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Rev. J. A. McKee

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Pueblo Chieftain 3-18-1917 - New Y Boys' Secretary - Dr. M'Kee Is Appointed

The Rev. J. A. McKee, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, south, has resigned his pastorate to accept the position of boys' secretary of the Pueblo Y.M.C.A., assuming his duties the first of May, but continuing to serve as pastor until conference in August. 

The appointment was a surprise to Mr. McKee, and entirely unsought, by him. 

W. E. Clark, acting boys' secretary, appointed to take the place of A. J. Gregg who was sent to the border as a member of the hospital corps, will after completing his work here, go to Chicago to enter the Moody institute to further prepare himself for Y.M.C.A. work. 

A. J. Gregg, former secretary has resigned to accept the boys' secretaryship for the state of Kansas.  Mr. Gregg is expected to pass thru Pueblo tomorrow on his way home from the border where he has been doing hospital duty. 

Plans Co-Operation - One of the first plans to be executed by the new secretary is a plan for co-operation with the Sunday school superintendents of Pueblo in an effort to double the attendance at the Sunday schools of the city.  Following this there will be a snappy campaign for more members. 

There are now 400 boys enrolled as members of the Pueblo Y.M.C.A., and it is the intention of the new secretary to treble this number.  Mr. McKee wishes to extend the activities of the boys' department until it reaches every boy in Pueblo. 

Mr. McKee will have charge of Camp Crockett to be opened to the boys of the "Y" in July.  In August he will attend the annual Y.M.C.A. conference at Estes Park. 

Mr. McKee's full time service for the Y.M.C.A. begins the first of September, as he promises to fill the pulpit of his church until it is time for conference to meet and appoint his successor.  Mr. McKee has always been known as a Y.M.C.A. enthusiast and as a lover of anything that is boyish. 

While in Milsap's college at Jacksonville, Miss., of which he is a graduate, Mr. McKee was vice president of the college "Y," and in Pueblo he has manifested interest in the work of the Y.M.C.A.  He took an active part in the membership campaign of last year, and was a member of this year's winning volley ball team; he is also an enthusiastic member of the "gym" Bible class. 

Boys' Minister - Mr. McKee has gained fame in Pueblo as a "boy's" minister.  He gives one Sunday evening a month to the boys of his church.  On "boys' night," the congregation are ushered to their places by boys, the choir is composed of boys, and the sermon is for boys. 

A native of Mississippi, Mr. McKee was born in Grenada thirty-five years ago.  He has been in the ministry ten years, nine of which were spent in Colorado, he has been in Pueblo for the last two years. 

Mrs. McKee, formerly Miss Ruth White, of Trinidad, Colo., is a graduate of Colorado college.  She is a director of the Y.W.C.A. and of the association of college alumni.  The McKees have one child, a young son. 

Mr. McKee will build a house in Pueblo and make this his permanent home.

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