Pueblo County Marriages

Contributed by Karen Mitchell

Aasterud, Oscar N. and Billadeaux, Laura A. on 10 April 1916

Abaldonado, Antoneto and Gonzales, Refugio on 1 Aug 1881

Abalos, Blas and Cruz, Delfina on 7 Aug 1909

Abalos, John and Ward, Albina on 3 Feb 1913

Abalos, Manuela and Autobee, George on 1 May 1921

Abalos, Modesto and Saldivar, Consuelo on 22 Jun 1935

Abalos, Nestor and Cruz, Benita on 8 Sep 1921

Abarr, Earl L. and Wright, Maude O. on 24 April 1919

Abbate, Jasper and Spinuzzie, Angelina on 2 Jun 1928

Abbate, Jim and Todaro, Cira on 9 Oct 1921

Abbate, Tony and Porco, Rosie on 16 Feb 1917

Abbate, Tony and Spinnuza, Annie on 11 Sep 1919

Abbe, George A.L. and Morris, Helen on 3 Feb 1897

Abboto, Domenico and Potestio, Sarina on 7 Oct 1913

Abbott, Alfred H. and Quilitch, Lulu on 7 Dec 1904

Abbott, Frank L. and Brown, Helen on 16 Mar 1930

Abbott, Henry S. and Meredith, Myrtle on 30 Sep 1921

Abbott, John Neal and McCaslin, Maude M. on 12 Dec 1921

Abbott, Leo and McNamara, Florence on 16 Mar 1928

Abe, Richard and Joseph, Hifife on 11 Dec 1924

Abel, C.H. and Struck, Elisse on 20 Dec 1887

Abel, Eldred C. and Bradford, Anna E. on 1 Dec 1902

Abel, Fred and England, Friedericka on 6 May 1890

Abel, Henry G. and Stover, Hazel G. on 25 Jul 1932

Abel, Homer E. and McBride, Beulah E. on 4 Aug 1912

Abell, Martin A. and Huth, Agnes on 3 Apr 1907

Abell, Paul H. and Carr, Ethel on 6 Sep 1909

Abels, Charles and Eckhart, Minnie on 17 May 1880

Abercrombie, Harry W. and Lindley, Ada E. on 18 Aug 1915

Abernathy, A. and Shepard, Elizabeth on 4 Nov 1908

Abernathy, Earl A. and Tucker, Alma M. on 26 Nov 1937

Abernathy, F.A. and Thombs, Jennie on 14 Jun 1905

Abernathy, Lloyd H. and Ricketts, Nellie R. on 16 May 1933

Aberson, Abraham and Anderson, Nancy A. on 2 Feb 1871

Aberton, J. Edward and Beauvais, Myrna T. on 14 Sep 1933

Abete, Tony and Incarolone, Carmelina on 1 Sep 1928

Abeyta, Adolfo and Trujillo, Mary A. on 30 Sep 1939

Abeyta, Charley and Tobin, Carmelita on 14 Aug 1937

Abeyta, Ernest and Garcia, Ester on 30 Dec 1933

Abeyta, Felix and Gonzales, Teresa on 21 Apr 1913

Abeyta, Frank and Armijo, Fidelia on 16 Feb 1920

Abeyta, Isidoro and Griego, Cecilia on 14 Mar 1927

Abeyta, Juan J. and Martinez, Domisinda on 5 Oct 1914

Abeyta, Leopoldo A. and Dominguez, Frances on 16 Jan 1917

Abeyta, Manuel and Gonzales, Lupita on 15 Nov 1926

Abeyta, Romaldo and Martinez, Danielita on 11 May 1910

Abeyta, Serafin and Valenzuela, Lucy on 22 Sep 1930

Abila, Jesus and Martinez, Consepecion on 14 Aug 1913

Abilez, Riteriano and Ramirez, Guadelupe on 10 Mar 1923

Able, J. Ernest and Henkel, Clara D. on 26 Oct 1902

Abourezk, Harry and Keele, Nollie on 2 May 1922

Abplanalp, Lois and Abplanalp, Roy F. on 4 Oct 1939

Abplanalp, Roy F. and Abplanalp, Lois on 4 Oct 1939

Abraham, E.G. and Abraham, Rosa H. on 4 Aug 1909

Abraham, Hyman and Goodman, Roselyn on 24 Jan 1915

Abraham, Rosa H. and Abraham, E.G. on 4 Aug 1909

Abrams, Alice M. and Auston, Charles T. on 8 Apr 1913

Abrrecht, Henry and Hartman, Thresa on 4 May 1939

Aby, Richard H. and Cobb, Nannie L. on 22 Mar 1890

Accamando, John and Carava, Anna on 30 Sep 1917

Ackely, Myrtle and Adams, Jacob D. on 15 May 1923

Ackerman, Charles and Atchison, Clara I. on 20 Nov 1921

Ackerman, Isaac M. and Hodges, Lee Jennie on 13 Apr 1916

Ackley, LeRoy J. and Goodson, Ida M. on 22 Feb 1916

Ackworth, Edward G. and Mizer, Vera Gladys on 8 Sep 1939

Acosta, Abe and Escobeda, Magdalena on 29 Jul 1935

Acosta, Abraham and Schubert, Emma on 29 Jul 1930

Acosta, Arthur and Sanchez, Dolores on 22 Jul 1923

Acosta, Joe and Neumeister, Ada on 6 Nov 1937

Acosta, John M. and Travino, Dorothy on 4 Feb 1931

Acosta, Pedro and Cruz, Carmel on 16 Jun 1926

Acosta, Ralph and Chavez, Adeline on 13 May 1936

Acosta, Rudolph and Eve, Bertha Lillian on 10 Feb 1934

Acree, Bryan and Gierhart, Naomi on 24 Feb 1928

Acree, Charles and Sherman, Sarah O. on 2 Jan 1922

Acton, E. D. and Vornkahl, Gussie on 17 Oct 1901

Acton, Granville R. and Wetmore, Opal M. on 2 Dec 1927

Acton, Minor J. and Cohill, Fannie B. on 26 Dec 1899

Acuff, Eva Clara and Adams, Vinson John on 7 Oct 1914

Acuff, James J. and Mack, Helen on 11 Sep 1937

Acuff, Joseph G. and Watkins, Helen A. on 25 Aug 1938

Acuna, Jose A. and Cortez, Dolores on 28 Jun 1919

Acuna, Rafael and Vasquez, Estefana on 19 Mar 1918

Adair, Austin B. and Warman, Flora C. on 5 Jul 1918

Adair, Austin F. and Hall, Christine Diane on 19 Sep 1937

Adair, George A. and Divelbiss, Emma E. on 2 Jul 1894

Adair, George F. and Allen, Ella on 30 Mar 1892

Adair, Homer and Pyle, Edna Mary on 12 Dec 1929

Adair, James W. and Adair, Lora on 30 Sep 1915

Adair, Lora and Adair, James W. on 30 Sep 1915

Adam, Emil and Kanke, Helen on 19 Feb 1909

Adam, Frank and Tomsic, Johana on 31 May 1914

Adam, George Henry and Bowers, Amelia Ada on 3 Dec 1917

Adam, Joseph Edward and Draper, Lena on 9 Oct 1922

Adam, Paul J. and Mangan, Ellen M. on 23 Dec 1930

Adame, Natividad and Ordones, Margarita on 7 Jun 1922

Adamich, Frank and Miles, Sylvia on 23 Dec 1920

Adamich, John and Marojedec, Tharena on 10 Feb 1902

Adamich, Louis and Yaklich, Angela on 4 Jun 1924

Adamoric, Barbara and Adamoric, Vladislar on 11 Sep 1900

Adamoric, Vladislar and Adamoric, Barbara on 11 Sep 1900

Adams, Alva B. and Moses, Yorke Clyda on 10 Aug 1904

Adams, Carey B. and Trout, Nellie M. on 21 Aug 1909

Adams, Claud B. and Marksheffel, Emma on 14 Sep 1904

Adams, Elisha J. and Olander, Selma M. on 10 Mar 1924

Adams, Francis S. and Holmes, Sophia on 14 Jun 1906

Adams, Frank C. and McDonald, Lydia L. on 11 Jun 1896

Adams, Fred and Forman, Nellie on 15 Oct 1918

Adams, Glenn and Culwell, Hazel on 10 Sep 1938

Adams, H.S. and Wilson, Fay on 15 Jun 1908

Adams, Hubert W. and Ingram, Lucile Ruby on 12 Sep 1910

Adams, Jacob D. and Ackely, Myrtle on 15 May 1923

Adams, James C. and Trask, Mabel E. on 1 Apr 1935

Adams, James H. and Clarke, Lorana on 7 Jun 1922

Adams, John and Ather, Annie on 8 Jan 1904

Adams, John B. and Phillips, Bessie L. on 4 Jun 1908

Adams, John O. and Whitten, Connie B. on 5 Jul 1904

Adams, Joseph C. and Allen, Mary H. on 15 Dec 1910

Adams, Joseph J. and Lonjers, Mary on 23 Oct 1913

Adams, Lester D. and Region, Rose on 5 Jul 1938

Adams, Lillian C. and Anderson, G.A. on 14 Apr 1939

Adams, Martha E. and Anderson, George on 6 Dec 1916

Adams, O.H. and Steel, Anna O. on 18 Nov 1903

Adams, Raymond and Avery, Alberta on 14 Jul 1928

Adams, Robert and Hysell, Ruth on 24 Aug 1912

Adams, Roy and Claypool, May on 12 Sep 1925

Adams, Roy Ellis and Adkins, Winifred on 20 Jul 1910

Adams, Sherman D. and Lundy, Elizabeth on 14 Jun 1936

Adams, Sylevester and Kelsey, Annie on 26 Oct 1913

Adams, Vinson John and Acuff, Eva Clara on 7 Oct 1914

Adams, Walter G. and Fox, Louisa M. on 19 May 1879

Adamson, Lee and Rebenort, Lena on 15 Apr 1922

Adcock, Lansford and Foster, Maud on 25 Oct 1904

Adcock, Myrani L. and Halcombe, Clara on 12 Mar 1884

Adcox, Charlie F. and Shirley, Susie on 12 Jun 1926

Addair, Wm. W. and Morgan, Sarah on 16 Aug 1877

Addington, Mary Evelyn and Atwood, Guy on 24 Aug 1938

Addleman, Harold and Hardman, Edna Francis on 2 Nov 1912

Addoms, John and Bradfield, Carrie E. on 16 Jan 1905

Adelman, Franklin W. and Risinger, Ada M. on 27 Feb 1934

Adelyn, Mary Jo Russo and Alessandro, Leonard on 14-Nov-1937

Aders, Julian and Pinela, Maria on 25 Jan 1919

Adfield, Carl F. and O'Connor, Florence L. on 1 Jun 1936

Adkins, Roy B. and Keast, Mildred A. on 27 Nov 1929

Adkins, Winifred and Adams, Roy Ellis on 20 Jul 1910

Adkinson, Hugh and Morgan, Mattie Lenore on 24 Dec 1907

Adkison, Stacker L. and Hill, Frances on 1 Nov 1917

Adkisson, William L. and Almond, Lucretia E. on 17 Nov 1920

Adney, R.J. and Edwards, Sarah A. on 2 May 1901

Adolfson, Gus and Peterson, Frida on 30 Jun 1899

Adoloch, John and Gatza, Mary on 16 May 1900

Adoma, Bidal and Hernandez, Lillian on 27 Apr 1935

Adrianssens, Jesse A. and Schlund, Mollie on 24 Feb 1914

Aebli, Henry and Claus, Hellna M. on 9 Feb 1898

Afan, Via Antonio and Jaquez, Lucia on 7 Aug 1918

Affdenkamp, John F. and Jones, Mary E. on 28 Feb 1911

Affley, Harry J. and Helm, Agnes on 26 Apr 1917

Affley, Jerome J. and Garnett, Blanche on 30 Apr 1893

Agard, Charles and Coleman, Minerva on 25 Apr 1893

Agee, Alfred A. and Martin, Erma L. on 6 Oct 1937

Agee, Clarence and Schrock, Alberta on 9 Jun 1929

Agee, Ossie and Arrington, Harry W. on 22 Jan 1925

Ager, Loren and Emmal, Alpha on 6 Oct 1924

Agnes, Angelo S. and Brannon, Bessie R. on 16 Apr 1934

Agnes, John and Hanna, Mattie on 22 Dec 1904

Agnew, Clarence E. and Roley, Josephine D. on 10 Feb 1906

Agnew, G.H. and Barnes, Louise on 3 Jun 1918

Agnew, Walter F. and Garrett, Frances on 14 Mar 1914

Aguallo, Emilio and Ortiz, Esther on 17 Sep 1919

Aguilar, David and Trujillo, Mary on 28 Dec 1932

Aguilar, Federico and Hernandez, Josefa on 5 Mar 1920

Aguilar, Fred and Gonzales, Manuela on 22 Sep 1928

Aguilar, Jose and Lopez, Angelina on 14 Jul 1934

Aguilar, Justo and Torris, Mary on 12 Nov 1927

Aguilar, Leon and Debara, Guadalupe on 21 Apr 1917

Aguilar, Manuel and Frodshan, Leila on 11 Mar 1919

Aguilar, Manuel and Paraz, Vargina on 22 Aug 1919

Aguilar, Raffaele and Blanco, Lenora on 15 Aug 1912

Aguilar, Refugio and Romero, Rebeca on 17 May 1926

Aguilar, Thomas and Lobato, Ursile Maria on 30 Jun 1919

Aguilar, Tom and Lovato, Rosa on 17 Feb 1931

Aguilera, Antonio and Estrada, Ramona on 18 Nov 1928

Aguilera, Rayo and Chavez, Rosa on 2 Dec 1923

Aguiree, Francisco and Arellano, Margarita on 28 Dec 1932

Aguirre, Eustacio and Maciel, Marie R.Z. on 22 Sep 1923

Aguirre, Florencio and Villaneva, Guadalupe on 1 Sep 1920

Aguirre, Guillermo and Mendez, Adelina on 19 Jan 1926

Aguirre, Narciso and Gonzales, Reinalda on 15 Sep 1924

Aguirres, Francisco and Martinez, Ysabelita on 2 Feb 1896

Ahl, Eric Konrad and Magnusson, Edla Naomi L. on 16-Jun-1934

Ahlers, Adolf J. and Dorland, Margaret on 21 Jun 1931

Ahlers, Art and Meter, Fay Van on 4 Apr 1926

Ahlers, Robert E. and Henley, Barbara J. on 16-Dec-1960

Ahlin, Frank and Tekavcic, Francis on 18 Aug 1908

Ahlin, Frank and Zupancich, Mary on 5 Jun 1905

Ahlin, Frank and Eccker, Irma on 20 Oct 1929

Ahlin, Louis and Chapman, Josephine on 23 Nov 1939

Ahlin, Mike and Butala, Mary on 12 Aug 1918

Ahrenschild, John H. and Goddard, Hattie on 8 Apr 1915

Aibner, Charles C. and Jett, Eloise S. on 10 Oct 1935

Aiken, Frank W. and Richie, Mary on 23 Jan 1901

Aimone, Frank and Balma, Antonietta on 21 Dec 1907

Aistrop, R.E. and Guthrey, Lillian B. on 28 Aug 1903

Aistrop, Walter B. and Mills, Flora E. on 22 Nov 1904

Akerley, John A. and Marugg, Lena on 23 Dec 1899

Akers, Lee W. and Dalton, Anna A. on 12 Oct 1905

Akers, Russell P. and Jenkins, Phoebe on 20 Feb 1925

Akin, Earl W. and Geisler, Genevieve on 16 Jun 1936

Akin, Ida L. and Ayres, S.C. on 19 Feb 1882

Akin, J.A. and Jones, Bernice on 10 Feb 1904

Akin, Roy D. and Swartz, Rose M. on 14 Apr 1934

Akin, Walter D. and Carver, Edna F. on 10 Nov 1911

Akivis, Isidore and Wolsky, Pearl on 31 Aug 1926

Akiyama, Tom and Ota, Haruye on 1 Jan 1932

Alander, Adolf and Nelson, Mary E. on 23 Jan 1902

Alarcon, Jesus and Salcido, Juana on 26 Apr 1924

Alarcon, Joe and Barros, Placida on 17 Nov 1938

Alarcon, Jose and Contreras, Rose on 25 Sep 1936

Alarcon, Jose and Lopez, Berenave on 18 Jun 1923

Alarcon, Rose and Alex, Gust on 16 Apr 1928

Alarson, Atilano and Castillo, Juanita on 17 Sep 1919

Albanese, Nick and Hiza, Cristina on 8 Jan 1916

Albano, Vitale and Ferraro, Vincenza Nunzia on 20 Jul 1912

Alber, Louis P. and Offerle, Amanda on 14 Apr 1898

Albera, Charles Felix and Beamis, Josephine on 28 May 1891

Alberey, Geronimo and Estrada, Nuncio Clara on 16 Apr 1909

Alberico, Crecencio and Inglese, Lena on 19 Jul 1903

Albero, Victor and Hospitalier, Ida on 20 Sep 1887

Albers, Walter L. and Creswell, Alma E. on 5 Oct 1925

Albers, Zillah M. and Atkinson, Samuel W. on 11 Apr 1912

Albert, George P. and Case, Isabel on 28 Jun 1908

Albert, Louis and Andriko, Helen on 24 Oct 1893

Alberton, J. and Langner, Anna on 19 Feb 1883

Albertson, Den D. and Bragg, Helen M. on 15 Nov 1922

Alberty, Willis and Bird, Melvina on 20 Aug 1888

Albet, John and Callante, Aleni on 19 Mar 1902

Albi, Salvatore and Albo, Mina Marie on 8 Jun 1930

Albidrez, Casimiro and Hurtado, Maria on 19 Jan 1931

Albillar, Daniel G. and Montoya, Natividad on 2 Sep 1934

Albin, Clyde W. and Arthur, Alta on 9 Dec 1902

Albo, Albert C. and Bartolo, Mucci Lana on 18 Jun 1912

Albo, Archille and Cesareo, Serafina on 5 Jul 1913

Albo, Felix and Duran, Jesusita on 23 Apr 1930

Albo, Manuel and Avalos, Delia on 19 Dec 1928

Albo, Mina Marie and Albi, Salvatore on 8 Jun 1930

Albo, Rogers B. and Ambrose, Thelma on 2 Dec 1915

Albrecht, Floyd and Swisher, Aalaine on 11 Jun 1938

Alcorn, Virginia and Alcorn, Wm. A. on 27 Sep 1923

Alcorn, Wm. A. and Alcorn, Virginia on 27 Sep 1923

Alden, Edward K. and Ward, Irene F. on 24 Jan 1881

Alderette, Alfonso and Ontiveros, Mercedes P. on 22 Sep 1937

Alderson, Arthur and Richardson, Eleanor on 27 Sep 1931

Alderson, Arthur and Wainscott, Hazel on 10 Jun 1928

Alderson, Roy E. and Hayworth, Bell Allie on 5 Jun 1911

Aldred, Fred and Humphries, Rachel on 23 Aug 1899

Aldred, Walter and Petry, Pearl on 30 Mar 1910

Aldredge, Jesse R. and Creason, Mary E. on 4 Jun 1935

Aldrich, Garland B. and Lavender, Minnie M. on 7 Nov 1938

Aldrich, Harlin F. and Connell, Bertha S.M. on 6 Sep 1911

Aldrich, James D. and Liebler, Antoniette on 15 Feb 1913

Aldrich, Samuel and Carlile, Maggie E. on 29 Nov 1877

Aldridge, Aaron H. and Hindom, Alameda G. on 28 Jan 1924

Aldridge, Hillyard A. and Vintson, Ozzela T. on 19 Jul 1913

Aldridge, J.O. and Cooper, Anna on 28 May 1907

Aldridge, John Wm. and Avery, Ellen on 24 Oct 1921

Alejandre, Jesus and Diaz, Secundina on 19 Feb 1923

Aleman, Henry and Algien, Rebecca on 7 Jan 1931

Alessandro, Leonard and Adelyn, Mary Jo Russo on 14-Nov-1937

Alessi, Giovanni and Incerti, Maria on 13 Nov 1909

Alex, Gust and Alarcon, Rose on 16 Apr 1928

Alexander, Arthur S. and Parker, Ethel on 28 Nov 1912

Alexander, Calvin D. and Madon, Iva May on 8 Sep 1935

Alexander, Fred and Snell, Lettie on 16 Jul 1900

Alexander, Fred C. and Roberts, Coral E. on 25 Jun 1922

Alexander, Gilbert and Burns, Emma J. on 8 Jan 1878

Alexander, James A. and Bittner, Carrie on 26 Jun 1898

Alexander, James F. and Smith, Harriet on 30 Oct 1891

Alexander, John and Camp, Susie on 20 Jul 1915

Alexander, Leslie M. and Howe, Marie E. on 29 Oct 1930

Alexander, Lewis M. and Smith, Gladys F. on 25 Oct 1928

Alexander, Nelson and Tannahill, Jady A. on 8 Feb 1930

Alexander, Nelson E. and Mann, Susie C. on 23 Aug 1908

Alexander, Patterson and Garrison, Agnes J. on 24 Jun 1890

Alexander, R.M. and Highland, Pearl on 14 Oct 1903

Alexander, Rufus and Whitehead, Henrylee on 15 Jun 1922

Alexander, W.R. and Haller, Susie E. on 12 Apr 1887

Alexander, Worth W. and Slaughter, Hattie on 8 Sep 1925

Alfanso, Anna and Serracino, Ralph on 12-Feb-1923

Algien, Rebecca and Aleman, Henry on 7 Jan 1931

Algien, Trini and Archuletta, Jasper on 11 Aug 1938

Allen, Arthur and Prescott, Amanda C. on 25 Sep 1884

Allen, Arthur C. and Spoon, Mildred Mary on 4 Mar 1919

Allen, Arthur L. and West, Maude C. on 10 Feb 1920

Allen, Benjamin B. and Rankin, Louise on 4 Jun 1902

Allen, Burton J. and Roberts, Mabel A. on 1 Jan 1914

Allen, Charles B. and Layahon, Ella on 19 Dec 1889

Allen, Charles W. and Cooper, Mittie on 15 Aug 1917

Allen, E. Saunders and Bentley, Sara E. on 22 Jan 1908

Allen, E.H. and Cunninigham, Mary E. on 10 Mar 190

Allen, Ella and Adair, George F. on 30 Mar 1892

Allen, Elmo and Smith, Frances M. on 25 Dec 1927

Allen, Ernest A. and Sease, Nettie on 25 Dec 1907

Allen, Frank and Lawton, Helen on 28 Mar 1921

Allen, George G. and Wetzler, Velma L. on 31 Aug 1930

Allen, George W. and Bell, Minnie on 13 Jun 1905

Allen, Guy Alvah and Sanders, Darling Grace on 29 Jun 1910

Allen, Guy L. and Roche, Frances W. on 12-Oct-1911 lisc

Allen, Harry Clifton and Wittenburt, Clara Ida on 2 Jul 1910

Allen, Harry D. and Fields, Adaline L. on 4 Jan 1902

Allen, Harry R. and Craddock, Leota M. on 21 Jan 1917

Allen, Hazel and Asher, Wm.R. on 4 Jan 1928

