Pueblo County, Colorado
Chico Cemetery

Lat: 3817'10"N, Lon: 10423'24"W
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Chico Cemetery is located 11 miles East of Pueblo on Hwy 50 at the Nyburg RR Crossing, then North 1/2 mile in Pueblo County, CO.

The oldest grave in the cemetery is ca 1860. The land was deeded Sept 20, 1906, Warranty Deed no 147376 recorded on page # 356 of book # 285, County of Pueblo, CO. The E1/2 of the SE1/4 of the NW1/4 of Section 25, Township 20 South, Range 63 West of the 6th P.M., containing 10 acres to be used for Cemetery purposes.

Entrance gate 1860

Overview from outside of gate

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Arnold, John M. born 1847, died 1904

Arnold, Lillie D. died, born 1857, died 1949

Assarei, _ary _rara died Nov. 16, 1945, age 1 day

Ballou, Andrew Robert born 1863, died Apr 21, 1936

Ballou, infant died 1868, son of John M.

Ballou, John M. born 1870 died Jul 30, 1939, age 69 yr. 11 mo. 22 days

Barnard, Marion died 1914

Barnett, J.W. Father of Mrs. Susan Sanders (moved to St. Charles Cemetery)

Benesch, Joe Infant

Berry, 2 infants children of George S. and Sarah

Berry, George infant

Berry, George born 1867 died Aug 19, 1931, age 64 yrs. 4 mo. 26 days

Berry, Sarah Brooks no dates

Betts, Charles (removed)

Bostwick, D.R. born 1826, died 1892

Brooks, Elizabeth Davis born 1848 died Jul 22, 1896, age 38 yrs. 2 mo.

Brooks, Will born 1850 died 1924

Brown, Bessie no dates (daughter of "Til" Wells Brown)

Brown, Mrs. "Til" Wells no dates

Burchett, Clifton born 1922, died 1924

Burgess, Edna B. born 1893, died 1982

Burgess, Jack born 1902, died 1920, Brother

Burgess, James L. born 1891, died 1963

Burgess, Joe B. born 1864, died 1933, Father

Burgess, Sallie R. born 1869, died 1910, Mother, (wife of Joe B., born 11-21-1870 Jackson County, MIssouri,)

Butler, Cora born 1868, died 1958

Calhoun, Baxter Littleton born Feb 18, 1866 Deerfield VA, died Jan. 12, 1936 Pueblo, CO

Calhoun, John Cawlfield born Jul 4, 1896 Nyberg, CO, died Jan 8, 1976 Canon City, CO

Calhoun, Letha Jane Cawlfield born Oct. 25, 1869 Eden, CO, died Jun 20, 1958 Canon City, CO

Campbell, Infant no dates, child of J. A. & Hattie

Cawlfield, Barney born 1904, died 1978 SSDI gives dates as 3-5-1908 -- 12-?-1978

Cawlfield, David Lee born 1864 died Nov. 6, 1936, 72 yrs. 0 mo. 3 days

Cawlfield, Dessie E. born 1898, died 1976, SSDI gives dates as 7-7-1898 -- 9-?-1976

Cawlfield, Esther Elizabeth Johnson born 11-23-1869 died 2-14-1938, daughter of WIlliam Taylor Johnson, wife of Sterlilng Price Cawlfield(additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Cawlfield, George M. born 1893, died 1974, F2 U.S. Navy, WWI

Cawlfield, George Milton born 1871, died 1892

Cawlfield, Geraldine born 3-25-1915, died Mar 04, 1994 79 years

Cawlfield, John Winston born 8-18-1828, died 7-20-1897 (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Cawlfield, Loreen Mollie Chisenhall born 10-1-1912 died 12-28-2007 wife of Woodrow WIlson Cawlfield (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Cawlfield, Maud McK. born 1881, died 1919 Mother

Cawlfield, Sarah Ann Evans born 9-16-1837 , died 6-10-1915, daughter of Rev. John H. Evans(additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Cawlfield, Sterling Price born 3-29-1862, died 3-18-1947, son of John Winston Cawlfield (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Cawlfield, Thomas Owen born 1876, died 1937

