Pueblo County, Colorado
1910 Census, Heads of Households

Contributed by Karen Mitchell
Please note: This is a partial listing.
NameAge in 1910Estimated Birth YearBirthplaceRaceHome in 1910Gender
Acker, Walter G451864WisconsinWhite1-WD, Male
Ackley, Bert ---OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Adams, Geo 421867IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Adams, Henry 281881PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Adams, Luda 371872MissouriWhite1-WD, Female
Adams, Samuel R501859IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Adkins, William 621847White1-WD, Male
Agee, Marie 61903White1-PCT, Female
Aguilar, Dario 301879White2-PCT, Male
Airgood, James W191890CaliforniaWhite1-WD, Male
Alarcon, Roman 291880White2-PCT, Male
Albano, John 541855White2-PCT, Male
Alburt, Manuelita 631846New MexicoWhite1-PCT, Female
Alcalbo, Jim 511858White2-PCT, Male
Aldrich, Harbert 111898White1-PCT, Male
Allart, Emily 261883IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Allen, Edward S321877ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Allen, Emma C551854IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Alley, Edith A361873KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Allin, Jessie 431866IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Allison, Fred K451864MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Allison, Hattie 331876MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Allison, Lulu 251884KansasColored2-PCT, Female
Almiger, Malaqui 241885White2-PCT, Male
Alt, William D461863OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Altman, Fred G161893ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Alunardi, Domenico 281881White2-PCT, Male
Ambright, Olga 241885KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Ames, Edgar 431866IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Amond, Clara 261883MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Anderson, Alma 161893WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Female
Anderson, Arne 301879ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Anderson, Edward 521857White1-WD, Male
Anderson, Ida 531856White1-PCT, Female
Anderson, Ida C401869White2-PCT, Female
Anderson, Oscar A301879White1-WD, Male
Andonella, Frank 301879White2-PCT, Male
Angello, Anna 621847White2-PCT, Female
Angelo, Mike 401869White2-PCT, Male
Angelo, Patidia 261883White1-PCT, Male
Angelo, San 201889White2-PCT, Male
Antinucci, Felecia 601849White2-PCT, Female
Apodaca, Juliana 451864New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Female
Archuleta, Benigna 501859ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Aregood, Winfred S481861New JerseyWhite1-WD, Male
Arena, Joe 291880White2-PCT, Male
Argen, Melchor 301879White2-PCT, Male
Ariez, Esibel 2518842-PCT, Male
Ariez, Luperto 2318862-PCT, Male
Arle, Henry 291880PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Armstrong, William H221887KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Arnold, Charles 291880KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Arnold, Susan 811828TennesseeWhite1-WD, Female
Arnone, Pasquale 341875White2-PCT, Male
Ashmore, James 111898OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Atkinson, William T401869MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Austin, Charles 661843New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Awed, John 611848White2-PCT, Male
Ayala, Zelsa 311878White2-PCT, Female
Babcock, Jacob D261883KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Bacar, Toney 301879White2-PCT, Male
Bacina, Frank 291880White2-PCT, Male
Bacon, Clarence H421867IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Baird, Jessie F331876MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Bairer, Sujanne 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Baker, David 281881ConnecticutWhite1-PCT, Male
Baker, Eva 31906KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Baker, James 421867IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Baker, Mary A501859IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Baker, Orrin F311878IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Baker, Perry 811828KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Baker, Thomas A531856MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Ballard, Celeste 451864White2-PCT, Male
Ballard, Jean F221887UtahWhite1-PCT, Male
Ballinger, Flournoy 91900ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Ballow, William L321877ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Ballreich, Chas A401869IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Banfatti, Toney 321877White2-PCT, Male
Bankhead, Alice 251884FloridaWhite2-PCT, Female
Banna, Ingnizio 191890White2-PCT, Male
Barajas, Enasensio 4518642-PCT, Male
Barajos, Boney 4018692-PCT, Male
Barajos, Elojio 4218672-PCT, Male
Barajos, Pet 2118882-PCT, Male
Barber, Walter H331876PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Barber, Wm 431866White2-PCT, Male
Baredise, Emma 621847OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Barela, Candilam 261883White2-PCT, Male
Bargfreda, Carl H511858White1-PCT, Male
Barnard, Caroline 741835VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Female
Barnard, Wm J541855VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Barnett, Thomas 301879MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Barras, Henry 321877New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Barratt, Joseph 761833White1-WD, Male
Barrows, Willard 311878White2-PCT, Male
Bartlett, Stephen W661843VermontWhite1-WD, Male
Barwise, Eva A71902ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Bascaul, Louis 421867White2-PCT, Male
Basfield, David 561853White2-PCT, Male
Batten, William 301879ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Baty, Charles 431866IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Baucher, Albert 291880New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Baudon, Fernand 301879White2-PCT, Male
Baun, Earl 201889NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Male
Baxter, Mary 611848MissouriWhite1-WD, Female
Baxter, Oliver H.P.741835IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Baxter, Price 441865MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Bayliss, Thomas E351874MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Beach, L B451864ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Beall, Julian M511858ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Beaton, Isabel 201889KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Beaty, Evangeline 171892New YorkWhite1-PCT, Female
Beaumort, Allan J---White2-PCT, Male
Beck, James 471862White1-PCT, Male
Beilstein, Charles W291880IowaWhite1-WD, Male
Bell, Elliolett 231886West VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Bell, Emma M621847White1-PCT, Female
Bellini, Telice 351874White2-PCT, Male
Bendig, Richard 231886White1-PCT, Male
Benedick, Valentine 281881White1-PCT, Male
Benesch, Joseph 781831White2-PCT, Male
Bennett, Ernest H361873TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Benson, John 551854White1-PCT, Male
Benz, Cleo 231886MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Beroldinella, Concetta 201889White2-PCT, Female
Berry, Harrison 551854IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Bevan, Anna 81901ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Bichon, Adele 281881White2-PCT, Female
Bidd, John 261883White1-PCT, Male
Bidwell, Geo F. Jr.311878ConnecticutWhite2-PCT, Male
Biele, Louis W461863MinnesotaWhite2-PCT, Male
Biffle, Richard 161893TennesseeColored2-PCT, Male
Bingham, Frank E401869PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Bingham, Herbert O291880PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Bishop, Minnie 301879MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Blackburn, Alvin A461863ArkansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Blackwell, Niel 351874MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Blaine, Wm 321877MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Blear, Roy 161893White1-PCT, Male
Bliss, Roy N221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Bloomquist, Agnes H221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Blum, Jacob 431866White2-PCT, Male
Blunt, Florence 251884ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Boatman, William 541855KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Boca, Lola 481861New Mexico2-PCT, Female
Boether, Henry 541855White2-PCT, Male
Bogal, Ola 251884KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Bogon, Ida O291880KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Bold, James 561853White1-PCT, Male
Bologno, Vito 291880White2-PCT, Male
Bolt, George 521857IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Bonar, Mathew 331876KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Bongiorno, Charley 231886White2-PCT, Male
Bongiorno, Liborio 331876White2-PCT, Male
Bonn, John H541855WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Booth, Alvers S431866IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Booth, Laura D821827OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Booth, Sarah 671842IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Borg, Oscar 311878White2-PCT, Male
Bowman, Emanuel 281881White1-PCT, Male
Box, Monroe E351874TennesseeWhite1-PCT, Male
Boxman, William 751834White1-PCT, Male
Boxmeyer, Chas H691840White2-PCT, Male
Boyer, Julia 651844PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Bracamontes, Maricio 211888White2-PCT, Male
Brady, Frank 391870White2-PCT, Male
Brank, Will L251884North CarolinaWhite2-PCT, Male
Breiner, Rebecca J781831PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Brennan, Michael 501859PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Brewster, William 601849GeorgiaColored1-PCT, Male
Brice, Maggie 161893ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Brigel, Rosa 291880White1-PCT, Female
Briggs, W V261883ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Bright, Samuel 371872TennesseeWhite1-PCT, Male
Brinkley, Wm J441865MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Brinton, John Knol501859New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Brooder, Elizabeth 601849VirginiaWhite1-PCT, Female
Brooking, John C421867MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Brooks, Albert E421867MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Brooks, Fannie 601849MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Brooks, Fern 221887OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Brooks, George A561853WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Brooks, John 571852WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Brooks, John 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Brooks, Nina 111898MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Brooks, Tom 361873KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Broshear, Robert B381871KentuckyWhite1-WD, Male
Brown, Andrew H441865ConnecticutWhite1-PCT, Male
Brown, E F441865IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Brown, Eugene H361873ConnecticutWhite1-PCT, Male
Brown, Jim 581851White2-PCT, Male
Brown, Laura B351874OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Brown, Laurence 391870MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Brown, Sara 281881New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Brown, William 361873IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Brown, Wm D381871IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Brownewell, George W511858PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Brunen, John J521857PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Bucci, Julio 381871White2-PCT, Male
Buckley, Geo A371872White2-PCT, Male
Burescia, Joe 361873White2-PCT, Male
Burgess, Virginia 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Burnett, Ayres 251884OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Burns, Everet G401869IowaWhite1-WD, Male
Burns, John 301879IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Burns, Maggie 501859White2-PCT, Female