Allen, J.D. and Chatwin, Sarah A. on 25 Dec 1894

Allen, Jack and Murrow, Illene on 17 Nov 1938

Allen, Jack H. and Harden, Barbara G. on 12 Nov 1921

Allen, Jacob M. and Goldsmith, Julia A. on 14 Nov 1899

Allen, James T. and Plough, Pearl on 4 Jan 1930

Allen, Jerry and Cox, Lottie B. on 21 Jan 1919

Allen, Jesse C. and Gabe, Sina on 7 Jul 1904

Allen, Jesse T. and Sims, Sudie on 28 May 1917

Allen, John L. and Steen, Florence E. on 12 Sep 1922

Allen, Joseph D. and Finch, Clara on 16 Nov 1885

Allen, Joseph S. and Jones, Rose M. on 31 Mar 1896

Allen, Lon and Shrumpf, Dorothy on 6 Sep 1926

Allen, Luther L. and Wakefield, Verda on 4 Feb 1921

Allen, Lyle H. and Primm, Ellen on 1 Jul 1928

Allen, Mary H. and Adams, Joseph C. on 15 Dec 1910

Allen, Otto D. and Shrock, Mabel C. on 27 Jun 1904

Allen, Perry William and Thiemke, Meta B.V. on 18 May 1910

Allen, Princen and Rambo, Jean on 5 Jul 1921

Allen, R. Clyde and Anderson, Edith M. on 22 Jun 1932

Allen, Ralph S. and Yarberry, Mildred F. on 15 Apr 1935

Allen, Ray H. and Harbert, Frankie B. on 31 Aug 1929

Allen, Richard H. and Belair, Maggie on 29 Nov 1884

Allen, Robert and Cooper, Edith on 18 Jun 1936

Allen, Robert L. and Belloni, Hazel C. on 19 Feb 1930

Allen, Samuel B. and Reardon, Berneice on 22 Jan 1927

Allen, Silas W. and Mueller, Mary on 2 Aug 1903

Allen, Sylvester and Simms, Louisa on 23 Mar 1871

Allen, Ted and Hayworth, Mabel G. on 25 May 1921

Allen, Thomas N. and Lynn, Lula May on 29 Oct 1924

Allen, Val D. and Baker, Abbie on 20 Mar 1918

Allen, Vera Kile and Anderson, Clarence L. on 2 Feb 1929

Allen, Wallace and Marchand, Virginia on 22 Aug 1921

Allen, Walter B. and Parker, Marian E. on 7 Jan 1935

Allen, Walter Wood and Bain, Eva Mariel on 21 Jan 1893

Allen, William and Gee, Jennie on 16 Sep 1891

Allen, William and James, Emmalenia on 2 Apr 1891

Allen, William D. and McGuin, Myrtle on 4 Sep 1918

Allen, William H. and Mitchell, Edith Diggett on 7 Nov 1898

Allen, William H. and Diggett, Edith Mitchell on 7 Nov 1898

Allen, William L. and Coombs, Lucy A. on 19 Dec 1912

Allen, William P. and Rupplinger, Frances A. on 26 Mar 1916

Allen, William P. and Sloan, Grace M. on 11 Jun 1905

Allen, William R. and Bush, Flora Belle on 12 Sep 1930

Allenback, George W. and Seits, Ketie on 14 Oct 1909

Allenbough, John H. and Barnes, Venise on 24 Oct 1935

Allender, William H. and Caffery, Catharine on 8 Apr 1890

Allensworth, Lester A. and Allinson, Grace on 14 Jul 1924

Aller, Frank D. and Miller, Bessie B. on 10 Jul 1895

Alley, Henry C. and Close, Cyrean on 15 Jul 1913

Alley, Margaret and Kennedy, William T. on 29-Jun-1920

Alley, Myrtle and Atkinson, Louis on 14 Sep 1899

Allgrew, Lander R. and Williams, Mary M. on 7 Nov 1910

Allin, E.F. and Loomis, Hazel on 18 Feb 1908

Allinder, Joe A. and Cartmill, Charlotte on 9 Sep 1926

Allinson, Grace and Allensworth, Lester A. on 14 Jul 1924

Allinson, Harry P. and Jinkerson, Mary on 23 Oct 1922

Allis, Annie and Allis, John on 16 Jan 1901

Allis, Charles H. and Nobles, Clara on 16 Nov 1893

Allis, John and Allis, Annie on 16 Jan 1901

Allison, Clarence T. and Shumaker, Grace on 22 May 1922

Allison, Don T. and Mulnix, Cora B. on 15 Jan 1901

Allison, Edwin L. and Gandy, Elizabeth E. on 12 Oct 1920

Allison, Frank E. and Smith, Elise C. on 19 Dec 1920

Allison, Lafayette and Karlson, Ester T. on 26 Mar 1906

Allison, R.M. and McGuire, Maggie on 20 May 1886

Allison, S.O. and Cogswell, Kate on 9 Sep 1895

Allitto, Ippolito and Veltri, Clemintine on 16 Jan 1902

Allmon, George and Landry, Augusta V. on 30 Mar 1927

Almando, Comastro and Cafone, Mary on 16 May 1907

Almaraz, Basillio R. and Gomez, Lionor R. on 15 Jan 1925

Almon, Edw. B. and Slaughter, Donna on 1 Jul 1923

Almond, Lucretia E. and Adkisson, William L. on 17 Nov 1920

Almquist, John C. and Lind, Hilda M. on 4 Apr 1896

Alonso, Manuel and Archuleta, Maraguita on 13 Jul 1912

Alonzo, Ismael and Urueta, Herlinda on 12 Mar 1924

Alonzo, Ramon and Trujillo, Tomasita on 3 Oct 1908

Alrup, Frank and Willis, Estella on 6 Jun 1880

Alstatt, Victor T. and McChesney, Edna Rolla on 7 Jan 1920

Alston, George W. and Johnson, Elizabeth on 14 Aug 1906

Alt, C. Edward and Fitzroy, Eleanor C. on 30 Jun 1937

Alt, Charles and Sheets, Dilla on 2 Aug 1890

Alt, Eugene D. and Long, Leta Mae on 20 Dec 1930

Alt, Harold M. and McCloskey, Vyrel S. on 26 Jun 1927

Alt, W.D. and Cummings, Josephine on 13 Apr 1899

Altaffer, Joseph R. and Johnston, Anna I. on 10 Jun 1916

Altamore, John and Conty, Mary on 29 Jun 1924

Altemeier, Fred T. and Clucas, May J. on 20 Nov 1889

Altic, Homer and Ritzman, Alma on 15 Nov 1918

Altic, James and Hurd, Eliza on 17 Nov 1906

Altman, E.C. and Fry, Addie M. on 11 Jul 1905

Altman, Harry W. and Bower, Pheby M. on 7 May 1882

Altman, Robert R. and Anderson, Naomi E. on 17 Jun 1922

Altman, Wallace David and Sroufe, May Helen on 15 Jun 1912

Altman, William and Fenton, Lou on 6 Dec 1920

Altman, Wolfe Morris and Lepkovitz, Hannah on 29 Oct 1912

Alumburgh, J.S. and Price, Blanch G. on 28 Nov 1891

Alvarado, Bernardo and Romero, Rosarito on 17 Mar 1920

Alvarado, Jose and Garcia, Josefa on 28 Dec 1923

Alvarado, Santos and Gaytan, Felicitas on 6 Aug 1918

Alvarez, Jose C. and Martinez, Luisa on 13 Nov 1916

Alvarez, Joseph C. and Montez, Andrea on 27 Jan 1923

Alvarez, Juan and Ramos, Consuela on 7 Mar 1921

Alvarez, Pablo and Garcia, Aurelia on 30 Dec 1927

Alvery, Uriah and McCaslin, Mary on 14 Jun 1915

Alvins, John and Brock, Ada F. on 27 Nov 1915

Amara, Antonio and Lopez, Manuela on 19 Nov 1924

Amaro, Pablo and Trujillo, Ermelinda on 25 May 1927

Amato, Antonio and Coco, Josephine on 6 Jun 1925

Amato, Tommaso D. and Milizzia, Maria on 11 Jun 1910

Amaya, Dolores and Vallejos, Josie on 2 May 1917

Amaya, George and Hargis, Mary Beth on 6 Jan 1939

Ambrose, Ethelmer E. and Darlington, Luella M. on 27 Feb 1895

Ambrose, Jesus and Castalleda, Alcadia on 17 Jun 1913

Ambrose, Julia and Arthur, Ambuel F. on 7 Aug 1925

Ambrose, Nathan F. and Smith, Ethel M. on 15 Mar 1912

Ambrose, Thelma and Albo, Rogers B. on 2 Dec 1915

Amderhill, Burton and Brenner, Mildred on 28 Jul 1928

Amendola, Domenico and Fontanella, Mariantonia on 11 Dec 1912

Amerine, Clarence and Place, Lonita on 23 Sep 1939

Amerman, Arba B. and Edmonds, Maude M. on 19 Jul 1933

Ames, E.L. and Schlenz, Fannie J. on 5 Jun 1890

Ames, H.H. and Patton, Jennie E. on 14 Apr 1883

Ames, Harry G. and Bauer, Minnie on 3 Jul 1936

Ames, Robert A. and Marlow, Emma L. on 27 Aug 1885

Amesquita, Louis G. and Ortega, Jossie on 3 Jun 1925

Amesquita, Louis G. and Ortega, Josie on 14 Nov 1927

Amesquita, Victorio and Garcia, Susana on 20 Oct 1917

Amicantonio, Frank and Swartz, Edna on 12 Jul 1927

Amicarello, Domenic and Ingrato, Carmela on 15 Jun 1891

Amick, Harry J. and Hopkins, Mary E. on 12 Aug 1924

Amick, John F. and Cecile, Sarah J. on 30 Mar 1887

Amidon, Albert B. and Cotton, Ruthanna on 16 Jun 1928

Amidon, Claude E. and Greene, L. Ester on 31 Dec 1924

Ammons, B.F. and Quick, Ida on 20 Sep 1903

Ammons, Elbert A. and Panepinto, Jennie on 1 Jun 1933

Amore, Vincent and Sciortino, Mary on 24 Jun 1939

Amos, George and Turman, Fannie on 17 Mar 1910

Amstead, Charles and Carson, May Bell on 29 Nov 1922

Amstutz, Harry C. and Cathcart, Grace E. on 4 Jun 1919

Amy, Lawrence T. and McKnight, Lucille on 12 Sep 1935

Amyx, Henry B. and Doyle, Eva May on 1 Jan 1922

Anaya, Anacleto and Montez, Auraea on 25 Jul 1923

Anaya, Gabriel and Martinez, Lucy F. on 27 Jun 1928

Anaya, Gabriel G. and Cassillia, Marie Andre on 25 Oct 1936

Anaya, Guillermo and Mestas, Elbira on 12 Aug 1916

Anaya, Hilbert and Garcia, Elizabeth on 25 Apr 1928

Anaya, Jesus Jose and Martinez, Gillerma on 8 Jul 1891

Anaya, Lucio and Aragon, Maria Atocha on 10 Oct 1908

Anaya, Pabeino and Anaya, Pedra on 12 Aug 1885

Anaya, Pedra and Anaya, Pabeino on 12 Aug 1885

Ancnik, Anton and Skul, Annie on 1 Aug 1910

Ancnik, John and Jalenich, Lizzie on 26 Dec 1921

Andersen, Albert C. and Dupuy, Bertha M. on 7 Oct 1929

Andersen, Howard E. and Barta, Hazel E. on 6 Jun 1926

Andersen, Jeus and Thompson, Hazel H. on 31 Aug 1923

Andersen, Steve and Minson, Freda on 23 Feb 1935

Andersen, T. and Morris, Edith Christen on 10 Mar 1934

Andersen, Theodore and Foree, Charlotte A. on 2 Apr 1927

Anderson, Albert E. and Denman, Myrtle E. on 28 Dec 1909

Anderson, Albert M. and Wise, Margie V. on 1 Jun 1929

Anderson, Alexander and Stimpson, Adelaide G. on 14 Jun 1894

Anderson, Alfred and Anderson, Thele on 31 Mar 1888

Anderson, Alfred and Anderson, Annie C. on 27 Jan 1896

Anderson, Andrew and Anderson, Minnie on 15 Jan 1898

Anderson, Andrew G. and Andrews, Hazel on 21 Mar 1917

Anderson, Andrew L. and Luckie, Ethel on 25 Sep 1919

Anderson, Andrew T.W. and Hermann, Anastasia on 15 Dec 1900

Anderson, Annie C. and Anderson, Alfred on 27 Jan 1896

Anderson, August and Rose, Selma on 25 Jan 1893

Anderson, B. Frank Jr. and Hoag, Thelma on 2 Dec 1932

Anderson, Carl R. and Lanning, Elsie Mae on 24 Jan 1937

Anderson, Carroll John and Boedecker, Loretto on 11 Jun 1912

Anderson, Charles and Ricketts, Edna on 8 Sep 1902

Anderson, Charles and Benson, Augusta on 28 Dec 1907

Anderson, Charles and Anderson, Mary on 21 Jan 1894

Anderson, Charles A. and Heminger, Emma on 17 Jul 1920

Anderson, Charles E. and Hollingshed, Mayme on 28 Jun 1921

Anderson, Charley W. and Quakenbush, Cullista S. on 18 Oct 1920

Anderson, Chriss and Pehrson, Mary on 3 Aug 1888

Anderson, Clarence L. and Allen, Vera Kile on 2 Feb 1929

Anderson, Daniel A. and Summers, Vera J. on 28 Sep 1915

Anderson, Dean Bert and Dorsey, Mary G. on 7 Sep 1911

Anderson, Edith M. and Allen, R. Clyde on 22 Jun 1932

Anderson, Edward C. and Landles, Barbara B. on 8 Jun 1916

Anderson, Edward Gust and Mynatt, Florence on 4 Nov 1937

Anderson, Edwin C. and Hadley, Mildred on 16 Dec 1939

Anderson, Eldridge C. and Armstrong, Hortense E. on 2 Nov 1932

Anderson, Elmer C. and Stallings, Alta on 15 Jun 1921

Anderson, Emil Emery and Bartlett, Rachel Ruth on 16 Jun 1919

Anderson, Ernest and Benton, Mary A. on 6 Nov 1906

Anderson, Florence and Axton, William C. on 5 Jan 1918

Anderson, Floyd R. and Needham, Minnie E. on 9 Jun 1933

Anderson, Fred and Johnson, Margaret on 8 Jan 1916

Anderson, Fred and Johnson, Emily on 9 Apr 1898

Anderson, G.A. and Adams, Lillian C. on 14 Apr 1939

Anderson, George and Adams, Martha E. on 6 Dec 1916

Anderson, George L. and Baxter, Bernice on 4 Dec 1927

Anderson, George S. and Meston, Elizabeth on 14 Jun 1930

Anderson, Gust and Benson, Julia on 2 Jan 1897

Anderson, Gust and Burndall, Mary on 22 Jul 1899

Anderson, Gustav Carl and Olson, Marie Signe on 27 Aug 1910

Anderson, H.A. and Martin, M.M. on 11 Jul 1905

Anderson, H.L. and Cornwell, Mary L. on 22 Apr 1883

Anderson, Harold N. and Townes, Mildred M. on 4 Nov 1928

Anderson, Henry and Opdal, Mary O. on 7 Sep 1894

Anderson, Henry B. and Sarlo, Bee on 29 May 1938

Anderson, Henry R. Jr. and Jeffers, Catherine N. on 22 May 1936

Anderson, Howard Dean and Colven, Lorenia Pearl on 22 Jul 1931

Anderson, Ira Paul and Mathews, Eva on 14 Sep 1916

Anderson, J.C. and Hopkins, Bertha on 11 Jun 1891

Anderson, James and Eskridge, Mary M. on 29 Nov 1890

Anderson, John and Johnson, Matilda on 18 Sep 1897

Anderson, John E. and Smith, Florence D. on 1 Nov 1928

Anderson, John W. and Williams, Arlene Eglj on 14 May 1938

Anderson, Leon and Roberts, Anna on 4 Jan 1905

Anderson, Leonard L. and Willis, Faye E. on 23 Nov 1924

Anderson, Lloyd S. and Prunty, Leo on 1 Dec 1924

Anderson, Louis M. and Soat, Edna M. on 17 Nov 1910

Anderson, Lysle G. and Cameron, Helen Mae on 4 Mar 1937

Anderson, Marshall S. and Bangess, Laura on 23 Apr 1910

Anderson, Mary and Anderson, Charles on 21 Jan 1894

Anderson, Mary S. and Andrae, Alan J. on 15 Jul 1938

Anderson, Mary S. and Andre, Alan J. on 15 Jul 1938

Anderson, Minnie and Anderson, Andrew on 15 Jan 1898

Anderson, Nancy A. and Aberson, Abraham on 2 Feb 1871

Anderson, Naomi E. and Altman, Robert R. on 17 Jun 1922

Anderson, Nels and Berggren, Carrie on 20 May 1896

Anderson, Nora V. and Jackson, Thomas J. on 22-Jul-1903

Anderson, Norval E. and Turner, Lilla on 18 Jun 1918

Anderson, O.F. and Nelson, Tillie on 17 Aug 1898

Anderson, Olley and Taylor, Nettie on 24 Dec 1890

Anderson, Ralph A. and Costello, Hazel on 4 Sep 1923

Anderson, Robert E. and Forsberg, Hazel on 22 Nov 1928

Anderson, Rosie and Atchinson, S.E. on 17 Aug 1884

Anderson, Thele and Anderson, Alfred on 31 Mar 1888

Anderson, Theo. B. and Cannon, Lucille on 25 Sep 1927

Anderson, Theodor Carl and Larson, Emelia on 27 Oct 1903

Anderson, Tom and Meredith, Eliza on 29 Apr 1900

Anderson, Victor B. and Venohr, Emma L. on 17 Sep 1914

Anderson, Vincent J. and Kelly, Marguerite on 29 Jul 1912

Anderson, Wallace and Jones, Katrina on 12 Jul 1920

Anderson, Walter and Brown, Lyal on 21 Aug 1914

Anderson, William and Erickson, Mary on 12 Jul 1897

Anderson, William A. and Carlson, Eloise I. on 1 Jun 1920

Anderson, William H. and Speek, Mary A. on 4 May 1920

Anderson, William John and West, Jane Stevens on 17 Sep 1919

Anderson, William John and Stevens, Jane West on 17 Sep 1919

Anderson, Wm. and Scott, Wille M. on 13 Nov 1911

Anderson, Wm. Jesse and Duffield, Nina on 29 Oct 1919

Andis, Rex F. and Snyder, Melba V. on 14 Jan 1933

Andrade, Apalinai and Nunez, Jesus on 14 Nov 1906

Andrae, Alan J. and Anderson, Mary S. on 15 Jul 1938

Andre, Alan J. and Anderson, Mary S. on 15 Jul 1938

Andreali, Luigi and Castelli, Elizabeth on 13 Apr 1932

Andreasen, Ove and Hughes, Mary A. on 7 Jul 1921

Andreatti, Fortunato and Ladurini, Geannie on 5 Dec 1922

Andrew, Bennett and Gitzhoffen, Ludie on 22 Dec 1917

Andrew, Ernest and Johnson, Bertha Maud on 23 Apr 1901

Andrew, Eugene L. and Weary, Ada L. on 28 Jun 1887

Andrew, James and O'Daniel, Katie on 24 Apr 1913

Andrew, John and Benna, Lizzie on 2 Aug 1919

Andrew, Joseph and Klodany, Anna S. on 22 Feb 1892

Andrew, Lloyd B. and Higgins, Arlenna M. on 10 Aug 1917

Andrew, Thomas and Kuhn, Teresa on 27 Jun 1910

Andrews, Andrew J. and Mrndrick, Christina on 9 Oct 1929

Andrews, Carroll J. and Dennis, Loraine on 24 Dec 1933

Andrews, Cecil Vincent and Songer, Blanche Nellie on 28 Jun 1917

Andrews, Clarence G. and Keigley, Katharyn on 29 Oct 1919

Andrews, Edward Stuart and Wise, Florence Ethel on 26 Mar 1901

Andrews, Everett Owen and Botkin, Julia Florence on 27 Dec 1920

Andrews, Filo D. and Gile, Eva on 4 Sep 1895

Andrews, Hazel and Anderson, Andrew G. on 21 Mar 1917

Andrews, Hulmon and Piper, Myrtle on 11 Jul 1929

Andrews, Isaac R. and Wickersham, Rhetta M. on Bk 2.91

Andrews, John J. and Hemrick, Helen on 18 Sep 1923

Andrews, Joseph and Ballash, Anna on 1 Jun 1925

Andrews, Keith M. and Nelson, Grace on 22 Sep 1919

Andrews, Richard D. and Mann, Eloise H. on 26 Mar 1936

Andrews, Robert O. and Neal, Susie M. on 2 Feb 1926

Andrews, Roy S. and Thompson, Madeline on 19 Mar 1921

Andrews, Ulman and Taylor, Virginia on 10 Aug 1936

Andrews, William and Henthorn, Gertrude on 30 Jun 1909

Andrews, William L. and Carter, Leigh Nellie on 17 Dec 1913

Andrews, Willie Edward and Shepler, Anna Lorena on 22 Aug 1905

Andrich, Mike and Koch, Lillian on 3 Apr 1933

Andrijko, George and Hoody, Helen on 7 Nov 1917

Andriko, George and Gregora, Mattie on 15 Feb 1904

Andriko, George and Somsak, Mary on 26 Apr 1895

Andriko, Helen and Albert, Louis on 24 Oct 1893

Andrue, W.A.R. and Farrington, Maggie E. on 28 Nov 1883

Andrus, Harry L. and Warner, Annie V. on 21 Apr 1897

Angayo, Cirico and Lopez, Julia on 3 Mar 1921

Angel, Clarence V. and Smith, Alberta on 16 May 1920

Angel, Jesus Maria and Arara, Maria Josifa on 25 Nov 1868

Angel, Jesus Maria and Arara, Maria Josifa on 25 Nov 1868

Angel, John L. and Cinkus, Lillian A. on 18 Nov 1920

Angell, Eugene J. and Stambaugh, Lorene on 23 May 1926

Angello, Biagio and Parlapiano, Liboria on 2 Sep 1900

Angello, Salvalore and Girordano, Carmela on 15 Oct 1910

Angello, Vincenzo and Giannetta, Rose on 2 Sep 1900

Angelo, Dominic D. and Bianchi, Grace on 16 May 1925

Angelopulius, Chris G. and Mesaros, Marie on 10 Mar 1918

Angelos, Eurique and Hiejla, Concepcione on 17 Apr 1919

Angerman, O.E. and Huston, Addie on 10 Oct 1906

