Pueblo County, Colorado
Hicklin, Alexander "Zan" (? – 1874)

Contributed by Jean Griesan.

This glorified mountain man married the daughter of New Mexico’s governor, thereby gaining a large land grant. Hicklin established a trading post on the Greenhorn River.

A Southern sympathizer, he trained rebel soldiers for the cause. When Fort Garland troops investigated, Hicklin denied involvement.

By 1860, a key stage station was built near Hicklin’s homestead, where the town of Greenhorn was established. Hicklin became very active in the community.

Known for his kindness and sense of humor, his dying wish in 1874, was to be buried with a bottle of whiskey so he could serve his friends in the “here after.”

Nearly 100 years later, his grave was removed to the city cemetery, Colorado City Cemetery in Pueblo County, Colorado, when construction began on his former land.

From "From the Grave, A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries," by Linda Wommack, published by Caxton Press, Caldwell, Idaho in 1998

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