Cawlfield, WoodrowWilson born 10-5-1912, died 11-30-1997 85 years, son of Sterling Price Cawlfield(additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Chavez, Francesdied 12-7-1906, resident of Avondale, married, buried 12-8-1906, burial by relatives. Dr. L.A. Wilkinson, McCarthy Funeral Home

Chilcott, E. A.no dates

Chilcott, Mrs Perry A.born 7-31-1880 Watertown, Mich. died 9-27-1911 at 11 a.m. at home, married, wife of P.A. Chilcott, daughter of William James Pain born England and Mary Ella Tales born Canada, spouse lived at old brick schoolhouse at Avondale. Dr. White. McCarthy Funeral Home

Chilcott, Naomi Saunders born 1857, died 1945

Cousins, Frankie born Sept 24, 1894, died Dec 2, 1899, son of W.M. and Ida

Cox, Lodusca Harrington born 2-6-1846, died 12-4-1866, wife of James Bonley Cox, daughter of Major Olney Harrington of White Dove, Wisconsin and Hannah Cole Eldred (additional information from Howard D. Snooks)

Danielson, Infant no dates

Darcy, 2 Infants no dates

Davis, Will born 1850, died 1924 (ashes), bro of Elizabeth Brooks

Deherrera, Caroline born Jan 14, 1938, died May 5, 1939

Deherrera, Filbert born Sept 6, 1942, died Mar 15, 1943

Dennison, Infant no dates

Derby, Hazel born Jun 9, 1896, died Aug 12, 1904

Dissler, infant died 1920, child of Tony and Pearl

Dolgan, Mary S. born 1928 died no date

Dutcher, Mrs Ballou born 1846, died 1921

Englebrecht, Edwinborn 9-18-1911 Boone, Co. died 9-18-1911, son of Julius Englebrecht and Minnie Rots or Rats both born Missouri , buried 9-19-1911 by relatives, Dr. H.T. White of Avondale, Co.

Epperson, Gladys C. born 1896, died 1981, dau of Hiram and Margaret Sanders

Epperson, Jessie V. born 1914, died 2006

Epperson, Lawrence E. born 1914, died 1977, son of Lloyd and Gladys

Epperson, Lloyd born 1891, died 1985

Epperson, Theodore C. born 5-5-1921 died 2-21-1986 F1 US Navy WWII

Etherton, Donald Lee born 10-11-1938 died 5-30-1989

Evans, Bertha born Jul 1, 1892 , died Feb 15, 1899 dau of William and Amanda

Evans, Frances Abigail Todd born 1819, died 5-13-1896 Mother of Sarah Ann Cawlfield (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Evans, Rev. John H. born 1817, died 1897 (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Evans, Squire infant, no dates

Evans, William born 9-15-1844, Missouri, son of John H. Evans born Indiana and Frances Todd born Kentucky, husband of Amanda Evans, age 61y, resident of Avondale, married, farmer, died Apr 24, 1910 at Avondale, buried 4-25-1910in Chico Cem., sold to Mrs. Evans and Sterling Cawfield.

Fankhouser, Alice P. Johnston born 1906, died 1972

Fankhouser, O. B. 'Slim' born 1902, died 1967

Fothergill, Sonja Lee born no date died 6-12-1982

Fraker, Alice 'Alta' Henderson born 1875 died 1905, wife of Melvin Fraker

Frazier, David no dates

Frazier, infant no dates

Galbreath, infant no dates, child of Mollie

Gallegos, Simodosea born 1898, died Jun 14, 1938

Garnett, Pamellia born Mar 26, 1905, died Jul 25, 1905

Gill, Elizabeth born Jun 22, 1834, died Dec 2, 1906 (wife of John)

