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Draeger, Gordon Lee
Gordon Lee Draeger - Pueblo Chieftain - July 11, 2004 - Gordon Lee Draeger went to his beloved Lord on July 7, 2004, as a result of an accident while vacationing with his family in Arkansas. Gordon was born in Colorado Springs on February 19, 1939 to Ferl Edwin “Pat” Draeger and Ruth Emma Gordon, who both precede him. He will be sadly missed by Marita, his loving wife of 46 years; 3 daughters Sherri (Paul) Sparrow, Debbie (Rich) Naylor and Terri (Frank) Grubb; 5 grandsons- Chris (Janelle) Markert, J and Ian Naylor, and Daniel and Patrick Grubb; sister, Patricia (Clarence) Spahr of Des Moines, Iowa; mother-in-law, Vera Shepard of Colorado Springs; and many friends. Gordon lived his life always thinking of others. His wife, daughters and grandsons always came first, making them happy made him happy. Taking three little girls camping, skiing, boating, jeeping, etc. couldn't have been easy, but if they had fun, he had fun. He was passionate about his grandsons' sporting events and rarely missed one. He was an avid golfer and more avid woodworker. His handiwork adorns every family members' and some friends' homes. The candlesticks, clocks and other items he made and gave as his Christmas gifts will be treasured forever. Anyone who knew Gordon knew that sitting still was impossible, he made the most of every minute of his life. Gordon began his working life at the age of 8; he would get up early and ride his bike from the north end of Colorado Springs (Fillmore St.) to Fort Carson to shine boots and sell newspapers, then ride his bike back to school. He graduated from Colorado Springs High School (Palmer) in 1958, married his high school sweetheart and enlisted in the Navy, stationed in Alameda, Calif. His father's death in 1961 brought him back to Colorado Springs, where he pursued a career in Finance. He started college when he was 29 and earned his degree from UCCS. He then began a career in banking that brought the family to Pueblo in 1974. In 1987 he moved to real estate, from which he retired in 2000. Gordon was a devout Christian and was active for many years as Senior Warden and Junior Warden of Ascension Episcopal Church. The family respectfully requests the omission of food and flowers. Donations may be made to Ascension Episcopal Church. Memorial service will be held at 10am, Thursday, July 15 at Ascension Episcopal Church.

Dragasch, Andrew
Andrew Dragasch - Wray Rattler - March 20, 1919 - Philip Blanda and Fred Marone, Italians, were found guilty of murder in the second degree by a jury in the District Court at Pueblo. They were accused of murdering Andrew Dragasch for the purpose of robbery. Pueblo Chieftain – August 14, 1918 – Several Parties Being Held While Officials Unravel Mystery Apparently Nearing Solution – The body of Andro Dragash, aged 56 years, for many years prominent in the local Croatian colony, and proprietor of a soft drink parlor at 1251 south Santa Fe avenue, was found at 5:30 o'clock yesterday morning cold in death lying sprawling in the middle of the roadway in front of the Pueblo stock yards and adjacent to the Santa Fe railway right of way about two miles east of the city. Philip Blanda, an Italian steel worker, was taken to St. Mary's hospital yesterday morning, soon after the shots were heard fired in the vicinity of the stock yards; he was suffering from a bullet wound in the breast. Upon investigation it was found that the body was that of Andro Dragash, and search of the remains revealed that there was a roll of $800 in bills on the body and something more than $30 was also found in other pockets of the clothing. A slip of paper dated August 13 and containing adding machine figures which totaled $1,000 is said also to have been found with the roll of money. This is said to represent the total of checks presented at the First National bank Monday by Dragash. The checks were those which he is said to have cashed at his soft drink parlor, as was his custom, for various employes of the steel works. That Dragash was undoubtedly murdered, and that the motive of the murder was robbery seems to have been established by the investigations made yesterday by police and sheriff's officers into many circumstances surrounding the case. But why Dragash should be out on a lonely road at the hour of the night when the murder was committed, and why he should have so much money in his pocket on that trip is a problem which is baffling both the police and sheriff's officers who have been working diligently to unravel the mystery of the merchant's death. Death resulted from gunshot wounds of which there are two. One bullet entered the left wrist, and the second bullet struck Dragash in the left breast and entered his heart, which is supposed to have killed him instantly. Dragash made the trip to the place where he was killed in a light wagon to which was hitched one horse. The horse was discovered at First and Prospect streets following the discovery of Dragash's body. The horse had traveled nearly a mile from the scene of the killing of the driver. The animal was found tied to a tree. The seat and dashboard and floor of the vehicle were spattered and smeared with blood, and there was every evidence that there had been a struggle between Dragash and someone else who had been riding in the vehicle. The murdered man's hat was in the back of the wagon as was a lantern which Dragash is said to have taken with him when he departed from his home last night. Dragash's revolver was also in the wagon. One shot had been fired from it. Investigations made by the police and sheriff's office yesterday indicate that Dragash may have been, and probably was, lured to the place thru a conspiracy, and that when he had reached the spot determined upon by the conspirators, one of them, probably riding with Dragash in the wagon, turned upon him with a demand for the money. In the ensuing struggle Dragash probably fired the shot indicated by the one empty chamber in his revolver, and was then shot to death by one of the conspirators. Tracks of the wagon were found on both sides of the bridge which spans the Arkansas river near the stock yards and these wagon tracks convey some evidence of the struggle which took place in the wagon. They show that the wagon was turned around more than once on the south side of the river, and that after crossing the river the horse again traveled in a circle before moving northward along the road toward the stock yards, to the point where the body of Dragash fell from the wagon to the roadway. Another evidence of a conspiracy against Dragash is the fact that a horse, without a saddle but with a bridle on it, was seen wandering in the neighborhood of the Stock Yards dairy at about 2 o'clock yesterday morning by the employes of the dairy who had arisen at that hour to milk the cows of the dairy herd. The horse was seen by two employes but later could not be found. It is presumed that the animal may have been ridden by one of the conspirators who had remained in hiding in the small trees and shrubbery which skirt the road near the river. C. C. Hartman, superintendent of the Pueblo stock yards, heard three gunshot reports at about 1:10 o'clock yesterday morning. He had previously heard the barking of a dog, and presumed that someone was shooting at the animal. A short while later he heard another shot, this fourth report sounding much closer to the stock yards office than the other three. In another minute or two a horse and wagon passed the stock yards gate in the direction of the railroad track. Because the night was dark Mr. Hartman could not distinguish a driver in the wagon, but supposing it was probably some boys driving homeward in a wagon who had taken a few shots at a dog, he paid no more attention to the incident until Henry Castellar, proprietor of the Stock Yards dairy awakened him (Hartman) at about 5:30 o'clock yesterday morning to inform him that the body of a man was lying in the roadway. The discovery was first made by a smelter employe on his way home from work who came upon the body in the road, and who notified the Castellar brothers. Diligent work on the part of Undersheriff J. Arthur Grady, Deputy Sheriff Roddy and Detective Baty of the police department into all circumstances surrounding the killing of Dragash resulted last night in the officers determining upon and putting into effect somewhat sensational action. As a result of that action Detective Walton was detailed to remain at the bedside of Philip Blanda, an Italian steel worker, aged 23, admitted at an early hour yesterday morning to St. Mary's hospital suffering from a gunshot wound in the left breast, and to keep Blanda under guard pending the outcome of his injuries. The police and sheriff's offices are convinced that Blanda knows something about the Dragash case, and they are holding him under guard as a suspect in the Dragash murder mystery. Fred Maroney, aged 23, also a steel worker, is in custody pending an investigation of his statements regarding the manner in which Blanda received the bullet wound in the breast. The police say that the wound in Blanda's breast appears to have been made by the same caliber of bullet as those in the revolver found in the bed of the Dragash wagon. That weapon had one empty chamber. It is also stated that there were automobile tire tracks in the ground in and near the roadway at the south side of the Stock-yards bridge over the Arkansas. The tracks indicate that the driver drove the car to a spot near the bridge, backed the car out of the roadway and then returned south over the same road he had come. The hour at which Blanda was received at St. Mary's hospital, the conflicting details in the stories told by Blanda and Maroney concerning the manner in which they claim Blanda received his wound, and other alleged facts not revealed by the officers are said to convince the police and sheriff's officers that Blanda and Maroney are not beyond suspicion in the Dragash case. It is said that Blanda told the officers who questioned him at the hospital last night concerning the manner in which he received his dangerous bullet wound in the left breast, that he had been shot by some unknown person when he alighted from the car driven by Maroney when the car halted under the Rio Grande railroad bridge between the Grove and El Dorado avenue. No excuse of motive for the shooting is advanced by either Maroney or Blanda for the shooting of Blanda, but the police and sheriff's officers say that the stories of Blanda and Maroney conflict regarding several important details, among which is one regarding the manner in which Blanda was shot. Blanda is said to declare that he was out of the car when shot. The officers say that Maroney was equally positive that Blanda was shot while sitting in the car, and that after being shot he rolled out of the open door of the vehicle. Baty, Grady and Robby worked on the case without ceasing from early yesterday morning till almost midnight last night, but when they ceased their work for the day they were confident that they possessed evidence which will result in the unraveling of the mystery surrounding the death of Dragash. Coroner Ray Taylor is also making an investigation into all circumstances surrounding the death of Dragash. Dragash is survived by his widow, Mrs. Lena Dragash, and by four children by a former marriage. The children are two sons, Dragan, residing at the family home, 1251 south Santa Fe avenue, Milan, residing in Ohio and two daughters, one residing at Wakefield, Michigan and another at Akron, Ohio. Deceased was prominent in the Croatian lodge and fraternal circles and was widely known among the business men of Bessemer and the South Side. The remains were removed to the undertaking parlors of the William B. McMinn Undertaking company by whom announcement is made that the funeral arrangements are completed for services to be held next Sunday morning. Pueblo Chieftain – August 16, 1918 – Cheyenne Owner Identified Auto – Interesting in connection with the shooting of Philip Blanda and the murder of Andro Dragash on Sunday night last, is the discovery and identification of the automobile stolen from Cheyenne and found in the yard of one of the men connected with the double tragedy story. Yesterday C. J. Bell came to Pueblo from Cheyenne, Wyo., and claimed his automobile. This automobile made by the Oldsmobile people, was stolen from outside the Elks club in Cheyenne on July 27, the last day of the frontier show. Tuesday this same car was found in the rear of the house where Fred Moroney (Maroney) lived. He admits driving the car, but denies he stole it. Since the car was stolen it has been driven over 3,000 miles, averaging over 170 miles a day, and the police theory is that this car was used to transport liquor from New Mexico to here. The sheriff who accompanied Mr. Bell from Cheyenne was allowed to look at Maroney who is in jail at the police station, and said he remembers seeing Maroney at the Cheyenne roundup in July, altho he cannot state whether he was one of the two men along with a woman who stole the car July 27. Philip Blanda, who is suffering with a bullet wound in his left chest at St. Marys hospital is still under the surveillance of the police, and his condition is considered fairly serious. The police authorities are hoping to obtain information from Blanda very soon, as they are reasonably certain the two men held are the men connected with the murder of Dragash.

