Pueblo County, Colorado

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Jacob W. Thomson, filling the office of county commissioner in Pueblo county, has in various ways left the impress of his individuality and ability upon his adopted city, county and state. He was born in Bureau county, Illinois, on the 11th of November, 1854, and is a son of Jacob T. and Pernina (Wise) Thomson. The father was a farmer by occupation and thus provided for the support of his family, which numbered four sons and two daughters, of whom Jacob W. was the fourth in order of birth. Both the father and mother have now departed this life. Jacob W. Thomson was educated in rural schools and has learned many valuable lessons in the school of experience. He early became acquainted with the best methods of tilling the soil and caring for the crops and through the period of his youth aided his father in the work of the fields and in fact continued his active assistant in carrying on the home farm until the father's death, which occurred in 1876, when Jacob W. Thomson was a young man of twenty-two years. The favorable reports which reached him concerning the opportunities of the west led him to seek a home in Colorado in 1878, in which year he located in-the vicinity of Pueblo, where he engaged in sheep raising for a decade. He then turned his attention to the cattle business, which he continuously and successfully followed until he was elected to his present office in 1911 for a four years' term. He made so excellent a record through the prompt and faithful discharge of his duties during the first term that he was then reelected and continues as the incumbent in the position. When chosen to office he turned over his cattle interests to his son and is concentrating his entire time and attention upon his official duties. He had previously been called to public office, having in 1909-10 represented his district in the house of representatives of the Colorado legislature. His political allegiance has always been given to the democratic party since age conferred upon him the right of franchise and he has made an excellent record by his loyalty to high political standards and his identification with movements bringing about practical reform and improvement in political affairs. On the 11th of March, 1880, at Princeton, Illinois, Mr. Thomson was united in marriage to Miss Flora B. Boggs and to them have been born two children: Arthur T., who married Nina Churcher; and Harry R., who married Mildred J. Jones and they have two children, Harry Raymond, Jr.. and Arthur J. In his fraternal relations Mr. Thomson is a Mason and has attained the Knight Templar degree of the York Rite. He is also identified with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks and exemplifies in his life the beneficent spirit which underlies those organizations. He has many sterling qualities and the worth of his character commends him to the regard and confidence of all who know him. He has a wide acquaintance in this section of the state, where he has now lived for four decades, and his public record is indeed commendable. He was one of the board of county commissioners which erected the present new county buildingóregarded as one of the finest in the westóand in all public affairs he stands loyally for progress and improvement, never countenancing useless expenditure but at the same time not believing in that retrenchment which. hampers substantial advancement. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume II Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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