Gill, John born 4-8-1831 Neistadt, Germany died 5-3-1916 Pueblo, Colorado

Gill, Nancy V. born Mar 15, 1934 died no date

Gill, Richard I. (Dick) born Jul 29, 1929, died Aug 29, 1991

Gill, Shannon Mary born Jul 31, 1963, died May 6, 1989

Green, Joe born abt 1860, died 12-17-1884 froze to death searching for wood

Grimstead, James Orville born Jun 13, 1925, died Apr 19, 1956 Colo EM2, USNR, Korea

Grinstead, Anna L. born 7-5-1916 died 4-28-1989

Grinstead, Clarence Raymond born 1930 died Mar, 1931 age 1 yr. 2 mo. 6 days

Grinstead, Elsa P. born 1890, died 1963

Grinstead, Lawrence E. born 10-10-1908 died 4-1-1984

Grinstead, William T. born 1882, died 1950

Gunn, Mr. no dates

Hall, Annie no dates, infant dau of H.P. Hall, MO Pac section forman

Hall, infant no dates

Harris, Mrs no dates

Hartley, James born Nov 3, 1830 died Apr 6, 1869, Civil War, Union 1st Lt. 3 NC Mtd Inf 4th Regt Penn Inf, son-in-law of James McCandless

Hasler, H.died 12-6-1902, McCarthy Mortuary

Hatley, Alice Emily died 1868

Hatley, Rachel no dates, infant

Hughes, George B. born 1824, died Nov 28, 1899, age 74 yr. 10 mo. 5 days

Hughes, Margaret A. born 1825, died Jun 27, 1901, age 75 years

Jacobs, Oliver S. born 1835, died 1908

Johnson, Arthur M died Mar 9, 1883 age 1 yr. 10 mo. 3 days, son of W.T & M.A. Johnson

Johnson, Arthur M died Mar 9, 1883 age 1 yr. 10 mo. 3 days, son of W.T & M.A. Johnson

Johnson, Hattie Wells born 1871 died Jul 24, 1935 age 63 yrs. 7 mo. 24 days

Johnson, infant no dates, child of Elmer and Kitty

Johnson, Jennie E. born 1897, died 1899

Johnson, William H. born 1867, died 1953 (Bro of Esther Elizabeth Cawlfield) (additional information from Debra Jane Cawlfield Staebell)

Johnson, William Taylor born 4-20-1847 died 12-15-1936 age 88 yr. 10 mo. 25 days

Johnston, Delbert F. born Mar 14, 1914, died Aug 31, 1992

Johnston, Destry L. born 9-13-1968 died 6-22-2005

Johnston, Dodgeno dates

Johnston, Helen V. born 2-14-1915 died 10-8-2003

Johnston, infant no dates, child of Delbert F.

Johnston, Lewis born 8-19-1919 died 4-12-1989 US Navy WWII

Johnston, Lewis born 8-19-1919 died 4-12-1989 US Navy WWII

Johnston, Lewis Franklin born 1879, died Mar 20, 1942 age 63 years

Johnston, Virginia born 12-14-1941 died Mar 21, 1942 age 3 mons.

Johnston, Winnie born 1879, died 1965

Jordan, infant no dates

Kennedy, Donald Eugene died May 28, 1928 stone says 5-29-1938 son of George & Ruth Kennedy

Kennedy, infantno dates

Kennedy, Velma Lucille died Aug 7, 1937 daughter of George & Ruth Kennedy

Lewis, Charles A. born Nov 28, 1929 died Jan 17, 1948

Lewis, Edward E. born Feb 13, 1931 died Jan 12, 1948

Lewis, Jack C. born 1901, died 1966

Lewis, Sadie M born 1908, died Jan 31, 1994

Manroe, Catharine 85 years

Map of cemetery

Marshall, infant no dates

Mascarenas, Mary died 1943 1 day

Masson, Herbert F. born 9-20-1923 died 2-18-1982

McCandless, James born 1795, died 1869

McClain, Clent L. born 1-4-1907, died 3-20-1972, Colorado Sgt US Army WWII

McClain, Clent L. born 1-4-1907, died 3-20-1972, Colorado Sgt US Army WWII

McClain, Ruth Calhoun born 1907, died 1988

Mead, Earl T born 1917, died no date

Mead, Velma D. born Jun 29, 1918, died Apr 19, 1991, (dau of Lloyd and Gladys Epperson)

