Pueblo County, Colorado
Doyle Settlement Cemetery

(Also see the Doyle Family and the Doyle Settlement)

From highway 50 east in Pueblo, turn south on Lane 36, which turns into Doyle Road, for about 19 miles until you reach the School. The cemetery is on the west side of the road on top of a little hill.
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Unknown There are two of these markers.



Doyle, Joseph B. Hose B. Doyle Nacido el dia 10 Julio de 1817 en la Cuidad de la Fayette Condad de Shenedoah, Virginia Murio el Viernes 4 de Marzo de 1864 en Denver, Ter. De Colo'do la edad de 46 anos y 4 mesas. Back: Eleramacida afectuoso buen padre hijo devoto de la Sta Iglesia Catholica Ques su alma descanso in Paz. Translated: JOSEPH B. DOYLE Born the 10th day of July of 1817 in the city of LaFayette, county of Shenendoah, Virginia. Died on Wednesday, the 4th day of March 1864 in Denver, Territory of Colorado at the age of 47 years and 4 months. (Which is an error in calculation, it should be 46 years and practically 8 months.) “Your good friend and affectionate father, a devoted son of the Holy Catholic Church. May his soul rest in peace.”
Grave was vandalized in February, 1987

Doyle, Jose Evans died 11-15-1861

Doyle, Jose B. died 5-26-1858 son of Maria de la Cruz

Doyle, Shenandoah Virginia died 3-10-1864

Doyle, Louis

Doyle, Alexander Green Alex Green Hijo del J.B. Doyle y de Maria de la Cruz Suaso Nacido de Mayo de 1858 as Funrlo ? Barkley Murio

Mayer, Robert L. born 3-15-1925 died 1-3-1996 US Navy WWII

McClelland, Martha West

Padre B. born 7-10-1817 died ?

Parker, Alice Anna born 11-4-1916 died 1-25-1921

Roberts, Audrey and Aubrey, twins died 6-23-1931

Suaso, Maria de la Cruz

Maria de la Cruz Suaso
Esposa de Jose B. Doyle
Nacido el dia 12 de Julio de 1831 in Taos ---de Mar 7
(words eroded and can't be made out)

Thomas Flir (broken off)

M. Shas (broken off)
Nacido el (broken off)
1867 en el
Huerfano, Colo.
Que SOC at mades ?
Descanso en paz

Williams, John died 1878 - from Obituary - Colorado Weekly Chieftain 4-4-1878 John Williams, a colored man, who has been industriously surrounding all the bad whisky he could come up to for some time, went out to the Doyle ranch the fore part of last week to assist Mr. Day in his preparations for the ball on Friday night. Whether it was a change from one kind of tarantula juice to another or the natural result of a long continued drunk is not known, but he went into fits on Wednesday. He recovered from the first attack but was soon taken again and died. He was buried at the graveyard at the Doyle ranch.

Wooten, Fannie Brown died 1864

Arguello, Raphal - died 9-12-1918, born in an area called Santa Barbara New Mexico just outside of Taos New Mexico. He is buried in an unmarked grave at the Doyle Cemetary. His coffin is believed to be, from family testimony, from the military with a glass top. He was in the cavalry with the New Mexico volunteers and the Colorado volunteers under Chivington. He was a homesteader in the area called Undercliff, Colorado.

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