Pueblo County, Colorado
Milton Pollard

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

Pollard, Milton (arrived in Colorado in 1860)

Milton Pollard, a son of Ephraim and Clarissa (Currier) Pollard, was born near Charlestown, New Hampshire. He came to Colorado in 1860. He at once located a ranch on St. Charles Creek, 16 miles southwest of Pueblo. At that time no survey had been made, but as soon as the land was surveyed he homesteaded and preempted a tract and later bought considerable property. He finally became the owner of 800 acres of irrigated land, the water for which was provided by the Pollard ditch, 4 miles in length.

In 1866 he was joined by a brother, Hammon Pollard. While he raised some grain for feed, the land was used principally for the pasturage of stock. He used as his brand P.O. on the left side. The increase in the number of cattle on Colorado ranges led the brothers in 1877 to remove to the Panhandle, shipping their cattle by train loads. They continued there until 1882 when they sold out, Milton going to Kansas and Hammon returning to Colorado and, in 1886, reinvesting in cattle. These he left on his ranches in El Paso County, Texas. In 1882 he embarked in the grocery business in Pueblo and after 2 years sold out. He then started the Dexter stables on 6th Street, continuing there until the stables were burned down.

Extracted from "The Real Pioneers of Colorado," by Maria Davies McGrath, published in 1934 by The Denver Museum, retyped with added notes by Jane P. Ohl, in October 2001.

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