Mehr, J. Ottodied 2-5-1902, resident of Undercliffe, Co., age 28y 1m 8d, buried 2-6-1902, Chico Cemetery, informant Noah Roberts of Undercliffe, Dr. Ira B. Lohmer of Avondale, cost $35.00

Meyers, Lilly no dates, infant

Middlecamp, Infant no dates, child of Clarence (run over by a wagon)

Miller, Jasper no dates infant

Mills, Minnie Mrs. born 4-1-1880 Missouri, resident of Nyburg, married, died 12-19-1911 at home, buried Avondale Cemetery 12-20-1911, wife of Ransom M. Mills, daughter of W.J. Small and Polly Williams both born Illinois, , Dr. H.T. White, cost $97.00

Montoya, Carlota born 1889 died 1936

Montoya, Magdalena born 1888, died 1945

Moore, Bessie M. born 1903, died 1971

Murphy, John no dates

Nesslage, James M born Jul 4, 1924, died Feb 9, 1975 Sgt. US Army Air Force

Nesslage, John J. D. Jr. died Nov 9, 1920 infant of John & Mary

Nesslage, Kenneth Sterling born 1923 died 1980 AOM3 US Navy

Nesslage, Mary E died Apr 5, 1930 infant of John and Mary

Nesslage, Ronald Lynn born 1953 died no date

Nichols, infant no dates

Nolty, William born 1903, died 1904, infant

Norman, Harry R. born 1905, died Jan 17, 1993

Norman, Helen E. born 1910, died Nov 18, 1992, dau of Hiram and Margaret Sanders

Olmstead, Clara no dates, infant

Ortiz, Lydia born 1932 died Feb 18, 1935, age 3 yr. 3 mo. 17 days

Petrie, William Calvin born Apr 15, 1911, died Sept 26, 1913

Pingel, Coral Ann born 11-12-1939 died no date

Pingel, Dennis Lee born 1-7-1942 died 12-2-1999 married 7-7-1962

Powell, Dolores M. born 1927 died ?

Powell, Donald Oscar born 1927 died 1977, PFC US Marine Corps WWII

Puckett, Johnny L. Jr born 1917, died 1917

Puckett, Johnny Louis born 1870, died 1917

Puckett, Minnie A. born 1897, died 1919

Puckett, Victoria Lillian born 1877, died 1953

Read, William no dates, infant, age 2 yrs. 4 mos.

Reynolds, child no dates, child of Mr and Mrs William Reynolds

Reynolds, infant no dates, child of Mr and Mrs William Reynolds

Riddle, infant no dates

Salazar, Alfredo Albino born 5-25-1943 died 2-3-1944

Salazar, Ramona born Oct 8, 1941, died Feb 26, 1942

Sanders, A. J. no dates, infant

Sanders, Hiram L born 1863, died 1958

Sanders, Margaret L born 1872, died 1951

Sanders, Ralph Sterling born Nov 1, 1896, died d. Nov 1, 1898

Sanders, William Lawrence born 1891, died May 9, 1928, age 48 yrs. 8 mo. 7 days

Saunders stone

Saunders, Cora A Smith born 1868, died 1904, wife of Elisha M.

Saunders, Elisha M. born 1860, died 1923

Saunders, infant no dates, child of E.M. and Cora

Saunders, J. A. no dates, infant

Saunders, Susan Barnett born 1830, died 1903

Saunders, Susan Barnett born 1830, died 1903

Sharpton, Anna born 1898 died May 9, 1928

Skinner, William no dates

Sloan, Mr. no dates

Smith, Myrtle born 1884, died 1890 age 6 yr. 6 mos.