Angermayer, F.S. and Marsh, Berdio M. on 6 Oct 1906

Angland, Hannah and Walker, Seferino on 10 Sep 1870

Anlauf, Frank G. and Birch, Sarah E. on 17 Nov 1933

Annis, E.A. and Gallemore, Princess S. on 20 Sep 1893

Anselmo, Fortunato and Pagano, Anna on 5 Jun 1909

Anselmo, Frank and Giadone, Josephine on 23 Oct 1928

Anselmo, Gerolamo and Guddemi, Domelnica on 11 Aug 1907

Ansmus, Jasper K. and Rogers, Esther M. on 4 Sep 1919

Anten, Omar Henry and Kort, Hilda on 18 Sep 1917

Anthony, Homer W. and McWilliams, Mabel L. on 18 Jun 1917

Anthony, James and Patent, Ellen on 22 Aug 1881

Anthony, James L. and Wood, Christine E. on 8 Feb 1917

Antinucci, Leonard and Gallo, Mary on 24 Jun 1919

Antinucci, Leonardo and Fabrizo, Maria on 6 Aug 1906

Anton, Peter J. and Bryant, Opal on 22 Jun 1918

Antone, Joseph C. and Krizman, Pauline on 27 Feb 1924

Antonio, Juan and Trujillo, Domincita on 28 Sep 1883

Antonocio, Salvatore and Nerone, Angelina on 15 Nov 1906

Antrim, Thomas V. and Lucous, Olive on 18 Sep 1928

Anzalone, Vincenzo and Barone, Isabella on 11 Jan 1903

Anzic, Louis and Sinkovec, Mary on 28 Jan 1901

Anzick, John and Jerman, Kathryn on 20 Jun 1917

Anzick, Joseph and Pretkol, Johanna on 25 Nov 1925

Anzick, Louis J. and Petrick, Anna E. on 3 Jan 1923

Anzick, Rudolph W. and Lipersick, Mary J. on 22 Sep 1930

Anzlavar, Frank and Papez, Mary on 13 Jan 1908

Anzlea, W.P. and Mayhew, Ethel on 14 Jan 1917

Anzlovar, Frank J. and Plut, Rosie on 9 Sep 1936

Apodaca, Claudio and Martinez, Simoncita on 4 Jul 1921

Apodaca, Diego and Martina, Celacita on 1 Nov 1895

Apodaca, Eduardo and Trujillo, Albina on 3 Feb 1918

Apodaca, Ermelindo and Papa, Anne on 15 Oct 1924

Apodaca, Isabella and Apodaca, Pilar on 22 Apr 1923

Apodaca, Juan and Martinez, Rosarito on 9 Jul 1933

Apodaca, Onofre and Roybal, Frances on 8 Nov 1925

Apodaca, Pilar and Apodaca, Isabella on 22 Apr 1923

Apodaca, Rafael and Martinez, Virginia on 18 Aug 1895

Apodaca, Santiago and Sailas, Guillerma on 27 Nov 1926

Apodaca, Victor and Cardova, Tomacita on 5 Aug 1895

Apostolopulos, Panagiotis and Tsaus, Bella on 23 Feb 1919

Apostolos, Jim and Bulick, Gladys on 11 Jul 1921

Appelgate, William O. and Salzer, Emma B. on 31 Dec 1928

Apple, Frank W. and Tidwell, Minnie on 2 May 1918

Apple, William R. and Eagon, Opal J. on 18 May 1920

Applegate, Frank E. and Morris, Ruth E. on 23 Feb 1917

Applegate, Harry L. and Reece, Mary E. on 4 Jun 1928

Appleyard, Frank and Rowley, Nellie on 15 Oct 1891

Appugliese, Pete and White, Gertrude on 10 Feb 1934

Appugliese, Shenz and Filler, Louise on 12 Jul 1931

Appugliese, Vincinzo and Sarracino, Giovannina on 4 Jan 1933

Aquart, H.R. and Bennell, Gertrude on 28 Jun 1905

Aragon, Ben and Valdez, Santitos on 22 Dec 1932

Aragon, Elfego and Garcia, Sabina on 29 Jan 1924

Aragon, Elfego and Archuleta, Candida on 31 Jan 1926

Aragon, Esther and Arguello, Victor on 20 Sep 1937

Aragon, Eutemio and Duran, Ginovera on 27 Aug 1894

Aragon, J.Z. and Cortez, Dovijen on 26 Feb 1893

Aragon, John and Perea, Erenea on 11 Jan 1922

Aragon, Jose and Cordova, Florencia on 6 Jul 1889

Aragon, Jose de la Cruz and Noriega, Maria Lupa on 22 Jan 1876

Aragon, Juvencio and Mata, Margarita on 1 May 1927

Aragon, Lee and Gurule, Dames on 14 Apr 1932

Aragon, Luce and Autobees, Antonio on 11 Feb 1896

Aragon, Maria Atocha and Anaya, Lucio on 10 Oct 1908

Aragon, Melcor and Martinez, Rosa on 4 Feb 1911

Aragon, Timio and Ortibiz, Augustina on 28 Feb 1914

Aragon, Tony and Sorrell, Alice Leah on 26 Mar 1931

Arambula, Ned and Otero, Lillian on 17 Jun 1935

Aranos, Catarino and Ulibari, Seferina on 10 Jan 1907

Arara, Maria Josifa and Angel, Jesus Maria on 25 Nov 1868

Arara, Maria Josifa and Angel, Jesus Maria on 25 Nov 1868

Arbuckle, J.H. and Holman, Dora Maye on 28 May 1935

Arburn, Darwin W. and Lamb, E.M. Rogers on 4 Feb 1928

Arburn, Darwin W. and Rogers, E.M. Lamb on 4 Feb 1928

Archambault, Leon H. and Sterett, Carmelite S. on 28 Aug 1918

Archer, Don E. and Mayhugh, Richards Ruby on 20 Feb 1921

Archer, Don E. and Richards, Ruby Mayhugh on 20 Feb 1921

Archer, James B. and Yeatts, Flora Della on 24 Mar 1928

Archibald, Albert W. and Gocum, Anna on 30 Jun 1885

Archibeque, Pedro and Sandoval, Josefita on 20 Aug 1929

Archuleta, Alfredo and Benivedes, Eva on 20 Sep 1913

Archuleta, Bennie and Munoz, Josephine E. on 7 Nov 1930

Archuleta, Candida and Aragon, Elfego on 31 Jan 1926

Archuleta, Doroteo and Salazar, Luisa on 27 Dec 1912

Archuleta, Francisco and Rel, Lupe on 26 Dec 1910

Archuleta, Gregoria and Autobiz, Charles on 9 Feb 1902

Archuleta, Gustavo and Sandoval, Juanita on 27 Sep 1920

Archuleta, Jacob and Vigil, Albina on 14 Nov 1901

Archuleta, Jake and Garcia, Cruz on 1 Jul 1924

Archuleta, Laureano and Armijo, Jennie Alice on 25 Jan 1934

Archuleta, Louis and Barrons, Francisquita on 16 Aug 1892

Archuleta, Maraguita and Alonso, Manuel on 13 Jul 1912

Archuleta, Maria Jose and Blackwood, Bersabel on 11 Apr 1914

Archuleta, Mermen and Benabides, Regeria on 1 May 1882

Archuleta, Onafre and Richards, Emillia on 7 Aug 1896

Archuleta, Sam and Naranjo, Stella on 18 Apr 1931

Archuleta, Sam and Pedregon, Lucy on 20 Nov 1912

Archuleta, Tobias and Chavez, Lisayda on 9 Feb 1901

Archuleta, Toribio and Cordova, Isabel on 8 Apr 1923

Archuletta, Anastasio and Montoya, Margaret on 1 Jul 1939

Archuletta, Geronimo and Cruz, Maria Petrona on 23 Jun 1867

Archuletta, Geronimo and Cruz, Maria Petrona on 23 Jun 1867

Archuletta, Jasper and Algien, Trini on 11 Aug 1938

Archuletta, Juan C. and Martinez, Librada on 7 Aug 1893

Archuletta, Laura and Autobees, John on 16 Jan 1894

Archuletta, Paul and Montoya, Fregelia on 2 May 1914

Arco, John and Cohcac, Neza on 23 Nov 1908

Ard, Clay and Merall, Georgia on 7 Nov 1926

Ard, Dell A. and Harman, Juanita M. on 18 Mar 1936

Ard, John and Tirk, Ruth on 7 Jan 1923

Ardell, G.A. and Keating, Josie on 16 Jun 1886

Ardell, George and Means, Fay on 11 Nov 1911

Ardnold, John W. and Davis, Rachel W. on 18 Jul 1880

Arduini, Virgino and Mastrostefano, Gelsomina on 7 Feb 1914

Areddy, Louis and Tannus, Mary on 14 Oct 1921

Aregood, Frank S. and Dameron, Mary F. on 20 Jun 1906

Aregood, James W. and Perrine, Grace on 25 Dec 1909

Aregood, Joseph M. and Champion, Mamie F. on 12 Jan 1912

Areingdale, Edward and Hutchinson, Cora on 16 Jul 1896

Arellanes, Pascual and Gonzales, Jovita on 5 May 1921

Arellano, Herme and Rocha, Ramona on 23 Feb 1938

Arellano, Jesse P. and Garcia, Jose on 23 Feb 1936

Arellano, Jose and Martinez, Anita on 28 Sep 1927

Arellano, Margarita and Aguiree, Francisco on 28 Dec 1932

Arellano, Rafael and Badilla, Adelaida on 7 May 1923

Arena, Giuseppe and Catazaro, Vincenzo on 16 Jul 1908

Arestad, Gabe E. and McAdams, Julia on 22 Sep 1935

Arevalo, Rodolfo and Rael, Dorothy on 26 Dec 1924

Arfsten, Arf Jungen and Korig, Rosa on 12 Jul 1882

Argabright, Dean and Curtis, Elsie L. on 14 Nov 1915

Argnello, Benito and Torres, Marie Natividid on 7 Jul 1890

Arguello, Abram and Vialpondo, Felicita on 9 Nov 1907

Arguello, Alejandro and Orosco, Palmiria on 15 Mar 1918

Arguello, J.F. and Romero, Jenoveva on 16 Jan 1893

Arguello, James and Madril, Marguerita on 21 Nov 1895

Arguello, James and McDonald, Abbie on 4 Aug 1916

Arguello, John C. and Padilla, Mary on 30 Mar 1928

Arguello, Joseph D. and Martinez, Maria A. on 28 Sep 1914

Arguello, Navoro and Vigil, Ines on 29 Jul 1899

Arguello, Pedro and Chaves, Julianita on 31 Jul 1909

Arguello, Victor and Aragon, Esther on 20 Sep 1937

Arguellos, Reyes and Finn, Margareta on 28 Sep 1910

Argueyo, Narbono and Sanchez, Josefa on 30 Nov 1891

Argus, Sam L. and Bratton, Estella on 8 Dec 1939

Argust, John and Hickok, Lillian on 6 Sep 1891

Arias, Cecil and Asebedo, Gertrude on 4 Sep 1910

Arias, Juan P. and Puentes, Lonicia on 16 Dec 1919

Aris, James and Casa, Mary on 13 May 1914

Arizaga, Baldomero and Ramirez, Petra C. on 2 Apr 1925

Arjao, Ray and Mestes, Margarete on 31 Dec 1894

Arken, C.G. and Coppinger, Rachel on 16 Jun 1892

Arlen, Herbert P. and Hill, Sarah M. on 8 Jan 1938

Arlett, George H. and Ford, Marion V. on 25 Jun 1883

Arlies, Pablo and Romero, Filomena on 10 Aug 1897

Arlington, Charles C. and Kinney, Anna L. on 18 Sep 1881

Arlington, Harold L. and Moore, Haze L. on 16 Aug 1929

Armand, Noll and Lemoijna, Marie Anna on 16 Feb 1905

Armenta, Agapito and Martinez, Alfonsa on 20 Nov 1936

Armenta, Gus and Armijo, Lora on 18 Sep 1932

Armenta, Joe P. and Castro, Sinforosa on 9 Feb 1936

Armenta, John D. and Trujillo, Mary on 29 Dec 1935

Armenta, Juan and Montoya, Antona on 10 Jan 1883

Armenta, Patricio and Martinez, Eva on 3 Oct 1914

Armenta, Placido and Chavez, Gabrielita on 23 Jan 1903

Armento, Charles and Sanches, Ginobeba on 20 Feb 1898

Armer, Elmer and Michaels, Hey C.Irene on 19 Sep 1903

Armijo, Fidelia and Abeyta, Frank on 16 Feb 1920

Armijo, Frances Qurta and Autobee, Mariano on 19 Dec 1912

Armijo, Frank and Gallegos, Modesta on 8 Jan 1920

Armijo, Jennie Alice and Archuleta, Laureano on 25 Jan 1934

Armijo, Joe and Autobee, Cora E. on 27 Jun 1936

Armijo, Juan L. and Jaquez, Fedelina on 19 Dec 1908

Armijo, Lora and Armenta, Gus on 18 Sep 1932

Armijo, Nick and Gonzales, Mary on 4 Dec 1930

Armijo, Oscar and Villegas, Catalina on 3 Dec 1939

Arminio, Vito Antonio and Novanta, Carmeta on 2 Jul 1900

Armour, J.E. and Lewisford, Lenore on 4 Mar 1902

Armour, Yuill Alexander and Scott, Anna on 24 Dec 1913

Armstead, John L. and Davis, Emma on 16 Jul 1935

Armstead, Larkin and Wade, William on 1 Sep 1900

Armstead, Robert and O'Neal, Mary on 27 May 1882

Armstrong, A.O. and Grigg, N.V. on 26 Apr 1892

Armstrong, Auston O. and Ingwersen, Katharine E. on 30 Jun 1913

Armstrong, Charles and Maxon, Mattie on 21 Jul 1887

Armstrong, Charles E. and Wineland, Della on 5 Apr 1906

Armstrong, DeWitt and Cunningham, Eva on 7 Sep 1909

Armstrong, Earl J. and Higgins, Vera on 7 Feb 1927

Armstrong, Edward L. and Burton, Beulah E. on 1 Oct 1903

Armstrong, Ernest A. and Cunningham, Charlotte R. on 29 May 1930

Armstrong, Frank B. and Rayburn, Cecile on 26 Jul 1928

Armstrong, Harry A. and McIlveen, Agnes M. on 3 Mar 1939

Armstrong, Henry A. and Foote, Zoetta May on 15 Mar 1893

Armstrong, Hortense E. and Anderson, Eldridge C. on 2 Nov 1932

Armstrong, John M. and Herbold, Minnie on 28 Apr 1904

Armstrong, R.J. and Keithley, Emma May on 5 Sep 1901

Armstrong, W.W. and Winfree, Pearl on 19 Mar 1934

Armstrong, Wesley J. and Hewitt, Dorothy Louise on 10 Feb 1938

Armstrong, William and Young, Ella on 14 Mar 1898

Arndt, Claud H. and Law, Inez E. on 23 Sep 1917

Arndt, Richard F. and Neil, Alice M. on 11 Jul 1922

Arndt, Robert and Johns, Gladys J. on 2 Aug 1916

Arnell, William and Smith, Laura on 2 Jun 1910

Arnett, A.S. and Epperson, Annie on 23 Jun 1887

Arnett, Joseph Harold and Streeter, Marie Lucile on 23 Jul 1919

Arnis, Nick and Vidmar, Catherine on 19 Mar 1928

Arnold, Alfred C. and Reed, Sadie L. on 12 Nov 1896

Arnold, Arthur E. and Breeden, Altheria on 28 Jul 1928

Arnold, Ben F. and Dealy, Amelia W. on 25 Jan 1929

Arnold, Charles R. and Davey, Belle Ida on 22 Apr 1904

Arnold, Chester W. and Swope, Kirk Hazel on 15 Jun 1912

Arnold, Evelyn D. and Kelsey, Charles E. on 26-Jul-1922

Arnold, Frank C. and Wells, Emma L. on 22 Feb 1890

Arnold, Fred W. and Richardson, Jennie B. on 20 Jan 1924

Arnold, George and Bell, Ophelia on 23 Aug 1883

Arnold, James H. and Berry, Ethel Marie on 11 Jan 1911

Arnold, Lafayette and Winford, Mary A. on 15 Jan 1922

Arnold, M.W. and Roark, Alice on 17 Jun 1935

Arnold, Raymond and White, Mary on 22 Mar 1934

Arnold, Raymond W. and Cloud, Wilmet on 3 Sep 1938

Arnold, William E. and Burnam, Sally Davis on 20 Jun 1906

Arnold, Wm.H. and Brooks, Margie on 31 Jan 1929

Arnote, Kenneth and Pyle, Veda M. on 20 Mar 1935

Arnovitch, J.B. and Rosenblum, Nettie on 9 Jan 1910

Arntzen, D.H. and Johnson, Zella on 10 Sep 1919

Arone, Paquale and Guaglina, Batista on 28 Jul 1901

Aronson, Olof M. and Merdith, Moe M. on 28 Sep 1892

Arriaga, Esequiel and Gutierez, Josepa on 10 Aug 1918

Arrigo, Joseph and Gernazio, Victoria on 16 Feb 1935

Arrington, Alfred W. and Naden, Helen F. on 19 May 1923

Arrington, Harry W. and Agee, Ossie on 22 Jan 1925

Arriola, Battazar and Maciel, Francisca on 21 Feb 1917

Arterberry, Geo. and Sanders, Clella on 31 Dec 1921

Arthur, Alta and Albin, Clyde W. on 9 Dec 1902

Arthur, Ambuel F. and Ambrose, Julia on 7 Aug 1925

Arthur, Edw. D. and Kovacic, Anna A. on 17 Jul 1926

Arthur, Edward Manning and Ryan, Ella on 3 Mar 1900

Arthur, Edward Manning and O'Connor, Ella on 3 Mar 1900

Arthur, Fields B. and Martzson, Pauline on 9 Aug 1899

Arthur, John E. and Riley, Daria M. on 8 Jan 1926

Arthur, O. Martin and Innes, Ella A. on 29 Jun 1927

Arthur, Otis M. and Chappell, Hortense on 29 Jul 1925

Asay, Saloman E. and Fregoning, Jane on 21 Jul 1892

Asbury, J.C. and Malone, Bessie on 18 Dec 1937

Asbury, J.C. and Yellowlee, Anna J. on 5 Mar 1908

Ascencio, Juan and Valdez, Reyecita on 1 Apr 1919

Asebedo, Gertrude and Arias, Cecil on 4 Sep 1910

Asenberg, Harry and Goldberg, Dora on 28 Jul 1906

Asendorf, Clarence and Willett, Geneva on 24 Dec 1938

Ashbaugh, George W. and Dean, Simantha on 22 Feb 1872

Ashbaugh, Louis K. and Halsell, Lula on 18 Sep 1908

Ashbaugh, Wm. C. and LeRoy, Katheryn Anna on 26 Jan 1918

Ashby, John and Lenoir, Lavenia on 9 Jan 1895

Ashby, Robert V. and Hess, Lovina on 29 Sep 1917

Ashby, W.M. and Griffin, Hattie on 7 May 1887

Ashcraft, Charles G. and Bush, Martha on 12 Mar 1920

Ashcraft, Everett L. and Riley, Malissa J. on 8 Jan 1914

Ashcraft, Harry C. and Maloy, Audrea W. on 5 Oct 1916

Ashcraft, James W. and Morris, Beatrice on 7 Dec 1931

Ashcraft, Roy and Ruth, Elsie on 28 Dec 1919

Ashcroft, Dewey B. and Pool, Clarice on 14 Oct 1930

Ashdoun, W.G. and Burton, Bettie on 10 Feb 1884

Ashen, E.G. and Klunmann, Eleanor on 1 Jan 1899

Ashen, Lester Will and Sheperd, Nina on 29 Jun 1902

Ashenfelter, Howard and Brown, Jeannette L. on 20 Dec 1930

Asher, George and Mitchell, Laura on 21 Nov 1889

Asher, George and Mitchell, Julia Belle on 14 Sep 1894

Asher, Thos. A. and Brandock, Amanda on 2 Apr 1934

Asher, Wm. and Zorn, Amy on 13 Aug 1902

Asher, Wm.R. and Allen, Hazel on 4 Jan 1928

Ashford, Harvey W. and Peerman, Augusta Estella on 24 Aug 1904

Ashford, Howard E. and Money, Marjorie E. on 3 Sep 1926

Ashley, Charles and Graham, Eliza on 31 Jan 1893

Ashley, Hamilton and Rusk, Nellie C. on 22 Sep 1901

Ashley, Ivan M. and Steffens, Nellie on 27 Sep 1919

Ashley, John and Hartman, Anna on 23 Apr 1908

Ashley, Joseph and Hardin, Nancy on 2 Feb 1896

Ashley, Loy and Parker, Mattie L. on 12 Jun 1927

Ashley, Roby and Mainard, Virgie on 24 Aug 1901

Ashley, Simeon and Gray, Catharine on 7 Sep 1893

Ashley, Simeon and Wolcolt, Mollie on 10 Mar 1884

Ashmore, Douglas M. and Harrison, Belle on 14 May 1919

Ashmore, H.H. and Doty, Ludy M. on 20 Jul 1893

Ashton, Frank V. and Chapman, Mary on 23 Oct 1907

Ashton, George M. and Snyder, Jennie on 23 May 1899

Ashurst, Virgil P. and McDaniel, Ross V. on 16 Sep 1903

Astin, Elmer E. and Thompson, Carrie on 24 Apr 1913

Atano, Will and Romero, Clorinda on 26 Jan 1917

Atchinson, S.E. and Anderson, Rosie on 17 Aug 1884

Atchison, Clara I. and Ackerman, Charles on 20 Nov 1921

Atchison, Roy A. and Sprange, Maude on 30 Apr 1913

Atchison, S.E. and Jones, Clara I. on 8 Nov 1889

Atchley, Winfred and Lundeen, Amy E. on 25 Sep 1927

Atencio, Max and Lucero, Bessie on 11 Jan 1928

Atencio, Pete and Perez, Nina on 17 Jun 1937

Atencio, Ray and Lucero, Estella on 5 Dec 1927

Atencio, Reginaldo and Sandoval, Sadie on 26 Aug 1935

Ather, Annie and Adams, John on 8 Jan 1904

Ather, William and McGowan, Annie on 14 Mar 1890

Atherton, Romero and Paull, Anna S. on 30 Jan 1889

Athey, Preston and Harriman, Mattie on 5 Feb 1921

Athonasiadis, Gust and Hinaris, Christina N. on 26 Mar 1917

Atilano, Modesto and Gutierrez, Maria on 27 Dec 1924

Atkins, John and Leach, Minnie A. on 16 Mar 1920

Atkinson, George C. and Parkinson, Bertie M. on 21 Aug 1899

Atkinson, Herbert F. and Cunning, Elfie B. on 29 Apr 1926

Atkinson, Isaac C. and Wolf, Amelia G. on 17 Feb 1909

Atkinson, Leo John and Lunsford, Gladys Neva on 20 Apr 1919

Atkinson, Louis and Alley, Myrtle on 14 Sep 1899