Dragovich, Joe
Joe Dragovich - Yuma Pioneer - February 4, 1910 - Primero Coal Mine Disaster - Horrible Gas Explosion in Colorado Fuel & Iron Company's Mine - May Be Over 100 Dead - Rescue Workers Find Twenty-Four Dead Bodies and One Man Alive - Primero, Colo., Feb. 1 (Tuesday) - Over 100 men are believed killed by a terrific explosion in the Primero mine of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Note: Joe Dragovich is listed among the dead of the Primero Mine disaster of January 31, 1910 through the Denver Public Library's collection entitled "Colorado Mining Fatalities." It lists Joe Dragovich as an Austrian, age 30, and single. He was working as a miner for Colorado Fuel & Iron, and the cause of death was listed as an explosion of gas and dust. For complete coverage of this disaster go to:

Dragovich, Matt M.
Matt M. Dragovich - Pueblo Chieftain - March 22, 1999 - Matt M. Dragovich, 93, passed away March 17, 1999, at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital. Mr. Dragovich was born Feb. 14, 1906, in Dragove, Croatia. He came to Pueblo from Croatia at the age of 16. He worked for CF&I rail mills for more than 40 years. He also served in the U.S. Army during World War II, receiving the following military decorations: Good Conduct Medal, American Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star. He was a Tech-Sgt. E-5. Mr. Dragovich is preceded in death by his parents, Ivan and Jelena (Car) Dragovich. He is survived by a brother, Bozo (Zorka) Dragovich, Croatia-nephews, Darinko (Blazenka) Dragovich, Bob (Zemira) Dragovich, all of San Pedro, Calif., Ruza (Mario) Jeric of Croatia, Rosa (Adam) Hefner, Maria (Ante)Dragovich, all of San Pedro, Calif.- and other nieces and nephews in San Pedro, Calif., and Croatia- other relatives and friends to include Joe V. Rico, Pueblo. Funeral Mass is scheduled at 10 a.m. today, St. Mary Catholic Church, Rev. Edward G. Pettit, celebrant. Graveside military honors by Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team at Roselawn Cemetery. The Dragovich family will receive friends at St. Mary Hall following the interment rites.

Drain, Dorothy
Dorothy Drain – Colorado Public Defender - (August 13, 1937) and Joe Arridy (a.k.a. Arrdy) (January 6, 1939). Frank Aguilar, Joe Arridy, Pueblo. (H-W and Other-W). Asphyxiation. Aguilar and Arridy were convicted of the August 16, 1936, murder of Dorothy Drain. The men were accused of breaking into the Drain home, sexually assaulting Dorothy, and then killing her and seriously wounding her younger sister with a hatchet. In 1925, Arridy, who was born in Pueblo shortly after his parents immigrated from Syria, had been adjudicated as mentally incompetent and sent to “[t]he State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives” in Grand Junction. At the institution, his IQ was measured at forty-six. He was released after a nine-month stay, but three years later returned to the institution. In 1936, he walked away from the Home and was not seen until his arrest in Wyoming sixteen days later—ten days after the murder. There he offered the first of many confessions to the crime, with each confession changing a bit to conform with newly discovered facts. Arridy's arrest surprised officials in Pueblo, who had already arrested Aguilar, a Mexican national, for the murder and discovered the murder weapon in Aguilar's home. The Wyoming authorities then secured a confession from Arridy in which he said that he had acted alone in the murder. A jury trial first was conducted to determine if he was sane, where three psychiatrists testified that Arridy had the mind of a five or six-year-old child. Law enforcement officials, however, claimed that he was sane, and that position prevailed, even without the support of any mental health experts. Arridy was then convicted of murder in a separate jury proceeding, in which the defense attorney again focused on proving that Arridy was insane rather than challenging the “evidence.” The conviction was affirmed on appeal, and further attempts to show that Arridy was mentally incompetent for execution failed, each time by four-to-three votes in the Colorado Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Aguilar was executed in 1937. During the execution, one of the official witnesses, Adlai S. “Ad” Hamilton, a Pueblo resident and conductor for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, had a heart attack and died. During his eighteen months on death row, Arridy became close friends with the warden, Roy Best. The warden, who spoke out against the pending execution, bought him toys, picture books, and for Christmas in 1938, a wind-up toy train that quickly became Arridy's favorite toy. Arridy's appellate attorney was Colorado's future attorney general, (Mr.) Gail Ireland. Later, the case formed the basis for a seminal book-length case study written by Robert Perske. Among other things, the book explains how the desire to please through false confessions, coupled with ineffective assistance of counsel and an environment in which there was little concern for understanding the mentally retarded, may very well have cost an innocent person his life.

Drake, Alice Marie
Alice Marie Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - May 18, 2003 - Alice Marie Drake, 107, passed away May 16, 2003. Born Feb. 29, 1896. Survived by two children, Irene Martin and Carl Drake, both of Pueblo; nine grandchildren, Penny Buswell, Patsy Von Tour, Robert Culberth Jr., Cindy Burnhardt, Carol Cross, John Drake, Robert Drake, Thomas Drake and Nancy Drake; nine great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren. Visitation, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, at Imperial Funeral Home. Funeral Service at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Church of Christ at Broadway and Orman. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Red Mountain Ranch in care of Church of Christ, Broadway and Orman.

Drake, Claudia Pearl
Claudia Pearl Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - May 30, 2004 - Claudia Pearl Drake, 82, passed away May 29, 2004. Claudia was born in Lamar, Colo., to Claude and Addie Jones. She attended Pueblo schools and graduated in 1940 from Central High School. She was married to Robert M. Drake on Jan. 17, 1942, and was a dedicated and loving wife and mother. A talented painter, Claudia pursued many of the arts and was an accomplished seamstress, gourmet cook, and designer. She is preceded in death by her parents; one brother, Buster Jones; and three sisters, Ida Cobb, Ethel Nemick and Sarah Lou Burton Isaacson. She is survived by her husband of 62 years; sons, Ron (Donna) Drake, Dennis (Terrie) Drake; grandsons, Ronnie (Tracy) Drake, Bradley (Kristen) Drake, Christopher Drake and Patrick Drake; and two great-grandchildren, Ryan and Alyssa Drake. Viewing will be from 3 to 5 p.m. Monday, May 31, 2004, at T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home. Funeral Mass, 2 p.m. Tuesday, June 1, 2004, at T.G. McCarthy Rose Chapel with interment to follow at Mountain View Cemetery. The family wishes to thank the Sharmar Chalet, the Sharmar Nursing Home, and Sangre de Cristo Hospice for extraordinary care of our loved one and our family. Donations may be made to Sangre de Cristo Hospice through the funeral home.

Drake, Edith M.
Edith M. Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - September 18, 1997 - Edith M. Drake, formerly Edith Edwards, died in Sunnyvale, Calif., Sept. 16, 1997. She was born in Leeds, England, in 1899 and immigrated to Pueblo as a toddler where she was raised and lived the majority of her life. She is survived by her son, Charles William Edwards- her three grandchildren, Bryce, Stacy and Courtland Edwards of Los Altos, Calif.-and the family of Harry Drake of Pueblo. She taught in District 60 at Central Grade School for over 30 years and later in Pueblo County schools. She was also active and held all chairs in Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, Rebekah Lodge, White Shrine and numerous other Pueblo organizations. She wishes to be remembered through contributions to the Shriner's Hospitals for crippled children.

