Pueblo County, Colorado

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A. M. Swartz is successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits in Pueblo county, his valuable farm being located near Avondale. A native of Ohio, he was born in Highland county, that state, October 15, 1845, and is a son of Reason W. and Delilah (Keplinger) Swartz. The father was a wheelwright by trade and was one of those who in 1849 participated in the gold rush to California. For seven years he subsequently resided in Iowa, whence he removed to Johnson county. Kansas, where he remained for five years. Thence he went to Topeka. Kansas, and in that city he passed away at the age of fifty-four years. His widow survived him and continued her residence in Topeka until her demise, which occurred at the age of seventy-eight years. In their family were five daughters and two sons, of whom A. M. Swartz was the fourth in order of birth. A. M. Swartz was reared under the parental roof and received his first lessons in life under the guidance of his parents, attending the rural schools of the neighborhood in order to obtain an education. His opportunities along this line, however, were very meager, as much of his time was taken up by assisting his father with the work of the farm. He continued in that way until his father's death. For seven years Mr. Swartz was engaged in farming and stock raising in Kansas, but in 1872 made his way westward and located upon a farm about ten miles from Avondale. There he continued for some time, but about seventeen years ago removed to his present place. He has made many improvements and installed modern facilities upon the property, besides erecting suitable buildings. His land is in a high state of cultivation and valuable crops are garnered each year, ensuring him of a gratifying annual income. In 1912, in company with his wife, Mr. Swartz took a trip to lower California and Old Mexico with the idea of establishing a home in those states, but search as he might he could not find a place which in every way proved as satisfactory as the beautiful farm in the Arkansas valley of which he is the owner. He expects to spend his remaining days upon this property, which under his able management and through his untiring labors has become one of the most valuable farms in the valley. He also gives considerable attention to stock raising and is interested in property in Avondale, including a hotel there. His farm comprises eighty acres, all under cultivation. At the age of nineteen, in 1864. Mr. Swartz was united in marriage to Miss Martha J. Evans, whose father was a minister of high standing in the Baptist church. In their family are six children, Charles E., Mary D., George W., Nora R., W. S. and J. F. There are thirteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. In his political affiliations Mr. Swartz is a republican and has always taken a deep interest in promoting the cause of his party although he personally has never cared for office. His religious faith is that of the Universalist church. He is not a club or fraternal man, finding his greatest pleasure with his family at his own fireside. In the course of years he has not only attained prosperity, but by developing one of the best farm properties in the Arkansas valley has largely contributed to the development of the section of which he is one of the oldest settlers. There is much credit due him for what he has achieved, for he is a self-made man and such success as has come to him is the result of his own labors. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume III Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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