Pueblo County, Colorado
Edmund H. Martin

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

Martin, Edmund H. (arrived in Colorado in 1860)

Edmund H. Martin was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1850. In company with his father he crossed the plains in 1858 to Salt Lake City. They left Utah in 1860 and went to Denver where they remained 2 years, then in Central City one year. They left Denver in 1863 for Millersburg, Kentucky, where young Martin attended school. In 1872 they went to Kansas City and in 1872 moved to Pueblo, Colorado.

Mr. Martin was married in Pueblo, Colorado, February 29*, 1874, to Miss Mary P. Dickson of Kentucky.

He was largely instrumental in procuring for Pueblo her first electric light plant and in inducing the Bell Telephone Company to establish a plant there.

*1874 was not a leap year; therefore, there was no February 29.

Extracted from "The Real Pioneers of Colorado," by Maria Davies McGrath, published in 1934 by The Denver Museum, retyped with added notes by Jane P. Ohl, in October 2001.

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