Pueblo County, Colorado
Kate B. MacNider

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

MacNider, Kate B.

Mrs. K. B. MacNider, 59 years old, a native of Colorado and a daughter of Denver's first brick manufacturer, died Saturday evening in her home, 1721 Grant Street.

She, with her husband and sister, Mrs. Margaret Baldwin of the Luxor Hotel, 1443 California Street, and the Isle Apartments, 1307 Stout Street, were the proprietors for many years. It was Mrs. MacNider's father, Mr. Mawhinney, who came to Denver in 1863, who made the brick for Denver's first street paving on Blake Street and who later made the brick for the Tabor opera houses here and in Leadville.

Mrs. MacNider's mother, Mrs. Agnes B. Mawhinney, came to Colorado in an ox wagon in 1860. She had 10 children born in Colorado. Mrs. MacNider was born near Pueblo. Later her parents took her to Central City and Leadville. In the latter city she met and married Mr. MacNider who was engaged in the mining and milling business. Subsequently, the MacNiders lived in Aspen, Colorado Springs, and Victor before moving to Denver 20 years ago. She was survived by her husband, four sisters--Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Agnes Buckley of Big Springs, Miss Bonita Mawhinney of Colorado Springs, Mrs. F. E. Cole, 220 East 20th Avenue, Denver, and her mother Mrs. Agnes Mawhinney of Colorado Springs.

Mrs. MacNider was a cousin by marriage of Hanford MacNider, former assistant secretary of war and former national commander of the American Legion. Mrs. MacNider was a member of the Rebecca's, The Neighbors of Woodcraft, and the Territorial Daughters of Colorado. She also was a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist.

Extracted from "The Real Pioneers of Colorado," by Maria Davies McGrath, published in 1934 by The Denver Museum, retyped with added notes by Jane P. Ohl, in October 2001.

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