Burns, Robert 331876ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Burris, Saml J431866New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Burton, Fannie 231886MissouriColored2-PCT, Female
Bush, Claudeus 301879IowaColored1-PCT, Male
Bush, Nellie 221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Butler, James J321877New JerseyWhite2-PCT, Male
Butson, Clifton 151894ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Button, Wm 181891KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Bynum, Rufus 231886TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Cain, Henry 601849IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Calkins, Nathan W431866IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Callen, William H561853IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Calogero, Bacino 501859White2-PCT, Male
Campbell, Carrie Den461863New JerseyWhite2-PCT, Female
Campbell, James 241885IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Campbell, Roma O351874IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Candelas, Marcel 4518642-PCT, Male
Canezin, Pierre 351874IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Canezin, Pierre 321877White2-PCT, Male
Canica, Paul 601849White2-PCT, Male
Canzonere, Rosalio 581851White2-PCT, Male
Capers, Frank ---White2-PCT, Male
Capozzolo, Mick 431866White2-PCT, Male
Cardillo, Filunema 561853White2-PCT, Female
Cardillo, Raffael 521857White2-PCT, Male
Cardinas, Cresencio 401869White2-PCT, Male
Carive, Joe 361873White2-PCT, Male
Carlino, Paul 451864White2-PCT, Male
Carlino, Steave 261883White2-PCT, Male
Carlson, Enoch M561853MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Carlson, Jessie 171892ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Carlton, Mount 621847VirginiaColored2-PCT, Male
Carmelo, Toney 371872White2-PCT, Male
Carnohan, Ernest 291880MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Carr, Alice B481861IllinoisWhite1-WD, Female
Carr, Clinton 281881TexasWhite1-WD, Male
Carrio, Sisto 371872New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Female
Carswede, Gene 61903ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Carter, Mary 261883ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Cartwright, Esther 181891MichiganWhite1-PCT, Female
Cascio, Calogeor 381871White2-PCT, Male
Cascio, Charley 271882White2-PCT, Male
Cascio, Leonardo 521857White2-PCT, Male
Cascok, John 761833White2-PCT, Male
Cash, Evert C481861OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Cash, Ignazio 401869White2-PCT, Male
Cash, Philip 311878White2-PCT, Male
Casiday, Walter 261883OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Casler, Clayton 351874OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Cason, May 371872MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Cassiday, Roxie 271882IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Castellano, Joe 261883White2-PCT, Male
Castellar, Henry 521857White2-PCT, Male
Castillo, Nemencio 251884White1-WD, Male
Catanzaro, Gatano 301879White2-PCT, Male
Cates, May 351874New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Cato, George 231886ArkansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Cavender, Charley 201889OklahomaWhite2-PCT, Male
Cessna, Perry A371872OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Chamberlain, Martha 431866MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Champion, Ida D321877White2-PCT, Female
Chaney, George E351874NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Male
Chapa, Severiano 301879White2-PCT, Male
Chapin, Alma ---IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Chappel, Jesse J451864New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Chavez, Prudencio 211888New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Male
Cheever, Joe C291880KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Chew, Edward R561853KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Chiaro, Joe 361873White2-PCT, Male
Chilcott, Emma 181891ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Chinn, J W421867MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Chinn, Mary 781831OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Churchill, Edwin H721837White2-PCT, Male
Ciccotelli, Rocco 211888White2-PCT, Male
Cicillo, Angelo 221887White2-PCT, Male
Clark, Belle 471862IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Clark, Chas ---White2-PCT, Male
Clark, Leroy 101899White1-WD, Male
Clark, Reese A191890KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Clough, John B171892ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Cobb, Sterling P521857MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Cobourn, Eliz Lee181891KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Female
Cockley, John A291880White1-PCT, Male
Coffey, James 211888OklahomaWhite1-PCT, Male
Cole, C R221887ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Collatta, Calvactro 361873White2-PCT, Male
Collin, Charles 401869IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Collins, John A491860MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Collins, Ulysses G401869TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Collins, Wm 271882ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Colville, Meta 351874White2-PCT, Female
Comerford, William 321877IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Comin, Martha 471862IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Conley, Agusta 531856PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Conlon, John I191890ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Conner, James L181891IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Connilos, Angelo 461863White2-PCT, Male
Consiglio, Joe 421867White2-PCT, Male
Constino, Petro 261883White2-PCT, Male
Conway, Frank 381871White2-PCT, Male
Conway, Lesetie 111898ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Conway, Peter 131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Cook, Frances E131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Cool, Norman 311878IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Corda, Joe 281881White2-PCT, Male
Cordano, Carl 251884White2-PCT, Male
Cordano, Joe 331876White2-PCT, Male
Cordova, Victoria 451864ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Corn, Wm 411868ArkansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Cornelson, Clara 201889ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Cortapiano, Giovanni 251884White2-PCT, Male
Cortasse, John 431866White2-PCT, Male
Cortese, Joe 561853White2-PCT, Male
Costa, Louie 381871White2-PCT, Male
Costanz, Comsemo 361873White2-PCT, Male
Cotter, Vinnie 411868WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Female
Courts, Robt T591850MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Covert, Raymond M351874New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Cox, John W301879TennesseeWhite1-WD, Male
Cox, Lucinda 371872IllinoisWhite1-WD, Female
Coziers, Armand 291880New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Cozine, Fanny ---IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Cozine, Fanny D401869IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Crader, Neil C401869ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Craft, Estella 541855OhioWhite1-WD, Female
Craig, John W441865New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Crandell, Fred 381871MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Crapa, Charley 261883White2-PCT, Male
Crawford, Ella 371872New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Creel, Addie 651844MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Creel, Jumius L411868MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Crerose, William 191890MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Crews, Chas W571852IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Critchley, Elizabeth 531856White2-PCT, Female
Crittenden, James E121897New MexicoWhite1-PCT, Male
Croasmun, Chas 351874PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Cronin, Maggie 191890IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Crooks, Joseph M651844MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Crosley, Jess 501859PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Cross, Chas E481861IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Cross, John W621847IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Crouch, Pearl 211888TexasColored2-PCT, Male
Crow, John H671842PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Cruz, Blas 2618832-PCT, Male
Cryder, Flossie 121897MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Cuchiara, Vincenzo 401869White2-PCT, Male
Cuchiaro, Salvatore 371872White2-PCT, Male
Cummins, Frances 351874TexasWhite1-WD, Female
Cundy, William B701839White2-PCT, Male
Cunningham, Laura 231886KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Curatola, Filippo 301879White2-PCT, Male
Curatola, Leonardo 481861White2-PCT, Male
Curd, R D501859KentuckyWhite1-WD, Male
Curtis, Fredd 491860MaineWhite2-PCT, Male
Curtis, William L361873GeorgiaWhite1-WD, Male
Curtz, Goodlone 431866White1-WD, Male
Curwin, Frank 361873IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Cuyler, Edward H341875PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Dagnillo, Rafaele 201889White2-PCT, Male
Damato, Filumena 501859White2-PCT, Female
Dana, Mary C701839White1-PCT, Female
Dane, Peter 241885White2-PCT, Male
Daniels, Clay W451864VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Daniels, Hugh O131896MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Daniels, Rose 251884White2-PCT, Female
Darnall, Roland F391870IndianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Darr, Jonas W811828IndianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Datroe, Felix 421867White2-PCT, Male
Daugherty, Mary S121897IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Dauval, Julie 281881White2-PCT, Female
Davidson, John W391870MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Davidson, Mary A711838IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Davidson, Robert 571852OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Davies, James R301879KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Davis, James E631846White2-PCT, Male
Davis, Kate 351874IndianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Davis, Melinda 691840OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Davis, Thomas A91900ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Day, Everett H351874KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Dazzo, Stefano 351874White2-PCT, Male
Dean, John 651844IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Dean, Wesley 321877NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Decino, Toney 311878White2-PCT, Male
Degesima, Cormel 231886White2-PCT, Male
Delaney, John H301879White2-PCT, Male
Delap, Wesley 701839WisconsinWhite1-WD, Male
Delgado, Martin 271882White1-WD, Male
Delsh, Delber A431866WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Deluise, Mike 211888White2-PCT, Male
Demont, Mary A421867PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Denhan, Thelma E61903ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Denman, Lena 231886West VirginiaWhite1-WD, Female
Dennis, Lewis B231886MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Dennon, Harry E231886KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Deparc, Raymond 291880New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Despain, Christopher C371872NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Devaney, James P351874MinnesotaWhite1-PCT, Male
Deville, Lawrence 301879OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Dicino, Nick 451864White2-PCT, Male
Difalco, Frank 431866White2-PCT, Male
Difalco, George 401869White2-PCT, Male
Digesvallo, Johano 481861White2-PCT, Male
Digregorio, Battista 341875White2-PCT, Male
Digregorio, Leonardo 261883White2-PCT, Male
Digrodo, Lena 701839White2-PCT, Female
Dimarino, Frank 401869White2-PCT, Male
Dingman, Eugene 271882ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Disalvo, Cologreo 261883White2-PCT, Male
Dixon, John M411868MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Doering, Susan 681841IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Doertenbach, Wm F441865OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Dolman, Frank S431866IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Donise, Luca 301879White2-PCT, Male