Drake, Gary Boyce
Gary Boyce Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - March 30, 1999 - Gary Boyce Drake, 58, departed this life Psalm Sunday, March 28, 1999. Gary was born Aug. 24, 1940, in Eureka, Kan. He served in the U.S. Marine Reserves while attending college. He was employed by American Furniture Co., in downtown Pueblo for more than 19 years. Gary was a lover of life, he enjoyed fishing, hunting, family hiking trips, working both in his yard and garden, and most of all taking vacations with his wife Linda. Gary also loved meeting and talking with people. With him you were only a stranger once. Preceded in death by his father, Chester F. Drake in March of 1968. He leaves to cherish his memory his beloved wife, Linda Drake, of the family home- children, Joan Hatcher, Julie (Sam) Biby, Richard (Kelli) Jensen, all of Pueblo- his mother, Lola Ruth Drake, Pueblo- a sister, Sharryl Drake, Seattle, Wash.- three grandchildren, Natalie Hatcher, Dylan Biby and Makenzie Jensen- father and mother-in-law, Pettis and Norma Rector- sister-in-law, Donna Divelbiss-brother-in-law, James (Lorraine) Rector- several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. At Gary's request, cremation has taken place. , 10 a.m. Thursday, Angelus Chapel. Pastor Conley Henderson officiating. The Drake family will receive friends at the family home.

Drake, Goldie Ethel
Goldie Ethel Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - May 7, 1987 - Goldie Ethel Drake, 88, longtime Las Animas resident, died May 6, 1987, at Springfield. Funeral service, 2 p.m. Friday, First Baptist Church, Las Animas. Interment, Las Animas Cemetery.

Drake, Jess Dean
Jess Dean Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - November 17, 2004 - Jess Dean Drake went home to be with his Lord on Nov. 13, 2004. Jess was born on Sept. 4, 1916. He is preceded in death by his parents, Harry and Myrtle Drake; brothers, Eugene and Warren; sister, Maxine. Jess is survived by his loving and dear wife of 68 years, Eva Frances Drake; sister, Lillian Glaze, Denver, Colo.; son, W. Dean (Sharon) Drake, Penrose, Colo.; daughters, Vivian (Pete) Stringer, Sharon (Frank) Peebles, both of Pueblo; sister in-law, Maxine Drake, Pueblo; 14 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren; 12 nieces and nephews and many dear friends. Jess was owner and operator of Drake Bakery prior to serving in the Army during World War II. Jess retired from the Pueblo Fire Department in 1969 and later managed the Presbyterian Towers for four years. He was a member of Lake Avenue Baptist Church and a 32nd degree Mason of Pueblo Masonic Lodge No. 95. Lifelong resident of Pueblo, he resided in the Colorado State Veterans Home in Florence for the last four years. Visitation, 10 a.m. Tuesday, with funeral service to follow at 11 a.m., at Adrian Comer Funeral Home. Interment to follow at Mountain View Cemetery. Honors to be presented by the Pueblo Fire Fighter's Union.

Drake, Stanley
Stanley “Gene” Drake - Pueblo Chieftain - January 20, 2004 - Stanley “Gene” Drake passed away Jan. 18, 2004. He is preceded in death by his father, Stanley E. Drake; survived by his wife, Sharon Drake; mother, Fay (Art) Larson; brothers, Mike (Adele) Drake, Dan Drake; nephew, Dustin Drake; brother-in-law, John Harbour; also survived by numerous other relatives. Stanley liked to fish and go hunting. He also loved to cook and entertain. Stanley was a member of the Avondale -Vineland Lions Club. Memorial service, 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004, T.G. McCarthy Rose Chapel. Family to receive friends at Gene's “Gazbo” Rancho Rio Del Pato party house in Avondale following the service. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Avondale -Vineland Lions Club in his memory.

Draper, Albert
Albert Draper – Pueblo Colorado Weekly Chieftain – March 9, 1875 – Falling Walls – Men Killed and Wounded – The News of Sunday gives the following account of the falling of two buildings in Denver, and the killing and wounding of several men: “About 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, while workmen were engaged on the building improvements in progress at Nos. 201 and 203, Fifteenth street, the division wall between two buildings bulged out in the center and fell over into the cellar of Alvin McCune's new structure. Scarcely had it struck before the second floor and inside wall of William Holliday's grocery store came tumbling after it. The central or division wall, which was being carried up an additional story, had reached a height of about twenty feel, and was only eight inches in thickness. The brick from the falling walls, with masses of plaster and the heavy timbers of the floor, came down with a crash like a bolt of thunder, and with a suddenness that was appalling. There were five bricklayers, five hodcarriers, and four carpenters at work on top of the walls when the crash occurred. Several men, among them Alvin McCune, were at work in the open cellar, while a party of five laborers were excavating under the sidewalk, in front of the store. William Holliday, William Cowell, owner of the store portion, Albert Draper, and Rufus Wills were inside the store, and a number of customers had just left the door. Charles Pridmore, clerk for Holliday, who was in the cellar excavation, saw the wall giving way, and alarmed the others near him. The men tried to escape to the sidewalk, but all were caught, either by bricks or timbers, and more or less injured. The men on top fell and jumped in all directions, and that a single one of them escaped instant death is a matter of wonder, for the tumbling of debris was frightful. One or two, in their desperate leap, cleared the debris, and struck beyond reach of falling walls, and escaped with only slight shocks, while others were struck and caught in various ways, but, strange to say, were not seriously injured. The workmen under the sidewalk, in front of the store, though covered by a shower of light material, were not harmed. The first one taken out of the debris was Alvin McCune. He, as already stated, was in the cellar, and when found was lying motionless, and apparently dead, with loose boards, plaster, and other rubbish covering him, and brick lying all around him. He was carried into W. J. Barker's store, on the adjoining lot, and soon after was conveyed to his home, at 109 Broadway. His injuries, though severe, are not necessarily fatal. Michael Foley was cut badly about the head, and has since died. Albert Draper, bookkeeper for Wm. Holliday, was taken out dead, crushed into a shapeless mass. George Frisco, Charles Pridmore, John Gibson, Rufus Willis and William Holliday received bruises and gashes more or less serious. Pridmore was pretty severely cut about the head. Mr. Holliday, who rushed from the building just in time to save himself, was struck in the back by a brick or some other missile, receiving a serious shock. His young clerk, Rufus Willis, just as he reached the door in his flight, was caught and held by a piece of timber, but fortunately was comparatively uninjured. The loss by damage to the buildings can hardly fall short of $3,500. The store contained a $40,000 stock of groceries, and of course there will be some loss on the goods, though every article was loaded onto wagons and hauled to a warehouse on Black street.

Draper, Betty Jane
Betty Jane West (Hobbs) Draper - Pueblo Chieftain - August 06, 2003 - Betty Jane West (Hobbs) Draper, 80, born Nov. 8, 1922, passed away Aug. 4, 2003. Survived by her husband, James R. Draper; and children, Tom (Janine) Hobbs, Las Animas, Mike (Sharon) Hobbs and Mary Hobbs, all of Pueblo; stepson, Robert (Julie) Draper of Arkansas; and lifelong friends, Jay and Barbara Bernard, Florine Wickizer and Lloyd Romberger of Pueblo. Also survived by six grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by her parents, George T. West and Helen West; and husband, O'Neal M. Hobbs Jr. Betty was a lifetime member of First Presbyterian Church. She was a past matron of Eastern Star Chapter 34. Betty and Jim traveled in the Western states for many years in their motor home. Viewing, noon to 5 p.m. today, at the funeral home. Funeral service, 11 a.m. Thursday, First Presbyterian Church, followed by cremation. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Lung Association in Betty's memory.

Draper, James Louis
James Louis Draper - Pueblo Chieftain - December 18, 1987 - (James) Louis Draper, late of Wetmore and Canon City. He is survived by sons, George (Leona) Draper, Wetmore, and William (Bonnie) Draper, Pueblo; grandchildren, Walter (Jerry) Draper, Wetmore, Sherry (Don) Anders, Pueblo, and Peggy (Fred) Davis, Tombstone, Ariz.; four great-grandchildren. Graveside service and interment, 10 a.m. Saturday, Wetmore Cemetery.

Draper, Maurine H.
Maurine H. Draper – Pueblo Chieftain – September 08, 2006 - Maurine H. Draper, born Jan. 18, 1927, in Canton, Texas, passed away Sept. 3, 2006, in Pueblo, Colo. Maurine is survived by her loving husband, John Draper; son, Gene (Sandra) Shelton, Longview, Texas; and grandchildren, James, Johnnie and Joey. Private family service will be held at a later date in Texas.

Draper, William
William Bill Draper - Pueblo Chieftain - December 05, 2000 - William Bill Draper, born on Jan. 27, 1920, passed away Dec. 3, 2000. Mr. Draper is survived by his wife, Bonnie Draper; daughter, Sherry (Don) Anders; brother, George (Leona) Draper; and brother-in-law, Bill (Mary Lois) Bowman. He is also survived by his stepson, Lee (Sheryl) Mosher; and stepdaughter, Sharon (Mike) LeRoy. Preceded in death by his first wife, Maxine Draper. Funeral service, Friday, Dec. 8, 2000, 10 a.m., Lake Avenue Baptist church, 1340 Lake Ave. Interment, Union Highland Cemetery, Florence, Colo., with Masonic Graveside Rites. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Lake Avenue Baptist Church in his memory.

