Pueblo County, Colorado
Mining Deaths

Contributed by Karen Mitchell.

Baca, Jose
Death Date: 1943 Aug 3
Occupation: Laborer:
Age At Death: 41
Marital Status: M
Company Name: Interstate Engineering
Mine Name: Pueblo
Cause Of Death/Comments: Dipperstick Broke Off & Fell On Head

Bolster, Harry
Death Date: 1917 Oct 25
Occupation: Teamster
Age At Death: 26
Cause Of Death/Comments: Thrown From Top Of Load

Cervantes, Pablo G
Death Date: 1920 Feb 14
Occupation: Crusherman
Age At Death: 36
Cause Of Death/Comments: Caught By Collar Of Jumper & Choked

Grimes, William
Death Date: 1920 Jun 21
Occupation: Dross-Pot Man:
Age At Death: 54
Cause Of Death/Comments: Fell 12 Feet From A Beam

Guiterez, Bibiano
Death Date: 1919 Mar 20
Occupation: Switchman
Age At Death: 25
Cause Of Death/Comments: Leg Caught By The Pot-Car Wheel

Martinez, Inez
Death Date: 1937 Jan 11
Occupation: Rock Breaker
Age At Death: 64
Marital Status: W
Company Name: W.P.A. Project
Mine Name: Rock Creek Dam
Cause Of Death/Comments: Fall Of Rock

Neito, Reyes
Death Date: 1917 Jul 23
Occupation: Laborer
Age At Death: 20
Cause Of Death/Comments: Clothes Caught In Revolving Shaft

Nixon, J W
Death Date: 1942 Sep 15
Occupation: Truck Driver
Age At Death: 26
Marital Status: M
Company Name: Thomas & Brown Lime Co.
Mine Name: Pueblo
Cause Of Death/Comments: Head Hit Rock Face

Saldivar, Serafin
Death Date: 1919 Jan 18
Occupation: Pot Man
Age At Death: 19
Cause Of Death/Comments: Clothes Caught In A Ore Mixer

Yargus, Kenneth
Death Date: 1934 Aug 1
Occupation: Mucker
Age At Death: 25
Marital Status: S
Company Name: Platt Rogers Mine Inc.
Cause Of Death/Comments: not given

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