Atkinson, Samuel W. and Albers, Zillah M. on 11 Apr 1912

Atkinson, W.T. and Wiland, Gracie on 25 May 1892

Atterberry, Royce L. and Boyd, Katherine on 2 Sep 1913

Atwater, Fred and Kelly, Louisa on 16 Jun 1913

Atwater, Fred and McHenry, Arvilla on 16 Mar 1904

Atwell, Warren B. and Taylor, Beatrice Jessie on 20 Jun 1914

Atwood, Guy and Addington, Mary Evelyn on 24 Aug 1938

Atwood, Ira A. and Miller, Elizabeth on 1 Nov 1890

Aubin, Hector M. and Nittinger, Alice C. on 21 Jun 1928

Auer, Albert H. and Bolt, Minnie on 30 Jun 1937

Auer, Albert H. and Stewart, Ester A.A. on 6 Mar 1920

Auld, Charles P. and Starr, Alice on 21 Mar 1904

Aurela, Jose and Chavez, Paubleta on 14 Sep 1906

Ausec, Frank and Daum, Jane E. on 19 May 1923

Austin, Arthur E. and Wilkins, Loretta on 11 Sep 1919

Austin, Charles and Busch, Anna on 6 Jun 1899

Austin, Charles and Timmie, Mary E. on 11 Nov 1906

Austin, Clifford and Starcer, Rose M. on 2 Sep 1937

Austin, Earnest C. and Vance, Mable C. on 20 Nov 1913

Austin, Edward L. and Kersey, Dorothy J. on 19 Oct 1933

Austin, Felix B. and Brill, Mary on 26 Mar 1931

Austin, Henry A. and Self, Minnie L. on 15 Feb 1891

Austin, Henry Clyde and Barber, Irene Nina on 7 Feb 1905

Austin, John A. and Burt, Emma A. on 1 Sep 1908

Austin, John E. and Zillman, Ethel on 3 Jan 1922

Austin, John G. and Platts, Annie E. on 6 Jul 1907

Austin, Linton C. and Vardie, Margaret F. on 24 Aug 1929

Austin, M. Eugene and DeNoon, Lizzie on 21 Oct 1891

Austin, Marion D. and Johnston, Ruth H. on 8 Dec 1934

Austin, Montie S. and Graves, Maxine on 4 Nov 1933

Austin, R.E. and Hopkins, Mary on 12 Nov 1901

Austin, Sarah L. and Haynes, George W. on 1 Feb 1868

Austin, Thomas and Dudley, Mary on 7 Mar 1889

Austin, Thomas and Hope, Rosa Lee on 24 Dec 1884

Austin, William F. and Crowman, Susie on 15 Jun 1922

Austin, William J. and Landrum, Bertha on 1 Jan 1909

Austin, William J. and Witt, Alden Ruth on 9 Jun 1920

Auston, Charles T. and Abrams, Alice M. on 8 Apr 1913

Auten, Ray L. and Law, Ruth O. on 23 Apr 1927

Autobee, Charles and Sanchez, Martina on 21 Oct 1912

Autobee, Cora E. and Armijo, Joe on 27 Jun 1936

Autobee, George and Abalos, Manuela on 1 May 1921

Autobee, Jake and Wright, Marguerite on 1 Dec 1926

Autobee, Mack and Mehan, Sofia on 23 Sep 1923

Autobee, Mariano and Armijo, Frances Qurta on 19 Dec 1912

Autobee, Thomas and Jaquez, Garoa on 12 Aug 1900

Autobees, Antonio and Aragon, Luce on 11 Feb 1896

Autobees, Charles and Gomez, Juanita on 22 Feb 1876

Autobees, J.T. and Trujillo, Tadea on 10 Aug 1897

Autobees, John and Archuletta, Laura on 16 Jan 1894

Autobees, Miguel Antonio and Duran, Maria Genoveva on 13 Oct 1874

Autobiz, Charles and Archuleta, Gregoria on 9 Feb 1902

Autrim, Joseph and Stone, Jennie on 19 Dec 1891

Autry, J. Hearl and Wright, Edna on 30 Sep 1924

Autuna, Ramiro and Lopez, Filisitas on 26 Sep 1910

Auwen, Ysbrand and Wendt, Johanna on 17 Nov 1906

Auxer, Walter and Cook, Josie on 19 Jul 1902

Avalos, Claude B. and Pierce, Caroline on 22 Nov 1934

Avalos, Delia and Albo, Manuel on 19 Dec 1928

Avalos, Gregorio and Tafolla, Manuela on 17 May 1920

Averill, Wallace and Stanchfield, Annie on 14 Oct 1886

Avery, Alberta and Adams, Raymond on 14 Jul 1928

Avery, Ellen and Aldridge, John Wm. on 24 Oct 1921

Avery, Frederick R. and Freeman, Ida Eloise on 23 Jun 1934

Avery, James W. and Baker, Beulah Mae on 26 Jun 1939

Avery, William and McAllister, Nettie on 2 Apr 1908

Avila, Feliciano and Loera, Jova on 23 Aug 1916

Avila, Frank and Rodriguez, Julia on 30 Jun 1928

Avina, Jesus and Soto, Concepcion on 1 Aug 1926

Avine, Jesus and Soto, Conception on 27 Apr 1927

Avis, Raymond and Cotes, Alice Virginia on 11 Feb 1904

Avis, S.B. and Meade, Nellie on 8 Mar 1905

Avril, Joseph and Sackman, Genevra E. on 28 Jun 1892

Awbrey, Jack and Younger, Esther on 21 May 1924

Axton, William C. and Anderson, Florence on 5 Jan 1918

Ayala, Amogon and Chacon, Guadalupe on 20 Jun 1929

Ayala, Guadalupe and Barrioz, Maria on 19 Apr 1924

Ayala, Jesus A. and Perez, Antonia on 23 Dec 1933

Ayala, Vicente and DeSantos, Andrea on 23 Mar 1929

Ayalla, Tony and Caro, Margaret on 27 May 1937

Aydlott, Wert W. and Odell, Clementine on 20 Feb 1898

Ayers, Clint N. and Nelson, Dorothy V. on 31 Oct 1936

Ayers, J.A. and Dozer, Lucille on 11-11-1896

Ayers, Jacob and Larabee, Olive on 25 Oct 1902

Ayers, Perry C. and Foix, Estella J. on 25 Oct 1934

Ayon, Heraclio and Bonilla, Prajedez on 18 Feb 1924

Ayres, Charles and Handlon, Amanda E. on 2 Nov 1893

Ayres, J.A. and Doze, M. Lucille on 11 Nov 1896

Ayres, Royal Lester and Keeling, Bertha LaVon on 10 Oct 1936

Ayres, S.C. and Akin, Ida L. on 19 Feb 1882

Ayres, T.S. and Byfield, Emma on 6 Dec 1895

Baca, Manuella and Sanches, Pedro on 28 Aug 1870

Badilla, Adelaida and Arellano, Rafael on 7 May 1923

Bain, Eva Mariel and Allen, Walter Wood on 21 Jan 1893

Baker, Abbie and Allen, Val D. on 20 Mar 1918

Baker, Beulah Mae and Avery, James W. on 26 Jun 1939

Baker, Ila G. and Divelbiss, Geo. A. on 10/1/1922

Baker, Lillian and Kelly, Marion on 25-Feb-1919

Baker, Mary Elizabeth and Kemper, Lynn Smith on 30-Sep-1922

Balavin, Becky and Doyle, Timothy on 6-25-1884

Baldinal, Incarnacion and Sandovalla, Marietta on 16 Feb 1868

Baldwin, Anna L. and Harrison, Leslie Atwood on 24-Mar-1912

Ballash, Anna and Andrews, Joseph on 1 Jun 1925

Balma, Antonietta and Aimone, Frank on 21 Dec 1907

Bangess, Laura and Anderson, Marshall S. on 23 Apr 1910

Bannister, Catharine and Leggett, Thomas on 4-24-1870

Bannister, Catharine J. and Leggett, Thomas on 24 Apr 1870

Barber, Irene Nina and Austin, Henry Clyde on 7 Feb 1905

Barnard, Inez and Dowdy, F.E. on 3-4-1894

Barnes, Louise and Agnew, G.H. on 3 Jun 1918

Barnes, Sidney S. and Boone, Margrete on 26 Mar 1863

Barnes, Venise and Allenbough, John H. on 24 Oct 1935

Barnum, Lewis and Boone, Emma H. on 4 Sep 1866

Barone, Isabella and Anzalone, Vincenzo on 11 Jan 1903

Barrie, Jennet and Dryden, Robert on 3-5-1899

Barrioz, Maria and Ayala, Guadalupe on 19 Apr 1924

Barrons, Francisquita and Archuleta, Louis on 16 Aug 1892

Barros, Placida and Alarcon, Joe on 17 Nov 1938

Barta, Hazel E. and Andersen, Howard E. on 6 Jun 1926

Bartlett, Augustus and Jamison, Lizzie on 9 Jan 1869

Bartlett, Rachel Ruth and Anderson, Emil Emery on 16 Jun 1919

Bartolo, Mucci Lana and Albo, Albert C. on 18 Jun 1912

Bauer, Minnie and Ames, Harry G. on 3 Jul 1936

Baxter, Bernice and Anderson, George L. on 4 Dec 1927

Baxter, O. H. P. and Henry, Edna A. on 17 Apr 1866

Bayly, Frank L. and O'Reilly, Margaret on 6-8-1889

Beals, Minnie and Cannon, Fred on 3-Jan-1941

Beamis, Josephine and Albera, Charles Felix on 28 May 1891

Beauvais, Myrna T. and Aberton, J. Edward on 14 Sep 1933

Beggs, Dorothea K. and Haven, Victor Z. Jr. on 30-Nov-1911 lisc

Belair, Maggie and Allen, Richard H. on 29 Nov 1884

Bell, Minnie and Allen, George W. on 13 Jun 1905

Bell, Ophelia and Arnold, George on 23 Aug 1883

Belloni, Hazel C. and Allen, Robert L. on 19 Feb 1930

Benabides, Regeria and Archuleta, Mermen on 1 May 1882

Benivedes, Eva and Archuleta, Alfredo on 20 Sep 1913

Benna, Lizzie and Andrew, John on 2 Aug 1919

Bennell, Gertrude and Aquart, H.R. on 28 Jun 1905

Bennett, M. N. and Divelbiss, S. A. P. on 03 May 1887

Bennett, M. N. and Divelbiss, Wm. H. on 3-10-1894

Benson, Augusta and Anderson, Charles on 28 Dec 1907

Benson, Julia and Anderson, Gust on 2 Jan 1897

Bentley, Sara E. and Allen, E. Saunders on 22 Jan 1908

Benton, Mary A. and Anderson, Ernest on 6 Nov 1906

Berg, Cora and Pryor, Lewis on 2-Jul-1919

Berggren, Carrie and Anderson, Nels on 20 May 1896

Berry, Clara and Downing, George S. on 4-21-1886

Berry, Ethel Marie and Arnold, James H. on 11 Jan 1911

Bianchi, Grace and Angelo, Dominic D. on 16 May 1925

Billadeaux, Laura A. and Aasterud, Oscar N. on 10 April 1916

Billey, Washington and Rice, Ollie Mrs. on 29-Aug-1911 lisc

Birch, Sarah E. and Anlauf, Frank G. on 17 Nov 1933

Bird, Melvina and Alberty, Willis on 20 Aug 1888

Bittner, Carrie and Alexander, James A. on 26 Jun 1898

Blackburn, Dorothy R. and Drummond, Dale G. on 19-Jul-1947

Blackwood, Bersabel and Archuleta, Maria Jose on 11 Apr 1914

Blair, Mavra and Day, Robert on 4 Sep 1866

Blanco, Lenora and Aguilar, Raffaele on 15 Aug 1912

Boedecker, Loretto and Anderson, Carroll John on 11 Jun 1912

Boggs, David W. and Bryson, Harriet A. on 19 Jan 1870

Boggs, John L. and Edwards, Mary E. on 15 Mar 1869

Bolt, Minnie and Auer, Albert H. on 30 Jun 1937

Bonilla, Prajedez and Ayon, Heraclio on 18 Feb 1924

Boone, Emma H. and Barnum, Lewis on 4 Sep 1866

Boone, Margrete and Barnes, Sidney S. on 26 Mar 1863

Boone, Mollie B. and Spencer, Benjamin D. on 15 Sep 1863

Botkin, Julia Florence and Andrews, Everett Owen on 27 Dec 1920

Boucher, Flora and Divelbiss, Geo. E. on 2/11/1906

Bower, Pheby M. and Altman, Harry W. on 7 May 1882

Bowers, Amelia Ada and Adam, George Henry on 3 Dec 1917

Boyd, Katherine and Atterberry, Royce L. on 2 Sep 1913

Bradfield, Carrie E. and Addoms, John on 16 Jan 1905

Bradford, Anna E. and Abel, Eldred C. on 1 Dec 1902

Bragg, Helen M. and Albertson, Den D. on 15 Nov 1922

Brandock, Amanda and Asher, Thos. A. on 2 Apr 1934

Brannon, Bessie R. and Agnes, Angelo S. on 16 Apr 1934

Bratton, Estella and Argus, Sam L. on 8 Dec 1939

Brazelton, Alberta R. and Burt, Willard B. on 17-Nov-1911 lisc

Breeden, Altheria and Arnold, Arthur E. on 28 Jul 1928

Brenner, Mildred and Amderhill, Burton on 28 Jul 1928

Brill, Mary and Austin, Felix B. on 26 Mar 1931

Brock, Ada F. and Alvins, John on 27 Nov 1915

Brooks, Margie and Arnold, Wm.H. on 31 Jan 1929

Brown, Alice and Drake, John on 4-29-1883

Brown, Dora and Drumhiller, W.N. on 7-16-1888

Brown, Helen and Abbott, Frank L. on 16 Mar 1930

Brown, Jeannette L. and Ashenfelter, Howard on 20 Dec 1930

Brown, Lyal and Anderson, Walter on 21 Aug 1914

Brown, Nora and Brown, Perry on 29-Aug-1911 lisc

Brown, Perry and Brown, Nora on 29-Aug-1911 lisc

Brown, Robert and Vinton, Rachel on 28 Jul 1869

Bryant, Opal and Anton, Peter J. on 22 Jun 1918

Bryne, William B. and Swope, Lucy Lee on 29-Aug-1911RMN

Bryson, Harriet A. and Boggs, David W. on 19 Jan 1870

Buchannon, Shirley and Huling, Fred W. Jr. on 18-May-1941

Bulick, Gladys and Apostolos, Jim on 11 Jul 1921

Buline, Anna and Robb, Alexander Wilson on 3 Jan 1864

Bulloch, Isaac and Patterson, Belinda on 31 May 1869

Burnam, Sally Davis and Arnold, William E. on 20 Jun 1906

Burndall, Mary and Anderson, Gust on 22 Jul 1899

Burns, Emma J. and Alexander, Gilbert on 8 Jan 1878

Burt, Emma A. and Austin, John A. on 1 Sep 1908

Burt, Willard B. and Brazelton, Alberta R. on 17-Nov-1911 lisc

Burton, Bettie and Ashdoun, W.G. on 10 Feb 1884

Burton, Beulah E. and Armstrong, Edward L. on 1 Oct 1903

Busch, Anna and Austin, Charles on 6 Jun 1899

Bush, Flora Belle and Allen, William R. on 12 Sep 1930

Bush, Martha and Ashcraft, Charles G. on 12 Mar 1920

Butala, Mary and Ahlin, Mike on 12 Aug 1918

Byfield, Emma and Ayres, T.S. on 6 Dec 1895

Caffery, Catharine and Allender, William H. on 8 Apr 1890

Cafone, Mary and Almando, Comastro on 16 May 1907

Cain, James H. and Rider, Sarah on 14 Jun 1870

Calkins, Silva and Sutherland, E. B. on 30 Jul 1865

Callante, Aleni and Albet, John on 19 Mar 1902

Cameron, Catherine and Doyle, Timothy on 5-16-1898

Cameron, Helen Mae and Anderson, Lysle G. on 4 Mar 1937

Camp, Susie and Alexander, John on 20 Jul 1915

Cannon, Earl M. and Circle, Mary F. on 20-Oct-1934

Cannon, Fred and Beals, Minnie on 3-Jan-1941

Cannon, Lucille and Anderson, Theo. B. on 25 Sep 1927

Cannon, Nancy and Edwards, Paul J. on 8-Jun-1955

Capanna, Virginia and Serracino, Giona on 3-Feb-1907

Capers, Francis LeGrande and Davis, Ethel May on 16-Sep-1911

Carava, Anna and Accamando, John on 30 Sep 1917

Cardova, Tomacita and Apodaca, Victor on 5 Aug 1895

Carlile, Maggie E. and Aldrich, Samuel on 29 Nov 1877

Carlson, Eloise I. and Anderson, William A. on 1 Jun 1920

Carlyle, Nina H. and Gabaldon, Adolph on 31-Mar-1911 lisc

Caro, Margaret and Ayalla, Tony on 27 May 1937

Carr, Ethel and Abell, Paul H. on 6 Sep 1909

Carson, Dolores and Dominguez, Luis on 21 Mar 1869

Carson, Juana and Padrego, Valentine on 21 Mar 1869

Carson, May Bell and Amstead, Charles on 29 Nov 1922

Carter, Leigh Nellie and Andrews, William L. on 17 Dec 1913

Cartmill, Charlotte and Allinder, Joe A. on 9 Sep 1926

Carver, Edna F. and Akin, Walter D. on 10 Nov 1911

Casa, Mary and Aris, James on 13 May 1914

Case, Isabel and Albert, George P. on 28 Jun 1908

Cassillia, Marie Andre and Anaya, Gabriel G. on 25 Oct 1936

Castalleda, Alcadia and Ambrose, Jesus on 17 Jun 1913

Castelli, Elizabeth and Andreali, Luigi on 13 Apr 1932

Castillo, Juanita and Alarson, Atilano on 17 Sep 1919

Castro, Sinforosa and Armenta, Joe P. on 9 Feb 1936

Catazaro, Vincenzo and Arena, Giuseppe on 16 Jul 1908

Cathcart, Grace E. and Amstutz, Harry C. on 4 Jun 1919

Caveness, Rebecca and Drew, F.S. on 7-30-1879

Cecile, Sarah J. and Amick, John F. on 30 Mar 1887

Cesareo, Serafina and Albo, Archille on 5 Jul 1913

Chacon, Guadalupe and Ayala, Amogon on 20 Jun 1929

Chamberlain, Arthur R. and Woods, Edna on 14-Aug-1920

Champion, Mamie F. and Aregood, Joseph M. on 12 Jan 1912

Chapman, Della and Fuquay, Joseph on 11 Feb 1869

Chapman, Josephine and Ahlin, Louis on 23 Nov 1939

Chapman, Mary and Ashton, Frank V. on 23 Oct 1907

Chappell, Hortense and Arthur, Otis M. on 29 Jul 1925

Chatwin, Sarah A. and Allen, J.D. on 25 Dec 1894

Chaves, Julianita and Arguello, Pedro on 31 Jul 1909

Chavez, Adeline and Acosta, Ralph on 13 May 1936

Chavez, Gabrielita and Armenta, Placido on 23 Jan 1903

Chavez, Lisayda and Archuleta, Tobias on 9 Feb 1901

Chavez, Paubleta and Aurela, Jose on 14 Sep 1906

Chavez, Rosa and Aguilera, Rayo on 2 Dec 1923

Chilcott, Henry Clay and Jennings, Zoe on 11-5-1873

Chugg, Howard L. and on 28-Jun-1911

Cinkus, Lillian A. and Angel, John L. on 18 Nov 1920

Circle, Mary F. and Cannon, Earl M. on 20-Oct-1934

Cisneros, Phillipe and Martella, Corrinena on 27 Mar 1869

Clark, Elizabeth Jane and Moore, John S. on 22 Oct 1863

Clark, Ruth I. and Drummond, Ted E. on 5-Jun-1948

Clarke, Lorana and Adams, James H. on 7 Jun 1922

Claus, Hellna M. and Aebli, Henry on 9 Feb 1898

Clay, Theodore and Gallego, Lucinda on 22 Jun 1867

Claypool, May and Adams, Roy on 12 Sep 1925

Cline, Foster and Weisthauer, Martha H. on 23-Dec-1911 lisc

Close, Cyrean and Alley, Henry C. on 15 Jul 1913

Cloud, Wilmet and Arnold, Raymond W. on 3 Sep 1938

Clucas, May J. and Altemeier, Fred T. on 20 Nov 1889

Cobb, Nannie L. and Aby, Richard H. on 22 Mar 1890

Coco, Josephine and Amato, Antonio on 6 Jun 1925

Cogswell, Kate and Allison, S.O. on 9 Sep 1895

Cohcac, Neza and Arco, John on 23 Nov 1908

Cohick, David and Doyle, Margaret L. on 12-7-1884

Cohill, Fannie B. and Acton, Minor J. on 26 Dec 1899

Cole, Arthur J. and Doyle, Sarah J. on 10-27-1892

Coleman, Minerva and Agard, Charles on 25 Apr 1893

Colven, Lorenia Pearl and Anderson, Howard Dean on 22 Jul 1931

Connell, Bertha S.M. and Aldrich, Harlin F. on 6 Sep 1911

Contreras, Rose and Alarcon, Jose on 25 Sep 1936

Conty, Mary and Altamore, John on 29 Jun 1924

Cook, Josie and Auxer, Walter on 19 Jul 1902

Coombs, Lucy A. and Allen, William L. on 19 Dec 1912

Cooper, Anna and Aldridge, J.O. on 28 May 1907

Cooper, Edith and Allen, Robert on 18 Jun 1936

Cooper, Mittie and Allen, Charles W. on 15 Aug 1917

Coppinger, Rachel and Arken, C.G. on 16 Jun 1892

Cordoba, Marcus and Cordoba, Margarita on 1 Mar 1869

Cordoba, Margarita and Cordoba, Marcus on 1 Mar 1869

Cordova, Florencia and Aragon, Jose on 6 Jul 1889

Cordova, Isabel and Archuleta, Toribio on 8 Apr 1923

Cornwell, Mary L. and Anderson, H.L. on 22 Apr 1883

Corpolengo, Curncori and Mattarocci, Civita on 11-Dec-1912

Cortez, Dolores and Acuna, Jose A. on 28 Jun 1919

Cortez, Dovijen and Aragon, J.Z. on 26 Feb 1893

Costello, Hazel and Anderson, Ralph A. on 4 Sep 1923

Cotes, Alice Virginia and Avis, Raymond on 11 Feb 1904

Cotton, Ruthanna and Amidon, Albert B. on 16 Jun 1928

Cowan, Isaac P. and Doze, Sarah C. on 4-20-1876

Cowles, Robert and Crew, Ella D. on 23-Jun-1911 lisc

Cox, Lottie B. and Allen, Jerry on 21 Jan 1919

Craddock, Leota M. and Allen, Harry R. on 21 Jan 1917