Draper, William W.
William W. Draper - Rocky Mountain News - June 9, 1911 - William W. Draper at Pueblo, June 8, pioneer of Pueblo at his residence here. He owned a large ranch near Goodnight and considerable city real estate. Mr. Draper came to Pueblo in 1871. He was born in Syracuse, N. Y., in 1837, and is survived by two children, Mrs. Frank Allison of Pueblo and George M. Draper of Akron, Mo. Member of the Southern Colorado Pioneers Association.

Dratter, Andrew
Andrew Dratter – Huerfano World – January 22, 2004 – Andrew Dratter, 100, passed away Jan. 10, 2004 in Manhattan, NY. Memorial services 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 23, 2004 at St. Mary Church, Walsenburg, with Rev. John O'Flynn officiating.

Dratter, Joseph T.
Joseph Thomas Dratter - Huerfano World - January 7, 1993 - Joseph Thomas Dratter, 80, of Walsenburg, died Monday, Jan. 4, 1993, in St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo. Mr. Dratter had been ill the past two and a half years with various throat ailments and respiratory arrest due to pneumonia, Born Oct. 25, 1912, in Toltec to Andrew and Eva Matlock Dratter, the family later moved to Walsenburg. After attending St. Mary School, he began working on the family ranch. He married Marguerite Valko May 9, 1942. He bought into Joe Espander's cleaning business by purchasing Otto Espander's interest and took over the establishment with Mary Welsby after Espander's death. Mr. Dratter worked there for over 50 years and Model Cleaners celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1992. Mr. Dratter was a member of St. Mary Church, Knights of Columbus, Elks, VFW, Walsenburg Club and a military unit with which he had served. Survivors include his wife, Marguerite, Walsenburg; a daughter, Priscilla Verner, Pueblo; brothers, Andrew Dratter, Astoria, NY, John Dratter, St. George, UT; sisters, Sue Johnson, Sedona, AZ, Kay Zinko, Glenwood Springs, Helen Kampling, Las Vegas, NV; one grandson and numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral mass is Saturday at 10 a.m. Burial will be in the South St. Mary Cemetery with VFW graveside service.

Dratter, Nicholas
Nicholas Dratter - Huerfano World - January 31, 1991 - Nicholas Dratter, 75, of Glenwood Springs, formerly of Walsenburg, died Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1991, in the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Grand Junction. Mr. Dratter had been ill for some time and had been in the Medical Center for around two years. Born Apr. 2, 1915, in Walsenburg, he was reared in Walsenburg, attended St. Mary School and graduated from St. Mary High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He served overseas with the Bombardier Squadron Group, Baringue Field, Puerto Rico until 1944. He was present at the site of the first atomic bomb set off at Alamogordo, NM. Upon return from the service he ventured in several businesses in Williams, AZ. In later years, he had been in Hot Springs, SD, and Glenwood Springs. He was a member of the VFW and the American Legion. Mr. Dratter is survived by three brothers, Andrew Dratter, Astoria,, NY, John Dratter, St. George, UT, and Joe Dratter, Walsenburg; three sisters, Sue Johnson, Sedona, AZ, Kay Zinko, Glenwood Springs and Helen Kampling, Las Vegas, NV; numerous nieces and nephews. Mass of Christian Burial was Monday from St. Mary Church. Burial was in South St. Mary Cemetery. Boies Almont was in charge of arrangements.

Drauden, Dorothea L.
Dorothea L. Drauden - Pueblo Chieftain - April 30, 2000 - Dorothea L. Drauden, 92, loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend, departed this life on April 28, 2000. She was born to Harry and Julia Lewis on Aug. 21, 1907, in Worth, Mo. Preceded in death by her husband, Paul M. Drauden, on Oct. 8, 1991; her parents, one sister and one brother. Dorothea is survived by one sister, Nema Pearl Robnett; brother, Curtis Mills Lewis; children, Joseph P. (Beverly) Curran and Joann (Lewis) Origer; 10 grandchildren, Theresa Chavez (Ray), Mark Thacker, Rose Anne (Barclay) Clark, Guy Thacker, Linda (Stephen) Di Domenico, Tracy (Scott) Smith, Paula (Kent) Kirchner, Dana (Jim) Whitney, Kristi (Robert) McMullin and Kathy Pomroy; numerous great-grandchildren, great-nephews and one great-niece. Dorothea was an active member of Christ the King Church, the Altar and Rosary Society, the Bishop's Guild and the Theresians. She was also a volunteer for St. Mary-Corwin hospital for many years. Dorothea enjoyed playing bridge, bowling and gardening. Service times will be announced on Monday, May 1. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Sangre de Cristo Hospice in her memory.

Draus, Walter R.
Walter R. Kraus - Pueblo Chieftain - October 30, 2000 - Walter R. Kraus. At his request, cremation, Imperial Crematory. Memorial service, 2 p.m. Tuesday, First United Methodist Church. The family respectfully requests the omission of food and flowers.

Dreesen, Faith Ann
Faith Ann Miller Dreesen - Pueblo Chieftain - January 20, 2006 - Faith Ann Miller Dreesen, 57, passed away Jan. 16, 2006, in Mount Pulaski, Ill. Survived by her husband, Frank Dreesen; daughters, Shannon (Pat) Dreesen Day and Heather Dreesen; grandchildren, Alek, Aeryn, Logan, Cameron and Savana; sister, Cindy (Rick) Jones; nieces, Brittany and Courtney Jones; cousins, Dallas (Jackie) Simons, Jay (Denise) Simons and Ann Trask and their children, Elisha, Jason (Betsy), Amanda, Samantha and Alex Simons; friend, Sue Ellen Levy; as well as other lifelong friends. Preceded in death by her daughters, Mindy and Nealy Dreesen; and aunt, Betty Simons.

Dreesen, Francis A.
Francis A. "Frank" Dreesen - Pueblo Chieftain - April 24, 2001 - Francis A. "Frank" Dreesen, born Feb. 16, 1922, in Hartington, Neb., passed away April 21, 2001. Preceded in death by his father, John Dreesen; mother, Leona (Thoene) Dreesen; and wife, Elsie L. (Sandris) Dreesen. Navy veteran of WWII. He retired from CF&I in 1980 as turn foreman. He was an outdoorsman who loved to fish, hunt and camp with Caravan No. 9. He was a member of the Eagles Aerie No. 145. Survived by his brother, Leonard Dreesen, Hartington, Neb.; daughter, Phyllis (Bill) Schmitt; and son, Francis L. (Faith) Dreesen; numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Graveside services with military honors by Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at Mountain View Cemetery. Relatives and friends will be received at the family home at 306 W. 13th St. immediately after the service.

Dreibholz, Rosemary L.
Rosemary L. Dreibholz - Pueblo Chieftain - October 29, 1997 - Rosemary L. Dreibholz, 52, passed away Oct. 25, 1997. Survived by her husband, James W. Dreibholz- children, Demetria Lee Dreibholz of Nashua, N.H., and James W. Dreibholz II of Denver- by her grandson, Shane Matthew Dreibholz, Pueblo- sisters, Retta (Bozo) Urbanic, Pueblo, Sharlene (Douglas) Cooper, Nashua, N.H., and Jo Campbell, Sacramento, Calif. - as well as by numerous nieces and nephews. Mrs. Dreibholz was a member of Fraternal Order of Eagles, Steel City Aerie No. 3367. Funeral service, 10 a.m. Thursday, McCarthy Rose Chapel with entombment to follow at Imperial Memorial Gardens. Viewing hours are noon to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Family and friends will be received at the Eagles, 3801 Thatcher Ave., following the Entombment. Arrangements by McCarthy Rose Chapel, 329 Goodnight.

Dreier, John Bernhard
John Bernhard Dreier - Pueblo Chieftain - January 17, 2002 - Age 89, born to Christian and Johanna Dreier at Lead, S.D., passed away Jan. 14, 2002. He is preceded in death by his parents; wife, Lela, in 1997; and brother, Karl Dreier. Survived by his son, J. Michael (P.J.) Dreier; granddaughters, Stacy (Chris) Petty and Leslie A. Dreier; brother-in-law, Lester S. Keeth; sister-in-law, Mary (Bill) Masimer; nieces, Patricia (Jim) Cook and Mary Lynn (Bob) Antle; nephews, Gary (Marya) Keeth and Richard (Sue) Keeth; great-granddaughters, Tyler Lynn and Jordan Anne Petty; as well as numerous other relatives. He was a lifetime member of BPOE No. 90 and Pueblo Aerie No. 145 (FOE). The family would like to offer a special thanks to Dr. Paul Radway, Pat Stanifer of the St. Mary-Corwin emergency room and the ICU staff. At his request, cremation with private family service.