Donise, Vincenzo 391870White2-PCT, Male
Donohue, Bessie 121897ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Doran, Richard H481861New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Dorland, Julia F.E.801829OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Douglas, Chalie W241885IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Douglass, Edwin E511858IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Dowdy, Lucile 151894ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Downen, Thos J651844IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Drace, Peter 291880White2-PCT, Male
Drace, Phillip 241885White2-PCT, Male
Dray, Paul 301879White2-PCT, Male
Ducos, John 321877White2-PCT, Male
Duerr, Phillip 261883White1-WD, Male
Dugan, Patrick J471862New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Dumbreck, John 231886ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Duncan, Lorne C321877White2-PCT, Male
Dunda, John 441865White2-PCT, Male
Dunlap, Carrie E511858PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Dunway, Arthur 461863IndianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Duprey, George 461863White1-PCT, Male
Duran, Ferd 711838White2-PCT, Male
Duran, Leo 1MColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Duran, Sophie 201889ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Durbin, Cecil 491860New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Durwin, Thomas 461863TennesseeColored1-PCT, Male
Dutton, Lawrence J401869IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Dykes, George 231886ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Eads, Ella 211888New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Female
Eames, A H681841MassachusettsWhite1-WD, Male
Eberenz, Geo B431866OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Ecal, Prosper 401869White2-PCT, Male
Edelstein, Moses 511858White2-PCT, Male
Edwards, Louie 171892KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Edwards, Lucie 411868IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Ege, John 331876OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Eichel, Henry C391870IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Eidson, Bennett 191890TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Ekstrom, William L451864IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Elder, Horace W521857WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Elliot, Lena 631846OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Elliot, Louis E221887TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Elliott, Edward S211888ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Elliott, Joseph 331876MarylandWhite2-PCT, Male
Ellis, Albert 941815OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Ellison, James M501859VirginiaWhite1-WD, Male
Ellsworth, Wallace 541855New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Emerson, Joseph R361873OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Emerson, Louis A721837OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Emmerton, Laura 311878KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
English, Joseph M831826OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
English, Sam 361873White2-PCT, Male
Erickson, Matilda 431866White1-PCT, Female
Estrine, Ida 71902ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Eubank, Fred E221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Eve, Bernice 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Eve, Henry ---MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Eve, Lincoln 291880KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Eyman, Susanna 651844White2-PCT, Female
Fabrizio, Joe 201889White2-PCT, Male
Fabrizio, Pasquale 481861White2-PCT, Male
Facenta, Mike 461863White2-PCT, Male
Fagan, James 781831White1-WD, Male
Fagan, John F301879KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Fagan, Marietta 491860IllinoisWhite1-WD, Female
Fagerstrom, Axel 371872IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Fair, Carl 521857White2-PCT, Male
Fair, Nettie 261883NevadaWhite2-PCT, Female
Faletta, Mike 451864White2-PCT, Male
Falletto, Pete 391870White2-PCT, Male
Fancil, Siva 391870IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Fankhauser, Bertha 251884White2-PCT, Female
Farabaugh, Gilbert A271882PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Farcon, Charley 311878White2-PCT, Male
Farvo, Gatano 301879White2-PCT, Male
Fauber, Selina 221887White1-PCT, Female
Fedder, Eva 291880White1-PCT, Female
Fell, James B311878White2-PCT, Male
Felt, Eugene S611848New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Fenerstein, Robt 191890ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Fennell, James E291880White1-PCT, Male
Fenton, John 401869IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Ferguson, Ida M521857White2-PCT, Female
Ferraro, Sam G251884White2-PCT, Male
Ferris, Emma 801829New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Ferro, Joe 251884White2-PCT, Male
Ferro, Saltore 321877White2-PCT, Male
Filocco, Frank 241885White2-PCT, Male
Finke, Edward H491860IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Fisher, Edward R431866IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Fisher, Elizabeth D461863New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Fisk, George F641845MaineWhite1-PCT, Male
Fitte, Warren A471862New JerseyWhite1-WD, Male
Fitzsimmons, Orrin S341875KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Flaherty, Eugene 211888ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Flanigan, Alice 361873West VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Female
Fletcher, Wm T351874White2-PCT, Male
Flick, Anna 371872PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Flores, Anton 251884White2-PCT, Male
Florman, Joseph 461863White2-PCT, Male
Flournoy, Ambrose 771832MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Flutcher, Chas 341875MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Fonder, Eugene 401869ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Forbes, John ---White2-PCT, Male
Ford, Eugene 591850New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Forkin, Michael 271882White1-PCT, Male
Formica, Franto 271882White2-PCT, Male
Forrone, Frank 581851White2-PCT, Male
Forte, Pete 351874White2-PCT, Male
Foster, George ---White2-PCT, Male
Foster, George S591850IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Foster, Mary E91900OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Fowler, Samuel 411868MinnesotaWhite1-WD, Male
Frabrizo, Toney 341875White2-PCT, Male
Francis, Hugh R601849PennsylvaniaColored2-PCT, Male
Francisco, Joe 321877White2-PCT, Male
Frank, Alice 281881KentuckyWhite1-WD, Female
Frank, Chas 361873IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Frank, George 381871PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Frank, Joe 401869White2-PCT, Male
Frantz, Robt L441865VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Frattella, Joe 311878White2-PCT, Male
Frazier, John R251884MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Frederickson, John 231886NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Freeman, Allie ---MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Frick, Rudolph 301879ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Frueff, Harry D341875PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Furst, Wells A431866PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Gable, F H371872IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Gaistinger, Ed 161893KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Gallaher, Daisy 151894ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Gallo, Joe 391870White2-PCT, Male
Gann, Geo G.L.551854PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Ganna, La Mott C.431866OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Garcia, Alyander 231886New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Male
Garcia, Eusebio 531856New MexicoWhite1-PCT, Male
Garcia, Pablo 231886New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Male
Gardener, John H381871IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Gardner, Elizabeth 191890MassachusettsWhite1-WD, Female
Gardner, Harvey 241885MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Garello, Barney 501859White1-PCT, Male
Garrett, Carter 421867VirginiaWhite1-WD, Male
Garsia, Franci 381871Colorado2-PCT, Female
Gartner, Roy 261883PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Garton, Dan 731836OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Gass, Aaron 491860IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Gast, Robt S301879ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Geiger, Maud 361873IndianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Gentile, Pietro 241885White2-PCT, Male
Geonetta, Henry 421867White2-PCT, Male
Geonetta, Sam 391870White2-PCT, Male
Geron, Sequido 801829New MexicoWhite1-PCT, Male
Getman, Emma C581851IllinoisWhite1-WD, Female
Giannetto, Joe 401869White2-PCT, Male
Giannetto, Salvatore 441865White2-PCT, Male
Giaratano, Natale 211888White2-PCT, Male
Gibbs, Marie 321877New YorkWhite1-PCT, Female
Gibson, John 511858VirginiaWhite1-PCT, Male
Gift, Widows H651844OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Gilbert, Frank 481861PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Gilbert, John T211888ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Gill, T Edwin351874IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Gillin, Robert N681841PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Ginsberg, Leo 101899OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Ginsbury, Nettie 181891PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Giordano, Paolo 491860White2-PCT, Male
Giortino, Joe 271882White2-PCT, Male
Girard, Etta 331876KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Gittings, Clark D281881PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Glassco, Pressley 681841VirginiaWhite1-WD, Male
Glassey, Georgia 351874MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Gleason, Mary 401869WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Female
Glenn, James 301879MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Goddard, Zella 31906ColoradoWhite1-WD, Female
Goetz, A C361873OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Gomez, Alijo 231886White2-PCT, Male
Gonzales, Mary 191890ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Gonzales, Paul 441865CaliforniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Goodrich, Jennie 361873IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Graber, Anna 801829OhioWhite1-WD, Female
Grabien, Emma F301879IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Grace, Sam 321877White2-PCT, Male
Graham, Margaret 391870MassachusettsWhite2-PCT, Female
Grant, James 291880White1-WD, Male
Grant, Tacy S451864TexasWhite1-PCT, Female
Gray, Leon L391870IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Greamba, Phoebe J731836OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Greco, Nicola 651844White2-PCT, Male
Green, James L491860IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Green, Lillie D361873IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Green, Marcus 241885ArkansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Green, Willis 291880ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Greenway, Chas 481861IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Greenwell, Christopher 701839IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Griffin, Eli R371872OklahomaWhite2-PCT, Male
Griffin, Mary J711838TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Female
Groom, Ira C251884ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Groves, Ellen M431866IllinoisWhite1-WD, Female
Gruendler, Herman F541855New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Guinley, Etta L351874IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Guirno, Giuseppe 411868White2-PCT, Male
Gunther, Emil R481861White2-PCT, Male
