Pueblo County, Colorado

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Michael Skiff is a general contractor conducting a successful and extensive business In Pueblo. He was born in Austria on the 28th of September, 1869, and is a son of George and Mary Skiff, both of whom have passed away. He acquired his education in the schools of his native country and his opportunities in that direction were somewhat limited, for in his youthful days he had to go to work and provide for his own support. He left home when but thirteen years of age, bound for the United States. Crossing the Atlantic, he did not tarry on the eastern coast but proceeded at once into the interior of the country and arrived in Pueblo in 1882. He was influenced as to his destination by the fact that he had an older brother living in Pueblo. His financial condition rendered it imperative that he obtain immediate employment and he began working in the steel mills. His life has been one of unremitting industry and whatever success he has achieved is the direct reward of his persistent and earnest effort. He was ambitious, however, to engage in business on his own account, and twelve years ago he engaged in the contracting business and has since been active along this line. He is now doing work on the Santa Fe trail, a most important project, and he has also considerable county work. In fact, the contracts awarded him have been of a most important character and his activities have brought him prominently to the front in connection with the contracting business. In 1895 Mr. Skiff was united in marriage to Miss Regina Jekovc and to them have been born three children, Regina, Karl and Ellis M. In politics Mr. Skiff maintains an independent course, supporting men and measures rather than party, and he has never been a politician in the sense of office seeking, preferring to concentrate his efforts entirely upon his business affairs. He is the owner of the Valley Barn and does all kinds of trucking, hauling and work of that character. He does much public contract work as well, including grading, and his investments and activities have brought him a substantial measure of prosperity. He is truly a self made man. He started out in the business world when a lad of but thirteen years and has since been dependent upon his own resources. Believing that he would have better opportunities in the new world than he could secure in the old, he came to the United States and has never had reason to regret this step. He here found the chances which he soughtóchances which were superior to those which he could have secured in Austria, and as the years have passed he has so utilized his opportunities that he is today one of the prominent representatives of industrial activity in Pueblo with business interests that reach out over a broad territory. His long experience and study of conditions have made him familiar with the great principles that underlie construction work and there is no possible phase of the business which he has not thoroughly mastered. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume II Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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