, widow, died 1/18/1911 shipped 1-20-1911 to Colorado Springs, Co.. husband buried at Manitou, Co., paid by Mrs. Ida Boyer, Carlisle, Pa. Dr. A.P. Busey

Brainard, Anna M. age 63y 10m 27d, married, housewife, died 3/1/1906 at Hotel Maine shipped to Burlington, Iowa, informant Thomas Brainard Steamboat Spings, Co. Dr. H.H. Black

Brandon, Perrir in Tenn. died 8/21/1911 shipped to Wilmar, Arkansas Notes: age 25y, son of W.F. Brandon born Tenn. And Mary Baxter

Brasher, Benjamin died 9/19/1902 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 60y, informant brother Dr. L.B. Brasher

Brault, L.P. died 7-7-1898 shipped to St. Louis, Mo. Notes: age 42y, informant Mr. McKittrie, body accompanied by wife and child

Briggs, John Wessley born 9-9-1839 in Indiana, mother & father both born in USA, widower, died 4/29/1912 at residence, shipped 5-1-1912 to Stroud, Ok. Dr. P.D. Russell, McCarthy Funeral Home

Britton, Susie L. born 7-25-1868 in Missouri daughter of John F. Miles and Mary Smith both born Indiana, married, died 8/11/1910 at residence 2612 Fifth Ave., shipped to Tulsa, Ok., sold to Mr. W.L. Britton of Tulsa, Ok.

Brock, Miles died 12-18-1898 shipped 12-19-1898 to Bayard, Iowa Notes: age 23y, informant E.E. Brock, brother, of Iowa City, Iowa, body accompanied by C.E. Brock, Dr. Hazlett. McCarthy Funeral Home

Brook, Samuel traveling sales man, died 10/24/1912 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 10-25-1912 to Elk City, Ks. Notes: family William Brooks of LaFountain, Ks. and Lytle Brooks of Randolph, Ks. Paid by Langton, Ks. Lodge,

Brophy, Jennie age 54y, probably born Iowa, widow, proprietor of Bryan Rooming House 193 1/2 Union Ave., died 8/22/1910 at St Marys Hospital, shipped to St. Paul, neosha County, Ks. Notes: brother John J. Brophy of Girard, Ks., James Brophy of Melrose, Iowa, more names on record, Dr. W.T. H. Baker, McCarthy Funeral Home

Brown, Julia A. age 40y, wife of Morse V. Brown of Buena Vista, died 4/16/1902 at Hotel Main, shipped to Buena Vista, Co. Notes: body accompanied by family. Dr. Herbert Black. McCarthy Funeral Home

Brown, Leonard J. born 3-29-1887 in Missouri son of John R. Brown and Cornelia Houchens both born Missouri, died 9/14/1911 at home 56 Block T, single laborer & farmer, shipped 9-16-1911 to Sturgeon, Mo. Dr. William Singer. McCarthy Funeral Home

Brown, Nancy born 3-8-1831 in NY daughter of W. Gardner and Caroline Gregory both born NY, died 10/26/1911at home 712 Summit St., widow, shipped 10-28-1911 to Trinidad, Co. body accompanied by W.C. Brownell. Dr. J.J. McDonnell. McCarthy Funeral Home

Bruce, Edwin S. age 80y, widower, died 1/23/1904 at residence 209 1.2 Santa Fe Ave., shipped to Cuba, NY Harrison J. Teller admin. of estate. Dr. J.A. Halfield. McCarthy Funeral Home

Buckunun, H.H. age 37y, died 3-13-1899 shipped 3-13-1899 to Denver, Co. informant Walley & Rollind Co. Denver, casket bought by Mr. Meade of that company, Dr. unknown

Bukfer, Margaret born 2/2/1834 in NY, age 76y, widow, father's name Jacob born in Germany, died 8/12/1910 at residence 1300 E 8th, shipped to Hamburg, NY, sold to Mrs. R.K. Potter

Bulette, Francis M. born 4-7-1896 in Pueblo single daughter of Dr. W.W. Bulette born Pa., and Annie M. Patrick born St. Louis, Mo., residence 239 E. Adams, died 9/9/1913 at home, shipped 10-8-1913 to Pylesville, Md., services at residence, body shipped later. Dr. Nathaniel G. Alcock. McCarthy Funeral Home

Bull, George W. born 2-22-1873 in Indianapolis, Ind. son of T.J. Bull born Lancaster, Pa., and Elizabeth Bancock born Meadville, Pa., married, died 6/21/1912 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 6-22-1912 to Denver, Co. Dr. H.A. Black, McCarthy Funeral Hone

Bump, James L. born in Ky. son of William Bump, age 58y, single, died 5/16/1910 at Vineland, Co.,shipped to Kewaunee, Ill. sold to George L. Wilkinson, Vineland. Dr. J.J. McDonnell. McCarthy Funeral Home

Bunch, Mary J. born 8-16-1823 in Ky. daughter of Isaac Gross born NY and Margaret Fucia born Ky., widow, died 8/20/1910 at home 1221 E 7th, shipped to LaCrosse, Mo. The to Cardy, Macon County, MIssouri, sold to A.W. Buck, son-in-law. Dr. Johnson. McCarthy Funeral Home

Burris, William T. age 35y 10m 18d, died 3/23/1902 at home 102 Bradford, shipped 3-24-1902 to Amenia, Duchess Co, NY, informant S.J. Burris brother, body accompanied by brother. Dr. C.O. Rice. McCarthy Funeral Home

Burt, Julia M. age 54y, born in Glenwood Springs. Co., wife of James Burt, died 5/8/1902 shipped 5-10-1902 by freight to Glenwood Springs, Co. Dr. John F. Lambert

Bustin, John P. age 38y 8m 7d, husband of Catherine Bustin, residence 312 Jefferson St., died 2/6/1902 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 2-9-1902 to Lawanda, Pa. McCarthy Funeral Home

Callahan, Mary born in Alton, Ill. daughter of Thomas F. Moon and Ellen McMiniem both born Ireland, residence 14 E. 4th, married, died 1/24/1912 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 1-27-1912 to Lincoln Center, Ks. billed to William H. Moom, Lincoln Center, Ks. Dr. P.H. Heller

Campbell, Frank William born 4-10-1874 in Jewell Co., Ks. son of James Campbell and Rebecca Jane Davis both born Tenn., married,saloon keeper,residence 618 West 11th St., died 3/8/1911 at home, shipped to Lakin, Kearney County, Ks., Lila A. campbell, administrator. Dr. Ben O. Adams

Campbell, Katie born in Missouri age 51y, married, colored, died 11/10/1910 shipped to Denver, Co. sold to Doris Spencer and Charles M. Miller, Denver, Dr. A.P. Busey

Canote, William age 40y, married, residence 2120 Stout St., died 6/15/1902 shipped to Denver, Co. widow accompanied body. Dr. John H. Lambert

Cavenaugh, Martin born 1/18/1962 in NY died 3/6/1911 shipped to Salida, Co. Notes: married, died at Red Cross Hospital in Salida, Co. son of John Cavenough and Ann McDonald both born Ireland, Mrs. Martin Cavenough, Iola,Kansas

Clark, Nillie Mrs. age 25y, residence 311 Court Street, died 8/30/1908 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped to Portland, Or. Notes: Mrs. Clark's people were well to doo living on Portland, Or, and owned Laggon Island, a small island near Portland where they stayed most of the time. Dr. P.D. Russell

Close, George D. resident of Fremont, Nebraska, died 3/21/1901 shipped 3-23-1901 to Fremont, Nebraska informant John A. Close. Dr. A.A. Corbin

Cohagan, Clara died 9/27/1901 shipped to Glenwood Springs, Co. Notes: age 43y

Colby, William Jr. died shipped to Scott City, Kansas

Colby, William W. Jr. born 5/9/1908 in Pueblo died 8/6/1910 shipped to Litchfield, Illinois Notes: son of W.W. and May Tuttle Colby both born Illinois

Cole, Mrs. Dr. Frederick age about 75y, maiden name Wheeler, resident of Garden City, Ks., widow, died no date given, at 828 E, 9th St., shipped 10-27-1912 to Garden City, Kansas paid by Dr. Luke MacLeon & W,C, Turner of Arcade Bldg, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Luke MacLeon

Colgin, Florence Clark age 27y 5m 3d, wife of Charles Colgin died 3/2/1901 shipped 3-4-1901 to LaHarpe, Allen County, Kansas accompanied by husband, Dr. A.L. Fugard

Coll, Edward Joseph residence 2842 Frankfort St. Philadelphia, Pa., died 3/17/1902 shipped to Philadelphia, Pa. Notes: age 31y 3m 6d, accompanied by mother Elizabeth J. Coll. Dr. J.A. Black

Cook, H.B. born in Tennessee, age 58y, plasterer, married, resident of Cedaredge, Co. died 1/15/1912, shipped to Delta, Co. Dr. Hubert Work

Corrigan, Thomas born 1-6-1869 in Cleveland, Ohio, died 6/27/1911 shipped 6-29-1911to Cleveland, Ohio son of Hugh Corrigan and Honora Moran both born Ireland, run over by RR engine 6-3-1911 in D7RG yards near Union Depot, Dr. W.O. Patterson

Costles, Ellen E. born 9-1-1861 in Scranton, Pa. daughter of M.J. O'Hara and Mary Holley O'Hara both born Ireland, died 3/8/1911 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 3-9-1911 to Denver, Co. accompanied by husband and family. Dr. L. MacLean

Coury, Michael age 26y, killed in RR accident, died 11-14-1898 shipped via US Express to Covington, Ky., informant Michael Costello. Drs. Black & Davis

Craddock, Allie M. born in Iowa died 7/1/1910 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 7-2-1910 to Florence, Co. Notes: married, daughter of Edward D. Young born NY and Hattie Morris born Missouri, sold to Mr. J.D. Craddock. Dr. P.D. Russell

Cramer, Ellen L. age 67y 2m 6d, widow, died 1/8/1908 at home, shipped to Hastings, Neb. Sold to Milton D & Ida A. Hoagland. Dr. A.L. Fugard

Crawford, James died 8/8/1901 shipped to St. Joseph, Mo. Notes: age 33y 6m, accompanid by wife and mother

Crecelins, William H. died 11/25/1902 shipped to Victor, Co. Notes: age 51y, accompanied by 3 sons, informant Lee Crecelins, Victor

Croaks, Jennie O. died 7/7/1909 shipped to Panora, Iowa Notes: age 24y, married

Crowley, Patrick age 25y, 2m, 9d, died 6/27/1902 shipped 6-28-1902 to Georgetown, Ohio brother Thomas M. Crowley and sister accompanied body, Dr. W.T. H. Baker,

Cullen, Henry Clay age 22y 2m 2d, resident of Colorado Springs, son of John H. Cullen, died 10-20-1900 shipped 10-20-1900 to Colo. Springs, accompanied by father, Dr. Dorland.