Crawford, James W. and Rice, Essie M. on 11-Oct-1911 lisc

Crawford, Olive and Kelly, James P. on 21-Aug-1924

Creason, Mary E. and Aldredge, Jesse R. on 4 Jun 1935

Creswell, Alma E. and Albers, Walter L. on 5 Oct 1925

Crew, Ella D. and Cowles, Robert on 23-Jun-1911 lisc

Cronin, Margaret M. and Kelly, Jesse V. on 1-Jul-1918

Crosser, Charles R. and Hood, Eulah on 14-Aug-1920

Crowder, Florence and Trenkamp, Clemens J. on 11-Apr-1906

Crowman, Susie and Austin, William F. on 15 Jun 1922

Cruz, Benita and Abalos, Nestor on 8 Sep 1921

Cruz, Carmel and Acosta, Pedro on 16 Jun 1926

Cruz, Delfina and Abalos, Blas on 7 Aug 1909

Cruz, Maria Petrona and Archuletta, Geronimo on 23 Jun 1867

Cruz, Maria Petrona and Archuletta, Geronimo on 23 Jun 1867

Culwell, Hazel and Adams, Glenn on 10 Sep 1938

Cummings, Josephine and Alt, W.D. on 13 Apr 1899

Cunning, Elfie B. and Atkinson, Herbert F. on 29 Apr 1926

Cunningham, Charlotte R. and Armstrong, Ernest A. on 29 May 1930

Cunningham, Eva and Armstrong, DeWitt on 7 Sep 1909

Cunninigham, Mary E. and Allen, E.H. on 10 Mar 190

Curtis, Elsie L. and Argabright, Dean on 14 Nov 1915

Dalton, Anna A. and Akers, Lee W. on 12 Oct 1905

Dameron, Mary F. and Aregood, Frank S. on 20 Jun 1906

Danett, Thomas and Hall, Frances on 23 Mar 1869

Darlington, Luella M. and Ambrose, Ethelmer E. on 27 Feb 1895

Daum, Jane E. and Ausec, Frank on 19 May 1923

Davey, Belle Ida and Arnold, Charles R. on 22 Apr 1904

Davidson, Joseph and Revall, Cecelia on 20 Mar 1870

Davis, Emma and Armstead, John L. on 16 Jul 1935

Davis, Ethel May and Capers, Francis LeGrande on 16-Sep-1911

Davis, John and Patterson, Rachel on 12 Oct 1868

Davis, Mary J. and Warran, R. on 12-6-1890Colfax Co, NM

Davis, Rachel W. and Ardnold, John W. on 18 Jul 1880

Day, Robert and Blair, Mavra on 4 Sep 1866

Dealy, Amelia W. and Arnold, Ben F. on 25 Jan 1929

Dean, Simantha and Ashbaugh, George W. on 22 Feb 1872

Debara, Guadalupe and Aguilar, Leon on 21 Apr 1917

Defelice, Maria and Serracino Angelo on 7-Apr-1901

Delells, Crockfina and Mattarocci, Antonio on 1-May-1929

Denman, Myrtle E. and Anderson, Albert E. on 28 Dec 1909

Dennis, Loraine and Andrews, Carroll J. on 24 Dec 1933

DeNoon, Lizzie and Austin, M. Eugene on 21 Oct 1891

DeSantos, Andrea and Ayala, Vicente on 23 Mar 1929

Diaz, Secundina and Alejandre, Jesus on 19 Feb 1923

Dicken, Carrie and Kervin, Wayne W. on 17-Mar-1924

Diggett, Edith Mitchell and Allen, William H. on 7 Nov 1898

Diggs, Edwin and Dow, Mamie on 10-18-1888

Dillon, James F. and Dyer, Kate Louise on 1-5-1928

Dimua, Meinia and Seane, Pablo on 10 Sep 1866

Divelbiss, Emma E. and Adair, George A. on 2 Jul 1894

Divelbiss, Emma R. and Wilson, Christopher on 17 Jun 1879

Divelbiss, Geo. A. and Baker, Ila G. on 10/1/1922

Divelbiss, Geo. E. and Boucher, Flora on 2/11/1906

Divelbiss, Horace W. and Holcomb, Floreine E. on 1/29/1920

Divelbiss, S. A. P. and Bennett, M. N. on 03 May 1887

Divelbiss, Wm. H. and Windsor, Mabel A. on 10 Mar 1894

Divelbliss, Helen and Richie, Arthur B. on 29-Dec-1920

Domenico, John and Mattarocci, Melina on 12-May-1924

Dominguez, Frances and Abeyta, Leopoldo A. on 16 Jan 1917

Dominguez, Luis and Carson, Dolores on 21 Mar 1869

Dorland, Margaret and Ahlers, Adolf J. on 21 Jun 1931

Dorsey, Mary G. and Anderson, Dean Bert on 7 Sep 1911

Dotson, Lizzie and Miller, John D. on 2 Dec 1869

Doty, Ludy M. and Ashmore, H.H. on 20 Jul 1893

Dow, Mamie and Diggs, Edwin on 10-18-1888

Dow, William H. and Hunnicutt, Rebecca A. on 8-4-1872

Dowdy, Etta and Erhman, J.F. on 6-20-1885

Dowdy, F.E. and Barnard, Inez on 3-4-1894

Dowell, Alice and Taylor, Hugh on 9-17-1881

Dowell, E.C. and Free, Mary on 1-28-1891

Dowell, Maggie and Geneste, Francois on 5-24-1881

Dowle, E. C. and McGraham, Mina on 1-15-1891

Downer, Elizabeth and Ferber, Edgar on 2-3-1898

Downer, Thomas and Warner, Blanch on 2-11-1892

Downey, Julian B. and Montgomery, Elanor S. on 6-15-1892

Downing, Flora M. and Sinclair, Willard C. on 10-31-1894

Downing, G.M. and Hitchcox, Annie B. on 4-15-1888

Downing, George S. and Berry, Clara on 4-21-1886

Downing, Gertrude and Rummell, Arthur on 6-24-1889

Downs, Emma J. and Keele, Charles R. on 10-19-1893

Downs, W.T. and Plaisted, Sarah M. on 2-2-1899

Doyle, Annie B. and Waugh, Charles A. on 4-13-1887

Doyle, Katie and Worth, Edw. D. on 10-25-1892

Doyle, Margine and Shurtz, Samuel R. on 10-25-1892

Doyle, Mary A. and Kent, Edgar R. on 8-31-1897

Doyle, Sarah J. and Cole, Arthur J. on 10-27-1892

Doyle, Annie and Etner, J.C. on 2-17-1885

Doyle, Carrie M. and Wentworth, Augusta on 7-11-1899

Doyle, Eva May and Amyx, Henry B. on 1 Jan 1922

Doyle, Florence and Richards, George J. on 7-24-1872

Doyle, M.E. and Roscoe, C.H. on 7-4-1897

Doyle, Margaret L. and Cohick, David on 12-7-1884

Doyle, Timothy and Balavin, Becky on 6-25-1884

Doyle, Timothy and Cameron, Catherine on 5-16-1898

Doze, Sarah C. and Cowan, Isaac P. on 4-20-1876

Doze, Augustus and Mereditt, Ella M. on 12-24-1888

Doze, M. Lucille and Ayres, J.A. on 11 Nov 1896

Dozzie, Giakino and Sposita, Nina on 7-2-1896

Draga, Mary and Okara, John on 5-22-1899

Drain, Gertrude and Farmer, Orvis M. on 25-Dec-1909

Drain, Phyllis Ann and Keller, Robert D. on 20-Sep-1946

Drake, Daniel K. and Jones, Grace B. on 3-19-1889

Drake, Edward G. and Miller, Lydia J. on 5-29-1887

Drake, John and Brown, Alice on 4-29-1883

Drake, May and Smith, E.T. on 1-13-1882

Dran, Nellie and Franklin, Don C. on 9-10-1890

Draper, Ada and Hampton, John on 9-24-1895

Draper, H.H. and Simmons, Luceba on 11-14-1888

Draper, Lena and Adam, Joseph Edward on 9 Oct 1922

Dravecki, Annie and Leonard, Steven on 9-14-1896

Drejovic, Stephen and Jankovic, Kalta on 10-14-1895

Drew, F.S. and Caveness, Rebecca on 7-30-1879

Drew, Tannie and Houdyshell, Ed on 6-2-1898

Driver, J.S. and Fox, Amelia M. on 8-19-1899

Drobnic, Frank and Germ, Anna on 8-14-1892

Druly, Rufus A. and Flinn, Eva E. on 6-9-1895

Drumhiller, W.N. and Brown, Dora on 7-16-1888

Drummond, Beth and Scott, Donald F. on 8-Jun-1946

Drummond, Dale G. and Blackburn, Dorothy R. on 19-Jul-1947

Drummond, Howell N. and Geisler, Alvina W. on 5-Dec-1933

Drummond, Ted E. and Clark, Ruth I. on 5-Jun-1948

Dryden, Robert and Barrie, Jennet on 3-5-1899

Dudley, Mary and Austin, Thomas on 7 Mar 1889

Duffield, Nina and Anderson, Wm. Jesse on 29 Oct 1919

Dunsmore, Rebecca and Owen, Preston S. on 9 Jan 1869

Dupuy, Bertha M. and Andersen, Albert C. on 7 Oct 1929

Duran, Ginovera and Aragon, Eutemio on 27 Aug 1894

Duran, Jesusita and Albo, Felix on 23 Apr 1930

Duran, Maria Genoveva and Autobees, Miguel Antonio on 13 Oct 1874

Dusenberry, Pearl and Kenner, Jesse B. on 3-Dec-1916

Dutton, Margaret E. and Kennedy, Rosye on 23-Nov-1924

Eagon, Opal J. and Apple, William R. on 18 May 1920

Eastman, Peter D. and Spaulding, Margaret on 20 Dec 1866

Eccker, Irma and Ahlin, Frank on 20 Oct 1929

Eckhart, Minnie and Abels, Charles on 17 May 1880

Edgell, Virginia I. and Pierce, William E. on 10/7/1930

Edmisten, George E. Russell and Scott, Maude on 14-May-1935

Edmonds, Maude M. and Amerman, Arba B. on 19 Jul 1933

Edmondson, John and Hall, Matilda on 24 Mar 1869

Edwards, Mary E. and Boggs, John L. on 15 Mar 1869

Edwards, Paul J. and Cannon, Nancy on 8-Jun-1955

Edwards, Sarah A. and Adney, R.J. on 2 May 1901

Elliott, Georgia and Kerckman, William D. on 29-Jul-1916

Emmal, Alpha and Ager, Loren on 6 Oct 1924

England, Friedericka and Abel, Fred on 6 May 1890

Epperson, Annie and Arnett, A.S. on 23 Jun 1887

Erhman, J.F. and Dowdy, Etta on 6-20-1885

Erickson, Mary and Anderson, William on 12 Jul 1897

Escobeda, Magdalena and Acosta, Abe on 29 Jul 1935

Eskridge, Mary M. and Anderson, James on 29 Nov 1890

Espinosa, Jacinto and Garsia, Maria Lionnor on 19 Oct 1868

Espinosa, Sophie and Harrison, Ray A. on 27-Sep-1945

Estrada, Nuncio Clara and Alberey, Geronimo on 16 Apr 1909

Estrada, Ramona and Aguilera, Antonio on 18 Nov 1928

Etner, J.C. and Doyle, Annie on 2-17-1885

Eve, Bertha Lillian and Acosta, Rudolph on 10 Feb 1934

Eyestone, Winnifred Mae and Harrison, Howard Eugene on 20-Nov-1960

Fabrizo, Maria and Antinucci, Leonardo on 6 Aug 1906

Fahay, Edward and Montoya, Maria Delores on 24 Oct 1868

Faiola, John and Mattarocci, Elizabeth on 18-Sep-1920

Fairhurst, James and Randall, Helen S. on 21 Mar 1870

Farley, Joseph and Swartzell, Hilinda S. on 10 Jan 1869

Farmer, Orvis M. and Drain, Gertrude on 25-Dec-1909

Farney, Ella and Pinkerton, W.L. on 22-Jan-1905

Farrington, Maggie E. and Andrue, W.A.R. on 28 Nov 1883

Fenton, Lou and Altman, William on 6 Dec 1920

Ferber, Edgar and Downer, Elizabeth on 2-3-1898

Ferguson, John F. and Sibley, Ora E. on 27-Aug-1911 lisc

Ferraro, Vincenza Nunzia and Albano, Vitale on 20 Jul 1912

Fields, Adaline L. and Allen, Harry D. on 4 Jan 1902

Filler, Louise and Appugliese, Shenz on 12 Jul 1931

Finch, Clara and Allen, Joseph D. on 16 Nov 1885

Finn, Margareta and Arguellos, Reyes on 28 Sep 1910

Fitzroy, Eleanor C. and Alt, C. Edward on 30 Jun 1937

Flinn, Eva E. and Druly, Rufus A. on 6-9-1895

Foix, Estella J. and Ayers, Perry C. on 25 Oct 1934

Fontanella, Mariantonia and Amendola, Domenico on 11 Dec 1912

Foote, Zoetta May and Armstrong, Henry A. on 15 Mar 1893

Ford, Marion V. and Arlett, George H. on 25 Jun 1883

Foree, Charlotte A. and Andersen, Theodore on 2 Apr 1927

Forman, Nellie and Adams, Fred on 15 Oct 1918

Forsberg, Hazel and Anderson, Robert E. on 22 Nov 1928

Foster, Maud and Adcock, Lansford on 25 Oct 1904

Fox, Amelia M. and Driver, J.S. on 8-19-1899

Fox, Ebbie D. and Hull, Charles B. on 8-Oct-1911 lisc

Fox, Louisa M. and Adams, Walter G. on 19 May 1879

Franklin, Don C. and Dran, Nellie on 9-10-1890

Frawley, Frank H. and Jones, Constance R. on 23-Nov-1925

Free, Mary and Dowell, E.C. on 1-28-1891

Freeman, Daniel W. and Hath, Elizabeth on 12 Apr 1870

Freeman, Ida Eloise and Avery, Frederick R. on 23 Jun 1934

Fregoning, Jane and Asay, Saloman E. on 21 Jul 1892

Frink, Ella and Gilligan, John on 9 Jul 1868

Frodshan, Leila and Aguilar, Manuel on 11 Mar 1919

Fry, Addie M. and Altman, E.C. on 11 Jul 1905

Fry, Lavon W. and Rozborel, Elizabeth on 17-Sep-1945

Fuquay, Joseph and Chapman, Della on 11 Feb 1869

Fustin, Salove and Montoya, Juana Delcruses on 8 Sep 1866

Gabaldon, Adolph and Carlyle, Nina H. on 31-Mar-1911 lisc

Gabe, Sina and Allen, Jesse C. on 7 Jul 1904

Gallego, Lucinda and Clay, Theodore on 22 Jun 1867

Gallegos, Maria Manuella and Ronker, Francisco on 6 Aug 1870

Gallegos, Modesta and Armijo, Frank on 8 Jan 1920

Gallemore, Princess S. and Annis, E.A. on 20 Sep 1893

Gallentine, Josie and Knoyer, Roy Lee on 12-Jun-1920

Gallo, Mary and Antinucci, Leonard on 24 Jun 1919

Galusha, Esther and Mattarocci, Angleo on 6-Dec-1938

Gandy, Elizabeth E. and Allison, Edwin L. on 12 Oct 1920

Ganssoin, Theodore and Sebra, Juanna on 13 Jan 1869

Garcia, Aurelia and Alvarez, Pablo on 30 Dec 1927

Garcia, Cruz and Archuleta, Jake on 1 Jul 1924

Garcia, Elizabeth and Anaya, Hilbert on 25 Apr 1928

Garcia, Ester and Abeyta, Ernest on 30 Dec 1933

Garcia, Jose and Arellano, Jesse P. on 23 Feb 1936

Garcia, Josefa and Alvarado, Jose on 28 Dec 1923

Garcia, Sabina and Aragon, Elfego on 29 Jan 1924

Garcia, Susana and Amesquita, Victorio on 20 Oct 1917

Gardner, Arthur H. and O'Brien, Georgia C. on 9-May-1911 lisc

Garnett, Blanche and Affley, Jerome J. on 30 Apr 1893

Garrett, Frances and Agnew, Walter F. on 14 Mar 1914

Garrison, Agnes J. and Alexander, Patterson on 24 Jun 1890

Garsia, Maria Lionnor and Espinosa, Jacinto on 19 Oct 1868

Gatza, Mary and Adoloch, John on 16 May 1900

Gaytan, Felicitas and Alvarado, Santos on 6 Aug 1918

Gee, Jennie and Allen, William on 16 Sep 1891

Geisler, Alvina W. and Drummond, Howell N. on 5-Dec-1933

Geisler, Genevieve and Akin, Earl W. on 16 Jun 1936

Gemmill, James T. and McGuire, Anna on 1 May 1870

Geneste, Francois and Dowell, Maggie on 5-24-1881

Germ, Anna and Drobnic, Frank on 8-14-1892

Gernazio, Victoria and Arrigo, Joseph on 16 Feb 1935

Giadone, Josephine and Anselmo, Frank on 23 Oct 1928

Giannetta, Rose and Angello, Vincenzo on 2 Sep 1900

Giarratano, John and Rozboril, Elizabeth Jane on 27-Apr-1946

Gierhart, Naomi and Acree, Bryan on 24 Feb 1928

Gile, Eva and Andrews, Filo D. on 4 Sep 1895

Gilligan, John and Frink, Ella on 9 Jul 1868

Gillmore, Robert A. and Turner, Flora A. on 2 Apr 1870

Gilman, Henry S. and Williams, Nancy J. on 1 Mar 1869

Girordano, Carmela and Angello, Salvalore on 15 Oct 1910

Gitzhoffen, Ludie and Andrew, Bennett on 22 Dec 1917

Gocum, Anna and Archibald, Albert W. on 30 Jun 1885

Goddard, Hattie and Ahrenschild, John H. on 8 Apr 1915

Goldberg, Dora and Asenberg, Harry on 28 Jul 1906

Goldsmith, Julia A. and Allen, Jacob M. on 14 Nov 1899

Gomez, Juanita and Autobees, Charles on 22 Feb 1876

Gomez, Lionor R. and Almaraz, Basillio R. on 15 Jan 1925

Gonzales, Jovita and Arellanes, Pascual on 5 May 1921

Gonzales, Lupita and Abeyta, Manuel on 15 Nov 1926

Gonzales, Manuela and Aguilar, Fred on 22 Sep 1928

Gonzales, Mary and Armijo, Nick on 4 Dec 1930

Gonzales, Refugio and Abaldonado, Antoneto on 1 Aug 1881

Gonzales, Reinalda and Aguirre, Narciso on 15 Sep 1924

Gonzales, Teresa and Abeyta, Felix on 21 Apr 1913

Goodman, Roselyn and Abraham, Hyman on 24 Jan 1915

Goodson, Ida M. and Ackley, LeRoy J. on 22 Feb 1916

Graham, Eliza and Ashley, Charles on 31 Jan 1893

Graham, S. Jasper and Tydlan, Hattie L. on 25 Mar 1869

Gravatt, Carol and Setser, John on 28-Sep-1919

Gravatt, Harry O. and Snider, Rosa M. on 03 Jan 1925

Graves, Maxine and Austin, Montie S. on 4 Nov 1933

Gray, Catharine and Ashley, Simeon on 7 Sep 1893

Gray, Paul A. andBerg, Elsie Ida on 7-20-1927

Grebenc, Angela and Mishmash, Joseph on 15-May-1921

Greene, L. Ester and Amidon, Claude E. on 31 Dec 1924

Gregora, Mattie and Andriko, George on 15 Feb 1904

Griego, Cecilia and Abeyta, Isidoro on 14 Mar 1927

Griffin, Hattie and Ashby, W.M. on 7 May 1887

Grigg, N.V. and Armstrong, A.O. on 26 Apr 1892

Guaglina, Batista and Arone, Paquale on 28 Jul 1901

Guddemi, Domelnica and Anselmo, Gerolamo on 11 Aug 1907

Gurule, Dames and Argon, Lee on 14 Apr 1932

Guthrey, Lillian B. and Aistrop, R.E. on 28 Aug 1903

Gutierez, Josepa and Arriaga, Esequiel on 10 Aug 1918

Gutierrez, Maria and Atilano, Modesto on 27 Dec 1924

Hadley, Mildred and Anderson, Edwin C. on 16 Dec 1939

Halcombe, Clara and Adcock, Myrani L. on 12 Mar 1884

Hall, Christine Diane and Adair, Austin F. on 19 Sep 1937

Hall, Frances and Danett, Thomas on 23 Mar 1869

Hall, Matilda and Edmondson, John on 24 Mar 1869

Haller, Susie E. and Alexander, W.R. on 12 Apr 1887

Halsell, Lula and Ashbaugh, Louis K. on 18 Sep 1908

Hambrick, Lorene L. and Pryor, Lewis B. on 29-Jun-1935

Hampton, John and Draper, Ada on 9-24-1895

Hancock, Frances and Serracino Sam on 19-May-1933

Handlon, Amanda E. and Ayres, Charles on 2 Nov 1893

Hanna, Mattie and Agnes, John on 22 Dec 1904

Happ, William and Oetzel, Martha on 8 Jan 1865

Harbert, Frankie B. and Allen, Ray H. on 31 Aug 1929

Harden, Barbara G. and Allen, Jack H. on 12 Nov 1921

Hardin, Nancy and Ashley, Joseph on 2 Feb 1896

Hardman, Edna Francis and Addleman, Harold on 2 Nov 1912

Hargis, Mary Beth and Amaya, George on 6 Jan 1939

Harkis, Poletia and Ponasia, Yager on 6 Sep 1866

Harman, Juanita M. and Ard, Dell A. on 18 Mar 1936

Harper, Belle and Kendall, Joseph F. on 11-Jan-1913

Harr, Ellen M. Mrs and Kendall, Will R. on 17-Jul-1933

Harriman, Mattie and Athey, Preston on 5 Feb 1921

Harris, Elizabeth and Howe, H. P. on 1 May 1865

Harrison, Belle and Ashmore, Douglas M. on 14 May 1919

Harrison, Donald T. and Hood, Grace M. on 29-Jun-1946

Harrison, Edna and Watts, Andrew J. on 4-Dec-1960

Harrison, Howard Eugene and Eyestone, Winnifred Mae on 20-Nov-1960

Harrison, Leona O. and McGee, Lyle V. on 30-Apr-1920

Harrison, Leslie Atwood and Baldwin, Anna L. on 24-Mar-1912

Harrison, Lue L. and Watson, John J. on 28-Apr-1902

Harrison, Ray A. and Espinosa, Sophie on 27-Sep-1945

Hartman, Anna and Ashley, John on 23 Apr 1908

Hartman, Thresa and Abrrecht, Henry on 4 May 1939

Hath, Elizabeth and Freeman, Daniel W. on 12 Apr 1870

Haven, Victor Z. Jr. and Beggs, Dorothea K. on 30-Nov-1911 lisc

Haynes, George W. and Austin, Sarah L. on 1 Feb 1868

