Pueblo County, Colorado

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A small settlement in Pueblo county.

Population 12.

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Source: 37th Annual Volume The Colorado State Business Directory with A Complete Classified Directory of the Entire State, Including Mines, Reduction Works, Etc. 1911 Denver, Colorado The Gazetteer Publishing Co. Established 1871 James Jr. Ives, Manager 1911 Colorado Weekly Chieftain, August 6, 1868 Matt. Riddlebarger, of the Cuerna Verde, has been in town twice during the week on business connected with the express office.  He concludes there is something not right on the Line - that his package of match-boxes and tissue paper has either been gobbled by spies about the Denver office, or that they have been delivered to the wrong man from this office.

August 29, 1873 Colorado Daily Chieftain, Since making enquiries in regard to fuel suitable for smelting purposes in the Greenhorn belt, we have been informed that a bed of coal has been discovered recently in the Greenhorn mountains, not more than thirty five miles from Pueblo.  This seems to be true coal, and we have been informed that the measure is extensive and favorably located.  We will know more of this matter soon.  

9-15-1876 Colorado Daily Chieftain, Several couples of young folks of this city attended a dance given at the Hicklin Ranch, on the Greenhorn on Wednesday night, by Mr. Ike Bateman. The entertainment was a decided success and the participants returned to the city yesterday, much pleased with their trip.

Pueblo Daily Chieftain, 11-3-1876 The chase after Larson, who broke jail here several days since, still continues. When last heard from that interesting advocate of prison reform was favoring the country in the neighborhood of the Greenhorn with his presence. He broke into the house of Mr. Berry Chastine, on the Hicklin place, and helped himself to a liberal supply of provisions. Since that time he has made himself exceedingly scarece and has not been seen. He is supposed to be lurking in the brush in the neighborhood and a vigilant watch is being kept for him. Sheriff Ellis is determined to have him back in his old quarters if possible. The sheriff is now oblkiged to keep the prisoners in the county jail locked up in the cells except at meal times to prevent further escapes.

4-3-1879 Colorado Chieftain Weekly Greenhorn - Horse Racing - Festivities - Severe Accident - Religious - Etc. -
The excitement of the day's race over, a brilliant and large crowd assembled at the house of John Caveness, on the Greenhorn, and proceeded to the enjoyment of dance and music. A large hall had been especially arranged for the benefit of the dancers and the large number present. There were twenty-five or thirty ladies, beautifully and richly draped, and a very large number of gallant gentlemen, all happy and enjoying themselves as all lovers of dance and music understand so well.
There were present and having a nice time, Jack Hewson, Hunter, Caldwell, Smith and others form the Wet Mountain Valley Seabring, Pete Capulet, Hart, Hunter, and Moore, from the Huerfano; Lew Carlile, Moody, Crites, Edmundson, and some dozen more from the lower Greenhorn and Muddy, while our own neighborhood furnished her pleasure loving crowd - Mr. and Mrs. Sears, County Commissioner John Williams, wife and daughters; John Warner and lady, Jack Warner and lady. Frank Dunbaugh and Miss Jennie Meredith, Misses Alice and Rebecca Caveness, Mrs. Coots, Mrs. McFarland, Mrs. A. Hicklin, Miss Carlile, Miss Aldrich, Mrs. John Caveness, Mr. Fin Cox and Miss Bolt, Messrs. Blanchard, Beckwith, Austin, Howard, Walters, Mitchell, Hicklin and many others, strangers to the writer, all bent on having a good merry time, as this would probably be the last re-union of the season.
The supper, prepared by the understanding hands of Mrs. Caveness, Miss L. Williams, and the hostess, was all that could be desired, and to which all did ample justice. Everybody was well pleased with the affair, and when the sun was high up in the heavens the dance closed, and with good wishes and kind words the well pleased company went to their homes.

Improvements in the way of fencing and erecting new buildings are going on at a lively rate. We notice a large lot of lumber at he Grenaros store, and understand that it is the intention of the enterprising proprietor to build a large addition to his store in order to meet the demand of his rapidly growing trade, which under his careful management and universally kind treatment of all, has grown steadily, until now he enjoys one of the best paying trades in the county. We also notice that a large steam saw mill has just been put into operation on the Grenaros, near the mountains. The enterprising proprietors, Messrs. Morrow & Rutherford, propose to furnish all the lumber needed and at reasonable rates. Mr. Wm. Ballou will be in charge of the mill. J.W. Robinson and others are also putting up a steam saw mill on the Greenhorn, and Avery Carter, formerly of your city, has already in operation a large water mill on the Greenhorn. These three mills, and Fin Cox's, will be able to supply not only the demand of the country, but also of Pueblo.

Were it not for the high winds prevailing at present we would have our regular pleasant weather. After as severe a winter as we have had, we certainly cannot complain. Farming has commenced and the trees are already sending forth their buds. The grass is growing finely and the birds are singing - all harbingers of spring time. Sickness still lingers with this people, and quite a number are now confined, suffering form pneumonia and fever. I do not learn, however, that any are very seriously ill.

The many Pueblo friends of Frank Chandler will be sorry to hear that he is suffering a great deal from the effects of an accident he met with a short time ago. He was burning out his pipe with a piece of hit iron, when the iron passed through the bowl of the pipe and entered his hand, causing a very sever wound. His hand is swollen very much and fears are entertained that he will have to lose his hand. If not amputated it will probably be useless.

It may be well enough to let your many readers know that we as a community have our regular preaching. The church at Lebanon is supplied with religious services every Sunday, and on the second Sabbath of each month, Re. A.H. Quillian, of the Huerfano, preaches the gospel at Odd Fellows hall, at the Grenaros. The library society and the debating club which have been well attended during the past winter, and of great benefit to the members closed for the present. Some good angel will doubtless call them into being and usefulness ere the coming of another winter. TAM

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