Gurtler, Charles 301879ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Gurule, Facia 371872ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Gurvama, Vito 371872White2-PCT, Male
Guthrie, James 601849White1-PCT, Male
Haight, Elizabeth 531856PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Haines, Chas G501859OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Hall, Everett 271882KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Hall, John R601849IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Hall, Joseph I211888LouisianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hall, Mary J761833ConnecticutWhite1-PCT, Female
Hall, William 311878White1-WD, Male
Hallock, Flora 261883PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Hallock, John S261883New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Hamilton, Hugh 281881CaliforniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hamilton, James 181891White1-PCT, Male
Hamlin, John A311878ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Hamlin, Matt 181891ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Hammerstrom, Alfred 321877White1-WD, Male
Hampton, Thomas 361873White1-WD, Male
Hanner, John L231886KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Hanson, Charles 321877White1-WD, Male
Harding, Laura C401869MassachusettsWhite1-PCT, Female
Harfeldt, Henry 591850White2-PCT, Male
Harlan, Mary Dee231886White2-PCT, Female
Harman, John B411868KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Harney, William H561853PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Harp, Mary 631846New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Harper, Robt H421867IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Harrell, Allen ---TennesseeColored2-PCT, Male
Harrick, George 711838MarylandWhite1-PCT, Male
Harris, Andrew F491860MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Harris, Charles L181891ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Harris, Harry P431866PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Harris, Kattie 461863GeorgiaColored2-PCT, Female
Hart, Louis N501859MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Hartegan, Lee 251884MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Harvet, Adam 481861White2-PCT, Male
Harvey, George E341875IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Harwood, Julia 611848IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Hasemer, Fred 611848White1-PCT, Male
Hathaway, August 381871IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hathaway, Wm 251884KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Hatzfield, Joseph 631846PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Haverstock, Willis 391870OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Hawk, Cara V261883KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Hawkins, William T331876KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Hawksworth, George 291880IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hayes, James W581851New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Hayhurst, Shelby F321877IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Haynes, Alton 261883KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Hayres, Grace E131896White1-PCT, Female
Hazzard, Clara 301879KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Head, Florence 391870IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Headly, Sherman 311878KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Heaton, Wilber 261883PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hedstrom, Olga 191890ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Hellman, Chas C281881MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Hellman, Eveylin 271882KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Hellman, Fred 661843White2-PCT, Male
Helwig, John H741835OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Henderson, Edith T351874IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Hendrickson, Thos C381871IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hennenhofer, Gustave 441865White2-PCT, Male
Henry, Lyman 481861IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Henry, Wm 411868KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Hernandes, Jose M511858White2-PCT, Male
Hewitt, Wm 511858ConnecticutWhite2-PCT, Male
Heydt, Kittie 441865MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Hibbs, Jesse B311878KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Hickok, Estella 271882WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Female
Higgins, Robt H461863OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Highberger, D Albert361873PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hill, Cornelius 401869GeorgiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hinckley, Ward A491860MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Hinkle, Albert L441865OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Hirshman, Caroline 311878ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Hobson, William A391870ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Hochenauer, Joseph 461863White1-WD, Male
Hodginson, Harry 361873PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hog, Charles E241885PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hojberg, L T361873White1-WD, Male
Holcomb, Elie 321877IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Holcomb, Joseph 551854OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Holloway, Frank 251884MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Holman, Mabel 291880NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Female
Holmgren, Carl ---White2-PCT, Male
Holt, Elmer C431866IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Holt, Joseph R341875IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Honeycut, Clifford S371872GeorgiaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hopkins, James 511858White1-WD, Male
Horne, Mattie 531856MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Houdyshell, Thomas J581851IndianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Houstin, Thomas 861823KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Howard, Clara 101899OklahomaWhite1-WD, Female
Howard, Clarence 291880ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Howe, Harry 751834West VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Hubbal, Effie A411868ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Hubbard, Joseph H321877AlabamaWhite1-PCT, Male
Huber, Louisa 661843White1-PCT, Female
Huff, Samuel 281881MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Huffman, Flora 431866KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Hughs, E T421867WisconsinWhite1-WD, Male
Hulburt, Sophie S591850PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Hummel, William 361873IowaWhite1-WD, Male
Humphrey, Chester ---White1-PCT, Male
Hungerford, George 491860IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Hurley, Katharine 131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Hurst, Bessie 301879IowaWhite1-WD, Female
Hurst, Esther J721837VirginiaWhite1-WD, Male
Huston, James H181891MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Huston, Sarah 771832KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Female
Hyde, Laurence 301879ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Hyde, Verne 431866OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Inca, Jasper 231886White2-PCT, Male
Insanguine, Vito 451864White2-PCT, Male
Jack, Thomas 651844White1-PCT, Male
Jackson, Clarence 191890ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Jacobs, Geo ---White2-PCT, Male
Jacobs, Geo 501859White2-PCT, Male
Jacobs, James 771832White1-PCT, Male
Jacobson, Fred ---White2-PCT, Male
Jacovelli, Vincenzo 401869White2-PCT, Male
Jaffa, Esther 231886White1-PCT, Female
James, Kathryn 211888ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Jameson, Anson 521857OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Jaramillo, Lola 401869White2-PCT, Female
Jencen, Darthia 831826White1-PCT, Female
Jenkins, Dora 291880MaineWhite2-PCT, Female
Jenkins, John H391870OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Jenks, Earl 141895White1-PCT, Male
Jerrold, Charles P471862IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Jimenas, Santiago 6018492-PCT, Male
Jimenes, Romon 201889White2-PCT, Male
Johnsen, Fred 441865White1-WD, Male
Johnson, Anna 291880ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Johnson, Anna S461863White2-PCT, Female
Johnson, Christina 531856White1-PCT, Female
Johnson, Elinor 691840White1-PCT, Female
Johnson, Enoch M561853MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Johnson, Gustave A461863White2-PCT, Male
Johnson, John 191890KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Johnson, John J381871IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Johnson, Louis W351874KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Johnson, Mary 701839White1-PCT, Female
Johnson, Mary 281881IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Johnson, Morriss C491860White2-PCT, Male
Johnson, Permelia 701839IndianaWhite1-WD, Female
Johnson, Robert 291880WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Johnson, Sanford 221887MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Johnson, Wm ---White2-PCT, Male
Jones, Arthur C321877KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Jones, Chas H321877IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Jones, Emma 741835PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Jones, Everett 211888MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Jones, John H311878MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Jones, Myrtle 71902ColoradoWhite1-WD, Female
Jones, Pinkey R81901ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Jones, Rholand 261883IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Jones, Sarah 351874PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Jones, Viola 381871MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Junda, Joe 361873White2-PCT, Male
Junfey, Steve D551854White1-PCT, Male
Kahler, John H231886OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Kane, Harry 601849PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Karr, Sisie 101899KansasWhite1-WD, Female
Keath, William T491860PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Kelley, Walter 261883WyomingWhite1-PCT, Male
Kelly, Charles 431866IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Kelly, John 621847White1-PCT, Male
Kendrick, Herbert 21907ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Kenedy, Harry 361873New HampshireWhite1-PCT, Male
Kennedy, James 591850White1-PCT, Male
Kennedy, James W391870KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Kennedy, William J431866IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Kensel, Elithaz 471862PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Kensel, Elithaz 491860PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Kenton, Etta ---White2-PCT, Female
Kepthart, Nellie 191890MarylandWhite1-PCT, Female
Keys, John 531856PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Kidwell, Wm H351874MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Kimbrough, Joseph M361873GeorgiaWhite1-PCT, Male
King, James D521857MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Kiningham, John A401869MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Kirgan, Albert 381871OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Klein, Bolk 511858White2-PCT, Male
Kohen, Joseph 401869OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Koleberg, Annie 531856White1-PCT, Female
Koretz, Louis 451864White2-PCT, Male
Kretschmer, Chas 721837White2-PCT, Male
Kuntz, John 321877MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Kuykendall, Grace 421867VirginiaWhite1-PCT, Female
Kyte, George D321877New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Laciva, Domenico 181891White2-PCT, Male
Laclede, Mabel 291880New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Ladine, Albert 321877White2-PCT, Male
Lalli, Mike 221887White2-PCT, Male
Lalli, Pietro 421867White2-PCT, Male
Lamberger, Albert H531856IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Lambertson, Arthur 151894ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Lamon, Henry 581851White1-PCT, Male