Curley, Sophia age 37y, died 4-13-1901 shipped 4-25-1901 to W.P. Horan undertakers of Denver, wife of Patrick Curley, Dr. W.E. Cord.

Daley, Lizzie died 9/23/1902 shipped to Joliet, Ill. Notes: age 28y 9m 15d, mother Mrs. Mary Daley

Davey, Susan C. or G. Mrs. Age 56y 6m 20d, married, died 1-7-1907 at residence 31st & summit streets, shipped to Mulvane, Kansas, sold to Charles Arnold & Henry Eoe and Mrs. W.S. Aregood, Dr. W.H. McDonald.

Davis, C.W. Mrs. Age 22y resident of Colorado Springs, died 10-15-1898 at St Mary Hospital, informant J.B. Davis of Colo. Springs, shipped 10-16-1898 to Colo. Springs, Dr. McDonnell.

Davis, Theodore age 43y 1m 28d, resident of Boulder, Co., husband of Anna M. Davis, died 6-25-1902, shipped 6-25-1902 to Boulder accompanied by wife, Dr. A.P. Busey.

Dawson, George Washington born 8-13-1856 Missouri, son of William Dawson born Georgia and Nancy Mode born Missouri, died 8-19-1912 at home 2405 N. Main St., shipped 8-21-1912 to Centretown, Calv County, Missouri, other relative Laurena Dawson Johnston of Weld County, Dr. W.H. Baker,

Demandel, Mary age 62y, resident of Denver, died 2-4-1902, shipped to Charles Miller Undertakers, Denver, Informant per phone order of wife at residence. Dr. A.P. Busey

Derby, Ella Mrs. Age 40y 3m 13d, resident of Bellwood, Butler County, Nebraska, wife of J.H. Derby, died 9-10-1902 at Clark's Mineral Springs, shipped 9-11-1902, shipped to Bellwood. Dr. J.E. Marshall

Deter, Merritt died 4/26/1901 shipped to LaGrauga, Ind. Notes: son of Harry Deter

Devaney, Frank born 1-25-1871 in Michigan, son of Patrick and Maria Narry Devaney both born Ireland, residence Newton Rooming House, Union Ave., bartender, married, died at St. Marys Hospital date not given, shipped to LaCrosse, Wisc., cousin Mrs. Craniston. Dr. J.H. Woodbridge

DeWeese, Frank L. age 23y, husband of Etta DeWeese, struck by AS & SF train 2 mi. north of Pinon, died 3/30/1901 shipped to Audubon Co., Iowa, accompanied by wife and step-brother, Ernest Heath of 1111 Grand Ave. Dr. A.L. Fugard

Dillet, Vittonia died 12/7/1905 shipped to Trinidad, Co. Notes: age 75y, jumped from 2nd story window

Donnelly, James Edward born in Kansas, age 31y 11m 28d, married, drayman, residence 119 W 6th St, married, son of Patrick Donnelly and Mary Boham both born Pa., died 4/14/1911 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 4-17-1911 to Little River, Rice Co., Ks., paid by W.J. Donnelly and D.A. Thurston of Little River.

Dorland, Juliette E. born 4-11-1885 in Wooster, Ohio, residence 404 W 17th St., widow, died 11/17/1912 at home, shipped to Bellville, Ohio Notes: widow, daughter of William Goodfellow born Pa. and ? Barthwell born Scotland, paid by W.L. Dorland, M.D.

Doud, Nelson age 79y, resident of Denver, died 5-21-1899 shipped 5-21-1899 via D7RG railroad to Denver, Co. in charge of Mr. Ehrenkrook, informant William H. Ehrenkrook

Drew, Nellie age 26y, wife of Frank E. Drew, residence 14th & West St., died 3/16/1908, shipped to Chicago, Ill sold to Frank E. Drew, Southern Pacific Yard Office, Los Angeles, Ca.

Dugan, Thomas born in Missouri, age 50y, son of Henry and Elizabeth Coleman Dugan both born Missouri, railroad employee, widower, died 8/13/1910 in Minnequa Hospital, shipped to DeSota, Mo. body accompanied by Mrs. Courty. Dr. William Singer, sold to estate

Duke, Charles R. age 48y, married, painter, died 6/2/1908 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped to Richmond, Va.,sold to Painters & Decorators, Frank C.J. & William Duke. Dr. H.A. Black

Dunn, John died 5/7/1901 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 33y, informant Charles Miller

Dunne, Edward J. born 9-7-1870 in New Jersey died 6/24/1911 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped prepaid to New Jersey accompanied by widow, Notes: married, bartender, son of Edward and Catherine Miller Dunne both born Ireland, expenses by mother of Newark, N.J. and Mrs. Abbie Dunne 212 S. Victoria

Durbin, Martha in Ky. died 1/18/1911 shipped to Trinidad, Co. Notes: age 77y, widow

Early, Bertha born 3-18-1886 in Shelbyville, Ill. died 10/20/1915 shipped 10-21-1915 to Shelbyville, Ill. Notes: age 29y, died at Fairmont Hospital, wife of Charles Early, daughter of L.A. and Antonia Miller Heaton both born Shelbyville

Early, Bertha born 3-18-1886 in Shelbyville, Ill. died 10/20/1915 shipped to Shelbyville, Ill. Notes: wife of Charles Early, daughter of L.A. and Antonia Miller Heaton

Easterly, Lura Lee born 6-12-1884 in Missouri resident of Rouse Junction, died 2/23/1911 at home, shipped 2-24-1911 to Darlington, Missouri Notes: wife of John R. Easterly, daughter of A.W. and Lee Bridewell Lucas both born Mo., spouse D&RG agent,

Eby, Eva L. born 1860 in Michigan divorced, died 9/4/1912 shipped 9-9-1912 to Bristol, Indiana Notes: expenses by J.T. Atwood of Boulder, Co., R.R. Flagg admin of estate, Dr. Hubert Work

Eichling, Anna died 11-7-1898 shipped 11-8-1898 accompanied by husband to Boonville, Indiana Notes: age 34y, resident of Manzanola, wife of M.R. Eichling

Eighnice, Harriett died 6/9/1900 shipped to Highland, Ill. Notes: wife of Jermiah G. Eighnice

Elder, Florence born 10-8-1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio residence 211 W. Orman, Pueblo, died 3/16/1915 shipped 3-17-1915 to Piqua, Ohio Notes: married, daughter of Rev. J.H. Gray and Elizabeth A. Gibbon both born Ohio, informant E.A. Elder

Elder, Frank age 23 years, resident of St. Louis, Mo., son of Terry R. Elder born St. Louis, died 10/23/1902 in Pueblo Hospital, shipped 10-26-1902 to St. Louis, Mo. Dr. W.F. Singer

Enright, James Edward born 5-11-1859 in Michigan, widowed, white male, railroad emploee, residence 119 Bradford, died 9/20/1910 at home, shipped to Atchison, Ks., Aunt, Mrs. M.E. Ryan, sold to B of RT #32 of Pueblo and #356 of Wichita, Ks., Dr. T.A. Stoddard

Enyart, Jennie A. born 2-24-1867 Logansport, Indiana, daughter of Samuel Alexander and Sarah M. Hause both born Ohio, died at St. Marys Hospital, no death date given, widowed, shipped to Logansport 9-26-1912 accompanied by Dr. W.P. Alexander, brother, of Gary, Indiana & father, shipped via Santa Fe railroad, , Dr. W.S. Johnston

Evans, Mary J. age 71y 5m 17d, married, wife of H.J. Evans, resident of Greeley, Co., died 7/17/1901 shipped 7-17-1901 to T.G. Macy, Undertaker, Greeley, Co. Dr. Hubert Work

Faires, Mabel age 26 years, single, daughter of V.G. Faires and Mary Calvert both born Ohio, died 10/18/1911 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 10-20-1911 to Lake City, Co. via D&RG, accompanied by parents, Dr. H.B. Killough

Faith, Christene age 60 years, resident of Cleveland, OH., died 12-8-1898 at Grand Hotel, Pueblo, shipped 12-9-1898 to Cleveland, Ohio accompanied by daughter & Dr. Rauson, informant C.H. Faith, Cleveland, OH

Farrell, Daniel age about 65y, resident of Fort Doge, Iowa died 3/19/1912 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 3-20-1912 via Adams Express Co. to Fort Dodge, Iowa paid by Mother Sebastian and J.J. Brenna of St Mary Hospital, Fort Dodge. Dr. A.L. Fugard

Flagg, Lavina residence 1120 E 8th, Fowler, Co., married, died 6/7/1909 shipped to Trinidad sold to George Flagg. Dr. K.J. NcDonnell

Fosdick, Lucy A. Mrs. born 8-22-1827 in Massachusetts, daughter of T.H. Hollis and Deborah Allen both born Mass., resident of Palmer Lake, Co., died 8/7/1910 in Broadview Cottage near Palmer Lake, shipped 8-9-1910 to Fowler, Co., sold to brothers H.M. and Frank and sons and Mrs. Lucy A. Fosdick Estate, Fowler. Dr. C.W. Evans

French, Eva age 18y, died 10-17-1902 shipped to Aspen 10-18-1902. informant J.S. Williams , Dr. Work

Gant, Loila C. born 11-27-1893 in Iowa, resident of Denver, single, daughter of Crawford Gant and Belle Pallorf both born Iowa, died 5-22-1912 at St Mary Hospital, shipped to Denver, D. H.L. Stevens of 3158 Gaylord St, Denver, paid expenses. Dr. John G. Wolf

Gaston, Guylis age 16y 4m 19d, single, residence 1014 Ash St, Pueblo, son of T.J. Gaston, died 10-17-1900, shipped 10-18-1900 to Monroe, Iowa, Dr. Woodworth

Geisel, John age 26y, died 1-22-1901 at Grand Hotel, Pueblo, shipped 1-23-1901 to Milmont, Minn. via U.S. Express, informant Lizzie Geisel and U.S. Express Co, Dr. P.R. Thombs?

