Pueblo County, Colorado
Hicklin Cemetery

There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery. If you can add to this listing please send information to Karen Mitchell at kmitchweb@gmail.com I was told that the original cemetery location would be under the highway, but later was informed that it was under what is now known as Bent Brothers Boulevard in Colorado City. The graves were moved to a location just off of Valverde Road in Colorado City. The headstones are about 30 yards from Valverde.
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Hicklin, Alexander died 2-13-1874, age 55 years

Hicklin, Talman no dates, brother of Alexander

Hicklin, Alexander Jr. , son of Alexander

Barden, Clyde A. 9-22-1898 11-24-1967 TEC5 US Army

Remains of "more than one child", possibly twin daughters of Thomas Hicklin.

Unidentified man, possibly Thomas Hicklin, son of Alexander

Unidentified man, possibly John Hicklin, brother of Alexander

Frink, John, possibly buried here

Sears, Sarah Jane, possibly buried here

Tomer, Ed, possibly buried here The bodies of Frink, Sears and Tomer were not exhumed with the rest and moved.

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