Lamotte, John 491860MarylandWhite1-WD, Male
Landor, Belle 431866White1-PCT, Male
Lane, George 331876ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Lane, Willie 31906ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Lann, Mamie 391870KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Lansing, Bert E141895ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Laqueer, Frederick 191890ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Larrabee, Lois 601849IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Larsing, Flora 301879OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Lash, David 331876ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Laumon, Dollie 301879IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Laumon, Hampton M301879TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Laurian, Vincenzo 501859White2-PCT, Male
Lawson, Lewis 301879White1-WD, Male
Layls, Charles 551854IowaWhite1-WD, Male
Leach, Lillian J281881OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Leany, Jessie 271882New YorkWhite1-PCT, Female
Lear, Anna 681841OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Leatherman, Mary G381871IndianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Leaton, Frank 231886TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Leaton, Royal 381871MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Lebouf, Fred 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Lee, Chas W401869IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Lee, Wm O741835New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Leef, Robert I261883IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Lemon, John F421867GeorgiaWhite1-PCT, Male
Lemon, Zenadia 241885ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Lenand, Phillip J101899ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Lensen, Robert 111898White1-PCT, Male
Leonard, Albert 621847White2-PCT, Male
Leonard, Nathaniel 191890KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Leonard, Petta 471862White2-PCT, Male
Lerma, Joe 281881White2-PCT, Male
Lester, Wm J351874New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Levi, Michiel 201889TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Levin, Hyman 621847White2-PCT, Male
Lewis, Almira 331876PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Lewis, William G441865IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Leynervier, Adrian 391870White1-PCT, Male
Lightbody, Jane 631846White2-PCT, Female
Limon, Rosario 381871White2-PCT, Male
Lindberg, Simon 291880KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Lindberry, Axel G391870KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Lindblom, Elmer 371872White1-PCT, Male
Lisek, Freda 211888White2-PCT, Female
Lockin, John W571852WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Locock, John W461863IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Lonberger, Joseph 471862PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Lonett, Joseph 631846White1-PCT, Male
Long, Lucinda 811828MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Longinotti, Fred 201889ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Looper, Frank 441865South CarolinaColored1-WD, Male
Loor, Jas H521857PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Lopes, Mateo 181891White2-PCT, Male
Lopez, Ysmael 291880White2-PCT, Male
Louette, Grace 491860MississippiWhite1-WD, Female
Lovejoy, Ruben 181891TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Lovern, James 431866MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Lown, Grant 401869IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Lowry, Charles 241885KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Lowry, Floyd 71902ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Lowson, Cornelius 731836New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Lucas, A M471862PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Lucas, Carinas 151894ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Lucas, John 6018492-PCT, Male
Lucero, Junanita 181891New MexicoWhite1-WD, Female
Lucero, Lope 301879New Mexico2-PCT, Male
Lumsden, George E301879VirginiaWhite1-PCT, Male
Luna, Pedro 331876White2-PCT, Male
Lunning, Ernest 321877White2-PCT, Male
Luquen, James 441865New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Lynch, Bee 461863IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Lyons, Michael 401869OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Lytle, Robt 551854WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Maddox, Frank 311878KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Madero, Eugenio 2218872-PCT, Male
Maedas, Jim 181891Japanese2-PCT, Male
Magnuson, John W331876KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Maher, Helen 181891MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Mahoney, Patrick 671842White1-PCT, Male
Mahony, Frank 231886KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Majors, Edna 181891Colorado2-PCT, Female
Malcom, Charles E311878IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Malone, Theresa A351874MichiganWhite1-WD, Female
Maloney, Lillian 251884KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Maltese, Alesio 241885White2-PCT, Male
Maltos, Leon 201889White2-PCT, Male
Mandeville, Paul 321877New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Mangas, Peter 211888White2-PCT, Male
Marc, Ely 491860White1-PCT, Male
Marco, Filippo 301879White2-PCT, Male
Mare, Harriette 161893ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Marean, Peter 291880White1-PCT, Male
Mareno, Toney 551854White2-PCT, Male
Mareschal, Rosine 201889ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Mariano, Toney 421867White2-PCT, Male
Marien, Julia 711838New YorkWhite1-WD, Female
Marione, Charley 271882White2-PCT, Male
Marisco, John 601849White2-PCT, Male
Mark, Able 271882New Mexico2-PCT, Male
Marks, Alice 271882MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Marlan, Lillian 181891KansasWhite1-WD, Female
Marmaduke, Shelby 441865IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Marsden, Julia 371872White2-PCT, Female
Marshall, Robert L611848MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Marsker, Effie 391870OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Martin, Elfedo 301879White2-PCT, Male
Martin, Neal 351874White1-WD, Male
Martines, Agustin 2318862-PCT, Male
Martines, Emilio 161893White2-PCT, Male
Martines, Jesus 201889White2-PCT, Male
Martines, Jose 321877White2-PCT, Male
Martinez, Estevan 301879White2-PCT, Male
Martinez, Rayes J441865ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Martini, Qibrodo 251884White2-PCT, Male
Martz, George 351874IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Marugg, John 431866WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Massaro, Sam 451864White2-PCT, Male
Masserman, Stephen 781831White1-WD, Male
Mastinardo, George 271882White2-PCT, Male
Mastronardi, Joe 261883White2-PCT, Male
Mathews, Frank 181891KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Mathews, James P511858New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Matinello, Rocco 261883White2-PCT, Male
Mauirno, Carl 271882White2-PCT, Male
Maulding, Edward 561853IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Maxey, Mary 711838IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Mayhugh, Edmund E491860IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Mcallister, S N421867ArkansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Mcauliffe, Mellie F241885VermontWhite2-PCT, Female
Mcbride, Hugh L451864PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Mccaffee, May 431866MassachusettsWhite1-PCT, Female
Mccafferty, Amy 371872MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Mccarthy, Lala 231886White2-PCT, Female
Mccheny, Alexander 491860MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Mccleod, Charley 361873WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Mccloud, D M301879White1-PCT, Male
Mccloud, William F391870MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Mcclung, Fred 371872White2-PCT, Male
Mcclung, James S711838White2-PCT, Male
Mccollum, Minnie 241885KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Mcconnel, Alvin 301879MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Mccoy, W Asa401869IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Mccoy, William J261883PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Mccrumb, Frank 521857New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Mcdermott, Wm 161893ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcdonald, Alexander 281881MassachusettsWhite1-PCT, Male
Mcdonald, Donald J461863White1-WD, Male
Mcdonald, Elmer 541855White1-WD, Male
Mcdonald, George R641845West VirginiaWhite1-WD, Male
Mcfarlane, John 421867White2-PCT, Male
Mcfeely, James 351874MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcgee, John G501859KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcgee, Joseph 331876IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcgordy, Patrick 291880White1-PCT, Male
Mcgranahan, Geo B581851OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcgrew, Barton J561853OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcguire, Romer 221887OklahomaWhite2-PCT, Male
Mchan, William 191890TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Mckenzie, Lloyd 251884KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Mckinley, Dennis 621847White1-PCT, Female
Mclaren, William 501859OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Mclaughlin, Fred 261883IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Mcmichel, Waldine G361873OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Mcmillan, William 771832PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Mcmordic, James 441865White1-PCT, Male
Mcneil, Maggie 261883New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Mcnerny, Mathew 601849PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Mcnickle, Albert 371872CaliforniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcnickle, Thomas 41905ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Mcouley, --- 591850White1-PCT, Male
Mcsorley, Thomas H201889MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Means, James W331876KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Mecio, Arcanglio 261883White2-PCT, Male
Medina, Alverto 451864White2-PCT, Male
Meoli, Battiste 581851White1-PCT, Male
Meserole, Geo V551854New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Meyer, Christian 601849White1-PCT, Male
Meyers, Eva 241885IndianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Michel, Toney 261883White2-PCT, Male
Millard, Ernest G441865New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Miller, Ada 301879New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Miller, Charles 331876KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Miller, Harry 271882ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Miller, John C441865KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Miller, Robert H251884KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Miller, Tom E341875White2-PCT, Male
Miller, William H481861MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Millmann, Jetty 301879IndianaWhite1-PCT, Male
Mills, Annie 261883New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Mills, Lizzie 391870KentuckyColored2-PCT, Female
Mines, Irene 451864VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Female
Minnis, Seth A481861IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Mitchell, Fred 341875MichiganWhite1-PCT, Male
Mitchell, Wm 501859Colored2-PCT, Male
Mize, Nancy J771832IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Moch, Sam ---White2-PCT, Male
Modero, Esigenio 271882White2-PCT, Male
Mogardine, Pietro 251884White2-PCT, Male
Monahan, Augustus J---White2-PCT, Male
Monge, Mable 291880New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Monioc, Domick 601849White2-PCT, Male
Monsante, Adolph 191890ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Montel, Marie 261883New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Moore, Frances 201889ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Morcan, Louis 301879White1-PCT, Male