Gettles, Clyde C. residence W 8th Street, married, born 10-26-1886 in Ohio, son of Charles Gettles and Adeline Gillilan both born Ohio, died 4-28-1910 at Western Pkg. Plant West "D" Street, shipped to Roxval, Ohio accompanied by wife and her father Frank Stoker or Staker, Dr. J.J. McDonnell

Gilbert, William Jay, born 3-8-1874 in Indiana, married, railroad conductor, son of Charles Gilbert born Indiana and Elizabeth Carter? born Ohio, residence room 26 Mechanic Block, died 8-31-1910 St. Mary Hospital, sold to Mrs. Marian C. Gilbert and Charles Gilbert (Factus?) of 66 S Lincoln Street, Denver, Dr. J.J. McDonnell

Gilliland, Nathan F. age 3y, residence 728 W 12th Street, Pueblo, son of Shirley Gilliland, ahipped 7-23-1902 to Glenwood accompanied by parents, Dr. Herbert A. Black

Goff, James William born 1-16-1845 in Kentucky, married, veterinary surgeon for CF&I, died 10/6/1911 at home 1006 Orman Ave, shipped to Mt. Zion, Illinois, paid by James Goff of Grand Junction, Dr. R.B. Dibble

Goodyear, Charles A. age 63y, resident of Charlottesville, Virgina, died 4-5-1899 at Pueblo Hospital, removed to Fairmont Ce., Denver, on lot of deceased, informant C.K. Goodyear, Dr. Works

Graaf, William A. married, bartender, died 9-15-1912 at St. Mary Hospital, shipped 9-16-1912 to Bellville, Illinois, Dr. George E. Gray

Gregory, Gilbert D. age 79y 10m 24d, died 9-17-1902, shipped 9-18-1902 to Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa, accompanied by wife Mrs. Marie Gregory, Dr. Walter

Griffen, William age 51y, husband of Mrs. Mary Griffen, died 4-18-1900, shipped to E.P. McGovern, Denver accompanied by wife, Dr. A.P. Busey.

Groll, Barbara Miss age 27y, residence 215 Summitt St., Pueblo, died 9-13-1899 at home, shipped to Ohio via Wells Fargo, informant estate of Miss Barbara Groll, Dr. Rice,

Grover, Edward W. age 50y, single, born Vermont, died 1-2-1912 at Clark Mineral Springs, shipped 1-4-1913 to Boston, Ma., via Wells Fargo and Santa Fe, W.O. Patterson,

Grundy, James W. age 19y 8m 6d, residence 310 E. Evans, single, steelworker, son of Thomas J. Grundy, died 3-21-1908 at home, shipped to Muncie, Indiana accompanied by parents, Dr. F.P. Miles.

Guild, C.F. age 43y, died 2-24-1900, shipped 2-25-1900 at Waters-Simpson unbdertakers of Denver, Dr. A.L. Fugard. Coroner.

Guy, Frank age 46y, married, black, died 12-24-1909 at home, shipped to Oklahoma City, Ok., sold to Mrs. Mattie Guyano, Dr. H.A. Black

Hahn, Jacob W. born 3-28-1850 Pennsylvania, resident of Emporia, Ks., married, locomotive engineer, husband of Mary Hahn, son of Frederick Hahn both parents born Germany, died 5-28-1912 at 1206 W 13th, shipped to Emporia 5-28-1912, Dr. Ben O. Adams.

Hale, Agnes Christina age 27y 1m 29d, resident of Great Falls, Montana, wife of William M. Hale of 314 S. Union, died 11-9-1902 at Fairmount, shipped 11-11-1902 to Great Falls, Dr. C.O. Rice

Hamilton, Helen age 38y, residence 117 E. 1st St., wife of John Hamilton, died 2-12-1902, shipped 2-13-1902 to Amity, Co., Salvation Army Farm, Dr. Woodworth.

Hamilton, James age 18y, resident of Denver, single, died 4-17-1910, shipped to Denver 4-19-1910, sold to Mrs. Anna Hamilton c/o Joslins Store, Dr. Hubert Work.

Hanna, Dallia age 7m 5d, daughter of Bruce Hanna 116 E First St, Pueblo, died 6-12-1901, shipped 6-12-1901 to Silverton, Co., Dr. W.H. Campbell.

Hareson, Soren born 2-16-1871 in Denmark died 12/2/1912 shipped to Brush, Co Notes: death date not given date is date of shipment, married, farmer, son of Hans Olson and Barbara Anderson both born Denmark

Harris, Ernest died 1/21/1912 shipped to Carrier Mills, Ill. Notes: married

Harrison, Annie died 10/5/1900 shipped to Belle Plains, Sumner Co., Kansas Notes: age 32y 1m 25d, wife of Perry Harrison

Harrison, Claude Marion died 3/12/1909 shipped to Albany, Mo Notes: age 15y 6m 12d,

Hart, Cora died 5/19/1901 shipped to Echart Delta, Co. Notes: age 16y, daughter of J.B. Hart of Delta, Co.

Harter, Samuel E. died 9/22/1901 shipped to Bellefonte Center, Pa. Notes: age 34y 9m 2d, resident of Clinton County, Pa, brother Albert Harter accompanied body

Hauck, William A. died 12/31/1911 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 35y, married, shipped to Charles M. Miller, Denver

Hayes, Robert C. in died 11/6/1901 shipped to Vallisca, Iowa Notes: age 27y, informant Alvin H. Hayes of Vallisca, iowa

Henegan. Francis X., Rev. in Newark, NJ died 8/2/1911 shipped to Newark, NJ Notes: age 27y, single, son of John Henegan born Newark

Henry, Margaret, Mrs. died 9-9-1899 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 75y, informant J.J. Henry

Hetrick, Mannie E. born 9-0-1876 in Michigan died 11/24/1910 shipped to Delton, Mich. Notes: married, daughter of Ansel B and Kensley? Bush

Himstreet, Alvin died 5-1-1899 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 1y 2m, Grandfather Samuel Watson, shipped to Charles Miller and relatives

Hoerner, Harry M. in Pa. died 11/20/1911 shipped to Las Animas County Notes: age 45y, single

Hogue, Hiram T. born 7-25-1854 in Illinois died 12/18/1910 shipped to Lamar, Co. Notes: divorced, son of Isaac M. Hogue and M.M. Days, paid by H.H. McDowell

Hollifield, Charles W. died 6/23/1902 shipped to Macon, Georgia Notes: age 32y 6m 3d, Mother Mrs, Sarah Hatfield Hollifield of Macon, mother accompanied body

Hollis, George H. born 3-2-1868 in NY City died 9/29/1912 shipped to Anderson, Ind. Notes: resident of Rye, married, son of Richard Hollis born England and Anne Cranston born Ireland, body accompanied by widow

Holmboe, Hilmar died 11/12/1900 shipped to West Salem, Wisc Notes: age 64y 8m 14d, married

Hope, James A. age 50y, residence 811 E "B" street, Pueblo, died 11/18/1902 shipped per rail to Denver, Co., Dr. A.L. Fugard

Hovey, Herbert age 46y 8m 1d, resident of Onieda, NY, wife Nanette Hovey born Oneida, NY, died 10/6/1902 at Woodcroft Hospital, shipped 10-7-1902 to Oneida, NY, body accompanied by Mr. Hovey and Nurse Olmstead, Dr. John A. Lambert

Howard, Eve age 28y 7m 5d, wife of Leo Howard, resident of Jacksonville, Morgan County, Ill., died 12/3/1901, shipped 12-3-1901 to Jacksonville, Morgan County, Ill. body accompanied by husband, Dr. Crum Epler

Huber, Louise born 4-19-1843 in Germany, resident of Aspen, Co., daughter of Daniel Huber born Germany and Carolina Hilt born Germany, died 5/29/1911 at Woodcroft Hospital, shipped 6-1-1911 to Colorado Springs, paid by Mrs. Julius Berg of Aspen, Dr. Hubert Work

Hull, Ethel age 27y, divorced, died 11/24/1912 shipped 11-25-1912 to Shaysville, Pa., paid by W.O. Dray, Dr. A.P. Busey

Huntley, Henry C. born 5-7-1864 in Illinois son of James Huntley and Martha J. Justice both born Ohio, died 4/17/1912 at St. Mary Hospital, shipped 4-19-1912 to Salida, Co. body accompanied by Frank A. Hiles, paid by Victor Lodge BPOE, Dr. M.A. Wilcox

Hurst, William age 49y, died 12/1/1902 at Fairmont, shipped12-2-1902 to Detroit, Mich. body accompanied by son Robert Little Hurst, 196 8th St. Detroit, Michigan, Dr. C.O. Rice

Hutchings, Charles A. age 59y 6m, wife Ella, resident of Denver, died 5/23/1902 shipped 5-24-1902 to Denver, Co. accompanied by wife and relatives, resident Denver

Hyseman, Oliver M. age 25y, died 4/15/1902, shipped 4-17-1902 to Tipton Co., Indiana, accompanied by brother & sister, informant brother Edward Hyseman of 203 E. 4th Pueblo, Dr. Herbert A. Black

Ingling, Walter B. born 7-22, age 21y, son of Anna, resident of Tertian Benedictine Order, died 5/18/1912 at 1141 Routt Ave. Pueblo, shipped 5-19-1912 to Denver, Co. paid by Mrs. J.W. Corrick, Aunt & beneficiary to deceased, Dr. J.I. McGonigal