Smith, Thomas J. born Apr 29, 1874 died Oct 12, 1916

Smith, William born 1874, died 1875, infant

Spears, Grace E. Smith born Aug 25, 1887 died May 30, 1927

Statzer, infant no dates

Statzer, infant no dates

Stevens, John infant no dates

Stiner, infant no dates

Stiner, infant no dates

Strickland, Felix P. born 1889, died 1927

Strickland, infant child of Clarence Strickland

Strickland, infant child of Clarence Strickland

Strickland, Loyd no dates, child of Felix. Age 2y 17d, died 1912, son of F.P. Stricklandof Boone, Co., shipped to Nyberg 8-3-1912 by Wells Fargo, Dr. H.T. Whiteof Avondale cost $30.00 McCarthy Funeral Home

Strickland, Maud Cawlfield born Dec 15, 1887 died Dec 10, 1927 Mother

Swartz, Abraham born 1845, died 1931

Swartz, Fields Otis born Dec 25, 1900 died Feb 19, 1901

Swartz, Martha Evans born 1848, died 1929

Swartz, Walter Scott born May 1, 1877 died Oct 28, 1911

Taylor, Emma born 1845, died 1901

Taylor, Margaret Enid Sanders born Mar 13, 1921, died Aug 28, 1999, Ashes only were in grave with Margaret Sanders. Margaret Taylor was Granddaughter of Hiram and Margaret. These ashes have been removed by the family.

Taylor, Ruben born 1892, died 1918

Thomas, G. no dates

Thomas, infantno dates

Thomas, Willie died Jan 31 1906, son of Mr and Mrs G. T., age 13 yrs

Tucker, Kittie May Ballou born 1879 died Mar 1935

Upton, Carol Arlene born Dec 14, 1937 died Jun 9, 1972, (dau of Harry and Helen Norman)

Upton, Gabriel S. Jr. born May 18, 1931 died Jul 9, 1972, Y113 US Navy

VanDusen, Mary died 2-8-1934

Vass, Posie born 1889, died 1920

Viergutz, Ed died 1918

Viergutz, infant no dates

Viergutz, Mrs. Ollye died 1917

Waggoner, Bell born 1897, died 1898, child

Walby, Bert C. born 1885, died 1966

Walby, Nellie Burgess born 1889, died 1934, Mother, (wife of Bert)

Wamsley, Connie I. born 1914, died 1934

Ward, infant no dates, child of William

Watkins, baby boy died 1931

Watkins, baby girl died 1930

Wells, Alfred born 3-16-1822 died 4-15-1906 Union Army

Wells, Alfred born 3-16-1822 died 4-15-1907

Wells, Guy no dates, child of F. E.

Wells, Guy Elmer born 3-31-1895 died 12-12-1898

Wells, infant born age 9 mo.