Hayworth, Bell Allie and Alderson, Roy E. on 5 Jun 1911

Hayworth, Mabel G. and Allen, Ted on 25 May 1921

Helm, Agnes and Affley, Harry J. on 26 Apr 1917

Heminger, Emma and Anderson, Charles A. on 17 Jul 1920

Hemrick, Helen and Andrews, John J. on 18 Sep 1923

Henkel, Clara D. and Able, J. Ernest on 26 Oct 1902

Henley, Barbara J. and Ahlers, Robert E. on 16-Dec-1960

Henry, Edna A. and Baxter, O. H. P. on 17 Apr 1866

Henry, Margaret A. and Thatcher, John A. on 17 Apr 1866

Henthorn, Gertrude and Andrews, William on 30 Jun 1909

Herbold, Minnie and Armstrong, John M. on 28 Apr 1904

Hermann, Anastasia and Anderson, Andrew T.W. on 15 Dec 1900

Hernandez, Josefa and Aguilar, Federico on 5 Mar 1920

Hernandez, Lillian and Adoma, Bidal on 27 Apr 1935

Herndon, Cleo and Stevenson, Wortha L. on 17-Aug-1917

Herring, Cora L.V. and Kaessner, Charlie on 6/9/1917

Hess, Lovina and Ashby, Robert V. on 29 Sep 1917

Heusi, Martin and Spaulding, Margaret on 12 Nov 1870

Hewitt, Dorothy Louise and Armstrong, Wesley J. on 10 Feb 1938

Hickok, Lillian and Argust, John on 6 Sep 1891

Hiejla, Concepcione and Angelos, Eurique on 17 Apr 1919

Higbee, Urial and Lujan, Ascension on 6 Mar 1869

Higgins, Arlenna M. and Andrew, Lloyd B. on 10 Aug 1917

Higgins, Vera and Armstrong, Earl J. on 7 Feb 1927

Highland, Pearl and Alexander, R.M. on 14 Oct 1903

Hill, Frances and Adkison, Stacker L. on 1 Nov 1917

Hill, Sarah M. and Arlen, Herbert P. on 8 Jan 1938

Hillegus, Lucy P. and Rule, Samuel H. on 31-Aug-1911 lisc

Hinaris, Christina N. and Athonasiadis, Gust on 26 Mar 1917

Hindom, Alameda G. and Aldridge, Aaron H. on 28 Jan 1924

Hinshaw, Harriet Joan and Russell, Benjamin Eugene on 6-Feb-1955

Hitchcox, Annie B. and Downing, G.M. on 4-15-1888

Hiza, Cristina and Albanese, Nick on 8 Jan 1916

Hoag, Thelma and Anderson, B. Frank Jr. on 2 Dec 1932

Hobbs, Oma Jean and Hood, E. Weston on 22-Jul-1939

Hodges, Lee Jennie and Ackerman, Isaac M. on 13 Apr 1916

Holcomb, Floreine E. and Divelbiss, Horace W. on 1/29/1920

Hollingshed, Mayme and Anderson, Charles E. on 28 Jun 1921

Holman, Dora Maye and Arbuckle, J.H. on 28 May 1935

Holmes, Sophia and Adams, Francis S. on 14 Jun 1906

Holms, Jessie Mae and Nace, Robert E. on 12-Jun-1944

Holton, Mabel T. and Wood, Lewis A. on 18-Apr-1911 lisc

Hood, E. Weston and Hobbs, Oma Jean on 22-Jul-1939

Hood, Eulah and Crosser, Charles R. on 14-Aug-1920

Hood, Grace M. and Harrison, Donald T. on 29-Jun-1946

Hood, Loraner and Pashel, Fred on 28-Jun-1935

Hoody, Helen and Andrijko, George on 7 Nov 1917

Hope, Rosa Lee and Austin, Thomas on 24 Dec 1884

Hopkins, Bertha and Anderson, J.C. on 11 Jun 1891

Hopkins, Mary and Austin, R.E. on 12 Nov 1901

Hopkins, Mary E. and Amick, Harry J. on 12 Aug 1924

Hospitalier, Ida and Albero, Victor on 20 Sep 1887

Houdyshell, Ed and Drew, Tannie on 6-2-1898

Howard, Dorothy and Starkweather, Marvin L. on 30-Apr-1927

Howe, H. P. and Harris, Elizabeth on 1 May 1865

Howe, Marie E. and Alexander, Leslie M. on 29 Oct 1930

Hribar, Frank and Pogorelc, Francisca on 20-Apr-1903

Hudson, Fleta and Kelson, Paul on 15-Nov-1921

Hughes, Mary A. and Andreasen, Ove on 7 Jul 1921

Huling, Fred W. Jr. and Buchannon, Shirley on 18-May-1941

Huling, Martha M. and Throop, Mark John on 20-Nov-1940

Hull, Charles B. and Fox, Ebbie D. on 8-Oct-1911 lisc

Humble, Sarah and Robertson, George on 21 Mar 1869

Humphries, Rachel and Aldred, Fred on 23 Aug 1899

Hunnicutt, Rebecca A. and Dow, William H. on 8-4-1872

Hurd, Eliza and Altic, James on 17 Nov 1906

Hurtado, Maria and Albidrez, Casimiro on 19 Jan 1931

Huston, Addie and Angerman, O.E. on 10 Oct 1906

Hutchinson, Cora and Areingdale, Edward on 16 Jul 1896

Huth, Agnes and Abell, Martin A. on 3 Apr 1907

Hyde, Wilma F. and Kennedy, Guy H. on 18-Nov-1920

Hysell, Ruth and Adams, Robert on 24 Aug 1912

Incarolone, Carmelina and Abete, Tony on 1 Sep 1928

Incerti, Maria and Alessi, Giovanni on 13 Nov 1909

Inglese, Lena and Alberico, Crecencio on 19 Jul 1903

Ingram, Lucile Ruby and Adams, Hubert W. on 12 Sep 1910

Ingrato, Carmela and Amicarello, Domenic on 15 Jun 1891

Ingwersen, Katharine E. and Armstrong, Auston O. on 30 Jun 1913

Innes, Ella A. and Arthur, O. Martin on 29 Jun 1927

Irvine, John and Ogden, Lucinda on 2 Aug 1868

Jackson, Thomas J. and Anderson, Nora V. on 22-Jul-1903

Jacobwitz, Emanuel I. and Strauss, Sylvia L. on 7-Oct-1911

Jalenich, Lizzie and Ancnik, John on 26 Dec 1921

James, Emmalenia and Allen, William on 2 Apr 1891

Jamison, Lizzie and Bartlett, Augustus on 9 Jan 1869

Jankovic, Kalta and Drejovic, Stephen on 10-14-1895

Jaquez, Fedelina and Armijo, Juan L. on 19 Dec 1908

Jaquez, Garoa and Autobee, Thomas on 12 Aug 1900

Jaquez, Lucia and Afan, Via Antonio on 7 Aug 1918

Jeffers, Catherine N. and Anderson, Henry R. Jr. on 22 May 1936

Jenkins, Phoebe and Akers, Russell P. on 20 Feb 1925

Jennings, Flora and Simpson, Peter A. on 26 Oct 1870

Jennings, Zoe and Chilcott, Henry Clay on 11-5-1873

Jensen, Dorris and Lundy, Dewey O. on 24-May-1919

Jerman, Kathryn and Anzick, John on 20 Jun 1917

Jett, Eloise S. and Aibner, Charles C. on 10 Oct 1935

Jinkerson, Mary and Allinson, Harry P. on 23 Oct 1922

Johns, Gladys J. and Arndt, Robert on 2 Aug 1916

Johnson, Bertha Maud and Andrew, Ernest on 23 Apr 1901

Johnson, Elizabeth and Alston, George W. on 14 Aug 1906

Johnson, Emily and Anderson, Fred on 9 Apr 1898

Johnson, Margaret and Anderson, Fred on 8 Jan 1916

Johnson, Martha L. and McElheny, Calvin D. on 8-24-1886

Johnson, Matilda and Anderson, John on 18 Sep 1897

Johnson, Zella and Arntzen, D.H. on 10 Sep 1919

Johnston, Anna I. and Altaffer, Joseph R. on 10 Jun 1916

Johnston, Ruth H. and Austin, Marion D. on 8 Dec 1934

Jones, Grace B. and Drake, Daniel K. on 3-19-1889

Jones, Bernice and Akin, J.A. on 10 Feb 1904

Jones, Clara I. and Atchison, S.E. on 8 Nov 1889

Jones, Constance R. and Frawley, Frank H. on 23-Nov-1925

Jones, Katrina and Anderson, Wallace on 12 Jul 1920

Jones, Mary E. and Affdenkamp, John F. on 28 Feb 1911

Jones, Rose M. and Allen, Joseph S. on 31 Mar 1896

Joseph, Hifife and Abe, Richard on 11 Dec 1924

Kaessner, Charlie and Herring, Cora L.V. on 6/9/1917

Kanke, Helen and Adam, Emil on 19 Feb 1909

Karlson, Ester T. and Allison, Lafayette on 26 Mar 1906

Kastelic, John and Klancar, Ivana on 17-May-1909

Keast, Mildred A. and Adkins, Roy B. on 27 Nov 1929

Keating, Josie and Ardell, G.A. on 16 Jun 1886

Keck, Maxine and Russell, John on 16-Aug-1957

Keele, Charles R. and Downs, Emma J. on 10-19-1893

Keele, Nollie and Abourezk, Harry on 2 May 1922

Keeling, Bertha LaVon and Ayres, Royal Lester on 10 Oct 1936

Keenum, Nannie and McGinnis, John on 24 Nov 1870

Keigley, Katharyn and Andrews, Clarence G. on 29 Oct 1919

Keithley, Emma May and Armstrong, R.J. on 5 Sep 1901

Keller, Robert D. and Drain, Phyllis Ann on 20-Sep-1946

Kelley, James and Webb, Sarah on 31 Jul 1870

Kelly, Harry J. and Schmitt, Mary L. on 20-Sep-1924

Kelly, Herbert E. and Kelly, Ruth B. on 17-May-1918

Kelly, James P. and Crawford, Olive on 21-Aug-1924

Kelly, Jesse V. and Cronin, Margaret M. on 1-Jul-1918

Kelly, Louisa and Atwater, Fred on 16 Jun 1913

Kelly, Marguerite and Anderson, Vincent J. on 29 Jul 1912

Kelly, Marion and Baker, Lillian on 25-Feb-1919

Kelly, Ruth B. and Kelly, Herbert E. on 17-May-1918

Kelsey, Annie and Adams, Sylevester on 26 Oct 1913

Kelsey, Charles E. and Arnold, Evelyn D. on 26-Jul-1922

Kelson, Paul and Hudson, Fleta on 15-Nov-1921

Kemp, Lee Roy and Matson, Elizabeth M. on 8-Apr-1919

Kemper, Lynn Smith and Baker, Mary Elizabeth on 30-Sep-1922

Kenady, Charles W. and Veith, Lotta L. on 26-Jan-1921

Kenady, Dale and Wilson, Ersa P. on 28-Sep-1918

Kendall, Clarence and Warner, Rose K. on 22-Jan-1943

Kendall, Ellen M. and Miles, C.S. on 22-Feb-1910

Kendall, Eugene and Leeper, Florence on 2-Aug-1920

Kendall, Geraldine and Schmitt, Eddie on 23-Sep-1947

Kendall, Harriet M. and Smith, Wilson E. on 7-Aug-1949

Kendall, Harry M. and Morgan, Anna Maud on 6-Jul-1915

Kendall, Herbert and Petrick, Jenny on 14-Jul-1920

Kendall, James E. and Rozich, Virginia Kay on 18-Jun-1960

Kendall, John M. and Rogers, Florence on 1-Jul-1912

Kendall, Joseph F. and Harper, Belle on 11-Jan-1913

Kendall, Lawrence W. and Zehrung, Lois on 25-Dec-1942

Kendall, Will R. and Harr, Ellen M. Mrs on 17-Jul-1933

Kendall, William H. and McGuire, Stella on 11-Feb-1924

Kennedy, Guy H. and Hyde, Wilma F. on 18-Nov-1920

Kennedy, Holman and Slavin, Ruth on 15-Nov-1917

Kennedy, Rosye and Dutton, Margaret E. on 23-Nov-1924

Kennedy, William T. and Alley, Margaret on 29-Jun-1920

Kenner, Alfred W. and Matice, Regina M. on 1-Jan-1921

Kenner, Jesse B. and Dusenberry, Pearl on 3-Dec-1916

Kenner, Roy E. and Solomon, Julia on 14-Jun-1917

Kenny, Clifford F. and Parker, Lucille V. on 17-Aug-1917

Kent, Edgar R. and Doyle, Mary A. on 8-31-1897

Kercheval, Elmer E. and Swope, Clara E. on 20-Dec-1916

Kerckman, William D. and Elliott, Georgia on 29-Jul-1916

Kersey, Dorothy J. and Austin, Edward L. on 19 Oct 1933

Kersey, George D. and Prignon, Maria on 16-Aug-1922

Kershaw, J. Raymond and Sutherland, Anna M. on 31-Oct-1924

Kervin, Wayne W. and Dicken, Carrie on 17-Mar-1924

Kindell, James C. and Lawler, Dorothy on 18-Aug-1937

Kinnamon, Ina M. and Watts, J. H. on 11-Jul-1906

Kinney, Anna L. and Arlington, Charles C. on 18 Sep 1881

Kirley, Lethia and Ward, F.A. on 9-1-1889

Kirtley, William and Mahan, Annie on 1 May 1865

Klancar, Frances and Podlogar, John on 25-Oct-1905

Klancar, Ignac and Krizman, Johanna on 8-May-1907

Klancar, Ivana and Kastelic, John on 17-May-1909

Klancar, Jennie and Straziscar, Anton on 27-Oct-1913

Klanchar, Rosa and Paulin, John on 2-Jul-1921

Klodany, Anna S. and Andrew, Joseph on 22 Feb 1892

Klunmann, Eleanor and Ashen, E.G. on 1 Jan 1899

Knoyer, Roy Lee and Gallentine, Josie on 12-Jun-1920

Koch, Lillian and Andrich, Mike on 3 Apr 1933

Korig, Rosa and Arfsten, Arf Jungen on 12 Jul 1882

Kort, Hilda and Anten, Omar Henry on 18 Sep 1917

Kovacic, Anna A. and Arthur, Edw. D. on 17 Jul 1926

Krizman, Johanna and Klancar, Ignac on 8-May-1907

Krizman, Pauline and Antone, Joseph C. on 27 Feb 1924

Kuhn, Teresa and Andrew, Thomas on 27 Jun 1910

LaBelle, Frank A. and Russell, Martha on 30-Nov-1902

Lacy, ? and Roup, Mary on 3-Jul-1911

Ladurini, Geannie and Andreatti, Fortunato on 5 Dec 1922

Lamb, E.M. Rogers and Arburn, Darwin W. on 4 Feb 1928

Lamkin, Joshua R. and Pastor, Della S. on 8 Feb 1870

Landles, Barbara B. and Anderson, Edward C. on 8 Jun 1916

Landrum, Bertha and Austin, William J. on 1 Jan 1909

Landry, Augusta V. and Allmon, George on 30 Mar 1927

Langner, Anna and Alberton, J. on 19 Feb 1883

Lanning, Elsie Mae and Anderson, Carl R. on 24 Jan 1937

Lannon, Charles A. and Nelson, Mary J. on 22-Dec-1911 lisc

Larabee, Olive and Ayers, Jacob on 25 Oct 1902

Larson, Emelia and Anderson, Theodor Carl on 27 Oct 1903

Latka, Frank and Riley, Marie on 22-Jan-1923

Latka, Frank S. and Yalotz, Mary A. on 15-Jan-1918

Latronica, Speranza and Mattarocci, Frank on 26-Jun-1927

Lavender, Minnie M. and Aldrich, Garland B. on 7 Nov 1938

Law, Inez E. and Arndt, Claud H. on 23 Sep 1917

Law, Ruth O. and Auten, Ray L. on 23 Apr 1927

Lawler, Dorothy and Kindell, James C. on 18-Aug-1937

Lawton, Helen and Allen, Frank on 28 Mar 1921

Layahon, Ella and Allen, Charles B. on 19 Dec 1889

Leach, Minnie A. and Atkins, John on 16 Mar 1920

Leeper, Florence and Kendall, Eugene on 2-Aug-1920

Leggett, Thomas and Bannister, Catharine on 4-24-1870

Leggett, Thomas and Bannister, Catharine J. on 24 Apr 1870

Lemoijna, Marie Anna and Armand, Noll on 16 Feb 1905

Lenior, Lavenia and Ashby, John W. on 1-9-1895

Leonard, Steven and Dravecki, Annie on 9-14-1896

Lepek, John and Voytilla, Anna on 19-Nov-1917

Lepkovitz, Hannah and Altman, Wolfe Morris on 29 Oct 1912

LeRoy, Katheryn Anna and Ashbaugh, Wm. C. on 26 Jan 1918

Lewisford, Lenore and Armour, J.E. on 4 Mar 1902

Liebler, Antoniette and Aldrich, James D. on 15 Feb 1913

Lind, Hilda M. and Almquist, John C. on 4 Apr 1896

Lindley, Ada E. and Abercrombie, Harry W. on 18 Aug 1915

Lindsay, David T. and Ranus, Laura E. on 5-29-1924

Lipersick, Mary J. and Anzick, Rudolph W. on 22 Sep 1930

Lobato, Ursile Maria and Aguilar, Thomas on 30 Jun 1919

Loera, Jova and Avila, Feliciano on 23 Aug 1916

Logan, Sarah A. and Wood, D. M. on 17 Dec 1900

Logan, Taylor and Baker, Sarah A. on 19 Feb 1878

Long, Leta Mae and Alt, Eugene D. on 20 Dec 1930

Lonjers, Mary and Adams, Joseph J. on 23 Oct 1913

Loomis, Hazel and Allin, E.F. on 18 Feb 1908

Lopez, Angelina and Aguilar, Jose on 14 Jul 1934

Lopez, Berenave and Alarcon, Jose on 18 Jun 1923

Lopez, Filisitas and Autuna, Ramiro on 26 Sep 1910

Lopez, Julia and Angayo, Cirico on 3 Mar 1921

Lopez, Manuela and Amara, Antonio on 19 Nov 1924

Lovato, Rosa and Aguilar, Tom on 17 Feb 1931

Lucero, Bessie and Atencio, Max on 11 Jan 1928

Lucero, Estella and Atencio, Ray on 5 Dec 1927

Luckie, Ethel and Anderson, Andrew L. on 25 Sep 1919

Lucous, Olive and Antrim, Thomas V. on 18 Sep 1928

Lujan, Juan and Montoya, Candelaria on 26 Feb 1868

Lundeen, Amy E. and Atchley, Winfred on 25 Sep 1927

Lundy, Bertha J. and Shephard, Arthur W. on 6-18-1891

Lundy, Dewey O. and Jensen, Dorris on 24-May-1919

Lundy, Elizabeth and Adams, Sherman D. on 14 Jun 1936

Lunsford, Gladys Neva and Atkinson, Leo John on 20 Apr 1919

Lynn, Lula May and Allen, Thomas N. on 29 Oct 1924

Maciel, Francisca and Arriola, Battazar on 21 Feb 1917

Maciel, Marie R.Z. and Aguirre, Eustacio on 22 Sep 1923

Mack, Helen and Acuff, James J. on 11 Sep 1937

Madon, Iva May and Alexander, Calvin D. on 8 Sep 1935

Madril, Marguerita and Arguello, James on 21 Nov 1895

Magnusson, Edla Naomi L. and Ahl, Eric Konrad on 16-Jun-1934

Mahan, Annie and Kirtley, William on 1 May 1865

Mainard, Virgie and Ashley, Roby on 24 Aug 1901

Malone, Bessie and Asbury, J.C. on 18 Dec 1937

Maloy, Audrea W. and Ashcraft, Harry C. on 5 Oct 1916

Mangan, Ellen M. and Adam, Paul J. on 23 Dec 1930

Mann, Ellen S. and Pryor, Richard on 19-Jun-1902

Mann, Eloise H. and Andrews, Richard D. on 26 Mar 1936

Mann, Susie C. and Alexander, Nelson E. on 23 Aug 1908

Marchand, Virginia and Allen, Wallace on 22 Aug 1921

Marksheffel, Emma and Adams, Claud B. on 14 Sep 1904

Marlow, Emma L. and Ames, Robert A. on 27 Aug 1885

Marojedec, Tharena and Adamich, John on 10 Feb 1902

Marsh, Berdio M. and Angermayer, F.S. on 6 Oct 1906

Martin, Clifford L. and Savage, Sophia on 13-Jun-1914

Martin, Erma L. and Agee, Alfred A. on 6 Oct 1937

Martin, Estella May and Spencer, Gordon W. on 24-Oct-1911

Martin, M.M. and Anderson, H.A. on 11 Jul 1905

Martina, Celacita and Apodaca, Diego on 1 Nov 1895

Martinez, Alfonsa and Armenta, Agapito on 20 Nov 1936

Martinez, Anita and Arellano, Jose on 28 Sep 1927

Martinez, Consepecion and Abila, Jesus on 14 Aug 1913

Martinez, Danielita and Abeyta, Romaldo on 11 May 1910

Martinez, Domisinda and Abeyta, Juan J. on 5 Oct 1914

Martinez, Eva and Armenta, Patricio on 3 Oct 1914

Martinez, Gillerma and Anaya, Jesus Jose on 8 Jul 1891

Martinez, Librada and Archuletta, Juan C. on 7 Aug 1893

Martinez, Lucy F. and Anaya, Gabriel on 27 Jun 1928

Martinez, Luisa and Alvarez, Jose C. on 13 Nov 1916

Martinez, Maria A. and Arguello, Joseph D. on 28 Sep 1914

Martinez, Rosa and Aragon, Melcor on 4 Feb 1911

Martinez, Rosarito and Apodaca, Juan on 9 Jul 1933

Martinez, Simoncita and Apodaca, Claudio on 4 Jul 1921

Martinez, Virginia and Apodaca, Rafael on 18 Aug 1895

Martinez, Ysabelita and Aguirres, Francisco on 2 Feb 1896

Martzson, Pauline and Arthur, Fields B. on 9 Aug 1899

Marugg, Lena and Akerley, John A. on 23 Dec 1899

Mary, Red Head and McDonald, John on 24 May 1863

Masciotia, Anthony and Serracino, Jilda on 6-Oct-1934

Masciotra, Anthony and Morrow, Maude on 13-May-1911 lisc

Mastrostefano, Gelsomina and Arduini, Virgino on 7 Feb 1914

Mata, Margarita and Aragon, Juvencio on 1 May 1927

Mathews, Eva and Anderson, Ira Paul on 14 Sep 1916

Matice, Regina M. and Kenner, Alfred W. on 1-Jan-1921

Matson, Elizabeth M. and Kemp, Lee Roy on 8-Apr-1919

Mattarocci, Angleo and Galusha, Esther on 6-Dec-1938

Mattarocci, Antonio and Delells, Crockfina on 1-May-1929