Irvine, Emily M. born 6-4-1835 in Virginia, daughter of John M. Huson and Susan E. Hume both born Virginia, widow, resident of Springfield, Missouri, died 10/12/1912 at 1023 Orman Ave resident of C.M. Fisher, shipped 10-12-1912 to Springfield, Mo. paid by Mrs. Lillian I. Hatcher of Pueblo and Springfield, Missouri, Dr. Luke MacLeon

Jack, Thomas born 3-18-1834 in Scotland son of Robert Jacks and Juanetta both born Scotland, Juanetta of Victor, Co., widower, died 8/19/1910, shipped to Florence, Co., sold to Retchus and Thomas Jack and Mrs. Alex McDonnell, Denver, Dr. Hubert Work

Jackson, Andrew Jess age 28y, resident of Owensboro, Ky., born in Kentucky November 27 son of Andrew Jackson and Josephine Hull both born Ky., age 28y, married, died 3/11/1911 ay St. Mary Hospital, shipped 3-13-1911 to Owensboro, Ky. Mrs. Jackson was at home of Mr. J.M. Williams, Dr. W.T.H. Baker

Jackson, Everett died 2/12/1902 resident of Chadron, shipped to Chadron, Nebraska, brother Otis Jackson accompanied body, Dr. J.S. Black

Jermey, Herbert Edward age 36y 11m 30d, resident of Alamosa, Co., died 7/10/1900 at State Insane Asylum, shipped 7-10-1900 to Alamosa, Co. accompanied by wife Lucille M. Jermey, Dr. P.R. Thombs

Johnson, E.F. Mr. age 76y, resident of 630 Williamite Avenue Colo. Springs died 6/7/1904, shipped 6-8-1904 to Colorado Springs Dr. Hubert Work

Johnson, John W. age 57y, resident of Glenwood Springs, died 3/18/1900, shipped 3-18-1900 to Glenwood Springs, Co. via D&RG railroad, informant wife, Dr. A.L. Fugard, coroner

Johnston, David Marshall age 30y11m, resident of S.C., died 3-26-1899, shipped 3-27-1899 to S. Carolina via MoPac railroad accompanied by wife Edna Johnston, Dr. Green, 6/0 casket $65.00, Arterial embalming $50.00, 2 telegrams @ 76 cents each $1.52, clothing bill $4.00, engraving plate $1.00, total $121.00

Jones, Andrew age 49y, resident of S. Mary's Hospital, died 12/23/1901, shipped 12-25-1901 to Malvern, Iowa accompanied by Mrs. James Jones, informant James Jones, Malvern, Iowa, Dr. Campbell

Jones, Margaret age 68y 10m, resident of Hoisington, Kansas, died 11-3-1899, shipped 11-5-1899 to Lyons, Kans, informants husband M.M. Jones, & D.J. Lewis, 114 N. Main, Pueblo, Dr. King, 5/9 casket & box and rebate.

Jones, Sadie Lewellyn born 1-4-1876 in Springfield, Ohio, resident of 414 W 8th St, daughter of Oliver and Mary Miller King, wife of James H. Jones died 11/9/1911 at residence, shipped 11-9-1911 to Springfield, Ohio, Dr. T.A. Stoddard

Kahs, John age 48y, resident of Dr. Works Hospital, died 11-28-1900, shipped on 11-28-1900 via Wells Fargo & Co Express at 7:45, informant Rocky Ford Hardware Co., Dr. Works

Keating, Thomas age 49 y, resident of Manhattan, Conn., died 8/9/1901 at Dr. Works, shipped 8-14-1901 to Manhattan, Ct, informant W.O. Temple attorney & counselor of estate, Dr. W.E. Collier, cost not given

Kennedy, Charles R. age 30y, resident of Fifth Ave Hotel, piano salesman, died 6/5/1908 at Fifth Ave Hotel, shipped to W.P. Horan Denver, Co. accompanied by wife & Mrs. Belknap, Dr. F.D. Elder, no cost given

Kent, Glenn A., Dr. age 30y 1m, died 1/29/1901 shipped 1-30-1901 to Agusta, Mich accompanied by sister Miss Mary Kent, Dr. H. A. Black, no cost given

Kessler, William John born 12-3-1918 Sturgeon, Pa. died 7-12-2003 Pueblo, buried Caledonia Methodist Cemetery, Washington County, Mo, son of Sylvester Sr. and Margaret Hope Kessler.

Kies, Marietta died 7-20-1899 shipped to Danielson, Conn. Notes: age 45y, single

King, George H. died 11-2-1899 shipped to Westmoreland Co, Pa. Notes: age 25y, mother Elizabeth C. King

Kinkel, Elizabeth died 7-6-1899 shipped to Canon City, Co. Notes: age 25y, wife of Otto Kinkle, body accompanied by Robert Ives

Kirk, Louis Giles born 5-Mar in New York died 11/16/1910 shipped to Nevada. Mo. Notes: age 72y, widower, body accompanied by Mrs. Blanche Titus in care of L.D. Kirk, son of Goerge Kirk, expenses by E.R. Titus

Kite, Leonard C. died 2/14/1911 shipped to Vesuvius, Va. Notes: age 38y, married

Koltbrenner, Frederick B. born 11/9/1846 in Germany died 4/19/1911 shipped to Denver, Co. Notes: age 65y, son of Frederick Koltbrenner both parents born Germany, expenses by Fred Koltbrenner, Edgewater, Co.

Krombka, Nellie born 7-20-1863 in Rome, NY died 10/18/1910 shipped to Florence, Co. Notes: widow, father Thomas Kerin born Co. Tipperary, Ireland, mother Jennie Burke born Worcester, Mass. Expenses Anna and Jennie Calpin and Mrs. O.V.Hipps

Kuns, died 1/13/1902 shipped to Brookston, Indiana Notes: body accepted by husband, George J. Kuns

Lahmer, Ida Josephine born 10-6-1865 died 3/1/1910 shipped to Kansas City, Mo. Notes: age 44y 4m 25d, married daughter of ? Lachmer born Ky, mother Catherine Pemberton, expenses by Dr. Ira Lahmer, Walsenburg. Co.

Lattimer, Fred K. born 10-13-1876 in Canada died 10/20/1912 shipped to Oskaloosa, Iowa Notes: son of Thomas W. and Susan Awrey Lattimer, both born Canada, expenses by John Comtry and Mrs. F.C. Lattimer

Lawson, James J. age 26y, born in W.V. son of E.F. and Dona Turner Lawson both born W.V., died 3/6/1911 shipped to Weston, W.V. body accompanied by wife and son

Lawson, Rebecca Alice born 3-28-1860 in Wisc, married, resident of Monte Vista, daughter of Robert Cook born England and ? Redfern, died 3/23/1910, shipped to Monte Vista, Co, sold to Alonzo L. Lawson, 1039 Cedar, Monte Vista, Dr. R.D. Dibble, cost $175.00

Lawton, James L. age 20y 1m 18d, residence 21 Carlile Place, father F.C. Lawton, died 3/26/1900 shipped 3-26-1900 to Vincent, Ohio parents accompanied body, Dr. Walters, cost $120.75

Layton, Forest Jefferson age 9m, born in Hutchinson, KS son of Thomas J. Layton born Hutchinson, Ks and Ida Lewis born Delta, Co. died 5/24/1911 shipped 5-26-1911 to Delta, Co. Dr. unknown, cost $40.00

Leavy, Victor age 35y 5m, born in Greeley, Co., single, residence St. Louis Rooming House, son of John Leavy and Emily Crozier both born Ireland, died 4/7/1910, shipped to Denver, Co. sold to A.L. Leavy and Anna Nealy both of Denver, Dr. A.L. Fugard, cost $99.00

Lee, Betsy died 3/9/1909 shipped to Colorado City, Co. (west of Colo. Springs)Notes: informant H.C. Kinsman admin of estate, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $145.00

Lee, Eunice Marie age 64y 9m 29d, residence 2307 Greenwood St, died 8/26/1902 at residence, shipped to Scotts Bluff, Neb. body accompanied by husband H.H. Lee, Dr. H.A. Black, cost $90.00

Lee, John C. born 12-24-1876 in Cleveland, Ohio residence 1242 Pine, wife Mamie Lee, son of Michael E. Lee born Cleveland and Hannah Sullivan born England, died 9/22/1911 at Minnequa Hospital, shipped 9-25-1911 to Cleveland, Ohio, accompanied by widow and son, Dr. William SInger, cost $125.00

Lee, John J. age 29y, died 12/20/1900 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped to Chicago, Ill via AT&SF railroad, accompanied by Dr. Henry .J. Brugge informant, Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $110.00

Leibert, Fred born 4-5-1873 in Hugo, Co. separated, baggage wagon driver, son of Nicholas Leibert born Germany and Ellen McGuire born Ireland, died 9/20/1912 at St. Mary Hosp, shipped 9-23-1912 to Hugo, Co., paid by Maggie Brown, Crescent, Ok. and L.D. Green of Hugo, Co., Dr. W.O. Patterson, cost $160.00

Lewis, Catherine Mrs. born 3-7-1861 in S. Wales, residence 1311 Spruce, wife of John R. Lewis, daughter of William Lewis and Catherine Lewis both born S.Wales, died at Minnequa Hosp, 9/29/1910 shipped to Sharon, Mercer Co. Pa accompanied by husband & 3 children, paid by husband and Ms. Reese, Dr. Bon Adams, cost $150.00

Lewis, Joseph W. born 9-10-1878 in Indiana, bartender, seperated, son of O.M. Lewis and Alvida Johnson both born Ind., died at St. Mary Hospital 11/30/1912, shipped 12-1-1912 to Blue Spgs, Mo. via Mopac Railroad accompanied by Aunt and sister, paid by Mrs. J.W. Lewis and Mrs. M.J. Lewis and $100 from Bartenders Union and Prudential Ins. Co, Dr. L.B. Martin, cost $277.50

Lipe, George A. age 21y 4m 20d, resident of Marshfield, Webster Co, Mo., son of Mrs. Jane Lipe of Marshfield, Mo, died at St Mary Hosp 8/30/1902, shipped to Mt Olivet, Mo, accompanied by Mother, informant Ira Pfiefer, Dr. R.C. Rabe?, cost $65.00