Wells, infant no dates

Wells, Isaac B. born 1-30-1826 died 1-22-1912 Pvt Co E 12 Mo Cav

Wells, Isaac B. born 1-30-1826 died 1-22-1912 Pvt Co E 12 Mo Cav

Wells, Louis I. born 1868, died Mar 18, 1933, age 65 yr. 4 mo. 9 days

Whitlock, Jason born 1834, died 1908

Whittle, Mrs J. L. no dates

Whittle, Rev J. L. born 3-9-1839 TN, Confederate Army

Wier, Otto no dates

Wolf, infant no dates

Wollery, Mike no dates

Yarberry, Bertha died 1891, infant

Yarberry, Delbert born 1905 died 1995

Yarberry, Esther died 1894 infant

Yarberry, infant child of Milt Yarberry

Yarberry, John M born 1887, died 1965

Yarberry, Josephine born 1860, died 1940

Yarberry, Maria born 1886, died 1976

Yarberry, Mildred born 1882, died 1885

Yarberry, Owen born 1892, died 1893

Yarberry, Phyllis born 1906 died 1992

Yarberry, Sarah born 1811, died 1901

Yarberry, Thomas N born 1854, died 1944

Young plot

Young, Mrs Dan no dates

Young, Rosa E born Aug 31, 1888 died Nov 8, 1888

Young, Susan E born May 15, 1893 died May 20, 1893

Young, Willis H born Jan 1, 1898 died Jan 5, 1898

Young, Willis H. M. born Jun 19, 1854 died May 21, 1898

Young, Willis H. M. born Jun 19, 1854 died May 21, 1898

Young, Willis H. M. born Jun 19, 1854 died May 21, 1898

Zimmerman plot

Zimmerman, David Franklin died Feb 14, 1940, child stone says 1938

Zimmerman, infant no dates

Zimmerman, Iona May died Dec 10, 1938, child stone says 1940

? Estherphoto unreadable

unknownChild of God 1

unknownChild of God 2

unknownChild of God 3

unknownmortuary marker, Holy Bible inside of wreath

unknownin wire fence

unknownChild of God 4

unknownChild of God 5

unknownChild of God 6

unknownChild of God 7


unknownwire loop fence with wood cross

unknownmetal marker with metal cross

unknownChild of God 8

unknownChild of God 9

unknownround brown stone

unknownround brown stone

unknownmetal marker

unknownchild of immigrant

unknownblock with metal plate

unknownupright headstone

unknownblock with metal plate

unknownrock used for headstone

unknownrock used for headstone

unknowngreen metal mortuary marker

unknownwood stakes

unknownmetal mortuary marker

unknowngreen metal mortuary marker


unknownold stone set in concrete

unknownChild of God 10


In 1902 the elected Officers of the cemetery were: Trustees; Sterling Cawlfield, Thomas Yarberry and Mrs. M.A. Young.

In 1906 the elected Officers were: Trustees; James M. Smith, Naomi Young, E.M. Saunders.

On April 14, 1967 the following people were elected to Office: Woodrow Cawlfield, President; Jim Burgess, Vice-President; Ione Cawlfield, Secretary; Bob Lewis, Treasurer and Trustees: Harry Norman and Bob Johnson.
In 1967 a major renovation and documentation of the cemetery was undertaken by the community. The original contributors of this renovation were:
Joe BeneschEstella BiddleEldon Bray
Edna BurgessJim BurgessBarney Cawlfield
George CawlfieldJack CawlfieldJames Cawlfield
Joseph CawlfieldWilliam CawlfieldWoodrow Cawlfield
Burch CooperDon CooperJack Crites
Marie EggersLawrence EppersonLloyd Epperson
Ewing EvansCharles EvansRay Evans
Alice FankhouserFaricy Monument Co.Edith Gibboney
Dick GillLawrence GrinsteadRuth Hall
Jody HeardAlyce HearleJohn Hahn
Floyd JohnsonLes JohnsonRobert Johnson
Delbert JohnstonLewis JohnstonBob Lewis
Sadie LewisMary LothianTimothy G. McCarthy
Velma MeadLilly MyersJim Nesslage
John NesslageHarry NormanMayre O'Brien
Lee RicharsonTom RichardsonMarvin Ryden
Taylor SandersJen SettersOakie Six
Emma SmithSorensonBessie Spencer
Henry StetsonFelix Strickland FamilyHarold Strickland
Herbert StricklandCarl Swartz Sr.Carl Swartz Jr.
Jerry ValentineEdward YarberryMarie Yarberry
Dave Zimmerman  

These people truly need to be commended for the time and effort they have expended in renovating and taking care of this old pioneer cemetery. It has to be the best documented rural cemetery in the entire county. THANK YOU!

On May 25, 1975 the following Officers were elected: Woodrow Cawlfield, President; Barney Cawlfield, Vice-President; Esther Nesslage, Secretary; Bob Lewis, Treasurer; and Trustees: Delbert Johnston, Lawrence Epperson and Harry Norman.

Section photo

Overview from outside of gate


Records Receptacle

Cemetery map inside of receptacle


Sign on gate



One of several stepping stones


In honor of our Circuit City family, lost to us 2-16-2005: Vincent Choe, David Coffman, Kyle Harmon, Aaron Iskowitz, John Jorgenson, Bruce Walton, Jeffrey Wightman, David Winston.
38 degrees 17.17 mintues N., 104 degrees 23-64 mintues W.
The community placed this stone to honor these people that were all killed in a plane crash, although they are not actually buried here.

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