Dremel, Frank Robert
Frank Robert "Bob" Dremel - Pueblo Chieftain - December 19, 2004 - Frank Robert "Bob" Dremel, born Oct. 21, 1931, died Dec. 17, 2004. Predeceased by parents, Frank and Rose; nephew, Tim Dremel; and niece, Gina Dremel. Survived by brothers and sisters-in-law, Gerald (Mary), Eugene (Carole); nieces and nephews, Steve Dremel, Karen Graves, Brenda Bahr, Rae Ann, Mark, David and Jerry Jr. Dremel; and numerous great-nieces and nephews. Retired from A.P. Green Refractories in 1986. Bob loved to go out to eat and was the neighborhood candy man. Visitation, noon to 4 p.m. Monday at the funeral home. Funeral service, 10 a.m. Tuesday, George McCarthy Historic Chapel. Interment to follow service at Roselawn Cemetery. Please omit food and flowers. Because of his love of children, donations can be made in his name to the Children's Diabetes Association or American Heart Association. Family will greet friends immediately after the service.

Drennen, Vergil
Vergil Drennen - Denver Post - October 12, 1997 - Vergil Drennen of Federal Heights, a sales representative, died Oct. 5. He was 80. Services were Wednesday at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 7945. There was cremation. He was born Sept. 1, 1917, in Hamlet, Neb. On Nov. 9, 1946, he married Virginia Laney in Walsenburg. He is survived by his wife; two sons, Jerry, Broomfield, and Jeff, Copper Mountain; two daughters, Joyce Zerr, Brighton, and Jean Coffman, Evergreen; two brothers; two sisters; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Dresie, Claude L.
Claude L. Dresie - Pueblo Chieftain - March 09, 1999 - Claude L. Dresie, 84, passed away on March 7, 1999, in Canon City. Mr. Dresie was preceded in death by his first wife, Ruth. Mr. Dresie was a Santa Fe Railroad agent in Southeastern Colorado for 34 years. He was a Master Mason, a member of the Lamar Lodge. He was a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies of Al Kaly Temple of Shrine, Honda Patrol, Kalyvains, Order of the Eastern Star and Canon City Lions Club. Surviving are his wife, Pauline- son, Ted Dresie of Fairfax, Va. - daughter, Mrs. JoAnn Barber of Nicholasville, Ky. - four stepchildren- five grandchildren- nine step-great-grandchildren. Family suggests donations to the Shriners Hospital Transportation Fund co Wilson-Andrews Funeral Home, 1449 S. Ninth St., Canon City, Colo., 81212.Services will be Thursday, March 11, 1999, at Wilson-Andrews Memorial Chapel at 2 p.m., Dr. Robert Wahl officiating.

Dress, Maudie
Maudie Dress - Pueblo Chieftain - March 23, 1972 - Maudie Dress passed away in a local nursing home Tuesday night. She was the mother of Mrs. Mildred Meloche, Los Angeles, Calif. Her husband, William A. Dress, passed away in 1965. Their former home was at 621 E. 13th. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in the Valhalla Comer Garden Chapel. Interment Imperial Memorial Gardens.

Dress, Melbourne L.
Melbourne L. Dress - Pueblo Chieftain - September 10, 1977 - Melbourne L. Dress, Pueblo resident past four years, late of 1002 W. 11th, passed away Sept. 9, 1977, at Parkview Episcopal Hospital. Mr. Dress was a member of Gilead Baptist Church. He was a retired excavating contractor. Mr. Dress was preceded in death by a son, Richard William Dress, and a daughter, Mrs. Loretta Mae Granzella. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Florence M. Dress of the family home; six grandchildren, James Lavergne Granzella. Pueblo, Judith Kay Cardinal, Golden, and Richard William Dress Jr., Delbert Glen Dress, Dennis Gene Dress and Dwain Lloyd Dress, all of Westville Okla. Six great-grandchildren and numerous nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins also survive. Services 10 a.m. Monday. Vahalla-Comer Garden Chapel, with Rev. Jim Beck officiating. Interment, Pine Cemetery, Buffalo, Colo.

Dress, William A.
William A. Dress - Pueblo Chieftain - February 19, 1966 - William A. Dress of 1621 E. 13th, passed away suddenly Friday morning. He was the husband of Mrs. Maudie E. Dress of the family home and the brother of Melborne Dress of Pine, Colo. Mr. Dress attended First Church of the Nazarene, was a member of BPOE 90, and the Fin and Feather Club. He was an employee of CF&I. He had been a resident of Pueblo since 1926. Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 in Valhalla's Garden Chapel, conducted by the Rev. Harold J. Maish. Interment will follow in Pueblo Memorial Gardens.

Dressel, Kathy M.
Kathy M. Dressel - Pueblo Chieftain - February 11, 2004 - Kathy M. Dressel, passed away at home, Jan. 31, 2004. She was born July 15, 1952 in East St. Louis, Ill. Preceded in death by her husband, Denver Dressel, mother Carole Ross Graves, Father Bernest Ross, and her stepfather James H. Graves Sr. She is survived by sons Johnathan Ross, St. Louis, Mo. and Jason Dressel, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., sisters Candi Johnson, Pamela Schlot, and Traci Graves, all of Ill., and brother James H. Graves Jr. of Oregon. Also survived by friends Nancy Mitchell, the girls Pat, Sam and Eleanor, the girls at home, Smokie, Three Pa, and Pete, all of Pueblo. Kathy had a two year battle with cancer, never giving in. Kathy always said she was 51% nice person and 49% witch. But those who knew her knew better. She was always willing to help a person in need. If an epitaph is written, it would read: “She was a tough little broad.” Kathy we miss you, Rest in Peace. If her friends desire, a donation to Hospice, who so lovingly cared for Kathy in her final days, will be appreciated.

Dressler-Klein, Caren Louise
Caren Louise Dressler-Klein - Huerfano World Journal - September 17, 2009 - Caren Louise Dressler-Klein - Her loving, caring and sharing life was cut short on Sept. 22, 2009 in Lauderhill, Florida. She was born in Brooklyn, New York on Dec. 29, 1951. She grew up there and moved to Florida as a teen. She loved her years in the Huerfano and hoped to retire here soon. She is survived by her mother, sister, brother and their families; cousin Jeff Gable formerly of Walsenburg; long-time loving friend, Randall Dressler and stepson Krisstofur P. Dressler. She will be missed by all her friends in the Huerfano. In her memory, please pray for all humanity and for peace on earth, good will to all mankind.

Drew, Vivian Maxine
Vivian Maxine Drew - Pueblo Chieftain - April 11, 2002 - Age 71, joined the Lord on April 8, 2002. She is survived by her loving husband, Marion Drew; three sons, Gary (Sherry), John (Yvonne) and Steve (Rebecca); grandchildren, Craig, Cody, Taylor, Joshua, Lauren, Cameron and Kaleb; mother, Nettie Kitchens; brother, Malcolm Kitchens; aunt, LaVerne Bates; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Viewing, 10 a.m. to noon Friday, April 12 at Imperial Funeral Home. At her request, private family interment. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the American Cancer Society, New Born Hope or the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in her memory.

Drewes, Henry C.
Henry C. Drewes - Pueblo Chieftain - August 23, 1986 - Henry C. Drewes passed away at a local hospital Aug. 21, 1986. Father of Pendora Robinson, Marvin Drewes, Kathryn Drewes, and Genevieve Drewes, all of Pueblo; and Gordon (Myda) Drewes, Colorado Springs. Also survived by one granddaughter, six grandsons, six great-granddaughters, one great-grandson, and two sisters. Predeceased by his wife, Mrs. Leota Drewes in 1965. Member of Vineland United Methodist Church and 4-H Club leader. He was born in Germany, Feb. 11, 1914, and was a retired journeyman carpenter. Graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Roselawn Cemetery with Bob Russell officiating. Memorials may be made to Pueblo Boys Ranch through the Rouch Funeral Home office. He will lie in state from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday and until 10 a.m. Monday.

Drieth, Marie K.
Marie K. Drieth – Pueblo Chieftain – August 25, 2006 - Marie K. Drieth, 85, of Greeley passed away August 16, 2006. She is the mother of Jan Keller-Williams and husband, Norman Williams, Judi Hergenreder and husband, Ray and Larry Drieth and wife, Janet. Services were held 10 a.m. Monday at First Assembly of God, Greeley. Interment Johnstown Cemetery.

Drinkwater, Genevieve
Genevieve Drinkwater - Pueblo Chieftain - February 19, 2006 - Genevieve Drinkwater passed away Feb. 15, 2006, in Pueblo. She was born in Rocky Ford on Sept. 30, 1922, to Roy and Amanda Thatcher Ard and had lived in Pueblo since 1986. Genevieve and her husband, Donald, traveled the world and operated Mining Industry Businesses in Denver before his death in 1986. She was a member of Eagles Auxiliary No. 145 and was an accomplished accordion player who delighted in sharing her talent with the residents in several area nursing homes. She was preceded in death by her siblings, Delbert, Cleo and Ted Ard, Belva Porter, Orpha Green and Lois Lyons. Genevieve is survived by several nieces and nephews. Cremation in the Davis Crematory. A memorial service will be held at 2p.m. Tuesday, Feb 21, 2006 in the Davis Memorial Chapel. Donation in memory of Mrs. Drinkwater may be made to any charity for the betterment of the lives of the world's animals.

