Pueblo County, Colorado
Huerfano Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 38 Deg. 11'27.54 104 Deg. 17'51.76 west. Photos contributed by Floyd Kelling, April, 2008. Listing contributed by Karen Mitchell.
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Abalos, Catarino born 1883 died 1920

Archuleta, Ramon Damian born 2-28-1848 in Questa, NM died 4-21-1937

Armenta, Antonio born 6-13-1852 died 2-2-1932

Armenta, Eva N. born 1901 died 1985

Armenta, Marianita no dates

Armenta, Patrick born 1892 died 1979

Autobee, Thomas died 4/23/1923 Veteran

Autobee, Mrs. died 12-20-1925

Ayala, Juanita born 11-21-1929 died 9-7-2006

Baca, Louis born c 1834 died 1-16-1899 Veteran

Baca, Mrs. Serafino died 10-10-1902 McCarthy Funeral Home, age 32y, informant Juan Merra, Salt Creek, Co.

Barker, Kitty died 5-11-1912 McCarthy Funeral Home, age 38y, divorced, daughter of C.H. Jerome

Chavez, Mrs. Ed died 7-28-1929

DeHerrera, Maria died 1919

Gomez, ? no dates

Gomez, Andrea born 11-10-1910 died 3-11-1986

Gomez, Fidel born 8-15-1893 died 1--1-1975 US Army

Gomez, Jose Audente born 9-1-1941 died 10-12-2006, AIC US Air Force Vietnam

Gonzales, Marie died 5-5-1935

Gonzales, Oscar died Oct 1925

Guerrero, Vincent died 7-12-1931 buried 7-13-1931 Undertaker Geo.F. McCarthy

Lopez, Joseph resident of Avondale, born 3-25-1886 in Texas son of Vasilio Lopez born Taos, NM and Justa Melero born Chihuahua, Mexico, died 10-23-1912 at Avondale, buried 10-23-1912 at Huerfano cemetery, paid by Taylor Mercantile of Avondale, Dr. W.O. Patterson, county coroner, cost $25.50 McCarthy Funeral Home

Lopez, Pete died 8-13-1923

Mehan, Della died 5-5-1935

Mestas, Antonia died 6-17-1900 age 10m 10d, daughter of Felix Mestas of Salt Creek, Dr. W.H. Campbell, cost $11.00

Mestas, Jose Bonifacio born April 1870 in Taos NM. died 11-24 or 25-1931, buried 11-26-1931.

Pando, Eulalia died 7-27-1901, buried by relatives 7-29-1901 in Huerfano Cemetery, wife of Joseph Pando, informant Jose E. Aragon, Dr. C.O. Rice, cost $20.00

Pando, Jesus died 6-15-1915 Veteran

Rael, Sylviana M. born 1907 died 1954

Roybal, Roberta born 2-10-1954 died 7-31-2004

Trujillo, Antonina died 3-25-1926

unknown rock pilar with the Blessed Mother

unknown wooden cross


Vigil, Antonio died 3-25-1919, aged 1 month. McMinn Funeral Home.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

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