Pueblo County, Colorado
Frank H. Moore

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

Moore, Frank H. (arrived in Colorado in 1859)

Frank H. Moore was born in Arkansas and was brought to Denver by his parents in 1859 when the town consisted of one log house and three tents. In 1865 he moved to Pueblo, where he lived for 16 years before loading his wife and children into a wagon and driving to Colorado Springs, from there he went to Montrose in 1881 and settled near Riverside.

Moore helped build the first house in Montrose and gave the county the site for the Riverside school house. He operated a store at Cimarron for 6 years, during which time his wife was postmistress. He operated a farm for the last 6 years near the famous Chief Ouray's place. Moore had never been out of the State since his first arrival at Denver.

Mr. Moore was believed to be the only white man who had lived longest in Colorado when he died at Montrose, Colorado, June 16, 1928, at the age of 74 years, leaving a widow to whom he had been married 52 years.

Extracted from "The Real Pioneers of Colorado," by Maria Davies McGrath, published in 1934 by The Denver Museum, retyped with added notes by Jane P. Ohl, in October 2001.

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