Long, Cora L. Mrs. age 23y 5m 21d, residence Paris, Tx., wife of A.G. Long, died 3/17/1900 at St. Mary Hospital, shipped 3-18-1900 to Texas, accompanied by husband, Dr. Stoddard, cost $189.00

Louffer, Sarah age 30y, born in New York, resident of Grand Junction, died 1-13-1910, wife of M.H. Louffler of Grand Junction, unknown where buried or if shipped, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $150.00

Lowe, Thomas age 34y, residence Barnard, Mo., died 1-11-1899 St. Mary Hospital, shipped to Barnard, Mo. Via CR&KC railroad, accompanied by brother John Lowe, Dr. Black, cost $85.00

Lucke, Theodore age 24y, residence Lamars, died 8-10-1899 at St Marys Hosp, shipped to Lamars, Iowa accompanied by mother, Mrs. L. Lucke, Dr. McDonald, cost $75.00

Lynch, Thomas Andrew age 30y, electrician, born in Ladore, Ks, residence 517 W 9th, son of James Lynch and Bridget Hughes both born Ireland, died 7/28/1911 at Minnequa Hosp, shipped 7-29-1911 7:55 p.m. to Parsons, Ks, via Santa Fe railroad, accompanied by brother & family, Dr. William Singer, cost $225.00

Lyon, Samuel P. age 62y, married, residence farm near Denver, died 2/25/1910 shipped to Mrs. J.W. Olinger, undertaker, Denver, Co., Dr. Hubert Work, cost $50.00

Lyons, Smith Dr. age 74y, residence Denver, died 7/9/1902 shipped to Mt Pleasant, Iowa, daughter Mrs Bertha L. Beinert, Denver, & relatives accompanied body, Dr. John A. Lambert, cost $107.50

MacDonald, Mr. residence 1450 Penn St, Denver, died 1/14/1901 shipped to Denver, Co. informant Robert MacDonald, Dr. unknown, cost $221.00

Maddox, Samuel S. age 57 or 59y, born in Texas married, son of John and S.S. Maddox, died 9/26/1910 at the Elks, shipped 9-28-1910 to Trinidad, Co., sold to J.C. Coulson, Dr. Oremi Epler, cost $235.00

Madsen, Christian age 50y11m30d, merchant & real estate, died 7-30-1899 shipped 7-30-1899 to Omaha, Neb., informant Mr and Mrs Mail, daughter and son-in-law, also accompanied body, paid by same & Danish Brotherhood, Dr. unknown, cost $128.00

Mahoney, Ann Mrs. age 77y, born in Ireland, died at Goodnight Ranch, 1/17/1910, shipped to Leicester, NY daughter of Richard Kingston and Ann Mahoney both born Ireland, sold to Mrs. Darr Mahoney, Leicester NY, Dr. J.J. McConnell, cost $375.00

Malvin, John Albert age 24y 11m, son of James H. Malvin born at Divide, Co, died 9/8/1901 shipped 9-9-1901 to Divide, Co. parents accompanied body, Dr. unknown, cost $42.50

Markle, Claude born 6-25-1878 in Indiana, residence 920 W 14th, son of Olemar? H. Markle born Indiana and Alferatta? Perry born Virginia, died at St Mary Hosp 5/22/1910 shipped to Clay City, Ind. accompanied by wife and brother Clay M. Markle, Dr. R.C. Rohr, cost $325.00

Martin, William T. age 46y, resident of Durango, Co., died 6-5-1899 shipped 6-5-1899 to Durango, Co., informant Sitting Bull Tribe, Dr. Work, cost $125.00

Mattes, Jennie Mrs. age 31y, resident of Silver Cliff, wife of John Mattes, died 9-10-1899 shipped 9-10-1899 to Silver Cliff, Co accompanied by husband, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $65.00

McBride, Ladoria H. age 25y, residence 20th & Elizabeth, died 11-21-1899 at home, shipped 11-21-1899 to Des Moines, Iowa, informant Guy McBride, Dr. T.A. Stoddard, cost $105.00

McCall, Mrs James age 35y, residence 1112 31st, Denver, Co. wife of James McCall, died 5/7/1902 at Pueblo Hospital, shipped 5-8-1902 to Denver, Co., Dr. A.P. Busey

McCormick, Hugh age 21y, died 12/12/1900 at Clarks Bath House, shipped 12-14-1900 on D&RG Express to Leadville, Co, informant George Champion, Dr. A.L. Fugard, cost $102.01

McCormick, Son resident of Ypsilanti, Mich, died 3/25/1902 at Pueblo Hospital, shipped 3-27-1902 by Wells Fargo to Ypsilanti, Mich, son of Mrs. R.A. McCormick, Dr. W.F. Singer, cost $125.00

McCreery, William Richards born 2/5/1902 in Brighton, Co, residence 1239 E Orman, died 2/18/1911 at home, service Northern Avenue Methodist Church, shipped 2-20-1902 to Cheyenne, Wy, son of Rev. G.W. McCreery born Illinois and Alice Richards born Oakland, Ca, Dr. R.B. Dibble, cost $50.00

McDonald, Alexander age 28y 5d, residence 115 Grand, died 9/8/1902, shipped 9-8-1902 to Gerard, Macoupin Co, Illinois accompanid by Aunt Mrs. Benton, paid by Aunts Mrs. T.H. Benton and Mrs. McDonald, accompanied by Aunt Benton, Dr. P.H. Heller, cost $135.00

McDonald, Frank Mrs. born 4-29-1882 in Newton, Ks divorced, age 32y, daughter of B.F. Melchi and Sarah Jane Denisler both born Ohio, died 7/30/1914 shipped to Canon City, Co. brothers J.D. Melchi, Canon City, and George Melchi, Pueblo

McElheny, Hugh age 70y, married, residence 1831 Sherman St. Denver, died 10-18-1899, shipped 10-18-1899 to Denver, Co., Dr. Work, cost $66.75

McElroy, Frances born 12/6/1906 in Rocky Ford, Co., resident of Sacred Heart Orphanage, died 12/12/1914, shipped 12-13-1914 to Rocky Ford, Co., child of W.F. McElroy and Anna Potts both born Co., Dr. P.H. Heller, cost $70.00

McFadden, Robert resident of Wheatland, Wy died date unknown, accident, shipped to Wheatland, Wy Dr. H.O. Morris, cost $316.80

McGreevey, Babel died 6/12/1902 shipped 6-12-1902 to 122 E. 6th Street Leadville, Co., age 9y 20d, son of Peter McGreevey, residence Leadville, informant J.D. Mulligan, Dr. P.H. Heller, cost $72.50

McKay, George H. in Missouri died 12/31/1910 shipped 12-31-1910 to Meadville, Mo., age 64y, widower, residence 308 1/2 N Santa Fe, died at St Mary Hospital, date is shipped day, paid by son E.A. McKay, Walsenburg, Dr. H.A. Black, cost $260.00

McKiddie, George died 9/24/1902 shipped 9-24-1902 to James McKeon Undertaker, Denver, Co., age 56y 9m 2d, resident of Denver, son of James E. McKiddie, wife Mrs. McKiddie, cost $185.00

McNally, Rose died 7/11/1901 shipped to Arcola, Ill, accompanied by brother & father, age 12y 1m 20d, daughter of John McNally, residence #6 Carlile, Dr. J.A. Black, cost $115.00

McNally, Sabina born in Illinois, age 48y, married, residence #6 Carlile, daughter of Dennis Doherty and Margaret Grogan both born Ireland, died 9/10/1912 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 9-14-1912 to Colo. Springs, Dr. J.A. Black, cost $195.00

McPherson, Isaac age 50y, residence 818 S Weber, Co. Spgs. died 1/16/1908 shipped to Fairly Bros. & Law Mortuary, Colo. Springs, sold to wife, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $65.00

McVerty, Edward age 46y, residence Georgetown, died 5/24/1900, shipped 5-25-1900 to Georgetown, Co Notes: age 46y, residence Georgetown, wife Maude McVertry, Dr. A.T. King, cost $158.00

Meeks, Nellie white, married, born 3-6-1882 in Gadsen, Al., died 11/26/1912, shipped 11-27-1912 to Gadsen, Al, residence 1426 Spruce, daughter of W.M. Meeks and Mary Jane Cathrum both born Al., Dr. W.T.H. Baker, cost $175.00

Meeks, Walter Welfard age 2m 16d, son of Garfield Meeks, residence 718 E Abriendo, died 7/4/1902 shipped 7-5-1902 to Ottawa, Franklin County, Ks, Dr. A.L. Fugard, cost $52.00

Meyer, Frank H. resident of 1311 Cypress St., born October 1877 in Germany died at home 8/26/1912 shipped 8-26-1912 to Mora, Benton Co., Mo., accompanied by widow and brother Peter Meyers, son of Hans Henry Meyer and Maggie Edkhoff both born Germany, Dr. P.H. Heller, cost $105.00

Miller, Alice age 40y, died 12/20/1900, shipped 12-20-1900 by rail to Trinidad, Co., died in hospital, black, informant E.J. Sipe, Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $50.00

Miller, Alice died 12/20/1900 shipped to Trinidad Notes: age 40y, Informant E.J. Sipe

Miller, Ellen born 8-29-1870 in Kansas died 3/5/1912 at home, shipped via MOPAC 3-6-1912 to Metz, Mo., wife of R.D. Miller, daughter of Joseph V. Barker born England & Margaret Vike? born Kansas, Dr. C.F. Taylor, cost $75.00

Millikui, Joshua H. born 11-9-1851 in Canada died 10/13/1910 shipped to Saginaw, Mi. Notes: married, residence 205 W 13th, son of John Millikui and Ellen Young both born Ireland

Millikui, Joshua H. born 11-9-1851 in Canada, white married, died 10/13/1910 shipped to Saginaw, Mich., espenses by wife, son of John and Ellen Young Millikui, both born Ireland, Dr. Gray Epler, cost $225.00

Mitchell, Bryant Samuel died 9/9/1902 shipped to New Castle, In., accompanied by father, informant Leander P. Mitchell, age 14y 9m 24d, residence 1035 Carteret, Dr. W.L. Dorland, cost $290.00

Mock, Daniel died 11-3-1898 Pueblo Hospital, shipped to Cleveland, Ohio, age 57y, died at Pueblo Hospital, informant Mrs. D. Morse accompanied body to Cleveland, Dr. Davis, cost $285.75

Moffitt, Ada born 3-10-1876 in Alamosa, Co died 7/1/1910, shipped to Fowler Cem. 7-2-1910, resident of Fowler, died at St Mary Hospital, sales lady, single, white, daughter of John Moffitt born RI, and Cauld? Ainsworth born Ca., paid by Mr. Charles A. Moffitt, Fowler, body accompanied by I.E. Kouns to Fowler, Dr. D.W. Collins, cost $190.00.

