Pueblo County, Colorado
Joseph G. Allard

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

Joseph G. Allard, deputy internal revenue collector for southern Colorado, with headquarters in Pueblo, is a descendant of a French family that settled in Montreal in an early day. His grandfather, Joseph Allard, who was a son of the original emigrant from France, was born in Canada and engaged in farming in that country. Next in line of descent was M. A. Allard, a native of Canada, and in 1859 a settler in the Green Bay section of Wisconsin, where he cleared and cultivated a farm. After ten years he removed to South Dakota across the line from Iowa and settled on a farm, where he continued to reside until his death. He married Olive Boisvort, who was born in Canada, of French lineage, and died in South Dakota. All of their family, consisting of four sons and seven daughters, reside in South Dakota, with the exception of the subject of this sketch. He was the eldest of the family and was born in Montreal, Canada, September 10, 1850. When nine years of age he accompanied his parents to Wisconsin, where he received a public-school and academic education. In 1869 he went with the family to South Dakota, but remained there for a short time only. Beginning active business as a commercial salesman, Mr. Allard traveled for a large lumber company of Chicago and Menominee and after a time settled in Juneau, Dodge County, Wis., where he conducted a general mercantile store. For eight years he served as commissioner of Dodge County. During the administration of President Cleveland, in 1886, he was appointed special agent of the department of the interior, and in 1887-89 traveled through the west, visiting Colorado, among other states. At the expiration of his time as agent he disposed of his interests in the east and settled in Trinidad, Colo., where he carried on a commission business, until he became deputy internal revenue collector in 1893. Four years later he was again appointed to the office. In the district with which he is connected and which is the largest in the state, there are twenty-one counties, and the various officials connected with the revenue department are busily engaged in the oversight of their large territory. While in Juneau, Wis., Mr. Allard was made a Mason, and he is now connected with Silver State Lodge No. 95, of Pueblo. He is also a member of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Pueblo Club. His marriage took place in Chicago, and united him with Miss Marguerite Moreau, who was born in Plattsburg, N. Y. They are the parents of three children: Henry D., Leola and Lucile.

Extracted from “Biographical Record of the State of Colorado,” published by Chapman Publishing Company in Chicago in 1899.

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