Driscol, Jim
Jim Driscol - Pueblo Chieftain - January 29, 2003 - Jim Driscol, 61, passed away Jan. 27, 2003. Survived by his son, Jamie; daughters, Melissa and Megghen; and sister, Patty (Mickey) Sullivan. Memorial service, 2 p.m. Friday, Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center, in the theatre. In lieu of food and flowers, donations may be made to Mi Casa or to Pueblo Community College in Jim's memory.

Driscol, Michael
Michael Driscol - Hayden Routt County Republican - October 3, 1913 - Boarding House Keeper is Slain - Body of Aged Man is Found Battered, at Bottom of Arroyo - Trinidad, Colo., Sept. 24 - The body of Michael Driscol, sixty years old, keeper of a company boarding house at the Southwestern mine, two miles north of Aguilar, was found in the bottom of a sixteen-foot arroyo between Jewel and Southwestern, by two boys, Emmet Locke and Vincent Lynn. The boys were members of a searching party which had been looking for Driscol. Driscol lay on his back. His hands and face were smeared with blood and his neck was broken. Several cuts and bruises covered his head and shoulders. The theory is that he was beaten to death and thrown into the arroyo, and the authorities connect his death with the strike by reason of Driscol's position as keeper of a company boarding house. Driscol and his wife were in Aguilar Tuesday, the opening day of the strike, visiting Driscol's sister, Mrs. Kitty. At that time Driscol expressed some fear of the miners, stating that he had enemies among them. Fearing to take his wife to the mine with him, Driscol left her with his sister, while he started to walk to the mine, some time Tuesday afternoon. That was the last seen of him alive and it is thought he met his death that night.

Driscoll, James
James Driscoll – Pueblo Indicator – May 8, 1915 – James Driscoll Dead – James Driscoll, aged 78 years, formerly a steel worker, died at his ranch on Boggs Flats May 1st. He had lived there about 25 years and devoted much of his time to the raising of cattle and dairying. He was the pioneer settler of that part of the country. He is survived by his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Anthony Ruddy.

Driscoll, Lucy E.
Lucy E. Driscoll - Pueblo Chieftain - May 5, 1987 - Lucy E. Driscoll, late of 1111 Bonforte Blvd., passed away May 3, 1987. At her request, cremation.

Driscoll, Violet Marguerite
Violet Marguerite Daniel Driscoll - Pueblo Chieftain - January 14, 2001 - Violet Marguerite Daniel Driscoll, age 88, departed this life peacefully on January 11, 2001. She is preceded in death by her dear husband, Walter J. "Shorty," and her beloved Pekinese, Winnie. She leaves to cherish her memory, two loving and devoted sons, Donald and James, and their wives, Barbara Jean and Janice, her seven grandchildren, Donna, Nanette, LouAnn, Laura, Becky, Andy and Dede, their spouses and 16 great-grandchildren. Violet was one of nine children, (three brothers and five sisters), born to Elisha and Sophrona Daniel and was the final survivor. She devoted her entire life to her family as a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and a caring homemaker. Violet's greatest gift among so many was the stories she would tell in great detail about her life and how she lived through each of ours. Violet cherished visits with her sons and family. She will be missed each and every day in each of our lives. Viewing before the service at Imperial Memorial Gardens Chapel. Funeral service, Tuesday, 10 a.m., Imperial Memorial Gardens. Interment, Imperial Memorial Gardens.

Drobnick, Albert J.
Albert “Zebich” J. Drobnick - Pueblo Chieftain - April 30, 2002 - Age 77, went to be with the Lord and his loved ones on April 26, 2002, at his home in Pueblo. Born Nov. 4, 1924, in Pueblo to Frank and Louise Drobnick who preceded him along with siblings Mildred Bradish and Joe and Frank Drobnick. Survived by his wife of 52 years, Mitzi “Bay” Drobnick; daughters, Diane (Jimmy Jones III) Drobnick, Doreen (A.J.) Drobnick-Martinez and Dana (Ray) Eccher; grandchildren, Nick, Lisl, Dylan, Zandria, Skyla, Mitchell, Elise and Emily; and great-grandson, Vincent, who all knew him as Papa Abi; brothers-in-law, Henry Bradish, Fred, Daniel (Mary) and Robert (Mae) Pechek; sisters-in-law, Elsie (Joe) Chorak, Beverly (Hank) and Ann (Razza); and numerous nieces and nephews. Survived also by dear friends, Beba Glavich and Frank Robeda and his buddy Dr. Jim Stjernholm. Albert retired in 1983 with 42 years at CF&I. He was a member of Eagles Aerie #145, St. Mary's Parish, Local Union #2102 and KSKJ Lodge. He loved to cook, garden and spend time with his children, grandchildren and his dog Rolo. Visitation, Monday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the funeral home. Rosary, Monday, 7 p.m. and Mass, Tuesday, 9:30 a.m., both at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Burial to follow at Roselawn Cemetery, with military honors by the Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Mary's Church or Sangre de Cristo Hospice in his memory through the funeral home office.

Drobnick, Juanita A.
Juanita A. (Di Ciacco) Drobnick - Pueblo Chieftain - February 09, 2003 - Juanita A. (Di Ciacco) Drobnick, 80, of Pueblo, Colo., passed away at home Feb. 8, 2003. Preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Joseph; three sisters; and two brothers. She is survived by children, Joyce (Mike) Doyle, Joe (Flo) Drobnick, Jim (Jan) Drobnick; five grandchildren; three sisters, Rose Graham, Helen Dale and Virginia (Pete) Dell; and numerous nieces and nephews. "Nita," as she was called, was born and raised in Pueblo. She was a homemaker, a dedicated and wonderful mother, and an ardent antiques collector and dealer. She will be greatly missed and loved forever. Memorial Mass, 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Shrine of St. Therese. Donations may be made to Sangre de Cristo Hospice.

Drobnitch, Erma T
Erma T. Drobnitch - Pueblo Chieftain - December 18, 2006 - Erma T. Drobnitch, 93. Viewing, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, at the funeral home. Rosary, 7 p.m. Tuesday, funeral Mass, 10 a.m. Wednesday; both services at St. Mary Church. Interment, Imperial Memorial Gardens. Relatives and friends will be received after both services in the church basement.

Drobnitch, Joe G.
Joe G. Drobnitch - Pueblo Chieftain - July 28, 2004 - Joe G. Drobnitch, age 95, born Nov. 9, 1908, in Denver, Colo., passed away July 24, 2004. Survived by his wife, Erma Drobnitch; and children, Lawrence (Mary Ann) Drobnitch, Carol Drobnitch, David Drobnitch, Nicholas (Sherry) Drobnitch and Barbara Drobnitch. Grandfather of Paul, Laura, Betsy and Keven Drobnitch; and great-grandfather of Justin and Jack. Joe retired from the CF&I Steel Corp. where he was a quality control inspector. He was a lifetime member of Pueblo Elks No. 90, a member of Pueblo Aerie No. 145 (FOE) and also a member of St. Mary Church parish, where services will be held. Viewing, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, at the funeral home. Rosary, 7 p.m. Wednesday, and funeral Mass, 10 a.m. Thursday. Interment, Imperial Memorial Gardens.

Drobnitch, Josephine A.
Josephine A. Drobnitch - Pueblo Chieftain - April 4, 1987 - Josephine A. Drobnitch, 71, of Littleton passed away April 2, 1987. Born in Pueblo. Survived by husband, John J. Drobnitch; daughter, Bette Delisa, Westminster; two sons, Jonathan Drobnitch, Broomfield, Mark Drobnitch, Littleton; four sisters, Daniela Klintz, Sylvia Klintz, both of Pueblo, Mary Thomas, Riverside, Calif., Irma Drobnitch, Pueblo; nine grandchildren. Recitation of the rosary and Mass of Christian Burial, 5 p.m. Sunday, St. Mary Catholic Church, 6843 S. Prince, Littleton. Graveside service, 1 p.m. Monday, Littleton Cemetery.

Drobny, Felizitas
Felizitas Drobny - Pueblo Chieftain - July 10, 2003 - Felizitas Drobny, 52, passed away July 8, 2003. Among her survivors are her sons, Dennis and Michael Drobny. There will be no viewing or services. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium.

Dronkers, Mieke L.
Mieke L. Dronkers - Pueblo Chieftain - September 12, 2001 - Mieke L. Dronkers, 69, passed away Sept. 9, 2001. Survived by her husband, Richard Dronkers, of the family home in Pueblo West; children, Remco "Dutch" (Shana) Dronkers of Pueblo West, Eric (Yolanda) Dronkers of Pueblo and Laurens (Dianne) Dronkers of Hillsboro, Ore.; brother, Theo (TinŽke) Lancee of Holland; grandchildren, Troy, Laura, Mark, Michelle, Taylor and Joseph; and great-grandchild, Dillin. Preceded in death by her parents and a brother. She will lie in state Wednesday at the funeral home from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Funeral service will be held at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001, at the Montgomery & Steward Chapel.