More, Donato 351874White2-PCT, Male
Morello, Toney 381871White2-PCT, Male
Morgan, Mary E481861White2-PCT, Female
Morlan, Joseph 561853IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Morris, Lesley 161893CaliforniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Morris, Ruby 311878KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Morris, Simon 371872White1-PCT, Male
Mortellerra, Sam 301879White2-PCT, Male
Mortenson, Frank ---White2-PCT, Male
Mortillaro, Joe 381871White2-PCT, Male
Morton, Ellis R381871NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Moses, Edith ---New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Mossman, James 321877OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Mott, Helen 301879CaliforniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Moulene, Dominico 471862White2-PCT, Male
Moulton, Harvey 461863IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Mowry, William E471862MichiganWhite1-WD, Male
Moyer, Alvin J471862MichiganWhite1-PCT, Male
Moyer, S B471862PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Moysis, Eugenia 201889White2-PCT, Female
Mule, Joe 261883White2-PCT, Male
Mule, Sam 341875White2-PCT, Male
Mule, Vinzenco 431866White2-PCT, Male
Mullins, Albert 131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Mulroy, Annie 211888White2-PCT, Female
Mundell, Lloid 351874KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Murphy, Jack 251884MichiganWhite1-PCT, Male
Murphy, Michael 301879White1-PCT, Male
Murphy, Patrick H661843White1-PCT, Male
Murry, Fred 231886MaineWhite1-WD, Male
Mussno, Andro 441865White2-PCT, Male
Musso, Toney 211888White2-PCT, Male
Muzzio, Gianbattista 651844White2-PCT, Male
Myers, Mary J611848IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Nalson, Albert 501859IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Neil, Charles 411868KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Neil, John H241885WyomingWhite2-PCT, Male
Nelson, Alfred W511858White1-WD, Male
Nelson, Alice 271882KansasColored2-PCT, Female
Nelson, Andrew 571852White1-PCT, Male
Nelson, Charles 291880White1-PCT, Male
Nelson, George ---White1-WD, Male
Nelson, Lorance T231886MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Nelson, Lucian M291880MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Nelson, Nelson 311878IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Nelson, Samuel 441865Tennessee1-WD, Male
Nerone, Giovanni 301879White2-PCT, Male
Nerone, John 141895ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Nery, Genevieve 221887IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Newcome, Earl 181891MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Newman, Charlie O341875White2-PCT, Male
Newton, Oscar H321877VermontWhite1-PCT, Male
Nicho, Landego 301879White1-PCT, Male
Nichols, Edward F461863MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Nickerson, Nickolas 531856White2-PCT, Male
Nicol, Peter 381871White1-PCT, Male
Nicola, Joe 241885White2-PCT, Male
Nikirk, Clyde G531856IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Niro, Rocco 451864White2-PCT, Male
Noble, Harry 441865KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Noll, Mary 301879White2-PCT, Female
Norman, Thomas M431866White1-PCT, Male
Norris, Lee 621847OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Norris, Wm A571852ArkansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Novak, John 461863White2-PCT, Male
Nulty, John A291880White2-PCT, Male
Nutt, Levi B451864North CarolinaWhite2-PCT, Male
Obrien, James J451864MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Obrien, Thomas 201889IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Obrien, William S601849MichiganWhite1-WD, Male
Odenbaugh, Marie 261883KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Odonald, Marion E121897MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Ohara, James 111898ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Olederos, Joe 411868White1-PCT, Male
Olider, Sophia 701839White1-PCT, Female
Olin, Frank ---White2-PCT, Male
Olsen, Sam 451864White2-PCT, Male
Omeara, Mary 561853White1-PCT, Female
Omo, Mary E611848White1-PCT, Female
Oneall, James 491860White1-PCT, Male
Orlando, Bocco 501859White2-PCT, Male
Orlando, Filippo 331876White2-PCT, Male
Orlando, Joe 301879White2-PCT, Male
Orlando, Mike 321877White2-PCT, Male
Ortage, Julia 161893ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Ortgo, Encarnasion 371872White2-PCT, Male
Ortner, Geo J501859New JerseyWhite2-PCT, Male
Osterman, Mary 91900ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Ottman, Claude 171892KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Otto, John 681841White2-PCT, Male
Outram, Harry 281881White2-PCT, Male
Owen, George 461863IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Owen, Mary L511858MassachusettsWhite1-PCT, Female
Owens, Bessie 341875IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Oxford, Thomas 361873TexasWhite2-PCT, Male
Pace, Jim 401869White2-PCT, Male
Pacheco, Francisca 281881White2-PCT, Male
Packard, Sperry S301879IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Paddock, Allen 411868IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Paddock, Martin E341875IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Padilla, Alyander 511858White2-PCT, Male
Pagano, Calogero 321877White2-PCT, Male
Pagano, Matt 561853White1-WD, Male
Page, Winnie 141895ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Paige, Frank C441865IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Palmer, George 481861IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Palmer, James A301879MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Palmer, John 711838PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Palmer, Mary J591850IndianaWhite1-WD, Female
Palmer, William S411868White1-WD, Male
Palmere, Pasco 421867White2-PCT, Male
Palmers, John 221887White2-PCT, Male
Paltz, Emma 181891ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Pannebaker, Mervin D351874PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Papist, Harry 251884ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Papper, Levina 261883KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Pappi, Leonardo 311878White2-PCT, Male
Pargeter, Louisa 381871WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Female
Park, James A511858PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Parks, Willie 191890KentuckyWhite1-WD, Female
Parlopiano, Calagero 481861White2-PCT, Male
Parsigiacomo, Mick 391870White2-PCT, Male
Passalqua, Joe 241885White2-PCT, Male
Paterson, John C551854OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Patrick, Geo L721837AlabamaWhite2-PCT, Male
Pattee, James 391870IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Pattenhauser, Laura 351874IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Patterson, Maggie 291880KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Female
Paulen, Roy J231886IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Paulson, Velmia 141895ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Payne, Minnie 531856West VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Female
Pazzano, Jim 421867White2-PCT, Male
Peach, Wm 471862White2-PCT, Male
Peairs, Joseph E461863OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Peaner, Louis B291880KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Pearce, Emillia 481861IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Pease, Paul 151894ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Pease, Stella 171892ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Peck, James W471862KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Pelli, Stevan 411868White2-PCT, Male
Pelot, Chas M261883MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Pendergast, David 251884White1-PCT, Male
Pendergast, Eveline 231886White1-PCT, Female
Penick, Henry S421867IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Perio, Manuel 191890White2-PCT, Male
Perkins, Charles 511858OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Perners, Harman J421867New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Perr, George A501859OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Perricone, Gasper 341875White2-PCT, Male
Perry, Lou A.M.551854MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Peters, John A301879PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Peterson, Anna 371872IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Peterson, August 441865White1-PCT, Male
Peterson, Chester A211888IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Peterson, Frederick 451864White1-WD, Male
Peterson, Mary 381871White2-PCT, Female
Petticrew, Arthur T431866KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Pew, Amanda 511858OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Pfeiffer, Joseph C371872KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Phelps, Jennie 411868IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Phillips, Elmer 191890ColoradoColored2-PCT, Male
Phillips, George S351874OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Phillips, Joseph 431866White1-PCT, Male
Pilletiere, Frank 261883White2-PCT, Male
Pischiler, Maggie 101899ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Piscopo, Giuseppe 251884White2-PCT, Male
Pitcailly, Wilson L351874White1-WD, Male
Pitcher, Mary E481861WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Female
Platt, Ralph D401869MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Poe, Fred 281881PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Polito, Filippo 51904ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Polito, Jim 391870White2-PCT, Male
Pollard, Horace 221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Pool, Edward E431866MassachusettsWhite1-WD, Male
Pope, George 401869White1-PCT, Male
Pope, Maria 301879OklahomaWhite2-PCT, Female
Porter, Dave 231886KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Porter, Minnie C421867MichiganWhite2-PCT, Female
Porter, Sarah 211888MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Porter, Sherman 461863MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Porter, Shirl 311878New YorkWhite2-PCT, Female
Porter, Thos J741835KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Potter, Milton C361873MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Powell, Belle 401869IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Female
Powell, John P291880MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Power, Clifton 341875IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Pozol, Jim 501859White2-PCT, Male
Prather, Frank H181891ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Prattolla, Benny 471862White2-PCT, Male
Prentice, William 221887PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Price, George C371872ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Price, J B641845IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Pridgen, Anna 511858MissouriWhite1-WD, Female
Prinze, Blaidene 301879White2-PCT, Male
Proctor, Walter V501859MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Provinzano, Jack 511858White2-PCT, Male
Pruitt, John 381871IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Pugh, Elizabeth 691840IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Pullacci, Antrea 361873White2-PCT, Male
Pullaro, Angelo 381871White2-PCT, Male
Pullaro, Egnazio 241885ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Pullra, Pietro 351874White2-PCT, Male
Pumillio, Tommaso 301879White2-PCT, Male
Pupelli, Battista 301879White2-PCT, Male
Puttio, Jack 241885White2-PCT, Male
Queros, Jesus 271882White2-PCT, Male
Ragland, James A451864TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Raguloho, Andy 351874White2-PCT, Male
Rahm, Louis 411868White1-PCT, Male
Raish, Joseph 501859IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Rambo, Inez A401869MichiganWhite2-PCT, Female
Rambo, Ira D441865TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Rameres, Andes 2618832-PCT, Male
Ramires, Florinio 471862White2-PCT, Male
Ramores, Andrew 271882White2-PCT, Male
Ramsower, Fred W331876OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Rascula, Tomas 361873White2-PCT, Male