Mattarocci, Civita and Corpolengo, Curncori on 11-Dec-1912

Mattarocci, Elizabeth and Faiola, John on 18-Sep-1920

Mattarocci, Frank and Latronica, Speranza on 26-Jun-1927

Mattarocci, Melina and Domenico, John on 12-May-1924

Mattarocci, Rocco and Smith, Anna on 13-Mar-1926

Mattaroccia, Giovannina and Serracino, Vincenzo on 20-Apr-1915

Maxon, Mattie and Armstrong, Charles on 21 Jul 1887

May, Albert Earl and Webster, Iva L. on 5-Jun-1907

May, Betty E. and Patterson, Thurman A. on 17-Apr-1938

Mayhew, Ethel and Anzlea, W.P. on 14 Jan 1917

Mayhugh, Richards Ruby and Archer, Don E. on 20 Feb 1921

McAdams, Julia and Arestad, Gabe E. on 22 Sep 1935

McAllister, Nettie and Avery, William on 2 Apr 1908

McBride, Beulah E. and Abel, Homer E. on 4 Aug 1912

McCaslin, Mary and Alvery, Uriah on 14 Jun 1915

McCaslin, Maude M. and Abbott, John Neal on 12 Dec 1921

McChesney, Edna Rolla and Alstatt, Victor T. on 7 Jan 1920

McCloskey, Vyrel S. and Alt, Harold M. on 26 Jun 1927

McDaniel, Ross V. and Ashurst, Virgil P. on 16 Sep 1903

McDonald, Abbie and Arguello, James on 4 Aug 1916

McDonald, John and Mary, Red Head on 24 May 1863

McDonald, Lydia L. and Adams, Frank C. on 11 Jun 1896

McDougal, Margaret K. and Oney, James W. on 27-Dec-1911 lisc

McElheny, Calvin D. and Johnson, Martha L. on 8-24-1886

McElroy, Michael and Ortega, Juanita on 22 Feb 1867

McGee, Lyle V. and Harrison, Leona O. on 30-Apr-1920

McGinnis, John and Keenum, Nannie on 24 Nov 1870

McGowan, Annie and Ather, William on 14 Mar 1890

McGraham, Mina and Dowle, E. C. on 1-15-1891

McGuin, Myrtle and Allen, William D. on 4 Sep 1918

McGuire, Anna and Gemmill, James T. on 1 May 1870

McGuire, Maggie and Allison, R.M. on 20 May 1886

McGuire, Stella and Kendall, William H. on 11-Feb-1924

McHenry, Arvilla and Atwater, Fred on 16 Mar 1904

McIlveen, Agnes M. and Armstrong, Harry A. on 3 Mar 1939

McKnight, Lucille and Amy, Lawrence T. on 12 Sep 1935

McMeekan, Alex and Thomas, Evelyn on 28-Aug-1924

McMullen, Marion J. and Mills, Vera L. on 16-Jul-1911 lisc

McNamara, Florence and Abbott, Leo on 16 Mar 1928

McWilliams, Mabel L. and Anthony, Homer W. on 18 Jun 1917

Meade, Nellie and Avis, S.B. on 8 Mar 1905

Means, Fay and Ardell, George on 11 Nov 1911

Mehan, Sofia and Autobee, Mack on 23 Sep 1923

Mendez, Adelina and Aguirre, Guillermo on 19 Jan 1926

Merall, Georgia and Ard, Clay on 7 Nov 1926

Merdith, Moe M. and Aronson, Olof M. on 28 Sep 1892

Meredith, Eliza and Anderson, Tom on 29 Apr 1900

Meredith, Myrtle and Abbott, Henry S. on 30 Sep 1921

Mereditt, Ella M. and Doze, Augustus on 12-24-1888

Mesaros, Marie and Angelopulius, Chris G. on 10 Mar 1918

Mestas, Elbira and Anaya, Guillermo on 12 Aug 1916

Mestes, Enocon and Trugillo, Mararete on 8 Sep 1866

Mestes, Margarete and Arjao, Ray on 31 Dec 1894

Meston, Elizabeth and Anderson, George S. on 14 Jun 1930

Meter, Fay Van and Ahlers, Art on 4 Apr 1926

Metz, William J. and Ramsay, Rachel M. on 22-Feb-1911 lisc

Michaels, Hey C.Irene and Armer, Elmer on 19 Sep 1903

Mikelic, Frank and Pospisel, Johanna on 20-Feb-1905

Miles, C.S. and Kendall, Ellen M. on 22-Feb-1910

Miles, Mary and Sizer, Eber R. on 24 Nov 1868

Miles, Sylvia and Adamich, Frank on 23 Dec 1920

Milizzia, Maria and Amato, Tommaso D. on 11 Jun 1910

Miller, Lydia J. and Drake, Edward G. on 5-29-1887

Miller, Bessie B. and Aller, Frank D. on 10 Jul 1895

Miller, Elizabeth and Atwood, Ira A. on 1 Nov 1890

Mills, Flora E. and Aistrop, Walter B. on 22 Nov 1904

Mills, Vera L. and McMullen, Marion J. on 16-Jul-1911 lisc

Minson, Freda and Andersen, Steve on 23 Feb 1935

Mishmash, Joseph and Grebenc, Angela on 15-May-1921

Mismas, Johanna and Petric, John on 9-Oct-1901

Mitchell, Edith Diggett and Allen, William H. on 7 Nov 1898

Mitchell, Julia Belle and Asher, George on 14 Sep 1894

Mitchell, Laura and Asher, George on 21 Nov 1889

Mizer, Vera Gladys and Ackworth, Edward G. on 8 Sep 1939

Money, Marjorie E. and Ashford, Howard E. on 3 Sep 1926

Montez, Andrea and Alvarez, Joseph C. on 27 Jan 1923

Montez, Auraea and Anaya, Anacleto on 25 Jul 1923

Montgomery, Elanor S. and Downey, Julian B. on 6-15-1892

Montoya, Antona and Armenta, Juan on 10 Jan 1883

Montoya, Candelaria and Lujan, Juan on 26 Feb 1868

Montoya, Fregelia and Archuletta, Paul on 2 May 1914

Montoya, Juana Delcruses and Fustin, Salove on 8 Sep 1866

Montoya, Margaret and Archuletta, Anastasio on 1 Jul 1939

Montoya, Maria Delores and Fahay, Edward on 24 Oct 1868

Montoya, Natividad and Albillar, Daniel G. on 2 Sep 1934

Moore, Haze L. and Arlington, Harold L. on 16 Aug 1929

Morgan, Anna Maud and Kendall, Harry M. on 6-Jul-1915

Morgan, Mattie Lenore and Adkinson, Hugh on 24 Dec 1907

Morgan, Sarah and Addair, Wm. W. on 16 Aug 1877

Morris, Beatrice and Ashcraft, James W. on 7 Dec 1931

Morris, Edith Christen and Andersen, T. on 10 Mar 1934

Morris, Helen and Abbe, George A.L. on 3 Feb 1897

Morris, Ruth E. and Applegate, Frank E. on 23 Feb 1917

Morrow, Maude and Masciotra, Anthony on 13-May-1911 lisc

Moses, Yorke Clyda and Adams, Alva B. on 10 Aug 1904

Mrndrick, Christina and Andrews, Andrew J. on 9 Oct 1929

Mueller, Mary and Allen, Silas W. on 2 Aug 1903

Mulnix, Cora B. and Allison, Don T. on 15 Jan 1901

Munoz, Josephine E. and Archuleta, Bennie on 7 Nov 1930

Murcruy, Alice M. and Reed, Lawrence J. on 18-Apr-1911 lisc

Murrow, Illene and Allen, Jack on 17 Nov 1938

Myers, Agnes Grace and Stommel, Charles J. on 15-Sep-1914

Mynatt, Florence and Anderson, Edward Gust on 4 Nov 1937

Nace, Robert E. and Holms, Jessie Mae on 12-Jun-1944

Naden, Helen F. and Arrington, Alfred W. on 19 May 1923

Naranjo, Stella and Archuleta, Sam on 18 Apr 1931

Neal, Susie M. and Andrews, Robert O. on 2 Feb 1926

Needham, Minnie E. and Anderson, Floyd R. on 9 Jun 1933

Neil, Alice M. and Arndt, Richard F. on 11 Jul 1922

Nelson, Dorothy V. and Ayers, Clint N. on 31 Oct 1936

Nelson, Grace and Andrews, Keith M. on 22 Sep 1919

Nelson, Mary E. and Alander, Adolf on 23 Jan 1902

Nelson, Mary J. and Lannon, Charles A. on 22-Dec-1911 lisc

Nelson, Tillie and Anderson, O.F. on 17 Aug 1898

Nerone, Angelina and Antonocio, Salvatore on 15 Nov 1906

Neumeister, Ada and Acosta, Joe on 6 Nov 1937

Nichols, Fanny C. and Proffitt, David on 1 Nov 1870

Nittinger, Alice C. and Aubin, Hector M. on 21 Jun 1928

Nobles, Clara and Allis, Charles H. on 16 Nov 1893

Noriega, Maria Lupa and Aragon, Jose de la Cruz on 22 Jan 1876

Novanta, Carmeta and Arminio, Vito Antonio on 2 Jul 1900

Nugug, Russell and Tynes, Della on 18-May-1911 lisc

Nunez, Jesus and Andrade, Apalinai on 14 Nov 1906

O'Brien, Georgia C. and Gardner, Arthur H. on 9-May-1911 lisc

O'Connor, Ella and Arthur, Edward Manning on 3 Mar 1900

O'Connor, Florence L. and Adfield, Carl F. on 1 Jun 1936

O'Daniel, Katie and Andrew, James on 24 Apr 1913

Odell, Clementine and Aydlott, Wert W. on 20 Feb 1898

Oetzel, Martha and Happ, William on 8 Jan 1865

Offerle, Amanda and Alber, Louis P. on 14 Apr 1898

Ogden, Lucinda and Irvine, John on 2 Aug 1868

Okaba, Wariy and Westenberg, Bertha on 12-Jan-1911 lisc

Okara, John and Draga, Mary on 5-22-1899

O'Kelley, Maude and Scott, Roy on 20-Jul-1919

Olander, Selma M. and Adams, Elisha J. on 10 Mar 1924

Olson, Marie Signe and Anderson, Gustav Carl on 27 Aug 1910

O'Neal, Mary and Armstead, Robert on 27 May 1882

Oney, James W. and McDougal, Margaret K. on 27-Dec-1911 lisc

Ontiveros, Mercedes P. and Alderette, Alfonso on 22 Sep 1937

Opdal, Mary O. and Anderson, Henry on 7 Sep 1894

Ordones, Margarita and Adame, Natividad on 7 Jun 1922

O'Reilly, Margaret and Bayly, Frank L. on 6-8-1889

Orosco, Palmiria and Arguello, Alejandro on 15 Mar 1918

Ortagas, Mariana and Trugillo, Jose Enase on 21 Oct 1862

Ortega, Josie and Amesquita, Louis G. on 14 Nov 1927

Ortega, Juanita and McElroy, Michael on 22 Feb 1867

Ortibiz, Augustina and Aragon, Timio on 28 Feb 1914

Ortiz, Esther and Aguallo, Emilio on 17 Sep 1919

Ota, Haruye and Akiyama, Tom on 1 Jan 1932

Otero, Lillian and Arambula, Ned on 17 Jun 1935

Padilla, Mary and Arguello, John C. on 30 Mar 1928

Pagano, Anna and Anselmo, Fortunato on 5 Jun 1909

Pando, Agapito and Segura, Carnacion on 18 Jan 1868

Panepinto, Jennie and Ammons, Elbert A. on 1 Jun 1933

Papa, Anne and Apodaca, Ermelindo on 15 Oct 1924

Papez, Mary and Anzlavar, Frank on 13 Jan 1908

Paraz, Vargina and Aguilar, Manuel on 22 Aug 1919

Parker, Ethel and Alexander, Arthur S. on 28 Nov 1912

Parker, Lucille V. and Kenny, Clifford F. on 17-Aug-1917

Parker, Marian E. and Allen, Walter B. on 7 Jan 1935

Parker, Mattie L. and Ashley, Loy on 12 Jun 1927

Parkinson, Bertie M. and Atkinson, George C. on 21 Aug 1899

Parlapiano, Liboria and Angello, Biagio on 2 Sep 1900

Pashel, Fred and Hood, Loraner on 28-Jun-1935

Pastor, Della S. and Lamkin, Joshua R. on 8 Feb 1870

Patent, Ellen and Anthony, James on 22 Aug 1881

Patterson, Rachel and Davis, John on 12 Oct 1868

Patterson, Thurman A. and May, Betty E. on 17-Apr-1938

Patton, Jennie E. and Ames, H.H. on 14 Apr 1883

Paulin, John and Klanchar, Rosa2-Jul-1921

Paull, Anna S. and Atherton, Romero on 30 Jan 1889

Pedregon, Lucy and Archuleta, Sam on 20 Nov 1912

Peerman, Augusta Estella and Ashford, Harvey W. on 24 Aug 1904

Pehrson, Mary and Anderson, Chriss on 3 Aug 1888

Perea, Erenea and Aragon, John on 11 Jan 1922

Perez, Antonia and Ayala, Jesus A. on 23 Dec 1933

Perez, Nina and Atencio, Pete on 17 Jun 1937

Perrine, Grace and Aregood, James W. on 25 Dec 1909

Petersen, P. Helen and Stoughton, Ben W. on 15-Jun-1911 lisc

Peterson, Frida and Adolfson, Gus on 30 Jun 1899

Petric, John and Mismas, Johanna on 9-Oct-1901

Petrick, Anna E. and Anzick, Louis J. on 3 Jan 1923

Petrick, Jenny and Kendall, Herbert on 14-Jul-1920

Petry, Pearl and Aldred, Walter on 30 Mar 1910

Phillips, Bessie L. and Adams, John B. on 4 Jun 1908

Pierce, Caroline and Avalos, Claude B. on 22 Nov 1934

Pierce, William E. and Edgell, Virginia I. on 10/7/1930

Pinela, Maria and Aders, Julian on 25 Jan 1919

Pinkerton, W.L. and Farney, Ella on 22-Jan-1905

Piper, Myrtle and Andrews, Hulmon on 11 Jul 1929

Place, Lonita and Amerine, Clarence on 23 Sep 1939

Plaisted, Sarah M. and Downs, W.T. on 2-2-1899

Platts, Annie E. and Austin, John G. on 6 Jul 1907

Plough, Pearl and Allen, James T. on 4 Jan 1930

Plut, Rosie and Anzlovar, Frank J. on 9 Sep 1936

Podlogar, John and Klancar, Frances on 25-Oct-1905

Pogorelc, Francisca and Hribar, Frank on 20-Apr-1903

Pogorelic, Frank and Pospisal, Francis on 13-Aug-1906

Ponasia, Yager and Harkis, Poletia on 6 Sep 1866

Pool, Clarice and Ashcroft, Dewey B. on 14 Oct 1930

Porco, Rosie and Abbate, Tony on 16 Feb 1917

Pospisal, Francis and Pogorelic, Frank on 13-Aug-1906

Pospisel, Johanna and Mikelic, Frank on 20-Feb-1905

Pospisil, Annie Louise and Roebrig, Bernard F. on 17-May-1903

Potestio, Sarina and Abboto, Domenico on 7 Oct 1913

Prescott, Amanda C. and Allen, Arthur on 25 Sep 1884

Pretkol, Johanna and Anzick, Joseph on 25 Nov 1925

Price, Blanch G. and Alumburgh, J.S. on 28 Nov 1891

Prignon, Maria and Kersey, George D. on 16-Aug-1922

Primm, Ellen and Allen, Lyle H. on 1 Jul 1928

Proffitt, David and Nichols, Fanny C. on 1 Nov 1870

Prunty, Leo and Anderson, Lloyd S. on 1 Dec 1924

Pryor, Lewis and Berg, Cora on 2-Jul-1919

Pryor, Lewis B. and Hambrick, Lorene L. on 29-Jun-1935

Pryor, Richard and Mann, Ellen S. on 19-Jun-1902

Puentes, Lonicia and Arias, Juan P. on 16 Dec 1919

Pyle, Edna Mary and Adair, Homer on 12 Dec 1929

Pyle, Veda M. and Arnote, Kenneth on 20 Mar 1935

Quakenbush, Cullista S. and Anderson, Charley W. on 18 Oct 1920

Quick, Ida and Ammons, B.F. on 20 Sep 1903

Quiett, Thomas S. and Thompson, Allie L. on 6-Apr-1911 lisc

Quilitch, Lulu and Abbott, Alfred H. on 7 Dec 1904

Rael, Dorothy and Arevalo, Rodolfo on 26 Dec 1924

Rambo, Jean and Allen, Princen on 5 Jul 1921

Ramirez, Guadelupe and Abilez, Riteriano on 10 Mar 1923

Ramirez, Petra C. and Arizaga, Baldomero on 2 Apr 1925

Ramos, Consuela and Alvarez, Juan on 7 Mar 1921

Ramsay, Rachel M. and Metz, William J. on 22-Feb-1911 lisc

Randall, Helen S. and Fairhurst, James on 21 Mar 1870

Rankin, Louise and Allen, Benjamin B. on 4 Jun 1902

Ranus, Edward W. and White, Anna Mae on 9-5-1937

Rayburn, Cecile and Armstrong, Frank B. on 26 Jul 1928

Rayburn, Donald C. and Rayburn, Florence on 4/18/1924

Rayburn, Donald C., and Richardson, Florence E. on 11/4/1916

Rayburn, Florence and Rayburn, Donald C. on 4/18/1924

Rayburn, Harry and Rhodes, Myra on 3/2/1895

Rayburn, Josephine and Rhodes, Grant E on 1/16/1920

Reardon, Berneice and Allen, Samuel B. on 22 Jan 1927

Rebenort, Lena and Adamson, Lee on 15 Apr 1922

Reece, Mary E. and Applegate, Harry L. on 4 Jun 1928

Reed, Lawrence J. and Murcruy, Alice M. on 18-Apr-1911 lisc

Reed, Sadie L. and Arnold, Alfred C. on 12 Nov 1896

Region, Rose and Adams, Lester D. on 5 Jul 1938

Rel, Lupe and Archuleta, Francisco on 26 Dec 1910

Revall, Cecelia and Davidson, Joseph on 20 Mar 1870

Rhodes, Grant E and Rayburn, Josephine on 1/16/1920

Rhodes, Myra and Rayburn, Harry on 3/2/1895

Rice, Essie M. and Crawford, James W. on 11-Oct-1911 lisc

Rice, Ollie Mrs. and Billey, Washington on 29-Aug-1911 lisc

Richards, Emillia and Archuleta, Onafre on 7 Aug 1896

Richards, George J. and Doyle, Florence on 7-24-1872

Richards, Ruby Mayhugh and Archer, Don E. on 20 Feb 1921

Richardson, Eleanor and Alderson, Arthur on 27 Sep 1931

Richardson, Florence E. and Rayburn, Donald C., on 11/4/1916

Richardson, Jennie B. and Arnold, Fred W. on 20 Jan 1924

Richie, Arthur B. and Divelbliss, Helen on 29-Dec-1920

Richie, Mary and Aiken, Frank W. on 23 Jan 1901

Ricketts, Edna and Anderson, Charles on 8 Sep 1902

Ricketts, Nellie R. and Abernathy, Lloyd H. on 16 May 1933

Rider, Sarah and Cain, James H. on 14 Jun 1870

Riley, Daria M. and Arthur, John E. on 8 Jan 1926

Riley, Malissa J. and Ashcraft, Everett L. on 8 Jan 1914

Riley, Marie and Latka, Frank on 22-Jan-1923

Risinger, Ada M. and Adelman, Franklin W. on 27 Feb 1934

Ritzman, Alma and Altic, Homer on 15 Nov 1918

Roark, Alice and Arnold, M.W. on 17 Jun 1935

Robb, Alexander Wilson and Buline, Anna on 3 Jan 1864

Robbins, Hattie T. Mrs. and Stubenrauch, Carl on 4-Sep-1911

Roberts, Anna and Anderson, Leon on 4 Jan 1905

Roberts, Coral E. and Alexander, Fred C. on 25 Jun 1922

Roberts, Mabel A. and Allen, Burton J. on 1 Jan 1914

Rocha, Ramona and Arellano, Herme on 23 Feb 1938

Roche, Frances W. and Allen, Guy L. on 12-Oct-1911 lisc

Rodriguez, Julia and Avila, Frank on 30 Jun 1928

Roebrig, Bernard F. and Pospisil, Annie Louise on 17-May-1903

Rogers, E.M. Lamb and Arburn, Darwin W. on 4 Feb 1928

Rogers, Esther M. and Ansmus, Jasper K. on 4 Sep 1919

Rogers, Florence and Kendall, John M. on 1-Jul-1912

Rogers, John Washington and Steel, M. W. on 6 Apr 1865

Roley, Josephine D. and Agnew, Clarence E. on 10 Feb 1906

Romero, Clorinda and Atano, Will on 26 Jan 1917

Romero, Filomena and Arlies, Pablo on 10 Aug 1897

Romero, Jenoveva and Arguello, J.F. on 16 Jan 1893

Romero, Rebeca and Aguilar, Refugio on 17 May 1926

Romero, Rosarito and Alvarado, Bernardo on 17 Mar 1920

Ronker, Francisco and Gallegos, Maria Manuella on 6 Aug 1870

Roscoe, C.H. and Doyle, M.E. on 7-4-1897

Rose, Selma and Anderson, August on 25 Jan 1893

Rosenblum, Nettie and Arnovitch, J.B. on 9 Jan 1910

Roup, Mary and Lacy, ? on 3-Jul-1911

Rowley, Nellie and Appleyard, Frank on 15 Oct 1891

Roybal, Frances and Apodaca, Onofre on 8 Nov 1925

Rozborel, Elizabeth and Fry, Lavon W. on 17-Sep-1945

Rozboril, Elizabeth Jane and Giarratano, John on 27-Apr-1946

Rozich, Virginia Kay and Kendall, James E. on 18-Jun-1960

Rule, Samuel H. and Hillegus, Lucy P. on 31-Aug-1911 lisc

Rummell, Arthur and Downing, Gertrude on 6-24-1889

Rupplinger, Frances A. and Allen, William P. on 26 Mar 1916

Rusk, Nellie C. and Ashley, Hamilton on 22 Sep 1901

Russell, Anna M. and Sauers, Harold F. on 2-Jul-1921

Russell, Ben E. and Russell, Rose Mrs. on 29-Nov-1955

Russell, Benjamin Eugene and Hinshaw, Harriet Joan on 6-Feb-1955

Russell, John and Keck, Maxine on 16-Aug-1957

Russell, Martha and LaBelle, Frank A. on 30-Nov-1902

Russell, Rose Mrs. and Russell, Ben E. on 29-Nov-1955

Russell, William E. and Stiles, Carolyn E. on 14-Jul-1963

Ruth, Elsie and Ashcraft, Roy on 28 Dec 1919