Drum, Albert J.
Albert J. Drum - Pueblo Chieftain - August 22, 2004 - Albert J. Drum passed away Aug. 16, 2004, in Pueblo. Albert was born in Trinidad on May 30, 1933, and was raised in La Veta. Mr. Drum retired in 1973 after serving more than 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He was a member of Avondale United Methodist Church and La Veta Lodge No. 59 AF&AM. Albert is survived by his wife of 48 years, Esther, of Avondale; his children, Albert (Karen) Drum of La Veta, Patrick Drum and Stephen Drum, both of Pueblo, Suzanne Johnson of Avondale; two brothers, Otto (Freda) Drum of California, Carl (Lorraine) Drum of Oklahoma; a granddaughter and three great-grandchildren. Cremation in the Davis Crematory. Private services were held in the Pioneer Cemetery in La Veta. .....

Drum, Calvin M.
Calvin M. Drum - Pueblo Chieftain - November 29, 2004 - Calvin M. Drum, passed from this life Nov. 27, 2004. He is joining his daughter, Samantha, whom he has missed desperately these past seven years. He is survived by his loving wife, Cindy; son, Jacob; daughter, Robin; and his best buddy, Dude; grandchildren, Noah, Leo and soon to be Hailey; sisters, Jackie (Dick) Magill, Norma (Butch) Koykka; and numerous family members and friends. He was a Vietnam Veteran, guitar player, clock maker and lab technician. He loved his family and home. Per Calvin's request no services will be held. Cremation has already taken place. Family and friends are welcome from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2004, at 1210 E. 12th St. To a great man; death is just another adventure. He died well, as he lived his life.

Drum, Charlotte A.
Charlotte A. Drum - Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph - November 28, 1993 - Charlotte A. Drum, 70, of Colorado Springs, a longtime employee at The Broadmoor World Arena, died Nov. 27, 1993. No local services are planned. Burial will be in Gardner. Evergreen Funeral Home, Fountain and Union boulevards, is handling arrangements. She was born in Walsenburg, the daughter of William and Lottie (Benson) Karst. She married Rado A. Drum in March 1946 in Raton, N.M. He is deceased. Mrs. Drum moved to the area in 1946 and retired after 23 years working at the arena. Survivors include two sons, Fred J. of Las Vegas and Rado O. of Colorado Springs.

Drum, Fred
Fred Drum - Huerfano World - April 16, 1992 - This Week in La Veta History - 1914: Fred Drum, 33, was killed in an accident.

Drum, Paul B.
Paul B. Drum - Pueblo Chieftain - February 17, 1987 - Paul B. Drum, 81, passed away on Feb. 15, 1987. Mr. Drum is survived by three children, Calvin (Cindy) and Jacquiline (Dick) Magill, both of Pueblo; and Norma (Butch) Koykka of Mt. Vernon, Wash. He is also survived by nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Mr. Drum was preceded in death by his wife, Roberta Drum on Feb. 9, 1980. Mr. Drum was born in Flat River, Mo., on July 25, 1905, and had been a resident of Pueblo for the past 50 years. He was a retired miner of A. P. Green Refractory. Graveside service, 10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 18, 1987, at Imperial Memorial Gardens. Family will receive friends at 1210 E. 12th following interment.

Drummond, Dale G.
Dale G. Drummond - Pueblo Chieftain - April 24, 1999 - Dale G. Drummond passed away April 21, 1999. Born March 10, 1927, in Pueblo, he graduated from Central High School, Pueblo Junior College and Colorado College. Survived by wife, Dorothy- children, Connie (Gerald) Padilla, Ron (Linda) Drummond, Brian (Carol) Drummond and Bruce (Carole) Drummond, all of Pueblo. Also survived by six grandchildren- one great-granddaughter- brother, Ted (Ruth) Drummond, Pueblo- and sister, Beth (David) Price, California. Mr. Drummond served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Upon returning to Pueblo, Mr. Drummond taught at Keating, and, after tenure at Woodcroft Hospital as a clinical psychologist, he returned to District 60 as an educator and counselor. Dale loved football and was captain of the 1944 Central High School state championship football team. Funeral service, Saturday, 10 a.m. at George McCarthy Historic Chapel. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery.

Drummond, Donna L.
Donna L. Drummond - Pueblo Chieftain - April 30, 2001 - Donna L. Drummond passed away April 28, 2001, in Pueblo. Donna was born Oct. 19, 1937, in Pueblo to Ben and Rosey Russell. She was employed as an office manager at the Dressen Spine Center for many years. She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Daughters of the American Revolution and enjoyed genealogy. Donna was preceded in death by her parents. Her survivors include her husband, Albert Drummond, of Pueblo; children, Edwin (Susan) Drummond of Denver, Terry Drummond of Glenwood Springs, Todd (Jan) Drummond of Pueblo, Tracy (Hisae) Drummond of California and Scott (Callie) Drummond of Elizabeth; nine grandchildren; one great-grandchild; her brother, Benjamin Russell; and numerous nieces, nephews and other relatives. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 2, 2001, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Outlook Building, 1141 W. Fortino Blvd. Interment will follow in the Mountain View Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in memory of Donna be made to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Humanitarian Fund. Donations may be made through the mortuary.

Drummond, Howell Napoleon
Howell Napoleon Drummond - Pueblo Chieftain - May 10, 1987 - Howell Napoleon Drummond, late of Pueblo, died unexpectedly May 7, 1987. Survived by his wife, Alvina Drummond, of the family home; sons, Robert (Judy) Drummond, Duluth, Minn., and James (Theresa) Drummond, Golden, Colo. Also survived by three grandsons; brothers, Don (Shirley) Drummond, Dale (Dorothy) Drummond, Ted (Ruth) Drummond, all of Pueblo; sisters, Eleanor McClure, Redondo, Calif., and Beth Scott, San Diego, Calif. Born Oct. 16, 1911, in Kansas City, Mo. Pueblo resident since 1917. Mr. Drummond retired in 1972 from CF&I Steel Corp., working as a sectional engineer for 36 years. At his request, no services. Cremation, Davis Wallin Crematorium.

Drummond, Linda
Linda Drummond - Huerfano World - March 1, 2007 - Linda Marie (Pitzer) Drummond was born on February 12, 1949, and died February 19, 2007. She was preceded in death by her parents, Isabel Cloudeagle and Charlie Pitzer. Drummond is survived by her husband, Andre Drummond, and her four children; Imar (Julie) Trujillo, Juan (Myra) Trujillo of Gardner, Jade (Carlos) Ramirez of Colorado Springs, and Rosa Trujillo of Colorado Springs, her special “Cherubs” Luisito, Santana, Shanoah, Izzy and Jesslyn. She is also survived by three brothers and one sister. She also leaves behind numerous nieces, nephews and friends. Burial was held at Valdez Cemetery in Turkey Creek.

Drummond, Marion
Marion Parsons Drummond - Pueblo Chieftain - August 04, 2000 - Marion Parsons Drummond, 98, passed away Aug. 2, 2000. Mother of Dorothea Hereford and Jack (Joan) Parsons, all of Pueblo; grandmother of four; great-grandmother of six; and great-great-grandmother of one. Marion was born Jan. 7, 1902, in Union Town, Pa. At her request, there will be no viewing. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. Memorial service will be held Monday, Aug. 7, 2000, at the Montgomery & Steward Chapel, with Rev. Deborah Kehle Como officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the donor's charity of choice through the funeral home.

Drupiewski, Brigitte
Brigitte Drupiewski - Pueblo Chieftain - May 01, 2005 - Brigitte Drupiewski, 52, of Pueblo West, born Feb. 19, 1953, in Heitbronn, Germany, passed away April 29, 2005. Survived by her husband, Jerome; children, Hans (Nicole), Susanne (Greg) and Michael (Alishia); and grandchildren, Samuel, Hannah and Michael. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. Memorial service, 1 p.m. Thursday, at First Congregational UCC, 228 W. Evans Ave. In lieu of flowers, memorials to American Cancer Society through the funeral home.

Drury, Evelyn L.
Evelyn L. Drury - Pueblo Chieftain - September 24, 1973 - Funeral services for Mrs. Evelyn L. Drury, 87, will be held at 2 p.m. today in La Veta Baptist Church. Burial will be in La Veta Cemetery. Mrs. Drury and her husband, the late George O. Drury, lived many years on a ranch near the Spanish Peaks. They moved to La Veta in 1955. She is survived by three sons, including Robert and Howard Drury of La Veta; a daughter, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Drury, George I.
George I. Drury - Huerfano World - December 18, 2003 -This Week in La Veta History - 1912: Died, George I. Drury of Dean, Las Animas County, 70. He was the Dean postmaster and veteran of the Civil War. He leaves his wife, three daughters and one son. He was buried in Trinidad.