Morgan, Joseph M. resident of Boulder, died 1/28/1907 in hospital, shipped to Lafayete & Boulder, Co., age 38y, informant Richard P. Morgan of Lafayette & Boulder, Co., Dr. Hubert Work, cost $125.00.

Morganstein, Carey Mrs,, died 10/29/1902 shipped to Florence, Co., age 40y, informant George M. Diebart of Florence, Dr. L.M. Francis, cost $30.00

Morris, Allen L. born 2-1883 in Missouri, locomotive engineer, died 12/25/1910 shipped to 3 1/2 miles north of Napier, Mo., died in LaJunta, Co. Son of Joseph and Phoebe Morris, brother Jack Morris piad expenses, father born Tn. Mother born Ne., Dr. A.L. Stubbs, cost $408.00

Morris, Arthur resident of New Albany, Indiana, died 12-29-1899 Pueblo Hospital, shipped by Wells Fargo & Co., 12-29-1899 to New Albany, In., age 27y, informant Jessie N. Morris of New Albany, Dr. King, cost $130.00

Morris, Matherine L. resident of 215 Tyler Ave., born Aug. 10, in Ohio died 8/23/1911 shipped to Youngstown, Ohio Notes: age 18y 10m 13d, child of Edward L. and Katherine Reese Morris, both born S. Wales, Dr. J.E. Peairs, cost $175.00

Morseman, Reuben G. miner, resident of Leadville, Co., died 8/5/1911 at Clark Mineral Springs, shipped 8-6-1911 to Leadville, Co. age 67y, Dr. A.T. King, cost $176.00

Morton, Ervinna Mrs., resident of Dunlap, Iowa, died 11-3-1898 at hospital, shipped 11-3-1898 to Dunlap, Iowa accompanied by husband, daughter & son, age 54y 9m 27d, Dr. Woodworth, cost $115.00

Mourning, Louis Robertson died 9/1/1901 shipped to Louisville, Ky., age 18y 6m, father G.H Mourning Sr., informant G.H. Mourning Jr., brother, Dr. Crum Epler, cost $250.00, Mc Carthy Funeral Home

Murrow, Fred H. born 1-11-1872 in England died 1/11/1911 shipped to Hartzell, Co., buried at Alma, Co., miner, son of Henry Murrow born in England, Dr. Hubert Work, cost $130.00, McCarthy Funeral Home

Nash, Houston P. died 7/16/1909 shipped to Mahealy, Mo. Notes: age 12y 2m 9d, drowned in Lake Michigan, son of Michael P. Nash of 1318 VanBuren, Pueblo, Dr. J.J. McConnell, cost $137.00.

Neff, Harry M. born December 1859 died 9/17/1912 at Minnequa Hospital, shipped to Denver, Co., CF&I draftsman, Dr. William Singer, cost $100.00, age 53y, McCarthy Funeral Home

O'Brien, John age 14y 1m 19d, resident of Victor, Co., died 10-1-1900 at 7 Spring Street, Pueblo, informant Uncle Jack Lamb, shipped to Leadville, Co., Dr. King, cost $110.00

O'Brien, Rose Mary Cecilia age 22y, born Sept. St. Louis, Missouri, single, student, residence 1109 Clermont Ave., daughter of James H. O'Brien born Pittsburg, Pa. and Katie M O'Brien born Pa., died 3-14-1910 buried St. Louis, Mo., sold to father at 4222 Cook Ave, St Louis and Mrs. Eliz O'Brien, aunt who accompanied body. Dr. L. McLean, cost $215.00

O'Connor, Harry T. born 8-29-1880 Iowa, resident of La Junta, married, asst district attorney, son of M.W. O'Connor and Bridget Haddigan both born Ireland, died 2-5-1911 at Clark Mineral Spring, shipped to La Junta, Co., Dr. A.T. King, cost $250.00

Ogden, William N. age 60y died 4-10-1901 shipped to Border, Co via Pal Express Co., informant brother W.B. Ogden of Border, Co., Dr. Work cost $100.00

O'Keefe, Nellie age 20y 2m 7d, resident of Lyons, NY, died 8-1-1900, shipped 8-2-1900 to Lyons, NY accompanied by sister Mrs. Katherine O'Keefe, Dr. Hatzfult, casket & box $125.00 embalming $50.00 service telegrams $1.55

Oliver, Sophia H. born 1830 England, resident of Erie, Co., married, wife of Rev. John Oliver, died 11-17-1901, shipped to Erie via Adams Express Co., Dr. Hubert Work cost $133.70

Olmstead, Hannah age 65y, resident of Burlington, Co., no death date given, shipped 12-11-1912 to Sac City, Iowa accompanied by son George Olmstead of Burlington, Co., via rail, Dr. A.P. Busey cost $110.00

Osborn, Martha L. age 28y, resident of Pueblo, wife of W.T. Osborn, died 12-29-1898, shipped 12-30-1898 to Carroll County, Missouri, Dr. Woodworth cost $71.00

Outwater, John age 25y 11m 15d, resident of 1013 W 17th St., son of Henry Outwater, died 4-12-1899, shipped 4-13-1899 to St. Joseph Coounty, Mich. Accompanied by wife, child & parents via OR&I railroad, Dr. Walters casket, shaving, embalming $80.00

Overboy, Anora E. residence 421 W. Abriendo, married, wife of L.A. Overboy, daughter of Charles C. Carson born Detroit, Mi. and Mary Kennedy born Wisc., died 9-21-1913 at home, shipped 9-23-1913 to Omaha, Nebraska, Mrs. Mary Ogle 1610 Cass St., Omaha, Dr. A.T. King cost $287.00

Owens, Charles age 28y, resident of Trinidad, died 6-27-1901, shipped 6-27-1901 to Trinidad accompanied by E.J. Sipe, informant, Dr. Burton Collier cost $20.00

Oyer, Etta Marie age 1y 4m 28d, died 2-19-1901 daughter of Frederick C. Oyer, shipped 2-21-1901 to Kansas City, Kansas accompanied by mother, Dr. Wilcox, cost $32.00

Park, Alice McCormack age 6m 15d, residence 944 Cateret Ave, Pueblo, daughter of James A. Park, died 7-30-1898, shipped 8-1-1898 in charge of ather, Dr. Work, cost $50.00

Patrick, Eliza Jane age 75y 4m 12d, married or widowed, died 5-28-1900, shipped 5-28-1900 to St. Louis, Mo., informant Dr. W.W. Bullette 530 Lake Ave, Dr. Hubert Work, cost $215.00

Peter, William age 25y resident of Elkcreek, Neb., died 12-2-1898 in Pueblo, shipped 12-3-1898in charge of brother-in-law, J.G. Gottula of 2901 Cheyenne Stret, Pueblo to Elkcreek, Nebraska. Dr. Taylor cost $150.00

Purinton, Fay Etta age 12y 11m 3d, resident of 1207 Bragdon, student, daughter of T.A. Purinton, died 9-23-1909 at home, shipped 9-25-1909 to Colorado Springs, Co., Dr. A.T. King, cost $53.00

Quigley, Henry age 70y 2m 6d, born Dubuque, Iowa, resident of 5th Ave Hotel, son of Patrick Quigley born Ireland, died 4-2-1909 at home, shipped to Dubuque, Iowa, Dr. M.A. Wilcox, cost $188.90

Rauchan, Charles age 63y, resident of Rocky Ford, Co., died 9-19-1902 shipped 9-19-1902 to Rocky Ford, informant C.M. Robins conservator of estate, Dr. John Lambert, cost $100.00

Rearick, Bernice born 5-18-1908 born near Ordway, died 5-18-1910, daughter of D.H. Rearick born Pa. and Julia E. Bradley born N.C., living near Boone, shipped to Ordway, Co. Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $27.05

Reaugh, Harriett M. age 26y 22d, resident of Savanna, Illinois, wife of E.H. Reaugh, died 5-31-1900, shipped 6-2-1900 to Savanna, Ill., Dr. Collins, cost $200.00

Reeves, James A. age 55y, died 2-7-1900 shipped to Center, Al. accompanied by informant Lt. Reeves, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $105.00

Reeves, John A. age 24y 1m 27d, died 4-28-1900, shipped to St. Louis, Mo. via MO Pacific railroad, informant Miss Maggie Reeves, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $90.00

Reeves, Mary T. age 27y 7m 25d, died 3-5-1900, shipped to Center, Al., 3-14-1900, informant Miss Maggie Reeves, Dr. Hubert Works, cost $95.00

Rice, Martha age 22y, single, resident of Henderson, MN., died 1-30-1899, shipped 1-31-1899 to Henderson, MN. Accompanied by two sisters, informant Miss Daisy Rice, Dr. Hazlett, cost $110.00

Rich, Charles Henry age 73y, married, died 2-3-1909, shipped to Colorado Springs, sold to Dr. W.F. Rich 9th & Main St, Pueblo, cost $85.35

Ricketts, Forrest L. age 44y born Missouri, died 12-19-1911, shipped to Denver 12-20-1911, billed to George Olinger Undertaker Co., Denver. Dr. A.P. Busey cost $75.00

Rischman, Louis C. age 40y 3m 7d, resident of 177 14th St, Buffalo, NY, died 10-28-1898, shipped 10-29-1898 to Buffalo, NY, informant Miss N. Rischman sister, Dr. L. McLean cost $150.00

