Pueblo County, Colorado
Death Certificates and Memorial Cards

Page contributed by Karen Mitchell

Alyea, Bertha M. died 8-13-1990, certificate (Joan Alyea)

Alyea, Dell O. died 5-6-1964, certificate (Joan Alyea)

Alyea, Duane A. died 12-11-1988, certificate (Joan Alyea)

Alyea, Nettie F. died 8-29-1915, certificate (Joan Alyea)

Burnham, Arlie E died 7-6-1971, card (Joan Alyea)

Magee, Bessie died 4-16-1978, card (Joan Alyea)

Randol, James B. died 8-29-1915, certificate (Sally Randol-Hardy)

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