Drury, Glenn
Glenn Drury - World Independent – January 18, 1956 - Glenn Drury Of La Veta Kills Himself - Glenn Drury, La Veta rancher, shot himself to death yesterday afternoon in what was apparently a suicide. His widow and officials believe that despondency over the recent sale of his ranch and over the death, last fall, of his nephew, Larry in a traffic accident, led the 48-year-old man to shoot himself in the head with a 300 Savage. Circumstances, position of the body and of the rifle, support that belief but it was pointed out that no suicide note was found, thus presenting what one official termed a “1000-to-1” chance that the shooting was accidental. Mr. Drury's body was found by his wife shortly after noon yesterday. She called a neighbor who in turn called for the Burress ambulance and for Dr. James Lamme Jr. who raced to the ranch, one mile west of La Veta, from Walsenburg over icy, treacherous roads. When they arrived they found Drury's body at the bottom of a stair leading to a loft in a barn behind his home. The top of his head was blown off. The rifle and the ejected shell were in the loft above. Sheriff Anthony F. Velarde and Coroner Herbert Furphy were immediately called. They concluded that Mr. Drury had taken the gun into the loft, put its butt against a stanchion just in front of the stair, placed the muzzle against his head and pulled the trigger. The impact knocked him down the stairs. It was obvious the gun's muzzle had been held against his forehead. It was decided there will be no inquest since there was no remote indication of foul play. Mr. Drury was born in Dean, Colo., May 29, 1907, and came to Huerfano County at the age of 17. He has been engaged in ranching and farming in the La Veta area ever since. In 1933 he married Norma Hart, of La Veta who survives him. There are no children. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by the Burress Memorial chapel.

Drury, Maddox Gregory
Maddox Gregory Drury – Pueblo Chieftain – September 21, 2006 - Baby Maddox Gregory Drury, of Pueblo, went to be with the Lord on Sept. 18, 2006. He was preceded in death by his grandmother, Carol Ann Drury; great-grandmother, Alice M. Lucero; and great-grandfather, Floyd Joe Southern. He is survived by his parents, Angel Lucero and Brian Drury; sister, Lexi Raye Chavez; brother, Noah David Chavez; grandparents, Edith Southern, David (Shelly) Lucero and Lynn Drury; aunts, Disa Drury, Jolene (Gus) Basterrechea and Vanessa (Joseph) Huhn; uncle, Gregory (Jami) Drury; and numerous other relatives and friends. Vigil rosary and memorial service, 11 a.m. Friday, Romero Chapel. Relatives and friends will be received at Romero's Hall after service. "We were expecting a baby and God gave us an Angel."

Drury, Virginia C.
Virginia C. Drury - Pueblo Chieftain - June 29, 2001 - Virginia C. Drury, age 86, born Oct. 18, 1914, in Fulton, Kan., passed away June 28, 2001. Mrs. Drury is preceded in death by her husband, Robert, in 1986; and son, Larry Drury, in 1955. She is survived by her son, Don (Marguerite) Drury. Grandmother of Dwight (Michele) Drury, Dwane (Patty) Drury and Dawn (Mike) Daurio. Great-grandmother of Brandi, Nicole, Brianna, Amber, Derek, Whitney and Dalton. Also survived by her sister, Edna Wheeler; and daughter-in-law, Georgina Drury. She was a member of Rebecca Lodge No. 112. Virginia was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Viewing, noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the funeral home. Funeral service, 10 a.m. Monday, George McCarthy Historic Chapel. Interment, La Veta Cemetery at 2 p.m.

Druva, Dorothy Jean
Dorothy May Jean Sypher Druva - Pueblo Chieftain - July 16, 2002 - Dorothy May Jean Sypher Druva, 77, passed away July 13, 2002. Survived by her son, Ronald Stephen Druva, and wife, Susan Brooks-Druva of Albuquerque, N.M.; son-in-law, William Roush of Iowa City, Iowa; grandchildren, Jeanette Druva-Roush and Elsabeth Druva-Roush, both of Iowa City, Iowa, Eric Joseph Druva of Santa Fe, N.M., Michael Adam Gay of Fort Hood, Texas, and David Alan Buckley of Albuquerque, N.M.; brothers, Calvin Moore of Kansas City, Mo., Roy Dargle of Kansas, Sherman Lance and Charles Lance, both of Oklahoma; and sister, Merletta Lance of Oklahoma. Preceded in death by her husband, William Albert Druva on Aug. 8, 1993; daughter, Cynthia Laura Ann Druva-Roush in 1997; and sisters, Rose Lynn Moore-Schmidt, Mary Dargle and Betty Lou Moore. Dorothy was born May 3, 1925, in Amistad, N.M. She was a graduate of St. Mary-Corwin School of Nursing, was a registered nurse and had many certifications and specialties in her field. Member of St. Peter the Apostle Episcopal Church, the PEO, The Daughters of the King, Humane Society Animal Rescue, and Boy and Girl Scouts. Through her devotion to the Boy and Girl Scouts, Dorothy received the Order of the Lord Baden-Powell, the Wood Badge Award and the Order of the Silver Buffalo Award. She was the president of the Columbine Council, Girl Scouts of America. She will lie in state today at the funeral home from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at St. Peter the Apostle Episcopal Church, 3939 W. Pueblo Blvd., with Rev. Christy Shain-Hendricks officiating. A reception will follow at the church. Private family interment, Mountain View Cemetery.

Dryden, Helen
Helen Supancic Dryden - Huerfano World - November 20, 2006 - Helen Supancic Dryden, 89, passed away on November 22, 2006 in her hometown, Walsenburg. Helen was born in Ojo on February 22, 1917, to the late Valentine and Loisa Supancic, youngest of nine children. In 1942 she married Robert Dryden and together they were the proprietors of the Broadway Grocery, Pay-Lo Wholesale and Broadway Furniture on West Seventh Street, the family business and home. Helen loved her family and friends and loved to entertain and cook for them. Her nieces and nephews were her special children along with her great love of animals. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert; brothers, Louis (Margaret) Valentine, Rudy (Ruth), Johnny, Steve, Frank (Mary) Supancic and sisters, Mary (Tony) Starika and Lucy (Murl) Packard. She is survived by her nieces, Mary Louse Penny and Rose Marie Packard and nephews, Louis, Jim (Barbara), Karl and Steve Supancic and great-nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held on November 27 at St. Mary Catholic Church in Walsenburg, followed by burial at Masonic Cemetery. Memorial donations can be made to Colorado State Veterans Memorial Nursing Home (Residents Fund), 23500 U. S. Highway 160, Walsenburg, CO 81089.

Dryden, Jeanine S.
Jeanine S. Dryden - Mullare-Murphy Funeral Home - January 24, 2004 - Services for former Trinidad resident, Jeanine S. Dryden, will be held Monday, January 26, at 10 a.m. at the Mullare-Murphy Funeral Home Chapel in Trinidad. Mrs. Dryden died at her home in Denver January 21 after a short illness. She was 93. Mrs. Dryden was born in Devonport, England, March 9, 1910, returned to her homeland in Scotland and then came to Trinidad with her mother and two sisters following the death of her father in 1917. She graduated from Trinidad High School and worked as a bookkeeper for a laundry in Trinidad. She married Forrest T. Dryden, a linotype operator at the Chronicle News, in Raton, NM, August 21, 1931 The couple later move to Shawnee, Okla., where their son, Jack, was born in 1935. During WWII, Mrs. Dryden passed the examination to become a volunteer Red Cross nurse's aide and she worked in the ACH Hospital in Shawnee until the family moved to Greeley, Colo., in 1948. In Greeley Mrs. Dryden worked as a bookkeeper for the Northern Colorado Savings and Loan Assn. and later as a Deputy County Clerk in the Weld County Clerk's office. In 1972, Mr. Dryden retired from the Greeley Tribune and the couple returned to Trinidad where she became very involved with Mt. San Rafael Hospital Auxiliary volunteers and the Trinidad Welcome Center. She continued to live in Trinidad after the death of Mr. Dryden in September 1980, and moved to Denver in September 1991 to be close to Jack and his wife, Mary. In addition to Jack, Mrs. Dryden is survived by her sister, Mima Cummings of Trinidad. Her sister, Ann, preceded her in death in 1973. Other survivors include Don, Vonnie and Cameron Cummings of Trinidad, Sue Cummings of Fort Collins, Colo. and sister-in-law Edna Dryden of Casa Grande, Ariz. And many other friends and children, whose lives she touched. Should friends desire, contributions may be made to The First Christian Church of Trinidad, Colorado. The family of Jeanine S. Dryden has entrusted arrangements to the Mullare-Murphy Funeral Home.

Dryden, Robert
Robert Dryden - Huerfano World - October 3, 1991 - In Memoriam - In Loving Memory of Robert Dryden who passed away 10 years ago Oct. 1, 1981. - Verse - Sadly missed by wife Helen Dryden and Family Members.

Dryden, Theodosia
Mrs. Theodosia Dryden - Walsenburg World Independent - December 11, 1944 - Mrs. Theodosia Dryden, a long time resident of La Veta and Huerfano County, died at the home of her son in La Veta yesterday. She was born July 7, 1850, at Elveston, Ill. She came to Huerfano County in 1888 from Tarkio, Mo., where she settled with her family on the Santa Clara, near the Spanish Peaks. In 1893, she moved to La Veta, where she has lived since. She is survived by one son, Fred, of La Veta, and by one brother, Joseph M. Suter of Oklahoma City, Okla. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2 o'clock at the Baptist church in La Veta, with the Rev. J. H. Gerault officiating. Interment will be in the La Veta cemetery, under the direction of the Unfug-Peet mortuary. Huerfano World - December 18, 2003 -This Week in La Veta History - 1944: Theodosia Dryden, La Veta's oldest citizen, died at the age of 94. She was a resident here 52 years and leaves her son Fred, La Veta.

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