Risley, William R. born 3-10-1877 Camden, NJ, resident of Trinidad, Co., single, civil engineer, died 4-15-1912 at Trinidad, shipped to Camden, NJ 4-16-1912, son of David S. Risley and Jennie S. Duff both born NJ, Dr. from Trinidad, cost $82.00

Ritter, Mary age 52y, died 9-8-1906 at 406 1/2 Santa Fe, Pueblo, shipped to Colorado Springs, Co., accompanied by D.P. Ritter & Mrs. Porterfield. Dr. A.W. Scarlett, cost $135.00

Roark, John E. age 21y 3m, died 7-20-1902 at Fairmount Hospital, shipped to Morrisville, Polk County, Missouri 7-20-1902, informant Joseph Pitman, body accompanied by Mrs. Joseph Pitman. Dr. C.O. Rice cost $89.00

Roberts, Frances M. age 52y, died 12-11-1910 at home 618 W 3rd St., shipped to Canon City, paid by Ernest Burks of Oceola, Iowa. Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $85.00

Roberts, James I. age 23y, died 2-14-1908 at St Marys Hospital, shipped to Eddyville, Iowa, Uncle Mr. M. Green accompanied body, Dr. F.P. Miles, cost $100.00

Robinson, Mariette born 11-17-1852 resident of Rye, daughter of George Byerly and Mary Ann Mason both born Pa., died 3-23-1911, shipped to Preston, Wi. 3-24-1911, paid by M.W. Meredith of Rye & Mrs. Moody. Dr. J.L. Weeks, cost $175.00

Rogers, J.R. age 21y, born Nasville, resident of #3 Terrace View & Nasville, Te., died 11-30-1910 at St. Mary Hospital, son of Van Rodgers and Dora Wight both born Nashville, shipped to Lyle, Te., accompanied by William A. Rodgers, paid by Mrs. William A. Rodgers, Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $85.00

Rosenquist, Jessie Mrs. Age 33y, born Feb. 25, resident of Moberly, Missouri, sperated, died 7-25-1912 at St. Mary Hospital, shipped to Moberly, Mo. 7-25-1912, daughter of B. Heuthorn and Elizabeth Warren both born Missouri, informant Michael Nash, other relatives R.Q. Prendergast of Indianapolis, Ind. Dr. R.C. Robe, cost $151.00

Rowe, Jessie M. born 4-5-1861 Lebanon, Pa., resident of 321 W. 13th St., single, daughter of David Rowe born Scotland and Elizabeth Flonal born Sidney, Cape Britain, died 11-5-1911 at 2:55 a.m. at home, shipped to Golden, Co. via D&RG railroad accompanied by sister Mrs. Catherine Rudolph, Dr. Crum Epler cost $98.00

Rubenstein, Rosa, age 35y, resident of Denver, widow, died 12-26-1910, shipped to Denver 12-28-1910, brother & Mrs. M. Bernker of Denver, Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $40.00

Rudge, Samuel born 1863 England, died 1-20-1912 shipped to Kelly & Hartman Undertakers, Denver, no doctor noted, cost $50.00

Ruffini, Frank age 12y, student, resident of Primero, near Trinidad, Co., born Clear Creek, Co., died 1-9-1912 at Minnequa Hospital, son of John Ruffini born Austria and Serafina ?, shipped to E.J. Sipe undertaker Co,Trinidad 1-11-1912, Dr. Bon G. Adams, cost $65.00

Rush, Isaac W. age 73y 2m 10d, born Pa., son of Rhus. Rush and Eliza Woodel, died 3-15-1910 at home, Arlington, Co., police judge, shipped to Stroud, Ok, paid by E.W. Clark of Arlington. Dr. W.W. Freedman, cost $110.00

Rusk, Mina Mrs. Born 5-12-1861 daughter of Samuel Young, wife of Robert S. Rusk, died 11-22-1910 at home 1005 Clermont ave., shipped to Eldon, Mo. accompanied by husband. Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $125.00

Rutter, Guy Russell age 24y, born Pa., son of Ira M. Rutter, died 12-8-1910 Minnequa Hospital, shipped 12-9-1910 to Lebanon, Pa. accompanied by Max Schiver, paid by R.W. Anderson Asst. Supt., Dr. William Singer, cost $110.00

Ryan, William N. born 1872 N.Y. age 32y, son of John Ryan and Bridget Horrigan both born Ireland, died 7-7-1910 shipped to Leadville, Co., paid by Charles Ryan of 617 Harrison, Leadville, Dr. Hubert Work, cost $144.00

Sanders, Kathryn L. born 2-11-1883 Alabama, residence 2609 Pine St., wife of R.S. Sanders, daughter of J.G. Rodgers and Sophia C. Williams,died 12-13-1911 at home, shipped to Birmingham, Al. 12-14-1911, Dr. R.B. Dibble, cost $182.00

Schroeder, Alex J. born 1869 NY, resident 5th Ave. Hotel, bookkeeper for Chieftain Newspaper, died 9-25-1911 at St. Mary Hospital, wifes address 2161 Larimer, Apt. 12, Denver, shipped to Denver, Co., Dr. P.H. Heller, cost $50.00

Schwat, Lizzie age 59y, resident of Westcliffe, Co., wife of John L. Schwat, shipped to Westfliffe 9-23-1902 accompanied by husband & son, Dr. unknown, cost $150.00

Scott, Duane W. age 5y, residence 3rd & Main, son of Frank E. Scott died 11-30-1899 shipped to Trinidad, Co. Dr. Hubert Work

Scott, Emma E. born April 1868 in New York died 6/23/1911 in Rye, shipped 6-24-1911 via Rock Island railroad to Stanford, NY resident of Rye, Co and Stamford, NY, died at Rye, daughter of Michael McLaury & Harriet Clock both born NY, Dr. J. Lewis, cost $175.00

Sebring, John T. born 7-9-1867 in Pa. son of Jeremiah C. Sebring & Sarah Rummel both born Pa, residence 110 S Union, died 5/21/1912 at St. Marys Hospital, shipped 5-24-1912 to Green, Kans Notes: paid by brother J.C. Sebring, Clay Center, Ks. Dr. W.F.H. Baker, cost $104.65

Selts, Ida Mariam died 8/16/1911 shipped to Clay Center, Ks Notes: age 63y, died at St Mary Hospital, resident of Clay Center, Ks, son H.W. Selts and sister Margaret Hill

Shaefer, Arthur born 8-21-1874 Pa., husband of Jennie Shaefer of 1402 E 11th, Pueblo, died 7-15-1910 at home, shipped to Weatherly, Pa., Dr. W.H. Campbell, cost $200.00

Shafer, Alvin O. age 47y, died 8-26-1900, removed to Missouri, informants Jerry Hogan & Fannie Shafer of 621 E 13th, Pueblo, Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $95.00

Shafer, Julia age 57y 6m 28d, married, died 9-14-1902, exhumed from grave #57 Roselawn and shipped to Brooklyn, NY 12-14-1912 accompanied by Miss Turlock, daughter of Francis Turlock both parents born Germany, Dr. C.O. Rice, cost $140.00

Shea, Peter age 30y, died 10-3-1898 shipped to Chicago, Ill., 10-4-1898, sister at St Mary Hospital, Dr. McLean, cost $50.00

Sheldon, Albert F. born 1851 Wisc., carpenter, widower, residence Denver, died 12-3-1912, shipped 12-3-1912 via Wells Fago Express, paid by Mrs. Page Burdick 3240 Bryants St. Denver, Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $80.00

Shepard, Levi N. age 77y 9m 15d, residence 905 W. 12th St., died 3-13-1900, shipped to Georgetown, Co., accompanied by relatives, Dr. Hubert Work, cost $95.00

Shepard, Mary H. age 63y 3m 9d, resident of Winchester, Ma., died 2-2-1901, shipped 2-4-1901 to Winchester, Ma., informant Harry A. Eames of 3009 High St., Pueblo, Dr. Walters, cost $125.00

Shevallia, Master George, born November 12, age 9y, son of George P. Shevallia and Rachel Wilson both born Canada, died 4-25-1910 at home No 4 Block L, shipped to Denver. Dr. A.T. King, cost $75.00

Shubeck, Josir age 47y, born July in Illinois, daughter of ? Sullivan, both parents born Ireland, residence 213 W. Northern, married, died 3-7-1910 at St. Mary's Hospital, sold to Frank Shubeck of the home & Mrs. Josephine Sullivan of St. Augustine, Illinois & daughter of Josir, Dr. H.H. Dibble, cost $195.00

Sierra, Aniceta age 23y, residence Avondale, wife of Frank Sierra, died 5-1-1908 at Avondale, shipped ot Huerfano County, burial by relatives. Dr. unknown, cost $21.50

Simpson, Peter L. age 23y, resident of 6413 Drexel St., Chicago, Illinois, died 2-9-1902 at 806 N. Santa Fe ave., Pueblo, shipped to Chicago accompanied by mother & brother, Mrs. Jeanet L. Simpson, Chicago, Dr. Baker, cost $250.00

Sloan, Eugene age 30y, resident of LaCrosse, Ks., died 10-14-1902, shipped to LaCrosse accompanied by father James Sloan, Dr. W.M. McDonald, cost $150.00

Smart, Mary O. age 24y 4m 13d, wife of Samuel Smart, died 11-24-1902, shipped to Lynn County, Ks., Dr. C.H. Sherman of Kiowa County.