Ryan, Ella and Arthur, Edward Manning on 3 Mar 1900

Sackman, Genevra E. and Avril, Joseph on 28 Jun 1892

Sailas, Guillerma and Apodaca, Santiago on 27 Nov 1926

Salazar, Luisa and Archuleta, Doroteo on 27 Dec 1912

Salcido, Juana and Alarcon, Jesus on 26 Apr 1924

Saldivar, Consuelo and Abalos, Modesto on 22 Jun 1935

Salzer, Emma B. and Appelgate, William O. on 31 Dec 1928

Sanches, Ginobeba and Armento, Charles on 20 Feb 1898

Sanches, Pedro and Baca, Manuella on 28 Aug 1870

Sanchez, Dolores and Acosta, Arthur on 22 Jul 1923

Sanchez, Josefa and Argueyo, Narbono on 30 Nov 1891

Sanchez, Martina and Autobee, Charles on 21 Oct 1912

Sanders, Clella and Arterberry, Geo. on 31 Dec 1921

Sanders, Darling Grace and Allen, Guy Alvah on 29 Jun 1910

Sandoval, Josefita and Archibeque, Pedro on 20 Aug 1929

Sandoval, Juanita and Archuleta, Gustavo on 27 Sep 1920

Sandoval, Sadie and Atencio, Reginaldo on 26 Aug 1935

Sandovalla, Marietta and Baldinal, Incarnacion on 16 Feb 1868

Sarlo, Bee and Anderson, Henry B. on 29 May 1938

Sarracino, Giovannina and Appugliese, Vincinzo on 4 Jan 1933

Sauers, Harold F. and Russell, Anna M. on 2-Jul-1921

Savage, Sophia and Martin, Clifford L. on 13-Jun-1914

Schlenz, Fannie J. and Ames, E.L. on 5 Jun 1890

Schlund, Mollie and Adrianssens, Jesse A. on 24 Feb 1914

Schmitt, Eddie and Kendall, Geraldine on 23-Sep-1947

Schmitt, Mary L. and Kelly, Harry J. on 20-Sep-1924

Schrock, Alberta and Agee, Clarence on 9 Jun 1929

Schubert, Emma and Acosta, Abraham on 29 Jul 1930

Sciortino, Mary and Amore, Vincent on 24 Jun 1939

Scott, Anna and Armour, Yuill Alexander on 24 Dec 1913

Scott, Donald F. and Drummond, Beth on 8-Jun-1946

Scott, Maude and Edmisten, George E. Russell on 14-May-1935

Scott, Roy and O'Kelley, Maude on 20-Jul-1919

Scott, Wille M. and Anderson, Wm. on 13 Nov 1911

Seane, Pablo and Dimua, Meinia on 10 Sep 1866

Sease, Nettie and Allen, Ernest A. on 25 Dec 1907

Sechler, E. R. and Stommel, Belle on 5-Mar-1905

Sedwick, Henry C. and Weeks, Mary M. on 3 Aug 1863

Segura, Carnacion and Pando, Agapito on 18 Jan 1868

Seits, Ketie and Allenback, George W. on 14 Oct 1909

Self, Minnie L. and Austin, Henry A. on 15 Feb 1891

Serracino Angelo and Defelice, Maria on 7-Apr-1901

Serracino Sam and Hancock, Frances on 19-May-1933

Serracino, Charlie and Vityllo, Lavina on 19-Jun-1918

Serracino, Giona and Capanna, Virginia on 3-Feb-1907

Serracino, Jilda and Masciotia, Anthony on 6-Oct-1934

Serracino, Ralph and Alfanso, Anna on 12-Feb-1923

Serracino, Vincenzo and Mattaroccia, Giovannina20-Apr-1915

Setser, John and Gravatt, Carol on 28-Sep-1919

Shaw, Lou A. and Thombs, P. R. on 31 Aug 1870

Sheets, Dilla and Alt, Charles on 2 Aug 1890

Shepard, Elizabeth and Abernathy, A. on 4 Nov 1908

Sheperd, Nina and Ashen, Lester Will on 29 Jun 1902

Shephard, Arthur W. and Lundy, Bertha J. on 6-18-1891

Shepler, Anna Lorena and Andrews, Willie Edward on 22 Aug 1905

Sherman, Sarah O. and Acree, Charles on 2 Jan 1922

Shirley, Susie and Adcox, Charlie F. on 12 Jun 1926

Shrock, Mabel C. and Allen, Otto D. on 27 Jun 1904

Shrumpf, Dorothy and Allen, Lon on 6 Sep 1926

Shumaker, Grace and Allison, Clarence T. on 22 May 1922

Shurtz, Samuel R. and Doyle, Margine on 10-25-1892

Sibley, Ora E. and Ferguson, John F. on 27-Aug-1911 lisc

Sigler, Carl E. and Woods, Martha E. on 26-Feb-1918

Silsby, Laura and Young, William H. on 18 Dec 1862

Simmons, Luceba and Draper, H.H. on 11-14-1888

Simms, Louisa and Allen, Sylvester on 23 Mar 1871

Simpson, Peter A. and Jennings, Flora on 26 Oct 1870

Sims, Sudie and Allen, Jesse T. on 28 May 1917

Sinclair, Willard C. and Downing, Flora M. on 10-31-1894

Sinkovec, Mary and Anzic, Louis on 28 Jan 1901

Skul, Annie and Ancnik, Anton on 1 Aug 1910

Slaughter, Donna and Almon, Edw. B. on 1 Jul 1923

Slaughter, Hattie and Alexander, Worth W. on 8 Sep 1925

Slavin, Ruth and Kennedy, Holman on 15-Nov-1917

Sleeth, Maude and Swan, Charles on 6-Oct-1911 lisc

Sloan, Grace M. and Allen, William P. on 11 Jun 1905

Smith, Alberta and Angel, Clarence V. on 16 May 1920

Smith, Anna and Mattarocci, Rocco on 13-Mar-1926

Smith, E.T. and Drake, May on 1-13-1882

Smith, Elise C. and Allison, Frank E. on 19 Dec 1920

Smith, Ethel M. and Ambrose, Nathan F. on 15 Mar 1912

Smith, Florence D. and Anderson, John E. on 1 Nov 1928

Smith, Frances M. and Allen, Elmo on 25 Dec 1927

Smith, Gladys F. and Alexander, Lewis M. on 25 Oct 1928

Smith, Harriet and Alexander, James F. on 30 Oct 1891

Smith, Laura and Arnell, William on 2 Jun 1910

Smith, S. A. and Watterman, Polly on 27 Dec 1867

Smith, Wilson E. and Kendall, Harriet M. on 7-Aug-1949

Snell, Lettie and Alexander, Fred on 16 Jul 1900

Snider, Rosa M. and Gravatt, Harry O. on 03 Jan 1925

Snyder, Ella J. and Thatcher, Henry C. on 2 Mar 1870

Snyder, Jennie and Ashton, George M. on 23 May 1899

Snyder, Melba V. and Andis, Rex F. on 14 Jan 1933

Soat, Edna M. and Anderson, Louis M. on 17 Nov 1910

Solomon, Julia and Kenner, Roy E. on 14-Jun-1917

Somsak, Mary and Andriko, George on 26 Apr 1895

Songer, Blanche Nellie and Andrews, Cecil Vincent on 28 Jun 1917

Sorrell, Alice Leah and Aragon, Tony on 26 Mar 1931

Soto, Concepcion and Avina, Jesus on 1 Aug 1926

Soto, Conception and Avine, Jesus on 27 Apr 1927

Spaulding, Margaret and Eastman, Peter D. on 20 Dec 1866

Spaulding, Margaret and Heusi, Martin on 12 Nov 1870

Speek, Mary A. and Anderson, William H. on 4 May 1920

Spencer, Benjamin D. and Boone, Mollie B. on 15 Sep 1863

Spencer, Gordon W. and Martin, Estella May on 24-Oct-1911

Spinnuza, Annie and Abbate, Tony on 11 Sep 1919

Spinuzzie, Angelina and Abbate, Jasper on 2 Jun 1928

Spoon, Mildred Mary and Allen, Arthur C. on 4 Mar 1919

Sposita, Nina and Dozzie, Giakino on 7-2-1896

Sprange, Maude and Atchison, Roy A. on 30 Apr 1913

Sroufe, May Helen and Altman, Wallace David on 15 Jun 1912

Stallings, Alta and Anderson, Elmer C. on 15 Jun 1921

Stambaugh, Lorene and Angell, Eugene J. on 23 May 1926

Stanchfield, Annie and Averill, Wallace on 14 Oct 1886

Starcer, Rose M. and Austin, Clifford on 2 Sep 1937

Starkweather, Marvin L. and Howard, Dorothy on 30-Apr-1927

Starr, Alice and Auld, Charles P. on 21 Mar 1904

Steel, Anna O. and Adams, O.H. on 18 Nov 1903

Steel, M. W. and Rogers, John Washington on 6 Apr 1865

Steen, Florence E. and Allen, John L. on 12 Sep 1922

Steffens, Nellie and Ashley, Ivan M. on 27 Sep 1919

Stemm, L. R. and Wetmore, Emma J. on 2 Feb 1868

Sterett, Carmelite S. and Archambault, Leon H. on 28 Aug 1918

Stevens, Jane West and Anderson, William John on 17 Sep 1919

Stevenson, Wortha L. and Herndon, Cleo on 17-Aug-1917

Stewart, Ester A.A. and Auer, Albert H. on 6 Mar 1920

Stiles, Carolyn E. and Russell, William E. on 14-Jul-1963

Stimpson, Adelaide G. and Anderson, Alexander on 14 Jun 1894

Stommel, Belle and Sechler, E. R. on 5-Mar-1905

Stommel, Charles J. and Myers, Agnes Grace on 15-Sep-1914

Stommel, May Annie and Turner, W. E. on 15-Jun-1909

Stone, Jennie and Autrim, Joseph on 19 Dec 1891

Stoughton, Ben W. and Petersen, P. Helen on 15-Jun-1911 lisc

Stover, Hazel G. and Abel, Henry G. on 25 Jul 1932

Strauss, Sylvia L. and Jacobwitz, Emanuel I. on 7-Oct-1911

Straziscar, Anton and Klancar, Jennie on 27-Oct-1913

Streeter, Marie Lucile and Arnett, Joseph Harold on 23 Jul 1919

Struck, Elisse and Abel, C.H. on 20 Dec 1887

Stubenrauch, Carl and Robbins, Hattie T. Mrs. on 4-Sep-1911

Sullivan, Neil and Ward, Maude C. on 11-Apr-1906

Summers, Vera J. and Anderson, Daniel A. on 28 Sep 1915

Sutherland, Anna M. and Kershaw, J. Raymond on 31-Oct-1924

Sutherland, E. B. and Calkins, Silva on 30 Jul 1865

Swan, Charles and Sleeth, Maude on 6-Oct-1911 lisc

Swartz, Edna and Amicantonio, Frank on 12 Jul 1927

Swartz, Rose M. and Akin, Roy D. on 14 Apr 1934

Swisher, Aalaine and Albrecht, Floyd on 11 Jun 1938

Swope, Clara E. and Kercheval, Elmer E. on 20-Dec-1916

Swope, Kirk Hazel and Arnold, Chester W. on 15 Jun 1912

Swope, Lucy Lee and Bryne, William B. on 29-Aug-1911RMN

Tafolla, Manuela and Avalos, Gregorio on 17 May 1920

Tannahill, Jady A. and Alexander, Nelson on 8 Feb 1930

Tannus, Mary and Areddy, Louis on 14 Oct 1921

Tarbox, Rufus W. and Yhent, Serena on 7 Nov 1866

Taylor, Beatrice Jessie and Atwell, Warren B. on 20 Jun 1914

Taylor, Hugh and Dowell, Alice on 9-17-1881

Taylor, Nettie and Anderson, Olley on 24 Dec 1890

Taylor, Virginia and Andrews, Ulman on 10 Aug 1936

Tekavcic, Francis and Ahlin, Frank on 18 Aug 1908

Thatcher, Henry C. and Snyder, Ella J. on 2 Mar 1870

Thatcher, John A. and Henry, Margaret A. on 17 Apr 1866

Thiemke, Meta B.V. and Allen, Perry William on 18 May 1910

Thomas, Evelyn and McMeekan, Alex on 28-Aug-1924

Thombs, Jennie and Abernathy, F.A. on 14 Jun 1905

Thombs, P. R. and Shaw, Lou A. on 31 Aug 1870

Thompson, Allie L. and Quiett, Thomas S. on 6-Apr-1911 lisc

Thompson, Carrie and Astin, Elmer E. on 24 Apr 1913

Thompson, Hazel H. and Andersen, Jeus on 31 Aug 1923

Thompson, Madeline and Andrews, Roy S. on 19 Mar 1921

Throop, Mark John and Huling, Martha M. on 20-Nov-1940

Tidwell, Minnie and Apple, Frank W. on 2 May 1918

Timmie, Mary E. and Austin, Charles on 11 Nov 1906

Tirk, Ruth and Ard, John on 7 Jan 1923

Tobin, Carmelita and Abeyta, Charley on 14 Aug 1937

Todaro, Cira and Abbate, Jim on 9 Oct 1921

Tomsic, Johana and Adam, Frank on 31 May 1914

Torres, Marie Natividid and Argnello, Benito on 7 Jul 1890

Torris, Mary and Aguilar, Justo on 12 Nov 1927

Townes, Mildred M. and Anderson, Harold N. on 4 Nov 1928

Trask, Mabel E. and Adams, James C. on 1 Apr 1935

Travino, Dorothy and Acosta, John M. on 4 Feb 1931

Trenkamp, Clemens J. and Crowder, Florence on 11-Apr-1906

Trout, Nellie M. and Adams, Carey B. on 21 Aug 1909

Trugillo, Jose Enase and Ortegas, Mariana on 21 Oct 1862

Trugillo, Mararete and Mestes, Enocon on 8 Sep 1866

Trugillo, Maria Ologio and Varas, Juan DeDios on 30 Apr 1870

Trujillo, Albina and Apodaca, Eduardo on 3 Feb 1918

Trujillo, Domincita and Antonio, Juan on 28 Sep 1883

Trujillo, Ermelinda and Amaro, Pablo on 25 May 1927

Trujillo, Mary and Aguilar, David on 28 Dec 1932

Trujillo, Mary and Armenta, John D. on 29 Dec 1935

Trujillo, Mary A. and Abeyta, Adolfo on 30 Sep 1939

Trujillo, Tadea and Autobees, J.T. on 10 Aug 1897

Trujillo, Tomasita and Alonzo, Ramon on 3 Oct 1908

Tsaus, Bella and Apostolopulos, Panagiotis on 23 Feb 1919

Tucker, Alma M. and Abernathy, Earl A. on 26 Nov 1937

Turman, Fannie and Amos, George on 17 Mar 1910

Turner, Flora A. and Gillmore, Robert A. on 2 Apr 1870

Turner, Lilla and Anderson, Norval E. on 18 Jun 1918

Turner, W. E. and Stommel, May Annie on 15-Jun-1909

Tynes, Della and Nugug, Russell on 18-May-1911 lisc

Ulibari, Seferina and Aranos, Catarino on 10 Jan 1907

Urueta, Herlinda and Alonzo, Ismael on 12 Mar 1924

Valdez, Reyecita and Ascencio, Juan on 1 Apr 1919

Valdez, Santitos and Aragon, Ben on 22 Dec 1932

Valenzuela, Lucy and Abeyta, Serafin on 22 Sep 1930

Vallejos, Josie and Amaya, Dolores on 2 May 1917

Vance, Mable C. and Austin, Earnest C. on 20 Nov 1913

Varas, Juan DeDios and Trugillo, Maria Ologio on 30 Apr 1870

Vardie, Margaret F. and Austin, Linton C. on 24 Aug 1929

Vasquez, Estefana and Acuna, Rafael on 19 Mar 1918

Veith, Lotta L. and Kenady, Charles W. on 26-Jan-1921

Veltri, Clemintine and Allitto, Ippolito on 16 Jan 1902

Venohr, Emma L. and Anderson, Victor B. on 17 Sep 1914

Vialpondo, Felicita and Arguello, Abram on 9 Nov 1907

Vidmar, Catherine and Arnis, Nick on 19 Mar 1928

Vigil, Albina and Archuleta, Jacob on 14 Nov 1901

Vigil, Ines and Arguello, Navoro on 29 Jul 1899

Villaneva, Guadalupe and Aguirre, Florencio on 1 Sep 1920

Villegas, Catalina and Armijo, Oscar on 3 Dec 1939

Vintson, Ozzela T. and Aldridge, Hillyard A. on 19 Jul 1913

Vityllo, Lavina and Serracino, Charlie on 19-Jun-1918

Vornkahl, Gussie and Acton, E. D. on 17 Oct 1901

Voytilla, Anna and Lepek, John on 19-Nov-1917

Wade, William and Armstead, Larkin on 1 Sep 1900

Wainscott, Hazel and Alderson, Arthur on 10 Jun 1928

Wakefield, Verda and Allen, Luther L. on 4 Feb 1921

Walker, Seferino and Angland, Hannah on 10 Sep 1870

Ward, Albina and Abalos, John on 3 Feb 1913

Ward, F.A. and Kirley, Lethia on 9-1-1889

Ward, Irene F. and Alden, Edward K. on 24 Jan 1881

Ward, Maude C. and Sullivan, Neil on 11-Apr-1906

Warman, Flora C. and Adair, Austin B. on 5 Jul 1918

Warner, Annie V. and Andrus, Harry L. on 21 Apr 1897

Warner, Blanch and Downer, Thomas on 2-11-1892

Warner, Rose K. and Kendall, Clarence on 22-Jan-1943

Warran, R. and Davis, Mary J. on 12-6-1890Colfax Co, NM

Watkins, Helen A. and Acuff, Joseph G. on 25 Aug 1938

Watson, John J. and Harrison, Lue L. on 28-Apr-1902

Watterman, Polly and Smith, S. A. on 27 Dec 1867

Watts, Andrew J. and Harrison, Edna on 4-Dec-1960

Watts, J. H. and Kinnamon, Ina M. on 11-Jul-1906

Waugh, Charles A. and Doyle, Annie B. on 4-13-1887

Weary, Ada L. and Andrew, Eugene L. on 28 Jun 1887

Webb, Sarah and Kelley, James on 31 Jul 1870

Webster, Iva L. and May, Albert Earl on 5-Jun-1907

Weeks, Mary M. and Sedwick, Henry C. on 3 Aug 1863

Weisthauer, Martha H. and Cline, Foster on 23-Dec-1911 lisc

Wells, Emma L. and Arnold, Frank C. on 22 Feb 1890

Wendt, Johanna and Auwen, Ysbrand on 17 Nov 1906

Wentworth, Augusta and Doyle, Carrie M. on 7-11-1899

West, Jane Stevens and Anderson, William John on 17 Sep 1919

West, Maude C. and Allen, Arthur L. on 10 Feb 1920

Westenberg, Bertha and Okaba, Wariy on 12-Jan-1911 lisc

Wetmore, Emma J. and Stemm, L. R. on 2 Feb 1868

Wetmore, Opal M. and Acton, Granville R. on 2 Dec 1927

Wetzler, Velma L. and Allen, George G. on 31 Aug 1930

Whigham, Harry and Kinsey, Laura on 16 Nov 1869

White, Gertrude and Appugliese, Pete on 10 Feb 1934

White, Mary and Arnold, Raymond on 22 Mar 1934

Whitehead, Henrylee and Alexander, Rufus on 15 Jun 1922

Whitten, Connie B. and Adams, John O. on 5 Jul 1904

Wickersham, Rhetta M. and Andrews, Isaac R. on Bk 2.91

Wiland, Gracie and Atkinson, W.T. on 25 May 1892

Wilkins, Loretta and Austin, Arthur E. on 11 Sep 1919

Willett, Geneva and Asendorf, Clarence on 24 Dec 1938

Williams, Arlene Eglj and Anderson, John W. on 14 May 1938

Williams, Mary M. and Allgrew, Lander R. on 7 Nov 1910

Williams, Nancy J. and Gilman, Henry S. on 1 Mar 1869

Willis, Estella and Alrup, Frank on 6 Jun 1880

Willis, Faye E. and Anderson, Leonard L. on 23 Nov 1924

Wilson, Christopher and Divelbiss, Emma R. on 17 Jun 1879

Wilson, Ersa P. and Kenady, Dale on 28-Sep-1918

Wilson, Fay and Adams, H.S. on 15 Jun 1908

Windsor, Mabel A. and Divelbiss, Wm. H. on 10 Mar 1894

Wineland, Della and Armstrong, Charles E. on 5 Apr 1906

Winford, Mary A. and Arnold, Lafayette on 15 Jan 1922

Winfree, Pearl and Armstrong, W.W. on 19 Mar 1934

Wise, Florence Ethel and Andrews, Edward Stuart on 26 Mar 1901

Wise, Margie V. and Anderson, Albert M. on 1 Jun 1929

Witt, Alden Ruth and Austin, William J. on 9 Jun 1920

Wittenburt, Clara Ida and Allen, Harry Clifton on 2 Jul 1910

Wolcolt, Mollie and Ashley, Simeon on 10 Mar 1884

Wolf, Amelia G. and Atkinson, Isaac C. on 17 Feb 1909

Wolsky, Pearl and Akivis, Isidore on 31 Aug 1926

Wood, Christine E. and Anthony, James L. on 8 Feb 1917

Wood, Lewis A. and Holton, Mabel T. on 18-Apr-1911 lisc

Woods, Edna and Chamberlain, Arthur R. on 14-Aug-1920

Woods, Martha E. and Sigler, Carl E. on 26-Feb-1918

Worth, Edw. D. and Doyle, Katie on 10-25-1892

Wright, Edna and Autry, J. Hearl on 30 Sep 1924

Wright, Marguerite and Autobee, Jake on 1 Dec 1926

Wright, Maude O. and Abarr, Earl L. on 24 April 1919

Yaklich, Angela and Adamich, Louis on 4 Jun 1924

Yalotz, Mary A. and Latka, Frank S. on 15-Jan-1918

Yarberry, Mildred F. and Allen, Ralph S. on 15 Apr 1935

Yeatts, Flora Della and Archer, James B. on 24 Mar 1928

Yellowlee, Anna J. and Asbury, J.C. on 5 Mar 1908

Yhent, Serena and Tarbox, Rufus W. on 7 Nov 1866

Young, Ella and Armstrong, William on 14 Mar 1898

Young, William H. and Silsby, Laura on 18 Dec 1862

Younger, Esther and Awbrey, Jack on 21 May 1924

Zehrung, Lois and Kendall, Lawrence W. on 25-Dec-1942

Zillman, Ethel and Austin, John E. on 3 Jan 1922

Zorn, Amy and Asher, Wm. on 13 Aug 1902

Zupancich, Mary and Ahlin, Frank on 5 Jun 1905

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