Rasmussen, Walter 281881IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Rathbone, James T441865North CarolinaWhite2-PCT, Male
Rausa, Jim 261883White2-PCT, Male
Ravelin, Sylvia 61903White2-PCT, Female
Ray, Kate V291880KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Female
Ray, Louis C641845IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Ray, Mary 631846OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Rayes, Elicito 2518842-PCT, Male
Raymond, Edward G221887KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Raymond, Mary 351874IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Raymond, Robert T551854New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Rector, Levart 501859IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Reel, Janey 151894PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Reese, Ethel 221887ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Reese, William M491860IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Reischel, Paul 461863White2-PCT, Male
Rendon, Dolores 581851New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Male
Reno, S F491860IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Reno, S Frank---IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Reuling, Walter 391870KansasColored2-PCT, Male
Reynolds, Benjamin P381871WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Riccio, Sante 601849White2-PCT, Male
Richards, Henry B181891New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Richards, John 401869White1-WD, Male
Richardson, Eunice 181891MichiganWhite1-PCT, Female
Richardson, Jackson A501859White2-PCT, Male
Riggs, Robert 421867MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Riggs, William D291880ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Rigide, Mike 231886White2-PCT, Male
Riley, Jesse E271882KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Riley, Virginia 591850TexasWhite1-PCT, Female
Ripley, Wm F311878ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Rippey, Narcissus 501859KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Female
Risley, Forest D531856New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Robbe, Warren W481861IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Robbins, Frank 221887MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Roberts, Edward 391870MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Roberts, Grace 331876New YorkWhite1-PCT, Female
Robinson, Edward J471862WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Robinson, Ray G461863ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Robinson, Roy V231886NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Male
Robnett, William H511858MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Rockwell, Charles 591850New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Roe, Mary 371872IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Rogers, Albert W241885KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Rogers, Frank J341875IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Rogers, Nora 251884MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Romig, Joseph 721837OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Rood, Jesse 351874IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Rooney, Samuel J681841WisconsinWhite2-PCT, Male
Root, M T381871MichiganWhite2-PCT, Male
Roper, F M561853MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Rose, Ephram A371872IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Rose, Russell W521857PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Rosenpflanzer, Frederick 571852White1-PCT, Male
Roth, Albert 261883IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Roth, Ida 241885KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Roth, Katie 661843OhioWhite1-WD, Female
Roudebush, Jacob J331876OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Roulio, John 111898ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Rowe, Jessie B261883MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Roybal, Rozendo 271882White2-PCT, Male
Rummill, Ed 231886KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Rushmer, Gorton 491860OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Ruspini, Mabel C101899ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Russel, George 481861North CarolinaColored2-PCT, Male
Russell, John O231886IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Russell, William J351874KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Ruthroff, Floyd A231886IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Sabeta, Jim 511858White2-PCT, Male
Sadd, Sadie 291880OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Salatino, Louie 211888White2-PCT, Male
Salisburry, John 351874KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Salve, Joe 271882White2-PCT, Male
Salvo, Angelina 121897LouisianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Salvo, Frank 451864White2-PCT, Male
Salvo, Sam 501859White2-PCT, Male
Sanchez, Manual 211888White2-PCT, Male
Sanchez, Martinez 221887White1-PCT, Male
Sandarello, John 371872White2-PCT, Male
Sanders, Eline 191890ColoradoWhite1-WD, Female
Sanders, Joe 421867White2-PCT, Male
Sanderson, Harley 841825New HampshireWhite2-PCT, Male
Sando, Thomas W491860White1-WD, Male
Sandoval, Felix 351874White2-PCT, Male
Saona, Frank 341875White2-PCT, Male
Sapp, Myattrice 181891South CarolinaColored1-WD, Female
Sarrasino, Joe 331876White2-PCT, Male
Satless, Angelontonio 501859White2-PCT, Male
Saylor, Emma 381871KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Female
Scaife, Henry W581851White2-PCT, Male
Scalise, Lena 131896ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Female
Scarliso, Frank 301879White2-PCT, Male
Schnider, L I471862White1-WD, Male
Schroeder, William A371872IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Schutz, Aaron 581851White1-PCT, Male
Scichili, Calogero 201889White2-PCT, Male
Scott, Geo W451864IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Scott, Lizzie 481861MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Scott, William 341875MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Scribner, Katherine H681841MassachusettsWhite2-PCT, Female
Scully, Vincent 181891IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Sealchrist, --- ---White1-PCT, Female
Seaney, Ray 241885PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Seaton, Louisa A691840MissouriWhite1-WD, Female
Seavey, Grace 191890KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Sechrist, Albert L221887TexasWhite1-WD, Male
Sechrist, Ira C401869MississippiWhite1-WD, Male
Secord, George C391870IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Selan, Gertrude 191890White2-PCT, Female
Selvidge, James C571852TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Seward, Robert E681841New YorkWhite1-WD, Male
Sexton, Michael 291880ConnecticutWhite1-WD, Male
Seykora, Ethel 171892NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Female
Shaeffer, Newton 651844ArkansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Shamon, Isaac 301879MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Shaner, Bert L321877IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Sharp, Walter 171892New JerseyWhite1-PCT, Male
Shaw, Ella 221887ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Shaw, Mary 411868PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Sheldon, Hervey S721837New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Shetter, North W311878PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Shibe, William 311878KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Shipman, Nellie 251884White1-PCT, Female
Shive, Alexander S611848IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Shively, William 411868ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Short, David W521857PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Short, Thomas 441865KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Show, William 551854White1-WD, Male
Shultz, David 261883White1-WD, Male
Shultz, Gus 271882White1-WD, Male
Shultz, Julius 461863White1-WD, Male
Shultz, Ralph 241885White2-PCT, Male
Siebold, Pearl 421867KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Female
Sikes, William J471862ArkansasWhite1-WD, Male
Silva, Juan 251884White2-PCT, Male
Silvio, Antonia 681841White2-PCT, Female
Silvio, Joe 361873White2-PCT, Male
Simons, Nancy 301879KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Simpson, Emroy 461863IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Simpson, Lucie 271882MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Sinclair, J B481861White1-WD, Male
Sindermann, Frank 401869White2-PCT, Male
Singleton, Frank J361873MassachusettsWhite2-PCT, Male
Sinncaif, Joe 291880White2-PCT, Male
Sinrod, Hattie 471862IowaWhite1-PCT, Female
Sipe, Lodie 401869TennesseeWhite1-PCT, Male
Sipherd, Narden D311878IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Sitton, John A471862MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Skinner, Claudia 311878TexasWhite1-WD, Female
Skinner, Harry 241885NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Skrifvars, Mary 341875White2-PCT, Female
Slater, Marie 301879OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Slattery, Dennis J511858MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Slaughter, Robt T441865MinnesotaWhite2-PCT, Male
Smallwood, Wm 151894IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Smith, Ada A301879KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Smith, Alfred H541855KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Smith, Fred 251884White1-PCT, Male
Smith, George J471862White2-PCT, Male
Smith, James 221887KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Smith, John 501859White2-PCT, Male
Smith, John M501859IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Smith, Joseph A361873PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Smith, Margaret 541855OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Smith, Minnie ---White2-PCT, Female
Smitham, James A301879PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Snodgrass, Isaac 391870KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Snow, Alace 221887White2-PCT, Female
Snyder, Arthur 461863White1-PCT, Male
Snyder, Charles C341875KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Snyder, Edd D331876IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Snyder, Jacob 711838New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Snyder, Simon D651844PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Socicero, Antreo 341875White2-PCT, Male
Soderstrom, Edith 281881PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Sordan, Lucy 101899White2-PCT, Female
Spalding, Isabelle M711838WisconsinWhite1-WD, Female
Spears, P H741835TennesseeWhite1-WD, Male
Spears, William H251884ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Spencer, Calvin A501859PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Male
Spencer, Saml T551854MassachusettsWhite2-PCT, Male
Spencer, Thomas 621847IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Spinella, Nofrio 421867White2-PCT, Male
Spitaro, Sam 231886White2-PCT, Male
Spriggs, Saml 591850IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Squiers, W O421867ColoradoWhite1-WD, Male
Staake, Chas 251884IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Stansbeck, Wm H451864IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Steele, Florence 201889NebraskaWhite2-PCT, Female
Steele, George E221887ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Steele, Hannable R671842ArkansasWhite1-WD, Male
Steele, Jeff T601849ArkansasWhite1-WD, Male
Stellno, George 231886White2-PCT, Male
Stetson, Henry A491860MichiganWhite1-WD, Male
Stevans, Winnie 291880OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Stevens, Albert E291880KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Stevens, Meta C451864White2-PCT, Female
Stevenson, Dalla 301879IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Stevenson, George W301879IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Stilson, Cyrus F651844MaineWhite1-WD, Male