Smith, Edward age 54y, engineer, employer L.J. Howard, son of Thomas J. Smith and Nancy ? Both born NY, died 11-24-1910 shipped to Greeley, Co., brother in LaSalle, Co., sold to J.H. Devine 180 Blk C Verde, Co., and C.A. Smith of Greeley, Dr. J.J. McDonnell, cost $150.00

Smith, Elizabeth born 12-17-1837 England, resident of Logan County, Utah, died 7-24-1912, shipped to Atwood, Co 7-25-1912, daughter of Thomas Whiteley and Anna Robinson both born England, Dr. Hubert Work cost $125.00

Smith, George F. age 53y, born Fe. 14 Sweden, resident of 114 Elizabth, bartender, married, died 2-13-1911 shipped to Oakland, Ne., 2-14-1911, son of John Smith Wedergren and Annie Peterson, paid by Morris U. Smith of Denver and Bartenders Union of Pueblo, Dr. George E. Gray, cost $160.00

Smith, John M. born 6-22-1860 Scotland, residence, Denver, District Supt, Pullman Co., died 12-30-1912, paid by Mrs. James Williams, shipped to Denver accompanied by Mrs. James Williams, Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $75.00

Smith, Marvin P. born in Hastings, Neb. died 10/8/1929 shipped to Canon City, Co. Notes: age 38y, World War I

Smith, Thomas age 75y born in Ireland, son of Thomas Smith and Ellen ? Both born Ireland, residence 204 Bradford & Leavenworth, Ks., died 12-7-1912 shipped 12-9-1912 to Denver, paid by Mrs. T. Smith & W.F. Cochran, Mrs. Mae Carlson & W.P. Horan mntd.?, Dr. George E. Gray cost $275.00

Smythe, Mrs. E.F. age 51y, died 10-1-1902 at 311 1/2 S. Santa Fe, informant St, Mason Union, S.A. Beagle secy., shipped ot Denver, Charles M. Miller Undertaker, body accompanied by widower & Mrs. S.A. Beagle, Dr. McDonald, cost $100.00

Songer, William Martin born 1-13-1949 in Johnson County, Indiana, son of John Harrison Songer, both parents born Pennsylvania, residence 919 Routt St, Pueblo, died 9-5-1912 at 4:50 p.m., service 2pm 9-6-1912 at sons home 1022 pine St, Pueblo, shipped to Bloomfield, Iowa 9-6-1912, Dr. W.O. Patterson, cost $250.00

Soward, Rose Belle, age 19y, student of Loretta Academy, daughter of D.W. Soward, death date not given, shipped 12-30-1910 to Del Norte, Co. Dr. Crum Epler, cost $220.00

Speidel, George age 71y, resident of Denver, married, Mrs. George Speidel 1120 Kalamath St, Denver, shipped to Fred Waters, undertaker, Denver, Co., attorney William H. Andrew of 515 Charles Blk. D., Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $75.00

Spencer, Peyton, age 41y, black, railroad porter, died 12-22-1909, shipped to Denver, Mrs. Alice Spencer of 2819 California St, Denver, Dr, A.P. Busey, cost $76.00

Spille, Henry Otto age 38y, born June 22 in Wisconsin, son of Frederik Spille and Mary Sevore?, Mrs. Spille of Webb City, died 1-19-1911 at home 1202 Palmar, shipped 1-20-1911 to Webb City, Missouri, Dr. John Wolf cost $135.00

Sportings, Milford age 77y, of Monte Vista, died 7-16-1902, shipped to Monte Vista, Co. by order of telegram, informant D.J. Gibbs undertaker of Monte Vista, Dr. A.P. Busey cost $56.00

Stacey, William M. born 1-11-1841 in England, died 8-28-1911 at home 1701 Clermont, Pueblo, merchant, son of Charles Stacey, both parents born England, other relative C.E. Stacey of Texas, shipped to Houston, Texas, 8-31-1911. Dr. R.W. Corwin cost $135.00

Steele, Mabel A. born 3-11-1886 in Neb. daughter of John M. Fowler and Laura Compton Fowler both born Ne., resident od Wilson, Co. & Weeping Water. Neb., died 7/1/1912 at St. Mary's, shipped 7-9-1912 to Weeping Water, Nebraska, Dr. W.F. Rich, cost $135.00

Stephens, Dennis P. age 38y, born Colorado, single, ranchman, died 9-29-1912, shipped 9-30-1912 to George Thompson undertaker, La Junta, Co., paid by M.C. Stephens of LaJunta, Dr. Leroy Gullick, cost $125.00

Stow, Eliza L. born 2-18-1857 Illinois, resident of Ft. Collins, Co., wife of Charles H. Stow, daughter of John Davis born Illinois, died 4-14-1910 at Clark Mineral Spring, sold to Charles Stow, Dr. A.T. King, cost $240.00

Sturgeon, Anson of Glennwood, WV, died 9-24-1902 at Santa Fe Junction, shipped 9-27-1902 to Glennwood, West Virginia, informant James Sturgeon of Glennwood, Dr. A.L. Fugard cost $175.00

Sullivan, Annie E. age 14y, daughter of Patrick E. Sullivan of Salida, died 2-23-1899 in Pueblo, shipped to Salida 2-23-1899 accompanied by parents, Dr. Will B. Davis cost $85.00

Wachtel, Laren age 29y, mother Oneida Wachtel of Cuba, Illinois, died 9-30-1902 at Fairmount, shipped to Cuba, Ill. 9-30-1902 accompanied by mother, Dr. C.O. Rice, cost $125.00

Wade, Dabner died 6/13/1902 shipped to Trinidad, Co. Notes: age 76y, son L.F. Wade, nephew Charles Wade

Warren, Helen Phillips age 70y, born July, daughter of Ezra Phillips born Ohio and Mary Ann McDougal born NY, residence Canon City, Co., married, housewife, died 6-13-1911, shipped to Denver Crematorium 6-15-1911, Dr. Hubert Work, cost $115.00

Waters, Lena G. Mrs. born 12-10-1844 Germany, daughter of Charles Hatz, both parents born Germany, residence 511 W. 12th, died 6-25-1910 at Minnequa Hospital, shipped to Dodge City, Kansas, paid by George E. Cazaly of the home, Dr. Bon O. Adams, cost $130.00

Watson, Eunice Mrs. born 1-5-1884 at Webster County, Nebraska. daughter of Edwin E. Burr born Connecticut and Ellen Fordyce born Illinois, wife of Charles S. Watson, died 6-11-1910 at home 1520 E. 8th, shipped to Le Harpe, Illinois, Dr. W.H. Baker, cost $200.00

Weaver, Flora Mrs. age 39y, wife of Rev. J.L. Weaver, died 11-26-1898, shipped to Union Town, Ohio accompanied by husband & children, Dr. M.A. Wilcox, cost $85.00

Webb, J. Frank born January 22, age 23y 4m 7d, son of H.W. Webb born Virginia and Mary K. Long born Pennsylvania, works J.W. Tindall Dairy, died 5-29-1911 at St Marys Hospital, shipped 5-29-1911 to Dennis, Kansas, paid by Tindall, Dr. W.O. Patterson, cost $130.00

Wedell, Clarence age 58y, born Russia, watchmaker, divorced, died 12-31-1910. shipped 12-31-1910 to Denver, paid by C.W. Seitz of Denver, Dr. A.P. Busey, cost $50.00

Weeks, Margaret L. age 26y, born Oct. 29 S.C., daughter of J.W. Johnson and Lucy Gunter both born S.C., wife of Dr. J.L. Weeks of Rye, died 4-11-1911 at Rye, Co., shipped 4-18-1911 to Columbis, S.C. accompanied by Dr. Weeeks, Dr. M.J. Keeney, cost $175.00

Welch, Sallie J. age 53y 4m 8d, resident of 117 E. 6th, died 12-18-1901 in Pueblo, shipped 12-19-1901 to Stone County, Missouri accompanied by nephew T.F. Reynolds, Dr. G.I. Williams cost $110.00

Wells, Pricilla L. born 1-16-1852 in St. Louis, Mo., residence 2407 3rd Ave, died 9-30-1910 at home, daughter of Alvin West and Roena Davidson, wife of Chauncy D. Wells, shipped to Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri accompanied by husband and daughter. Dr. Crum Epler cost $90.00

Wempe, Theodore M. age 22y 1m 9d, born in Indiana, locksmith, single, died 12-1-1909 at the Pleasanton Buchanan Property, husband of Mary Wempe of 211 Goodsall St, Evansville, Indiana, shipped to Evansville. Dr. M.J. Kerney.

Whickstrow, Annie age 1m 8d, resident of Olney Springs, Co., died 2-1-1901, informant O.F. Comstock of Olney Springs, shipped to Olney Springs 2-1-1901, Dr. B.A. Pedric, cost $11.20

Whitaker, Harry Ward age 7y 6m, son of W.H. Whitaker of 326 W 6th, died 6-14-1899, shipped to Greenfield, Missouri via CR & P railroad, Dr. Work & King, cost $40.00

White, Andrew age 18y 11m 27d, resident of Biggsville, Illinois, died 4-20-1902 shipped to Biggsville, informant 1st National Bank of Biggsville, Illinois. Dr. W.F. Singer cost $135.00

White, C. Elizabeth Mrs. Age 28y 4m 24d, married, resident of 813 Grand Ave., died 1-31-1908 at home, shipped to Elmira, NY, Judson N. White of Pueblo, Clovis, NM, & Amarillo, Texas, Dr. J.E. Peains cost $245.00

White, Thurston A. age 51y, born July 18, resident of Canon City, married, worked Beaver Land & Title Co., died 5-21-1910 at St Mary Hospital, relatives Mrs. Thurston A. White & Rosa O. White of 1600 N. 16th, Canon City, shipped to Canon City, Dr. W.T.H. Baker, cost $265.00

Whitnum, Daniel age 29y 1d, resident of 363 Leonard St., Brooklyn, NY, died 3-17-1900 at St. Mary Hospital, son of William Whitnum, same address, shipped 3-17-1900 accompanied by William Whitnum, Dr. J.A. Black, cost $125.00

Whitted, Edward D. age 39y 7m 19d, married, resident of 1621 E. 7th, Pueblo, died 6-24-1902, shipped to Gilman, Illinois 6-25-1902, Dr. Herbert A. Black, cost $127.50

Wikoff, Helen age 2m 21d, daughter of J. W. Wikoff, died 9-13-1901, shipped to Genoseo, Kansas 9-14-1901 accompanied by father, Dr. W.F. Singer, cost $15.00

Wikoff, John W. age 35y, resident of 1225 E. 10th, married, died 1-24-1902, shipped 1-25-1902 to Genesio, Kansas. Dr. W.H. Campbell, cost $100.00

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