Stimmel, David J721837OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Stokes, Everett S251884OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Stone, Clara E311878NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Female
Stone, Ernest F301879VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Stone, Hattie 231886KansasColored2-PCT, Female
Strait, Nathan 191890New YorkWhite1-PCT, Male
Stratten, Edwin F501859IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Strawn, Elizabeth 281881IowaWhite2-PCT, Female
Strearns, William 311878White1-PCT, Male
Stroberg, Carl H131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Strots, Chas T531856White2-PCT, Male
Stubblefield, Albert G411868MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Sullivan, Christopher J291880White1-PCT, Male
Sullivan, Maud 211888KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Sullivan, Patrick 301879MichiganWhite1-PCT, Male
Summers, Ellis 391870IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Sumner, Charles 311878KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Sumner, Kathryn 621847White2-PCT, Female
Sutherland, Chas J241885ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Sutherland, Morris S671842IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Sutton, Izzie 271882PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Swanson, Emma 471862White1-PCT, Female
Swearingen, Grace 241885KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Female
Swenney, Othello F361873KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Swenson, Amanda L201889MinnesotaWhite2-PCT, Female
Taibi, Carl 241885White2-PCT, Male
Taibi, Sam 321877White2-PCT, Male
Taillade, Lucie 261883MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Tally, Lala 191890MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Tanner, John W611848IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Tarango, Serapio 2318862-PCT, Male
Tarr, William A611848MassachusettsWhite1-PCT, Male
Taylor, Cyrus 541855MaineWhite1-WD, Male
Taylor, Edwin 211888ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Taylor, Frank E311878MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Taylor, Henry 351874ArkansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Taylor, Thomas 431866KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Taylor, Walter 221887KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Taylor, William S701839IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Terry, Benjamine E241885MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Thatcher, John A741835PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Thatcher, John H371872ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Thatcher, Mahlon D691840PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Thayer, Wm H451864White2-PCT, Male
Thomas, Asa ---White2-PCT, Male
Thompson, Cordelia 321877PennsylvaniaWhite2-PCT, Female
Thompson, Francis W451864IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Thompson, Guy 351874UtahWhite1-PCT, Male
Thompson, James N781831KentuckyWhite1-WD, Male
Thompson, John 471862White2-PCT, Male
Thompson, Mary 201889ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Female
Thornberg, Florence 441865OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Thornburg, Carl A421867White1-WD, Male
Thornton, C M641845MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Thornton, Francis C601849White2-PCT, Male
Thoss, Henry W451864MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Thrapp, Herman C521857OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Thrower, Frederick 231886KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Tibbets, Everet P441865MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Tickmeyer, Morris 401869White1-PCT, Male
Tillerson, Leroy 211888MissouriWhite1-PCT, Male
Tindall, Sheridan J421867KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Tiogofius, Joseph 231886White1-PCT, Male
Tiola, Toney 391870White2-PCT, Male
Todd, Jerome G691840IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Todoro, Sam 371872White2-PCT, Male
Tonico, Joe 271882White2-PCT, Male
Toof, Devella V621847OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Totera, Gero 311878White2-PCT, Male
Tracy, Phillip 371872KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Trailor, James ---Colored2-PCT, Male
Trainor, Walter E291880OklahomaWhite2-PCT, Male
Trapane, Andr 391870White2-PCT, Male
Traus, Bill 351874White2-PCT, Male
Tremonille, Anne 261883White2-PCT, Female
Trenseau, Frank 251884PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Trent, Saml 491860White2-PCT, Male
Trevithick, John H391870White1-WD, Male
Trickie, Harry 131896ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Tromell, Weaver F181891ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Trowbridge, Emma 241885PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Trugillo, Hatividad ---White1-PCT, Female
Trujillo, Benito 781831New Mexico2-PCT, Male
Trumbull, Clifford 341875TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Tucker, Jay A181891ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Tuckerman, Louis 271882ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Tulla, Rosa 601849White2-PCT, Female
Tuman, Hannah 541855IowaWhite1-WD, Female
Turner, Cyrus 531856IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Utterback, James D171892IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Vaccaho, Toney 201889White2-PCT, Male
Valente, Gabriele 351874White2-PCT, Male
Valente, Toney 321877White2-PCT, Male
Valoro, Steve 421867White2-PCT, Male
Vancil, John M421867IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Vandeweyer, George 381871IllinoisWhite1-WD, Male
Vanhorn, Della 381871WashingtonWhite1-WD, Female
Vansch, Maria 401869White1-PCT, Female
Varlanta, Toney 231886White2-PCT, Male
Varley, Edwin W441865OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Vealinc, Dominico 401869White2-PCT, Male
Velasques, Emilio 291880New MexicoWhite1-WD, Male
Vence, Frank 241885White2-PCT, Male
Venditti, Nik 391870White2-PCT, Male
Vercia, Pasquale 281881White2-PCT, Male
Vergilio, Joe 471862White2-PCT, Male
Vidal, Henry C361873White2-PCT, Male
Vigor, Joe 321877White2-PCT, Male
Vilanda, John 201889White2-PCT, Male
Villard, Frank T411868IllinoisWhite1-PCT, Male
Vincenzo, Bacino 361873White2-PCT, Male
Vitullo, Angelo 301879ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Vitullo, David 241885ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Vitullo, John 691840White2-PCT, Male
Vories, Harry P461863KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Wachter, Otto 251884MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Wade, James F181891KansasWhite1-PCT, Male
Wagner, William T421867White2-PCT, Male
Wagner, Wm 381871IowaWhite2-PCT, Male
Walbe, Anton 361873OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Walker, Enos 101899ColoradoColored1-WD, Male
Walker, James 321877OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Wall, Norval W601849White2-PCT, Male
Wallace, Franklin E421867OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Walters, Sarah 581851White1-PCT, Female
Wanklyn, Edward D511858White1-PCT, Male
Ward, Dora 501859OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Ward, Joanna P711838New MexicoWhite1-PCT, Female
Ward, Wesley P521857VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Male
Ward, Wm 631846White2-PCT, Male
Ware, George 481861MichiganWhite1-PCT, Male
Wark, Hubert 491860PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Male
Washburn, Frank B411868IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Male
Watkins, Bertha 241885KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Watson, Cora 331876West VirginiaWhite2-PCT, Female
Watson, Minnie 351874KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Watts, William 271882TexasWhite2-PCT, Male
Weaver, Cara 431866IndianaWhite1-PCT, Female
Webb, Bert 331876OhioWhite1-WD, Male
Weber, Adolph 351874White2-PCT, Male
Weekley, George 341875TexasWhite1-PCT, Male
Weeks, Mathew 591850White1-WD, Male
Weinrich, Henry C521857MarylandWhite1-PCT, Male
Welch, Richard 391870IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Wells, Allen 121897ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Wells, Chauncey D581851IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Wells, Martha 481861White2-PCT, Female
Wells, Samuel 421867KentuckyWhite1-PCT, Male
Welser, Mary E611848New YorkWhite1-WD, Female
Wentzel, Anna 131896ColoradoWhite1-WD, Female
Westin, Anna 361873KansasWhite2-PCT, Female
Whalen, Robert 481861White1-PCT, Male
Wheeler, Chas S421867New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Wheeler, Theodore H181891ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Wheittmann, Chas 541855White2-PCT, Male
White, Agnes 291880IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
White, Ed 201889MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
White, Lawrence C---TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
White, Louis J421867ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
White, Lousinda 841825TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Female
White, Margaret 401869MassachusettsWhite2-PCT, Female
White, Preston 331876ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
White, Richard C571852TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
White, Walker 111898NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Whitlock, Mable 291880ColoradoWhite1-WD, Female
Whitney, George 491860WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Whittington, Mary W131896OklahomaWhite1-WD, Female
Wickham, Sam 641845New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Wicks, Edgar 441865IndianaWhite1-WD, Male
Wicks, Margaret 701839IndianaWhite1-WD, Female
Wilcox, Glenn L221887OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Wilds, Mathias 421867WisconsinWhite1-PCT, Male
Wilkins, Charles E431866IndianaWhite2-PCT, Male
Wilkinson, Robert E531856White1-WD, Male
Wilkinson, Robert Grant241885IowaWhite1-PCT, Male
Willetts, Leota ---IndianaWhite2-PCT, Female
Williams, David 391870MissouriColored2-PCT, Male
Williams, Geo H421867TennesseeWhite2-PCT, Male
Williams, J B391870MissouriWhite1-WD, Male
Williams, J M431866KentuckyWhite1-WD, Female
Williams, James H491860OhioWhite2-PCT, Male
Williams, Joseph 441865OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Williams, Lola 281881GeorgiaColored2-PCT, Female
Willock, George 381871CaliforniaWhite2-PCT, Male
Wilson, Dwight 261883NebraskaWhite1-PCT, Male
Wilson, Elmer P351874KansasWhite1-WD, Male
Wilson, George 321877White1-PCT, Male
Wilson, Lee 391870TexasColored2-PCT, Male
Wilson, Lord 261883MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Wilson, William M521857North CarolinaWhite2-PCT, Male
Wilton, Clara 241885MissouriWhite1-PCT, Female
Winn, E W---White2-PCT, Male
Wise, Edith 191890IllinoisWhite2-PCT, Female
Witham, Fred 171892ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Withers, Ernest 261883ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Wohrle, Ferida 181891White1-WD, Female
Wolff, Louis 231886ColoradoWhite1-PCT, Male
Wood, Ben 261883KansasWhite2-PCT, Male
Wood, Carrie 611848PennsylvaniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Wood, James L621847White1-PCT, Male
Wood, Munzio 571852White2-PCT, Male
Worth, Cecilia 451864MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Wright, James W611848OhioWhite1-PCT, Male
Wright, John 421867MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Wright, Rolliff S331876ColoradoWhite2-PCT, Male
Wright, William H391870KentuckyWhite2-PCT, Male
Wyman, Mattie 401869OhioWhite2-PCT, Female
Yates, Geneva 181891CaliforniaWhite1-PCT, Female
Yelton, Bess 281881White2-PCT, Female
Young, George C401869New YorkWhite2-PCT, Male
Young, James M351874MissouriWhite2-PCT, Male
Young, Lucinta H731836OhioWhite1-PCT, Female
Youngnecker, Bruno 421867White1-PCT, Male
Zallemllo, Frank 251884White2-PCT, Male
Zantell, Anna 491860White1-PCT, Female
Zarlengo, Angus 211888White2-PCT, Male
Zarlengo, Toney 401869White2-PCT, Male
Zeager, Mary 661843PennsylvaniaWhite1-WD, Female
Zimmerli, Chestina 511858MissouriWhite2-PCT, Female
Zimmerly, Minnie 251884KansasWhite1-PCT, Female
Zola, Jesse 531856New MexicoWhite2-PCT, Male

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